Family Ties (1982–1989): Season 4, Episode 11 - You've Got a Friend - full transcript

While Alex is in the shop where Mallory works, they catch Jessie Blake shoplifting. Dad Steven points out Milford home where Jessie lives is not an orphanage but specialized in problem ...

♪ I bet we've been together
for a million years ♪

♪ and I'll bet we'll be together
for a million more ♪

♪ oh, it's like
I started breathing ♪

♪ on the night we kissed

♪ and I can't remember
what I ever did before ♪

♪ what would we do, baby

♪ without us?

♪ what would we do, baby

♪ without us?

♪ and there
ain't no nothin' ♪

♪ we can't love
each other through ♪

♪ ooh-hoo

♪ what would we do, baby

♪ without us?

♪ sha-la-la-la

Please be patient.
I'll get to all of you.

I'm the only one here.

What do you say, Mal?
Ready to go?

Oh, I can't leave, Alex.
I got customers here.

Yeah. Okay, ladies,
closing time.

Closing time. Thanks.
Thanks very much. Here you go.

Come on, everything will be
half price tomorrow, okay?

Don't forget
where your cars are parked.


Come on.
It's good publicity, Mal.

You don't have to
go through with it.

I'm still gonna be
a few more minutes, okay?

Wait a minute,
what am I supposed to do here

when I'm waiting for you?

Buy something for Ellen.

We have some
pretty scarves on sale.

It's not a bad idea,

She's still mad at me
for making animal noises

during the women's
poetry reading.

She's so sensitive.

Hmm...not bad.

Makes a definite statement.

Let's see...


Bold but not brash.

Uh, excuse me.

Would you mind
telling me, uh,

which one of these scarves
you like better?

Uh, well, because it's a...

It's a present for
my girlfriend, and, uh,

you, being a girl, uh,
probably have

a keener fashion sense
than I do.

They both stink.

See, I didn't know that.

Can I help you
with anything?

Uh, no, thanks.
I was just leaving.

Where did you get
this stuff?

Uh, I bought it
at another store.

Funny that another store
would use our price tags.

You know,
I thought so, too.

You stole this stuff,
didn't you?

I got to go.

Hi. Remember me?
Ugly scarves?

Oh, yeah.
How are you doing?

Ooh, I'm fine.

Get out of my way.

I've got her, Mal!

I've got her.
I've got her.

Whoa. Whoa!

You're pretty strong
for a little person.

So are you.

It's all right, Alex.
I locked the door.

I'm gonna call security.

Oh, please
don't turn me in.

I'm sorry. I have to.

I was scared.
Who wouldn't be?

But there are times
in a man's life

when he has to look danger
in the eye and say, "ha."

And so, without any regard
for my own personal safety,

I held that dangerous criminal
at bay until help arrived.

I don't understand,

When exactly
did you save Mallory's life?

Uh, Jennifer, uh,
Mallory's life was in danger

throughout this entire

I mean, that criminal could've
turned on her at any minute.

I mean, who knows
what else she was hiding

in her, uh, book bag.

Her book bag?
Just how old was this criminal?

Well, Andy was really
feisty tonight.

Took us almost an hour
to get him to bed.

You should've
let Alex do it.

He's really good
at restraining little kids.

I hate to break it to you,
but Andrew's crying again.


Hey, you know, uh,
maybe you should do

what my aunt used to do to get
me to sleep when I was a kid.

What's that?
Oh, she'd take me for a ride

on her Harley 1200.

Okay, Mallory, I've heard Alex's
version of the shoplifting,

now I want to hear
the truth.

Ah, if you don't mind, Jennifer,
I'd rather not talk about it.

I feel really bad about getting
a 12-year-old in trouble.

12, huh?

You're a real hero,

Hey, hey, Bonnie and Clyde
were 11 when they started.

Mal, I know you feel bad,
but you wouldn't have been

doing that girl a favor
if you let her get away with it.

I just feel sorry for her.

I mean, I don't even think
she has parents.

When we were filling out
the police report,

she seemed so alone.

Do you know
where she lives?

Yeah, at some sort of
children's home.

Milford Children Center.

Hey, yeah, I know that place.
My cousin lives there.

Maybe you could take me.

