Empire (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Empire - full transcript

Lucious hunts for a record deal for Yana, but is met with surprising feedback from the label executives; Cookie struggles with her inability to shake memories of the secret she's kept for so many years; Kingsley pushes for more control.

You okay, Andre?

Previously onEmpire...

I would never
threaten a woman.

You wouldn't. I did.

Those blackouts
you're having,

I can do that whenever I want.

I'm in control.

This is
my little brother Julian.

I told youhe was coming to visit.

How 'bout some diplomacy?

You stay away from my family

and yours will keep breathing.

That's a deal.

You were born for that stage

and that gift
that makes you beautiful.

We need a Bossy sound.

That says,
"You are listening to Bossy."

I will never get over

the coward that took him
away from me.

Hey, Teri.It smells good in here.

Did you prepare
this meal yourself?

Yes, I did.
I love our new kitchen.

What meal, child?

I'm just saying, honey.

Cookie starts talking
in third person

when she ain't had
nothing to eat

and all you keep
filling her up with

is cheese and crackers.

Dinner will be out shortly.

We had a little issue
with the frenching

the rack of lamb,
but it has all been resolved.

"Frenching"?What, you in there trying to be

fancy or something?

I mean, listen, girl, please.

That mattered, like,two hours ago.

We just need you to throwthat food on a plate

and bring it out.

-Is it cooked? Just bring it.

Trust me, it'll be worth it.

Teri, you sureyou don't need some help?

Once you've had Juanita

and then you go solo,

You know what?

I think it's time we propose

a new Lyon family dinnertradition.

And what's that?

Teri and I have decidedno business talk

and no what, babe?


Our home is all peace, love,

and soulful conversations.

Oh, that is so cute,
Donna Cornelius,

but can it also be about
some food?

See, that's
a family tradition too.

-I'm sorry.
-I'll be right back.

-I'm just saying, child.

Just bring the lamb.Don't French it.

Well, if it isn't
my favorite artist.

So how did the gig go?

It was amazing.
The crowd ate it up.

I'm hyped right now.

Mm. Hey.

Make sure y'all are availablefor this week,

'cause I'm having a showcasefor Yana over at the mansion.

All of the major labelsare gonna be there,

and it's gonna be bidding war,so come early.

Pop, please, can you not?

Are you asking for a man
who can't keep it in his pants

to have a modicum of couth?

Those two things
don't go together, nephew.

I'll call you back.

Yeah, I'll drink to that.

Yeah, your ass
will drink to anything.

I'm sorry--smoke anything.

All right, Lucious,
don't be petty.

Why don't we have a toast

to Cookie quitting a jobthat she's hated for years,

AKA divorcing Lucious?


Then why am I still stuck
with Ursula

and her ugly twins?

You know, you about
to get your ass beat.

-Hey, hey.

Okay, okay,
Okay, listen.

Can we please not--

can we please not--

-Please! Damn!
-Okay, baby.

Where's Teri with the--

Teri, I'm so sorry, baby.


I'll clean it up, Mom.
Don't worry about it.

Are you all right?

Uh, Teri, girl, you trying
to give me a heart attack?

Uh, sis, seriously,you just screamed

like somebody was shooting upthe joint.

I'm so sorry.
I know you worked so hard.

Thanks a lot, Andre.

I'm so sorry.

Here, baby,
take this to the...

-I spent hours

preparing this food.

Amen, true story.

We can just--we can just
order something.

Yeah, I got a friend, um, has

an Italian spotaround the corner.

He'll fix us up real quick.

Teri, I'm so sorry, baby.

I wanted tonightto be perfect for you.

Wait, wait, now, Teri.

We don't haveto let this ruin the evening--

You know, I have stood by

and watched the dysfunction
in this family,

the way you all go
at each other

like dogs in the street,

and I thought, like a fool,

that it would
be different here,

for Andre.

I had one--one rule, just one.

Look, Teri, on behalf
of Dino and Marmaduke...

-Lucious, you know what?

You know what?
Them perms up in yo' head...

Stop it!

Just stop!

