Empire (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - Empire - full transcript

With the reputation of the family business on the line, the Lyons strategize on how to clean up Kingsley's mess and introduce a new and improved Empire.

Previously on Empire...

Lucious Lyon is my father.

Leah, it's time
for you to take a break.

Are you going to sit there
and let them lock me up?

MTA Bank of Panama.

Money disappears from Empire,

and ends up in your Panama account.

You a regular here, Mr. Lyon?

- And you are?
- Damon Cross.

- I'm married.
- I hope he knows how lucky he is.

I'm a Lyon, and I'm done
apologizing for that.

Empire was built on people's pain.

Our future is now.

Andre! I need an ambulance.

Will you do me the honor
of becoming my husband?

Seems like every day with you, it's...

I'm blindsided or...

a new grenade blows up
in my damn face.

I didn't know that this was my son.

I-I didn't know that.

"It's not my fault"

and "I didn't know"

is two different things, Lucious.

Are you really judging me right now?

I thought no matter what,
we had each other's back.

That's what I want, Lucious.

Hello? That's what I want.

But we got to start doing things

a lot different around here, 'cause...

Different? What the hell are you
talking about, different?

Everybody that ever gained anything

gained at somebody else's pain.

Well, where did you get
that little nugget from?

Your evil son?

He looks just like you.

How dare you say
something like that to me?

- Why? 'Cause it's the truth?
- Truth?

- It hurts? You don't...
- No, you want the truth?

The truth is that you and I have
busted our ass for this family.

'Cause we're Lyons,
and that's what we do.

We do what we have to do,

and if what we're doing
isn't what you want,

then tell me what you want us to be.

I want us to act like two people

who know they did a lot wrong
and hurt a lot of people

and know they need to make it right.

He'll be back, Mal.


He's already back in London,
back to work.

- Covering some war. Hey, Mom.
- Hey, baby.

I'm so sorry.

You-you know, you can...

you can go after Kai if you want to.

I'll totally understand.

Ma, I made a...

a promise to be here
for the family, so I'm good.

I just... I need to get back
to work, you know?

Okay, good, 'cause I need you
more now than ever.

I am trying to convince your daddy

that we have to start
doing things different.

Course we have to.

- Yes.
- Ma, I didn't give up my man

and-and God knows all that you gave up

just so that Empire
can eat us up alive again.

No, we got to be better.

Do we even know
what "better" looks like, Jamal?

I don't know.

But I'll you this.

- We gonna figure it out.
- That's right.

Because I can't go back
to knocking people down

just to build us up.

Like you said,
we are better than that.

We're Lyons.

A little something

for your first day back at work.

What is this?

Quincy helped me pick it out.

Teri, I don't want you to spend
this much money.

I'm just trying to say thank you.



- Thank you.
- Thank you.

You know, I'm, kind of
excited to get back to Empire.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah, yes.

First time in a... in a very long time

my whole family's on the same page.

You know, ready to do whatever
we have to do to succeed.

Sounds like you're going to war.

In a way, we are.

Thank you for this, love.

Dr. Miller.

Yes, sir.


No, I-I got it.

Yeah. Thank you, Doc.

Test results?

- What-What'd he say?
- It's nothing.

A bloody nose from a burst blood vessel.

But he also said
to, tell Nurse Teri...


Stop worrying.

- Can you do that?
- I'll try.

When finished,

lay pamphlets upside down
on the table.

Do we have to listen to all of this?

I mean, the focus group is
telling us what we already know.

Okay, I don't know, man. Let's just...

let's just be quiet. I want to hear.

It's just not the same.

Not as good as it was, man.

Plus, they've been snitching on us.

No Empire track is worth all that.

Especially not with that generic music

they've been dropping.

- Where's Lucious Lyon?
- You know where he is.

Out making babies
behind his wife's back.

Good afternoon, everybody.

Ooh, it's Lucious Lyon.

Yeah, it's me.

And I heard everything y'all said.

I love you, Lucious.

- I love you, too.
- I am so sorry.