I mean, I'd really like
to see her, Nick.

You could visit
your cousin.

Oh, yeah.
That'd be great.

You know,
he's my favorite cousin.

I just wish
I could remember his name.

Milford center, that's a home
for abused children.

Abused children?
I thought it was an orphanage.

No, most of these kids
have parents.

They just can't live
with them.

Yeah, that's right.

My cousin's dad,
he was a real loser.

You know, he didn't know how
to treat his kids.

Wish I could remember
his name, too.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
It was uncle something.

What do you want?


I just wanted to talk to you,
see how you're doing.

Hey, uh, I'll go look
for my cousin.

Just holler
if you need me, babe.

If you came down here
to ease your guilty conscience,

you can save your breath,
all right?

Well, I don't feel guilty
about what I did.

I think stealing's wrong.

Well, if you came down here
to lecture me,

you can
save your breath also,

'cause I already got
a lecture from the judge,

and I'm six months
on probation.

You happy?

I didn't come down here
to lecture you, either.

I thought maybe
we could be friends.

I don't have room
for any new friends right now.

I'm all filled up.

But if someone dies,
I'll call you.

Look, uh, I understand
that you don't like me

very much right now.

But, uh...

I did come down here
to see you

and to see how you're doing.

I've been thinking a lot
about you,

and I'd like
to get to know you better.

Why bother with me?

There are lots of kids here
you could get to know.

And many of them
have shoplifted, as well.

Hey, now,
there's one now.

Come here, Tony,
someone wants to be your friend.

Now, this is Tony.

He shoplifted
three times,

and the last time
it was a car.

You're not making this
very easy.

You're right.
You should start with Judy.

She's only shoplifted


Maybe it was a mistake
to come.

Hey, wait a minute.

Why'd you really
come here?

I told you. I thought
maybe we could be friends.

Yeah, but why?

I don't know.
Does there have to be a reason?

Look, I haven't really
thought this out, but, um,

I thought it might be fun

if you came by my house
and met my family.

I've got a baby brother
and a sister your age.

And you've met Alex.

Yeah, the sheriff.

Come on.
I think we'll have a good time.

Uh, you can come over
tomorrow after school,

and, uh, stay for dinner.

What's the catch?

There's no catch...

Except I think my mom's making
soy burgers tomorrow night.

Well, maybe I could just come
for dessert.

Hey. Hey, hey, this is him.
I found him.

Uh, ladies, I would like
to introduce you to, uh...

Hey, what's your name

¿Qué dice?

Yo te no quiero hablarte.

Mira, él no es mi primo.

Mi primo es grande
y elegante,

no es un...
un hell's angel.

You know, I could be wrong
about this.

Mom, Andy keeps throwing
his toys out of the playpen.

All he wants is that box.

You were all the same
when you were babies.

The boxes were always
more interesting than the toys.

Actually, I remember
Alex got so attached to a box,

that he used to cuddle up
with it in his arms at bedtime.

At no time
have I cuddled with a box.

He even had a name
for it.

His Ba-Ba.

You know, mom,
technically, this is slander.

I could sue.

And one day you took it
in the bathtub with you,

and it all fell apart.

And he cried and cried.

All right, mom.
I'll see you in court.

Hey, gang.

Hey, dad.

how is my little guy?

what you got there?

A box? Yeah.

Your brother, Alex,
used to play with a box, too.

He called it his Ba-Ba.

Oh, could we get this place
cleaned up?

Come on. Jessie's gonna be here
any minute for dinner.

I want her to feel
at home.

Does Alex
have to be here tonight?

No, it's good, Mallory.

We don't want Jessie to think
we're too perfect.

She should see our family
like it is,

warts and all.

Are you calling me
a wart?

Mom, please.
Make them stop.

Their fighting's
gonna ruin the whole night.

Oh, well, I wouldn't want to
ruin felon night.

Mallory: Mom!

Come on, let's clear a path
through here.

Oh, that's Jessie.



Everyone, this is, uh,
Jessie Blake.

Hi, Jessie.

I'd like you to meet my mom,
my dad, my sister,

and, uh, well,
you know Alex.

Hey, Dirty Harry.
How's it going?