Well, at least we kept up
with tradition,

another messy
Lyon family dinner.


Come on in here...sis.

What is going on?

Your nerves are bad.

I think you have PTSD.

Yep, shooting someone
is a big deal.

You wouldn't be human
if it wasn't still

haunting you in some way.

Yeah, maybe--
maybe I should

talk to my therapist
about it.

I mean, it's beenon my mind a lot lately.


I found you something to wearfor the funeral.

-It's in an hour.

Sis, I can't do it.
I don't wanna bury him.

Sis, I can't.

Why'd they have to kill him
like that?

Why'd they shoot him like that?

He was my ride or die
like Lucious is to you.

Why'd they have to do that
to him, sis?

It ain't right!
It ain't right.

O-okay, Carol.We--come on.

Let--let's take her Becky,all right?

-We gonna get Becky.
-I can't go.

-I can't do it.
We'll be right back.


She is way worse
than the last time

she was on that stuff.

You really needto forgive yourself, sis.

You know that bitch Tracydid not give you a choice.

And bottom line, somebody wasgonna die that night,

-and I'm glad it wasn't you.- Exactly.

Sis, if you hadn't pulled
that trigger when you did...

it might be only two of us
standing here right now.

You need to lean on us.

We're here for you, sis.

That's what sisters are for.You hear me?

I don't want you stressed outlike that.

We got you.

-Smack me.

No, I deserve it
for destroying a meal

that I know would have
put Juanita's to shame.

Well, I guess
we'll never know, right?

This is not the look I wanted

to see on your face tonight,Teri.

I'll make this up to you,I promise.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too, babe.
Let me get in the shower.


Oh, what has gotten into you?


You yelling at my familytonight...

was incredibly sexy.

Andre Lyon, we cannot do this.

Your mother and father
are right downstairs...

-I don't care.

Yes, we can, baby.
Yes, we can.


And we will.

Hey, y'all, Valentino's
is all backed up,

but they're gonna give us
some plates.

Y'all hangry folks try not

to kill each other
while I'm out.

Nobody cares where
your ass is going, Lucious.

Ugly mutt.


You said we had a deal,

You leave mine alone,
I leave yours alone.

Yana came to me, man.

No, no, no.
We had a deal, Lucious.

Put the damn shotgun down, man.

Yana is a star.

You can knowwhere my son lives

but you can't see thatyour baby girl has got a gift?

She sings like an angel.

I heard her sing.

I heard her sing
in the hospital.

She's still singing.

She's singing right nowin the studio.

You come check for yourself.

I swear to you, man...

if it ain't legit,
it's a wrap.

She's the brightest star
I've ever seen.

Cook, what's up?It's late.

Carol and the babyain't even here right now.

Something wrong?

Yeah, you putting your hands
on them.

That's what's wrong.

I know what you up to.

You ain't been nothing
but a menace

to my sister
and your own damn kids.

I'm telling you,

Durrell, if you don't stop

treating 'em like that--
my hand to God--

this is gonna be bad for you.

Yo, you need to be careful

who you roll up on,making threats--

I didn't come here to do this,

Don't make me.

Bitch, if you dumb enough
to pull a gun on me,

you better be smart enough
to use it.

See, them threats
and that talk,

it don't work with me.

I'm not my sister.

And I'm not gonna come
over here one more time

to pick her up off the floor
after you drop-kicked her.

Just leave her, okay?

Do everybody a favor
and just leave.

Oh, you Holloway sistersgot a lot of mouth on you.

It's any wonder how y'allgot any teeth left at all.

I t-told you to leave,

All right, Quincy, you're not
only gonna earn extra cash

these two weeks you're temping.

You're gonna go back to school
knowing the art of the woo.

So is that, like, schmoozingor ass-kissing or something?

It's way more sexy, brother.

Wooing is customized
to the individual.

It requires strategy.

So...we're startingwith this guy?

Paul Bennett?

He's an ASA voter.

You're gonna escort
his daughter Piper

to Laviticus
to see Treasure and Devon

perform their
ASA-nominated duet.

That's work, taking her out?