- Bet you are.
- Man, you know I was just playing.

And that didn't sound
like y'all loved us back there.

But I understand. I mean, Empire

has lost its way.

Done more than lose our way.
We've lost your trust.

So, hey, hey,
is-is Cookie back there, too?

Yeah, we want to see her.

- Yeah.
- Where's she at?

Hey, y'all.

Now, with...

without me at the helm,

Empire managed to fail you miserably.

But y'all ain't got to worry

about none of that no more,
'cause I'm back.

We are back.

Look, I know y'all have
been hearing some nonsense.

I want you to know it's not true.

Lucious and I are good.

And we will restore

your faith in us again.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Yeah, baby, thank you
for having my back.

I don't have a choice.

This is half my company, too.

Maybe y'all don't know,
but analytics are dead.



We are Empire.

We're the best music label
in the whole damn world.

And anybody that's here
that don't recognize that,

you need to get the hell out
of here right now!

Okay, let me translate

for my husband's dramatic display.

What he's saying is that Empire's

going to be new and improved, y'all.


Cookie and Lucious, Empire's founders,

are now co-CEOs,

and with me as their partner,

I will be your COO.

And I'll resume my role as your CFO.

And Jamal is our new
Chairman of Music Development.

Thanks for staying
with the family, son.

Family first, music always.

So, we gonna crank out
some hits, y'all.

Amen. Now, as y'all know,

our music comes from our heart,
not from a hard drive.

And therefore, my son Hakeem Lyon

is gonna make sure

that Empire stays on the creative edge

and ahead of all trends with him
as our Creative Director.

We got you.

- We got him, right?
- Yes.

Yeah, we got him.

And my sister from another mister,

Ms. Becky Williams,

will remain SVP of A&R.

Her instincts are undeniable.

Definitely undeniable. I got you.

As my lovely wife said so eloquently,

Empire is new and improved.

So I want y'all to go out there

with your hearts, with your love,

with your passion and make some music,

'cause that's what we do.


and make some money, too. Come on.


Come talk to me.

Okay, I don't to admit this,

but you actually pulled this off.

- No, we pulled this off.
- That's true.

And even though the Lyons are back,

I just want to make sure
that you still have my back.

As long as you have my back.
Come on now.

No question.

- Now, let's get to work.
- Okay.

During this re-launch,
image is everything.

I want every Empire artist

everywhere that's worth being seen.

Fashion Week.

- Bitch.
- Bitch.

- It's Fashion Week.
- Fashion week.

Okay, I have the perfect dress.

Yeah. Okay. But it's
not about you, though.

It's always about me, don't do that.

What was that about?

Hey, guys. That speech was awesome.

Everybody's really hyped up.
It's great.

Yeah, that's the point.

Do you guys have, like, a minute
or two, maybe we could talk?

A minute or two? That seems like

a mighty long time for a chick

who thought recording
in our living room was cute.

Cookie, look.

When I left LFM, it was just
a business decision.

It was nothing personal, I promise.

Now, what happens
when we drag your little ass

out that door by your
pretty little feet?

I'm sorry, what?

Hah! Now you see how fast
that got personal.

If you and your disloyal
vocal cords makes us some money,

guess what? You get to stay.

But if you don't make any money,
you got to kick rocks. Clear?

Yeah. Very.

So why are you still sitting here?

Come on. Let's make some money!

Chop, chop.


When did you become so damn forgiving?

Didn't you say I had to "be better"?

Just a little bit.

Give me this bat.

Nah, I get it, I get it.

All right.

Hey, Devon. You all right?

Look. I want to be a part
of New Empire.

Well, you will be, you're
managed by LFM, remember?

Listen, Jamal is definitely
gonna want to put you

in the studio with Empire
Artists, so don't worry.

Look, my label ain't having it, man.

All right? No co-writes, no features.

None of that. No collabs.

Not until my debut.

Well, I'll-I'll check
'on that for you, bro.

- You can try, but...
- Brother.

I'll check on that for you. Okay?

