Exit (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Exit - full transcript

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The series is based on conversations
with people from Oslo's financial community.

What would you miss the most?
If you were really dead.

That's the whole point of
being dead, you don't miss anything.

Yes, that's the whole point.

Did you see the light in the tunnel by the way?

No, but when I shot myself -

I saw the muzzle flash
from the rifle.

Does that count?
- It definitely counts.

I killed my father.
- So Jeppe's father died of cancer.

No, he should have died of cancer.
I killed him.

I ... suffocated him.

I covered his nose and mouth
until he stopped breathing.

I could do that
with my father.

Is he sick too?
- No, he's just an asshole.

Because ...? - He has two children.
My sister is called Eva.

That says everything about
how he sees himself.

But that's good, Jeppe.
Your father wanted to die.

That's pretty damn raw.

High five on that one.

Yes, think of all the people who want to kill people.

You didn't want that.

John Wayne Gacy for example.

Are you looking for adventure?
- Always.

Part 5/8: Tunnel vision

How long?

Well, I don't know. A week, maybe two.

If William comes here
and looks for me.

tell him I went home.
Don't let him in.

Or check into a hotel.

I can take care of myself.

Don't worry about it.

Hello, boys.
Here are some towels.

You must be clean
for mother earth.

It's a theme party,
and you have to play along.

"Welcome to America", sort of.

I'll take the one on the back right.
- A male?

It doesn't matter.

Now I will be very, very clean.

Are you pruning anything?
- What?

- Yes, exactly. A tuja.

It takes over the whole garden.

Oslo cleaning and laundry.
- Is the cleaning job still available?

Sure. - Perfect.
My name is Jevelina Pleska.

I saw your advertisement
and I want to apply for the job.

Can you email me your CV?
- Yes, of course.

Where are you from?
- Excuse me?

Which country?
- Moldova?

Do you have a work permit?
- No, not yet, I am working on it.

In that case, we shouldn't
waste your time.

I can take cash or ...

Call me again when you have received
your authorization. Okay?

All right, ma'am. Thank you very much.
How do I get a work permit?

You apply for it.
It takes about three months.

Okay ... thank you.

Can I put it in the room?
- No, sorry.

That's how it should look. We like this.

Could you take your girlfriend with you?

According to this scenario
you can do whatever the hell you want here.

Who the hell is calling?
- A stalker.

A stalker? A woman?
- Yes, of course.

You never know with you.

Are you going to answer?
- Hello.

It's Magdalena. Is Henrik there?
- No, he is not here.

He is having lunch with a pretty girl
and looks very much in love.

Who are you?
- His butler.

Don't call here again.
He has better things to do.

You know that too. Goodbye.

(Hi, sis. Just wanted to check
that everything is okay with you.)

(Have you checked into the luxury hotel?
Love you!)

(Hi. Everything is just fine here.)

Let me introduce you, Pierce.

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome, welcome, welcome!
Wonderful that you are here!

How did it go in the purifying pool?
Is everyone clean?

Welcome to my party.

The party has a theme,
and that is mother earth.

Save the planet, you know.

Over here we have the hippie section.

And over here we have someone
that everyone knows.

Whoever is lucky
gets to dip his penis in Venus.

Over here we have the foxes.

And over here, hang on guys!

Here we have a glacier.
I recommend the snow on top.

Snow on top?
- You just have to try it!

How dare you? How dare you ...

What happens now?
- Can you SEE this, Henry?

The right eye sees only shadows,
but the left eye sees everything perfectly.

I'm really touched by this.

I have always thought
that Greta Thunberg's spirit animal...

must be a unicorn.

I think it was
Leonardo da Vinci who said:

If a maiden
meets a unicorn

it lies down
and falls asleep in her lap.

And then the hunter can take it.
- And fuck it.

But there are hardly
any virgins here today.

I love this!
- Are you ready?

Three! Two! One!

Now I understand the gallop with this one!

Hey, wait. A couple of things.

There was a complaint yesterday
from a hotel.

where a couple of guests
had demolished a room.

And the room was booked
by Adam Veile.

Are you joking?

- Yes, they are. And cocaine.

Of course. It was quite...
- Robust.

You said there was something else?
- William Bergvik's card has been used.

In Marbella and in Saint-Tropez
at the Althoff Hotel Villa Belrose.

Bergvik, Schøitt and that guy
I never remember his name.

And Veile, of course.
Is it possible ...?

Oh, hello.
- Hi, how nice.

Yeah, right!
It's been such a long time.

I wasn't sure
if you have time to meet.

No, I was so happy
when you got in touch.

What about you? Did you bring what
that I asked you for?

Let's do it now
before we forget.

Have you been sleeping badly for a long time?
- Yes, I have.

Ever since Adam beat me up.

But will he leave you alone now?

No, not really.
I have seen him outside my house.

