Empire (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 17 - Empire - full transcript

Becky, Hakeem and Andre plan to save Empire by putting on a show with special guests Sevyn Streeter and Ty Dolla $ign; Andre helps Empire by getting help from the last person the Lyons expect; Cookie may never forgive Lucious for ...

-Previously on Empire...
-The Trust Tour is over.

Our tour is stalled.
We need to make a statement.

What you have there
is an injunction ordering you

to allow the Empire Trust Tour
to continue.

I now pronounce you
husband and husband.


-Cookie, I'm pregnant.

The chemo drugs I took
destroyed my heart muscle.

-It's irreversible.
-I don't know
what you're saying right now.

I'm saying I'm gonna
end my life, Pop.

I've been on the phone

with the best cardiologists

-in the world all morning.

Look, we are going
to get you a new heart, son.

I'd be so far down the donor
list because of the chemo, Pop.

-I'd never get one in time.

then we're going to get you
a-an artificial heart.

I wouldn't survive the surgery.

And even if I did, it...

well, it prolongs
the inevitable.

I will buy you
a brand-new heart if I have to.

I don't...
I'm not letting you do this.

Do you have any idea

what that would do
to your mother?

To your brothers?

That's who
I'm thinking about, Pop.

You know what happens
when your heart stops working?

My kidneys, my liver...

all of my organs will shut down.

I'll suffocate
in front of everyone I love.

-What do you think
that'll do to them?

I've done the research,
I have looked at every angle.

This is the best way.


it's the hardest thing

I have ever had to do
in my life.

I'm not sure I can do it alone.

Nobody knows about this but you.

You, Pop.

I need you.

I need you.

Okay, look, I'm-I'm...

I'm just gonna need
a little bit of time

-Please, Pop.
-to try and figure
something out with this...

-I'm doing this tonight, Pop.
-No, you do not!

You don't do a damn thing

until you talk to me.

You don't do nothing.

I need air.

Cookie, I wasn't expecting this.

Neither was I
when I got pregnant.

You're never ready, honey,

but you will have Andre
right by your side.

You'll be okay.

Now, why haven't
you told him yet?

Look, I...

I'm not sure I can carry
this baby to term.

I had some tests,

and I'm meeting
with the doctor today

to go over the results.

-A-Andre has been through
so much. Just...

I don't want to tell him
until I know it's real.

Look, you have given my baby

another reason to fight.

And he loves you. Don't you know
nothing will ever change that?

Cookie, can we please just keep
this between the two of us,

at least until
I-I've heard from the doctor?

Oh, shh, shh. Hey, baby.

-Hey, where's your father?
-Hey, Ma. oh...

-he stepped out.
-Oh, okay.

-You ready to go?
-O-Oh, uh...

My favorite rink
in Harlem? Yeah?

COOKIE: Uh, rink.
Rink, as in roller skating?

Baby, did you-did you clear that
with your doctor?

-You're still healing.
-I'll be fine, Ma.
I made a list of all the things

-I want to do now that
I've beaten cancer, so...

I'm so sorry.
The hospital called me in

for a shift,
there's been an emergency.

But maybe we can
go this weekend.

Are you sure you can't just get
somebody to cover your shift?

-I-I can go. I can go.
-TERI: But...

-I can go.
-Thanks, Ma,
but I was really hoping

-to spend some
quality time with Teri.
-Yeah, well,

I'm sure spending quality time
with your mother

-is on that list, too.
-As a matter of fact, it is.

Good. Go get the car ready,
I'll be out in a minute.


-(whispers): Thank you, Cookie.
-Yes, ma'am.

Look, just let me know
what that doctor say.

-I will.
-All right.

-You gonna be all right.
-Thank you.


("What You Won't Do for Love"
by Bobby Caldwell playing)

I'm gonna end my life, Pop.

(Young Andre coughing)

How can you hear anything with
little man coughing like that?

Well, I'm sorry that our son is
such an inconvenience for you.

You okay?

Are you?

Well, I'm sorry that our son is
such an inconvenience for you.

-It's Christmas in July, Pop.
Ho, ho, ho.
-Yo, Andre...

(indistinct chatter, laughter)

To let you know...

And I can't let go...

Get away from the car!

My friends wonder...

-I love you, son.
-I-I love you, too, Pop.

