Exit (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Exit - full transcript

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The series is based on conversations
with people from Oslo's financial community.

Tell me ... did you make him
believe that you love him? - No, I didn't.

Perhaps I should lose myself
with what I paid for?

He came to the house.
- And?

He was drunk. He ...

I didn't open the door,
but he came in through the back door.

and he... attacked me.

Are you okay?

I punched him and ran.
- Good.

Is he still in the house?
- No, he is not.

The gardener said
that the house is empty.

He is on his way here.
- What are you doing?


I am waiting.

Part 6/8: Back to reality

But for how long?

The photoreceptors of the retina are impaired,
leading to visual impairment.

It can take three years, one year,
a few months.

We need to take more tests.
- How do we do that?

Well, not the tests,
but how do I get well?

What happens now is irreversible.
- I'll stop you there.

I realize that you have to say that
to everyone who comes here.

but I have
an insane amount of money.

So what I really want to know
is where the best specialists are.

If you want to hear other specialists,
I'll give you a list.

But they will say the same thing.
And I understand that it's difficult.

but you have to accept
that you can be completely blind.

Give me that list.

I will find the best person in the world
who can fix this.

Because that's how it works in my life.

(Shall we have dinner?)

Difficulty with the clock? I have a
a sense of duty to be on time.

But apparently you don't.


If I am the first to make you
to take charge of your own life, then ...

Maybe you can start enjoying
the better things in life.

It was hot 12 minutes ago.
- It's still good.

Enjoying life ...

Does it also apply to
prostituted porn actresses?

The people you sent a picture of?
- In a hotel room in your name.

No, I have a friend or an acquaintance
who needed some help -

with a couple of girls
who needed a place to stay.

So I said, I can pay for that.

You may not know this about me,
but I give money to charity.

The best thing is to help people
in the neighborhood. Like giving you coffee.

If you are involved in prostitution
or have imported prostitutes, -

it is trafficking and buying sex.

If you have let someone else
sleep with them, -

that makes you a pimp.

I don't know what they have done.
I just helped them like I said.

What is it?

I know what you mean.
It's the round aftertaste.

That's the receipt
for their airline tickets.

Your name is on the receipt,
so it's your company that pays, right?

Does the company board know
that you buy whores with the money?

You have to ask him who has
used the money, and it's not me.

Like I said, an acquaintance.
But he works in my company.

Can I get his number?

That would almost be a betrayal, wouldn't it?

He has not done anything illegal.

He is single.
Maybe even a bit lonely.

He has probably been on some contact page
and promised the girls a vacation in Norway.

Then he went broke
and needed help.

Absolutely perfect.

It's getting busy now, Veile.

You think it's me,
but it's not.

I haven't been in the country.
- No, you have been traveling -

with a dead man.

- Brazil.

I thought you were passionate
for Colombian agriculture.

Let's say so.
- Say what? What do we say?

That you can go. I have a meeting
with "Finansavisen".

They want to know what we are doing.

I would like to be on time.

Good coffee.

(Hi, it's Hermine.
Shall we have dinner next week?)

(Dinner this week
is perfect!)

A man who lived a rich life.

Not many people
who knew Herman.

But his only son Jeppe
says about his father:

"He was a man
who had everyone and no friends."

But the neighbors
and the Rotary representative say -

that he was a smart man.

a curious man who loved life.

Out of the ground you came, -

and to dust you shall return.

I'm sorry for your loss.
Your father was a man to the end.

Why don't you talk to her?
- I don't want to.

Jeppe, we have to be able to
talk about it.

I want you to think
about one thing:

How many people are coming
at your funeral and who is carrying you?

You, we can ... You, uh...
- Excuse me.

She's your mom.
How can you do that?

If you don't get it,
you don't know who you're married to.

In my will it says that I
to be thrown into a green container.

- It brings out my eyes.

There's something about it.
Should we get one?

I can kill Tomine
and put her in the back...

and it will come in handy.

Hello, this is Robert.
- We need to meet.

Yes, this is Celine.

Hi, it's William.

You've probably heard that I'm alive.

Do the children know?
- No, they don't.

Are they there? Are the children at home?

No, Madeleine is with mom
and the boys are with some friends.

In that case, I'll come in now.

Hello to you.

Hi, there.

Aren't you going to
yelling and fighting? Not at all?

