Empire (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Empire - full transcript

Hakeem raises concerns over Lucious' changes to the Empire movie script; Lucious and Cookie revisit their past; Andre turns to Kelly Patel to help him gain controlling interest in the company; Teri grows increasingly suspicious of Andre.


I went and ahead and committed

to eight ASA nomination spots.

I didn’t invest the money.

You brought up all these
hvalid concerns!

Now’s the time
when you chose to listen to me?


You’ll only beat Lucious

if you play dirty.

What you need to do, my man,

is put his pompous ass
out to pasture.

She’s 15!

-Dad, stop!

Hi, sweetie.

You think Lucious
is your hero?

He owes you everything.

Can’t you hear it?

I don’t know what
you’re talking about.

Westside Hustler
is code for Lucious.

Shine and Lucious robbed you

and he’s bragging about it
hon this track.

It could be about anybody.

Or nobody.

Lucious is keeping you around
hfor a reason.

-Believe that.

You’re on that old-school joint
now, huh?

Keep your friends close
and your enemies closer.

Don’t let your pride

prevent you from seeing
the truth.

Hold up.

-Ow, ow, ow!
-Come here. Come here.

You’re hurting me!

Keep your white girl tears

for somebody who gives a damn,
cause I don’t.

You wanna rob Lucious?
You pull the trigger yourself.

I got work to do.

No, please!

Move out of my way!

With a
career spanning three decades,

nine platinum albums,
and 15 ASA awards,

this year, we are proud
to honor the man,

the artist, the icon
Lucious Lyon

with the ASA
Lifetime Achievement Award.

ASA sent this over
this morning.

The full version will air
at your actual awards show.

Congratulations, Pop.
This honor is long overdue.

Who got the Lifetime
Achievement Award last year?

Ah, that’s right,
Stevie Wonder.

You know,
when we were on that stage...

I really meant what I said.

I honestly thought
that you and I

we were gonna
do this thing together.

Now I feel like I’m being...
handed my hat

and you making a move on me.

Move? How?

This is a huge honor, Pop.

Man, you bought this
damn raggedy-ass ASA Award

to put me out to pasture.

Man, game recognizes game.

I had nothing to do with this.
Scout’s honor.

You know, when I grew up, there
was no Boy Scouts in my hood.

Okay, look at it
as another milestone

in your illustrious career,

You’re still the king.

Let me share something
with you, Mr. CEO.

I wouldn’t get too comfortable
in that throne.

Nobody tells me
when it’s time to go.

And as far as I’m concerned,

I’m just getting started.

Okay, after this take,
I wanna rework the bridge.

I want you to take up the bass

just as she goes
into the chorus.


That’s the Tiana
I know and love, honey.

Yeah, don’t you raise a thing.

See, the drums are already
overpowering her voice.

Know what you need to do?

Why don’t you raise her vocals
habove the mix?

Trust me.

You always did have
the Midas touch, Cookie.

You know,

Midnight Star
wrote that song for me.

Is that your friend?

Becky, why did you
call me down here, hmm?

Tiana sounds amazing,

and that song
is gonna kick ass

at the ASA Awards nominations.

Uh, speaking of which,

I heard about Lucious’s
Lifetime Achievement Award.

Black Twitter
is going off about it now.

Child, please.

Lucious likes to believe

that it was his own
blood, sweat, and tears

that built his
lifetime achievement.

While he was standing
hon my back

pretending like
I wasn’t there.

Yeah, I’m the choir

and you’re preaching to me.

I know.

-You know he bought that?
-Oh, did he?


I don’t wanna talk
about his ass.

At least Bossy
is getting ASA shine.

-Right, but also
-And that promo concert

that you are throwing
is brilliant.

Okay, there’s no concert.


There’s not gonna be a concert.

my dad was very surprised.

You held up your end.
That’s right, okay.

So listen,
the rest of the money

should hit your Caymans account
by end of day.

No, you have my word.

Okay, uh, thank you.

Excellent, okay.


Uh, can I have some?

Of what, Kingsley?

Of whatever the hell it is
you’re smoking.

Come on.
Buying that award

to nudge Lucious
into retirement?

Ah, it was brilliant.

-Thank you.
-You’re welcome.