-(horn honking)
-ANDRE: Get away from the car!

-(honking continues)

(glass shatters)




(sharp ringing)



(faucet stops)

What up, Lu?

Miss me?


Negro, you can see me.

What the hell
are you doing here, Bunk?

Damn, it's like that?

No... "Yo, Bunk, what's good?

How the angels treating you
up in the clouds?"

The clouds, brother?

You know you burning in Hell.

Ain't nothing changed.

I might say the same. But...


...we know that ain't true.

How's the leg?

What do you want, Bunk?

I want to know
why you acting brand-new.

Andre ain't ever ask for much.

So that's why you brought
your lying ass up here?

I can't give him what he wants.


I was with them boys 24/7

while you was on tour,

running through every
chickenhead with a hole.

You're dead
and you're still envious.

-Andre did everything right.
-(water running)

Watched out for his brothers,

went to the right schools,

worked his ass off
to build your Empire,

kept your black ass
out of prison,

and still...

(water stops)

...he's not enough for you.


Now you trying to be his dad.

-Why don't you shut the hell up?

I can't kill my son.

You can't?

Since when you so delicate?

I was like your brother.

And you killed me for less.

And, hell,
I love the youngblood,

but Andre has done way worse.

-He's my son, man...

Blood ain't ever stop you
from hurting the ones you love.

You's a killer, Lucious.

That's who you are.


("Too Close," by Next playing)

Yeah, come on

Dance with me now, ha, ha

Oh, oh, feel that,
all right...

(Andre chuckles)

-Come on, Ma,
put on some skates!
-Oh, no, boy,

the way my knee's set up,
I'm fine right here.

-Uhp! W-What the hell
you come here for?

You can't keep up with them.

When I was in college,
we used to drive up here.

Oh, man, they had
the best DJ, Ma.

They'd play all of Pop's songs,
and I'd skate

right here in this rink.
It felt like flying.

Yeah, I'm sure, with all them
pretty girls following you.

-(both laugh)
-You know...

And after, a group of us
would all stay

at this suite
at the SoHo James Hotel.

I'd pay, of course, with
my little Empire Black Card.

-Look at you. (laughs)
-I felt like a prince,

like I owned
the whole damn world.

Nothing to worry about.
That was before bipolar hit.

I still go there
to feel that freedom.

-MAN: Heads up!
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa... Oh!

Hey, if my boy breaks something,

I'm-a break my foot off
in your little narrow ass.

-ANDRE: I'm sorry.(laughs)
-WOMAN: Sorry!

Oh, what you laughing at?

You ain't too old
for me to whup.

Oh, you won't touch me, Ma.

Be careful.

You won't touch me, Ma.

Those love taps are reserved
for your favorites.

My favorites?

Boy, I don't have no favorites.


The only reason
why I didn't hit your little ass

'cause you was always
so responsible.

My little man.

Well, I didn't have a choice.
You were in prison, and...

Pop was focused on his career.

-You okay, Dre?
-I'm just a little winded,
Ma, that's all.

Uh-huh, uh-huh. Boy, come on.
Get up out of these skates

before you break
something you can't fix.

Here, sit down.
I'll get you some water.

Excuse me, can I get some water?

-Thank you.

Oh, excuse me.

-Thanks, Ma.
-All right, mm-hmm.



You know, Andre, I know, um...

...I know when I went away
you had to grow up

-kind of quick.
-Oh, Ma, you don't have to...

Oh, no, no.
Yes, I do have to.

I robbed you of the best part
of your childhood

and I never apologized.

I'm sorry.

Where you going, baby...


Oh, whoa...

I don't care about
your mistakes anymore, Ma.

I made plenty of my own.

I want you to know
that I'm always,

always gonna love you.

Baby it feels...

No matter what.

S... I love you.

I love you so much.

I love you, Ma.

Oh, my firstborn.

-Now take them things off.
-Nope, going back out.

-(exclaims) Boy!
-(Andre laughing)

-Catch me if you want. (laughs)
-You know I wouldn't.

(laughs, whoops)

(gentle melody playing)

Hey, T. Check this out.

They say that I'm reaching
for the stars, I know

I won't let this diamond
get away from me

I just want to be
right where you are

Even if it's in
a whole other galaxy

Can't focus, focus

You're all I need

My purpose, purp...

