Empire (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Empire - full transcript

The Lyons pick up the pieces after losing Empire to Eddie Barker.

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Previously on "Empire...

This is your scarf.

You were wearing it the night
that you killed Shine.

Withdraw your bid for Empire.

- You just gave away Empire!
- I did it for that.

- Why you packing?
- 'Cause I'm leaving, Ma.

I need to be nobody
for a minute.

What did you do to me?

- Karma's a bitch.
- (screams)

(people screaming)

I'm pregnant, and it's yours.

Cookie, I want you
to be my wife.

JUDGE: I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

- Hakeem, he's got a gun!
- Dad, what are you doing?!

- No!
- (gunshot)

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.


("Ibiza" playing over laptop)

♪ Top down, feel the breeze

♪ Chillin' with the homies
in Ibiza ♪

♪ Pipe down, girl, please

♪ Don't you see the camera?
Say "cheese" ♪

♪ Whine down on me

♪ Shake it like
some new car keys ♪

♪ 'Cause right now, I might be ♪

♪ 'Bout the flyest one
that you've ever seen ♪

♪ I know you do it
for the culture ♪

♪ Just come a little closer

♪ Baby, we can do the most-a

- Hey. -♪ Right now, right
now, right now, right now ♪

♪ Real money,
I ain't hood rich ♪

♪ If you ain't a dummy,
go stupid ♪

♪ I got the check, baby,
you can make it run up, run up ♪

♪ Run up, run up

♪ Oh, what we got now?

♪ Whole thing shut down

♪ Flames burn to the ground

♪ Burn up, burn up,
burn up, burn up... ♪

(music stops)

(music fast-forwards, stops)

(footsteps approaching)


It is hot as hell in here!

Can't we get the AC fixed
or something?

If you got $50,000.

Bump that. I'll sweat it out.

Well, don't forget,
I like you sweaty.

You were supposed to meet me
at the network.

We'd like Lucious to be a judge
on our musical talent show.

We'll write a catchphrase
for Lucious, like, uh,

"Welcome to the dog pound,"
or, uh, "Not now. Not ever."

No, stupid. (chuckles)

"No, stupid"? Yeah.
"No, stupid." I like that.

(executives chuckling)

"No, stupid." You see?
He's sitting there.

He's... I like that.
That's pretty good.

Had me up there looking stupid.

I'm sorry. I-I just,
I can't think about anything

like that until we...
until we get Empire back.

Yeah, well, until then,
we got to stay afloat.

- Now, I'm out here hustling.
- What do you see me doing?

I'm over here
trying to edit this thing, look.

We got millions of dollars
worth of footage

that nobody in the world has;
we can cash in online.

Look at our boy.

You tell me Keem
wasn't meant to do this.

Hmm, that's my baby.

Look, Lucious, we don't have
time to do all of this, okay?

You know how much stuff we got
to do before tomorrow night?

Yeah, I haven't forgotten. We've
been planning it for two years.

Eddie won't see it
coming either.

- (laptop ringing)
- Ooh, Jamal. -Ah.

- What's up, y'all?
- Hey, baby.

- LUCIOUS: You looking good, son.
- When you coming home, boy?

Ma, London is my home.

- How are you?
- I'm good.

- Yeah, we're great, man.
- How'd you celebrate?

- Celebrate what?
- Are you serious?

Y'all two-year
wedding anniversary. Damn.

- What?
- Uh, oh, we-we, um,

we gonna celebrate this weekend.

Look, how's your love life, huh?

How's, uh, what's his name?

- Ky-Kyle? Kylie? Kale?
- (laughs)

You're so shady. You know good
and well that boy's name is Kai.

I'd remember his name
if I met the boy.

Look, on another note, um, son,
how's your label doing?

Dad, I just signed this rapper
out of Dakar.

He's so dope.

I ain't making no money
or nothing, but whatever.

- I love it.
- Really?

Yeah, well, that sounds
more like a hobby than a job.

I mean, if we could get Eddie

to let you out of
your Empire contract...

Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

Y'all up there
taking Eddie to court,

trying to get Empire back;
I don't want none of that.

- I'm good.
- (doorbell rings)

Y'all expecting company?

Uh, something like that.

JUANITA: Miss Cookie?
Those people are here.

