Exit (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Exit - full transcript

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The series is based on conversations
with people in Oslo's financial community.

Faster, cowboy!

No, no, no ...
- Yes!

Part 2/8
Death calls

There you go. You're bleeding a bit today.

but that's what happens if you
drinking alcohol the day before.

We make an appointment in two weeks
and check that everything is okay.

And then you can come in a little more often
than lately.

Why don't we make an appointment
for some lip filler as well?

It's about time too.

That was nice. Are you satisfied?
- Absolutely.

Let's see.

It did not pass.
Try again with the chip.

The terminal is a bit ...
- The card has been in the bag.

I have money.

Maybe there is no money on it.
Do you have another card?

Yes ... No, but ...

How much was it?
- 4 700 SEK.

But don't you have an account with us ...?

Yes, or my husband had an account here.

But he died, so I don't know ...

Maybe I can get an invoice?

No, this is against our policy.

I have been a customer here
for more than ten years.

Let's try again.
- There must be something wrong with the machine.

I don't know how you want to solve it?
Transferring money ...?

Or borrow from someone ...?

You stand behind a counter
and think you have power over me.

Take it! It's worth more
than you earn in months.


Can I have a bag?

Please repeat.
- Customer advice.

Please repeat.
- Customer advice.

Please repeat.

I am connecting to customer service.

Is it good like this?

Has an hour already passed?

Can you please
knead your butt a bit more?

There's nothing worse for the buttocks
than riding a camel.

Just a little more.

So nice. Perfect.

The room service
picks up the massage table.

Me and my butt
humbly thank you.

It was perfect.

Paternity leave.
- Okay ...

Beskow says hello.
- Yes, I heard that.

So I need a passport.
- Yes, I understood that.

No problem. 30,000 bucks
and you'll get it in four weeks.

I need it before that.
Well ...

I don't know exactly when.

I am going to London today.

After the trip I need
a new identity.

I have everything with me.

Passport photo, money, height, eye color
and everything you need.

I can't promise you anything.
I don't dare.

It's just that ...

If I don't have the passport
and suddenly have to travel ...

... there is no guarantee
that I will survive.

Okay. Uh... Is it the police, or ...?

Uh, no. A psychopath.

Is there anything in particular you want to be called?

Uh, no. Maybe not Laila or Agnes,
otherwise you have a free hand.

Fine, fine.
- Okay, then.

I need to use the bathroom.
I'm late from work.

Please come out. I'm going to work.
- Get out!

Open the door now!
- No, no, no, no, no. Get out!

It's Celin Bergvik.
An ATM machine took my bank card.

Do you remember the account number?
- 16124538989.

Thank you very much.

The account has been blocked.

Who can block my account?
- It is not in your name.

It's on William Bergvik.
- That's my husband. He is dead.

Oh, I'm sorry.
- How do I get the money out, then?

Since the account is not yours, then ...

This is absurd!

Can I do anything else for you?
- Cunt!

Is there anything I can do?

I don't want to intrude ...
I just want to save your eyeliner.

It's the only thing old men
are good for. Clean handkerchiefs.

Well, thank you.
I'm just having a bad day.

Everyone does sometimes.

I think we have met.

At Henrik Krantz's wedding.
Could that be right?

Yes ...

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I thought you looked familiar.
It only took a moment ...

The world is not as big
as people say.

Have you eaten anything today?
- No ...

But maybe ...
I walked past a nice restaurant.

I know you can't ...
but it's my treat.

Maybe it would be good
to sit down and have a drink?

You seem to have been through
a lot.

That's awfully nice of you.
- Let's do it!

In today's world
no concessions are turned down.

The money is flowing in.

And how do we avoid tax?
- With an internal loan to the parent company

and with so much interest
that there is no taxable profit.

Some info about the Egersund wind farm.
Here you go.

According to the company register, Egersund is owned
by Hyfe Holding.

At the energy authority
the German company Luxcara as owner.

In the German company register
completely different companies appear.

But they are owned by the same ladies
who founded Luxcara.

But neither Luxcara
nor the other companies -

have financed the park.

Because there is another company
in Luxembourg, -

where the company register is secret.

No one knows who the investors are.
- Fantastic.

In 2019, Egersund had
a debt of 1.2 billion, -

190 million on the holding company -

and 80 million
in financial and interest costs.

That is, interest on loans to the company
that financed the wind farm.

They never have to pay taxes in Norway?

Not for the next ten years
and not in any other country either.

Pure tax-free cashflow
from green energy.

You have a company in Cayman.
- Yes, and there will be more.

Stopped sitting, right?

I have trouble sitting.
I pulled a muscle this morning.

Hartmann is waiting at reception.
- Thank you, ma'am. I know.

Would you excuse me for a minute?

How nice you have it.
- Thank you very much.

Are you busy?
- I'm in a meeting.

Just thought I'd drop by.

A bit of a bad fit.
- Then maybe you can come in tomorrow?

