Empire (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 17 - Empire - full transcript

Lucious continues to run Empire and discovers some of Andre's missteps by way of Kelly Patel; Cookie tries to relaunch BossyFest but is met with major obstacles from the ASAs; Hakeem and Maya's unlikely partnership proves to be beneficial.

LUCIOUS: Previously on Empire...

Why would you get married to her?

You know what?

I don't know that I believe
that an annulment

is the best thing for us.

The ASAs are down my throat
because their ceremony

coincides with our festival, and I...

- You're a great person.
- I know I'm a great person!

YANA: "I reach out to touch you,

but realize you're miles away."

I had no idea that you
felt this way about me.

ANDRE: You're everything in me

I should've loved
because it's all a part of me.

It's me, Mom. I'm sorry.

Don't you apologize, okay?

I love you.



♪ ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I thought what I wanted ♪

♪ Oh, was what I needed ♪

♪ All these reflections ♪

♪ Showing me something different ♪

Okay, so about after
a month of preparation,

we're starting to build three stages

for 15 of our top performers, honey,

because we are going
to snatch wigs and edges.

We're making a statement.
You know what that mean.

Uh, I thought that this interview

was scheduled
for later this afternoon.

Becky, did you finish

locking down
those luxury porta-potties?

Make sure you order double for women

and take care of my Melodies.

Honey, just take care
of all the children.

Of course, I'll tell my assistant

to tell your assistant.

- Hi, Becky.
- Jon.

Yes, this is Becky,
one of our partners.

- So...
- Founders.

Yeah, so, you know,
that porta-potty issue,

that's something on the long
list that that dinosaur

you been stuck covering
doesn't think about.

And by dinosaur,
you mean Elvis Stone,

the head of the ASAs.

Mm, that name
never came out of my mouth.

Did it Becky?

Well, I certainly
didn't get to say it.


Well, maybe it didn't,
but you did schedule your event

on the exact same night as his,

draining all relevant talent
from the ASAs.

I did that?

Is that why he's on the attack,

referring to BossyFest
as amateurish...


An Ishtar-level debacle,
and a Cookie Lyon ego trip?

Ah, there it is...
using my name to stay relevant.

Mm-hmm, 'cause you know
that's the only value

black women have to him.
You know that right?

But look, I'm not here to talk

about that crusty, chalky uncle.

I'm here to use BossyFest

to uplift and recognize
women in music

as the financial heroes
we've always been.

- Ain't that right.
- Uh-huh.

Allow me to add some color to this.

So Mel should be interviewed,
she started...

All right, all right,
all right, Becky.

Not now. Not now, okay?

We don't have time for that.

Oh, hey, now,
this has gotta wrap this up.

Gotta go. Got a big show to put on.

If you have any more questions,
you can call my assistant.


My baby's coming back.

- Oh, Andre.
- Yes.

Oh, he's getting out. That's great.

- My son is coming back.
- Yeah, wonderful.



Guess who's coming to dinner.

Oh, look at you. You look so good.

Well, a month of intense
psychiatric treatment

- will do that.
- Yes.

Thank you guys
for not giving up on me.

Oh, never. Never. You hungry?

Come on, come on.

We ordered all your favorites
from Red Rooster.


Yeah, now, who wants
some shrimp and grits?

I do. I know you do.

LUCIOUS: Yeah, well, look here, son.

You are welcome to stay here
as long as you need to.

When you're ready to go back
to work at Empire,

we'll get you a nice apartment
over in the city...

I'm not going back anytime soon, Pop.

Wait a minute.

I've been sitting here
lying to our artists...

I mean your artists...
trying to protect your vision...

Um, is that what the doctor
advised, baby?

Because if that's so,
you don't have to rush.

Well, Dr. Lockett made it clear
that I should only engage

in activities that are
uplifting and healing, so...


That's why I've decided
to join Reverend Pryce

on a church mission to Uruguay.


Huh, so you're going
to South America?

Yeah, the church gave me
the clarity of my self-worth

and the power to cast out Kingsley,

so yeah, I'm going to South America.

Okay, well,
that's a very interesting way

to continue healing.

Son, that's good. But does Teri know?

Because Walker's way too young
to travel that far, so...

I'm getting...
I'm getting myself together

for Teri and Walker's sake.