(mouths) Boy, we got to go.

It better not be
another six weeks

- before I hear from your ass.
- All right, I love y'all.

- I love you, too.
- (door opens)

Miss Cookie, my pay...
it's already been five weeks.

I know, I know.

I got you, I got you,
Juanita, okay?

Friday, I promise. Okay.

We forgot our anniversary.

I'm sorry, baby.

I've just been so busy
trying to scratch out a living.

Happy anniversary.

- Happy annivers...
- (cart rolling)

- Oh, no. Oh, my God.
- Wait.

You said to sell it all,
Miss Cookie.

I know, I know, I know,
but just...

W-Wait, wait, wait.
Why don't you...

wrap that up
and protect it first?

Okay, hey, it's just things,
Lucious. It's just things.

We're better than that.
Hey, put that back.

That's-that's my Derrick Adams.

Gift my husband gave me
for my wedding.

Come here. Come on, baby.

I'm so sick and tired of people
taking things from us.

Now, we tried it the legal way.

I think it's time
we-we got to plan.

Let's go get what's ours.

We get Eddie tomorrow night
at the awards ceremony,

when his security aren't around.

You talked to Andre?
He's gonna get us what we need?

Andre's gonna deliver,
don't you worry about that.

You got 15 minutes!

(indistinct guard radio chatter)

Better keep walking.

- (inmates chattering)
- (weights clanking)

No, it don't make sense.

I mean, he-he couldn't have
possibly known

that she would fall;
he didn't mean to kill her.

THIRSTY: Yeah, that's why
I got it reduced

to reckless endangerment.

- Two years, man.
- You know I did everything I could.

All right? This is
the best deal we're gonna get.

Someone caught Andre
spiking Anika's drink

- in a cell phone pic.

I can handle two years, Ma.

- No.
- You did 17.

And that's why I went,
so you wouldn't have to.

Thirsty got me a good deal, Ma.

Hey. I can do this.

You know why they transferred
you to this hellhole, Steve?


It was because of me.

Traded in a lot of favors
to get you here.

What do you want?

You were Eddie Barker's
money manager.

You ran that Ponzi scheme
that brought him down.

I didn't do it.

I hope you did it, Steve.

Because if you did,
you have access to what I need,

and then I can get you
back to Club Fed.

Home sweet home.

But, Steve, if you didn't,
you're no use to me.

And that is no good for you.

Up, up, up, up, up. No. Down.

Down. Okay, yes.

Right there.
Hold it right there.


- That was good.
- (exhales)

That was good.

- I like a woman who knows
what she wants. -(laughs)

I really needed that.
We make a good team, Kingsley.

Great things in business
are never done by one person.

Are you really quoting
Steve Jobs after sex?

(chuckles) Aren't you
even a little concerned

- about Eddie catching us?
- No.

He's too busy test-driving
hotel mattresses

with his new assistant.

- So why'd you remarry him?
- Temporary insanity.

Or temporary "strategery."

Look, when Eddie gets tired of

pretending to do actual work
around here, I'm taking over.

You're still singing my praises
in Silicon Valley, right?

I've been known
to sing a note or two.


So, Glasses, you could go ahead

and confirm my lunch
with Zane's playlist people.

- Thank you so much.
- Mm-hmm.

Ponytail, can you set
a meeting with Eddie

- about upping our radio budget?
- Mm-hmm.

Thank you so much.
And, Man Bun...

yesterday's photo shoot
looked like some weird, like,

Rugrats porno, and I hated it.

- And you need to do better, and go get it done.
- Mm-hmm.

Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Bye.

Listen up, everybody.
I just got back the P&L reports.

Empire's profits...
are all the way up.

(all cheering)

Yes! Okay, okay.

'Cause that is
all four quarters;

- that is a clean sweep.
- And what do we call that?

Black Girl Magic.

- Yes.
- Yes.

We have to focus.

We have to make sure
that "Ibiza" makes

Best Original Song
at the MVP Movie Awards.

Girl, you know I already
took care of that.

- I basically stroked
everybody involved. -(laughs)

(whispers): I have carpal tunnel
in both wrists now.

- You nasty. But I like it...
- I am.

...because Eddie hates to lose.

