Empire (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Empire - full transcript

In an effort to sign more artists, Cookie and Lucious make a bet to see who can find someone first. While Lucious bets on the chance to meet an up and coming rapper in a high stakes poker ...

- May we rise.
- Like we always do.

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- Previously on Empire...
- Do y'all remember the three

black divas? They are back!

- Please marry me. I love you.
- I love you.

- How do you know I'm adopted?
- I know your real mom.

I was in prison with her.

- You're all screwed up, and you need help.
- You can be strong.

Look, you ain't got to do it
for me. Do it for your babies.

You ain't care about my baby
when you killed their mother.

Yo, when I heard
that Blake wrote...

Blake wrote? So you told her
you wrote my song, brah?

Yeah, you want a midnight snack?

I'll bring the Cookie,
you bring the milk.

Are you serious?

Wait a minute. Why
it smell like a barn in here?

And why does that boy look
like his ass stink?

- How long y'all been down here?
- No, no. We've been

at it long enough
for our boy to realize

that monster
that lives in him is back.

He has found himself.
I mean, do you remember

when I stayed in the studio,

it was, like, 72 hours, right?

Trying to do two albums.

What I was doing
is what he's doing.

I was exorcising my demons.

He's getting it out of him now.

You know? Let him stay in there

and you can save me a little bit
of that for later.

No. What he needs

to exercise, Lucious,
is a washcloth,

- and he needs some sleep, Lucious.
- Baby...

Don't "baby" me.

This is a family business,

so I expect you
to take care of our son.

- Hey...
- Forget that,

then you can forget about these,

and you can forget
about this for sure.

- Can't forget that.
- No.

- It's unforgettable.
- Clean this place up.

Did you know that,
with new medical advances,

somebody with HIV will probably

live longer than someone
with type 2 diabetes?

Isn't that interesting?

You know something else
you didn't know?

If Jamal thought
Kai needed your help,

I think he would ask you.

Our son loves this man,

for real, okay,

and I don't want to be ignorant

to what Kai might be
going through,

so I'm educating myself, okay?

So why don't you just trust him?

You know, maybe then
you don't have to worry so much.

That's all I'm saying.

Well, what about all the artists
we should have signed,

like, yesterday?
Can I worry about that?

Well, we just signed Devon
to Def Jam, and...

And we're about
to lose everything

if we don't get
any more cash flowing

through this brand-new company,

Baby, will you please relax?

Your man is doing his part.

Thirsty's on his way over here
right now,

and we're finalizing our plans
to get Carlito

under Lyon Family Management.

That's real cash right away.

I will still probably
sign someone faster than you.

Is that a challenge?

Whoever brings in
the first artist

gets on top tonight.

Carlito's manager plays
in a high-stake poker game

every Wednesday,
and he's damn good.

But word on the street...
He's on the tilt.

How does that help me?

He's got a bit of
a gambling problem.

Cleaned out his bank account,
mortgaged his home, everything.

- Everything except...
- Carlito.


You got to get me a seat
at that table, man.

Already done.

Thurston Rawlings.

Before we get the accolades
going, there is a catch.

The game got
a half-a-million-dollar buy-in.

Blinds are 250 and 500.

I'm gonna assume you ain't got
that kind of money lying around?

Yeah. Damn.

What good is a little poker...

without a little bluffing?

You're snoring... again.

Pretty sure I wasn't.

Heavy breathing, however,

Come on.

Hey, get up.

We've been loved up in this
damn apartment for three days.

"So when you asking him?"

I told you your mom was gonna
Meghan Markle our wedding plans.

No, this is Becky.

She's just...
confirming tonight.

Sure you don't want to cancel?

No. Even when I was in London,

I didn't cancel
our FaceTime dates.

Cannot start now.

You're engaged.

Might be time
for some new rules?

New rule...
Don't be looking at me

- like that when I'm trying to explain something.
- Fine.

One hour. If she's still here,

when I get back,
I'm getting buck-ass naked,

- Hey.
- Getting my man and we are going

back to bed.

- All right, you put it like that...
- Yeah.

All right, here we go.

Hey, everybody. Yes!

Good job putting this together,

I see you!
I'm gonna see what you got, too.

Girl, this turnout is
everything. I see you!

Yes, we're gonna sign somebody
in here.

They're ready to perform.
Let's get this over with.

Got your speech for the crowd.