But you seem awfully calm,

considering he just threatened
to take the throne

out from under you again.

We gotta put an end
to this game of musical chairs

once and for all.

-What do you propose?
-I’m glad you asked.

Kelly Patel’s shares
are ripe for the picking.

Kelly doesn’t wanna sell.

Who said anything
about buying?

You and I are the Dynamic Duo,

We just pulled one over
on Prophetic the Poet.

-Ah, that was beautiful.

I’ve got a little #MeToo idea

that’ll have Kelly
begging you to take his shares.

All you have to do
is invite him over to dinner

at your lovely home
with your lovely wife

and I’ll take it from there.

This is my company.
I’ll take it from there.

You’re the boss.

You’re in control.

Whatever you say.

What else?



Ooh, that was amazing,

You are going down in history

as one of the greatest rappers
of all time.

Man, cut.

This is some bull!

Uh, here we go.

What’s the problem now?

The same problem
it’s been all week, homie.

Y’all keep changing the script
at the last minute

and I keep telling you
it’s wrong.

According to Lucious,
this is how it happened.

My ma would never cosign
my dad that way.

She got a lot of opinions,
but she makes the music great!

And this chick
ain’t got no swag like my ma.

Excuse you?

Look, Hakeem,
say what’s in the script

hand let me,
the director, direct.

What I say goes.

All right, everybody.
Back to one!

Back to one.

No, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no!

This is a Casio CZ-3000.
It’s irreplaceable.

I don’t care what it is.

I’m not working on this script
until you get it right.

I’m a Lyon, so what I say goes.

Okay, so...

Giselle didn’t tell you

that she decided not to invest
hin ol’ girl’s stocks?

tell me.

It’s just that
she changed her mind

and then all the ASA
promo stuff started happening

and I thought we had
the money, so

Whoo, thank you.

Um, that track is done.

I’ve gotta go
pick up Bella now.

Oh, yeah.
Cool, cool, cool.

Kiss my grandbabies for me.

I will. Bye.

You sound amazing, girl.

Uh, please do not tell Tiana
about Bossy’s money woes,

because she doesn’t know.

This is a big mess
you got yourself in, Becky.

Well, this is how my mentor,
you, can help me out.

Uh, that’s why I’m here?

Well, yeah.

Could you, um
Mm, don’t judge it.

-Spit it out, Becky.
-Would youI just

Will you consider
joining Bossy as a...

silent partner?

Oh, no, ma’am.
No, ma’am.

See, where I am in my life,

I am not interested in being
anybody’s silent anything.

-Okay, we can discuss volume.
-I said no, Becky.

We could

But you know
what Bossy should do?

You should make a deal
with a distributor.

They will front the money,
cash flow, the debt

-Oh, okay, so can you

I gotta go.
I gotta go. I gotta go.

I will call you later.

We could, like,
vote on rosé or something.

Keep your head up, girl.

I ain’t gonna be silent
about nothing, girl.

-Well, we can discuss

degrees of silence!


-What up, hitmaker?
-Mm, what’s happening?

-Congratulations on the award.
-Thank you.

That’s big coming from somebody
that’s been in the grind.


But, um...what you know
about this?

Are these Shine’s lyrics?


Where’d you get ’em?


Hey, give us a minute.

Yo, bruh,
let’s take five.

Tracy seems to think
I’m some kind of charity case.

And after hearing
Shine’s lyrics on the song

talking about
jacking some dude,

makes me think that...

he may be talking
about my money.

You think me and Shine
hrobbed you?

Just so we understand
heach other

I don’t explain myself
hto any man,

but because I consider us
hto be friends,

I’ll let you in
on a little secret.

You remember Bunkie?

Cookie’s cousin?
What about him?

Shine and Bunkie
went in on something

and Bunkie owed Shine a mint.

And since I underwrote
the whole damn thing,

when it came time
for Bunkie to pay,

even though he paid Shine back,

Shine always felt
he was dissed,

and when he decided
to foreclose on Bunkie,

I had to look the other way.

So that’s
what the song’s about?


Maybe I’m wrong.

Yeah, maybe I’m wrong.

Just so you know,

the only reason you are here
inside of this studio

is because of your talent.

And if you keep knocking out
hthese bangers,

you gon’ have all the hardware
hand the whole nine.

