Final Space (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Chapter Seven - full transcript

Gary struggles with his future as his prison sentence nears an end.

Gary: Previously on "Final Space"...

At long last, Gary and Avocato

rescue Avocato's son, Little Cato,

from the clutches
of the Lord Commander,

but that dick weed takes revenge

and teleports a bomb
that Avocato finds just in time

to sacrifice his life
to save his son.


I know. I'll miss him, too.


H.U.E.: You have three minutes
of oxygen left.

It's cold, H.U.E.
Are you cold?

I only feel two things, Gary ...
nothing and nothingness.

You know what?

It's the shade.

It's always, like, 10 degrees
colder... in the shade.

Space is made entirely of shade.

Yeah, I guess it is.

I gotta find some of
that non-shade.

Where the hell is it?

Oh, hey.
Oh. [Beeping]

Oh, boom ... non-shade.

Crap! It's, like, really
freakin' piping hot now.

[Title music]

1x07 - Chapter Seven


Gary: Avocato?

It's been three days
since you died.

I have to say I'm...
I'm struggling here, man.



You said to look after your boy,

and I can barely look after myself.

I really think you picked
the wrong guy.

Granted, there wasn't
a big pool to pick from, but...

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

I miss you, friend.

What do you think I should do?

I mean, I-I ...
I need a sign, man.

You know,
maybe rattle some glasses

if I should give him some space
or flicker the lights.

You know, just a little flicker
if I should try harder.

[whispers] Any ghost-related
stuff at all would be great.

Or nothing.
Nothing works, too.





- What the crap are you doing?!
- KVN is making helpful repairs.

There! Boomtown!
No more hole.

Hole?! That was the door
to the bathroom!

Oh! I thought it was
a huge rectangular hole.

- Ugh!
- How?! That huge rectangular hole

was the door to the bathroom!

- You sure?
- Yes! Yes, I'm ... Yes!

[Chuckles] Well, that puts
you in a situation, huh?

- H.U.E.: Gary?
- Yeah?

- I have news for you.
- What is it, H.U.E.?

Three, two, one...

Gary, your prison sentence

aboard the Galaxy 1 is now complete.

That's gre...
Wait, say what?

You're free, Gary.

This isn't a joke?

I mean, I-I'm really free?

Yes, Gary.
What are you going to do now?


Yes! Oh, I'm free!

All these long years, and
these freedom cookies are mine!



You should talk to Little Cato.





"I think you need
to talk to Little Cato.

I think you need to, uh, crawl in
a vent and talk to Little Cato."



Hey, where'd you get
all those cookies?

- You want them? They suck.
- They do. They do suck!

Five years for these little
round pieces of suckage!

Get to the point.
I'm a busy guy.

Well, hmm.

All right, buddy, what
can I do to make you happy?

- Name anything.
- Anything?

- Freakin' anything.
- Anything?

I just said freakin' anything.

Can you get me to the Lord Commander?

Okay... possibly.
What do you want to do?

I want to slit his throat

and splash in his life juice.

Oh. Good Lord, that's dark.
Okay, well...

Sounds like a fantastic idea.

Count me in!

[Laughs] I never thought
I'd be creating

a murder squad with a small boy,
but here we are.

Is this...
Is this my father's room?

Hell yeah, it is.

Oh, my gosh, look at all the crap.

All right, well, Avocato's gotta have
big boom sticks in here somewhere.

- What did you think of him?
- Your dad?

Well, he was a short-tempered,
angry grouch.

I loved that about him.

Me, too.
Plus, he cared about you.

Man, I mean,
more than anything.

- You think so?
- He would never shut up about you.

I mean, every day, "Little Cato ...

we gotta save Little Cato.
He's injured.

He's my boy.
Let's find him."

You know, I do not jest,
the man loved you.

He never said that to me.

He said it when he gave
his life to save you.

That was love in action mode ...
Avocato style.



Heck chicklets!
We got it!

Here you go!
You ready?

Let's tear the Lord Commander
a new butthole.

Maybe even three!

Or four.
Four of them?

10. 10 painfully
wide-open buttholes!

- We're gonna cover him in buttholes.
- That's a ...

that's, like, 50
to 55 buttholes right there!

KVN wants to cover him
in buttholes, too!

We're coming, deal with it!

All right, fine. We shall be called
the Legion of Murdering

an Irritatingly
Power-thirsty Pint-sized Imp

into a Plethora of Butthoooooles!

[Heroic music]

[Gun cocks]

H.U.E.: Quinn, only 48 hours
till the breach consumes Earth.

Until we fix the ship,

we cannot engage our lightfold engines,

and you have
a more immediate problem.

H.U.E., what is he doing?

I can only hypothesize,

but I think they are
going to pick a fight.

That idiot!

Gary, we don't have time for this!

We've got bigger problems!

Oh, right. Tunes!
[Chuckles] Thanks, Quinn.

H.U.E., play the good stuff.

I'm talking about war trumpets,
rain sticks,

soul-crushing crumhorns

to stir the hearts
of these merry men.