It fits ...
- That wasn't a question.

Shall we say nine o'clock?

Have a good day, then.

(Answer ... death is calling.)


Yes, how does it feel
to be a medium?

Talking to the dead?

William ...?

You sick bastard ...

Yes, you probably have a lot of questions.
so let's do this over a couple of beers.

If you are impatient,
google Gerald Cotten.

but right now I have to
ask you for a favor.

Where are you now?
- I'm sitting here all alone.

I am in a bathing hotel in Sweden
with the children.

You have never done anything with the children.
- That is correct.

The au pair bathes with them.

While you've been playing dead,
I have divorced.

For real this time.

So I go all in
to get custody -

and butter up the au pair
so that she says -

that I'm a great dad.
- Do you want custody?

Of course not.
You have seen the children?

No, of course Tomine should get a share.
At his mercy.

On the condition that she behaves
and doesn't fight.

I love it.
But back to the service.

All my Norwegian company accounts
are blocked -

and I had no will, -

so Celin plunders the corpse.

I managed to transfer the account
that she has disposed of

back to me.

But you need to find the lawyer
who administers the estate -

and tell them discreetly
that I am alive.

Is it fun?
Being dead? Is it fun?

It's surprisingly good for the psyche.

I get rid of all the white noise
in my head.

Here come the kids. I'll take care of it.
Can I reach you on this number?

Don't tell the others.
- No, I have to go.

How was the water?
- Great. Around 23-24 degrees.

That's great. I have booked the tennis court
in 45 minutes

so maybe you can eat
or relax and change?

- Let's say so.

Okay ...
Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

I don't know if you play tennis

but if you drink alcohol,
the champagne is yours.

Order what you want. Everything is yours.
- Thank you very much.

Sit down and take a break.
I will take care of the children.

I've been working
in my husband's company.

Until he died.

But how ... He was young.
No, excuse me.

It's none of my business.
- Don't worry about it.

He ... drowned.

No ...?
- Yes, in a river.

Or we don't know
whether he drowned or jumped.

He had left his clothes ...
on the edge.

Had he been depressed
or something like that?

But how sad ...

And after he jumped
or fell in, -

no one has heard anything?

They haven't found him?
- No, they haven't.

And today the account
or my card was suddenly blocked.

So therefore it's a bit ...
It's a worse day today.

A really bad day.
- Yes, it is.

Forgive me, I don't usually
drink at lunch, it's just ...

You usually do, Celin.

I saw your little pocket flask.

You drink all day,
you know that.

So, you can't cope with the world
if you are not on the snuff.

You know your life is ruined.

Let's be honest, shall we?

And I have a proposal for you.

You don't know who I am,
but Michael Beskow is my partner.

And your husband is not dead.

He owes us a lot of money.

You're broke, -

and he has just used
his credit card in Marrakech.

He will contact you.
and when he does, -

you will call us
and tell us where he is.

Why do you do that?
Because you and I want the same thing.

We just want our money.

And I can help you.

If you need a motive

then the payments
on the mortgage have fallen due.

And if you don't think
that you can do that to William.

you should know that his daughter

which he does not have with you

just turned 18 -

and gained access to a fund
of 5 million.

And here you are!

But if you don't want to help us ...

... then you are on your own.

Which you haven't
have been particularly good at, but ...

It's called "embryo diagnostics".

It's nothing new.
It has been used for years -

to select embryos.

Mainly to reduce the chance
of life-threatening diseases.

This is just another way
of using the technology.

What do I have to do?

First, our
our specialists examine you

for the best possible results.

Then you get a list of preferences.
Gender, eye color, hair ...

We match it with our donors
for the best possible results.

And then we examine your embryos.
You have already frozen your eggs, right?

Yes, that is correct.

So what I choose is what I get?

It's not 100 percent sure -

that you will get a perfect match.

But we can increase the chance of that.

The statistical accuracy
is 83.6 percent.

Some things can be controlled.

If you and the donor
have the same hair and eye color, -

the baby will be that color.
You can also choose the gender.

If you want more than that ...

If you want the baby to
to grow up and become -

tall, slim and athletic
with a high IQ

we can increase the chances of that,
but we can't guarantee anything.

I always ask our customers
why they come here to us.

It's just for my own interest.

We tried to get pregnant for five years.

My husband forgot to tell me
about his vasectomy.

I got pregnant with another one.

my husband pretended to commit suicide
and I had a miscarriage.

This is my only chance
to have a child.

The child should be given
the best possible conditions.

The only way to do that
is to cheat the system.

No, no, no, no. Sebastian, no!

No, Sebastian! Thelma!

No, no, no!

That was no fun at all!

Straight up the room.

Can I get a gin & tonic
for room 314, please?

As big as possible.

Do you like children?
- Yes, I do.


Have you seen the au pair?
- Her name is Jin Tapa.

Does she?

Can you be quiet?
Uh, hello? What did you say?

Can you come to the reception?
We have a problem.