Uh, speaking of Eddie,

he knows that his fellow
nominated producers,

Cookie and Lucious, will be
there that night, too, right?

Please. He knows. Besides,
we doubled up on security.

Perfect. That is exactly
what I was getting after.

And you know what,
I'm just really glad

that "Ibiza's" getting
this kind of attention,

because it was Hakeem
and Tiana's last song

- before the shooting.
- Yeah.

- I just really miss them.
- I know.

- (Hakeem grunts)
- BLAKE: No!

- (car alarm wailing)
- (Hakeem coughs)

(Bella crying)


TIANA: Oh, my God.
Look at me, look at me.

Hakeem, Hakeem.

- Keem! Keem!
- Help! Help!

- Help! Help!
- Help!

Keem! Someone call an ambulance!

(Hakeem coughing)

(clears throat)

- Oh, come on, now.
- (exhales)

Put your mind to it.

Take a deep breath in.


I can't. It hurt, lady.

Hey, losing part of your lung
is tough,

but getting your wind back
isn't impossible.

Don't let some crazy guy's
bullet beat you.

Leave me the hell alone!

(Hakeem coughing)

I think he needs a second.
Please, just give us a minute.


Come here, Bella.

Can you take Bella and Prince
down to the park,

and I'll be there
in a few minutes.

- Okay. Come on, Prince.
- Thank you. (kisses)

- Be good. See you in a second.
- Come on, Bella, let's go.

Mommy will be down soon.

(door closes)

I know that this is hard...

but you can do this.

I thought that
getting back onstage

would be good motivation
for you.

I can't rap, Tee.
I can't hold it.

You'll have a backing track.

You mean lip sync?
My fans would drag me for life.

No, your fans want to see you
back onstage.

They're happy that you're alive.

And you know I need to do this

to get back on
Eddie's good side.

Man, to hell with him and
his Steve Harvey-looking suits.

- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.

Look, Eddie full-on sidelined me

when he found out
that I was pregnant.

I need to be back on that stage,
in front of the world.

So all this mess can stop.

But I need you to do it with me.



Okay. For you.

Yes, yes, Andre came through
like a champ.

And we got everything we need.

Mm-hmm. I'm on my way back
from the prison now.

Okay, take care.
I'll talk to you soon, babe.

♪ They be like, no

♪ We never seen a chick
so cold ♪

♪ Never seen a chain so gold

♪ Never seen a wrist so froze

♪ Diamonds on my neck all glow

♪ So cold

♪ So

♪ Shining my light,
I'm the best ♪

♪ Never seen nobody like me.

Cook. Come on, we got to go

- if you want to get to the awards on time.
- Okay.

And you better not
turn on that driving app.

I'm not paying all them
damn high surging prices.

No, I'm not getting up there.

Porsha, you're doing too much.

This damn car look like
a circus. And fluffy.

- I...
- Come on! I don't wanna hear it!

("Mi Gente" by J Balvin
and Willy William playing)

(lively chatter)

(growls playfully)

- Hey, Lucious!
- Cookie, right here!

Who are you wearing?


You two look fabulous.

Seems like retirement is
treating you well.

Yeah, well, you know,
we were, uh, docking our yacht

when we got the info
about the nomination.

(laughs) I love it.

Now, Lucious, we know
you and Eddie Barker

have had some legal tussles
over Empire.

Where do you stand now?

Oh, you know, um,
people squabble,

but at the end of the day,
blood is thicker than water.

He's always gonna be my brother.

Okay. All right, then, thanks.

And you heard it
from the Lyon's mouth.

- Look at how scared of us he is.
- He should be.

(chuckles) Punk bitch.

- WOMAN: Cookie! Hey, girl!
- Hi.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

That dress is beautiful.

Who makes it, Balmain?

Listen, Cookie,
I just want you to know

that I would have handled things
differently than Eddie.


Do you think I care

what Eddie's ho
would have done differently?



You know, you should be careful
with the pit stains.

H&M won't take that back.

Too bad you can't
get your money back

for that botched face job.

I can think of somewhere else
you could've used the money.

Can I get champagne?

performing "Ibiza," Tiana,

and for the first time
in two years, Hakeem Lyon!