- And piccolos and clarinets.
- No piccolos or clarinets!

- Right. Angelic violins.
- No!

[Soft music plays]

Oh, H.U.E., what is this?

- The good stuff, Gary.
- That is not the good stuff!

Where are the war trumpets,
the rain sticks?

This is so sad, Gary.

It makes me think about
all the people I've loved

- who have died, like ...
- Don't ... Don't say it.

- Avocato.
- Oh! [Sobbing]

My bro is dead!

- Can you take all of that over there?
- Maybe I should.

Sorry, small fry. I didn't
foresee my emotional shielding

getting shut down so quickly!

[Sobbing] Chookity!

Shut the hell up, Mooncake!

Oh, I'm so sad!


Little Cato, I am not
detecting the Lord Commander

on that heavy incinerator.

I don't care.
This is for my dad!

In hindsight, this wasn't
the greatest idea.


Quinn: What was that?!

Gary, are you okay?
Gary? Gary?!



Oh, my audio processing unit.
I can't hear you.

What, what?
What, what?

[Engine rumbles]


[Tone chimes]

[Tone chimes]


Small fry?
Hey, wake up.

Did you say something?

[Monitor beeping]

Avocato picked the worst guy
to watch over his son.

I am a bad-luck magnet.

Is he breathing?

Great news, guys.
Little Cato is breathing.

You saved my life.

- Who are you?
- Hi, Gary.

- Quinn?! [Screams]
- Gary, I...

What the tough titty wompas?

Who are you?

- Wha?
- I'm you.

But you can't be me.

I know that
because I'm already me.

- What?
- No, I'm really you,

- just from the future.
- Hey, future Quinn, I'm KVN,

Gary's deep-space insanity
avoidance companion.

[Chuckles] We're just
the bestest of friends.

- Shut up, KVN.
- Good Lord, that's hot.

But the two of us together,
isn't that a paradox?

- Shouldn't the universe explode?
- Excellent question.

- Apparently not.
- Excellent answer.

- But... why?
- 'Cause Einstein's a jerk.

How am I supposed to know?

If it helps, you can call me
by my code name ...

- Nightfall.
- Nightfall? That's super lame.

- Did I come up with that?
- No. He did. [Laughs]

Quinns, Quinns, stop fighting
with yourselves.

Gotta say, Gary,
I missed your wit.

Wit?! He took Little Cato
on a stupid suicide mission!

What's wrong with you?!
You're a danger to all of us.


Don't disagree.
My best friend's dead.

I almost got his son killed.

Now that my
prison sentence is up,

maybe it's a good time for me
and Mooncake to move on.

- A great time.
- All right then. Peace out.

Just gonna get my keys.

Where the crap are my keys?

Oh, oh, oh.
That... That's a few coins.

Oh, yeah.
I-I don't have keys.

Okay, well...
peace out again.

Quinn, Gary can't leave.

Let him do what he wants.

Every time you go it alone,
it ends in failure.

You need everyone
on this crew to succeed.

Until you accept that,
you have no chance.

But I don't need them ...
especially Gary.

He's impetuous, irresponsible,

and he takes nothing seriously.

Oh, yeah, I forgot.
You haven't figured it out yet.

I guess it's plan "B."

Her ship's a freakin' time machine.
I can save my dad.

- Did you just call me dad?
- Did I just call you what?

H.U.E.: You're really going?

Surprised myself, frankly,
but it is what it is.

H.U.E., where are
my civilian clothes?

What will I do when you're gone?

You're my only friend, Gary.

What about KVN?

KVN is a jag-off, Gary.
You know that.

Yeah, I do know that, actually.

Yeah. KVN was sent just
to ruin everything he touches!

He's the complete opposite of Midas.

Turdas ... That's KVN.

One touch, everything in life
turns into one long, slender turd.


What ... how ... hey!

Hello. Hi. [Chuckling]
You caught me

at a highly naked
pantsless time.

- Chocli. Buk, buk, buk.
- Dang it!

Do you know how long it's been
since we've been together?

- Five, eight minutes?
- More like 20 years.

- I lost you. My you.
- That sucks for your you.


I'm on the mattress.
Good Lord, you are strong.

Oh, this has been fantastic.
And you're crawling on top.

Okay, wait, you know what,
I-I-I gotta say

I'm more of
a wine and dine kind of lad.

Even a cracker and some water
would go a long way with me,

'cause I mean ... Can we please,
uh, get to the subject ...

the subject matter here is
that there's a Quinn thing!

I am Quinn.

I mean my Quinn.
Don't get me wrong.

Tomorrow's Quinn is super hot
and freakishly strong,

but in a more tomorrow's
freakishly strong

and hot kind of way.

[Device chimes]

All right.
I got what I need.

Goodbye, Gary.

Energy cuffs? [Chuckles]
You are sassy.

We're playing goodbye
with energy cuffs.

What the hell
is going on here?!

It seems like you walked into
a situation, Quinn,

- where the two of us ...
- "Us?!"

Oh, no, no, no, no!
This is not us.

But she's you.

