Empire (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Empire - full transcript

In an effort to bridge the gap between Lyon Family Management and Empire, Lucious must play nice with Jeff Kingsley, so that the two companies can get girl group TBD back on the map. ...

- May we rise.
- Like we always do.

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- Previously on Empire...
- Please marry me. I love you.

- I love you.
- I'm gonna help you get out of here, Quincy.

Trust Andre.
If he says he can help, he will.

Lyon Family Management
is looking

for artists
that got something to say.

We did find a star.

Your followers
and your impressions are way up.

What's this bruise?

Things just got a little rowdy

in spin class, that's all.

The data shows that TBD

can never make
as much as they cost.

I am dropping them.

- We have a proposition for you.
- "We"?

Hey, Lucious.

Looks like the Divas got a hit.

- No.
- What you mean, no?

The Divas thought that working

with Cookie and Lucious would,
keep them on the label?

Nice try.

- That song is fire.
- It's irrelevant.

Since when, Jeff?
There's a deal to be made here.

Let's talk about this upstairs.

Yeah, excuse me, hello?

Y'all not gonna talk

about the future of our group
without us.

I'll meet y'all in the elevator.

Listen, Jeff,
we're going to put together

an upcoming showcase
for our clients.

Now, we want to headline that
with the Divas

and this new song,
so we're gonna need

some money for promotion
for this.

That sounds like your problem.

You don't want to make money?
Do you understand

how this industry works?

Jeff, Empire usually shares

the promotional cost
with artist management.

No, Empire used to share
those costs.

We signed with Lucious
because he has a track record

of making hits for us. I mean,
we're worth the investment.

I determine the worth
of my investment.

You know what, if you don't want
to invest in them,

why don't you let them go,

and we'll take them
someplace else.

I don't know if you're trying to
start a pissing contest with me,

but don't. You'll lose.

- You sure about that?
- No. Lucious.

He's beneath us. Let's go.

This whole damn place
is beneath me. Come on.

Y'all getting so big.

What you doing, little man?

Yeah, you missed a lot

since you were too busy posting
diss tracks against Blake.

He's a thief.
Did you forget that?

Doesn't matter. That wasn't
the way to handle it.

Babe, I don't get no credit

for taking the song down? Here.

No, you don't get credit
for undoing

something that you shouldn't
have done in the first place.

- So you on his side?
- No.

I haven't even talked to him.

Look, I'm glad
that you took it down.

And I'm glad that you are
taking care of yourself lately.

Look, um, maybe you should take
the kids for a couple days.

Really? You serious?

Just please make sure that Bella
stays on her schedule.

I don't want to be up with her
at 200 a.m. next week.

A'ight. Come on, little man.

My little fighter right here.

- Come on, let's go.
- Okay, bye.

Gonna go with Daddy? Yeah?

Hey, babe.

You got cash for the pizza guy?

You ain't cooking?

You are confusing me

with your wannabe-chef

- Shady when he's hungry.
- And you know this.

Thank you.

And I look better, too.

You do.

You are not my pizza.

- My God. Hey.
- Hi, lovely.

How are you?


What the hell?


- It never gets old, does it?
- I'll clean it up.

- Okay, actually, it does. Hi, darling.
- Hi.

- Did you know she was...?
- No. -Good Lord,

this place is enormous.

Um, Wynter,

what the hell
are you doing here?

Well, you've convinced me

to sign to your lovely
little London label,

making all sorts of promises,

and then you ran out on me.

- Okay, that's a little dramatic.
- You sure?

We just video conferenced,
like, two days ago.

Okay, enough of that.

We are going to finish my album,

and we are going to do it here.

Where's your loo?
And where am I going to sleep?

Um... I'm gonna take her stuff.

Look, I hate to admit this,

but we really need
this deal to work.

No, I can't be letting this man
disrespect me.

Look, TBD are Empire artists
who we now manage.

That breaks the dam.
Don't you see?

We can get others.

Artists who already have
big label deals.

That's money in the bank,
and we need it.

I don't want to hear any more
about Lucious's genius.

- I'm not doing it.
- Okay, look at the bigger picture.

Okay? You were the one
that wanted

to bring Lucious back into
the fold just a few weeks ago.

- Remember?
- Well, that was before he effectively

threw the gauntlet down.
He started his own firm.

- He slapped me in the face.
- Come here.

Aren't you the one that
always puts data over emotion?

