Empire (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - Empire - full transcript

After realizing that music is her real first love, Cookie makes moves to get back into the music world; Lucious tries to regain control of Empire by attempting to sabotage Andre's vision for the company.

Previously on Empire...

Her megachurch made an offer

for a Tiana performance.

No! No!

Wait, she is trending
like crazy.

I wanna introduce you
to Kelly Patel.

The king of Silicon Valley.

He needs no introduction
in this house.

I'm stopping the upcoming
release of Treasure's album.

What you did made Empire
look weak.

If I make waves now,
it's gonna look like

I'm challenging Pop.

It's about changing things.

Something has to change.

You gonna come home now?


You want me to come home now,

To the empire!

Hey, Yana.

You came all this way
just to slap me?

Don't flatter yourself.

I have gigs lined up
the next few weeks here,

but I could not leave
without letting you know

what I thought
about what you did.

You're entitled to that.
And would you get on with it?

I have other things to do.

Every time you open your mouth,

you let me know
how much pain you're in.

It's almost like every person
that you have ever loved

told you that you were garbage.

That sounds familiar.

And you believed it,

and I know that's why
you left me.

I left you because
my kingdom needs me.

Does it need you,

or do you need it?

You've said
what you have to say.

Now say good-bye, Yana.

Mm, we are gonna miss
mornings like this

when I get back to work.

You're going back to work?

Of course I'm going back
to work.


I have a master's degree
in nursing.

I love my job.

I'm sorry, baby.

It's just, um--I--I didn't know

we'd be having
this conversation so soon.

You know,
Walker's still so little.

I can be a mother
and have a job.

Thank you.
Apology accepted.

I just want you by my side,


What happened
with Treasure's album?

Well, all that work

and Lucious still put out
the original.

You know, every time I try

and do something good
for Empire,

he blocks me.

What you brought out
of Treasure,

Lucious never could have.

She finally started sounding
like herself and not a product.

How can you do that
with your other artists?

Lucious can't block that.

Welcome back to Tea Talk,

How were your weekends?

Well, I, um, got a chance
to catch up

with my sisters,
so that was good.

Besides that,
everything was pretty quiet.


'Cause that's not what I heard.



That does not look
like a quiet weekend

with the girls to me, Cook.

That's not how my friends and I
wine taste.


Uh, that--that--that was
just a, uh--a misunderstanding.

Oh, was it?

Damn, Cookie.
You haven't aged a day.

Looks like bars
can't crack that black.

Upstate is the new Botox.

That's good.

It came to me.
I don't know.

You know what?

You and the three brain cells
that you didn't freebase away

must have thought
that was cute, huh?

I should snatch your ass

and drag you across
this stage

with those dollar-store

But guess what, y'all.

Therapy really works!

Guys, I am free!

I'm a brand-new woman, honey!

It really works, baby,
and that's the tea.

Thank you.
Okay, so which one of you

Jerry Springer wannabes
set that up, huh?

Cookie, the audience loved it.
It was a good laugh.

You're right, because prison
was funny as hell.

You know what would be
even more hilarious?

If I snatched your screaming
newborn from your arms,

handcuffed you, and then took
a picture of your face

as you're about to lose

everything you love
in the world.

Cookie, we're sorry.

How can we make this up to you?

I did a lot of thinking
when I was in Miami,

and I miss music.

Oh, we love that.

We love--we love that journey
for you.

Great, great.

So why don't you give me
a music segment, okay?

Where I make people's
musical dreams come true.



-"Um" what?

Lizzie has her comedy corner
where her cronies

allegedly tell jokes.

Yeah, it's good.
It's a good idea.

It's just that our show,
it's not--

The format of Tea Talk
is rage, rinse, repeat.


They say something crazy.

You pretend-threaten to slap
someone's teeth out.

We do it all over again.
Let's just stick to that.


-Damn, therapy works.
-It really does.

Treasure's album sold
100,000 units

in the very first week.