Why don't you want
the children to see you?

Are you going to leave again?
Is that why?

Do you think at all about
how they have been?

Even if you try to
to kill yourself, -

you don't stop
like the people you leave behind.

You do it because you can't
live with yourself anymore.

Do you understand?

Madeleine has started
like your mother.

She looks like you when she laughs.

I have ...

I just have to
arrange a few things first, and ...

I need to be absolutely sure that ...

... that it doesn't happen again -

before I can be
part of our children's lives.

Maybe we can help each other?

What do you mean now?

I mean that ...

The two of us are not very good at
being alone.

Uh, no.

How have you ...?

Have you had a good time?

At first it was difficult
or it has been difficult, and ...

It just got worse day by day.

Finally, we had no money
for birthdays, food and electricity.

Okay, I had to
to get access to the account.

I'll open a new account,
so you get everything you need.

You had to close the account?

Yes, you did.

Maybe it's best that I go now.

The two of us ...

The two of us were a super team.

We just kept going.

Do you remember that?

It was the two of us against the world.

The world has not
hasn't exactly gotten better.

Sorry about that.

Maybe we need a team?

Both of them.

You are drunk.

Are you?

I just ...

I'm not very good at
being alone either.

I am much wiser now,
about why it happened.

You don't have to talk about it.
- It can be good for me.

Can't we just put it behind us
and start again?

We can forget about it.
- Okay ...

You don't have to go.
- I have to go now.

I will call you tomorrow,
and we'll continue by phone.

It's not so easy to trust it.
- No, I understand it.

I want you to do something for me.

or for the children, before you leave.

I want you to sign
your will.

What you wrote after you shot yourself.

You haven't signed it.
- No, I thought I was healthy.

I'm not going to die again.
I have started to live.

I am not going to stop living.

You said yourself that you don't know
if it will happen again.

I have to go.
- Or ...

Stay here.

We will solve it.

So we don't lose you again.

(It's Magdalena.
I am in Oslo. Please answer.)

Hi, I'm Magdalena.
- Hi.

Is everything okay?
- Yes, it is.

I am the manager here.

You said you would pay yesterday.

Yes, I know. I will.
I'll just ...

I'm trying to get someone, but ...

I'm afraid I can't let you stay.
- But I have paid.

For three nights,
but you have stayed five.

Yes ...

Can I try calling again?

Okay, okay, okay, okay. Can you give me
some time to pack.

Yeah, sure.

It's Henrik Kranz.
I can't ...

I will send you the test results,
and you can tell me -

where I can find
the best specialist.

Email me the results,
and we'll look into it.

Cambridge medical center.

Hi, can I speak
with Professor Jonathan Gordon?

You can put your jacket
and phone over there.

You had more questions?
- Then you pull up your shirt.

Lift up your shirt, so that I can see
that you don't have a microphone.

You are sure that
the money is untraceable.

You're starting to sound a bit paranoid, aren't you?
- Just answer the question.

Okay, let's do it again.

You give me the money
and I buy bitcoins.

You get rid of the cash -

and you get the bitcoin on this one.

This one you have access to.
It has a password.

a pin code
and a reset phrase.

You can travel wherever you want with it
or transfer money digitally.

Or keep it in a safe.

What if I want to deposit them
in a bank in Luxembourg?

You contact a money changer
who converts the bitcoin into dollars

and deposit them
at a bank in Luxembourg.

But there must be
it has to be traceable. - Sure there is.

The bitcoin account can be flagged.

Ekokrim can record
the number of the bitcoin transaction.

If they do, they can
send an email to the exchange company

but then it stops.

There can't be a stop there
if the account is flagged.

You have not understood
what a wild west crypto is.

Look. No one knows who
who bought 45 million worth of crypto.

It's an IP address
that cannot be traced.

Bitcoin's exchange is not
anchored in any country.

They have no address in Monaco,
Cayman or the United States.

So when the police
report the transaction

they realize that the only place
they can complain to is the internet.

The exchanger does not exist in any country
and is not subject to the laws of any country.

And when you transfer to the account,
it goes through a non-transparent company.

Or customer data.

No one knows where it
begins or ends.

Meanwhile, they can only
complain to the internet.

How the hell can this be possible?
- It is possible, -

because otherwise
all countries should agree on a law.