I have talked to the police,
but they can't do anything.

Aren't you terrified?
- Yes, I am.

I'm really scared.

Hope this helps.

You can only take a half.
Then you will be completely gone for 10-12 hours.

This is the dose
drug addicts in detox are allowed to take.

Thank you very much.

So, London?
- Yes?

You wrote that you were in London.
Was it fun?

Yes, of course it was. I'm going to
undergo a test tube treatment.

Are they extra good at that over there?

Yes, you can choose
what kind of children you want, like.

Like a designer baby?
That is SO smart.

Yes, some people think
that it is controversial.

Why is that?
- It can change so much.

Those who can pay, pay for
a genetically perfect child.

They become a kind of super race.

And that's not the case now, is it?

We already have private schools, -

we have other types of jobs,
other types of clothes.

It's not a big deal.

It is also the case that ...

Rich men get beautiful wives
who have beautiful children -

and the beautiful children
become like other beautiful children.

It is the biology of the rich
or evolution.

You know exactly what I need.
It's fantastic.


It's the "unicorn hour" again.

How many do they have?
Are there unicorns all night long?

Oh, shit.

Is it the stalker again?
- Hello, hello!

It's Dr. Køen.
- Yes, I saw it.

Can you come by this afternoon?

It's not a good time.
I'm on a work trip.

I have received the answers
and the images from the CT scan.

Just tell me the truth.

You have "retinitis pigmentosa" which ...

And that means ...?

It means that your tunnel vision ...

... will get worse
in both eyes.

What do you mean?
- I don't want to take it on the phone.

Say it!

You will go blind.

I see.


Do you have someone there with you right now?


Henrik? Come on!


Hey, come on!


We were having such a good time.

Take it easy, man.

Take it easy, man.
- Come on, he's just a little ...

We own this fucking place.

Stay down. Calm down.

Stay down and calm down.
- I am calm.

I think it's time to
to go, right?

I definitely think so.
- Don't move!

Use of cryptocurrency
for criminal purposes

I got your number from an acquaintance
who said you might be able to help me.

How much is involved?
- 40.

Maybe 45. There were 40 in the boat
when they took him.

I want 25 percent.

You can have ten.

I will have to disappear.

We both do if I don't
do my job. - And that is?

You don't have to think about that.

Why should I help you?

The loans are in good condition.

Have you submitted the application
for the extension?

I have given notice that it is coming.

As soon as I receive the documentation
about the funding, I will send it.

Henrik? It will be fine.

Absolutely safe.
Doctors make everything look bad.

They want to prepare you
for the worst case scenario.

There are lots of specialists
around the world.

It will be fine.

It's just a strange thought
to be blind -

and never being able to see again.
Never ever.

It's very strange.

I find it hard to see you
with a cane, glasses and a dog.

Me neither. It doesn't suit me.

It will be fine.

And keep in mind
that there are lots of blind

who live on ... as usual.

Hell no.

Stevie Wonder, for example,
he's blind.

Holy shit.
- He lives an amazing life.

He also has a disability.
He is black. You are not.

Thank you, Adam.

I don't know what I would
do without you. You are SO supportive.

No, why don't we get something to drink?
It helps with everything.

Mom, the doorbell is ringing.

I am coming.

Mom, it's ringing!
- I'm coming now.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Jon Erik Hartmann from ekokrim.

- This sounds very strange, -

but this image ...

... was taken yesterday in Saint-Tropez.

So, as you can see, the ...

... your husband is alive and well.

Yes... yes.

Did you know about this?
- No, I did not!

Has he tried to contact you?


Is there anything I can help you with?

When he is alive,
I have no money.

What did you say?
- Shit!

When he is alive, I have nothing!

Mom, who was that?

It was nothing.

Nothing to worry about.
Mom is just a little tired.

Jon Erik Hartmann, here.
Can you make a notification of concern?

With the child protection service.

Celine Bergvik.

Daddy is home!

(I am worried about you.)

What am I doing?

(Are you ok?
I'm worried about you.)

Welcome home from St. Tropez.
My office tomorrow at 9 am.

(It would be nice
with that dinner.)

Hello there.

Where is Paul?

I do not understand.
- What did you say?

I don't understand what you want.

Where is Pål Bugge Krøvel?
I need him.

He had to
to go home to Norway.

OK, OK, OK, OK. But he knows
that he has to sign documents today.

I don't know about that.
- But he knows.

Why did he go home?

He didn't say. Business.



I will go now.
- Uh, no.

I'll leave you alone.
- No, come on.

I just have a few questions.
It's okay, it's okay.

I just want to know
what you've been doing here.

Did you make him think
that you love him? - No, I did not.

Are you cheating him out of money?
Because it's my money.

I paid for you.
I own you.

Maybe I should get lost with
what I paid for, right?