Empire (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Empire - full transcript

Lucious and Cookie prep their new artist Devon (guest star Mario) for a premiere listening party, but worry he may not be ready for that kind of pressure. Hakeem is determined to convince Tiana that he's matured, but she has a har...

- May we rise.
- Like we always do.

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Previously on Empire...

Empire showed me
a whole nother world.

And I turned it down.
You guys made me feel

- like I was home.
- It kills me

not to be able
to protect my son in there.

If you want it, it's yours.
It's a new song.

I'll record it with you,
but it's just for us.

We haven't heard anything
from Kai in 48 hours.

- They found his wallet and his cell phone.
- No, Ma.

We continue to track
the latest information

regarding missing reporter
Kai Givens,

who has now been missing
for five days.

I can't even imagine
my life without him.

You know, when I had
my heart attack,

you know what kept me alive?

Your crazy-ass sons?

Yeah, of course my babies did,

but it was your father's face.

Yeah, knowing I had
that kind of love

to come back to
kept me fighting,

and that kind of love
is gonna keep Kai fighting, too.

Mark my word.

I hope so.

For what has
happened to this news team,

and there have been
no demands for ransom.


Answer the phone, boy. Here.



Okay, yeah.


Thank you.

They found Kai.

I told you, boy! Come here.

So they brought him back.
They brought him back here.

- Yes.
- He's-he's at the hospital.

I'm telling you, Jackson,
you ain't heard talent like this

since back in the day
when you was still my intern.

That was
a long time ago, Lucious.

Back when dripping a Lyon chain
around your neck

made you somebody.

It's true, though.

Devon's got
what I'm looking for,

but a demo ain't
enough anymore, Lu.

Wait, since when?

I mean, talent,
true talent, that don't change.

This kid?

No. Devon. Remember that.

He lucky you backing him.

Otherwise he'd get lost
in the shuffle.

Hit me up when you got
more for me to hear.

You know, actually,
um, we're hosting

this listening party
this Friday.

Um, thought I'd come by here
and give you first crack at him

since you and me go way back,
but we can do it your way.

I'm-a have a couple other
industry folk there,

and I tell you,
this might get real cutthroat

when y'all see him perform live,
so bring your best offer, man.

It's been two years, gentlemen.

Fratres, usque in sempiternum.

Frat brothers forever.

How you doing, man?
It's been a minute.

Yeah, that's what happens
when you get locked up.

I'm kidding.

Damn, you'd think you all
just got out from serving time.

Come on now, loosen up.

Andre Lyon is in the building
with you guys. Come on, now.

Heard you getting back
into the family business.

Yeah, you know,
it's like a start-up.

Everybody's pitching in
and hanging in there

till we get into the black.

Do you need us to throw
some consulting cases your way?

With my record,
that might be complicated.

Come on, we all know
you're not a real criminal.

Yeah, my-my conviction's
pretty real.

Yeah, but you're not one of
these dangerous animals

they need to just lock up
and throw away the key.


not everybody in there
is an animal, you know?

Yeah, yeah,
but you are one of us.

- To Andre.
- Andre.


- Hi. Kai Givens.
- Right over there.

He's right there, Mom.

- Kai. Hey. You okay?
- Hey.

Come here.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm all right.


My God.

Thank goodness.

It's so good to see you.

- Baby.
- Can I see that smile?

- Come on.
- Can I see that smile, please?

- That's what got me home.
- I told you.

- Didn't I tell you that?
- She literally did.

She did. Don't you scare
my baby like that again.

- Never. I promise.
- Okay.

- Welcome back, sweetheart.
- Thank you.

- What happened? What happened?
- Me and my crew got ambushed.

Th-They were chasing us,
and I-I don't know how,

but we escaped and then
made it across the border.

Ooh, look at you, a hero.

Hate to interrupt, but,
if you give us the room,

I'll wrap this up and you can
have him all to yourself.

- Yeah.
- No, no, nah, no, no. Don't worry about it, Doc.

This-this is family.

- Come on.
- Your arm laceration is minor.

The stitches should dissolve
within the week.

Your labs came back.