You're taking her
for the Empire experience,

pictures backstage
with the artists, all that.

She'll run back to Daddy
and tell him

how awesome it was
and, more importantly,

how incredible
Devon and Treasure are.

Oh, so he votesfor whoever his kids like.

-That's right.
-Yeah, okay.

-These old dudes are corny.
-Ah, corny and influential.

But if you woo her right,

Empire won't be the only ones
who get lucky.

You feel me?

-I feel you.

What the hellare you doing here?

Lucious, what's going on?

Look, I wanted your father

to come by and see
what kind of talent you are.

I came hereto make sure my baby girl

wasn't gettingtaken advantage of.

You can be pissed off at meif you want,

but I'm still gonna beyour father.


So, what,
you're protecting me now?

Is that what you're doing?

So who's gonna protect me
from you?

I just thought
that it would be best

if your father got involved
early on.

Then we could avoid obstacles
that may occur in the future.

I'm sorry, am I all of a suddenin a different country

or something, where I need
a man's permission

to make moves?

Lucious, I don't know
what's going on with you,

but whenever you get back
to your senses,

let me know so we can
get back to business, okay?

My apologies.

You heard that.

So you're using herfor your comeback.

But what happens to herwhen you're done?

This ain't about no comeback.

Your daughter's
the real thing, man.

Just keep it business, Lucious.

'Cause if I find windthat you're trying to screw me

or screw her, I'll end you.

Yes, I'd like a drink.Thank you very much.

You ain't gonna be here
that long,

and this ain't a date.

We both agree on that.

Why am I here?

Need you to do me a favor.

I'm already launderingyour dirty money.

What could you possibly wantfrom me now?

Sign Yana to your record label.

-If she gonna be

working with shady-ass Lucious,

I'ma need some eyes and ears
on the inside.

You're forgetting that I'm notthe sole owner of Bossy.

I have partnerswho don't like it

when I makeunilateral decisions,

one of them being Cookie.

This isn't a request, Giselle.

This is what you will do,
or Bossy Media will be

several million in the hole.

You feel me?

Now, get everybody on board.

You owe me.


I am loving what the newmarketing and press team

is doing for our new song.

Cookie was pretty genius

for putting us all on ittogether.

And she's about to find
our new Bossy sound.


So we need to talkabout how my song

that I wrote for methat Cookie made us sing

like a girl group is somehowbenefitting everybody but me.

All right, I get no love

but these hos get to shineon Twitter?

"These hos"?
I'm right here, Lala.

Okay, um, I don't know
what's happening

on social media,
but this is the loudest

and clearest I've heard you

since you landed at JFK
a few months ago.

They're sayingI can't hold my own

next to Tiana and Melody.

But you should know there areplenty of other labels

that are saying they could havealready made me a star.

So you need to come with it.

Wow, okay.
So I'm loving this passion.

What I'm not loving
is the tone and the delivery

or the implication
that we somehow wronged you.


The song is an instant hit.
Why are you tripping?

We're doing everything
that we can

to ensure your success.

I know
what you're going through.

I've been there before.

It just takes time, Lala.

All right.

All due respect,

when you arrived at Bossy,you were already famous.

So real talk, what have theyreally done for you?

I'll tell you
what I haven't done.

I haven't snatched up

ungrateful artists
that I signed, okay?

And you should go
before that changes.

Yeah, she ain't playing
with you.


She seemed smarter
when she was quiet.

I know we've been at this
all night, okay,

but I think we onto something.

Ooh, Kev, whatever you doing
with them drums,

stay right there.

Z, you better be taking us

back to Africa up in here!

Come on, harmony.
Come on.


Yes, y'all better sing.
Sing, bitches.


All right, stay with it.
I'll be right back, okay?

Hey, they sound good.

Uh, this better be important.

Oh, yeah, so Giselle just had
a really great idea

that I loved,
and we wanted your blessing.

Uh, look, Bossy really needsto be at the Yana showcase.

That chick can blow, and she isperfect for our roster.

You two heifers come in here
and disrupt my flow for this?

Yana belongs to Lucious.
That's his artist.