So this is completely lawless?
No control systems, no regulations?


It's absolutely amazing.
- I know it is.

I will follow you,
from the money to the flash drive.

The ledger.

Yeah, absolutely.
I'm fine with that.

He was nice, the last guy.

It's a bit more discreet
this time.

I will call you.

- Are you avoiding me?

Me? Why would I do that?
- Where are you now?

Going out on the boat.
- That's good. Then you wait there.

I have to get out before it gets dark.
- Krøvel, Krøvel.

It's summer.
It never gets dark.

You wait.
I just need to talk to someone first.

Hey, hey, hey.
- We will exchange the money next week.

From now on it's up to you.

I will have dinner
with him tonight.

Let me know when it's time.

Henrik Kranz.
- It's Professor Gordon.

Thank you for calling.
- I have looked at the results.

- I agree with my Norwegian colleague.

Those who have RP, like you,
have a gradual loss of vision.

The photoreceptors degenerate.

You will already have disturbances
in the external field of vision

and I guess
that you are color blind as well.

So what should I do?
- Re-plan your life.

Make arrangements for a life,
where you will gradually go blind.

Surround yourself with loved ones.
- Go to hell.

You are wrong. The best doctor in the world
will fix this.

You are not one of them.

Is everything okay?

Is everything okay with you?
- Yes, everything is fine.

What about you?
Did you do well at school?

I'm going to change.
Are you coming for a bath? - Right now?

I've learned the 360 with the backflip.
Do you want to see?

Of course I do.
- I just need to change first.

This is Henrik Kranz.
Please leave a message.

Hi, it's me.
Can you please call me?

We need to talk. I don't want to be
be annoying, but ...

You said I could call you
if I need help.

I do need help.

So... Call me when you have time.


What's wrong?

I buried my father today.

I know that.

Take a seat.

Just like that. Suddenly it's over.

In an instant.

Everything you've worked for.

It's pointless.

Do you also think
that everything is meaningless?

I just try not to
think about those things.

But that's not possible. You're just pretending.

And to plan ...

Have goals in life.

Anything to give meaning to everyday life.

Do you know what my life tasks were?

They were to ...

They were ...

It was that mom and dad
would be together.

It was to be better than Dad.

Of course it was.

I became much richer than him.

So damn much richer.

And then ...

... I killed him.

And told mom
that I want her to die.

That's ...

What do you think about it, then?

Yes, you can go home.
Sorry, I ...

Should we book a meeting
with Wiersland too?

That's fine, isn't it? Yes, do it.

You have a wind power meeting at eight o'clock.
- Okay, let's say ten o'clock.

- Hi, it's Jeppe.

Yes, I saw it.
- Can you come at ten tomorrow?

And then you can go to my house
and fuck my wife now.

She's a bit sad,
so I'm not coming home.

The children are not coming home either.

Let's do it again.

You have administered an estate
for someone who was not dead.

You should transfer everything to me again,
open all the accounts.

You open an account
that Celine shares with me.

And you stop cleaning up
after someone who isn't dead.

because I am standing here in front of you.

Yes ... me.

This is new to me.
- Exactly.

What if you disappear again?
- When I die in 40 years?

Then it will be easy for you.
I sign, you witness.

And then I'll call you tomorrow
and check that everything is done.

- Hi, it's Celine Bergvik.

He is here.
Or he was just here.

No, no, no. You have to wait.
- I have to get out. There's an ebb tide.

You should sign now,
because I have to get on a plane.

Come on, come on, come on.
- You are welcome on board.

And get some sea air.
- Hell, no. Let's go.

Stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop, stop.
- Choose yourself.

Oh, shit. Damn it.


Papa! Can you come in?

Yes, of course.

Mom's not home?
- She went out with some friends.

Are you going to bed?
- I have brushed my teeth.

I am coming.

Do you want to have some fun?
- Yes, I do.

What do you want?
- What are you doing?


What the hell are you doing?
- I'm fishing for lobsters.

Then give me the papers,
and I'll sign them.

Initials on each page and ...
- OK, OK, OK.

... signature on the last page.


I understand that it doesn't feel that way,
but I promise you.

I'm doing you a favor.
You've done a great job.

Well, there you go. That's it.

It was fun while it lasted.

Shall we have a little one?
- I'm not saying no.

Old Danish?