She is number one
on Billboard, iTunes,

and all ancillary
streaming services.

Great job, everyone.



Do you have something
you wanna add, Andre?

Actually, I do.

Anybody see Billboard
this morning?

And I quote: "A few bops,

"but otherwise a paint
by the numbers Tiana 2.0.

Who cares?
Does Empire have anything new?"

Tiana 2.0 is not something
to applaud.

Our music needs to have
staying power,

and if every record
sounds like the last one,

Treasure's next album
is gonna go wood.

Excuse me, Pop.

We need a creative refresh.

That's why I'm introducing
Empire Raw

a musical event to showcase

our company's new vision
and sound.

So you want to do Unplugged?

Do you also have a time machine
to take us back to 1998?

I'm not talking
about scented candles

and acoustic guitars, Pop.

I'm asking each and every one
of you to dig deep,

expose those parts of yourself
you've always tried to hide.

That's where the power
of our artistry lies.

You do that, I guarantee

I'll win you more ASAs than
Empire's ever received before.

the ASAs are nominating

in less than two weeks.

So what you're asking
is impossible.

I believe in our team.

We can pull it off.

Okay, I'm going to need
to ask everyone

to leave the room for a second
so my son and I can talk.

Stay right where you are.

Anything you have to say to me,

say it in front of them.

All right.

That's it.

You've screwed up twice.

You've cost us Tiana,

and you almost derailed
Treasure's rollout.

You are out as CEO.

I am retaking the reins.

You don't have the authority
to remove me as CEO.

Empire shares are everywhere,

and you're no longer
the majority owner.

But since
you're a minority stakeholder,

I'm happy to get you a table.

It's VIPs only, but I'm sure
I can pull some strings.

Anything for you, Pop.

Girl, oh, my goodness.

Your church performance got
2 million views on YouTube.


Your single, psht...

damn near crashed Spotify.

-So let's raise a glass...

To the first woman to survive
a full-scale cancellation

with her dignity
and her edges intact.

To Tiana, child, yes.

Okay, I'm gonna set down
the soapbox for a while

and, um,
just stick to singing.

You know what?

We believe in women
having opinions, obviously,

but that whole...

Oh, no, we are...

100% behind you.

Thanks, ladies.
Okay, so what's next?

Okay, so we have gigantic plans
for your single.

So gigantic but also
measured and thoughtful.


We're thinking
of going on tour.

Why don't we shut down
some college campuses?

Yes, I love that.

You know what?

Childish Gambino
just gave, like,

custom Jordans
to the first hundred people

that came to his Coachella

Custom like...

-How 'bout Tiana Timbs?

why don't we mull that over

and then we'll get back to you?

Okay, perfect.

-Bossy, Bossy.
Yay, Bossy!

-What's a custom boot?

Oh, shoot.
You know what?

I'm gonna give you guys
my glam squad's info.

I know you haven't
worked together,

but just to let you know,

they don't travel business--
first or private only.

Just to let you know.

Okay, bye, ladies.


Where are we gonna find
custom boots?

And a--and a--and a beauty
SWAT team?

I know.

Look, I know
that things are tight,

but we promised her
real promotion, okay?

And having her on our label
must mean

that we get credit someplace.

Tiana needs to make us money,
not put us in debt.

Ugh, we might as well
just call ourselves

Broke Bitch Media.

You know what?

We're gonna turn this
into an opportunity

to create an edgy
guerrilla promo

that captures the attention
of the world.

And guerrilla means cheap.


Dollar out of 15 cent!

And then they wouldn't
even give me a segment.

Can you believe that?

I mean, that is
really messed up, right?

Doc, come on, you gotta
give me something here.

I'm not gonna sit here
and be mad with you, Cookie.

Because when I look at this,
all I see are wins.


Okay, so getting drugged,
getting arrested,

and then going
on national television

to be humiliated,
those are wins to you?

Okay, where did you get
this degree from, again?

Did you get fired?