Child, I know how
to talk to the people.

All right, y'all, listen up.

Here we go.

Five boroughs in five days,
and we gonna start right here...

That's right...
In Harlem's Riverside Park.

Why? Because Lyon
Family Management is looking

for artists
that got something to say.

And we know we can find it
right here in these streets.

That's right.

So I want you
to hear me when I say this.

You don't need everybody
to believe in you.

All you need is one somebody.

And she's standing right here
in front of you.

Cookie, I love you!

So bring it!

All right, the money's all there
and window clean.

Y'all don't have to secure it
to the back first?

- No, we're good.
- It's all there.

- Nathan...
- Yes.

- Thank you, baby.
- You got it, man.

All the way.

All right,
look, not for nothing,

but can you really play?

I mean, if I remember correctly,

that Derrick Adams was
a wedding gift to Cookie.

Man, this cat's been handling
art transactions for years.

He... He'll... He's gonna
keep it on the shelf.

Get this back before
Cookie even knows it's gone.

Tell me about this poker game,

At the old Hampton estate,

each guest shall be met by
Miss Shelby. She runs the game.

The evening guests shall be...

the easiest mark in the room,
Dr. Dave Smith,

Maureen Lowenstein,

revolutionized hedge-funding
in the late eighties.

Then we got Vincent Green,
Hollywood heartthrob

turned world-class poker player.

Nikolay Stanislaski,

father of the New York
Chechen Mafia. Enough said.

Karl Binyan, Carlito's manager.
We get Binyan in the red,

he'll be forced
to put Carlito in the pot.

- Any questions?
- Yeah.

Think I need a new suit?

- Thank you. Thank you.
- You can go..

We'll-we'll call you.

Only if this next one
got a blip of talent.

Trust. He's got mad flow.

Well, how in the hell
would you know?

'Cause it runs in the family.
This my play cousin.

Porsha, look,
ain't nobody got time

for your play nepotism.

Really, Cookie Lyon,
mother of Andre,

Jamal and Hakeem Lyon?

What is your name, young man?

I go by Big City.

Why so nervous, Big Town?

It's Big City,
and you'd be nervous, too,

if Cookie Lyon is staring
you down. Now give us a chance.

- Us?
- Yes. He needs an introduction, okay?

- Yeah.
- Wow. Yeah. Just... wow.

- Yeah.
- Hey, all right.

Well, Porsha, first of all,
I didn't know

you had it in you, girl.

Well, not me. I'm just reppin'
for my boy Big City.

I'm talking about him.

Yeah, see, that's why I don't
give your ass compliments,

'cause you don't know how to
just shut up and say thank you.

Okay, thank you. And my boy...
What you think?

You got the skills. You just
don't have the confidence

to go with it, but you...
you on your way.

I'm gonna need you to drop some
mix tapes, hit a couple clubs.

- Respect, queen, respect.
- Yes, you do that, baby.

You come back and see me.

- Keep plugging.
- You did good. You got this. -Okay.

- Hello.
- Are you...?

No cutsies.

You sure
you're in the right place?

If you're Cookie Lyon, I am.

I'm Elizabeth Landry.

Maya's mom.

Becky, I'm telling you,
this is going to be a hit.

I'm taking it to
Essence Fest this summer.

Now, I know that I got us
kicked out of Essence Fest,

but I did not get us
banned for life.

You tried
to take your tube top off.

Come in here.

You hear this?


Let's take five, guys.

So, the Three Bland Decrepits

are a thing of the past.

Please stop chasing yesterday.

I'm sorry, are you serious?

Are you not hearing
what we hear?

What Becky is trying
to say, Jeff...

- You know what?
- Sis.

Becky just said exactly what
Becky was trying to say.

- I'm gonna go cool down.
- Okay.

Take a minute, Becky.

- Jeff...
- Giselle, I feel like a broken record.

The data shows that TBD can
never make as much as they cost.

Well, they would if they had

a record label
that supported them.

- Have the hard conversation.
- They...

I am dropping them.

Ooh, this song goes hard, man.

Blake ain't gonna be ready
for this diss track.

A'ight. That's ballgame.


Okay, you are not gonna believe

what Kingsley said to me today.
He was talk...

Um, I'm so confused.
Where is your onesie?

Right, the onesie.

I just... I haven't even had
a second to get it together.

Why, 'cause you been all up
underneath your new man?