Right, Hakeem?

You know everything we do
is for our babies.

Right on.

So we can blame
your drunken Vegas wedding

- on your babies?
- COOKIE: Uh, Lucious, not now.

So does Teri know your plans?

I can't wait for you guys
to hear more

about Reverend Pryce's mission.

I mean, we are opening

Montevideo's first new congregation

in 22 years.

I'm excited, you know?

He asked me to be a part of it.
I couldn't say no.


THOMASINA: And here's Yana.

Oh, wait, wait...
overhead LEDs for Yana?

Becky, do you want Miss Crunch Crunch

to look like the Crypt Keep...

- Uh...

Hello? How you doing?

- Hey.
- New porn site?

Yeah, I'll send you the link.
This is about TBD.

Empire has dropped them
from our lineup.

They were supposed to be

the 5:00 p.m. blue plate
special performance, but...

I just don't know what
the aunties are gonna do now.

What are they gonna do?

Those three decrepit bitches
I revived...

why is Lucious making Empire
turn its back on us?

DARYL: Cookie, it's not just them.

I wanted to tell you in person.

I have to pull my venue
out of BossyFest.

- Why?
- Oh, no, no, no.

See, your venue
is all over our advertising.

- We have contracts.
- Not signed ones.

I got a better offer...
some rich kid's bar mitzvah.

Ugh, okay, well, look.

Five other venues were vying for us,

so there's gotta be something,
and so I think...

I doubt that.

BECKY: Oh, you doubt that. So what?

A bunch of last-minute bar mitzvahs

just popped up this weekend?
Is that what's happening?

First TBD and now this.

There is no bar mitzvah, is there?

I was told if I work with you,

I'd never get
a live music booking again.

I don't know who you pissed off,

but they won't stop

until BossyFest is dead and dusted.

This smells like Elvis Stone,
the ASAs president.

He's got his pink, fuzzy thong
up his ass

because he knows we're going public

about how the ashy, lily-white ASAs

are a thing of the past
and we are the future.



Becky, we're being white-balled.

Why are you still here, minuteman?

Yeah, you should go.

Take your pull-out game
and get to your bar mitzvah.

Shalom, peace be with you
in the parking lot.



Out of here...
and don't validate his parking!

Okay, so we're gonna need
you two to divide and conquer

these next few ASA events.

Devon, you're gonna do

Spotify's Absolut Listening Lounge,

and Treasure, you're going

to Mark Ronson's Pandora Tea Party.

Mm, I have just the fit
for British high tea.

You know, grandma
but still make it ho, right?


There something in your eye?

Nah, Lucious,
it's just that I've been

to 17 of these pre-ASA events
in the last month.

I don't think any of these voters

can name a single track
off of my album.

I mean, isn't this whole sham
award circus hustle

the reason why you rejected

your lifetime achievement award?


You know what, Devon?

You've gotta earn something

before you have the right
to reject it.

Come on, Lucious. What's changed?

LUCIOUS: Nothing's changed.

Andre is still your CEO.

This is his plan,
and it will be executed

to his exact specifications.

Nah, nah, no, no,
you expect us to believe

that Andre's still on a honeymoon?

Do you remember what it's like
to be on Andre's wrong side?

Can you imagine how much worse
it is to be on mine?

Drop the act, Lucious.

From what I hear,
the only plan Andre's formed

the last month is how to get access

to his shoelaces again.

Watch your damn mouth, Kelly.
That's my son.

And my bottom line.


With Andre out, Pamplemousse
is gonna have to expand

it's role managing
Empire's day-to-day.

That means new oversight
and the return

of its most profitable
acting-CEO to enforce them.


It feels so good to be back.

Can I fix y'all a drink?

Maybe a little antifreeze
with a touch of arsenic?

(CHUCKLES) Scotch, neat.

Make it two.

- We'll toast to our victory.
- Yes.

Oh, you think this is an act?

What you're gonna do is
get the hell out of my office.

You may have bested me once
with that MIT okeydoke.

Ain't happening again.
And as for you...

If it were only that simple, Lucious.

Let's go.

You really need to talk to Andre

because there are a few details
in his contract

that I think
you might find interesting.


Hello, Mr. Lucious.

Oh, Juanita, is Andre around?