Jennifer, why don't
you take Andrew upstairs

and get him ready
for his bath?

Here he is, attababy.

Here you go.

See you later.

So, uh...

You know Mallory
from the store?


I - I meant, that -
that's where you met.


I meant, uh,
what grade are you in?



Oh, Jessie's
in the seventh grade.

Oh, great,
same as Jennifer.

your favorite class?

Same as Jennifer.

Are you enjoying

No, I'm failing
every course.

Same as Mallory.

Come on, Alex, it's
your turn to set the table.

Uh, mom, that's
women's work.

Which I do gladly.

Your parents
always so cheerful?

No. They get mad at us
when we do dumb stuff.

Sure was different
in my house.

What was it like?

Just different.

I'm sorry, Jessie.
I didn't mean to pry.

Look, maybe it was a mistake
for me to come over here.

I don't feel comfortable.

No. It wasn't a mistake.

Come on, Jessie,
give it a try.

You might
have a good time.

My family's not so bad if
you follow a few simple rules.

Uh, don't start my dad
talking on nuclear disarmament.

Don't start my mom
talking on women's lib.

And, uh...

And don't start Alex

Well, I already figured out
the Alex part.

You're practically
a member of the family.

All right, ma,
you got to do something.

What's the matter,

Well, it's Mallory and Jessie.

They're up in her room

Now, this has been going on
for two weeks.

They're laughing.
They're talking.

They're having
a good time.

It's getting on my nerves.

Oh. I think it's great

that Jessie's starting to feel
more comfortable here.

I do, too.

I just don't want Mallory to
start feeling comfortable here.

Hey, gang!
Hey, dad.

Hi, honey.
What have you got there?

A little surprise
I picked up.

Here's a present
for Andrew

and a box for Alex.

That is... That is just like
Alex's old box.


Here you go, Alex.

Sweet dreams.

Uh, don't be silly.

I-i have no use
for that box.


You don't have to hide
how you feel about this box.

Look, this is preposterous.

I am 19 years old.
I don't want the stupid box.

Well, I guess
he's outgrown it.

Come on, we'll take
the elephant up to Andrew.

He'll really like that.


Jessie, the, uh... The answer
to this question is wrong.

It should be 12.

What's wrong with it?

I don't know. It just says 12
in the answer book.

I'm never gonna understand
this stuff.

It's a waste of time.

Oh, sure you will.
Don't give up.

I'll help you. Math's one
of my better subjects.

Don't say it, Alex.

"One of my better subjects."

You have a really nice family,

Even Alex.

Well, I can't take credit
for all of them.

I mean, I trained
Jennifer and Andrew,

but I couldn't do much
about the rest.

Well, you know, my little
brother and I fight a lot,

but I like him.

I didn't know you had
a little brother.

You never mentioned that.

Yeah. When I'm 18, I'm gonna
take him out of Milford,

and we're going to get
our own place.

I'm gonna
take care of him,

give him a better life
than our parents gave us.

Do you ever
see your parents, Jessie?


I haven't seen my dad
in, uh...

...about five years.

My mom...
She kicked him out of the house

'cause he used to hit us.

And after he left,

she started doing it.

And that's why they put
my brother and me in homes.

Do you ever see your mom?


She says
she wants us back.

I feel real sorry
for her.

She's made such a mess
out of her life.

I'll tell you one thing,

If I ever have kids,
I'm gonna be so good to them.

They're not
gonna believe it.

Mallory: Hm...
Is something wrong?

No. Nothing. I'm fine.

I'm sorry, Jessie.

I didn't mean to make
you feel uncomfortable.

You didn't.

You didn't.
Just leave me alone, okay?

It's just if... If you ever
need to talk about anything

or you ever need anything,
I'm here.

Thank you.

What do you think
of this dress?

I want to give it to Jessie
as a surprise.

I've never seen her
wear a dress.

Uh, it's a little busy.

Maybe you're right.

Oh. I just want to do something
special for her, you know?

We're at kind of a delicate
point in our relationship.

It seems like
she's pulling back a little.

Listen, Mal,
maybe you should take it

kind of slow with Jessie.

What do you mean?

Well, you know, kids like her
are kind of hard to figure,

you know, like my cousin,

Jessie's not hard
to figure, Nick.