Can we not do that today?

I might have to cut it
a little short, though,

'cause I did promise Kai
that I...

You promised Kai. You know,
give me my damn snacks.

Where are you going? Becky.

Siri, find me a new best friend
who will watch Insecure

and not flake on me every time
he's got a new boyfriend.

- I'm out of here.
- I'm... Becky, look, I'm trippin'.

Okay? I'm being a complete ass.

- Agreed.
- I am.

So just stay.

And you'll wear the onesie?

Yes, girl,
I'll wear the damn onesie.

Good evening, Mr. Lyon.

Aren't we short a player?

Dr. Smith has been detained
at the hospital,

but the next gentleman
on our wait list

should be here shortly.


You a regular here, Mr. Lyon?

I intend to be.

And you are?

I'm Damon Cross.

I hope you're ready.

'Cause I'm a game changer.

Maya, pass the bong. Here.

So you see why your mom
is upset, right?

She knows you're smoking up.

You done snitched on yourself.

She's just angry that
I'm not letting her control me.

- I didn't post that.
- I knew

there was something up when
you stopped returning my calls.

I should've...
I should've tried harder.

Look, how do we fix this?

- Hey, babe.
- Hey.

Hey, you all right?

Yeah, I'm good.

Um, this is Cookie.

My mom sent her to spy on me.

- Hi. Evan.
- Evan.

Don't you have
somewhere to go, Cookie?

Where you from, Evan?




Father died when I was five.

Raised by my mother.

And my dad's
significant trust fund.

- NYU, right?
- Yeah.

Okay, so, you have any plans
when you graduate?

I open up clubs
all over the globe.

With a bit of help
of the trust fund.

I mean, obviously.

- One last thing.
- Yeah.

Stop posting your videos
on Snapchat

because it's stupid, obviously.

I'll call you later, okay?


Come on, where's
y'all competitive spirit,

ladies and gentlemen?

This is only money.
You can't take it with you.

It can't buy you happiness.
Right, Lucious?

I'm sorry, I...

You and me are on
a first-name basis now... Damon.

All right.

I'm all in.

Quarter mil, please.

I'm afraid
this is your final borrow.

Shall we?


There we go.

My apologies, but, um...

what is it that you do?

Man, no apologies.

Unlike you,
I avoid the limelight.

I'm a money guy.

VC? Investment banking?
Hedge fund?

I don't like labels.

But people
who need my services...

They know I'm the best
at what I do.

I don't even know why he wants

to run a music label
in the first place.

He clearly hates music.


What's so funny? My pain?

I'm sorry, boo. I'm so sorry.

No, no, no.

These are mine.
Have you been eating these?

Yeah, my bad.

I got hungry.

No, hon, these are...

these are my edibles.

- Your what?
- My edibles.

What? Becky,
I can't eat no damn edibles.

I'm in recovery. I don't
even celebrate 420 anymore.

Well, why you eating them?

Why the hell
you bring them over here?

For my anxiety.

I just like to get high.

Why the hell would...

Are you okay?

Becky, I...

It's your phone.

You gonna have to just
breathe through this, okay?


- Are you...?
- Kai's coming home.


- Hide. Hide.
- What is your...?

Hide from what?

From who? Kai?

- Why are you hiding?
- Becky!

Sorry, Juanita.



Wake up.

Come on, man. Come on, get up.

Take a shower, man.

Where Chicken and Marcel at?

They went home.

Now prove to me I don't need
to be worried about you.

Take a shower
and let's get something to eat.

- Shh, shh.
- Shh.

Just freeze.
I'm gonna tell you something.

- Shush. That's what I got to tell you. Shush.
- No.

You two are aware that
I can see and hear you, right?

That's why I told you shush.

- Hey, Kai.
- Hi.

Babe, Becky messed me up.

And now all of my...

all sobriety chips are gone.

Wow. Okay, first of all,

I didn't even offer it to you.
You just went through my bag,

and now you throwing me under
the bus for your man tonight?

- But you don't even understand, B.
- Sure don't.

That's what I'm saying.
Babe, she don't understand.

- Okay, okay, then explain it to us, then, Jamal.
- I don't.

I will.

sometimes I feel like...

even you two don't know
what it's like to be me.

Exactly, and you can't talk
to anybody about it,

'cause everybody's like,
"Don't nobody want to hear

about some good-looking,
sexy as hell R&B god."

