Exit (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Exit - full transcript

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The series is based on conversations
with people in Oslo's financial community.

Okay, let's try to get an overview.

Norway, a paradise for someone like me.
Established, rich, white.

Forest fires, glaciers
and Greta Thunberg: uninteresting.

She could have become a brand.
"Product approved by Greta."

People would have bought like crazy.
"Buy Greta's cap!"

People are drowning in the Mediterranean.
Girls are not allowed to go to school.

Sorry, but I don't care!

You can always wish,
but the world doesn't change.

I belong to the richest one percent -

who take one fifth
of all revenues.

I have stopped wishing for things.
What I want, I buy.

So how did I end up here?

How does a 50-year-old man
who has everything end up here?

It will require an explanation
in the same way as this.

Or this ...

And the three of us aren't even
most fucked up.

Three, two, one ...

Part 1/8


How did you get my number?

I thought you might need some help.

With what?

Do you know what this is?

It is a ledger.

This tile can contain
10 million. Or 20.

Or 42,375,000.

I read about ekokrim, your boat.
This one transports cryptocurrency.

Money that you have in your bags
or safes, you exchange it.

The money is deposited
as crypto on this one.

You can travel anywhere you want with it.
Completely legal.

When you want to withdraw money
a money changer opens an account

where the money is converted into dollars.

No one can trace the account,
and no one can trace the ledger to you.

So you could be Johnny from Stovner -.

or Unbongo from Congo -

if you want to get into
an account in the Virgin Islands.

So you are what,
my cryptomaniac, is that it?

No, I am absolutely not.

I'm just a guy
who knows what he's doing

Let me know if you are interested.

How can I get hold of you?

I will call you.

- His name is Robert Salomonsson.

I will send you the number.
- Thank you very much.

Hello, this is Robert.
- There are two kinds of people:

Those who want to know,
and those who want to believe.

I belong to the first,
but you belong to the second kind.

You want to believe that you belong here.

but you don't know
what league you are trying to play in.

I will find your secrets
and destroy you.

Then I will consider
if you can join the game.

Never call me again.

Hey, hey, hey!
- What are you listening to?

Uh, nothing.

You snuck out.
- I watched you sleep.

Did I drool?

A little bit.

That was pretty sexy.
- Thanks for the compliment.

- Absolutely.

The lawyer will be here in an hour.
- All right, then.

And someone called, by the way.

- It was just noise.

Okay, okay, okay.
- The call came from Morocco.

What's in the thermos?

Green tea.

Are you disappointed?
- No.

It's a mojito.
- Mojito?


Are you talking about me or the thermos?
- Both.

Can you arrange a meeting
with the lawyer and the investor?

The one that looks like Ken the barbie.

What is it?
- Christmas Eve.

Are you leaving?
- Didn't I tell you I have a meeting?

I'm going to drink.
I'm going to drink a lot.

I write "meeting".
- Write whatever you want.

What about you, Henrik?

How are you doing in your relationship?

I rephrase the question.

Do you do as much as Tomine
to create a home?

Without me she would not
have that home.

And the au pairs take care of
most of it anyway.

Now you are being unfair.

Yes, very unfair,
but it's true.

You have been a couple for ten years.
You have four children.

Hard times are natural,
wear and tear, disappointments and distance.

Couple therapist is not a
protected title, right?

Even I
can call myself that, right?

Did you take an online course?

I want to check the qualifications
before I start opening up.

You are divorced, and you have two children.
Not as many as us.

We have five, not four as you said.
I also tend to forget one sometimes.

But you have two children, and the father
has 70% of the custody.

That must suck.

Of course it sucks for her.

I'm leaving.
- Are you going?

We have plenty of time left.

Why is maybe the word you are looking for now?

This is a waste of my time.

And I will not participate.

And how do I know
all that about you?

You fucked Jeppe Schøtt
when he was in therapy with you.

He was here with his ex-wife,
and you were going through a divorce, right?

Comfort fuck.

When you cry
when things finally go your way.

He's good at it.

Very good.

Henrik, you are
a poor human wreck.

That was fun!
- You chose a therapist.

Because she's the best, they said.
- Do you want to humiliate me?

I actually have a meeting now,
can you take a taxi?

I'm sure it's fine,
or the shuttle service, your choice.

Holy shit.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Thanks for the latest.

What a lot of people.
I miss the corona era.

Thanks for the therapist. THAT was fun.

The pleasure is mine.

Speaking of which, I'm getting divorced again.

When I see my father lying there,
I think...

Life is too short for compromise.

Just make it look like
as if she broke up with him.

But why would you want to do that?
- She's like a piece of furniture.