-(music stops)
-(Maya laughing)

Come on, y'all.

y'all got to get out of here.
I got to work.

Chill out, killer.

Just trying to convince Tiana
to jump on my new track.

(Tiana chuckles)

So, is this a thing?

I mean...

-what you want to call it?
-We're just...

enjoying each other's company.


Where's your
princess necklace?

-Um... I broke it. I was...
-(clicks tongue)

-shuffling through
some stuff and then I...
-DEVON: Look, it's all good.

I... I surprised the queen
with a new one.

My sister actually makes those.

It looks... affordable.

So you gonna replace
her princess necklace?

No, Hakeem, come on.

That's not
what he was trying to do.

You know what?

We're actually gonna
let you guys have the studio.

'Cause it seems like
you need it a little more

than we do. You go ahead
and punch up your lyrics.


-(door shuts)

-Did she...?
-Yeah, she did.

But, listen.

I think you would
sound amazing on this track.

Okay. (laughs)
Let me hear it again.

(intro music plays)

Come here.

The doctor will see you
shortly, Mr. Lyon.


Negro, wake your ass up.

You better stay woke
with that concussion,

unless you seriously trying to
shuffle off this mortal coil.



You ain't looking
too good, partner.

Oh, and I heard about Andre.

My man, that's tough.



I hit my head and my mind is...

playing these tricks
on me right now.

Oh, 'cause a dead man
ain't trying

to convince me to kill my son.

I'm not here to convince you
to do a damn thing.

I already know
you ain't gonna kill Dre.


Thank you.

Yeah, 'cause you's a bitch.

-You heard me.

I mean, Andre plotted
to kill you, man.

Little bit to the left
and both legs-- gone.

Cookie would've been done, too.

You didn't have
the balls to do it then,

you damn sure don't have
the balls to do it now.

But I had the balls
to put you in your grave.


I'm dead, bro.

But you didn't even do that.

You couldn't even pull
the trigger yourself.

You handed it off
like the sucka MC you are.

'Cause you wasn't
worth it to me!

(soft chuckle)

But I did enjoy...

all that extra profit I made...

from the sale of that song
we did together.

Yeah, I got off easy.

Poor Andre.

He's got to limp
to the finish line on his own...

because Daddy's a coward.

Shut up!

Wasn't Jamal supposed to be
in this meeting?

He's the one who's actually
on the tour, yes?

Yes, but he's on his honeymoon
in the Seychelles, so...

Yeah, that's right. You weren't
invited to the wedding because

nobody likes you.
It was gorgeous.

Becky and I will be happy
to tell you

anything you want to know.


So why are we spending
half a million dollars a night?

On state of the art
sound and set design.

-The runway fashion...
-KELLY: I get it.

But is it working? I mean,
have we won back the fans?

-The reviews
have been spectacular.
-BECKY: We're getting

-so much love out there,
it's crazy.
-KELLY: That's not a surprise.

It's free.
Are the fans willing to pay

for Empire music again?

Well, we will get a better gauge
of that once we launch

the new and improved Empire
XStream at the end of the tour

and we can see how many people
actually sign up.

Pardon the interruption.
Uh, we got a problem, ladies.

My check didn't clear.
What's up?

-THIRSTY: Okay. Okay, relax.

Relax for a second, please?

Empire employee checks
are bouncing all over the place.

Mine included, okay?
We need to fix this.

-Come on, hothead,
let me get you a cup of coffee.
-(Giselle groans)


Another Empire crisis.

Hmm. Sl?inte mhaith.

To your good health.

Don't tell my moms,
she'll kill me. (chuckles)

Mm. Whoa.


Are you all right?

-You okay?
-(laughing): Yeah.

-All right, listen.

You wouldn't take a $100 steak
and swallow it whole.

You slice it, chew slow

and savor the juices.


There you go.


-It's still nasty.

(both laugh)

(Quincy chuckles)

I admire you, Quincy.

You've been knocked down
harder than most.

But you didn't
let it define you.

You got up and you jumped back
into the ring.

And I admire that.

Look, man, I'm not a...

I'm not a fighter, Dre.

You of all people
should know that.

(cell phone vibrates)

-Oh, one second.
-(chuckles lightly)

-Andre, I'm so sorry

to bother you, but I'm looking
for your parents.

