Exit (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Exit - full transcript

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The episode contains strong scenes.

The series is based on conversations
with people in Oslo's financial community.

Okay, okay, okay.

Okay, what?
- Well ...

I'll call the police tomorrow
and tell them the truth.

That it wasn't you.

Can I come in for a moment?

Thank you.

I don't know anyone
who has it as tidy as you do.

A prerequisite
to keep your head in place.

Just about.

Who was it that hit
that time?

I do not know.

I paid someone for it.
I don't know the name.

Who knew him, then?

That looks good.

Can you buy me a drink?

I don't want
to have it like this.

I will call the police tomorrow.
I promise.

And then I hope
that can be the first step ...

That maybe the two of us can be friends.

So you are not afraid anymore?

Not if you say
that I don't have to be.

My sister.

Oh, hello.
- You haven't booked a room.

No, I haven't.
- Why not?

I have decided
that I am NOT coming.

What? What do you mean?

Life is too short.
Everything can turn around in an instant.

It's unexpected.
You CHOOSE to come, don't you?

No, I choose NOT to come.

It's too unexpected for you, isn't it?
- Can you stop being so childish?

Don't you care about mom?
- She had a baby with an asshole.

She can blame herself.

He is disinheriting you.
- I am richer than him.

But feel free to give me a call
if you come to Oslo.

How did it go?

Your family that you haven't
talked to for twenty years.

Seventeen years.

What do you really want?

Don't you trust me?

I've known you half your life.

I know when you're nervous.

Tell me, what do you want?

Press it.

Everyone reached by the alarm already thinks
that I have beaten you once.

I have nothing to lose.

Don't play with me, Hermione.

Not if you want to leave this house.


Part of me is still scared.

After I fell down the stairs.

But another part ...

I have never been good enough.
Not for mom.

Not for myself.

Not for anyone.

And when you started
picking on me, -

I wasn't good enough
for you either.

And then I just wanted to get out of here.

But then ...

I watched you every night
when the cameras were up.

Every night.

I even said good night
to the screen.

That probably made me
feel less lonely.

Because I have realized that ...

... that is what I am.

I am all alone without you.

It's just like you said.

You will always
be in my life.

And I in yours. I know it.

Why are you doing this?

Because I want to.



Come. Com.

I have missed you.
- I've missed you too.

I love you.

Look at me. Hey, hey, hey.

Feels good. Okay, okay, okay.




Part 8/8: Exit!

(I just got home, where are you?)

(Dinner at my house.)


(I'm out with a friend.
I'll be a bit late.)

Fucking whore.

Well, you were right. Someone is home.

I know you're good at fighting.

So I just stand here
calmly and quietly.

We don't want it to get violent.
Do you understand what I am saying?

Yes, good.

What do you want? Who are you?

Michael Beskow wants his money.

And that's why I need to get hold of
your good old friend William.

I don't know where he is.

We were in Saint-Tropez, I flew home.
and he flew somewhere else.

He flew to Marbella
and then he flew here.

I didn't know that.

Of course you knew that!

You are one of the few friends he has.
Of course he told you.

You know, honesty is the only thing
that can get you out of here alive.

You stay over there.
- Yes, I understand.

Two weeks ago
I thought he was dead.

That didn't make me
to start crying right away.

Can you give me some perspective?
- I'm so tired of you guys.

Where is he?


I take your right knee
and then I take your left.

Where is he?

Oh my goodness.


I can do it.

Her name is Magdalena, or ...

I don't know her
what her real name is.

But you know her?
- Of course I do.

Well, I knew her ... before.

She tried to call me a few times
and then she showed up at my place.

And asked me for help.

I told her she could stay here
or sleep here until tomorrow.

And that I would pay
her flight home tomorrow.

And then I went down to the bar ...

Alone, because I have ...

I have enough problems of my own.

Sooner or later
you have to talk to the police.

Can you handle it?

Yes, I can.

Holy shit.

It had cost me so little ...

... but ...

... I didn't help her.

I did not.

I didn't help her.

Holy shit.

Tell me!
- I am alone without you.

You will always
be in my life.

Adam Veile!

Good morning, Mr. Veile. Where is she?

Where is she?

Can someone get a cup?

Hey, hey, hey.
- Hi.

Did I wake you up?
I just wanted to hear your voice.

Are you all right?
- Uh, yeah, maybe. I don't know yet.

Where are you?

My flight leaves soon.
I am on my way home.

What did you have to do?
Did everything go well?

I'm going to cook
something really good for dinner.

Yes, I'd love to.
I'll buy wine on the way home.

Okay, okay, okay.

Okay, okay, okay, okay. I have to stop. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Hi ...

Have a nice trip.
- Thank you very much.

William Bergvik landed yesterday.

He rented a car.
He was going to Marbella today.

But he never showed up.
- So he is still here?

We found the rental car and the cell phone.
The credit card has not been used.

Yesterday he left his will
with the executor of his estate.

Hello, hello, hello.
- Celin Bergvik?

My name is Hege Løvsta.
We come from the child welfare service.

She had an appointment with me at eight o'clock,
but she didn't show up.

She lived with ...

She needed assistance,
and we could help with that ...

Hi, did you want some water?
- Yes, very good.

Are you okay?
- I'm fine, thanks.

I'm just afraid of flying.


I've said I don't know.

She was with me.
We had a glass of wine.

The one you threw down the stairs.
and almost killed -

was at your place having a glass of wine?

She came to me.
I had not asked her.

So she asked to come?
- I don't know why.

What do you think might have happened?

Is she not at home?
- No, she isn't. The door was open.

We found her keys.

We have gone through all the
she has called.

So you have her phone?
- Yes, we do.