Like a fucking armchair
you've been sitting in for too long.

It blends in with the decor,
you can't even see it.

But did it go well for you?
- Good?

I wouldn't say that,
but we never go to therapy anymore.

How did she take it ... your wife?

Yes, what is my wife's name?

You don't know her name!

Oh my God, her name is Thomas.
No, she ...

She got mad because
I hurt her mother.

My mother-in-law's hearing is so bad.

When I call her "cunt"
she thinks I am saying "nice hair".

What about her mother, then?
- She called and cried.

She doesn't want us to separate,
and I wanted to be nice.

but she just kept on talking
and crying and crying.

so I had to
to give her 100 goats.

But I just want out of the marriage.
I will never marry again.

But otherwise I am fine.

Although I have a reduced field of vision
in my right eye.

I almost drove straight into
into a car just now.

You have been drinking yourself blind, Henrik.

What about you two?
What were you talking about when I arrived?

I was talking about property,
and he was talking about green promises.

You are the least
green people in the world.

How many V8s do you have?

You fly to Sweden every time.

No, I drive to Sweden.

The flights do not have business class.

I don't care if the earth is burning.

I'll be dead before it goes to hell.
One advantage of not having children.

He doesn't have to pay corporation tax,
and gets a pat on the back from the government.

I have gone through the expansion
of wind power throughout Norway.

One of the largest wind farms
pays no taxes.

The owners are cashing in on Norwegian nature.

Nobody knows who owns the bastard.

Global Renewable Power,
InvestCo and LP own 100 percent.

They are owned by two companies in Ireland -

which in turn are owned by
a company with an address in Cayman.

The State has allocated the investment -

and sell the power to Google,
for example.

Then they take the money
to Cayman.

And a new concession is underway.

There will be pictures of tree huggers,
crying children and eagles without wings.

It goes on for a week,
but then it builds.

It's not "greed is good",
but "green is good".

That was just what I needed,
a noble conversation.

I just want to
to keep drinking.

You can do it. I have
given myself a surprise.

That what?

You have to tell me what it is.

Okay, since you ask.

I think it's too quiet
when I come home.

You are so sensitive.

And I've been spending
too much time on porn.

If the Renaissance had video,
no one would have painted paintings.

Rubens painted naked women.
- Fat women?

Fucking fat.
- Ugh.

Now I'm going to do both,
loneliness and porn -

with a little combo.

I have hired two porn actresses
to live with me. Twins.

Is it expensive?
- Car is expensive. And house.

People are rarely expensive.
- Like renting a soccer field?

Like a bottle of
Romanée-Conti Grand Cru.

I have to go, but I'll call you
about the wind power prospectus.

Bring the ladies here.
- Get your own.

I can do that,
but twins will be difficult.

This is Thomas Syverstad
from the hospital.

Your father is asking for you.
- Is it time?

Maybe tonight or in two weeks.
You'd better come.

I'll come right away.

Was it the county chair?

Can you take the check?
- Yes, I can.

He has a restraining order.

And I have an assault alarm.

Have you used the alarm?
- Once.

When someone pulled on my door
in the middle of the night.

It took twenty minutes for someone to arrive.

What do the police say?

They suspect him of violence.

They don't really do anything.

And ekokrim is trying to get him
for tax evasion.

And what do they tell you to do?

They suggested that I move.

I am not qualified
for a secret address ...

I am alone.

So there is no child involved.

What was it that happened
when he hit you?

What triggered it?

He lives in his own world.

He imagines things,
and then ...

Then it goes like this.

What can I help you with?

I want at least
one person to know that ...

... if I get beaten to death
or just disappear ...

... it's him.

So he is not mentioned at all?
- No, he is not.

The only name linked to the company
is your name.

You are the sole shareholder.
No other names are registered.

And what is the balance now?
- For the company?

3 856 000 euros.

It's so sad, what happened.
I've known William for years.

We are devastated.
- I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you, ma'am.
- Call me if you need anything.

What do you think?

Who takes their credit cards

but leaves everything else
and jumps in the pool?

Maybe he was hoping the cards
would take him to heaven.

That's right.

Who is he?

Take care of the camel, please.

What do you want today, sir?

Gin and tonic, please.

Long night?

Long year.

Sorry, but the card is not working.
It could be the machine ...

Oh dear ...

It's the camel ...
I had the card in my back pocket.

Can I pay in any other way
than electronically?

Unfortunately, no.

Where are you from?

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.



Is the camel in the lobby yours?

No, it isn't. I have rented it.

You can't park there.

Do you have valet parking?

Sir, I have to ask you
to move the camel.