(crowd cheering)

("Ibiza" playing)

♪ Ah, top down,
feel the breeze ♪

♪ Chillin' with the homies
in Ibiza ♪

♪ Right now, catch me

♪ Linen shorts with the sandals
on my feet ♪

♪ Calm down, it's just me ♪

♪ Ain't my fault
that I make it look easy ♪

♪ Oh, wow, I might be

♪ 'Bout the flyest one
that you ever seen ♪

♪ I know you do it
for the culture ♪

♪ Just come a little closer

♪ Baby, we can do the most-a

♪ Right now, right now,
right now, right now ♪

♪ Real money,
I ain't hood rich ♪

♪ If you ain't a dummy,
go stupid ♪

♪ I got the check, baby,
you can make it run up, run up ♪

♪ Run up, run up

- ♪ Top down, feel the breeze
- (coughing)

♪ Chillin' with the homies
in Ibiza ♪

- ♪ Right now, catch me
- (coughing continues)

♪ Linen shorts with the sandals
on my feet... ♪

He's using a backing track.

♪ Ain't my fault
that I make it look easy ♪

- ♪ Oh, wow, I might be
- (coughing continues)

♪ 'Bout the flyest one
that you ever seen... ♪

- What's up? Uh-huh.
- He lip syncing. I told you.

- (music continues)
- (coughing)

(crowd murmuring)

- ♪ Top down, feel the breeze
- (crowd cheering)

♪ Chillin' with the homies
overseas ♪

♪ I might move, I don't ever
wanna leave from the beach ♪

♪ Watch the wind through
the palm trees ♪

- ♪ Going wild in Ibiza
- ♪ Uh-huh

♪ Only come around
if you can keep up ♪

♪ Turn this up loud
in your speaker ♪

♪ Temp ain't never going down,
might catch a fever ♪

♪ Trying to be a participant in
anything that we dealing with ♪

♪ Ain't no point
in concealing it ♪

♪ Girl, I know
that you feeling it ♪

♪ Say it loud, scream it loud,
every night we going out ♪

♪ It's going down, yeah. ♪

- (song ends)
- (crowd cheering)

MAN (over P.A.):
We're back in two minutes.

- (Cookie sighs) - Two minutes
until Best Original Song.

What happened? How's our boy?

Uh... (chuckles)

Well, his ego is bruised, but
the doctor said he'll be okay.

If we could just have the
nominees, please, no security.

- No, I need them.
- Oh, um...


- This won't work.
- Oh, God.

Sir, your category's coming up
after the commercial break.

We need all the nominees
together for the camera shot.

Your escorts can wait
just off camera.

Look, we're all gonna be
on camera.

They're not gonna act a fool
in front of the whole world.

Okay? We got this.

- All right.
- Let's do it.

- Hello again. Lucious.
- Evening.

- Well, hello!
- What the... -(gasps) Ooh!

- Oh. Oh, that's all you got?
- Can you help her, please?

- Yes. Right this way, ma'am.
- That's all you got?

- You want some more?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop!

- So sorry. Can you take this?
- Right this way.

- Thank you.
- Oh, okay, take that...

- Oh, oh!
- Ooh, girl! -Right this way.

- Get her out of here.
- Okay.

Accident. Happens.

Excuse me. I'm so sorry, guys.

- LUCIOUS: Apologize, Eddie.
- What's this?

This was an accident.

EDDIE: A cheap shot in front
of the whole place here?

COOKIE: It was an accident.
Have a seat.

Come on. We're okay.

Relax. You look nice.

Have a seat.

Take your hand off me,
all right?


I just wanted to know
why you betrayed Empire.

- Betrayed by raising revenues?
- (scoffs)

I'm talking about
skimming off the books.

MTA Bank of Panama.
That ring a bell?

- (crowd cheering)
- (rap music playing)

Welcome back, folks.

And next up
we have the award for

Best Original Song in a Film.


And the nominees are
Coldplay for "Mai Tai..."

Yeah, your money guy told us
that's where you keep

your secret shell company

Yeah, money disappears
from Empire,

and then, poof, it ends up
in your Panama account.

- Can't prove it, right?
- Oh, yeah.

- We have all the receipts, baby.
- We were brothers,

and you just flushed that all
down the toilet, didn't you?

EMCEE: Pasek and Paul,
"Marvin's Song."