- I got you.
- All right.

I'm thinking 18 months, minimum,

before fans believe Empire
is Empire again.

Financially, the road
is longer and bumpier.

Kingsley made bad investments

and took on considerable debt.

I've sketched out
a five-year solvency plan.

- Wait. Five years?
- The company's a financial mess, Pop.

Yeah, well, why can't Patel
pump some money into this?

That's not gonna happen.

Well, what about the money
your ex-husband took?

Lord, I've been there. Done that.

I couldn't convince
the Panamanian bank

that the money Eddie deposited
was mine.

I mean, Empire's.

- Of course.
- Of course.

So here, my legacy is just
weighing in the balance.

I don't care how much money it costs.

We need to fix this, ASAP.

I need some air.

Hey. I was just
on my way up to see you.

The nursing home called
about your mom.

Yeah, I ain't got time.

I'll need to set up a meeting
with Damon Cross, man.

Whoa, whoa, Damon Cross?

A meeting about what?

I did my research after that
little poker game.

He's got a nice little
cleaning business, don't he?

Look, I know who he is, you know?

What-what's that got to do with us?

Yeah, I also know you used
to work for him.

Now, I assume you know
how to contact him?

I did my research.

As your attorney, I'm advising
you not to meet with this guy.

- Let's just do...
- As your employer,

I'm telling you, set up
a meeting with Damon Cross.

He owes me.

I'm going to collect.

Thanks, Thirst.

Cookie, um...

What's all this?

I-I couldn't remember
whether you liked regular,

almond or soy milk in your coffee,

so I brought you all three.

Nah, you're a little too extra.

Look. Um, Cookie, um...

I was really inspired by what
you guys said today.

Look, I have a lot of ideas
for Empire, okay? And I was

hoping that we could talk about
maybe an elevated position

- like a choreographer?
- Okay. Ba-boop, boop, boop, boop.

You've been with me for less
than a month

and you're already expecting
a promotion?

I have so much more to offer.

Very ambitious of you.

Okay. Why don't you elevate your ass

on up to Porsha's office

and discuss all your
little ideas with her?

I don't-I don't get coffee now?

Okay. Petty.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So... You know that your niece
and nephew have been begging

to see their Uncle Mal
and Uncle Kai-Kai.

Where y'all been at?

Uncle Kai-Kai has... gone bye-bye.

I'm so sorry, Jamal. I didn't know.

It's all good, you know?

Just gotta stay grinding.

Got to stay focused
on the task at hand.

But you know
about something like that.

That's actually what
I was calling you about.

Empire's gonna need straight
hits out the gate, you know?

So I've been working
on a bunch of things,

and this one situation I have,

I just need a strong female vocal.

I'm your girl.

You haven't even heard it yet, but...

I don't have to hear it. I trust you.

And plus, I really appreciate
you showing me love,

- even after all the...
- Hey.

I mean, you're still family.


Drop by this way?

- Let's see what happens.
- Yeah.


- Mr. Damon Cross.
- It's good to see you again, brother.

Well, yeah. It's hard to recognize you

when you ain't dodging bullets, man.

Giselle Sims.

It's nice to meet you.

And this is my wife...

We met... At the Moët.

Wait, when did we go to the Moët?

"We" didn't.

I mean, everyone knows
the amazing Cookie Lyon

and no one could forget meeting you,

but I think you have me confused
with another brother.

No, no, no. At the elevator.

Never mind, it'll come back to you.

All right, well, let's get down
to some business, all right?

So how can I help you?

Well, a recently departed friend

was siphoning a great deal
of money from Empire.

So now, our money is sitting in
an offshore account.

And we need someone with
a certain amount of influence

over the Panamanian banking
community to help us.

I appreciate the consideration,
but if I can accommodate you,

how soon could you be on a plane?

You know, this is not gonna work
without an Empire boss.

Well, Lucious has interviews

and it wouldn't be a good look
if he just disappeared

in the middle of our rebranding,
so I'll go.