Your viral load
is slightly elevated.

It's to be expected.

You've been off your HIV meds,

and your immune system
was fighting

to keep your wound
from getting infected.

We'll have
your viral load levels

back to undetectable in no time.

Excuse me. Yeah, hey, Jamal.

Let's give them some privacy.

Yeah, yeah. I love you.

- I love you, too.
- I love you.

All right. Okay.

Why is that doctor saying
all those words in there

like Kai has HIV?


um, 'cause Kai
does have HIV, Mom.


Okay, so you just gonna
let him get you sick?

- Are you sick, Jamal?
- No, Mom.

Kai's undetectable
when he's on his meds,

which makes it almost impossible
to transmit the virus,

and I'm on PrEP.

PrEP? What the hell is that?
Are you prepping to die?

It's for people like me
who are HIV-negative

so that we don't get infected.

This ain't something new, Ma.

It ain't like
it's just for the gays.

So you acting like
ain't no side effects?

What do you know?

Wh-What is this stuff
doing to your body?

I do. And, yes, there are.

But I made the decision
as a grown man

to do what I have to do
to live a healthy life

with the man that I love.

Now, I'm done talking
about my sex life.

Kai's home, Mom. That's amazing.

Please do not ruin this.

Better to ruin one moment
than the rest of your life.

He is my life.

Hey. You okay?

Yeah, of course.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

"Everything you need to know
about living with HIV"?

Can you not
roll up on me like that?

Well, you invited us over

to help plan
Devon's listening party.

Three days ain't much time.

I'm not lifting a finger
until you explain...

- why were you googling HIV?
- Okay, first of all, zip it.

Can you keep your voice down?

Second of all, I'm just trying

to figure out if
I'm gonna sign this artist

who has AIDS, that's all.


Ooh, ooh.


Um, w-what's this bruise?
What happened?

What bruise? Let me see.

We saw you and Kevin
fighting the other day.

My husband wouldn't dare.

Things just got a little
rowdy at spin class, that's all.

So do you spin with
your hands or your feet?

I'm confused.

Back to this artist.

Cook, don't do it.
You can't trust those people.

Here she go
with her judgmental ass.

Did I tell y'all
about the scandal

that happened at my church
this past year?

- No, and I don't have time.
- Nope, not interested.

- Ooh, my pastor...
- My God.

He was caught sleeping
with a few good men

and passed on AIDS
to the first lady.

God rest her soul.

We black women, we're the ones
that are dying from this.

The hell this got to do
with the artist?

Those people that catch
this disease are reckless

- and just irresponsible.
- Please, stop.

"Those people" are human.

- Where's your compassion?
- All I'm saying is, Cook,

why risk exposing your brand-new
company and your family to this?

My gosh.

I have to get up.
I have to get up.

Babe. So, you know that thing

with Kai missing,
got me thinking

that our time is precious
together, every second.

Let me.


So, you agree?
I can move back in?

Hold on.
We're not back together.

But we should be.
I'm not drinking or fighting.

I know.

Look, I can't do this right now.

I have to get my pitch ready
for Kingsley.

Have to.

Walking around
with that gun on your hip

is not gonna bring back
what we lost.

You understand that, right?

Guys are so silly.

The Realtor's
still waiting for us

- to put our offer in.
- Do you think that this is

the right time?

Eddie practically sidelined me.

We need a big enough
space for our babies,

somewhere we could be together
and be safe.

You want to come feel, Bella?

- Okay, ooh. You feel it?
- Love you.

Babe. Babe.

I think my water just broke.

You understand that, right?

Yeah, I know that, babe,

but I'm not gonna be caught up
like that again, for nobody.

I'm-a prove to you I'm ready
to come home to my family.


But be serious this time.

All right, I need
to get back to work.

That's promising.

Um, the delivery's
kind of slick.

Smooth. I'm all about smooth.

No. Smooth is something
you got to earn, brother.

I mean slick like...
I don't feel it.

You-you barely let me
get through the first verse.

I got an idea for the bridge.
Check this out.

You're holding back.

I mean, a higher love
don't mean a damn thing

if it's not coming
from a higher place...