Don't you know
I just divorced him?

Why would I wanna
work with her?

Well, I thought maybeyou could put

your personal feelings asideand realize

what a great business movethis is for Bossy.

Yeah, look, we both want it.
Are you in, Cookie?

Look, you guys like her,
you sign her, okay?

I'm not leaving here
until I find my magic.

-All right.

Y'all gonna get me

the Holy Spirit up in here!

Come on!


What a nice surprise.Everything okay?

We need to talk, Andre.

What's wrong?


I want more fun.

What do you mean?

Like in the bathroom,
during dinner.

What else would I be
talking about, Andre?


Three people areabout to walk through that door

for a meeting, Teri.

You can't push it back?


I can't.

I can't.I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.I can't.

But I can give you
a rain check for tonight.


You are beinga very...bad boy.

I'm the worst.






Hey, guys,
it's your girl Lala,

and I'm herewith my boy Julian.

What's up?
What's up?

We are about to set it off.

So if you guys didn't know,

I was told to domore self-promotion.

Apparently, even when you havea record deal,

you have to fend for yourself.

So here I go.

Damn, Julian.


Oh, my God, Julian.

Wake up!

Julian, wake up.

Oh, man.


Hey, Julian, can you hear me?

Julian, wake up.

He's not even answering
my texts, Becky.

Well, just calm down.I'm sure he's okay.

Emergency room.


Do you have a Julian Sims

There was an accident
wi-with a car.

Can you hold, please?

Yes, I'll hold.

He had no business being there
in the first place.

This your girl.
Your girl, Becky.

You signed her.
You can un-sign her.

Well, okay,you're overreacting.

She gotta go.

We already spent a lotof money on her, Giselle.

I don't care how much money
we spent.

Becky, you need to checkLala's IG.

Thank you.

Hey, guys, it's Lala.

I'm sorry
if I let you all down,

but Bossy hasn't been
giving me the support

-that I need, and...

Becky and Giselle just keep

pressuring me.

So I had to do something.

I for real, though, feel like

Bossy is burying me...

Burying you?

-Are you freaking kidding me?
-Okay, burying her.

I'm sorry.She's got to go!

-Okay, Giselle.
-Correction, I'm not sorry.

I just need a minute with her.
Let me talk to her.

-Yes, hello?

-We do have a Julian Sims...
-Oh, you do?

But no one's listed
on his emergency contact.

Emergency contact?

I'm his mother.


I'll be there right away.

-Thank you. Okay.

Um, do--do you want meto go with you?

-'Cause I can go with you.

You know what I want.

I want you to get a handleon this little princess.

I want you to goto the showcase,

and I want you to sign Yana.

-At least she can sing.



Empire really knowshow to throw a show, huh?

-Treasure and Devon.

This song's kind of hot.

-So hot.

Look at you,
trying to get me drunk.

Hey, it's a party.
Come on.

On the house.

No, I-I can't find my...

What are you looking for?

My stuff.

You party?

You are a lifesaver.

You know,
I wasn't even planning

on coming out tonight.

Well, I'm glad you did.

That's what's up.

Your turn.


Your nose.

You got a lot of nerve.


I just wanna say--

No, no, no.You are done talking.

Now's your time to listen.

First of all, you will beissuing a public apology.

You are not my mother.

Correct, I'm your boss.

Yeah, the same boss that has
been giving all the promotions

to Tiana as soon
as she came to Bossy

and then to Melody.

And now I hear you're trying
to sign some Yana bitch.

I came to Bossy
with 5 million followers,

and you and Giselle have done
nothing to push my projects.

It's a process, Lala.

Look, I know you worked
with Lucious for years,

but to me, it looks like
you don't have

a damn clue
what you're doing...


Well, if it's promotionyou want, then I got you.

Say no more.

Effective immediately,

you will be going on tour

for the remainderof your contract.

I only have one song.

Mm-hmm, and you will besinging that one song

on a white linen tourwith 112 and Brownstone.

You can try to get out of itif you want to.

We'll just sue you.

I got places to be.