No, I don't think it's a good
look for Eddie's ex to go again.

So I... I should go.

- No, you don't need to.
- Yeah, I should.

Well, that's if Mr. Cross is up
for the challenge?

Well, I'm always up for a challenge.

I guess we got a deal.

- We got a deal.
- Got a deal.

I hope this isn't seen
as disrespect, Mr. Jones.

Loyalty is highly regarded
among the Samurai.

Samson, all we're asking

is that you loosen the reigns
a little bit.

It's an original Takeda Shingen.

To me, it's priceless.

It represents my warrior spirit.

We just want Devon to record

a couple of songs with Empire artists.

And you know they'll be hits.

It's a win-win.

Look, Andre.

If Devon has a hit with you
before he has hits with me,

we look like sloppy seconds.

Thanks for your interest,

but "The future of R&B"
is not for sale.


Why don't you, take some
time and, think it over.


That is hot, I like that a lot.

Hey. Yeah, working...

on some new stuff. What's up?

New like you're looking for
a collaboration? Or...?

Not exactly. Not on this one.

- Tiana's already got this.
- Yeah, that'll be

a cute little breathy throwback,
I guess.


Look, can I play you something?

Sure. Right there.

Yes, you playing me my own song.

Well, you sound amazing.

Thank you. And listen,

I don't have any distractions.

I don't have a diaper change,
I don't have a playdate.

I'm ready to make a hit right now.

Tiana's my family so ease up on that.

All right, I'm sorry. I didn't
meant it like that at all.

All I'm saying is that

you should think about it.
Me and you on a track?

I would love to work with you,

Jamal, like, really.

I'll think about it.

- Thank you.
- Without you here.

Please leave if I'm in the studio.

- Okay. Okay. I'm sorry.
- Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, thank you.

Did we have an appointment?

You know, when I left here earlier,

I thought to myself,

there must be something
I neglected to offer.

Look, kid, maybe you missed the
memo while you were locked up,

but begging is still unbecoming.

Let's test that theory.

Shall we?

- What the hell are you doing?!
- Sit your ass down. Sit down!

Samurais were clever.

They knew how to deceptively
disarm their enemy.

You, sir, are not.


But you very well could be.

- Put the sword down.
- Begging is unbecoming, remember?

Your father must be real proud.

His Ivy League son, following
in his thuggish footsteps.

My father moves out
of necessity for his clients.

Can you say the same, Samson?

- What are you getting at, Lyon?
- I'm talking about the escorts

you expense to your artists' accounts.

You have them paying for your
little call girls and call boys.

That's ridiculous!

Not according to your ex-wife,
it's not.

You know, it's incredible

how a few dollars can jog
a scorned woman's memory.


You can use Devon.

I asked for that this morning.

You remember how polite I was

when I asked for that this morning?

Now I want his whole
damn contract, so sign it.

Sign it! Sign it!

Sign it!

Come on, Samson!

Come on, Samson! Come on, Samson!

Sign it!

Pleasure doing business with you,

Samson. Bitch.

Welcome back, Mr. Cross.
I'll have your bags brought up

to your suites, and just one moment

- for your keys.
- Thank you.

So... I set up the meeting
with Julio Calderon.

Just as a warning... he's old school,

so he expect a woman
to know her place.

You see, I thought you were tripping

when you said we never met, but

it's clear, because you know.

Cookie doesn't play
by any man's rules.

It's cute when you do that.

- Do what?
- Pretend like you don't care.

The Moët.

I knew I wasn't crazy.

Here are your keys, Mr. Cross.

Thank you.

Yeah. I'll always be grateful
for what you did for me

in that elevator.

And that's the reason
why I'm helping you.

Well, why... why were you pretending

like you didn't recognize me?

Well, I mean, if I admitted my truth,

you think Lucious would have
allowed you to come?


I don't need my man's permission.

We are here for one thing
and one thing only,

and that's to get Empire's money back.

LFM and Empire have merged,
so I don't understand

why we're not
expanding beyond artists.

We could be signing dancers
and models, even influencers.

