Exit (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Exit - full transcript

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The series is based on conversations
with people in Oslo's financial community.

Nice hedge.
Do you cut it yourself?

The gardener.

Good, you seem to be enjoying life.
- Yep.

Can the housekeeper bring me
a glass of wine too?

Aren't you getting up early tomorrow?
- A small glass is fine.

No, she can't
because she is not a housekeeper.

You have learned from the best.

Can I visit her?
What is her name?


She who is ...? No.

The one I paid for
to be here when you arrived?

Paul, damn it.
Is the meter still on?

Or is it pro bono?
- Maybe she WANTS to be here.

Okay ...

Let's do this:

A lawyer prepares all the papers
and starts the process with

transferring the company
and all funds back to me.

This involves some documents
that you and I have to sign.

After that, you get an honorarium
of a few hundred thousand.

Then you are free to do what you want.

I am going to Saint-Tropez now.

So you and your girlfriend have
just over a week to pack.

No need to get angry, Paul.

You're going back to the roots.
Nothing to be ashamed of.

It will go so well.

Very nice to see you.

Good night then, Paul.

Part 4/8: Surprise

Hi, there. Passports or identity documents, please.


Fine, thank you.

Passport or ID, please.

What is the purpose of the visit?

The purpose ...?
- Why are you coming to Norway?

My boyfriend lives in Norway.
- Can I see your visa?

What is your boyfriend's name?


- Thank you.

Welcome on board.
- Thank you for that.

Yes, now we're talking!

Are you ready for today's magic trick?

Last month, the International Energy Agency (IEA)
released a report:

Within 10 years, investment in
in renewable energy must be tripled

to avoid warming,
climate refugees

and a collapse of the international community.

All fossil fuels should be banned.

The world's entire vehicle fleet
will be electric -

and a politician cannot be elected
without promising renewable energy.

But it is too slow
if the state itself is to expand.

So they open the doors
for the private sector.

And we don't have to be invaded
by foreigners.

Yes, but we can sleep with them.

If you keep your mouth shut,
I'll teach you -

how to get 100 percent
after going in with 0%.

Okay, tell me.
- This is the most windy place.

285 days a year, 6 seconds.
We are building a wind farm there.

It will be in operation until the surplus
is 5.7 billion.

We borrow that amount
from institutional investors:

Ordinary people's pension money.

Pension funds are looking for investments
with consistent and low returns

but in addition
it should be environmentally friendly.

If you check all those boxes,
you get billions.

Without going in with equity.

The whole amount goes as a loan
to our company in Luxembourg.

The pension funds receive a steady
annual return in the form of interest

and our company
is the sole owner of 100%.

What is our return?

One billion a year.

I love it.
- Don't you?

Why don't we have a drink then, guys?

Smell my hair.
- Why?

Smell it.

It smells good.
- Okay, good.

What did you think it would smell like?
- Vomit.

I almost think
it's worth asking why.

I wanted to create excitement ...

I visited your porn twins
at the hotel yesterday.

Hi. I'm Santa Claus.
- I'm Santa Claus.

I'm here to give you a white Christmas.

I thought I would
give them what they can handle, -

because I'm much better
than the little guys they make movies with.

So I decided to -

to make it all go to hell...
for one of them.

And that's what I'm actually
pretty good at that.

It went really well.
I heard that she was close.

I wanted to keep going
until she would ask me to stop.

Fuck! What the fuck?

Hey, Santa Claus! Who's your daddy?

I'm done here.

What has happened?

I heard that you
withdrawing your notification.

Okay, I understand that it feels
like the investigation is taking a long time.

It's not that.
He is there, all the time.

In my head, but also physically.

I have seen him
outside my apartment.

How does he know where I live?

But he has a restraining order, right?
- Yes, but that doesn't help.

I have an assault alarm.

I used the alarm once.
Do you know when someone came?

After 20 minutes.
- That should not be the case.

No, but it is.

If he wants to kill me,
he can do it four times over.

Is that why
you are withdrawing the complaint?