-Did you go off on your cohost?

-No, not this time.

And have you talked about
Lucious during this session?

And how are you sleeping?

-Pretty good.

-Well, damn.

You are growing, Cookie.

I can see the passion
and the light in your eyes

coming back.

So keep going, girl.

Don't let one bad moment
mess up a whole string of good.

Celebrate your victories.

You gonna do
his whole album, Mom?

Sneak up on me again
and that's gonna be your ass.

No, I just got sidetracked
coming up to your office.

I just had to help my baby
bring the heat.

You know that, and that he did.

-Yeah, it was fire, Hakeem.
-Thanks, bro.

That movie soundtrack
gonna be lit.

-Yes, it is, baby...
-Thanks, Mom.

-Thanks to you.
-I gotta get the kids.

Yeah, you did that.

Oh, uh, guys, can we have
the room for a second, please?

-Yeah, sure.

That was great work, though.
It's gonna be a hit.

It's already a hit.

Oh, my goodness.

You and your brothers,

y'all are so talented.

You put me and your father
to shame.

What did you wanna see me

-I have a Lucious problem.
-Here we go.

No, he wants me out as CEO

because I'm trying to let
the artist shine.

No, baby, he wants you out

because your name
ain't Lucious Lyon.

And the better you do,
the more irrelevant he feels.

-It's that simple.
-You still have

your Empire shares, right?

Yeah, I still have
my retirement plan.

Well, use your remaining shares
to back me.

-I need an ally.

Baby, I love you,

but I am not interested
in getting in between

a pissing contest
with you and your father.

'Cause it's only gonna
leave me

pissed off and sopping wet.

No, thank you.

Ma, I don't know
what else to do, okay?

If he stops Empire Raw,
then I'm out.


What about everybody else,


You know what made your father
so successful?

He had a story,

and when he told that story,
people believed in him.

You have a story, baby.

Tell your story.
People will believe you.

I don't know that I have
a story to tell, Ma.

You sure you don't wanna
produce Empire Raw with me?

-Ooh, child.
-We could do something big.

-Oh, oh, no.

No, no, siree, Bob.

I want my music.

I wanna get back into music,
but it can't be with Empire.

Honey, I'm tired.

And that damn Tea Talk,

they shut me down.

All I was asking for
was a three-minute segment

so somebody could doo-wop.

When did a no ever stop you,

You just get your story

Now there's no more
grapes for me.

Can I have the last one?


What's up, 'Keem?
What's up, bro?

Glad to see you're back
in town.

I heard the new track.
It's fire.

I helped produce that.

Oh, so you keeping
the Twitter haters

off your back?

Trying to.

I'm getting through it.
Thanks for asking.

Come on, Prince, Bella,
it's time to go with your dad.

-Come on.

I'm sorry, little man.


Come on, Prince,
it's time to go.

Go spend some time
with your daddy, all right?

Come on, man,

spend a little bit of time
with Daddy, okay?

Come on.
I know. I know. Come on.

No, no, no!


I'm sorry,

they just been really bonding.

Thank you for understanding.

-No problem.


Here you come.

Look, man,
I've been trying to call you.

I need to talk to you.

We don't need to talk.

Did Andre tell you
about his half-baked plan?

I think it's a great idea.

What, you mad 'cause you didn't
come up with it, huh, Lucious?

I think you jealous
because you're afraid

he's better than you.

Look, our son is a genius

when it comes
to multiplying money

after we've made it.

-But he's not us, Cookie.
-"We," "us"?

He's never carried out
a creative vision

from start to finish
unless I've laid

the whole thing out for him.

And if you keep pretending

that he can do things
that he can't

and you encourage this,

he's going to ruin our legacy.

"Our" legacy?

He's gonna ruin our leg--
did I hear that right?

Our legacy?
See, 'cause now,

just a week ago,
you was saying how you built

this empire on your own,
and you blew through

my little, measly 400,000
on some bubblegum

and 8-track tapes.