- That is a great idea.
- Thank you.

For another day.
Right now, our main focus is

on new sounds and musicians,
not no dancers.

- Okay, so why take Blake off the list?
- T.M. Easy, Girl!

That is none of your business.

I'm just saying,
he's undeniably a draw.

Listen, Blake plus Hakeem
plus Tiana...

that is a bomb
I'm not trying to detonate.

Sorry, I... I-I didn't know.

Look, I get it, okay?

I was you once,
with much better style.

'Cause that sweater

- got to go.
- Okay.

It take a minute
to pay your dues, okay?

You just got to know your place
and stop overstepping.

It's funny that you have that
logic of knowing your place,

'cause that hasn't really
helped you around here.

I'm just saying.

I didn't hear your name called

with a new position
behind it yesterday.

This bitch.

Yo, you know, Empire will be
the freshest and flyest company,

we strike up that musically first.

The Lyons are back, baby!

Tiana! Tiana, this way!

Tiana, you look beautiful!

Tiana, over here! Over here!

Hey, babies. Treasure's here.


- Happy! - WOMAN Bella!
- Yeah, you and Bella!

Tiana, right here!

I heard you tried
to steal my duet with Jamal.

I'm sorry? Oops.

Listen, little girl, you might think

you can come up riding on my coattail,

but you're just gonna be stuck
under my Louboutins.

Look, all I'm trying to do is
bring Empire back to life,

like a real vocalist should, baby.

I know you don't know
anything about that...

Okay. Your voice

may be real, but that ass you
crafting with sand, duct tape

and a prayer sure as hell ain't.
Touch me again.

You want to get your finger...

- get your finger out of my face.
- What you about to do about it?

Say "hi" to Mommy!
Come say "hi" to Mommy!

Don't talk to my daughter!
Don't talk to my... Now you done

pushed to a different level.
What's good?

Put your hands on me one more time.

You don't know where I'm from.

- Get your own songs, boo.
- Get to your seat.

- Meet me inside.
- What about your own songs, boo?

Hey, hey, hey.
Why don't you go to your seat?


What do you do? What do you do?
What do you do?

Put your earrings back on.
Get out of here.

Get out of here.

How y'all doing tonight?

Did you maybe just want
a little bit of Becky?

Well, you know. Just like a body
without a head is dead,

a kingdom without a king is the same.

I mean, Empire was always number one

when I was at the helm, you know?

Well, how's it feel to know

that the king's own prince
is responsible

for the company's troubles?

Um, excuse me?

Former Empire CEO Jeff Kingsley.

He's your son, correct?

Hey, sorry to bother you guys.
Lucious, we got to talk.

I'm sorry
we got to wrap this up, brother.

What's up, man?

That, matter from earlier.

I thought you bought me time.

Time ran out.
You got to take care of it now.

Hey, somebody take this.

Get him out now.

So sorry it's come to this,

but she requires double the
staff to manage her tantrums,

and your balance is overdue
several months.

Yeah, well, this should more
than cover what we owe

and take care of the next six months.

I'll be dead

before I step foot
in that double-trash room!


Get your crusty hands off my things!

- Give us a minute.
- 'Kay.

You gonna burn in hell for
letting me rot in this rathole.

You know I don't deserve to be here.

Look, Ma, you need the kind of help

that I can't give you right now.

You're rotten to the core.

Just like your father
and your bastard son.

How do you even know about Jeffrey?

Your demon spawn came to see me.

You and me finally have
something in common...

knowing what it feels like

to wish your child
never breathed its first breath.

What did little chocolate chip
say when you told her?

How long did it take her

to march her sassy ass
out the front door?

Cookie didn't leave me.

She will.

Soon as she realizes that
no matter how much you promise

to be a good little boy...

you'll never change.

I know my whole life I've...

spent it...

hurting people.

But it was because
I didn't get the love

that I needed from my mother.

So, if I'm a monster...

it's because you made me that way.

That evil...

has always been in you.

It ain't going nowhere.