I was just with my mom.
Uh, she should

be back at the office by now.
What's up?

Well, she's not,
and employees are missing pay.

The tour crew ditched rehearsal
when they found out

people's checks
weren't clearing.

-Well, that has to be a mistake.
-Well, the only mistake

is that it happened
right in front of Patel.

(Giselle exhales)

I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't

be bothering you with this.

So sorry.
Thank you, Andre.

You know something?
You're right.

You're not a fighter.

You're a warrior.

And you know the thing
about warriors?

They never rest.

Don't forget that.


Our checks bounced
harder than the asses

-in Cardi's "Twerk" video.
-Well, that must be why

Giselle's blowing up
my damn phone.

-Where's Lucious?
-Don't know.

But unless you plan on opening
up room in your mansion,

I'm-a need a deposit.
I take Venmo, PayPal

-and Benjamins.
-Girl, why are you still
yapping your mouth?

I told you I'm on my way
to the bank.

Shut up.

Hi, Mrs. Lyon.

I'm Assistant U.S. Attorney
Meghan Conway.

We're due a little chat,
don't you think?

-Mind if I call you Cookie?
-Mind if I call you bitch?

Oh, angry black woman,
surprising. Is that your play?

Well, it's not gonna work.
I ain't "scurred."


Right. Thirsty.

Love him. You're gonna have
a little bit

of a problem getting him
on the phone because you haven't

-paid him because I've frozen
Empire's accounts.
-Yeah, right.

See, first you stop our tour,

claiming we're selling drugs
and then we proved that's a lie.

Now this.

I'm just trying
to figure out why are you

so hot in your tight ass
for Empire?

Did my husband turn you out
back in the day,

huh, boo boo kitty?

You took a trip to Panama with a
real snack of a money launderer

named Damon Cross
and then, miraculously,

Empire has enough money
for the Trust Tour.

How's that work?

I don't know.

I don't have anything
for you, lady.

You won't snitch.

O.G. move.
I respect it.

Andre, what are you doing here?
You need to be resting.

If my folks are MIA,
then it's all hands on deck.

-Where are we with the bank?
-GISELLE: Well...

(Becky groans)
Rihanna just tweeted

about how Empire's broke

-and that we shorted the band.
-GISELLE: Oh, that's great.

Thanks for the shade, RiRi,
but support is what we need

-right now.
-BECKY: Exactly, we need
to put...

Yo, what if we put on a concert?

-That'll conflict with the tour.
-No, not if

it's a special night where we

pair Empire artists
with non-Empire artists.

But we have no venue.

-No promotions.
-BECKY: Hold on, now.

Social media's my hype-bitch.
Secondly, the Baldwin Ballroom

owes me a favor.
We could really do this.

And if we sell out, we could
raise close to a million.

That would give us what we need
to finish the tour,

but it won't cover
our overhead moving forward.

We need to convince Patel
to give us a bridge loan, ASAP.

Patel's unreachable,
he's at YPO.

The Silicon Valley
billionaire boy's club.

And unless you're a very tan
Jeff Bezos,

you're not getting in.

But if I can...

we got a shot.

(sighs) I know Andre
beat cancer,

but a miracle only happens
once in a lifetime.

-Text me if any
of those fools call you back.
-On it.

("I'll Be There" by The Spinners
playing faintly)

To bow out gracefully

Though you hold the key

But, baby

Whenever you call me

I'll be there

Whenever you want me,
I'll be there

Whenever you need me

I'll be there

I'll be around...


What's the matter, son?

Knew just what to say...

You don't remember your old man?

Now I found out today...

You remember the steps?

That all the words
had slipped away...

Well, come on.
Show me you remember.

There's always a chance

A tiny spark will remain

Yeah, and sparks

Turn into flames

And love can burn...

-You ready?

But I know you know,
whenever you call me...


There you go.

Whenever you want me,
I'll be there...

That's my boy.

You ready?

Now go ahead,
spin it out, Dwight.

Spin it out, son.
Yeah! Yeah.

That's it, Dwight.
That's it.

It's... Lucious now, Pop.


What type of name
is Lucious?

Uh, it's, um...
it's complicated.

Nah. What's complicated

is you.

How's your boy?