All right, I ain't gonna deal
with this. It's about time...

Sit your ass down.

What is it you want?
What do you want?

Same thing you wanted.

I want Empire,
or your ass will go to jail.

Yeah, you always had a problem
keeping your paws

out of the cookie jar.

Now look at you, caught,
sticky fingers.

And the big surprise is
now, when we win,

you're gonna go up there
and announce to the world

that you're stepping down
from Empire.

- What, now?
- COOKIE: Yeah, now.

And nominated for "Ibiza,"

Lucious Lyon, Cookie Lyon
and Eddie Barker.

- (applause)
- ♪ Oh, what we got now

♪ Whole thing shut down...

We'll expect a call
from Kelly Patel tomorrow.

And the winner is...


Lucious Lyon, Cookie Lyon
and Eddie Barker.

- (crowd cheering)
- ("Ibiza" playing)

Showtime, baby.

♪ Flames burn to the ground

♪ Burn up, burn up,
burn up, burn up. ♪

(shredder whirring)

So, why'd you just leave me
backstage at the awards?

As you can see,

I had some urgent business
to take care of.

What are you, drunk?

(sighs) A little.

(laughs) Maybe a little more
than a little.

So you're stepping down now?

Not gonna give me any warning?

What's going on, Eddie?

We lost.

We lost what?


The Lyons discovered
my little indiscretion.

(chuckles) They want
to give me the option

of, like, going to prison or...

...letting them
take over Empire.

Eddie, what did you do?

- How unoriginal is that?
- What did you do?

Seriously? Think about it.

What did you do?

It's okay. Doesn't matter.

What do you mean
it doesn't matter?

- We lost.
- No, no. We didn't lose.

Not "we," "you." You lost.

Tomato, tomahto.

Potato, potahto.

You really...

Let me tell you something;
I didn't work this hard

to lose everything again.

- Not everything.
- I'm not playing...

You been, like, uh, putting away
a little stash of money.

Couple million, at least.
Use that to stay afloat.

Look, you're not gonna take
all this away from me.

They're not gonna
take it from me.

- I'm the one that's been
running Empire. -(laughs)

While you just walk around here
like you've been running it.

- I made it a success.
- Come on. Are you serious?

You... really?

You wasn't running
any a damn well thing.

You should be happy that
you still... half of your looks,

- so you can still ride on my coattails.
- Okay.

Hold on.

You're right. I'm sorry.
You were running it, baby.

No. Just get off me.

- Come here. Come here.
- Hey.

- Just...
- Hey, whoa, whoa. Stop.

- No, don't you touch me.
- No, like, come on.

- Don't touch me, Eddie.
- Like, you look so pretty.

- I said get off me!
- What's going on?

- What are you doing?
- Get off me!

- (loud thud)
- (gasps)


Okay. Drunk ass.

Help me. I need help.

Help. Help me.

I'm sorry.

I can't help you anymore, Eddie.


Lucious! Lucious!

Stop it, Lucious! Stop!

We had his ass!

We had his ass, and then
he gonna turn around and croak?

I know, I know, and he's in hell
right now laughing at us

in that yellow suit.

My God.

And our deal is just
as dead as he is. I know.

What are we gonna do, huh?

We should've never
gave up Empire.

You should've never
gave it away.

I did that to save
your ass from prison.

You think they could've
kept me in there?

What are you, Houdini, huh?

- You was gonna magically disappear? Escape?
- No.

You're supposed to trust me.
You should've had faith in me!

But you always walking around
here like you got balls

that's bigger than
every-damn-body else.

- You don't!
- Oh. So I'm supposed to bow down

behind you 'cause
you the man, huh?

Lucious, is your ego
that fragile?

You think this is about ego?
This is about my dream.

Empire was my destiny, Cookie.
It was my legacy!

You, you, you!
Everything is you!

- Yeah, 'cause this is about me!
- Oh, okay.

- So I didn't help?
- Empire was mine!

- I didn't help? I didn't help?
- Yeah. What did you do?

I mean, where were you
most of the damn time?

- (chuckles) - You weren't there
when I built the damn thing.

By the time you got back,

Empire was
a multibillion-dollar business!