[Roberta Flack
and Donny Hathaway's

"Back Together Again"]

Welcome, everyone.

Now, all of you have known...

of my involvement
over the last three decades

in developing
some of the hottest acts

that's ever graced
the music industry.

But this young woman
right here,

she made me believe
in music again.

She made me rediscover
in myself

why I dedicated my life
to music,

and she's gonna make
each and every one of you

feel the same.

So without further ado...Yana.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Uh, hey, Cookie.

Giselle had a family emergency,

so I'm at this Yana thing
by myself.

And, uh, she is killing it,
but there are

a lot of really important
execs here,

and so I could use some backup.


Nice show.

Thank you.

I wanna let you knowI appreciate you.

Yeah, I appreciate
the hell out of you too, son.

I already shot a noteto the studio manager

to block out a studiofor Yana's sessions.

I'm thinking Metro Boominfor starters, you know,

maybe see if Dev Hynesis interested.

No, I'm--I'm confused.

I mean, all these other cats
are here to bid for Yana.

The only people not bidding
is Empire.


You kicked me
out of my own company,

the company I built

before I taught you
how to walk.

You think I want Yana
at a place like that?

So why'd you invite me?

'Cause I wanted you to see
what you're gonna miss.


Quincy, what's wrong?


Okay, don't--
No, no, don't move.

-Thank you. Thank you.

Isn't she something?

Now you see what I saw in her,

and now I know that eachand every one of you

is going to want to have Yanaon your label.

So this is howwe're gonna do this.

We've assigned individual roomsfor each label,

where you can write down
your bid, make it your best,

and maybe one of youwill be lucky enough

to sign Yana this evening.

Y'all better get at it.

Well, if it isn't the man

who took down Def Jam.


So happy to have a chance
at one of your artists.

She's amazing.

I call her extraordinary.

Hey, I hope you gotsomething good for me.

I do.

Are you serious?


We believe this is
more than generous.

Well, that all depends upon

your idea of generosity.

We do have one caveat.

It's kind of a major point.

There she is...

the queen of Epic Records

How long have we known
each other, Lucious?

Too many years for meto reveal our age.

-Have a seat, dear.

I'm comfortable
with my years.

Are you comfortable
with yours?

Murders, money laundering,

public spats,
and negative press?

Perhaps you have me confusedwith Suge Knight.

I've watched you run through
this music industry

like a bull in a china shop.

Then you sweep up the pieces,
put it back together

to deliver a hit.

There's a bit of methodto this madness, I assure you.

Of course.

It's called chaos.

Here's my offer.

And that comes with...

Epic is prepared
to give Yana the world,

but we're not prepared
to do business with you.

We'll take her and only her.

So what are they saying?

Well, the general consensus is,everybody's in love with you.

Okay, but...

They want me out.

What do you me--all of them?

All of them.


This ain't about me.

This is about you, Yana.

You're at the beginning
of your career,

and if I were you...

I would choose Epic.

She'll do right by you.

Where's the coke?Hurry up.

That hers?

-Yeah.-Put it in her purse, hurry up.

-Do it now, hurry up.

Make sure that goes outwith her.

What the hell were youthinking, man, cocaine?

-What, you're blaming me?
-Who else, Quincy?

Andre, you gave me the coke!

That's impossible.

What am I supposed to dowith this?

Show her a good time.

Trust me, she likes to party.

I mean, she doesn't go
in and out of rehab

for the avocado toast.

You're gonna do fine.

What's my mom gonna say, man?

You don't say a thing
about this to anybody.

It never happened,you understand me?

-But, Andre, she--
-Do you understand me?


Good, come on.

There's a back exit.Let's go.


I don't know what to do.

Well, well, well, somebody
scrounge me up a drink.

I'm parched.

No, you're actually late, Cook.

You missed her performance.

Well, it's better late
than never.

Ah, Becky tells me

you having the bigwigs
up in here.

Well, I didn't wanna miss
the party.

So I'm here to support
my sisters.

-Go, Team Bossy.

Yana, you're
a very special talent.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We--we--we know that.

We know that.
So, uh, Yana...

you belong at Bossy.

