Exit (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Exit - full transcript

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The series is based on conversations
with people from Oslo's financial community.

You are going to help me die.
- No, I won't.

Just put an end to it.

Hello ... I fell asleep ...

And when I woke up ...
he wasn't breathing ...

I ... I woke up and ...

I am sorry for your loss,
he fell asleep.

Perhaps you would like to sit for a while
with him?

I can light a candle
and get a Bible if you want.

No need for that.

Part 3/8
Family first

Rîbnita, Moldova

You can stay with me.

With three children and your wife?
In 40 square meters?

It may not be
Intercontinental, but yes.

I can't stop.
You know that too.

I thought ...

... that everything would be back to normal
after I had paid back the money.

But here everyone knows what I am.

Old acquaintances do not greet me.
The neighbors look away.

You are nothing.
What the hell do they know about you?

Look ...

You are YOU.

Go somewhere else.
Get a job!

How long has your wife been looking for a job?
Two years? And she has an education.

With the jobs I can get
I don't earn anything.

You work double shifts,
but you still don't earn enough.

Listen here.

Call when you arrive ...
wherever you are going.

If that doesn't work,
you come and live with us. Okay?

It's not for you,
it's for me.

I need a babysitter.

- Brought my own.

Good idea, ours tastes like shit.

If you think the coffee
served every day is bad, -

why don't you do something about it?
- Because that's who you are?

A person who does something about it.

You don't have to be
a special type -

to avoid drinking
bad coffee or bad wine.

You just have to do something about it.

Not letting it scrub and go.

But if we're talking about types of people,
you are one of them, right?

Who just lets it go on.

Taking and tasting the coffee
and you think "that's bad".

And then you take another sip.

Do you know what this is?
- Cardboard.

Yes, these are the boxes that we received
when we asked your lawyers -

to inspect your company's accounts.

There are 184 boxes of paper.

1,2 tons of paper.

You have people
who can go through it?

You spend time on
taking people who are building up -

instead of tearing down.
- Do you recognize it?

A neighbor complained yesterday,
and the caretaker let us in.

The apartment was empty,
but we found traces of ...

Cocaine, MDMA, LSD and marijuana.
Do you want to say anything about that?

The apartment is registered to you.

Together with three others.

And what interested
ekokrim was -

that the other three
are exactly the same types -

who made the big bucks
from the merger of Northwest Salma.

Did you have papers for the search warrant?
- No, I didn't. Neighboring complaints.

- Yes, it was.

There was no one there yesterday.

We rent it out for parties.
It's an investment.

Then I suggest you keep track of
who you are renting it to.

so that it doesn't just "cut and run".

Are we done? Or should I send
some numbers on that too?

Is it the angry game?

Why did she withdraw her report?

Why did your wife withdraw it?
What have you threatened her with?

You have to ask her about that.


You can go. That is all.

Don't be surprised -

if there is a complaint from a neighbor
in your office or home.

And take your expensive coffee with you.

You won.

Thanks for the trip.
- Say hi to mom.

Yes, you ...

What do you think I should do now?

With you getting drunk
in front of my children?

If Tomine finds out,
you're finished.

You won't get any jobs.

And she holds a grudge.
I know that better than anyone.

Well ... I don't know
what to do, unfortunately.

Your accent is so confusing.
Not like other Asians.

But what if we do this?
I won't say anything.

Or I say that you are
a fantastic support for the children

and suggest
that you get 2,000 more in salary.

She agrees,
because I pay.

And she can lie on my couch
and smoke weed.

You want to sleep with me, is that the catch?

I want to sleep with everyone,
you are no exception.

But the catch is that I want
you to say -

that I'm a great dad.

More money and no more alcohol
until the children have gone to bed.

And remember, repeat:
I am a super duper dad.

"You are a super duper dad."

Now I have a doctor's appointment.

Hello. - How does it work
with the wealth manager?

The thing is not to be seen.

The best thing you can do

is to make yourself invisible.

You are not invisible.
- 90 percent of me is.