Yes, sir. He's in the living room.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

- Hey, Son.
- Hey, Pop.

How you feeling?

It's one day at a time.
Today's a good day, though.

Good, I mean, you're feeling
calm and stable?

What's going on, Pop?

What deal did you make
with Kelly Patel?

Pretty standard contract, Pop.

He gave me shares, I gave him money.

Well, Kelly's claiming
that if you're not working

as the CEO at Empire,
he gets his shares back

and some of yours.


It's a claw back.

It sounds worse than it is, Pop.

It's something you dangle
in front of an investor

as bait to get them to sign on,

but they're
almost never enforced, Pop.

Yeah, until someone enforces them.

If Kelly pulls the trigger on this,

this is gonna make him
a majority owner of Empire.

Now, I know you weren't
in your right mind

when you made a lot of decisions,

but I mean, how could you
give away your birthright, Son?


- I can fix this, Pop.
- No, no, sorry...

I'll come in.

I'll make an appearance at Empire.

No, that's not what I want.

Now, you're not supposed to be there.

You're supposed to be relaxing.

If I'm in the office,

he can't prove
I'm not running things.

No, the doctor said
if you go back there,

you could have a relapse.

This is my fault.

You gotta let me make this right.

Is it really over?

Yeah, we issued our best
and final offer.

She'll sign the annulment
and NDA by EOD.

And where is she?

I am so sorry.

I've been working
on my new demo "Mrs. Lyon."

You know, if you hopped on that,

we'd have this generation's version

of "We Got Something
in Common" on lock.

Yo, let me holler
at Miss Real Housewife, alone.

Maya, what do you want from me?

Why, your love, of course.

Okay, my music...

nobody cares about me without you.

How is people supposed to take
my music or my acting serious

if you acting a damn fool?

Okay, so help me.

We're past that, Maya.

Every day you refuse to sign,
I'm dropping 100 grand.



I mean, this is madness.

There has to be some... look, look,

let's just start
thinking parks, okay?

Think of the squares, okay?

Union or Washington or something?

Or maybe there's, like,
some overflow space

from a theater or something...

Yeah, um, nope, no,

and the theater director
said, "hell no."

Ugh, okay, well, look,
go out and find me an alley

or, like, I don't know,
like, a high school gym

- or something.
- Got it.

Thank you.


Hey, hey, Porsha. You look good.

- Hey, thank you.
- Girl, I'm so glad to see you.

Honestly, I'm a little crazy
with all of this.

Just, like, this is a lot
of planning for BossyFest.

It really is, and Cookie
is kind of making things worse.

Is that it?

You ain't got nothing
you wanna say to me?


Actually, yeah, there is something

I wanted to say to you.

Um, I've been feeling
really awkward about this

and really terrible,
and I just wanna let you know

that, um...

I so forgive you

for not planning anything
for my birthday.

It's okay.
Me and Thomasina got it, okay?

So don't worry about it.

Wait, are you serious right now?

Yeah, I'm really serious,
so I don't want you to worry.

I'm not mad at you anymore.
You're forgiven.

- We got it.
- Wow.

Wow, wow, wow.

Yeah, it's gonna be a great party.

You'll be saying "wow, wow, wow"

once you get in there. (LAUGHS)

I'll see you
at the party, though, right?


I think I'm gonna make it
unicorn themed.

You son of a bitch.

Look, Cookie, we are divorced now,

so you no longer have the right

to come barging in my office,
acting like a damn hood rat.

Well, if you don't want me
barging in the house

I let you keep,
then you shouldn't try

to step on my neck.

You got right in line
with that Elvis Stone

and pulled TBD

from Bossy roster,
you son of a bitch.

Look, I know how much fun it is
for you to come blaming me

for your problems,

but I had nothing to do with this.

Kelly Patel is trying
to take Empire away from me,

and with Andre gone,
you know, maybe it slipped

through the damn cracks or something.

Come on, man.

Okay, I apologize.

Well, if you didn't do this,
then you can fix it.

Call Empire, tell them that TBD
is back on Bossy's stage,

ASAs be damned.

Didn't you just hear me?

Kelly is trying to take Empire
away from me!

Now if I make one false move,
it's a wrap for me.

When we got divorced,
you told me you wanted

to stand on your own two damn feet.