But now you need me,
so it's our legacy, huh?

Well, guess what, Lucious.

My legacy is my boys.

So I'm backing Andre.

"Our legacy."

And through there,
a second ladies' room.

You know, Becky, I thought
you were overselling, honey.

You know,
start-ups can be tricky,

and--and they--they don't
last long sometimes.

But you know what?
This feels very special.

You know, Tiana was
touch-and-go there

for a moment, but it turned out
sinning was winning.

So we're doing just fine.

So what do you have planned
for her next after the single?

Well, you know,
we're developing a strategy

that will bring awareness
to her new music

and our roster
at the same time.

It's a slow rollout,
sort of low-budget.


More of a deliberately paced

What if I told you
I could shoot Bossy

to the tops of minds
across America in one day?

I thought you were done
with music.

I'll never be done with music,

It's just, you know,
Empire's--it's got

a lot of baggage, but I love
what you're doing around here.

Yes, sister girls
doing the damn thing,

all by themselves,
no help at all.

I love it.

Okay, so what's the concept?

That's it.
That's the concept.

What do you mean?

Okay, go with me.

-Live music...

New York City girls dipping it,
doing it, day-drinking.

Okay, those are a lot
of my favorite Ds.

Broadcast on live television

and across
every social platform.

-So on Tea Talk?
-Oh, no, no, no, honey.

Bigger than that.

Let me produce this for free,
my treat.

-On me.

We appreciate that,

but what's in it for you,

You know what?

When you guys left Empire,
I was like, "They'll be back."

I am so sorry

for doubting the process,

I'm gonna help you
get this bitch off the ground.

Uh, well, let's confer.


-We're in!

We're in!
We're in!

We're in!
-Great. Let's toast to that.




Thank you.

You look lovely.

Thank you.

I'm glad we both recognize

we needed to reset
our relationship.

I mean, it's important
that you see me as partner

now that I'm so involved
in the day-to-day at Empire.

Yes, your, um, contributions
have been...unparalleled.


And I have to apologize, um,
for not recognizing

your business acumen
earlier on.

I've been underestimated
my entire life, Lucious.

I'd hate to see all of
your hard work be for nothing.

What do you mean?

Well, I'm sure you are aware

of the challenges
that Andre has been facing

as a leader in this position.

I am aware
of the power struggles.

But, Lucious,
you're the only man

who's ever successfully led
the label long-term.

So that means you will
support me?

Of course,

provided you support me

on my latest musical venture.

-But of course.

What if I told you

we were already sitting
on a gold mine?

Now, I have been listening

to some of Philly Street's
new material.

He may have put down the mic,

but he has still got it.

And now he has
a whole new generation

of musicians to influence,
only as a producer.

A comeback record
20 years in the making.

There's something to that.

I mean, a lot of the artists
of my generation

are the mega-producers of today.

Isn't it funny how the people
we thought we left in the past

keep coming back to us?

Oh, um, actually, Andre's,
uh--Andre's actually--

I'm sorry, son,
but you leave me no choice.

I have Tracy Kingsley's proxy,
and with it,

I am taking back control
of Empire.


we're all so glad
you're back.

You must be incredibly proud
of Andre...

Putting his stamp on Empire
with the Raw event.

Join us, Pop.

I was just updating
our majority shareholder.

Andre was taking me
through the program.

-It's ambitious.
An event like this

in two weeks, respectfully,
is reckless.

Though big risks lead
to bigger rewards.

That's what I learned
by watching you, Pop,

back in the day.

I know it's uncomfortable, son,

to have to come and try
and take the reins of Empire.

Well, I think it'd be
truly uncomfortable

for all of us if AUSA Conway
were to become involved.

Well, my name has been cleared.

Well, yes, but public
perception is tricky.

I'd hate to see our team's
hard work squandered

over a misconception.

That's a good point, Andre.

Until the investigation
winds down

and public perception
catches up to your innocence,

I think it's best we stay
the course with leadership.