- Or whatever. I know that that sounds ridiculous.
- My God. R&B god?

- Is that what you think my inner...? Okay.
- Back. Back, back, back.

Do you know what it's like
to be me? It ain't been easy.

All alone, like a loser.

We're all in this together.

- Psycho.
- But you like that.

- I like that.
- Okay.


Cookie, say hey.

- Girl, get that out of my face.
- You on live.

It's dinnertime, y'all,

and even Cookie Lyon
gets hungry.

But she never gives up.

We will be back
in Riverside Park

to finish out Manhattan Day
in a couple of hours.

Um, hey, we gon' find that star.


All right,
see you after the break.

We did find a star, you know.

I hope you're not talking

about your fake cousin,
Lil Town.

- Big City.
- Right.

And I'm talking about you.

Your followers
and your impressions are way up.

People are saying
if Simon Cowell and lyanla

had a baby, it would be you.


- Hello?
- You have a collect call

from the Manhattan
Police Department.

To accept the call,
please press one.

Who is this calling me
from jail?

Who is this?

It's Maya.

- Something ain't right with your story, Maya.
- I told you everything.

Yeah, you told me everything
to keep me

from asking you
the million-dollar question.

- What are you talking about?
- Why were you carrying stuff

for a supposed club promoter?

Tell me that.

Well, because he...

Okay. So, I went
to the laundromat,

and-and a guy named Sh...


Go ahead.

A guy named Ship
identified himself,

just like Evan said he would,

and, um, I gave him the bag
and then he gave me

the money, and it was like,
as soon as I took the bag fr...

Yeah, he flashed his badge,
and all of a sudden

cops were everywhere, right?

How di-how did you know that?

Because I'm from these
damn streets, Maya, okay?

You are just a middle-class
black-white girl who knows

how to tell a fake Balenciaga
bag from the real one,

'cause that's what you do.
I can tell the difference

from a real drug dealer
and a undercover cop,

'cause that's what I do.


I feel really stupid.

Come here.

You're not stupid, sweetheart,

you're just dumb in love.

Cookie, I can't...
I can't be with him.

I know that.

So will you come help me
get my stuff?

I sure as hell will.


You got a minute, boy genius?

What's up?

I believe in analytics just...
w... almost as much as you do.

I just want to make sure

that you're inputting
the proper values

before we dump
a potential cash cow.

Three Black Divas sold out every
date on their east coast tour.

That success piqued the interest

of Andy Cohen and Steve Wynn.

If we cut them now

we're just
leaving money on the table.

Going backwards to pick up
pennies from the past

is not going to help Empire
get to its very bright future.

Please do what I said.

This isn't about TBD.

It's about the Lyons.

The success of TBD
would be a victory

for Cookie and Lucious.

And you'd rather
destroy the careers

of these talented singers
than risk Lucious

getting the credit
for their success, right?

Do you hear yourself
right now, Giselle?

You sound crazy.

It does sound crazy, doesn't it?

Focus. Focus.

Focus, focus, focus, focus.

Y'all, I have an idea.

Y'all, I have an idea.

Yo, what's your idea?

No, I ain't got no idea, I was
just being supportive of you.

I was just, like, trying to give
back to my community,

- you know what I mean?
- Jamal. Baby...

- I love you!
- I love you.


I'm begging...
What's-what's your idea?

My God.

A'ight... we should play
truth or dare.

Snap. True...

- Truth!
- Hey... No one asked a question yet.

is scared of clowns, right?

- True.
- That's true, that's true.

Jamal got hella smelly feet.

- Ooh. True, true.
- Like, gross, bee-ba soo-rah,

- trash.
- True, true.

That's true-true.
Also, also, um, all of Jamal's,

like, ex-boyfriends... and he's
got a lot, 'cause, like, he's

low-key ho-key, you know what
I mean? You know-you know what,

- Michael's my favorite.
- But who said that, though?

That's true, true, true.

Okay, this is not
how you play, but, truth

Kai... put himself
through law school

as an exotic dancer named.

Chocolate and Dynamite.

Pow! Pow!

If Michael was so special,

why do I have
a ring on my finger?


You proposed to him
and you didn't tell me?

Yo! Hey, yo, listen,

listen, listen, listen.
To Giselle and Becky.

Cheers. Hell yeah. Get that!

And Jeff Kingsley's

new vision for Empire.