You have a very short memory,

Mr. Dwight I Can't Do Music,
Please See My Colors!

You gonna go there--

- Yeah, I'm-a go there! I'm going there!
- Okay.

All right, Cookie, so maybe
you helped me one time.

- One time, Negro? One time?!
- One time.

- Negro, please. One time?
- One time you helped me! One time!

- One time?!
- Hello?

Jamal? What are you doing here?!

(both laugh)

- Yay.
- You look amazing.

- Uh, stunning.

- Oh, this is, this is Kai.
- Yeah.

- Yes. Hi, Kai. How are you?
- (Kai chuckles)

Thrilled to meet you.
Jamal talks about you every day.

- He better. Shoot, he don't know how to pick up the phone.
- Ow.

Hey, Dad.

Hey, son.
I'm-I'm sorry I'm sweaty.

- You are. What you got...?
- Forgive me.

- Mr. Lyon, it's a pleasure, sir.
- Uh, no, pleasure's mine.

You're a remarkable reporter,
I mean, impressive stuff.

You go to dangerous places, man.

- You're the one who's been watching?
- (laughter)

It's nice to know I'm not
risking my life for nothing.

Well, look, I... I wanted
the family to meet Kai.

- Yes.
- Figured, you know, since Dre is getting out soon,

it was the perfect time.
Why is it so damn hot in here?

Uh, 'cause we conserving energy,
child. (laughs)

- So y'all gonna stay with us?
- Uh, nah, nah, nah, we gonna,

um, chill at my place, 'cause
I didn't know that y'all were,

- um, renovating and stuff.
- Mm-hmm.

- We're not.
- We are.

I need to step out
and make a call.

- Excuse me.
- Okay.

(door opens)

(door closes)

The hell is going on, y'all?

What happened to the house?

So Empire's gone?

It's just no more? That's it?

Well, praise the Lord.

Praise Jehovah.

Praise Allah. Praise Oshun.

Shoot, praise Zeus,
praise all of the gods.

- Really, Jamal?
- Yes, Ma, I'm serious.

You know what?
The evil king is dead.

So long live
the new king and queen.

- I don't want to hear none of this.
- No, Dad, listen, man. Come on.

Y'all spent 20 years

building something that
literally ate y'all alive.

Then you lose it,

and you spend two more years
trying to get it back.

You hocking silverware, you...

selling the art that you love
off of your walls.

You're in this hot-ass house.

That's not a dream,
that's a drug.

You can't hold on
to what hurts you.

Let it go.

I don't know two people that
are more dynamic and creative,

so if anybody's gonna build
magic from scratch,

it's gonna be y'all.

- (door closes)
- (sighs)


So you finally decided to bring
your ass back up in here, huh?

Hey, Hakeem, how you feeling?

Your lungs still
coughing up blood

from trying to do
my song last night?

Hmm. You got your trophy.

Ain't like you care
about anything else.


I need another drink.

Hakeem, staying out late
and getting drunk

and getting into fights is not
gonna solve your problems, okay?

- Who you yelling at, Tee?!
- You!

Daddy? Tata?
Why are you shouting?

Hey, babe. High-five.


Daddy and Tata are just
having a big person talk.

I want you to go
back in the playroom

and play with your toys.

I love you.


I need some space
to get myself together.

- (sighs heavily)
- (fan buzzing)

You gonna get a big fat gut,
all that stress eating.

Who cares? It's good.

Well, what about
what Jamal said?

What about what he said?
I mean, look, baby, you...

you can't just make
something happen

just 'cause you want it
to happen.

- It just don't work like that.
- Well, what do you want, huh?

Do you want something new
to happen?

I worked...

We worked...

...so hard and scarified
so much trying to build Empire.

Last I checked, we ain't dead.

But we can't start no label
unless you got some money.

(chuckles softly)

Broke ain't ever
stopped us before.

Don't you remember?

For the longest, you were
the only artist at the label,

and look what we've become.

- Chocolate or vanilla?
- (sighs) Chocolate. Look.

All my life, all I wanted
to do was music, Lucious,

and I want to do it
with you, okay?

I mean, if we gonna fly,
then we golden.

But if we gonna fail,
we gonna fall to our own song.