- Yeah.

All right guys,
come on back in.




That’s the lemon sponge cake

drizzled with a little
elderflower syrup

the one Meghan used
for her and Harry’s reception.

That’s delicious.

I’ll be right back.

Thank you.


-Something wrong?
-No, it’s just

Well, listen, if all of this
is stressing you out,

you know, we can hire
a second wedding planner.

There’s something
that’s been rattling

around in my mind.

What is it?

That young girl from the club

who was at the house
the other night?

Who was she?

That was just one
of Pop’s messes

I had to clean up,
that’s all.

At the house?

Pop promised her a record deal.

I disagreed,
so I took care of it.

Wait, you don’t think
that she and I

were doing anything, right?

All I know is that Lucious
hran Empire

like he was John Gotti.

I don’t want that for you.

I don’t want that for us.

And that is exactly why

I’m clearing out
all of Pop’s shady business.

In fact...

I called Kelly Patel over
for dinner so I can make sure

that my father’s way
is a thing of the past.




Oh, and I am so down
for that lemon cake.


I’m gonna go tell
"the Cake Master."

I don’t know
what she’s talking about.


Definitely chocolate.

Andre, you can’t ignore me.

And you can’t ignore the fact
that Teri’s onto us.

She gonna be a problem?

Keep her name
out of your mouth.

Now, what the hell
is the damn emergency?

I got your text.

What it look like?

I’m not gonna be
disrespected like that.

Wait, whoa, hold on.

Who the hell
is disrespecting you?

The director?
’Cause I’ll talk to his ass.

-Noyou, Pop.

This ain’t the script
we decided on, Man.


something you gotta understand
in the movie business.

Scripts change. They evolve.
We gotta grow with ’em.

Yeah, but the writer
didn’t change it; you did.

It’s not his movie.
It’s Empire’s movie.

-And the script is locked.
-Well, smarty-pants,

Pop unlocked it,
so now it’s trash.

You better watch
your damn mouth,

’cause you’re gonna memorize
every syllable.

I didn’t approve
this script, Pop.

And I didn’t approve
a damn thing either.

Oh, but at least
they got the costume right.

Hey, girl!
Hi, girl, hey.

-You young Cookie?

Well, I hope you got the
attitude to match them jeans,

’cause you look soft.


That’s right, girl.
Leave that good wig.

-Get outta here.
I didn’t go

-to Juilliard for this.
Bye-bye, girl.

That’s the problem. You went
to Juilliard, honey. Bye-bye.

I’m sorry.

Now my fans gon’ think
hI’m a ass

’cause this is just fake.

You keep talking like that,

I’m gonna strangle your ass
with that do-rag.

This is my life.

Your life?

It’s not even a real story.

No, it’s not.

See, I read this
on the way here,

and this is about as fake

as that Lifetime Achievement
Award you bought and paid for.

Every minute we stand here
and hold up shooting

is cutting into
our bottom line.

Andre, boy, I know
this is important to you,

but this ain’t me
in them pages.

And you lie to me, Lucious.

Now you gon’ run around
and lie to the world

with this wack mess?

Ah, you show me
where I’m lying.

All up in through here, man.
This is wack juice!

You know, Mom right.

I’m not doing another line

until you get the script right.

I don’t blame you, son.

Go have a lobster and caviar
on your father.

I’m outta here.

All right, then.
Fix it.

Both of you.

You lived it.

We’ll shut down
for the rest of the day.

You know, your mouth

We are bleeding money, Ma!

Empire money, our money.
Fix it, please!

so this looks really promising.

Yeah, we’ve worked
with all the major labels.

With this, we can sail
right through to the ASAs.

Wait a minute.
Am I reading this right?

It says this deal requires

you taking
partial ownership of Bossy.

A percentage, uh...

For a company this small,

recouping costs through record
sales wouldn’t make sense.

Well, it looks like
we would only own

7% of what we built.

No, 7% each.



That’s more than fair,

considering the risk
KSM would be taking on.

Well, technically

You ladies have really done
an outstanding job

with these offices.

-Thank you.

I like the way
the light falls

in that office
at the front of the hallway.

-That’s my office.

I think your furniture
will fit well

in that smaller one
down the hall.