- No. Stop, stop, stop.

Getting louder doesn't mean
I'm gonna feel it more.

Okay, here comes the hook.

Stop it.

What is this?

Okay, it's rough, but I wanted
y'all to hear it first.

Sonically, it's... it's what
I want for my comeback album.

You want to hinge
your whole comeback

on a glorified feature
for an unsigned artist?

Um, no, but this track
really speaks my truth.

About your barely-literate
baby daddy, Hakeem Lyon?

Why are you conjuring up
this fool

instead of the agreed upon
buzzwords of "family"

and "growing up"
that we discussed?

Analytics is not artistry.

Nor is it real life, Kingsley.

Scrap it, all of it.

- You serious?
- What?

Start over.

Start ov... over?

I'm gonna round up
some new producers.

I'm sorry.
Managing artistic temperament

really isn't his forte.

- You mean talking to humans?
- Exactly.

Just sit tight. I got you. Just
let me work on him, all right?

Let me see
who else I can drum up.

All you got to do is lay back.

Here you go.

I don't feel right.
Can you get my doctor?

It's okay, sweetie.
That's just the contractions.

You're not dilated enough yet,
so sit tight.

I know what I felt.
Hakeem, make them do something.

Nurse, she's high-risk.

There's nothing abnormal here.



Prep the OR, stat!
Page Dr. Green!

She told everybody!

I'm so tired of people
telling me what's best for me.

Okay, I'm actually the reason

that you're back on Empire's
radar in the first place.

- Take that down some.
- No.

I have kids to provide for.

And you would understand
if you had your own.

Having children is no excuse
for ignoring label protocol.

Well, look, I didn't make
the rules around here,

so why do I have to follow them?

I'm done sitting tight, Becky.

I'm done.

Hey, baby!
Why don't you get in here

and have some of my world famous

Philly cheesesteak sandwiches?

You only make those
when you're frustrated,

so what's going on?


I'll tell you one thing,
his instrument is amazing.

Technically, his voice
is spot-on, but...

- But?
- He ain't the cure for nothing.

He don't believe in nothing.

You don't believe a thing
coming out of his mouth.

He got no soul.

Okay, well, you better get
his ass all the way together.

Because without him,
the Lyon Family Management

is gonna be dead
before it even started.

You know who could help.

You need to get him over here.

Kai just got home.

- That boy ain't coming out for days.
- Okay.

That boy need to get his ass
back to work.

You know it and I know it.

Yeah, I know that voice.
What's wrong?

Kai has HIV.

I know.

I almost passed out when I heard
the doctors last night.

- So Jamal...
- No, no, no, no. Jamal is fine right now.

What the hell are we gonna do?

We mind our own damn business.

- What?
- Kai is a grown-ass man

that managed to climb his way
out of a hostile foreign country

without a passport,
without a cell phone...

That's very heroic,
but that ain't got nothing to do

with a disease
that can kill your ass.

What I'm saying
is he's a very determined man.

If he wants to be with Jamal
and Jamal wants to be with him,

there ain't nothing
we can do about it.

I mean, if it's wrong, they'll
pay for it in the next life.

Well, look at...
Who am I talking to right now?

Is this, is this Lucious
or is this Dwight?

Hello! Who is this?

It's me.

Well, I'm not gonna sit by

and watch my son risk his life

because he thinks
he's in love again.

Okay, try and stop him.

You can't tell him
who he gonna be in love with

or who's gonna
be in love with him

or what he gonna do
with his damn life.

I tried it. It don't work.

It's none of our business...

I'm telling you, baby,
leave it alone.

Okay. Silence in the studio.

We doing that good?
What's up, man? I'm Jamal.

- What's up, man? Nice to meet you.
- Hey. You, too, man.

Trust me, we'll get there.
If he lets us.

Your mom tells me that they
let Kai out of the hospital.

She did, did she?

You taking care of yourself?

Yeah, Dad, I am.

Good. You know,
you're a grown-ass man.

I don't want have to have a
safe sex conversation with you.

Well, I'm a grown-ass man,

and I don't want you to have
a safe sex conversation with me.