You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Okay, Obi-Wan, tell me.

You hire a wealth manager
who makes 500,000 dollars a year.

From now on it is
his or her name -

on all papers,
loans and contracts.

You who have financed the projects
and takes the profit, is not visible.

Or if you do something
that could be perceived as illegal.

it's the manager who gets caught.

Your name does not exist.

I have no
visible profile anywhere, -

except in my main company.

A wealth manager provides
maximum return for minimum risk.

Seaweed with garlic and black vinegar
and wagyu beef cheek three ways.

Thank you, dear.

She is from

So the fact that she is beautiful
has nothing to do with it?

It is always easier
to help beautiful people.

Here you go.

A wealth manager's only job
is to sign papers?

No, no, his or her job
is to stay ahead of the law -

and make sure that what you do
is as little illegal as possible.

Finding the loopholes.

If you acquire
economic muscle, -

then your job will be
is to make deals.

influence political decisions
so that they benefit you.

Would you like some?
- Thank you very much. So you bribe politicians?

No, I support election campaigns.

so that somebody can have
a nice vacation.

The money that should not be seen
that someone is receiving -

goes through a wealth manager.

"If you make assets invisible, -

you can't attach
responsibility to them."

Your tanker has leaked a lot of oil
and flooded a beach.

The politicians demand that it be cleaned up.

There are images of black seabirds
and baby seals soaked in oil.

But you can't
be held responsible for that.

Your name does not exist.

Or when people are furious that
the construction of a wind farm

in the most beautiful nature the country has.

Then you can still present yourself
as an environmentalist -

even if you are the one
who has financed the park -

and have contributed to the party
that has made the decision.

With money that is untaxed,
because you are ...?


Tax proof, debt proof, law proof.

So ... how do I get hold of
a wealth manager -

and how much money
do I need to have to become invisible?

Are you really sure
that you want to go that far?

I have no job or education.

I live in a rented apartment
and sleep with a barricaded door.

I have a burglar alarm, an ex
who is a psychopath, no money

and I'm having a baby.

It is always easier
to help beautiful people.

You get a phone
that doesn't stand on you.

Then I can set up a meeting -

with a person who will tell you
what you need to know now.

If you get the money,
we'll take it from there.

If I get the money
and not disappear ...

... I am dead.

It is always a good motivation.

Is this the best you have?
No empathy?

I don't see anything
with the right side of the eye.

What should I say?
You have a certain history with us.

What's that?
- You thought you had HIV.

And ALS in the hangover
and cancer when your back was hurting -

and forgot that you were fucking
a 130 kg lady.

It was a bet and I won, so ...

What about the lenses?
- I've changed them.

Okay, I'll book a scan for you. I'll book a scan for you.

If you promise not to call
and nag me about the results.

Yes, I promise.
That wasn't so hard, was it?

(Drinking lunch?)
(Already doing it!)

I ... have a surprise for you.

I was thinking
that you would like to stay in a spa hotel.

You go home in two days,
so you can stay in a hotel now.

With a spa. Okay?

I know you love to swim,
so it will be nice, right?

You don't want us here?
- I can visit you.

I'll get your money ...

Damn, that's a lot of people.
- Generally in the world or just here?

Been here long, or just thirsty?
- Both.

Are you okay?

Damn, it's good to see you.

I need to get in shape.

I have spent ONE day in a seaside hotel.
with the children.

You just don't do that.
- I know that.

You didn't consider having children.
- World champion of hindsight.

Who do you like the least?

Of my children?

You do not choose your children,
and they do not choose you.

WHO do you like least?

I don't know, nobody ...
I don't know any of them.

I lied
that I was going on a work trip -

and checked into a hotel here
to get some free time.

The porn twins too.
- In a hotel?

- Well ...

You know when you were little
and had a kilo of candy in front of you?

Are we talking jawbreakers ...
or foam tops?

Everything breakers.

Like when you combine MDMA
with ADHD and PTSD.

And some Hungarian techno
on it, so...