Right? This is
a smart business move.

Well, what about Giselle?

Can you trust her?

Bunk trust.
We watch that bitch like a hawk.

And we get this money
in the meantime.


Come on.

They do all the work.

We make all the money. Simple.

Hey, look here, man.

At the end of the day,

all my baby and I
are trying to do

is-is make some good music,
build our company

and-and leave a great legacy.

Now, I can't expect you
to understand or appreciate

working for something
that's bigger than yourself.

But I promise you, Jeff,
if you get out of your own way

and allow me and Cookie
to do our thing

with these Divas,
I guarantee you,

it's going to pay off.


- Yes.
- Okay, so, to all my blue-eyed

queens in Staten Island,
I need you to bring the force.

I'll be waiting.

Cookie out.

- How's that?
- I mean, it was all right.

But, Cookie, don't nobody want
to see no commercial.

They want the real,
like last time. Your feelings.

Your heart. You know
how you poured yourself out?

The people really like that.

I didn't say
I would open up a main vein

every time I open up my mouth.

And you need to know,
honey, every time

I use this GlamSugar,

Lyon Family Management
get a check.

- You know what that mean? You get a check.
- Okay.

- You get a check. You get a check.
- What?

Y'all get a check! Yes!

- What's my numbers?
- They're still high.

Not like last week, but
they're good. Okay.

But wait. Snap.

- Wait a second. Wait.
- What?

Where'd they go?
They all just disappeared.

All your followers
just disappeared.

- Well, how the hell does that happen?
- See, look,

it's, like, some green blob.

- This ain't good.
- Franklin?

Baby, come here.
Help out your auntie.

Come here, baby.
I need a millennial. Come here.

What happened?
How do I get the followers back?

This is a B-Glitch.

- What?
- A what?

"B" stands for "bitch."

It's just my term
for pesky things

that pop up out of nowhere.
I can get rid of it.

- Well, you have that bitch get my numbers back.
- Okay?

He is just so technical
and smart and handsome.

Ooh, sis, you did a good job.

Thank you.

He's happy to be here.

Teri, I know you're upset.
I'm upset, too.

What good are
all the witnesses we found

if the judge won't admit
their testimony?

I never said this would be easy.

Let me rethink strategy,
and I'll circle back

- in a couple of months.
- Months?

- I have to take this. Hello?
- Wait.

Teri. You all right?

What we need is a new D.A.

who cares
about the justice system

and less
about his conviction rate.

Well, we need to take this
to the court of public opinion.

Quincy has a lot of people
who care about him.

Let's-let's get them down here.

When I am done,
everybody in this city

is gonna know Quincy's name.
I guarantee it.

Thank you, Andre.

- For what?
- I'm just...

I'm so happy I'm not
doing this alone anymore.


It's gonna be okay.

You got it. Come on.

Let's catch a cab.



What black woman raised you?

- Ma.
- That's a whole lot

of gospel music up in that girl.

She took us to church in here,

- didn't she?
- See?

That was amazing, boo.
Just chill for a second,

we gonna comp a couple things.

Mike, do the, um...

- You are something else. You know that?
- It's Jamal.

He brings it out of me
like nobody else.

I would follow him anywhere.

Well, you followed him
to the right place, honey,

because Lyon Family Management

will give you
exactly what you looking for.

Huge record deal.

Ma, what's good?

You-you propositioning
my artist now?

Jamal, calm down.

I'm just walking Wynter
through all her options

if she sign with us.

I think that Wynter
understands her options.

- She's very smart.
- I'm sure she is. She's here.


And, um,
she's got her own people.

But you already know
that you are the queen.

Yeah, but her people ain't us.

You need to get
with the Lyons, baby.

No, I don't...

- Ma, come on.
- Yes. You in the right place.

- Queen, come on.
- That's right.

Queen Lyon. Rawr. Yes, okay.

My house, this is my house, damn it.
We good.

She's sweet.

She is sweet.

- Hey, Selle.
- Hey.

Could've sworn
I saw Lucious walking around

- with Three Black Divas earlier.
- Shh.

Yes, you did. They're working
on some new music.

- Can you run point on that for me, please?
- I'm sorry,

working, as in being managed by?

TBD was supposed to be dropped
from the label,

- and now they're LFM clients?
- Okay, okay.

- What is happening?
- I convinced them to sign

with Lucious and Cookie. I
thought it would be a good move.