-Excuse me?

I like the light and the
furniture just the way it is.

Paul is actually
gonna need an office.

He’ll be KSM’s overseer
for Bossy.

That’s a very poor
choice of words.

Yes, correct. Poor.


But will need to take
a supervisory role.

You know what, Tommy?

We’re gonna discuss
our options internally.

Thank you so much.


considering that you’re
up to your edges in debt,

we are your only option.

You have 24 hours to decide.

Why is he talking
about our edges?

Real talk, this script is wack.

But whoever built this set
deserves a damn Oscar.

Remember those little
mismatched dishes we had

with the flowers on ’em?

Where the hell they find these?

What’s really blowing my mind
his this Casio.

It’s like they pulled it
straight out of a time capsule.

Seriously, Lucious,

you was gonna pass this off
to our fans as true?

-It is true.

Look, you and me, we ain’t been
on the same page for a while,

but that script just needs
ha couple tweaks.

Couple tweaks?
Thisthis here took me out.

"Cookie looks up from the sink
as she dries a dish

and stares adoringly
at her man."

"’Lucious, you ain’t even
put out an album

and you’re already
the best there ever was!’"

- Look, I was

just trying to make her...

a little softer,
you know?



Well, it didn’t work.

All right,
if your memory’s so damn great,

you tell me what you remember.

I can feel the baby
doing the cabbage patch.

Yeah, that’s it.
That’s it, Lucious.

That’s your first single,
"Paid In Cash."

Trust me.

Yeah...but we wasting time,

We gotta get the dupes out
on the street, like, yesterday.


are you listening to me?

I’m trying to come up
with a company name.

You know, we’re gonna need

a logo and a name
on these damn tapes.

I was thinking, like,
Domination or Dominion.

Like, God gave us dominion
over this entire wild kingdom.

All I know is,

there ain’t gonna be
no damn kingdom, Lucious,

if we don’t get the 5K to make
the tapes and the artwork.

We gotta get this music
out on the damn street.

Come on, what?

I got it. I got it.

I’m supposed to meet with the
Colombians in a half hour.

I don’t trust those
those fake-ass Tony

They too flashy.
They hot, Lucious.

Yeah, I know.

But that’s why I got Bunkie.

He gonna meet me over there.

Look at me.
Look at me, Lucious.

If anything look like
it’s going sideways, you step.

And you tell Bunkie,
lumpy-head-ass Bunkie,

to keep his head on a swivel

Look, baby, I got this.

-Good about this one.

-All right.
-Wait, wait, wait.

And please bring the baby back
some pizza, okay?

-Yeah, okay.
-All right.

All right, love you, baby.

Wait, no, no.
That is not what happened.

No, I left to go and do a deal,
but I left with Bunkie.

No, you did not.
You left by yourself.

I remember because it was right
after we chose your single.

Wait, no, no.
I picked "Paid In Cash."

Here we go with
the "I, I, I, I," Lucious.

I mean, you have told yourself
over and over

the same tired story

about how you did
every damn thing by yourself

that you believe in it, huh?

Look, if we can’t agree
on what we know to be facts

I picked that song

then how we gonna
fix this mess?

We don’t have to fix this mess.

Then what about this money
hwe losing?

Oh, it’s "we"
now that money’s involved, huh?

No, this is your movie, baby.

This is all you.

Now write me out.

Write my ass
all the way out.


I don’t need you here to say
what happened in my life.

-Of course you don’t.
-This ain’t the Cookie movie.


This is the Lucious Lyon story.
That’s what they care about.

Okay, well, you tell
that fictional crap

but without me, okay?

And you might as well let
that little thing out there

that likes snatching
her wig off

that she ain’t
got no job no more!

You are not in charge
hof casting!

You know what, Lucious?

Come to think of it,

when you were getting contracts
signed for this movie,

did you get one for me?


But I-I-I-I-I didn’t
need to get one from you.


Well, turns out,

you can’t use my life rights

or my likeness
without my consent.

So put this in your script
no Cookie, no movie, all right?

Now I’ma shut this bitch down
the only way Cookie knows how.

And that’s a cut and a wrap

or whatever the hell they say
on movie sets, baby.

You might as well
pack on up.

The movie is over, baby.