BossyFest is happening, Lucious,

and I will remember
who was in my corner

and who wasn't when it does.



Here you are.


Don't mind if I do.

Ugh, salty, just like your ass.

To what do I owe

this brash inconvenience, Ms. Lyon?

Oh, no, Elvis,
I'm asking the questions.

Like, why are you so up my ass, huh?

- Up your ass?
- Mm.

Do you think this
is the first insurrection

I've faced in my 19 years
of running the ASAs?

Not even close.

Nobody remembers how I handled
Keith Sweat and LA Reid,

and nobody's gonna
remember you either

once your homeless festival
bankrupts your label.

It'll be like Bossy never existed.

You won't erase me, okay?

I've worked too damn hard to let

some little talking
piggy in a blanket...

- Hm.

Try and take me down.


There is an alternative.

Come back to the ASAs.

I'll give Tiana prime seats

and that Melody person a feature.

So you'd do all of that

after you tried to take us down.

I'll do all of that

after I'm sure you are taken down.

You will come back to the ASAs,
publicly affirm your support,

and cancel BossyFest.

Enjoy lunch on me
while you think about it.

I don't know why you keep rejecting

the idea of having a costume party.

Let it go.

Ooh, can you find me
a Dame Judi Dench

from the movie Cats costume?
'Cause that'd be dope.

Mama, do you really wanna
enter in a new decade

looking like some old kitty?

Okay, fine.

Also, quick question,

did you call in my prescription
to Lil' Kev?

Becky, I really need
to focus on BossyFest.

I'm sure, but being a good assistant

means multitasking.

Becky, why is my rehearsal canceled?

Um, administrative issues.

Yeah, well, BossyFest
better not fall apart,

because I am not gonna be
sitting at home

while Hakeem parades
around the ASAs with Maya.

Okay, are you seriously still pining

after someone who's too stupid
to get a quickie annulment?

Britney did it.

I'm not pining.
I'm simply protecting my brand.


Look, Hakeem downgrading
to that is humiliating.

What even is her job this week, huh?

'Cause I can't keep up.

I think she's a renaissance woman.


I think you would have to be
educated for that.

I bet you she never
even graduated from NYU.

Girl, didn't you drop out
and get a GED?

I'm a star. It's different.

Okay, um, yeah, no, this is
clearly not at all jealousy.

However, there's aggression there,

so maybe you should dance out
this aggression

at my birthday extravaganza.


I guess it would be nice
to have some time off work.

Yeah, no, no pressure at all,
except I'm gonna need you

to perform and also take care
of your own hair

and makeup and styling
'cause it's not in my budget,

but I promise to get you laid.

Yeah, whatever. I'll be there.

Yeah, yeah,
we're gonna have sexy dudes

without their shirts on, right?

They're sexy, and Thomasina,
this is exactly what I mean

- about multitasking.

Andre's ability to partner

with multi-platform
international brands

just doesn't go far enough,
even with the basketball...


- Mm.
- Mm.

- Hey.
- I'm sorry.

- It's just...
- What are you doing?

International profit sharing
makes me weak in the knees.

Look, no one can know about us

until after we dispense
with the Lyon leadership.


Making me CEO has to look
strictly business.

It is business.

Life is too short
for all this Empire power play.

If Andre really is incapacitated,

I need to protect my investment.

You're the only one I can trust.

Well, then stick to the plan
and behave.

Who is that ghost-faced boomer
to call me out?

Why couldn't he choke
on that dead carcass

he was sucking down?

Presumptuous, out of touch
little bitch.

Oh, oh, and he thinks
I'm going to quit now

with my reputation on the line?

See, Becky,
that's why we gotta fight back

with every little trick we got.

We, so we're "we" now?

Now that there's hard work
to do, we're "we" again.

What is that supposed to mean, Becky?

We're partners, okay? You know that.

No, no, no, what I know is that
over the last month,

all I've heard
is Cookie Lyon's festival this

and Cookie Lyon's legacy that,
and that was okay

as long as we were
still serving the artists.

I am serving the artists, Becky.

No, 'cause the last time I checked,

you can't have BossyFest
without the fest, okay?

So we can either do nothing
or we can negotiate

one of the best damn time slots

that the ASAs has to offer, okay?