For them or for you?
What is happening?

Why are you exploiting
the war between...

Why are you exploiting the war
between Lucious and Kingsley?

You have to trust me, okay?

Lucious is either gonna scare
Kingsley straight

or scare him out of here.

- Either way, we win.
- All right.

But let me remind you,
the last high yellow heifer

that was running around here
making moves like that

ended up crashing into a table
full of champagne.

Do I look like boo boo kitty
to you?

I am way smarter than Anika was.

And can I be honest?

If you maneuvered
a little bit more,

you'd rise to the top faster.

Moves aren't all that bad.


Can't be treating me
like I'm some little boy,

you know what I'm saying?

And then... and it's like every
single thing that I have,

no matter what it is,

automatically just belongs
to her.

Does it?

Why would you ask that?

Jamal, have you told your mom
that we're engaged yet?


Um, I guess I'm just...
I'm waiting, waiting...

Waiting to catch her
at a time when she'll agree?

You just don't understand.

I do understand, babe, but...

you keep opening up space
for her to come and control you,

and... I don't know,

Cookie just walks right into it.

You don't need her permission
to be your own man.

That's all I'm saying.


Cookie, this is amazing.
What's your secret?

It's my special
"change your life" spices.

Well, I need a bloody good
change in my life.

I don't know how I'm gonna
afford the plane ticket home.

Well, as soon as you sign
with us, those worries

will... disappear.

Hey, Wynter,

um, they need you... actually,

all y'all... in the studio.

- On my way, chief.
- Yes. Make that hit, honey.

Thank you, baby. I got more now.

- See ya in there.
- Leftovers.

- Ma.
- Yes?

Come on. What part of...

"please leave my artist alone"
do you not understand?

That girl is fire, Jamal.

If we don't sign her,
somebody else will.

Yeah, see,
somebody already did. Me.

Wynter's mine.

So what's yours is yours,

while you up in my studio

Okay. All right, you got me.
But you c...

I feel like you could have
at least come to me

out of respect instead
of just going behind my back.

I'm not behind your back, child.

I'm right in front of your face
in this kitchen.

- Boy, what is your problem?
- For one,

I'm tired of being called "boy"

when we're talking
about business. Mom,

- I'm a grown man, with-with...
- Ooh.

No. With a-a home and a label

and a life.

And a fiancé.

You and Kai?

Yes. . So you talking

about doing things
behind people's back.

I didn't know that happened.

Behind my back.

Or you could just say,

my son."

Mom. Really?


You a beast, Cookie Lyon.

- I know.
- But so am I.

Okay, well...

You a pain in my ass,
that's what you are.

- Morning, nephew.
- Hey, Auntie.

- Morning, sis.
- Hey. Good morning.

You okay?

I'm just peachy keen.

See you in there.

Is she still in there?

Yeah, she is.

Wh-What's happening here?

You haven't seen the bruises
on Candace's wrists?

Somebody is hitting on her,

and I can't imagine
that little punk-ass Kevin.

Honey, I can. You know
they used to battle real hard

when I was
staying with them, right?-

No wonder they got separated.

Why didn't she tell me?

What the hell is this?

Pull your sleeve up, Candace.

- What? Are you...
- Just do it.

Don't touch me.

Candace, please?

- I will not.
- Okay, damn it. How long

has Kevin been beating you
and why didn't you tell us?

You are out of your league
and out of your mind.

Nobody is hitting me.

Not Kevin or anyone.

Excuse me.


I will beat the hell out
of both of you

if you don't mind your business

and stay out of my face
about this.

Deny, deny, deny.

She getting her ass whupped.

She damn sure is.

The market appeal here
is limited, wouldn't you agree?

Dude, I know what I'm doing.
How do you think I built Empire?

I know what sells.

The song will struggle,

because it's missing
certain keywords and references

that audiences respond to.

Check your phones.
That's from me.

This is a chart.


It's proven that when
certain keywords are mentioned

in a song by a female act,

the predominantly female
audiences will respond better.

Of course. Because women
are like Pavlov's dogs?

The same is true for
the male audiences. Scroll down,

and you'll see a good list
of options for the next track.

"Home," "family," and "love."
You kidding me, right?

I would have to rework
the whole song.

If anybody can do it,

it's you, Lucious.

After all,

you started Empire.

These are great photos
of Quincy.

My contact at the Times
wants us to choose

the best three
for a story he's running.