Neither are you.

Look, I'm sorry about that mess

that Treasure started
on the red carpet.


But I'm letting it go.

I got to focus on this hit that
me and Jamal are about to make.

She want to focus now.

It don't work that way, does it, G?

It never really does, does it, B?

- Never.
- Never.

Hey, guys.


What is Mama Tee doing here?

- What are you doing here?
- Okay. Sit down.

Look, $100,000.

That's how much it's going to cost

to find and gather
all the photos of you two

wannabe divas ready to throw blows.

Do you think Empire has the time
for this right now?

'Cause we don't. We really don't.

Okay? And Jamal has a very

specific vision for Empire's music.

And y'all better thank
y'all lucky stars

that he still wants you
to be involved, okay?

Which is why he is willing
to work with both of you.

Both of who? I'm-I'm not

- working with her.
- You don't have to.

Jamal, what the hell is going on?

It looks like
you're being replaced, Mama.

First of all, sweetie, you can

- never replace me. Top shop.
- 'Cause that's what's happening.

- Vintage Dior. Top shop.
- Look... Wow.


Now, y'all done?

'Cause I hope you know you ain't

the only ones going through stuff.

But guess what? Seems like I'm here.

Seems like I'm acting
like a professional,

and I'm ready to get the job done.

So if you and you, Tiana,

are not willing to do the same,
y'all can

dance your happy asses
up outside the studio.



I am taking my vocal off of
the song, and you two are gonna

- record it together.
- No, no, no, no.

- Tee, listen to me.
- Jamal, no.

- That's not gonna work here.
- Listen. Listen. Excuse me.

Tee, you've never done a song
with a strong female.

- Thank you.
- And, Treasure,

you've barely ever done a song,
so you could definitely use

the cosign from Empire's princess.

You're welcome.


any more issues,
and neither one of you

are gonna be working with Jamal.

You got it?

Are we clear?

'Cause you better get clear.


We're clear.

Now, get y'all mean asses out of here.

Yo, Dre.

- Thank you, ma'am.
- Of course.

Tell me you heard.

They let me out of my contract, man.

Yes. I know we didn't ask
for that, but...

I'm here, man. I'm a free man.

Yeah. Sometimes people do
the right thing

out of the goodness
of their hearts?

My guy.

- My man.
- Appreciate it, man.

- Welcome to Empire.
- Yes, sir.

- All right.
- Let's get it.

She's here. She's here.

My God, you look so beautiful.

It's unbelievable. Look how you look.

I hope I didn't keep
you gentlemen waiting too long.

A star has fallen from the heavens.

Handsome and charming.

- Thank you.
- Of course, of course.

A round of Seco.

Allergic to anything, Cookie?

Fake Chanel.

Why do people do that?

I'm sorry, I don't speak

your beautiful language,
but, it appears

that negotiations with you two
are going south.

Beautiful and astute.

Well, may I sweeten the deal...

with something that only I can offer?

- By all means.
- I'm sure your clients

would enjoy a private concert
with my Empire artists.

Gratis, of course.

The Saudis paid millions
for the privilege.

This is true, but...

No buts, Julio.

That bastard Eddie Barker
embezzled Empire money,

money I need to save my company.

Look, I'm willing
to give you ten percent

of what's in the account.

25% of what's in the account.

You are insulting the lady, Julio.

- Let's go.
- No.

I'm not going anywhere
without my money.

So, unless you plan on room-
and-boarding me, Mr. Calderon...

Or lose a significant portion

of your clientele.

You would end our lucrative
relationship over this woman?

That's Cookie Lyon.

She's worth it.

- Salud.
- Salud.

And then when you switch to 16,
you know, just go crazy.

I want you to do your thing.



Okay. Okay. Okay.
I see how you rockin'.

I'll go lay these bars down, then.

- All right, cool.
- Let's do it.

What it look like?
I just signed Blake.

It ain't even like that,
so stop looking at me.

Isn't it, though?

Because there's a guy

spitting in the booth right now

that I could have sworn
I suggested you sign.

