Exit (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Exit - full transcript

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The series is based on conversations
with people from Oslo's financial community.


You look fantastic.
- Uh, thank you. Please come in.

How nice you look.

Do you think so?

It's not as fancy as your place,
but it's homey.

I'm a little surprised
that we are eating here.

Why is that?

I didn't think
you wanted me here.

So then it's easier
to go to a restaurant.

There's nowhere to go
to go.

I have an assault alarm.
- Yes, you do.

You won't need it.


Part 7/8: Straight into the trap

It was good.

How long are we going to keep
with this?

With what?

This game.
This thing we are doing.

It's not a game.

Why am I here?
- I sleep with a chair by the door.

Because I'm afraid of
that you will come in.

I jump every time
someone opens a door behind me.

I can't be like this, Adam.
I don't want it.

Because of me?
- Yes, because of you. Because of you.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Okay, okay, okay, okay. Is that all you have to say?

I'll leave you alone.

That's really all I want.


I've been having a little trouble
getting you out of my head.

You don't have to be afraid.


But you will
need to help me.

With what?

The police.

They are stuck on
that I have to be taken.

They can't take me
on the financial side, but ...

All that starts with you.

I need you to
you to go to Hartmann

and talk about what happened
when you were assaulted.

Because it wasn't me.

I can't do that.

I can't go to the police
and tell them.

When you do,
you can stop being afraid.

Remember the chair by the door.

Where have you been?
- My God, you're scared.

What is it?


I heard you went to the doctor.
Is something wrong?

It was just a routine check-up.
Everything is fine.

Have you had a nice evening?

You don't have to answer.
I was just going to get some clothes.

Then I wanted to wait until you arrived
in case the children wake up.

I have met someone.

Are you in love?

In love ...?

Strange choice of words.
It's been a long time since I was.

Does he have money?
- Yes, he does.


What do you want?
- I've been trying to call you.

What the hell are you doing here?

I had nowhere to go.

- I went home.

No money, no job, no one.

Can I at least
get a ride into town?


What were you thinking?

What did you expect?

I was hoping that you
would be happy to see me.

Uh, no.


How long does it take?

We are there now.
At this time of year you have to go further out.

Don't worry.
You'll make your flight.

Take this one.
Enjoy the sea air.


What is really
happening to you?

When you get really crazy in your head.

What the hell?

Yes, how does it work?
What is happening?

That's the most direct
anyone has ever asked.

Out here, there's no point
to wrap anything up.

It's the voices inside your head
that break you in the end.

You do something that you think
you can live with.

but then it comes back
and chasing you.

And finally it breaks you.

No one will look for you
if you disappear again?

That's not so strange.

Look at everyone around.

You just want to scream.

Everyone who lies and everyone who pretends.

All false faces.

You want to crush them
with a baseball bat.

Everything is artificial.
Everyone follows the rules.

You have been taught
how to behave.

But it's not you
or your needs or your genetics.

We live by inherited -

consensus-based guidelines -

which prevents anyone from being who
they really are.

It's exactly as shitty
as it sounds.

We are not the consensus,
we are individuals.

You get depressed
because you can't be yourself.

We are trapped by the worst
that exists, the shame.

Inherited shame -

which is biologically programmed
with a desire to belong.

And worst of all, you are trapped
in a desire to live.

It has been etched into our DNA
for millions of years.

That's not a good deal, Paul.

And somewhere
between woke, politics, norms

thousands of years of religion,
shame, consensus and evolution.

we have been reduced to rubble.

We have lost our way.

Every son of a bitch is standing
staring into the darkness.

Some fall on purpose, some jump.

I try to jump.

And everyone is alone when they do it.

And that is the only truth.

No matter how well you fit in,
you are alone.

Alone with your friends,
with your wife...

And with your children.

Who will save you, Paul?

Who will save me?

Sometimes I think ...

That it would be nice
to cut up here, -

break open the chest and ...

... let out that scream.

Are you good or bad, Paul?

Do people see you as you think you are
or do they see a human pill?

When you fail ...

... I will save you.

(drag to answer)

Now I've gone off on a tangent.