If the alternative is that he takes revenge
because I reported him, -

then the answer is yes.

If you don't testify,
I won't get him convicted.

He has drowned ekokrim with paper.
and reported me for harassment.

But we will get him.

I promise you that.

I need your help.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- Thank you very much.

I have to go.

It looks Russian.

I have a surprise for you.
- Actually, so do I.

I haven't,
but you'll have to make do with me.

Gentlemen, welcome.
- You look better than ever.

This is Mary Gold.

Is this the surprise?

We are happy to be here.
- The pleasure is mine.

A welcome gift,
to help you settle in.

The trip immediately became much better.
- Follow me.

I'll follow you anywhere.
We brought our swimming trunks, didn't we?

- The surprise is ready.

Hello, girls!

You really are
the best tour guide in the world.

So, is everyone happy?

Very much so.
- You are over the rainbow.

Over the whole rainbow!

- No, just under 40,000.

For a more expensive bottle,
you get the whole orchestra.

Before things get out of hand here, Adam.
Have we got planning permission?

We'll have it in a week.

The government must reduce emissions,
they can't say no.

We need to focus on getting drunk.
Let's get our act together.

Sure, we'll get drunk.
Let's not talk about work. We're going to enjoy ourselves!

(Death is here.)

The surprise is here.
I'll be right back.


He was handsome.
- Yeah, right.

You look good too.

I realized
that you need to borrow money.

It is said that William is alive, and ...

Or someone says so.
The lawyer and the bank say nothing.

But the bank has blocked my account.
Temporarily, that is.

Celine, I heard
about the incident at Beth's.

Have you been there?
- No, but people are talking.

How much do you need?

They are going to turn off the power and ...

It's a school trip and kindergarten ...

I did not ask
what you need money for.

No, of course you didn't.

50,000 maybe?

Do you have an account?

No, I don't.
- Then maybe you should open one.

Then send me the account number,
and I will transfer the money.

Great, thank you.

Very nice of you.

Hey, I just thought ...

Wouldn't it be nice
to have a glass of wine or ...?

You had a nervous breakdown
at Beth's.

No one wants to go out with you
and have a glass of wine now.

What the hell?

- There you go.

You can't die.
- I'm bad at it.

Can we take it now?

Why was it a good idea?
Why did you let us think you were dead?

You'll get all the answers,
but is there one for me too?

Actually, there isn't,
because we thought you were dead.

But I'm sure Adam has an extra one,
so it's just a matter of choosing.

And you haven't paxed anyone?

No, we were going to play tag.
- Let them walk around?

Okay, tell me now!

Let's sit down,
and we'll do it quickly and efficiently.

Okay, okay, okay.

So I'm standing at the edge of
a cliff in the mountains.

I stare into a river
and think, now I will die.

I feel the foam on my face.

I feel my heart rate drop
and become completely calm.

One more step and it's all over.

But then the damn phone rings.

And it's Pim calling.
- Who is Pim?

Isn't that the au pair?

Yes, of course it's the au pair
that I tried to fuck.

But she calls
and asks how I'm doing.

I was absolutely devastated
and the rapids didn't seem so appealing.

I was going to give life one more day.

I lay down
and stared up at the sky

at the trees and the stars,
and a name came to me.

Gerald Cotten.

Gerald Cotten died in India.

Two billion in cryptocurrency
was never found.

His death was not confirmed.
Maybe he bought a death certificate?

And is alive and well somewhere?
So I wanted to do the same.

I went down from the mountain
and stole clothes and shoes in the village.

Bought train tickets with a card
from Cayman that cannot be traced.

Traveled by train for a week in tourist class.

Nothing to recommend.
Some deodorant and a lot of noise.

The countries passed by the train window
in a marinade of beer and wine.

I ended up in Greece.
No one asks for ID in Schengen.

I took a cargo ship to Morocco,
drifted around North Africa.

walked around the souk in Marrakech
and celebrated my birthday.

I lived with Bedouins in the desert.
It was nice and meditative.

Just sand and sky.
I got closer to myself.