Well, um, all the other execs
are in private rooms,

working out their final offer.

Maybe you shouldwrite something down.

That's really sweet,
but they ain't here

to offer what I am.

Why don't you go collect
them losers

and let's get this over with?

Excuse me.

Yana, I may not
be able to offer you

all the money thesemulti-conglomerates can,

but I'm hereto offer you something

that's worth more than money,honey, and that's control.

Wait a minute.
What are you saying?

What I'm saying is thatI am here to offer you

what these snakes in the grass

could never grow the balls
and offer you,

and that is 50-50.

And with Luciousproducing your project,

you also get100% creative control.

-Now, top that, bitches!
-That's nonsense.

you're out of your mind.

I just might be, but you're outof the Yana business, honey.

And--you so cute--
take the rest of them losers,

and y'all kick rocks.

I got this.Bye-bye.

Thank y'all for coming.

Yeah, thank youbut no, thank you.

Yana, you are special.


A talent like yours only comes

every once in a while...

and I know what to do with it.

So what you gonna do, Yana?

Ever since I met you, Cookie,

you've only spoken truth to me,and I appreciate that.

You're welcome.

And you definitely have
your things going on

with Bossy
and with Tea Talk...

and, um, you clearly
get things done.

-I believe in you.
-You better.

And I believe in Lucious too.

So with that said...

I would like to work
with both of you.

But let's just get this
understood now.

I will not be in the middle
of your relationship, okay?

-There's no relationship.
-It's kind of too late.

But hey...

I just wanna keep it business,
just music.

Can we agree to that?

Hey, that's what I'm hereto talk about, baby.

-Mm-hmm, cool.

-Welcome to Bossy, Yana.

Thank you.

Mr. Lucious,
you don't have to help.

Baby, I know that,but sometimes

everybody needsa little bit of help.

Now, that is true.

You know, Juanita,
why don't you take

the rest of the night off?

Are you sure?

All right, thank you, sir.

You better finish them dishesfirst, you know?

-Thank you.

-Hi, Miss.
-How you doing?


You surprised me.

Oh, come on, Lucious.

You know damn well
you're not surprised.

I know you're a big person,but the thing with Yana,

that was really, really big.

Hey, look, I said what I said,
and I meant it.

I-I didn't have
a problem with you

or your music or your talent.

I was just starting
to doubt...us.

There is a difference.

Then that deserves a drink.

No, Lucious, I'm good.

No, the fact that we can
get to a place

where we can just be
grown folks like this,

that's worth drinking to.

Cook, what in the hell
is wrong with you?

The thing that happened
with Tracy,

you're gonna have to put
that body behind you,

'cause she deserved that.

It's not Tracy.It's not...White Tracy.

Then what is it?

It's the White Tracy incident.

It's bringing somethingback to me

that--that I thoughtI buried a long time ago,

and it is killing me...

to keep it inside.

Whatever it is,

you know you can
talk to me about it.

I don't care if it's
about the boys or whatever.

It's not about the boys.


it's about
my sister Carol.

Where the hell are you?

Come out!

Show yourself!

No need to yell,little brother.

It's you, isn't it?
Answer me!

Calm down, Andre.

In regards to your question,yes, it's me,

your loving brother.

I'm doing the workthat you're too soft to do.

I'm not soft.

Quincy could have gotten
in serious trouble.

Had to be done.

It's my show now, Andre.

Do you still not
understand that?

This, all of this,

you in that chair,

I did that for you...

For us.

You don't appreciate
my handiwork...

But I'm pretty sure Teri does.

She said it was
the best lay of her life.

You had no right.

Come on, Andre, when has Teri
ever showed up

in the middle of the dayfor a little afternoon delight?

Shut up.

Got a beautiful woman
on your hands, Andre.

-Shut up.
-That little garter getup.

-What do you even do with that?-Enough!

Why are you doing this?

It's a simple concept...

that all Lyons understand

Revenge for what?

See, you don't even
think about her.

You pretend like
she never existed.


My mother...

the woman you
and your family killed.

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of Empire.