Wait, where’s my driver?

Where the hell is

Uh, excuse me,
can you go get my driver

instead of running
your damn mouth?

Can we get Cookie’s car?

Wasting money around here

What do you mean
by remove her?

Look, look, we’re having
some contractual issues.

Okay, well, what about
the scenes we’ve already shot

with the actress
playing Cookie?

We just gotta call
the character something else.

-I don’t know, man.
-Call her something

It’s a historic biopic.

The public knows
there was and is a Cookie Lyon.

That’s like saying we’re gonna
take the music out the movie.

your driver’s here.

Where your ass been?

You got any
of my music cued up?

-Uh, no.

Don’t let that car leave.

Just tell me what you

No, just make sure
she stays.


You remember this?

The whole thing.
Nuh-uh, every bit.

Thank you.

This office does look good.

Decorating: the one thing
we didn’t fail at.

We are not gonna be better off

if we take this deal.

Who’s gonna tell Tiana?

Not it!

Ugh, damn.

Bossy was supposed to be
a beacon of black girl magic.

The sun felt real good
out from under Eddie’s shadow.

Bossy wasn’t supposed to be
hfor just a moment.

No, it was supposed
to be a movement.


Where are you going?

We ain’t signing nothing yet.

Don’t drink my wine.

I see you! I see you!

I’m not even drinking it.

And I bet nobody told you
about the altitude.

No, and I was so dizzy

that I had to crawl all the way
back down the slope.

Well, this has truly been

an enjoyable evening,
Kelly, but

thank you

as I said when we spoke,

with dinner
comes a business proposal.

Ah, this close
to a clean getaway.

I want to buy your shares.

Empire’s making too much money.

Why would I sell?

We’ll see.

P&L reports?

We’re not supposed to get this
htill next month.

These are the numbers
since I took the helm.

The success
of Treasure and Devon’s albums

has catapulted earnings
into the double digits.

I have to admit,

I was impressed when
you signed Prophetic the Poet.

The numbers don’t lie.
You’re doing an amazing job.

Maybe even better than Lucious.

Turn the page.

There’s a financial deal
to buy some of your shares

but not all.

Enough for me
to gain controlling interest

while you retain enough to...

reap the benefits
of Empire’s success.

There’s almost
no downside risk.

I own less
but I make more.

And putting me firmly
in the driver’s seat at Empire

is not only smart business.

It’s a marketable narrative

that Wall Street
will eat up with a spoon.

Congratulations, Teri.

You’ve married
a very smart man.

Cheers to that.

Look, I promise you,

if there’s anything in it
that you don’t like,

you don’t have
to sign the release.

Okay, but only because
it’s important to Andre.


You talk. I’ll write.

I remember it
like it was yesterday.

After you left the house
by your damn self,

I sat right here

and I listened to that track
over and over and over,

and the more I listened,

the more I knew
that was our ticket.

Keep going.

Well, since the first day
I met you and...

after almost three babies,

I was never so sure
about anything in my life.

But then things changed.

Y’all hear that?

That’s your daddy’s beats.

He gon’ be a star.

Hey, Bunkie.
No, Lucious already left.

He waitin’ for you.

What you mean, you in New York?


Mommy, why did Bunkie do that?

Andre, baby,

Mama’s gotta go out
for a minute, okay?

You watch out after your baby
brother, you understand me?

And don’t you touch nothing
and don’t burn nothing, okay?


I’ll be right back.

And don’t open the door
hfor nobody.

Wait a minute.

So you’re

you were only ride or die

because the music was good?

Don’t be stupid, Lucious.

You know I loved your
dirty drawers no matter what.

Look, anyway,
we were on the rise

and I wasn’t gonna let anything
get in the way.

I wanted to be there
for the father of my children.

Why you put the pen down?

I’m not finished.
Keep writing.

And then
your dumb ass decides to go

and meet the Colombians
with no backup.

Well, yeah,
you laughing now.

Wasn’t funny then,

because that was
a big-ass mistake.

’Cause the cops
had the Colombians staked out

and your dumb ass
didn’t even know it.

Lady, get back!

No! I’m going into labor!
Help me, please!

We’ll call rescue.
Sit tight!

No! This baby’s coming now,
damn it!