(playing piano)

Pop, Andre's really having
a hard time right now, and...

I'm just not ready
to let him go, you know?

Sometimes I'm so proud of you,
and other times,

I want to stomp you
into next week.

But Andre?
Andre you got right.

You remember how I died?



-I s...

saw everything.

I went pretty quick.

Suppose it was different?

Suppose I was just
lying there, suffering,

dying slowly,

and I said, "Son, help me.

Help me end this pain."

Could you have helped me?

I don't need to hear this.

You couldn't have helped me
'cause you were a child,

and you loved me
like children love,

believing in fairness
and forever.

And even though
it never ends that way,

children still believe,

but your son needs you
to love him like a man.

-I am a man...
-A man that knows fairness
and forever ain't real.

This ain't about you being
a killer or a coward, son.

You're a father.
And sometimes a father's love

is expressed in the most
difficult of ways.

I'm sorry I couldn't
teach you that before I left.

Andre's accepted his fate like
the man you taught him to be.

You can do this.

(cell phone ringing)

(cell phone continues ringing)

-THIRSTY: Lucious, hey, look,

I've been trying
to get at you all day, man.

I need you to get over here,
like, now.

-Like, right now.
-(line clicks off)

You're in love with him.

-Lucious? Yeah, he's my husband.

The other thug, Damon Cross.

-I'm married.
-Well... (laughing)

Oh, well, come on.
I've been down that road

three times before,
it never stopped me.

Yeah, well, I can't help it
that you're a ho.


I don't know what you and Damon
did in Panama,

but you certainly
look cozy here.

Does your husband know?

He doesn't have to.

So all I got to do
is roll on Damon Cross

and all that'll go away?

Empire's money's back in the
bank by the end of the day

and your husband
is never the wiser.

I'm so sorry.

Sorry to learn that...

...you are using
taxpayers' dollars,

money that can be used

to catch real criminals--

terrorists, murderers-- to
follow around innocent citizens.

And then,
with no evidence at all,

you drag me down here,
waste my damn time,

and you try this
junior high trick,

threatening to out
my platonic relationship

with Damon Cross to my husband.
What, so that

I could crack under pressure

and lie?
Ms. Conway,

you want me to lie?

And all this without
my attorney present.

You a trip.

Let me tell you
what makes America great.

People like me and my family.

You know why?
Because we create art,

and art lifts people up,
not tear them down

with hate, lies, and deceit.

God don't like ugly.

And your days are numbered.

And with that, I'm gonna go.

-Waste someone else's time.
-(knocks on table)

You have nothing.


I knew you'd be back.

Look, I'm not here
for all that, okay?

I meant what I said.

Yet here you are.


I'm telling you, Cookie...

what we had is special.

I shared things with you
I never shared with anyone.

You did, too.

Don't just throw that away
because you're scared.

I love my husband.

You fell in love with
your husband when you were 16.

you've done since then

has been because
you "loved" him.


Let me show you what it's like
when a grown man

loves a grown woman.


I want my husband

and my boys

and the life we built.

And that doesn't
include you, Damon.

But I'm-a do you a solid,

because when Andre was sick,

you held me down,
so I owe you for that.

The feds are after you.

And they are willing
to lie, cheat and kill

to take you down.

So watch your back.

Thanks for coming.

Why'd you want to see me?

I need you to get me into the
YPO conference.

Patel is there, and we need
his approval for more funding.


You know those people think

I'm just the data-mining bastard

that got shoved out
the back door of Empire.

Forget it, Andre,
it's not happening.

Look, I know you fantasize
about being a Lyon.

Oh, so you're in my head now?

You're my brother.

You are my older brother...

...and I forgive you.

-I tried to destroy this place.
-You can make it right.

It's not too late.

How much money are we talking?

What? No.

I-I just need you
to get me into the YPO.

Kingsley, I'm not asking
for your mon...

It's not half what I owe Empire.

Hopefully, it's a start.

Were you just after a check
the whole time?

No, I wasn't looking
for a check.

I was looking for a brother.



Yeah, no, I-I understand.

Yeah. All right, showtime, guys.
Here you go. Here.

That's for you and you.

Listen, don't come to me
about no outfit, no costume,

no none of that,
I got you, relax.

Keem, you on
in five minutes, okay?

-You-- I've been looking
for you all day.
-MAN: What?