I'll be right back.
I want another one of these -

and I'm sorry about the camel.

She is a good camel,
but can be a bit grumpy.

Hey, hey, hey.

You never thought,
that you would see me like this?

No, I didn't.

I have refused to think about it.

No, it's no use.
- No, it doesn't.

That's not good.

No, it's not good.

Come here.

Is there anything you need?
Help with anything?

You can help me die.
This is taking way too long.

Other than that.


Isn't that strange?

That it just ends.

When I was young, I thought that ...

... I would try everything.

Without realizing
that one day everything is over.

But ...

I have seen the sunrise
in Angkor Vat.

And seen the sun set
in Atacama.

I have been shark fishing in Key West.

Like Hemingway.

Eating at El Bulli.

I have had fresh caviar
at the Caspian Sea.

It's a rich life,
don't you think so?

Yes, it is. It's a rich life.

As I lie here,
I remember best...

the first time
I lay with you on my chest.

You were maybe three days old.

Your mother was asleep.

You woke up, -

and I lifted you close to me.

Mom said I was fat.

It's so strange.

It's the little things
that become the biggest.

It's a rich life,
don't you think?

Yes, yes.

In a few days I will be just
a man in a photograph.

In two months you will have forgotten me.

Forgotten my voice.

Forgotten my scent.

I thought ...

... that I was important.

That what I did mattered.

You are important to me. Very important.

Yes, I'm waiting for
to hear how it went.

Did you get in touch with him?
- It took a few days, but yes.

What about the rest?
- I take it one day at a time.

Do you have someone you can talk to?
- Talking doesn't help anymore.

It gets worse before it gets better.

I'll let you know
when I hear something from him.

Bye bye.

You fucked his wife
and now you want to fire him.

No ...

You have fucked his wife.
- Yes, that is correct.

But that's not why
I want to fire him.

He is completely useless.

That's not good enough. Then he should be fired.

Are you going to use the house at Easter?

I have promised
that Massimo can borrow it, but ...


- Yes, Massimo.

What's wrong with that?
- The little guy? Barely a meter high.

The one you've dumped
not just once, but three times.

Listen, darling.

You don't have to get married
just because someone has a nice butt.

And what the hell is that supposed to mean?

The marriage, Michael,
is based on a theory of

that when a man discovers
a great new brand of beer, -

he quits his job
and goes to work at the brewery.

Oh my God, are we there again?

Yes, I am marrying her.

Get over it sometime.

I'm not known as a person
who only drinks one kind of beer.

Some of what I drink
cannot be called beer.

You should be glad that there is still
someone is still serving you.

That dog,
can't you get it out? She's in heat.

The diaper looks too full.

Why the hell didn't you
didn't you get a male dog?

Because I got ripped off
by the guy who sold the dog.

I don't want to talk about this.
Actually, she is a male.

Well, which one of us will fire him?

I'll call him tomorrow.
Do you want?

Uh, sir. William has used money.
- Where?

In a hotel in Marrakech.

Has he booked more nights?
- Only one.

And the wife still lives in ...?
- In the house.

"The man who could not die."

Can you call John and see
if he can fly to Oslo?

No, I can do that. I'll do that.

Isn't it a bit long since
since you did that?

It doesn't mean anything.

Can you book a flight for me?
Hotel, car ...

Gun and silencer?

And ... is it too much to ask
to ask you to watch the dog?

It will be fine.
- You are so cute.

So are you.
- Thank you so much.

You big clown.

Hello? - Do you remember
mom's birthday?

Yes, I know.

And you are coming?
- Yes, I will.


You can't be here.
- You have a restraining order against me.

The opposite is not true.

What are you doing here?
- I need to talk to you.

Can I come in?

What do you want? Why are you here?
- I want us to be friends.

Have you brought your phone?
Are you recording again?

Uh, no. This is an assault alarm.

If you press it,
how will you explain that you came here?

I can say
that you threatened me to come?

How would I have done that?

By threatening to
posting a video online.

I don't have a video.
- No, but they don't know that.

Who do you think
they will believe?

Last time I was here
you offered me a smoothie.

That would have been good.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. The berries are gone.
I haven't had time to shop.

But now I ask again,
what are you doing here?


We have known each other for half a lifetime.

We grew up together.
We have experienced everything together.

And now ...

... none of us have anyone
to share anything with.

I have done bad things to you,
I know that.

And you know what you have done to me.

I meant what I said.

I just want the two of us
can be friends.

You have to go.
- You ...

go! Go now.

Okay, okay, okay.

- Hi, it's me.

That was one of the worst things
I've ever done.

He will need time,
but it will work.