-Call for backup.

Let them know
where the deal’s going down.

Come on, man, we’ve been
following these dudes

-for a week!
-You think I don’t know that?

Lady, we’re gonna get you
to the hospital fast.

Lights and sirens, okay?

-Let’s go!
-All right, I’ll get the car.

I had to fake the whole thing
for two hours

until the doctor told the cop
that it was false labor.

-Did you make the deal?

Damn right I did.

And flipped it already.

That was too damn close
this time, Lucious.

Man, we was
in and out of there

before the cops
even thought about showing up.

-I got this.
-No, I’m not fooling, Lucious.

No, I know what I’m doing.

No, we got to concentrate
on the music now.

-That’s a
-No. Shut up, Lucious.


Put this on.

Wait, wasn’t this your daddy’s?


He said it was to always
protect me, and it has.

Oh, come on, Cook.
Come on.

Mm, no, becno,

because if I’m not there
the next time,

it’ll protect you.

No, there ain’t gonna be
hno next time

because you ain’t gonna go
showing up in places

that you ain’t got no business
hhshowing up.

I got this.

And what if I didn’t show up,

I saved your black ass,
and you know it.

No, we got two babies at home

and one on the way.

Come on.

Man, you don’t risk
all of that for me.

For you?
For us.

For everything we’ve done

and for everything
we about to do.

You know I’m ride or die.

You know what you got.

I’ll be damned if we ain’t the
king and queen of West Philly.

West Philly?
Why you thinking so small?

Man, we’re kingpins, then.

We gon’ take this worldwide.

That’s right.

We gon’ build an empire.

Mm-hmm, now you talkin’.

I’m hungry, Lucious.

You promised the boys
some pizza.

Oh, pizza?
Man, we about to be an empire.

We’re goin’ over
to that little Chinese spot,

get some kung pao chicken.

Egg foo yong!

And make sure
you take the part out

about me being pregnant.

Let’s just say, um, say I faked
getting my purse snatched.

No, that’s the stuff
that makes this perfect,

because it’s honest;
it’s real.

I get that, Lucious,

but do you know if somebody
tried that this day and age,

CPS would come snatch those
babies out the house so fast?


Okay, then Cookie
is no longer pregnant.

Oh, and just slip on in there

I didn’t leave the boys
hby theirself.

I waited until I got
a proper babysitter.

Now you see how easy
facts can be changed.

I mean, it doesn’t stop this
from being an epic love story.

Yes, because the truth is
better than the damn legend.

So from here on out,
you and me,

we’re are gonna be
100, then, right?

That’s right.

And just like Andre said,

we burning up money in here.

You need to get somebody
to type that up.

You can’t write that fast.
Damn arthritic fingers.

Thank you, Cookie.

All right.

I hope you are ready for the
best omelet you’ve ever had.

I’m ready, baby.

Come on.

All right.
All right.

To new beginnings.

To a fresh start at Empire.

Kelly assures me
that the details

will be worked out
by next week.

Oh, I knew you’d win him over.

By the way,

how did you get
Prophetic the Poet

to sign to Empire?

What’s the difference?
hHe signed.

I’m just wondering, babe.

hWell, maybe
you should stop wondering.

I got this one.

Eat, babe.

Put my son down.

It’s a shame this boy
looks so much like Lucious.


-Come here.

Oh, yeah.

Now, you gotyou got lucky
back there with Kelly.

But this goody-goody act
isn’t fooling anybody.

Especially not me.

Now that I have
controlling interest,

I’m free of Lucious.


Which means
I don’t need you anymore.

Lucious isn’t
the only demon you’ll face

as the captain of this ship.

These waters are dark,

and you’ll need me
when the dead of night falls.

I’m not going anywhere.


I’m your North Star, bruh.

And you know that.



That’s what I’m talking about.

That’s right, baby.

Now go put your Daddy costume
back on.

All right, Ma.

All right, y’all,

we got ourselves
a script to shoot.

Come on, y’all!

Get them cameras rolling, now!

All right, guys.
-Hey, Cook.

I gotta be honest with you
habout something.

I knew when I wrote you
out of our history

that that was gonna hurt you.

But I still did it.

Oh, why is it so important
for you that I hurt, Lucious?