I'm gonna put my energy
into the latter.

Okay, well, I'm not doing that.

Of course you're not
because this place was founded

so that underrepresented,
female artists

can go some place
and be taken seriously, okay?

So that they can come first,
not so they can serve your ego.

And you would know that
if you were an actual founder.



Empire has enjoyed exponential growth

under my regime.

My regime,
which only increased last month

as I pursued
key strategic initiatives

in new markets.

Those initiatives will necessitate

my continued presence overseas,

but under Lucious' stewardship...



It's just one meeting, Andre.

(SIGHS) It's one meeting.

This is who I am.
This is what you live for.


Wait, wait, wait,
what are you taking?

What are those?

Oh, it's nothing, Pop,

just something
that'll focus me is all.

It's okay.

I'll get through the meeting
just like I promised, Pop.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
meeting's off.

I'm canceling the meeting.
You don't need to take those.

No, no, they can't take Empire
away from us again, Pop.

They can't win.

No, they can't take you
from me again.

I mean, there'll be
thousands of Empires.

I only got one... one Andre.

I'll figure out something else.

Please give me the rest of those.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

You go get some rest.
I'll figure out something else.

Get some rest.

♪ You the boss on your B-day ♪


♪ It's your birthday, it don't stop ♪

♪ You the boss, call the shots ♪

♪ You the boss on your B-day, hey ♪

♪ You the boss on your B-day, hey ♪

♪ It's your birthday, break it down ♪

Thank you.

♪ Turn around ♪

♪ You the boss on your B-day, hey ♪

♪ You the boss on your B-day, hey ♪

Yo, Ti, let me holler
at you real quick.

Why don't you go talk to your wife?

Babe, it's not even like that.

We hooked up in Vegas,
and she just caught feelings.

If it's not like that,
then why is she

all over your Instagram,
tagging herself as Mrs. Lyon?

Baby, forgot this at the house.

Oh, Tiana, I hope this doesn't
make you too uncomfortable.


Girl, the only thing
uncomfortable here

is your wig.

You know, for the sake of the kids

whose lives I'm now a part of,
I really hope we can get along.

Aw, well, the only thing
I have to say

to you, Maya, is you're welcome

because when I first met Hakeem,

he could barely wipe himself
or eat food

that didn't come out of a box,
so have fun keeping that up.

Oh, congratulations, Mrs. Lyon.


♪ You the boss on your B-day, hey ♪

♪ You the boss on your B-day, hey ♪

♪ Yeah, you the boss ♪

- Hakeem, wait.
- No.

You a clout chaser, shorty,
using my name for fame?

Okay, so maybe I took things
a little too far,

but Tiana's
just always coming for me.

Mrs. Lyon, you're using me.

Okay, so, Hakeem, use me too.

Look, you wanna be an actor,
but the whole world

sees you as a rapper whose
daddy gave him a record deal.

I can help change that.

Tonight, I invited reporters

from Vanity Fair and The Times.

Hakeem, they write about you,
and people see you

as Will Smith,
and not the Fresh Prince.

I don't know,

and don't be getting excited,
making Mrs. Lyon t-shirts.

Right now, we not good.

♪ You the boss on your B-day, hey ♪

♪ You the boss on your B-day, hey ♪

♪ You the boss on your B-day, hey ♪

How y'all feeling tonight?


So first I wanna say happy birthday

to my girl, Becky!

That's me! I'm her!

I thank you. Thank you, boo-boo.

But instead of giving you a present,

I wanna give a present
to every girl in the world

for doing what we do.

Okay, that is taking lying,
garbage-ass men

and fixing them up for the next girl.

So to all my ex's future exes,
you're welcome.




♪ Wait a minute, whoa, whoa, whoa ♪

♪ No, no, not so fast,
better check your facts ♪

♪ It ain't on the low, low, low ♪

♪ I created that man,
everybody know that ♪

♪ You like the way
he stunt in that drip ♪

♪ The way he talk that talk
to you slick ♪

♪ Baby girl, you better not forget ♪

♪ I did that, I did that,
I did that, I did that ♪

♪ I made a winner
and gave him to you ♪

♪ Taught him everything that he do ♪

THOMASINA: Hey, birthday mama!


I know you said
to refill your prescription,

but he wanted to deliver it
himself with a birthday hug.