After my dad died,
I thought...

what is the meaning ...
- Of what?

Like, everything.
- Oh, my God. Stop doing that.

Don't do that.
Shall we talk about something nice?

The penthouse was very nice.

Well, hell, it won't be cheap.
You'll have to sell the cottage.

Yes, but I have a tennis court there.
- In the beach area?

I know people from the municipality,
and I always invite them.

You have always been a yes man.
- Yes, and always a happy man.

Sebastian! Come in, come in.

How did it go yesterday?
Were you good?

Did I miss anything?
- No, we keep it in the family.

Okay, okay, okay ...

Sebastian has founded a company
to invest in property.

And now we will
do the following, Sebastian.

These prospects
will soon be put up for sale.

New and old houses.
But they don't go far, -

because I have a lot of money
to be laundered.

I have a customer account
with Wiersland.

Wiersland buys all the apartments
from my customer account.

And you buy all the houses.

What is the point?
- When the money is in the customer account, -

there is no visibility into who
who owns or bids.

Jeppe can invest money
in property that you have purchased

and launder the money.
- I understand that.

But if Jeppe is afraid
that he will be caught for money laundering.

why should he give money to you?

Wiersland is a lawyer.

According to Norwegian law -

the police are not allowed to have access -

into the client relationships of lawyers.

So Wiersland can do
whatever he wants with the money.

Okay? But why should
should I buy old houses?

There is no point in getting back
the same money you paid.

The money is laundered
when the property is bought.

But if you buy renovation objects,
someone else does the laundry for you.

You get rid of black money,
renovate cheaply, sell at a profit -

and can add more
to your income.

You buy a dilapidated house
for three million from the customer account.

You renovate the house for one
and sell it for five.

Then you have an income
of one million white -

and you have washed three.

You buy
and I pay from the customer account.

The broker gives us
a high price and sells.

You, Wiersland, the broker
and I share the profit.

How the hell
can this be legal in Norway?

The customer account?

Actually, we don't know,
but it's beautiful.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Oh, hello. So good that you answered.

It's Hermine Veile.

About our meeting tomorrow.
Was it at eight or nine o'clock?

Eight o'clock.
- Good, I'll see you tomorrow.

See you then.
- Great, great. Bye.

Are you ready for the last step?
You understand what is happening?

We transfer the fertilized embryo
to the uterus.

Let us know if you feel any discomfort
during the procedure.

Okay, okay, okay.

You guys look like shit.
- I haven't slept well.

What about you, Jeppe?
Are you feeling better? Do you want to fuck me now?

I don't want to answer that.
- Nice way to start the meeting.

I just ran a mile.

Shall we take a summary
before we say yes to the project?

I don't want any trouble.
- Yes, I can start.

Are we sure
that we will not be audited?

The answer to that is, yes.

The country's largest wind power company
is financed through tax havens.

You might want to look at
the government's wind power policy

but the government
is reviewing Ola Borten Moe.

He pushed the oil policy
and has millions of shares in oil fields.

No one audits us.
- Tax Justice Network -

who like to point the finger
on anything that might be a little shady -

have concluded in their report
that there is no evidence of crime -

against Norwegian tax law.
- And when should we sell?

The owners of Egersund
usually pull out -

within five years,
so they're probably packing their bags now.

So we will
sell the company to Cayman -

after taking out the most money possible
when we have the most loans.

The value of the investment
will have increased, -

but the increase in value
triggers no tax liability.

Neither in Norway
or anywhere else.

I give the green light.
- Me too.

That's great. Then we'll talk soon.
- We'll be in touch. Adios.

Green light. Here we go.

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.
- This is Henrik Kranz.

Can I talk to
with Professor Dawson?

Jack Dawson.
- This is Henrik Kranz.

We had a phone appointment.
- Hello, Mr. Kranz.

Can I call you Henrik?
- Of course you can.

Henrik, I read your results.
I am happy to take new tests, more tests, -

but I'm afraid
that the answer will be the same.

I recommend
that you accept that you are going blind.

(He switches in 20 min.)
(I'm ready!)

Forgive me.
You remember me, right?

Yes, I do.
- I thought so.

I'm looking for your husband.