I still can't believe
that you were able

to arrange that so quickly.

Let's just hope
this media attention works.

Which is why the right picture
is everything.

A drunk white girl
goes missing on vacation,

we get blinded by her halo
in the news.

A black child gets murdered
in the streets,

first picture you see of him
is in a hoodie,

like he's some thug.

That will not be my baby.

It won't happen.

I promise.

Who's this?

That Quincy's dad?

I left him because I thought

he was a bad influence
on Quincy.

Maybe if I hadn't, he would've

learned better
how to handle himself.

In the streets, around the cops.

I-I did what I thought
was right, but...

did it get my baby locked up?

No, no. No.

Teri, it's not your fault.

We're gonna get Quincy out
of there.

And I'm not gonna stop
until he's home.

You are not alone in this,
you hear me?

I'm with you.

I'm sorry.

That's it. It's a wrap for me.

- I got to wake up early with the kids.
- Ha.

- This guy.
- Right. Look at Hakeem,

being all responsible
and parental.

- Never thought I'd see the day.
- Well, you see it.

Aw, hell no.

- What is it?
- Alert from TMI.

Look like they got ahold
of your diss track.

I took it down.

The Internet is forever, bro.

Right. And that's not all.

Blake heard it.

He released a diss track.

- Damn, bro.
- Hey, so you're really gonna let

this walking jar of mayonnaise
come for you like that?

If war he wants,
war he gonna to get.

Listen, y'all. I need real
ideas. Ideas. Who got 'em?

Man, you done
had us here all night.

Because I'm trying
to get the right record

to blast Blake out of here...

once and for all.

Yeah, bro, end this man.
He came for your kids.

- What does he care about?
- I mean, his pops already

checked out,
so that doesn't work.

- He got a girl?
- Nah. That's why he coming at mine.

Yeah, I really don't think Blake
got anything going on right now.

I mean, it's kind of sad.

Maybe that's what
you should talk about.

Hey, yo, pass me my phone.

So you just gonna
go off the dome?

Something like that.

Hey, what's up, world?

I know you heard Blake diss

and you're waiting
for me to reply.

But you gonna
be waiting for years,

because this beef
between me and Blake...

It'll sell records for, like,
one or two weeks,

and then what?
Y'all forget about it,

and then my family gets dragged
through the mud?

Nah, I ain't about that life.

I got two beautiful children

that mean more
than this battle to me.

So I'm deading this right now.

I'm shutting it down.


Yo, what did you just do?

Something that shouldn't even
been there in the first place.

I'm-a go check on my babies.

So, what's good, man?

Look at you.

Yeah, you're looking good.

- Outside treating you well?
- You know.

As well
as it ever treated men like us.

Anybody bothering Quincy?

Nah. I told you
I'd look out for him.

I got to be real
with you, though.

He has had some bad days.

I'm afraid he's gonna crack.

That's why I'm here.

I've been planning
this media blitz thing, Mouse.

It's taking too long, so...

Dre, you fresh out.

Why you still doin' for Quincy

when you need
to just do for you?

Because I can.

And I should.


I need a favor.

Now, it's not a small one,

but I can make it
worth your while.

I'm listening.

Candace, I'm sorry.

I was just being concerned.

I told you, I'm fine.


Well, can you help me, then?

Porsha thinks
I need to be more personal

on Instagram, so...

Maybe we do a video, um, showing
the world how we work together

as a family, as "sistors."
. Let me go get my face on.

- All right.
- Mom, Dad's here.

What?! No!

What are you doing coming here?

You do see I'm at work, right?

I'm not here to fight.
I just need my black suit.

I stopped by the house
to get it and found out

my keys no longer work.
Really, Candace?

If you had gotten your stuff

out of there
when I asked you to...

You need to get out of my house.

- This is not your business.
- This is my house,

so it is.

Franklin, give your father
your keys.

I don't want to.

Do it.

What are y'all looking at?

This is what divorce
looks like, okay?

Mom, I don't want him there.

Son... it'll be okay.

He's in our house.

Please. We need to go.

I'm sorry, Cook. We got to go.

Come on.

What the hell just happened?

They're both scared of Kevin,
that's what happened.

You need something?

I came to invite you
to my house for dinner.

Excuse me?

Jeff, if you and I
are gonna work together,

we need to get
to know each other.

So how about
we break some bread?