I think that's wise.

Empire Raw will go forward,

and as far as the matter
of acting CEO,

I'll reserve judgment
until after the event.

In the meantime,
let's do everything we can

to ensure its success.

Hey, what's up?

Thank you for joining us.

Well, I--I don't have
a lot of time, you know.

Andre wants to go through
a third run-through.

Devon tells me that
rehearsal's been stressful.

Um, Andre's under
a lot of pressure.

Yeah, we probably
should get back in there

before he starts freaking out.


Well, before you do,
I just wanna ask you,

do you think this event
is a--a good idea?

And you can be honest with me.

I mean, yeah, Andre
has been calling us in

on every meeting
and blowing up our phones,

and it is a lot,

but at the end of the day,

he's letting us lead.

Well, it's good to be heard,

that's not real support.

When you fell off that stage,

who was there to help you
gain the confidence

to get back on it again?

You did, Lucious.


who helped you climb
deep into your soul

and find your voice
when no one else could?

You, sir.

Now, Andre means well,

but the reason
that he forces you

to rely on yourselves
is because he's never

built artists
the way I built you two.

Andre doesn't understand
how very fragile

your artistry is.

And if you recognize
the force that built you

and are loyal to it,

than that loyalty
will be rewarded.

Ay, yo.

-All right, brother.


Nah, you better support
your artists, bruh.

You remember
back when I was CEO.

Hey, you're the only one
who hasn't blocked that

from memory, Hakeem.

-Come here, boy.
-That's cold.

I appreciate you, man.

Listen, I wanna thank you
for keeping your word

and supporting me
over Lucious, man.

-It means a lot.
-We Lyons.

-That's what we do.
-Yes, sir.

But if you wanted
to thank me, bro...

Send Devon out on tour.

Bruh, he's in my home,
eating cereal with my kids.

Come on, man.

I can't do it.

How would you feel if some lame
was playing daddy to Walker?

It's getting confusing,
especially for Prince.

No, it's confusing for you.

This is on you, Hakeem.

You asked for this.

You jumped on that stage
and demanded

that you were the lead
in the movie

filming all over the country.

And some CEOs would have been
pissed off at you.

I saw a grown man
who could handle it.

Maybe I was wrong.

So what I gotta do?

You wanted it.

Find a way to work through it.

All right?

Women and gentle ladies,

please give it up for...

Excuse me, ladies.

Cookie, we don't know
how to thank you enough.

This is way better
than we could have imagined.

No, no thank-yous necessary.

Do you know everybody
up on that stage is a woman?

Camerawoman, the grips.
The best boy is a best woman.

You know, ladies,
you made me remember that

we should be building
each other up,

not tearing each other down.

Girl power.

-I'ma get a drink.

-Get a drink.

All right,
so Bossy Media is

the passion project
of these ladies,

Giselle Sims
and Becky Williams.

Yes, thank you so much
for having us.

Thank you!

So Bossy, is it just
a music label run by women?

Oh, no.
No, no, no.

It is a way of life.
Right, ladies?

It's not just a party.
It's the future!

Can I borrow you for a minute?

-We loved it, loved it.
-Loved it.

We wanna fast-track it
and focus group

-the "Music Minute"--
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I'ma need you to call
my agent, yeah.

See, 'cause I'm gonna need
more money,

more resources, and, frankly,

more than one minute.

I'm a producer, bitch.


Bossy! Bossy! Bossy!

Bossy! Bossy! Bossy!
Bossy! Bossy!

Bossy! Bossy! Bossy!

Close this off in about 15.
Thank you.

Thank you so much for coming.
Enjoy the show.

This is a big night
for Andre.

Make sure everything
is perfect.


-You're perfect.
-You're perfect.

Hey, Andre--whoa, sorry.

Oh, uh--uh,

Hakeem wants to change
his set list.

He wants Porsha to do the hook.


It's fine, whatever he wants.