(drawer opens, closes)

What we need is a new sound,
something unexpected, like...

when people heard N.W.A.,
Whitney or Prince

for the first time, you know?

Them them old school heads, man.

Yes, old school
with a new sound.

But that's like trying to find
a needle in a haystack.

You need somebody that just
drops you dead in your tracks.

(laughs softly)


I think I found someone.

- (door buzzes) - COOKIE:
She must've been in here

visiting her boyfriend
or her brother or something.

Look, you got to help me
find this girl, okay?

Ask a brother in here
about his woman?

You trying to get me killed?

Don't even play
like that, Andre.


the closer it comes
to you getting out of here,

haters gonna come
out the woodwork.

- Ma...
- Don't you let nothing or nobody

get in the way of you coming
home, 'cause I need you.

I hear you, Mom. Okay?

- Okay.
- Don't worry.

All right.

But while you in here, keep
an eye out for me for this girl.

I need to find out who she is.

Uh, who-who is that?

Social worker.

Can I help you, ma'am?

What's your name?

- Um, Treasure.
- Treasure.

I'm Cookie Lyon.

I'm gonna change your life.

It was a beautiful service.

- I hate to talk business right now...
- It's okay.

...but I can't afford to let
a ship as big as Empire

float along without a captain.


I'd like you to step in
as Empire's interim CEO.


I can't think of a better way
to honor Eddie's legacy.


Perfect. We'll talk tomorrow.

- Yes.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Take Mrs. Barker home, please.

("I Like That"
by Janelle Monáe playing)

- Excuse me, sir.
- DRIVER: Yes, ma'am.

In the next block,
can you just pull over

- for a moment, please?
- No problem.

Thank you.

♪ I don't really give a... ♪

♪ If I was just the only one
who likes that... ♪


♪ The chase is on

♪ Oh, me, oh, me, oh, me,
oh, my... ♪

Wow. (chuckles)

♪ Oh, me, oh, me, oh, me,
oh, my ♪


♪ I like that.

Okay, here we go.

Right this way. (chuckles)

Hey, hey.

And who's this?


COOKIE: (chuckles) Well,
you know, have a seat, honey.

Um, don't mind the mess.
We are renovating.

Oh, no, it's beautiful.

I like how you like
to keep it toasty in here...

Yeah, it's for the throat,
child. Sit down.

Uh, do you want
anything to drink?

I'll have a vodka tonic,
two cubes.

You know, you people are lucky

that you found my client
when you did.

Wow. I mean...

"us people,"
we weren't even aware

that Treasure
had representation.

Oh, Treasure's been
one of my girls for a long time.

- One of your girls?
- Yeah, I put a lot of time

and money into
this one's career.

Now, look here. Cookie said
that, uh, she heard you

- freestyling in the car.
- Yeah.

So we wondered
what you would sound like

in front of a microphone.

Yeah. Uh, did you write
that song in the car?

- Yeah.
- Why don't you sing that.


You ever, um,

- sang into a mic before?
- No, I...

Hey, hey, uh...
do some scales first.

And-and the breathing exercises
I taught you, okay?

(breathing rhythmically)

Joe, no, I-I don't need
to do that. It's okay.

Hey, do what I say, Treasure.
And no back talk. (chuckles)

Yeah, I mean, she's hopeless
if she can't find her breath.

You know? These ghetto kids
with no training.

- (laughs): I tell ya.
- Uh...

You know what?

Um, why don't you and Cookie,

y'all just get comfortable
and get acclimated in there.

You and me, we go, um, out back,
talk about some business?

Oh, I like the sound of that.


Come on, man.

- After you.
- COOKIE: Yeah, we gonna vocalize

and we'll have your drink ready
when you get back,

with the two ice cubes.

- (Treasure sighs)
- (door opens)

- (elevator bell dings) - But you're
not mad that you came, though?

No, of course not.

Look, I'm not gonna let anything
interfere with us,

not even my crazy-ass family.

I know. Besides, before you know
it, we'll be back in London.

- You damn right we will.
- All right, where do you want me to put these at?

Who the hell are you
and why you here?!

JAMAL: What the hell are you
doing, Keem?! Put that down!

I'm calling the police.

- He just put a gun to my head.
- Okay.

And we in the States, and they
use us for target practice.

Who he?