Girl, whatever. Look,
Cookie liked the idea,

and you best believe
I took the credit for it.

So not only did you steal my idea,

but you're acting like it was yours.

So much for me
knowing my place, right?

I mean, stick to your grind.
Eventually, you'll get yours.

You don't want to stay and listen?

No, I think I'll come up with
some more ideas

for you to steal.


Dope. We gonna run it back
one more time.

So, what do we owe for your services?

Hold on, hold on, hold on,
don't kill the vibe.

- We're celebrating.
- Celebrate?

No, no, no, no, these feet
aren't celebrating anything.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. We did that.

- Okay, we did do that.
- Let's go.

- All right.
- I'll show you how to dance.

Watch out, now. You can't see me.

I see you all day. You can't see me.

I'm seeing you.

Gonna do one spin, one spin,
one spin this way.

Come back to me. See? I got you.

Got you.

I should go.

But we're just getting started.

Do I need to remind you
that I'm married?

I'm well aware of that.
But do you want to be?

What kind of question is that?

It's a simple question,
an honest question.

I ain't never lied to my woman,
I never will.

Is that so, mister?
I don't believe we've ever met.

Yeah, but you ain't my woman yet.

Yet? You're delusional.

I will have my office send you a check

for all of your troubles.

Have a great life, Damon.

I don't plan on chasing you.

When you realize
that I spoke the truth,

trust me, you're gonna
come back to me.

Must be great being back at Empire.

For the first time in a long time...

I feel good.

You hear me?

I feel really...

really good.

Dr. Miller?

It's kind of late.

Hey, Dr. Miller.

No worries. Tomorrow morning?

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

What was that?

He wants to see me in the morning.

Something about missing lab
results that just came in.

What you want?

Right on, brother.

Let me get the Thirsty Special.

You know, two orders
of the Ackee Salt Fish,

two Jamaican beef patties
with the coco bread,

- and a ginger beer.
- Coming right up.

All right, it's gonna be
a Netflix and chill...

Damn it.

Your boys could have waited
till I got my food at least.

Common courtesy.

Mr. Rawlings, Assistant
U.S. Attorney Conway.

It's a real pleasure.

Well, you must not get out much
if you think this is a pleasure.

Let's talk about Damon Cross.

Damon who?

Well, now you're boring me, Thurston.

I was told you were clever.

That's the best you can
come up with, "Damon who"?

It's disappointing.

Well, says no girl
I've ever been with.

Okay, look, you're
wasting your time, Miss.

You can call me Meghan.

Now, you're either gonna tell me
what I want to know

about Damon Cross,
or we're gonna talk about

your other buddy, Lucious Lyon.
Remember him?

Meghan, you know what I do remember?

Something called attorney-client

That's what I remember.

I thought they would have
taught you the exception

to that rule at
University of Guam Law.

Here's the billion-dollar question.

Lucious Lyon or Damon Cross

Whose freedom are you gonna
trade for your own?

Lucious, what are you doing here?

I just wanted to make sure
you was all right, baby.

I'm fine, I'm fine, okay? We're fine.

We got the money, it's gonna be
wired into our account tomorrow.

Great. Then let's turn
this little visit

- into a celebration.
- No, no, no, no.

What about your interviews?

Look, I want to
show you something, okay?

Is that the crack house
on 29th and Ontario?

Yes, it is.

Guess who owns it now. We do.

Come... What the hell do you need

with a crack house, Lucious?

Not like it's gonna
break the bank or nothing.

Look, my plan is to turn it into

a little rehab center.

You know, for teens
and for young boys who...

whose mothers don't know
how to teach 'em

how to be good people.

What's wrong, Lucious?

I'm sorry.

For what?

The other day,
when you were all over me,

you know, about change.

I got defensive.

I took it like you was attacking
everything we built together.

I didn't mean it like that.

I know, I know, I know.

When you say you want to make right

the things we did wrong,

I think that's the way
for us to rebuild

and retell our story together.

You know?