Not that you care,
but I found an inner peace.

After some time it became too quiet
and I began to hear voices again.

so I moved on
and found myself in a desperate situation.

I was forced to use
a different card than the one from Cayman.

I knew what happens
when I use that card:

People start looking. There will be problems.

The battle was lost,
and it was just as well -

to return
to the core of my life.

The core, that's you.
And now I am here and I am fine.

You can make
this toast once:

To life and death.

And to live as much as you can
in a totally meaningless world.

Well, now it's time for something new.

A surprise again.
- I didn't know there were four of you.

Don't worry about him.
- He is dead.

Let me explain.

When life makes you bitter ...

Come on, guys!
- ... and you feel sad -

and the train has left without you.
- Come on, William.

When you're completely out of steam
and have lost your grip -

and no one is there for you.

If you sink so low
and don't know where you're going

Come on, I'll reveal my ace.
- Oh, my God.

Stop worrying, everything will be fine.

because I have the cure for my boredom.
- Against his boredom ...

I take a look at my enormous penis...

and all my sorrows blow away.

I take a look
at my enormous penis, -

because happiness is of a very large kind.

I sing and dance
when I look at my armor -

And I feel like a prince again.

I take a look
at my enormous penis.

because it is the best there is.

It is the best there is ...

This is Henrik Kranz,
please leave a message after the tone.

Hi, this is Magdalena.

I just wanted to tell you
that I am in Oslo.

I would like to see you, again.

I just wanted to tell you that I'm here,
and this is my number.

But you already knew that. I'll talk to you later.

(Your new accounts are ready.
All you need now is your new identity).

London, two months earlier

Take a seat.

What does a wealth manager do?
I am a financial butler.

My clients have money
that cannot be seen.

I invest the money
so that the fortune looks small

and cannot be taxed.

I set up a company
and open accounts.

And you ... do not exist.

You only have one credit card
and I do the rest.

When you need money
it will be transferred to the lawyer's account.

And the authorities know nothing.

So what do you need?

I want to get my ex's money,
which he has hidden in such accounts.

without him being able to trace me.

And he has a trustee?
- I guess so.

Can we find your ex's money?

But can I get it
if his trustee is good? No, you can't.

Michael said you can help me.

Your husband had the boat full of money?
- Yes, 45 million.

The money was not confiscated?
- No, they are getting evidence as we speak.

In that case, he has not
been able to move the money.

I don't think so.

Maybe we can find an easier way
to move the money than by boat?

What is it?

I just ... I thought
that you would be a man.

Everyone thinks so.

Oh shit, I can feel your scrotum.
- It's not at all like in porn movies.

No, but you're in charge.
I just lie here.

Too many bullets!
- Let's switch!

Oh, shit!
- That's what I said.

I can feel your little fucking balls.
- Close your eyes!

Henry, Henry! Okay, okay, okay.

I love you,
but not in that way.

I was actually dead for a while.

How long?
- About a year. A bit more.

What happened to your face?
- I am the portrait of Dorian Grey.

"Life will crush you.

And there is nothing you can do
to stop it."

Are you working?
- Go inside.

I'm just making sure
that everything is ready for tomorrow.

The tourists have found their way here, haven't they?

There will be no tourists tomorrow.

On the contrary.
Tomorrow you must have an invitation.

And what is the criterion?

Being rich.

Then you feel like a prince.

Have you seen Jeppe?

What is your name?

- What did you say?

- What's your fucking name?

- Bravo!

And you will call me mistress.

I understand that it is your job
to play fun games -

and I'm totally on board,
but I need to know...

I can fuck you later, right?

What's going on?
- Nothing is happening. Where are the others?

Henrik is fucking,
William is thinking about death.

A beer?
- Yes, a beer.

Is everything okay, William?

I am waiting.
She is not here yet.

Yes, but it will be fine.
- Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!
- Hi, sorry I'm late.

This is Henrik Kranz,
please leave a message after the tone.

Adam! I don't feel anything.
Adam came back.

Adam! Adam!
There's too much space in here.