It's just your mama, you know.

She loves you
and she gets worried.

I know.

You know your ass does, too.

Look, maybe you can
help me get this young boy

where he needs to be.

He's got all the talent
in the world,

but he knows too much.

I'm afraid his preview
might end up being his funeral.

So dramatic, Dad.

There-there has to be some money
we can move around, man.

Something shielded from
the Calhoun wrongful death suit.

Any-Anything will help.

I heard you. I said I heard you!

What, y-you can't understand
English? Thanks for nothing!

What did those CDs do to you?

I'm sorry, Ma.

Okay. I'm-a need y'all
to go to lunch.

Take them and go somewhere
and get something to eat.

- We had lunch already.
- Then you know what? Bye-bye.

Y'all go grab a doughnut
and some soda, I don't know.

Come on, y'all. Let's go.

- Lunch.
- Bye-bye!

I wanted to put money
on the books

for some of the people
that I-I left behind.

- Inside.
- Yeah, okay.

You can't help but feel guilty
for leaving folk behind, baby.

My college friends,

they called them...
Called us... animals.

Well, did you tell
those ignorant asses

that just because
someone makes a mistake,

doesn't make them
less than human?

And what about the people inside
that didn't do a damn thing

but be born black or brown?

You know what? I'm not...
I'm not doing this today.

Can I talk to you, Ma?

I owe you an apology.

Before I went inside,
I didn't get it, either.

When my friends would ask about
you, when you were away, I...

I would change the subject.

And then eventually I just told
people that you were dead.

Now, I told myself that that was
easier for them to accept.

Really, it was
just easier for me.

I'm just glad it was
easier for someone.

I'm sorry, Ma, but I-I love you.
You know I love you...

Look, boy, hey,
it's not about that.

I'm proud of you.

For trying to help.

- It's good stuff.
- I-I didn't help anybody.

That's the problem. I... I don't
have any money to help anybody.


Andre. Andre.

If you think
all we have to offer

is money...

then I have truly failed you.

Working with Jamal helped,

but you're still holding back.

Hey, can I get with this
for a minute, bruh?

You good.

Thank you, man.

It's crazy, this where my girl...

The only one I ever loved...
She broke my heart.


- My sister told you, didn't she?
- Maybe.

You sneaky, man,
and so is she. I'm-a...

Nah, I'm just trying
to figure out

what the hell happened
to you, man.

If you holding back,
you holding back for a reason.

With a voice like yours,

you should be
a household name, right?

But you're not. You know,
maybe you need to play,

or get off the court.

Either sing or go back
to the junkyard.

All right.

You want to know what happened?

Look, I made a decision
that she didn't go for.

All right?

To be celibate. Yeah.

I needed to focus
my energy and time

on making my music
and taking care of my family.

I didn't do drugs.

I wasn't out in these streets
partying or wildin' out.

Honestly, if I was,
she'd probably still be here.

It would've made more sense.

That's a bunch of BS, man.

I knew you was gonna clown me.

- I ain't clowning you, man.
- Nah, you are.

It's just the last thing
I expected to hear from you.

I mean, if you can put
that commitment and discipline

and combine that
with your heart,

that's what makes the difference
between a singer

and a great artist.

I can work with that.

All right. Listen, old man.

I ain't taking it easy on you,
all right?

Yo, talk is cheap, man.

If you had the chance
to do it all over again,

would you make the same choices,

or would you do it different?

I would...

do it all over again.

I wouldn't change a thing.


I want you to show me
how you would make her stay.

- I felt that.
- Thank you.

- Hey!
- Bro.

- That's it right there.
- Bro.

Drop that joint ASAP.

Hey, but for real though,
why your boy Blake

blowing up my line
like he one of my side chicks?

He hittin' me up, too.

Apparently, him and Tiana
are about to drop some fire.

- What?
- Complex is saying

that Tiana surprise-dropped
a new track with Blake.

Wait a minute,
those are my lyrics.

Man, that's the best
homey's ever sounded.

Watch this.

I don't know
what to tell you, bro,

but with Tiana on the hook,
it sounds kinda good.

Maybe even too good.