He is my boyfriend Kai.

I told you about him.


'Sup? I don't much appreciate
guns being pulled on me.

Relax, it ain't even loaded.

It's a beauty.

May I see it?

You missed the one
in the chamber.

Common, deadly mistake.


What is this, Hakeem?

Going through a rough patch.

I ain't even know
you was gonna be here.

Maybe you would if you actually
would've answered my texts.

HAKEEM: Look, my bad.
I got a new number.

- I really need a place to crash.
- You know that

you can stay here
any time that you want.

But what the hell
is all of this?

What the hell are these guns,
man? What are you going through?

- What are you even thinking?
- Who you screaming at, bruh?!

I'm screaming at you.

You my little brother
and I'm worried about you.

Then why you run off to London?


I came back the second
that I heard that you were shot,

and you know that.

Two days and you were gone.

When you got shot,
I stayed by you.

When you shot Angelo,
who was there with you?

Who was there?

You were.

Nah, man, come here.

You were.

- (door closes)
- (exhales)

- We good?
- LUCIOUS: Unfortunately,

your manager, he's...

He ran into something.

Now, what do you know
about singing?

I... just sing.

Well, keep in mind
that singing is not about

trying to hit
some particular note,

it's about taking
what you feel inside

and sharing that
with everybody around.

Okay, okay, but I...

I don't know if I can
do all that. I'll try.

Well, do you like your job?

No, sir, I don't.
I mean, being in there,

as soon as I walk in,
I feel like I'm a prisoner, too.

I see those men suffering

and being treated like
less than human all the time.

Yeah, well, we want
to hear that in your voice.

Share that with us.

You know, everybody said
I wasn't gonna be good enough...

Okay, okay. You know what?
Girl, we lost Empire.

We lost it. Gone.

But we are still here,

so don't you ever let
nobody stop you

from doing what you were
born to do. Okay?

Now sing the song, child.

I want to feel that.

♪ Never seen a girl like me

♪ They'll never put
a hold on me ♪

♪ No, I...

♪ I'll do it all alone ♪

♪ I'll do it on my own ♪

♪ Nothing ever comes easy

♪ They told me
it was just a dream ♪

♪ But I...

♪ I'm-a prove 'em wrong ♪

(heavy R&B track begins)

♪ Scree,
I don't need your attitude ♪

♪ Don't want your goofy-ass man
with the busted shoes ♪

♪ I'm walking in bossed up,
got a lot to prove ♪

♪ I'm breaking necks with
the way that my body move ♪

♪ I know they asking who's that
chick with all the confidence ♪

♪ Step into the room
like she owning this ♪

♪ I'm coming for your check,
I'm-a garnish it ♪

♪ I don't want a piece,
I want all of... cold ♪

♪ Never seen a chick so cold,
never seen a whip so cold ♪

♪ Tell me, have you ever seen
a chick so cold? ♪

♪ They be like, no,
we never seen a chick so cold ♪

♪ Shining my light,
I'm the best ♪

♪ Never seen nobody like me

♪ So cold

♪ So...

♪ Shining my light,
I'm the best ♪

♪ Never seen nobody like me.

- She's kinda dope, y'all, seriously.
- Mm-hmm.

- She's really dope.
- Hey, Ma, who the hell is this?

That is Treasure,
and we just signed her.

What you mean, "signed her"?

- Yeah, we started our own label. Hakeem.
- COOKIE: Yes.

- There you go.
- Thank you.

It's going to be
our new family label.

And we're gonna give
Hakeem time to heal,

and Andre is joining us
when he gets home.

Yeah, and we're
getting you out of

that wack-ass contract
with Empire.

- Mm-hmm.
- JAMAL: Wait, hold up.

I'm proud of y'all,

I really am, but I got
my own label I'm starting.

I... got my own man.

I got a life
in London to get back to.

Boy, that's a hobby.
You ain't got no check.

You gonna stay here until
at least we launch it, okay?

- Ma...
- Baby. -LUCIOUS: No, look, Mal, this is

- about the family.
- COOKIE: Yes.

It's for us and about us.

That's right.

And London ain't going nowhere,
and neither is that boy.

Come on. To the Lyons.

May we rise.

Like always.

Come on, clink, clink!


I'm sorry.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.