Ah, okay.

Hey, can you make sure
the aerial bitch has water?

- THOMASINA: As you wish.
- Thank you.

Lil' Kev!

Hey, girl. Hey, girl.

- Aw, happy birthday.
- Hey, thanks for coming.

You know I always come
for my favorite customers.

I got a little birthday turn up
for you right here, girl.

You crushed my Adderall for me?

No... what, you got a paper to write?

This is a bag of white girl...
some Becky for Becky on me.

Oh, well, I guess it does come
from the Earth.

Yeah, of course.

And it's, like, natural, right?

So it's basically
like a bag of coffee.

- You gonna be fine.
- All right, cool.

All right, well, thank you.

You're cool. Happy birthday.

Thank you.

- Can I sit and have a drink?
- Yeah, sure, have a drink.

♪ I did that, I did that ♪

♪ I made a winner
and gave him to you ♪

♪ Taught him everything that he do ♪

- ♪ Bitch, you're welcome ♪
- ♪ Welcome ♪

- ♪ Yeah, you're welcome ♪
- ♪ Welcome ♪

♪ You're welcome ♪

ANDRE: Hey, Ma.

Listen, you are
the only person on the planet

who's gonna be as shocked

as I was by what just happened.

Okay, boy, spit it out.

Well, Pop needed me

to put on a dog and pony show
at Empire,

but he could tell
I was a little shaky...

well, uh,
maybe more than a little shaky.

Baby, are you okay?

Yeah 'cause instead
of forcing me to do it,

- he sent me home.
- Sent you home?

He told me that my mental health

was more important than Empire.

ANDRE: I couldn't believe it.

I mean, well, listen,
we could lose Empire, Ma.

We could legitimately lose Empire,

but he just wanted me to be okay.


Yeah, old peg leg has been
surprising me for a minute.

You know, that's the thing
about people, son.

They'll surprise you sometimes.

Maybe Teri is one of those people.

COOKIE: Look, I gotta go, baby.

- I love you.
- I love you too, Ma.

♪ Bitch, you're welcome ♪

- ♪ Yeah, you're welcome ♪
- ♪ Welcome ♪

♪ You're welcome ♪

Hey, there you go.
Baby girl mad as hell.

Yeah, well... (CHUCKLES)

That's the side effects
of loving a Lyon man.

Yeah, I'm so glad I'm over that.


Mm, look, regarding the TBD thing,

I can't make any promises
or an announcement,

but I'm pretty sure they'll be able

to show up for your festival.

Look, I'm sorry I came
at you like that, Lucious.

I'm just... this ASAs stuff
is driving me mad.

I mean, they're trying
to shut my festival down

'cause I told the truth
about their raggedy asses.

So what you gonna do
with this ASA problem?

(SIGHS) They want me to kiss some
rosy, white establishment ass.

Look, I know it ain't about me,
and I know it should be

about my artists, but I
don't know if I can do that.

Yeah, that's a tough spot to be in.

I mean, I understand
and can appreciate it

'cause right now I'm stuck
between either being able

to protect Empire or protect Andre.

Can't do both, and I can't
lose my boy again, you know?

When have we ever let anybody
put our backs against the wall?

Let's team up on this
and get over on all these hos.


What you got in mind?


DEVON: Looks like things
are going great

between you and Hakeem.

I know he likes to spring
his jump-off's kids on you,

but a marriage? Ouch.

Thanks for watching.

It's always a pleasure
meeting new fans.

He insisted we be here
in time for your set.

I'm glad he did.

DEVON: Kendra, let Tiana's

musical temper tantrum be a lesson.

Next time you meet a nice guy
willing to put up with your BS,

don't cheat with the trash
you threw out.

Maybe you should expand
your nice guy lessons

to learning more
about the female anatomy.

But until then, I think
I'm good on the drama.

What about you, Kendra?

Which way would you prefer
to end your night?


♪ What you gonna do when I appear? ♪

♪ When I premiere? ♪

♪ The end of your lives are near ♪

♪ Do when I appear? ♪

♪ When I premiere? ♪

♪ My, my ♪

Oh, it's my friend!
Hey, that's... that's my friend.

Can you help me? Thank you.

- Porsha, hi
- Hey.