But I called Michael
after he was here.

Yes, I did. And after that ...

He has not called
and you have not been in contact?

No, I haven't.
- Because I can't find him.

He has not checked in
in any hotel.

Where do you think he is?

I do not know.

Why don't you try asking his friends?

And who do you think
that he would go to?

Who would you go to
if you needed help?

They're all equally crazy.
I don't know, maybe Jeppe.

Jeppe who?
- Jeppe Schøitt.

He is perhaps the most reliable of them.

Try him.

Hey there, sweetheart.
How are things in Oslo?

It's insanely expensive.

I have met William's
unhappy, alcoholic wife

and she mentioned Jeppe Schøitt.

Have you come across that name?

Yes, once in Saint-Tropez.
I was down with the boat.

He had a gun and was going to get me.

But he left when he heard
that I was not in a wheelchair.

An ordinary person ...
Is that too much to ask?

Good luck with that.

Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, hey, hey.

How is it going?

Sleeping too little.
But otherwise fine.

The glamorous toddler life.

Yep, it was Laila Bang.
Here you go.

What did you say?
- Laila Bang, isn't that boring?

I am joking.

Jenny Hansson.
Simple and works everywhere.

That's perfect.
- Let's go home, Sigurd.

Thank you very much.

- Hi, it's me.

Can you buy a plane ticket
for tomorrow.

I'll pay you back
as soon as I land with the thing.

That's perfect. I'll give you the details.
- Take care of yourself.

Everything is fixed.
No need to look skeptical.

Now let's see.

There you go. Here you see the total in bitcoin.
There you see the total in dollars.

5 269 000.

And some more. Around 45 million
and I have taken 5 percent.

It's not that difficult.

Better than sailing around
with bags in washing machines.

Call me tomorrow,
and I'll teach you how to make a ransom and pin.

I assume you want to do it
on your computer -

instead of me doing it for you.
- That's right.

That's good.

Let me know if you want to shift more.

Thank you very much.

- Whores!

Are you drunk?
- I'm trying my best.

I'm playing tourist.
- Have you heard anything from William?

I tried to call, he doesn't answer.
- He's probably dead, as usual.

What can I do for you?
- I need someone who is honest.

and you are usually the right man for that.

Did you just draw a line?
- Yes, I did.

So you drew a line?
- I'm celebrating a bit.

What are you celebrating?
- The windmills. A few other things.

You and Don Quixote.

What do you want
me to be honest about?

You, I ...

I will go blind.

And before you say anything:
Yes. I'm absolutely sure.

So what I need is...
for you to tell me -

how things will turn out.

In relation to what?
- To everything.

To the world we live in, to you.

It will be fine.
- Come on, answer me honestly!

Okay, okay, okay.

We live in a world
where everyone takes care of themselves.

Any deviation is seen
as a sign of weakness.

You will be dependent
on a dog or a cane -

or a companion.

You will not
be able to travel alone.

You can't drink with us
without someone having to take care of you.

If we are at a party
you will be sitting on a chair -

and hear us do what we usually do.

We are still your friends.

But which of the things we usually do
will you be able to participate in?

I'm sorry, but you said
that I should be honest.

Yes, you did.

We'll be in touch.

Single ticket?

That was all I could afford.

I'm sorry to say
that I misjudged this.

But ...

You are the best thing
that has happened to me, so I ...

I wanted to tell you
and somehow ...

Well, I don't know. I guess I was
I was looking for a jump.

I'm not.


I am not.
I'm going blind.


But ...
- Is it a disease?

Yes, it is.

I'm sorry to hear that.

My father was blind.

What happened to him?
- He was hit by a bus.

I can be your eyes.

I can help you, take care of you.

I can do that.
I can take care of you.

I can be there for you,
if you let me.

I would never leave you.

Where are you going?
- Why are you going?

Forgive me.

I didn't mean to
to ask, I just ...

I don't want to be alone.

Just ask me. Here ...

Money for your ticket back home.

I have no home.

I have nowhere to go.

But I do.
I'm going back to the bar.


Some people are so poor
that all they have is money.

What the hell does that mean?

My money is the reason
you're here. Isn't it?