You better have
that fan fixed...

-...or I'm-a take them blades
and slit your throat with it.
-All right.

Uh, what is going on in here?

-Cookie is here.
-Where the hell have you been?

Hey, girl, stop barking at me...

-GISELLE: Oh, my...
-Lucious here, too.

What in the hell is going on?

I thought the accounts
were frozen.

Hold on.
Your sons have stepped up,

with a little
Black Girl Magic assistance.

Trust Tour will go on, thanks
to tonight's special concert.

-Special concert?
-BECKY: We're charging for

a night of duets, so... yay.

-I got to get out there.
-PORSHA: Yo, you better get on

-out there, boy.
-Go ahead and get out there,
then. Get it, then.

Wait a minute...

They put this together.

-I don't get it.
-I don't, neither,

and I'm gonna need something
stronger than that.

Ladies and gentlemen,

on your feet for Hakeem
and Ty Dolla Sign!

Cancel all my women
on the side

For a little more
of your time

Whatever you need, all right,
whatever you need, all right


Don't say that I'm doing
too much, not this time

No, not this time

This time, this time,
this time

This time,
this time, this time

This time, this time,
this time

I'll get it right,
get it right

Get it right,
get it right this time

Get it right, get it right
this time

Get it right,
get it right this time

Get it right, get it right
this time

Get it right, get it right

Countless, the times
you hold me down

Cuz you ain't get me up

Yay! I thought you were
locked up at YPO.

I slipped out
when I got your SOS.


Look, I know how frustrating
the Lyons can be

with all their drama.


Been thru the most,
you don't complain

Keep it composed,
you keep it G

Maybe I can help you out.

What did you have in mind?

Dinner at Jean-Georges,

followed by cognac and
conversation at my loft.

That was your plan
to help me out?

I figured we could discuss
your future.

-Our future.

Don't say that
I'm doing too much

- Not this time
- Not this time

No, not this time

- This time, this time,
this time
Hey, hey

This time, this time,
this time

- This time, this time,
this time
- Hey, hey

I'll get it right,
get it right, get it right...

As sweet and fine
as you are, Kelly,

hopping under another man

to get on top where
I already belong feels--

I don't know--
tired and clich?.

This time, I'm-a keep it
all the way G

How we just gonna
throw it all away we

Need assistance
in the midst of war

Been there, done that.
Not going back.

Red Rolls Royce,
you deserve dat

Hundred red roses
on ya doorstep

Got me in a trance from ya
hips and thighs

Shorty, do ya dance,
I'm hypnotized

This time, baby,
I'm-a do right

Chain me to ya heart,
I do life

We need addition
when they see division

Just please have some
patience, no hasty decisions

That time that I fell down,
it gave me this wisdom

Then I fell for you and it
gave me the vision light

Got me wide open, can't hide

Give you all of me, no pride

This time, this time,
this time.

(cheers and applause)

(softly clears throat)

'Ey, 'ey, 'ey, 'ey.

That set with Ty
was really dope.

How you feel?

(both laugh)

Well, I'm glad you happy.
I got something for you.

This will be our night

Why don't you stay with me?

- We can be royalty...
-Oh, my God.

You got it fixed.

It's irreplaceable.

Like you.

- Could be for
all of our lives
- Our lives

Have a good show.

Feel, feel, feel you,
feel, feel, feel you

Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Empire fans,
put your hands together

for Tiana and Sevyn Streeter!

(cheering, applause)

Give a damn about
your feelings

Tell them bitches
they can fall back

Never get a call back

I'm-a play the villain

What you know about
low blows

Seeing best friends
turn into foes

So close

Can't wear my heart
on my sleeve

- Feelings are nothing
- Nothing

Can't show you
that side of me

Enough's enough
with all that

Ain't nobody
gon' hold me down

I'm always in the pocket
making my rounds

Straight to the cash,
foot on the gas, mad dash

You can't stop it

I don't need nobody else

Got love for myself,
been through

The trauma and hell

We all just think
for ourselves

Savage and selfish, yep,
I got love for myself


Smiling in my face,
but I see the shade

- Hella palm trees
- Hella palm trees

- Tell it to my face now,
never gon' break

You just hitting concrete
while I'm getting cozy

So you think you know me

So why you in
the nosebleeds?