You know, I was mad at you,

because you was the one
that always believed in me

even when I didn’t
believe in myself,

and then...

then that Damon thing


And that made me think

that you didn’t believe
hin us anymore.

And you should.
You should.

We got a house filled
with pictures and memories.

Some of them are so light

that it felt like
we could walk on water,

and then there’s other times

when we drug each other down
to the bottom of the ocean

in our pain.

But we’re still here, man.

-We are still here, stronger.

Little richer, you know,
ha little

a little wiser, maybe.

But we’re here.

And I hate to think
that all our memories are...

something that happened
hin the past

like we ain’t got no new
memories that we could make,

you know?


I realized something today
too, Lucious.

I love you.

I will always love you.

There’s no doubt about that.

But I want to remember
the good times

just the way they were.

But the hurt...

I can’t turn that off.

It’s just too much.

I’ve been carrying these around
for some time now.

-You want a divorce?

It’s time.

It’s time, Lucious.

-Number four.

Thank you.

Ah, you’re late.

Damn, can’t a man
take his time in the morning?

Y’all women do.

Bossy Media
is looking for a loan

from a silent partner

in exchange for a percentage
of the company.

You interested?

I’m not a bank.

That’s where you go
when you have good credit.

You must be desperate as hell.

You know how hard it is
for me to be here...

coming to see you like this.


Just wanna see
how bad you want it.

Number four?

Sí, sí.

Thank you.

The money, I mean.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I might be interested
in investing in a laundromat.

That could be cool.

My clients always need
hclean cash.


In that case,
we could make those quarters

turn into crisp,
clean dollars

for the right price.


I’ma front you the money,
but I’m only putting up half.

Let’s see if Bossy
is the bad bitch

that she’s claiming to be.

Then we can talk
about the rest.

Mm, I never could resist
ha pretty smile.

Ain’t nobody smiling at you.

That’s not what we’ve been
hworking on.

Just a old-school joint.

Nothing special.

This is hot.

Yo, the rap game used to be
straight-up gangster.

He rolls up
in somebody else’s crib,

puts a gun to his head,

and then takes the money
that dude already stole.

The Westside Hustler’s a G.

What happened to this dude?

They both got put down.


Can I help you?

You were at my house
the other night.

And I want
I need to know

what happened between you
and my husband, Andre Lyon.

I don’t even know him.


I know he paid you.

And I’m willing to pay you
double for the truth.

Now that we have
50% of the funding,

your ownership stake needs
to be reduced accordingly.

Where’d the money come from?

that was a preexisting asset

that I didn’t
have access to before.


You can see all that
in the counteroffer, though.

The counteroffer?
No, the deal’s done.

No, listen.
We’re not playing games here.

Oh, we’re not playing games
either, are we?

No games played.

You see, this company
is very important to us,

and with this
sudden infusion of cash,

the financial dynamics
have changed.

You see, we only need you
half as much now.

Okay, I don’t know what
you’re trying to pull here...

You tell yourself that.

All you do is raise your voice.

The offer stands.

You can either take it,
or you can leave it.

They will leave it!

Or shall I say
we will leave it?

Hey, girl, hey!

Uh, Cookie,
I-I-I didn’t realize

Shh, shh.
Honey, hush up.

Look, I have been
thinking about my future,

and although Bossy’s
a little under the water,

you guys have a very strong
foundation, and I like that.

So if your offer
still stands, honey,

I have all the money you need
if you want a real partner.

And you know I’m not gonna
be quiet or silent, right?

Welcome to Bossy.



That’s what I like to hear.

Look at us, ladies!

Three bad boss bitches.

Oh, and you two non-boss
bitches can kick rocks.

That means get up and get out.


-Keep it moving.

Don’t validate their parking!

Fred and Barney.

Kick it on back to Bedrock!

Where’s the champagne?

-It’s over there.
-Uh, in the kitchen.

All right,
we gotta celebrate!

We have oneyeah.
I just want you to

You have some explaining to do.

Yes. First of all,
we saved the company.

I think we just need to
celebrate that for now, right?

-No, I think we’re good.
-Can we just celebrate?

-No, I’m good.
-Okay, well, you’re not good.

-You’re just
-I don’t drink anymore.

You were right.