Are you serious? You're...

you're inviting me to your home?

I'm not gonna ask you again.

All right.

I'm in.


Eight o'clock.

Hey, Ma.

How you doing today?

I have some good news.

The monster has invited me
into his lair.

I'm getting closer to him.

He thinks he can ambush me.

I will make him pay

for what he did to you.

I swear.

Man, I can't wait till
Juanita come back full-time.

You ever think about how bougie
you sound sometimes, though?

- Man, shut up.
- Just, like, so beyond raggedy.

Shut up. Hey, Jeff.

- Hey.
- Welcome, man. Didn't mean to start without you,

but the mashed potatoes
get cold quick.

I didn't realize
the whole family would be here.

Well, you better hurry up
and make you a plate,

'cause we don't have servants
around here no more.

Did y'all know your brother
was getting married?

You finally sacked up
and told her?

We been knew, Ma. You're late.

Yeah, I'm telling you something,

I'm not sure I'm ready

to see my son marry a dude, but

I have to say, Kai's a nice guy.

Dad, shut up, all right?
Your ass is gonna be

sitting there
like everybody else.

Don't be telling me to shut up.
I'll stab you

- in the neck with a spoon.
- Shut up.

You mean to tell me
I'm the last to know?

- I saved the best for last.
- Boy.

Ma, also, don't nobody want you
putting them on blast

on your social media
or whatever.

First of all, I am

an influencer
on the social media, honey.

I change and touch lives,
if you hadn't noticed.

I have checked out
some of your posts. Very savvy.

I think you're appealing
to an untapped audience.

Thank you.

Jeff, I wanted
to ask you a question.

You're a tech guy.

So, why Empire?

Well, I have
to credit my mother.

She, she raised me
on the Empire sound.

She loved it.

She called it "the new Motown."

Sounds like your mama
had a good grasp for music.

What happened to you?

Greens good, aren't they?


What about you, Lucious?

Why Empire?

What do you mean?

I've read all the articles,

seen all the documentaries.

You used to be a street hustler,
slinging drugs.


Yeah, we did what we had to do
back then, man.

You ever feel guilty about it?

Those drugs ruined a lot
of people's lives.

- Yo, man, ease up on that.
- No, no, no, it's all right.

I'm really happy for Jeff

that he'll never know
what it's like to live without.

But I had three children
to raise, so...

I don't make any excuses for
what I had to do to make sure

- they ate. I'm not gonna apologize for that.
- Damn right.

But when this is over,
when we finish with this meal,

I'm gonna take you
into the studio with my boys,

if they'll come,
and I'll show you

what came out
of all that struggle.

We can have some salt, baby?

You don't need salt, honey.
I seasoned that food just right.


You got it.

Now if I have Hakeem join in,

he adds a whole
nother dimension to it.

Hell yeah.

- Nah.
- He like himself.

That's the thing
about this music.

I mean, it's not something

that you can find
with analytics or on a chart.

You have to understand,
I put that into my sons.

I mean, even Andre.

You can hit him with a problem,
and he's going

to find a thousand different
solutions to that problem.

What I'm saying, Jeff,

is you can't come in here
with catchphrases and

magic words,
like "love" and "family,"

because this is family.

This is love.

This is the alchemy
that-that built the music

that you grew up listening to.

You can't make music
the way you make an app.

If you have the music in you,
then, my God.

But if you don't, then you
should do yourself a favor

and just get out the way

and let us Lyons do what we do.

You feel me?

I think so.

It's great that you have
an education, Jeff,

but you can learn a lot
from Pop, trust me.

Yes... your father is
a great teacher.

Man, I was really feeling
that little melody, though, man.

There you go.

I didn't expect to like it
that much, man.

Come on. Give me that back.

Give me that back.

What'd I tell you? Inviting Jeff
was the right thing.

I didn't think it would work.

But we finally got
the Divas' song

back on track for the showcase.

I got to hand it to you.

You got to hand it to me?

- Yeah.
- What you gonna hand to me?

- I don't know...
- Okay. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Don't y'all know this is a place
of business? Go get a room.

Speaking of business,
I got to get to the studio.

- I love you, baby.
- I love you, too.

- Thanks, Carol.
- You're welcome, Lucious.

- What is it?
- It's Candace.

You know she hasn't shown up and
she's not answering the phone.

That's not like Candace.
She always has that phone.


I say, let's go pay her a visit.