I never thought
I'd see you back here, Dre.

Yeah, me neither.

I'm gonna help you
get out of here, Quincy.

- What, you breaking me out?
- No, nope.

Nothing doing. Absolutely...

I'm gonna help
exonerate you, boy.

Where is this coming from?


you're a good kid.

You deserve to be free
and have a future.

More than I do.

I got to get him back, Andre.
It's late.


Stay safe. Okay?

- I love you.
- I love you, too, Mom.

Trust Andre.
If he says he can help, he will.

Stay strong, little brother.


can't hurt to have
a Lyon on our side.

And the fact that you were
wrongly convicted, too,

maybe that'll get these lawyers
to finally listen.

Teri, I never claimed
to be innocent.

You killed that woman?

She took everything from me.

She took my-my wife,
she took my child.

You don't, you...
you don't have any regrets,

any-any remorse?

You want me to lie?

My shift's about to start
at the hospital.

- Teri...
- So I should, um...

I need to go. I-I need to go.

That's one of my tracks.

Been reassigned to an artist
who knows how to listen

and doesn't release songs
I killed.

You just said numbers don't lie.
Isn't that your "motto"?

Right now, the numbers say

that you cost my Empire
a pretty penny.

The negotiations for Blake's
rights alone, that's...

Hold on. The free PR she's
generating is gonna offset that.

Okay, get into that with Blake.

Include fees and publishing,

it's coming out of
your overhead.

Which we would have recouped
on your record sales,

but someone decided
to give it away for free.

you've made your point.

Lucious Lyon may have
tolerated your disrespect.

I will not.

You're free to go.

I have a priority artist
to tend to.

She'll never be Tiana.
"Priority artist." Hey.

Becky, I'm so over this.

- Teri.
- What are you doing here?

You need my help.

Look, Andre, I appreciate you
taking care of my son,

- I do, but...
- But what?

You know what happened to Quincy
in there, how things got better?

You found a way to make
those men stop bothering him.

I didn't just find a way, Teri.

When I saw the danger
that he was in,

what they would do to him...

I didn't decide to kill
Anika Calhoun, okay?

I did make a decision
to kill the man

who would've murdered your son.

Now, I may not be the good man
you thought I was.

Teri, I'm the man you need.

I need my son home.


Okay. Get...

You're getting wet. Come on.

Can I walk you?

To the end of the block.

Ain't that your boy up there?

- I'll be back.
- Okay.

Let's give it up one more time
for my man, Devon!

My man, Devon!

Now, we know that we're
looking at a future legend

right here on this stage,
it's Devon.

And now I want to welcome
another great songwriter

to this stage, Jamal Lyon!

So, look, thank you.
Love y'all, too. Thanks so much.

Um, over the last week,
I've been reminded a lot

of just how precious
love is, yeah?

Um, so, brother Devon,

if you don't mind, I'd like
to join you on this song.

I wrote this for my heart,
who's in the crowd.

I don't need all of that.

All right?

So, yeah, let's go.

Can I talk to you?

You know, I've never
actually seen him

perform before an audience.

Does-does he always
come alive like this?

Look, I know
you say you love my son,

but I can't have him
getting sick.

Cookie, I promise you I won't
ever let that happen to him.

Okay, see, that's a promise
you can't make.

I know what I saw around me
all those years I was locked up.

AIDS making women fade
into a version of themselves

no one could even recognize.

I can't let that happen
to my baby.

I'm sorry that
that happened to you, truly.

But I have HIV, Cookie,
not AIDS.

There's a difference.

I am a black, gay man
who's HIV positive.

It took me a long time
to gain the confidence

to say that out loud.

More importantly, I love Jamal.

Almost as much as you do.

And I would never do anything
to jeopardize his health.

I also know that I can't
have my baby destroyed

the way he was
these past few days

just at the thought...

of losing you.

Cookie, I promise,

it's gonna take a hell of a lot
more than some stupid virus

for me to leave Jamal.


You really do love him,
don't you?

I do.

Come here.

You're so brave.

Thank you.

- I heard a hit.
- I told you, man.