Listen here.

You get what you want,
but then you don't want it ...

You are in a special mood today.

Is something wrong?
- No ... no.

Well ... no, I don't know ...

I can't remember
when I last woke up with joy.

Some kind of peace.

Some kind of feeling of
wanting to face a new day.

It's like a void.
Like a black hole.

Everything I try to fill the hole with,
only makes it bigger.

I don't know what I'm looking for.
I just want to feel something.

Is it Hermione you want, or?
- I miss the idea of her.

I miss who she was,
or what we were.

Adam, you are a family man.

She has dropped the charges.
- That it was...?

They can continue,
but they have nothing.

The economic part continues,
but the other is completely dead.

Why did she do that?

She came to my house
as if nothing had happened.

What did she want?
- I do not know.

Shit ...

Shall we talk about something else?

Dad died.



He had been ill for a long time ...

How ...?

How ...?

Maybe it was just as well,
so he didn't have to ...?

What can you say ...

It was so nice
when William was there, -

because there was always someone
who had it worse.

That's really true,
completely without competition.

Gerald Cotten.
- What the hell does that mean?

Is that your rosebud?
- Google it!

Vacation ... We need a vacation.

What about the weekend?
I can charter flights.

I can ...
- I have to ask at home first.

But it's Thursday,
isn't it the weekend?

Are you going to Spain on business?

No, I own a house there.

Nice trip.
- Thank you very much.

Can I come in and have a look?
- Not yet!

Time to take a seat at the table, ma'am.

You are building up high expectations.
- I hope you won't be disappointed.

Taste it!
- Of course you can.

Oh my goodness.

- One of the best I have ever tasted!

Great! I would never
prepare lobster for anyone else but you.

Come here.
- What?

Te quiero.

That means ...
- I know.

It's just that ...

What's that?
- You've never said that before ...

What are we having for dinner, mom?

That ...

Maybe we make it easy today?

We can take ready-made food.
You like meatballs, right?

Is everything okay with you, mom?
- Yes, I'm fine.

You, my friend. Go and play
Playstation with little brother, -

and I'll let you know
when dinner is ready.

Okay ...

We got your results
and everything looks good.

The reception can order
a taxi for you.

Do you have any questions?
- What happens next?

Now we will find matching donors.
Take tests, compare DNA.

Match them with your list
and then we will contact you.

It usually takes two to three weeks.

You do what is best
for your baby.

If you are unsure, get in touch.

It is not that ...

There's just a lot to be done.

Thank you, ma'am. Goodbye.

Jeppe, how nice.

Is everything okay with you?

So damn many people ask me that.

Nice to see you.
- Dad is dead.

I see ...

Really? Is that all you have to say?

No ...

I don't know what to say.

What reaction did you expect, then?

Some kind of reaction to
that maybe it has a meaning ...

It's been a very long time since
we were married, Jeppe.

You cannot forgive.
- I understand that you are sorry.

but you can't expect
me to feel the way you do.

You cunt.
- You don't say that to your mother!

You inhuman cunt.
I say whatever I want.

You are drunk!
- Yes, I'm drunk! I am drunk.

And I'm fucking high.

But most of all I'm sad!

Mom, I'm sorry!

I want to be comforted,
but I never get it.

You have never comforted me,
not even as a child!

She was 16, one of his flames.
He was over 40.

I found them in MY bed.
- Holy shit.

Is it that bad, then?

Your pussy is so tight!

Don't say that!
- You should never have had me!

- Have you called your father?

Why would you do that?
- You haven't spoken in 17 years.

He won't come
to the party if you are there.

I can stay home.
- Or do you just call him?

Come on, call him.

- Hi, this is Magdalena.

Who is this?
- Magdalena. I'm on my way ...

Hi. I'm Santa Claus.
- I'm Santa Claus.

I'm here to give you a white Christmas.

Here you go ...

I open.

Servant, Krøvel.

Good to see you.

(It's Hermine.
I have a new number.)

(How about dinner next week?)