Better late than never, girl.

I told you I had a studio session.

Dude, you've got a... girl,
let me tell you something.

Well, why don't you tell
these random-ass people?

Maybe they can get
a word in edgewise.

And I'm done waiting for you
to apologize or, bare minimum,

ask me a question
about how I'm doing.

I guess I've been giving
old Becky too much credit.

First of all, you cannot talk
to me like that

on my birthday
'cause it's my birthday, okay?

And, secondly,
there's only one Becky, okay?

And it's not my fault that you
are jealous of Becky, okay?

And on top of that,
everybody else around here

appreciates my glow-up.

Well, how about you ask one of them

to get the coke residue
off your nose,

and, for your information,
glowing and sweating

are two different things.


TERI: You're not welcome here.

You need to leave.
I will call the police.

No, no, no, I don't mean to intrude,

I just hoped
maybe I could see Walker.

Teri, talk to me, okay?

You never took any of my calls
while I was away.

Can we just... can we just talk?

I'm not ready.

Teri, wait.

I need you to know
that I'm healthy now.

Okay, I know that I scared you...

You know that you scared me?
You kicked down my door.

I thought you were gonna
kill me in front of our baby.

I know what I did.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me, please.

How am I supposed to forgive you?

What have you done
to earn my forgiveness?

You need to leave.


Before we end the ASAs,

we gotta take down Pamplemousse.

There's gotta be some dirt
on Giselle's laptop.

Yeah, you know what?

Actually, it was a dumb idea
on my part,

we should just go
back to corporate...

No, no, no, we're not gonna
go back to nothing.

There's a reason why
that trick wanted to take

this laptop with her so bad, honey.

- I don't think...
- Trust me.

(GASPS) Ooh, bitch.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- They in this thing together.
- Oh, my God.

Mm-hmm, look at her.

This trick is trying
to become Mrs. Giselle Patel.

Look at this whore.

LUCIOUS: Wow, this is better
than we thought.

We can nullify
both of they ass at once... oh.

Oh, my God, let's watch that again.

- I mean, it's not that...
- Oh, look at this...

Hold on, hold on, I gotta take this.


BECKY: That close, because
she didn't take off her wig.

ELVIS: Lucious.

I thought I said everything
that I needed to say to you

at your little ASA
nomination ceremony.

I remember the mic toss well.

That's why
I'm calling you personally...

to thank you for standing strong

with the other record labels
against Bossy.

Look, I've been waiting
for the ASAs to address

their cultural bias...

or should I say
your cultural bias... for years.

It ain't never happen, man, so...

ELVIS: It can happen now.

You keep freezing out Bossy,
I'll bump Taylor,

and I'll give Yana
the last ASA performance slot...

the best one...
right before album of the year.

Well, Yana's a Bossy artist.

That slot could change
an artist's life forever.

Every eye in the music world
will be upon her.

ELVIS: You just get her to defect

to Empire, and you and I can
work together

to make her the kind of star
Bossy could only dream of.


I'll get back with you.

So this should cover what
I owe you, and we're done.

Thank you for the payment,

but I think you misunderstand
our arrangement.

I pay you. You leave.

What is there to understand?

You leasing your life
from me like a Benz.

You understand that?

So I expect this payment monthly

if you're trying to stay alive.

Damon, uh, you know
that's impossible, right?

And I've lost so much already
because of this.

Apparently, it's not
if you keep working

that little computer boy toy
of yours, so you will pay me.

You will get me my money clean,

and since my baby is performing,

you'll get me two tickets
to BossyFest.


♪ I know ♪

♪ That I haven't called you lately ♪

(SINGING ALONG) ♪ Sometimes
it's easier to say it ♪

♪ Face to face ♪

♪ 'Cause lovers come and go ♪


Oh, no, no, no, keep going, honey.

Hearing your voice reminds me

why this ASA fight is worth winning.

- We gonna win.

Keep going.

♪ Mm, I told you once,
I told you twice ♪

♪ I'll tell you again ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Is all that we'll ever need ♪

That's, um,

Lucious said something
to me like that...

right before our first wedding.

I hadn't thought about it
in a long time.

It's too painful, but your voice,

you made it so pure and beautiful.

Where did your little, young ass

learn how to put
those soulful words together?