Lucious, I got to admit,

I almost forgot how much
of a force you and Cookie are.

Did I hear my name?

Yes, you did, baby.
Come on in here.

I was just telling Lucious that
not only do you two create hits,

you literally create stars.

Yeah, well, we're just
getting started with Devon.

I believe that.
I want to sign him.

Wow, well, isn't this lovely?

Very generous of you.

- Yeah.
- But unfortunately, Jackson,

Devon's price just doubled.

Who you trying to play, Lucious?

Well, if you wait any longer,
that number's gonna triple.

I'll have my people
draw up the paperwork,

and send it right over.

Man, I love
doing business with you.

Knew you'd be king.

Let's build.

Smart man.

We're really doing this.

It's done.

- Yo, Tiana.
- Hey. What's up?

- What are you doing here?
- I've been trying to reach you and Keem for days.

How could you drop "One More
Minute" without telling me?

You mean your biggest song ever?

- You're welcome.
- No, that's not the point.

That was supposed to be
just for us.

I know we made this promise,
but, look...

What's up, bro?
I heard the track.

Yo, about that, about that.

- What? It's dope.
- Told you.

Yo, when I heard
what Blake wrote on that track,

it was just so real,
I had to get on it.

"Blake wrote"? So you told her
you wrote my song, bro?

We were just
playing around the studio.

I wasn't even gonna release it.

Look, Keem,
you gave me the track...

Chill out!
Blake, you need to go.

You need some help?
Out of here, man.

Stop! Somebody, do something!

That's enough!

Get off! Hey, man,
what'd I just say?

- Get off!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. -All right, all right.

It's my house! It's my house!

- Get off me, man.
- Get out. Get him out.

- Man, you got to go.
- Hakeem!

- Hakeem.
- What?

- Aren't you tired of this?
- Yes, I am tired of this.

People coming for me.

Everything and everyone
taking from me, yes.

I'm tired, Tiana.

She's supposed to be here
right next to her brother.

My sincerest apologies
for your loss.

That boy was not supposed to

enter this world
by himself, Doctor.

I know, Mr. Lyon.

And now for the difficult task.

- Would you like to see your daughter?
- No.

I don't know if I...
if we-if we can...

Listen, here, sweetheart.

You have to do this, trust me.

You want your last moment
with her.


- I'll go with you.
- Okay.

- You did a great job, baby.
- Yes, she did.

I know it feels like

you're not gonna
make it through this,

but I promise you, son,
you will.

You have to be strong
and protect your family.

You know...

You know, I finally found
the words to express how I felt,

to lose our daughter,

for that punk to take that
from me, too?

- You gave him the song!
- I gave him the song,

but I didn't give him
my girl, did I?

- He obviously wants you, Tee.
- What?

And him copping the pain
from my baby girl like that?

I lost her, too.

Damn it, she was my baby, too.

And not a minute goes by
that I don't think about her.

But I have to be there
for Bella and Prince.

What you've been doing
and how you've been acting

since we lost her is not fair,
to them or to me.

- Come on...
- I love you,

but I... I won't
do this anymore.

- I can't.
- Tee.

I'm done.



Why'd you bounce?

Your mother and I
were discussing my status.

Kai, babe, um,
please charge any ignorant stuff

that my mom said to her head,
not her heart, you know?

I have never met a mother
so fiercely protective

about her middle child.

- You know what?
- I'm just saying.

Cookie's not to be trifled with
when it comes to you.

And, it,

it got me thinking about
how protective I feel about you.

I don't want to lose you, Jamal.

You won't. Ever.

I hope so.

Jamal Joseph Lyon,

will you do me the honor
of becoming my husband?

When'd you have time
to get a ring?

The moment I got out
of the hospital.

You stole my move.

- All right, let me get...
- No, no, you stay down.

- You just, you...
- Okay, my bad. Okay, okay.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Kai Eugene Givens,

you're my lover
and you're my best friend.

You're my only reason why.

So now I'm begging you
from the bottom of my heart

to please marry me.


it-it depends if...

that's a yes or no
for my proposal.

Hell yeah.

Of course I'll marry you.


- I love you.
- I love you.

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