She's just like anyone else.

I mean, give her love,
attention, affection,

and she responds.

Okay, maybe I'm wrong.

You know,
I hope I'm wrong.

I mean, it won't be
the first time I've been wrong.

Oh. Hi.

Gosh, I've missed you.

I've been busy.

Whatcha been doing?

Do I have to tell you everything
that goes on in my life?

Sorry, Jessie.
It's just a question.

Forget it.

Look, I got a break
in about, uh, 15 minutes.

Uh, if you want, we can go get
a soda or something.

I'll wait here.


Uh, listen, Mal, I need to
talk to you about Jessie.

Nick, the subject
is closed.

Mallory, I think we ought to
open it up, and quick.


Because she's emptying
the store.

Oh, no.
Hey, I'll stop her.


what are you doing?


I saw you put something
in your bag.

Oh, it was just my sweater.
I dropped it.

Don't lie to me, Jessie.

I'm not lying.

How could you do this?

I've got to turn you in

You can't turn me in.
You're my friend.

Hey, what are you doing?
I'm calling security.

I don't believe this.

I thought you were supposed to
be my friend,

but I guess
that was just a lot of talk.

Hey, Jessie,
I am your friend, okay?!

It just doesn't seem
like you want to be mine.

Fine, take your clothes.

They mean a lot more to you
than I do.

How could she do that?

I thought I made
real contact with her.

Hey, you know how some people
don't come around so easy.

Know what I mean?

I mean, you know how long
it took me to open up with you.

You told me you loved me
on our first date.

but I wanted to tell you

when I was asking you out
on the phone.

Um, hey, uh, that's the first
time that happened, I swear.

It won't happen again.

Look, uh,
you gonna be okay?

Oh, yeah.
I'll be fine, thanks.

All right.
I'll call you later.


Hey. Hey.


Something wrong,

Oh, uh...

I caught Jessie
shoplifting again.

Oh, no, Mal.
That's terrible.

I'm sorry, honey.

I know how disappointed
you must be.

It's my own fault
for getting my hopes up.

You know? I thought
I'd be able to have

some kind of magical effect
on her.

It was stupid.

Well, don't blame yourself,

You've only
known her a short while.

Can't expect her
to change so quickly.

Yeah. It's like,
the important thing is

you made an effort
to help her.

Right? I mean, you reached out
to another human being.

I give you
a lot of credit for that.

In fact, right now,
I'm proud to be your brother.


What is everybody
staring at?

You think I...

I don't know how
to be supportive?

I have a lot more sensitivity
than you give me credit for.

So stop staring, okay?

Sorry, Alex.

Okay, Alex.


Hi, Jessie.
Hi, Jessie.

Hi, Mallory.

Can I talk to you?


Uh, we'll leave
you two alone.


I don't know why
I took those clothes.

I don't need 'em.

I knew you'd catch me.

how could you do that?

I thought we really
liked each other.

Why do you like me
so much?

What do you want
from me?

I don't want anything
from you, Jessie.

Come on,
everybody wants something.

Okay, maybe I did
want something.

Maybe I started this whole thing
for the wrong reasons...

To feel important.

Maybe I wanted to change your
life, okay? But that's wrong,

'cause nobody's gonna
change your life but you.

Yeah, how am I
supposed to do that?

Oh, for one thing,
you could stop stealing.

I only took those clothes

because I knew
it would make you mad.

Well, it worked.

Why'd you want to
make me mad?

I don't know.

Maybe I wanted to hurt you
before you hurt me.

I'm not gonna hurt you,

Yes, you will.

Everyone I've ever cared about
has hurt me.

there's got to be a point

where you start
letting people into your life.

Don't you see? I can't start
depending on anyone right now.

I've got to
take care of myself.

That's the only way
to get by in this world.

Jessie, I know it's...

Hard for you to trust people
after what you've been through.

I'm just asking you
to give it a try.

I really care
about you, Jessie.

I'm afraid, okay?

I'm afraid of getting
too close.

Then we can take it slowly.

You know,
one step at a time.

Then maybe
you'll be less afraid.

I think friends
make it easier.

Will you let me be
your friend?

I'll try.