Whatever he wants, it's fine.

Okay, yeah.
I'll--I'll leave you to it.

You hear all this?

There's a whole lot
of people out there,

and you did this.

You took a huge risk,

and you did it by putting
everything on the table

for your artists.

Look for me in the front row.

I've never been more proud
to be your wife.

What's up, New York?

What up?

Family, followers, friends,

the ASA Committee too,

thank y'all for coming through


I had something planned

but someone, my brother,

taught me the true meaning
of what Raw is.

So tonight, I'ma show my truth.

I'ma do this for my family,
my children, my everything.


What you smiling for, huh?

Did you ruin someone's life

No, I'm just trying to see

if Andre can, uh,
stick his landing.

Oh, that's real mature.

You know, there's a father
doing the best he can

with what he got
to take care of his kids.

you over here being petty,

taking score.

Yes, to the real fathers!

Our next performer
has helped incarcerated men,

men like me,
rise through their misfortune.

But over the past year,

she's risen to become
a defining voice in Empire.

Please welcome
your best new artist, Treasure.





Oh, come on.

Get Hakeem back out
on that stage

before his brother
looks like a fool.

You smug-ass son of a bitch.

You sabotaged your own son.

I do what I have to
to protect my kingdom.

Oh, right, okay, so this is
all you got, Lucious, huh?

This is all you have?

You will hurt
your own children,

your own company,
just to stay in the light, huh?

It's the best for Empire,


Tell 'em who you are.

Tell 'em who my baby is!


Tell us
what's going on.

My father's life and love
has always been music.

But I can't rap,
and I can't sing.

So, uh, I lit a fire inside

to master the business side
of music so that...

my father would see me.

Didn't work.

It wasn't enough,
and that fire burned me alive.

I thought that the only way out
was a...

.45 to the temple.

My finger on the trigger.


No bullet.

But music hasn't only
caused me pain.

When I lost my first child, uh,
my brothers wrote a song for me

to help make me
feel whole again.

For those of you
who don't know,

I'm bipolar.

When I was manic,

the only thing
that brought me down

was to hum "Lean on Me"

like I used to with my family.

That's right, baby.

I learned that music
has the power to heal.

It saved me.

Music saved my life too.

So music belongs as much to me

as it does to anybody else
in my family,

as much as it does
to anybody else in this room.

And as the leader of Empire,

I don't wanna tell artists
who to be.

I want to create a space
for them to share themselves

with the world on their terms

and make music that has
the power to help heal

and inspire and guide

in the same way
that it guided me.

That is who I am!

And that...

That's Empire's future.

I have never...

been more proud
of you, my son.

I'm actually
embarrassed that...

It took me a minute
to really hear you

and to truly see your vision
for Empire.

I just want us to be able
to build it together.


And now I would like

for Treasure
to come on out here

and bless this stage
with a performance

worthy of my son Andre.

Come on out, Treasure.

I bare my soul, and all
they care about is Lucious.

Andre, no, it was you.

He just helped things along
a little bit.

You're still CEO.
You won.

I need a second.

Can I meet you out front?

Of course.

What the hell
are you doing here?

Don't be coy.
You want me here.

You'll only beat Lucious
if you play dirty.

And that's not singing
and dancing for influencers.

It means going for blood.

I'm not gonna hurt him.

What you need to do, my man,

is put his pompous ass
out to pasture

before his obsession
with this company's past

destroys its future.

It's what's best for him
and for Empire.

It's the only way
to save them both.


No matter how bad
you talk about me,

I'm always gonna
look after our boys.

Fathers are supposed
to put their children first.

Why are you just
figuring that out, huh?

You took his event from him,
and you made it all about you,

as usual.

Wait, I don't get it.

I mean,
do you hate me that much

that you can't see good
in any damn thing I do?

No, I don't hate you, Lucious.

I'm just finally seeing you
for who you really are,

and that ain't much.


Why are you here?

Can we talk?