- Okay, yeah!
- Get a little more on that.

Jeff, my ass.

I think you need
to give yourself

a little more credit, ladies.

Because what Jeff Kingsley

doesn't realize is that...

you pulled yourself up from nothing.

Hey. Got that right.

- You put in your time.
- Yeah.

- You paid your dues.
- Yes.

- And your moment is right now.
- All right.

And Jeff Kingsley

doesn't have a vision...

he's got a computer.

Okay, well,
what's wrong with that?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...

Why was he really
in the studio today?

He was... minding my business.

The real reason.

He's a chump.

And a bitch.

And he wants to drop you
from the label.

- What?
- Wh-What... the hell you...?

I don't-I don't unders...

We just killed in there.

- What?
- He don't know.

Wow. I don't unders... I
don't understand. What?

It's because he don't know
nothing about nothing.

- Wait a minute...
- Don't you worry, though.

I got this.

He's a digital...

- scumbag.
- No, no, no, no. No, we-we...

we been working really hard.

This, right here... this is what
makes you miss the Lyons.

'Cause at least they knew
what we were worth.


I thought we agreed, man...
Shower and dinner.

No time.

I listened to your diss track.

- It's lit, right?
- I heard a lot of pain.

I think you should
talk to somebody. A therapist.

That ain't me. You holding
the crazy spot in the family.

Then I should know
when somebody needs help, right?

Rapping is my therapy.

Look at you.

It's not working.
Don't you want to be

the best father you can be?
Do it for your kids.

I am a great father.

And I grew up without Moms.

And I damn sure
don't need no therapist

to tell me how much that hurt.

I never wanted Bella
to go through that.

But you did that to her.

Does November 25
mean anything to you?

It's Rhonda's due date.

I was going to be a father.

My son would have been
five years old now.

Anika killed him, Hakeem.

And I'm not trying to go
tit for tat with you on this.

I am sorry
for the pain I caused you.

But you ain't, though.

I am.

You're my baby brother, Hakeem.

I never meant
to hurt you or Bella.

And I swear to you...

I'm gonna spend
the rest of my life

making up for that.

Hakeem, I need us both
to understand

what we've been through.

Can you do that?

You know what?

I'm leaving.

Becky, come on, man, I told you that
I was going to, - Let me get my stuff.

- So just chill, it's all love.
- Let me just get my stuff.

You heard it, Potato Chip?

I definitely heard it.

Tell him to kiss your ass.

You guys are both right.

- Kiss my ass!
- Becky...

- Bye!
- Wait, wait, wait. Becky, Becky...

Just let her go,
just let her go.

You really don't
want me here, do you?

Of course he does.
Becky, we both do.

Jamal's just
being an ass right now.

Well, then I'm waiting
for my apology.


Becky, please stay.

Do you promise
he's the last one?

Literally, yes.

For the rest of my life.

Good, because I'm sick of it.

And, truth...

when you went missing, I didn't
even really feel nothing.

Wow. Okay. . That's rude.

- I wasn't sad, hurt... none of that.
- Okay, I mean,

- that's important information for him to hear.
- Yeah, that's just my truth.

- That... This...
- But... but... let me finish my truth.

Like, if you died
right this second...

You know, like, right this...
this second?

I would feel, um...
I would be sad

- if you died right now.
- Thanks.

I would be sad if I died too.

Um, you got to come...
you got to come hug me now,

since we-we in the family.
We-we family now.

Go under, though,
'cause I like to be up.

- Come on, come on. Go un...
- Okay, okay, got that. I'm glad you said something. Okay.

I'm-a caress you.

Mal? Mal?

Try to get in on this?

- 'Cause we... we're family now,
- Baby?

- So we got to...
- There you go.

- What the hell is taking you so lo...
- Hey. Cookie.

It's.. Cookie,
I changed my mind.

You changed your mind?

Or that bastard smirking

in the corner over there
changed your mind?

The reason that he couldn't
bail me out, Cookie,

is because the way
his trust fund...

Sweetie, listen to me.

That boy don't
care about you, okay?

He cares about
somebody like you,

someone foolish enough

to carry his packages around
and not snitch

on his narrow ass
if you get caught.

He doesn't love you, Maya.
That's not love.

And you do?

Cookie, you introduced me
to my convict birth mother.

You turned my world upside down.

That's not fair,

'cause Poundcake
really loved you, Maya.