And if Kevin is beating on her,
I'm gonna kill his ass.

You're gonna have
to stand in line.


That looks great.

Now we just have to get
a thousand more printed.


- Yeah?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Listen, um...

About the other night...

I shouldn't have.

Until Quincy gets out,
he's pretty much...

all I can think about.

Yeah. Yeah,
I understand that, um...

We don't have to blow this out
of proportion, you know.

- Right.
- Cool. Great.




Y-Y-You're kidding me?


Does that mean...?

Yeah, yeah. Call me back.

That was our lawyer.

Someone, an inmate,

someone already doing time
confessed to the robbery.

His account matches the
witnesses' initial description.

- So, what, Quincy's getting out?
- The judge has to sign off,

but... yeah.

Yeah, my baby's getting out.

You should've seen the act
he put on in front of me.

Trotting out his family
like some sort

of ghetto
Norman Rockwell painting.

He went on and on about all the
musical talent he gave his sons.

About how Cookie was
his ride-or-die.

He's trying to erase us.

But I won't let that happen.

Diana Dubois said that the way
to hurt Lucious

is to destroy his ego...

destroy his legacy.

I'm going to erase him
from the face of the earth.

How's that for talent, Dad?

What's going on?

- Candace? Kevin!
- Candace! Candace!


Get off her! Franklin!

No, Franklin, no!

I hate you!

Stop it, Franklin, stop, stop!

Candace, are you okay?

- My God.
- Come on.

Come out!

- Stop!
- No, please, stop!

Come out! Come out!

No, stop it!

Please hurry...
he-he's gonna kill my sister.

Please hurry.

- Come on!
- Stop it, Franklin!

Franklin, stop!

Come out! Come out!

Franklin, stop!

Franklin, calm down!

Calm down, baby, please.
Please calm down. Okay?

Just calm down. Just calm down.

Just... Okay. No, no, no,
no, no. Put that down.

The cops are coming.

I need you to put that down,
all right?

Please calm down, okay?

Just calm down.

Is that the police?

Put that...
Put that down, baby. Okay?

They're gonna think
you have a weapon. Please.

Put it down, baby.
Please put it down, okay?

Stay right there. Okay, he-he
doesn't have... he's not armed.

- He's not armed. He's not armed!
- Put your hands up, sir!

Is that police out there?

Just give it a second, please.

- Put your hands up now!
- He's not armed.

- He's not...
- Franklin!

My God! I said he didn't
have a weapon! My God.

- Who else is here?
- M-My sisters.

They-They're in the...
They're in the bathroom, hiding.

You can come out now. He's down!

Franklin! My God.
My God, my baby.

- God.
- Candace, he'll be okay.

They just tased him
to calm him down.

- They had to calm him down.
- You called the police?

- I had to. He was gonna kill you.
- No, wait.

Hey! Calm down,
or else I'll take you both in!

Take him where?

We got to take him downtown,

No, no, you can't take him

He's just 19, Officer.
He's a baby.

He didn't mean it.
He didn't mean it.

He didn't, Officer.
Listen. Officer.

My son has mental issues, and
he's normally perfectly calm.

All right, we'll take that

- into consideration...
- If he takes his medicine.

And notify the proper
authorities, all right?

- Now, make a list of all of his meds.
- No, no, no, Officer.

And bring it downtown to the
precinct with you, okay?

Listen to me, he's got
mental issues, okay?

Don't hurt him.
Don't hurt my baby.

Wait, Candace... Candace.

No, stay away from me, Cookie.

You called the police on my son!

You could have
gotten him killed.


You are not my sister.

I never want to see you again.


I mean, he was gonna kill her.

It's okay. It's okay.

What did she want me to do?

He was gonna kill her.

He was gonna kill her.

It's okay, Cook.

Hey, y'all.

It's Cookie.

I can't hide this

so I might as well... be honest.

Someone I love very much
did this to me.

No, no, no, no, no.

I-It w-wasn't Lucious
or my sons.

It was a very troubled child.

And I had to make a choice.

I did something I never thought
I'd have to do.

I called the police

because I needed to save
one loved one from another.

And when the cops got there,
I was so scared.

I was scared because...

I thought I would lose someone
I love so much

to a cop's bullet.

Well, that's what it's like
to be black

and brown in this country.

My God...

Who do we call?

Who do we call
when we need help?

Who will protect us?

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Media Access Group at WGBH.

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