I didn't.


Lucious did.

Oh, okay, I could be misremembering.

I mean, it was a long time ago.

Maybe it's one of his little,
basic lines to pick up girls

Wish we could ask White Tracy, but...

I guess I am just the fool
who thought

there could be second loves.


(SIGHS) Dumbass Lucious.

Maya, we need to talk.

Wow, um, Hakeem, I-I helped you,

and you're still coming to me
about annulment offers?

You are incredibly selfish.

Wait, wait, calm down.

No, you know what?

I hold value in this relationship,

so I'm not gonna settle
for anything less

than twice of what you offered me,

plus I want full features
of me and my music

on your Instagram feed...
story and main...

- through 2021.
- Calm down. Look.

"Young Hakeem Lyon's

soulful, stirring performance..."


"Lights up the screen.

"He's an early contender
for next year's best actor

in a comedy or musical
at the Golden Globes."

I got it from one
of the reporters at the party.

You're welcome, and that's not it.

I also reached out
to Hollywood Foreign Press.

Your publicist and I
are working on the soundtrack.

You're gonna have a really good shot

at best original song.

But I mean, I will sign
that annulment offer

if you really want me to.

Let's just focus on this

until the movie premiere.


Yeah, no, yeah,
we'll just focus on all

that divorce stuff
after awards season.

Um, congratulations. That's awesome.

Hi, Cookie and I would just like

to thank you all
for joining us today.

We'll begin momentarily.
So thank you.


Where is Lucious?

Oh, he'll be here, Beck.

Cookie, thank you so much
for the invitation,

and I'm so glad you've come
to your senses.

Yes, I have come to my senses.


Oh, that's Becky,
one of the founders,

and why don't you have a seat?

'Cause I think you will be very happy

- with our announcement.
- Wonderful.



Good to see you.

Hey, the moment
I step off that stage,

I wanna make sure
that you drop the hammer

on that vermin, Pamplemousse.

Um, I just wanna thank you guys again

for coming at such a short notice.

You know, the job
of the record executive

is not to put themselves first,
but to put the artist first.

And Empire has never participated

in the silencing of any artist,

and the ASAs' flagrant white-balling

of BossyFest will not stand.

Therefore, Empire
will be joining Bossy Media

in its public boycott
of the ASAs this year.

We are pulling our artists

from the show
and from award contention.

Yes, oh, and in case you didn't know,

I personally invited
the CEO of the ASAs,

Mr. Elvis Stone,
right here in the front row.


Looks like he's about to soil himself

because they tried
to shut down the BossyFest,

but like air we rise, honey.

So if you guys love artists,
if you love good music,

or you just wanna have a good time,

come down to BossyFest and get lit!

Honey, we will be hosting on stages

all across New York City.

And keep in mind that the main show

will take place right here
at Empire's own Laviticus.

Yes, we will see y'all there.

- I know.


You soft.

One at a time. One at a time.

- Go ahead.
- I will.

We're so close.

- Sweetheart.
- Yeah?

One more move
and the Lyons will be gone,

and then you can have
your anniversary present.

Oh, what's that?

The Empire throne.

What's going on?
Did you know about this?

REPORTER: How could the owners
of such a liberal company

have hosted an anti-gay fundraiser

for Trump at your house in Los Altos?


Why is Pamplemousse 97% white

with virtually no women
in management?

Get to my office.
We'll issue a statement.

Ms. Barker, Ms. Barker...

- No comment.
- This isn't a question.

Lucious and Cookie Lyon thought
you should see

tomorrow's New York Metro Observer.

Oh, my God.



Here's to my favorite ex-wife.

So nice we divorced twice.


We do make a great team.

Damn right we do.

You know, um,

that's a beautiful song
you wrote for Yana.

Thank you.

I'm really proud of that song, I...

yeah, and I felt like it captured

the true essence of pure love.

Mm, well, I could've sworn that those

were the wedding vows you made to me.


Come on, Cook, you know.

Once a man's been
in this game as long as I...

Lucious, stop playing.
You know that song is about me.

What is it, baby?

Teri never wants to talk to me again.

Oh, son, you gotta just
give her a little bit of time.

No, no, no, I know what's best
for my family now,

so I'm getting on that plane
for the mission trip...

And I'm never coming back.