Okay? I'll come down right away.
I'll come down right away.

Here she is.
- She could take what she wanted.

That's not the problem.
- Isn't it?

Bill me an extra 2,000,
and I'll take care of it.

Whatever you do now,
you can't throw up in here.

All right? Let's go.

All right... In the middle of the bullets.

Why are you vomiting against the wind?

Is it because Mecca is that way?

Now you take a long walk.

When you have sobered up
you take a shower.

Then you take care of the children.
That's your job.

You had ONE task.

Now be quiet!

Three of them are new buildings
that increase in value immediately.

The others are renovation projects
in rather poor condition.

That sounds great.
- Why don't you give me a heads up?

Yes, but don't you want to see the prospectus?
- No, we'll do that later.

Sebastian wonders why he is here?
- He will soon find out.

Then I will create a customer account.
How much do you bet?

Maybe 50?
- That's great.

There's Sebastian!
This is Asbjørn Wiersland, lawyer.

Thomas Henschold
from Smestad Eiendom.

This is Sebastian.
A prominent broker.

One of the best!
Reminds me of me when I was young.

We have the same taste.
- I'll send you the papers later.

Yes! Talk to you later.

Let's see.
- So we are going to drink whisky?

Of course we are.
We boys are drinking whiskey.

I need to ask you a favor.
- Aren't we even?

We have an agreement.
- "Even" is an interesting word.

We have a common history
that we can develop.

But what if I don't want that?
- Then you go back to the basement.

Listen, buddy.

I want YOU to set up a company
that invests in property.

It's a super deal for you,
I promise.

What does it involve?

I teach you,
and you make money for me.

You will love it.

And you get a bonus.
You get to sleep with my wife. Promise.

You won't be crawling around on the floor
with your cock halfway out.

Do what you want with her.

I'll let you know
when I get home, in good time!

You can't be serious.
- I am serious.

You are trying to be like me.

I help you to be like me.

Yes, I am.
- Good, good, good. Do you like money?

Cheers, then. This will be fun!

I love money!

I didn't mean to
to scare you.

No problem.

What's wrong? What were you thinking?

I was ... out at sea.

One night ... in January.

When I came back ...

... my brother had hung himself.

I took him down
and sat with him in my arms

and considered
to take his place in the news.

But you didn't.

Why did you think of it now?

I can't be like that again.

The thing is, if you have money,
it means nothing.

If you don't have money,
it means everything.

Being broke is expensive.
Bills cost, -

but peace of mind costs too.

Our whole small, fragmented life -

we waste on getting by,
not on living.

And now that I have lived,
it changes everything.

The old me
had never met you.

I can't be my old self again.

And you can't start doing
what you did before.

But now I'm not me anymore,
and my house is not my house.

Lorca said it.

You were already you long before
you got this house.

Paul, if he's alive,
we'll talk to him.

I've known people like him
all my life.

You, me... We mean nothing.

To him we are just goods
that he can buy and sell.

More wine?

Yes, more wine.

Are you drunk?

No, not yet. Come back in
in two hours and I will be.

Dad, someone's knocking on the door.

Someone knocked on the door.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

There is a difference between drinking
and getting drunk.

Yes ... I got a bit excited.
- Yes, you did.

I don't know what you smell,
but certainly not vomit.

You watch the kids, I have to go.
Don't touch the mini-bar. Okay?

Uh, yeah, okay.
- Great, great. Have fun.

Hey, hey, hey.
- Dead man talking.

What happens now?
What should I tell the lawyers?

To the boys, and your wife?
- To her you say nothing.

To the administrator of the estate you say
that you have proof that I am alive.

To Adam and Jeppe
we don't say anything yet, -

for if more than one knows, all know.

So, you don't realize
how good seafood is -

after a long time in the desert.
- Yes, you and Moses ...

No, he had no idea.

He ran around for 40 years.
For me it took three days -

with dromedaries and GPS.

Yes, you are more like Lazarus.

What are your plans now?

Now I'm going to Spain
and take back my company.

Then I open new accounts in Norway
and start selling shares.

Are you going to start liquidating?
- Not immediately.

I'm just going to change my methods -

which obviously have not
have been the best.

Okay, okay, okay, okay. You're obviously not
fully recovered yet.

I am completely zen.

You don't realize how alive you are
when you are dead.

But we'll talk soon, then.
- We'll be in touch.


I forced them
to dress me in a suit.

I refuse to die in a skirt.

You're not going to die now.

You are going to help me die.

I would do it for you.

You know I would.
- No ...

No, Father.
- I love you, my boy.

I would never let you
lie like this.

It's not me ...

It's just a shell.

You have to...

Put a stop to this.
- no.

No ... no.

Jeppe ...
- No.

Help me, Jeppe!
- No, no, no.

Adam! Come and dance with us!
- Come over here!

You are so boring!

- I want to know more.

Okay ... Where do you want to start?

What is the difference
between a money changer and a bank?