Her psychologist made
a report of concern -

when Hermione did not show up
to the clinic.

But do you know what Hermione had said?

That she was terrified.
That you had been sneaking around her house.

That is not true.

Well, what else did she say?

If she didn't come to the reception,
it was you.

Then you would have taken her.

She may have been injured.
There may have been an accident.

What accident?
- She may have run off the road.

But her car was parked
outside her house.

I guess it's your job to find out.
I do not know.

She seemed a bit unstable
when she was at my house.

She had missed me
and tried to sleep with me.

Wow, for sure.

She may have done something to herself.
- You're right about that.

How strange that she was
to a doctor to get pregnant, then.

So it doesn't quite add up.

You couldn't stand it?

That she got pregnant without you?

That's where it broke
when you threw her down the stairs.

I don't know. I don't know. I haven't done anything.

Do you recognize this one?

It was under your couch.

Why was it here?
- She was at my house.

And drinking wine.
And threw it under the sofa?

I want a lawyer.
- You'll get one.

But just so you know,
you can't get away with it.

Is this emotional for you?

Is that why you are harassing me?

Okay, okay, okay, okay. Let's do it again.

Why was her furniture knocked over?
- I don't know.

Because we found
your fingerprints on the door.

On the door, on the bench, on the glass.

Do you want to tell me something about it?

She invited me home for dinner.

The one you did this to,
who was terrified of you.

who is seeing a psychologist
because of you.

Who you threw down the stairs.

She invited YOU to dinner?

Look at me. LOOK at me!

Don't tell me what to do.

Get me my lawyer.

You are so damn good at this.
Aren't you?

Adam Veile gets away with everything.

Cocaine abuse,
buying sex, tax evasion ...

... and wife beating.

Did you murder her?

You will never get out again.
Do you know that?

You have no proof.

You don't have anything solid.


- Hello, my name is Jeppe Schøitt.

Jeppe, Jeppe.
What can I do for you?

Did you know -

that I woke up with a person
standing in my bedroom.

He was going to get William.
- I didn't know that.

I usually give people a free hand
to perform their tasks themselves.

I had to jump out the window.

I'm sorry about that.
- Thank you for that.

It's just a bit boring
to be doing this.

How much does William owe you?
- Twelve million.

I won't sign you up,
I'll pay you half -

and you leave it alone.

Come on then, Beskow.
Say yes, damn it.

William is a raving lunatic.
- All right, all right, all right.

And tell your friend.
- Thank you for calling.

Send in Sebastian.

- Hello, Sebastian.

I've been thinking.

And I want to divorce
because of you.

So, what the hell?

You asked me to sleep with her.
- That's not the point.

The point is that I want a divorce.

and you're going to say
that you have had a relationship.

Because then she gets the blame.

I understand,
but I can't do it.

It's going to be hell.


You go out with
that you have had a relationship

or you lose six, seven million
on the sale of the property.

Thirty-year-old whore.
Six, seven million.

It is clear that we
have had a relationship.

And then you get new projects tomorrow.

The money is on its way.
You know what I noticed?

My secretary looked at you.
She followed you with her eyes.

She wants to have sex.

That's fun.
- A little bit.

I will call you tomorrow.

British Virgin Islands

Are you okay?
- I do not know.

How is your hand?
- It hurts.

Okay, let's get a doctor.

And then we make
your money invisible. Jenny.

It's Celine.
- Hi, it's Celine.

Your husband has disappeared again.

He asked me to transfer
all the accounts to him

except one that you two
have together.

And he signed a will
in view of his history.

It takes effect six months
after his death. - Yes?

Unless he turns up again.
Which he probably will.

Are you there?
- Yeah, I'm there.

Thank you very much. Or ...

What's wrong, has something happened?

I am ...
- What?

I ...

Ezmeralda is beautiful.

I have to say something to you.

I want to ask you
if you want to marry me.

I know it may seem crazy
in the midst of all this.

but some things are so obvious
that no explanation is needed.

I understand, of course, if you don't want to.

We can only continue
as we have been.

I am expecting
you to say no, but ...

But I love you, and I want
you to know it.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, of course I do.

The pain subsides
in a couple of days.

The bandage will be changed
the day after tomorrow.

One tablet every morning
and every evening for a week.

You wanted one of these?
- Yes, please.

Take care of yourself.
- Yes, I will.

My client has plenty of evidence ...
- What a good choice of words.

Open it.

Can you ask your client to open it?

This finger was found
in the trunk of your car.

Along with a deciliter
of her blood.

Under the fingernail is your skin.

From the last time
she tried to defend herself.

So I ask one last time.

Can you tell me where she is?

I do not know.
- Wrong answer.

But where is mom?
- Mille is with her mother-in-law for a few days.

Poor thing.

The mother-in-law doesn't hear anything,
it is not a pity for her.

Poor mother.

It's me who's to blame.

Hello, Mr. President. Is the decision ready?
- It is ready.

Then I ask the contractor
to send the modules to the wind turbines.

About one month delivery time.
Fine. Hello.

Hi, this is Adam Veile.
Leave a message ...

This is Henrik Kranz.
Please leave a message.

Girls, now we have to hurry up.


And just like that,
41 million has disappeared.

In case you need some cash.

I took my share
directly from the account.

The house has been rented for six months.

Tomorrow we will start
look at investments.

You are rich now. See you tomorrow.

Need crisis help?
Call: 09 2525 0112

Heidi Nyblom Kuorikoski

The voice in your head takes you to the end.

All the things you thought
you could live with and then ...

Then it just whispers away
all that you are.

"Fly me to the moon -

and let me play among the stars."

"Let me see
what spring is like -

on Jupiter and Mars."

- Nothing.