And I-I thought you should know.

Yeah, but for one second,
Cookie, did you think

that maybe me finding out
that I'm a product

of a jailhouse rape
might mess me up?

I'm sorry.

I guess Queen Cookie
doesn't know everything,

does she?

'Cause you surely don't know
anything about love,

because if you did,
you wouldn't be with a man

who let you rot in jail
for 17 years,

and-and with Hakeem,

on stage playing
"drop the mic" with a gun?

Cookie, you have
your own family to fix.

No. Honestly,
what are you doing here?


Look at all those people waiting
for you to change their lives.

How do you feel
about that, Cookie?

I think...

I think...

I don't have all the answers.

And the answers I do have,

they ain't the right ones.

Listen to me,
sounding all shocked.

Who the hell do I think I am?

Thinking I can fix

and save everything.

I... I can't even
fix my own family.

You know what, Cookie?

I'm-a just gonna go ahead
and stop this.


I mean, what do I know?

What do I know except music?

I know a hit when I hear one.

So, five boroughs in five days.

Bring it.

You never game me my shoes,

Put up or shut up, man.

Come on,
you Al B. Sure! Lookin'...

You ain't nothin', Lyon.

Yeah, that's a lot coming
from your broke ass.

What you got?

Hey, spot me 250.

I got this.

This is my turn. I got this.

You're on the tilt, Mr. Binyan.

I've already cut you off.

I'm sorry, but you'll have to
fold the hand

if you cannot meet
Mr. Lyon's bet.

I will tell you what, sexy.

If you're so certain about them

pretty little cards
in your hand, why don't you

just put Carlito right there
on top of the pile?

We can toss the cards over
and winner take all.

You're bluffing.


Or maybe not.


Three tens.

But, oops.


I look forward to Carlito
coming by the house

and meeting his new mommy
and daddy

with Lyon Family Management.

Nobody move!

Put your hands up! Don't...

Get all that money.

- Man!
- Get your hands up!

- Let's go.
- Get your hands up!

I wouldn't do that if I was you.

Get your hands up!

- My God.
- All right.

Get all that money.

Everybody be cool.

Nobody move, nobody get hurt.

Man with a plan, man.

My idea is never enter
a building...

if you don't have
an exit strategy.

I owe you.

I'm looking forward to seeing
what you're gonna do

with Lyon Family Management.

Word on the street,
you coming strong.

Well, you know Lyons,

that's all we do is come strong.

All right.

I'm telling you, your...
our plan was perfect.

Automatic weapons, masks...

We got four million dollars.

And you won Carlito, right?

- Yeah.
- The plan...

was damn near perfect.

Near perfect?

I went to pick up
the Derrick Adams.

Your boy sold it.

I know.

I mean, some corporate buyer

made him a deal
he couldn't refuse.

I am tracking it down now.

I'm getting a copy printed until
we get the original back.

Cookie won't even notice it.

Get me that damn painting.

I was wondering where you were.

Thought you'd be upstairs
in bed,

waiting for me to come
and climb up on top.

You know what? You are not sexy

when you're feeling yourself
like this.

Damn. What's wrong with you?

I thought I'd get
a chuckle or something.

- What's wrong?
- It's just,

I feel like we're moving
too fast, you know?

Like, we're making
all of these decisions,

and we're not
thinking them through.


I've found that you and me,
we make our very best decisions

when we come from our gut
and then we move.

That's how and why...

we get...

what we want and need
from this life.

Well, isn't this special?

You know I love you, right?

Why you being all extra?

I wouldn't be extra

if you weren't writing lyrics

that sound like
you want to kill somebody.

Ma, I had to get it out.

But I'm good.

This ought to be interesting.

We have a proposition for you.


Hey, Lucious.

If you want to make some money,
you'll invite us in.

Honey, we've got guests.

Can we get on with this, please?

Now, Mr. Lyon still needs to pay
his respects at the gravesite.


Last time we talked, you said
that you did not know this man.

Please tell me
you're not interrupting

my client's grieving

to repeat back to him
what he already told you.

This is a total waste of time.
This is a waste of time

- and FB...
- No, Thirst, wait.

He wouldn't have driven
all the way up here

unless he thought
he had something...

worth showing me.

Go ahead.

Well, you might not know
Damon Cross.

But your wife certainly does.

In fact, they look
downright friendly.

Care to explain?

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