- He's right.
- No, he's not!

- I think I am.
- I am you.

But I'm not doing that.

This naked bed stuff
really wasn't much of a ...

- Shut up, Gary!
- I'm confused.

I am not.
I am strangely aroused.

- Me, too!
- Didn't know that could happen.

Feels weird.

- Get over here!
- I was done anyway.

Cut the crap, Nightfall.
I want answers.

I was trying to save the universe.

By handcuffing Gary naked?

I don't want him to see
what's happening next.



I'm going to kill Mooncake
before he destroys all of us.

What are you talking about?

Do you know what's about
to happen to Gary?

Every time Gary leaves the mission,

the Lord Commander kills him.

Something inside Mooncake snaps.

Mooncake lays waste to the universe

and tears open the door
to Final Space.

That's when the Titans break
through the barrier to our dimension.

Monstrous nightmares.

Words are a waste
describing their horror.

[Titans snarling]

You can't do this.

You'll thank me in the end.
[Footsteps clanging]


Chocli ... agh!

- Mooncake!
- Chocli, buk, buk!

- [Grunts] Mooncake!
- Buk, buk, buk!


If I can just...


Nightfall wants to kill Mooncake!

I can see that!
Get me out of here!

We need to stop her right now!

- [High-pitched] A little close!
- Get dressed! Let's go!

- This last day sucks!
- Chocli! Chocli!

- No! [Grunts]
- Chocli!


Chocli, choc, choc, choc!

Choc, choc, choc!


[Alarm blaring]

Why would you want
to kill Mooncake?

- I don't!
- Ow!

She does.



[Voice breaking]
I'm proud of you, son.

[Normal voice] Why am I crying?

Oh, you're growing up so fast.

I'm sorry, I'm just
going on and on.

Stop it.
You're not my dad.

'Cause I'm better
than your dad, right?

It's okay. You can admit it,
you can say yes.

- Go ahead.
- No!

- Can I be your granddad?
- No.

- Grandpa?
- No.

- Uncle?
- No.

- Cousin?
- No.

- Nephew?
- No.

- Brother?
- No.

- Can I be your great-granddad?
- No.

- Can I be your aunt?
- No.

- Can I be your niece?
- No.

- Can I be your... mom?
- No, no.


Whoa, look at all
these cosmic ice cubes!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Oh! [Laughs]
Whoa, whoa!

Whoa, cool!

[Music continues]




- Mooncake!
- Chocli, buk, buk!

Whoa, not cool!

You've gotta go through me
to get to him.


You don't want to do this.
Trust me.

Trust Gary.


Quinn, tell Gary what happens.

Tell him why we need
to kill Mooncake.

mm-hmm, okay.

Really lost in the weeds over here.

Anybody mind whacking
some clarity for me?

Tell him!

- KVN: Can I be your twin?
- Little Cato: No.

- Can I be your anything?
- No, no, no.

- Can I be your everything?
- No.

- Can I be you?
- No.

I want to be you.
I want to be you!

Self-destruct imminent.

Time fusion chamber leaking.

No, no, no, no, no!
Wait, what is happening?

- We're trapped.
- Ugh! This is gonna end bad.

What is going on, Quinn?

If you leave,
the Lord Commander kills you,

and Mooncake takes revenge
on everything.

And I mean everything.

I've been back hundreds of times,

and the only option left
is to kill Mooncake.

Little buddy?

H.U.E.: Emergency.

Little Cato is trapped
inside Nightfall's ship.

He triggered the self-destruct!
It can't be turned off!

Little Cato.
Please. For me.

I can't let him die.


- Mooncake, let's go!
- Mooncake: Chocli-bop!



♪ The winds of change
keep blowing ♪

♪ We're all gonna die ♪


♪ Winds of change keep... ♪


♪ Don't let me go ♪

♪ Never let me go ♪

- # Never let... #
- We've gotta get them out. Time is leaking.

In another moment, they'll
be blinked out of existence.

♪ No, never let me go ♪

[Singing indistinctly]

Little Cato!

Grab my hand!

[Voice breaking]
It was all my fault.

- He died because of me.
- I said grab it!



[Sobbing] I feel so alone.

You're not alone.
We'll get through it together.

As a team.
As a squad.

- As a team squad.
- How? You're leaving.

To be honest, I was never
going anywhere.

I mean, I ...
I got nowhere to go.

H.U.E.: Hell yeah, dawg.

Give Mooncake one more chance.
I can fix this.

Gary, I'm...
glad you're sticking around.


- Because I need you.
- To do what?

- I just need you, okay? So shut up!
- Works for me.

- [Sniffles] What about me?
- You, too.

- Chocli-pop?
- And especially you.

What the hell, Quinn?
You failed to mention me.

- Yes, you.
- Hi, what about KVN?

Do you need KVN?

- Huh?
- Yes, KVN!

Yes, KVN, what?

I need you, too, all right?
I need all of you.

Then you just joined the
Legion of Murdering...

something or another.
I don't know. It's really long.

- Yeah, you did.
- I hope that's enough.