In the nosebleeds

Can't wear my heart
on my sleeve

Feelings are nothing

Can't show you
that side of me

Enough's enough
with all that

- For myself
- Oh

Yeah, yeah.

(cheering, applause)

Good job.


-I got the test results back.

And we're expecting
a healthy baby boy.

Oh, I'm so happy, I knew it.
I knew it!

When are you going to tell...
Andre! Andre...

-Tomorrow. So, shh.

I'll see you tomorrow?


I love you, Teri.

I love you, too.

I can't believe you guys
pulled it off.

You boys pulled this off,
this is amazing.

-LUCIOUS: Like the Lyons
we raised them to be.
-That's right.

You know what? Let's go
to the house and celebrate.

-I-I can't tonight, Ma.
-What do you mean, you can't?

I got to tie up some things
with tonight's proceeds

and Kingsley's investment.

-Oh, he wrote us a check, Ma.

Gave us a lead on several
other tech investors.

Hmm. See, that boy
might turn out okay.

We should have enough capital
to finish the tour

and get us through
the next few months now.

I got to go.
I got to pick up my babies.

All right.
All right, Ma.

Uh, hold on, one-one second.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Bring it in, man, come on.
Come on. Ma.

(short chuckle)

We did it.


I love you guys.

I love you... too.
Andre, are you okay?

I'm-I'm good, Ma, you know,
just, uh...

it's been a long day.


Yeah, he's tired.

Let's get him home so

he can get that rest
that he needs.

Well, you get some rest, baby.

I love you, Ma.

I love you, too.

(indistinct conversation)

I was waiting for that day.

I was waiting for that.

I mean, a lot of people
were talking...


Lucious! Whew!


Breaking out
the good brandy tonight.

And so, finally,

I reach the right Joseph,
at Maialino's.

That's right.

And they told me
your favorite meal,

so that's what we're eating.

What's this?

I don't say it enough,
but I love you.

Oh, I love you, too.

-(indistinct conversation)

He was about to destroy that.

You do. (laughs)

I think it might
break its spirit. (laughs)

It took me years to understand
what you did--

leaving us back then--
was out of love.

And it was hard for you,
just like it was for us.

You and I don't always
get one another,

but I hope you can understand

why I didn't tell you
about my heart.

I know you'd do everything
you could to save me,

but there's nothing to be done.

I wanted to spare us
that suffering.

Old friend

In our own sweet time...

Just trying to
figure out who's...

gonna watch my back now.

All my life I know by now



Where are you, Lucious?
Ple... Please pick up.

All these memories...

You know, when you first started
talking about all this stuff,

man, I...
I questioned your courage.

No one ever leaves you...

Now I realize you're so much
braver than I could ever be.

Well, I wouldn't be the man I am
today if it wasn't for you, Pop.

No one ever leaves you...

Andre, please... please...

...stay at this suite
at the SoHo James Hotel.

Oh, my God.

You'd say

This is all there is

And every time you'd blink

You'd miss

Another piece

Of this wondrous world

All I'd ask is

Why'd you leave

So soon?

Thanks, Pop.

Seems to

I don't need faith

I just want you

No one ever leaves you

You know, you...

...you don't
have to do this, son.

Everybody raise a glass

Oh, here's to
a good goodbye

I love you.

Everybody raise a glass...

I love you, too.

Here's to a good goodbye

Everybody raise a glass...

-(lock beeps)
-COOKIE: (shouting): Andre!


-Baby, what are you doing? baby!

-Stop! Baby!
-Get away from my son!

-Ma, how'd you know I was he...
-Why are you doing this?!

-You don't under...
-You were gonna let him do this?

You was gonna let my baby
kill himself?! My baby?!

-He's my son, too!
-That's my son, Lucious!

I carried him for nine months,
not you, that's my son!

Ma, Pop. Stop, please.

He's having a baby, Lucious.

Too much to lose


Teri's pregnant.

-Isn't that worth fighting for?

Why would you let him do this?

I can't believe you was gonna

-let my son
kill himself, Lucious.
-Baby, he wanted...

You are his father.
It was your job to protect him!

I was trying to stop him!

-You are his father...

Andre! Andre!

-Andre! Andre!

-LUCIOUS: Andre!


Subtitles by radoschi