Empire (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Empire - full transcript

Andre sabotages Tiana's big appearance at a fashion event in an attempt to get Nessa into the spotlight. Meanwhile, Tariq works with Leah to try to bring down Lucious, and Jamal works with Philip to get over his PTSD.

- Previously on Empire...
- You got shot.

Your PTSD is no less
significant than mine.

If you need treatment, man...

No, the only person that's killing you

right now, Mal, is you.

The one thing that ain't changed

in the music business,

it's artists that don't perform,

they die.

I got to meet Angelo's

stuck-up mama.

I think she just want to

check out my black ass.

Andre, I need you!

Now I never ask you for nothin'.

I can't stay, Nessa. I promised my mom

I'd be there for her tonight.

Andre, this is a special night for me.

This means a lot to me.

Are you coming in here to
thank me for helping yo' ass

with Shine?
Because you know you still owe me

for that, right?

I see why Angelo is attracted

to you. You got fire in you.

You just make sure that
fire doesn't burn my child.

♪ We throwin' caution to the sky ♪

♪ Poppin' rainbows
like all the time ♪

♪ We on another level ♪

♪ High ♪

♪ The DJ is my alibi ♪

♪ Let's play a game,
watch you fold ♪

♪ Like a house of cards ♪

♪ No poker face, no you can't beat ♪

- ♪ The Queen of Hearts ♪
- See, mother, that's...

That's Tiana, one of Empire's

- hottest pop stars.
- Yes.

- I know who Tiana is, dear.
- Okay.

- Mmm.
- But why is she prancing around

with those tall, skinny girls?

Well, that's because she's headlining

the annual HVW Fashion Show.

Yes, Helene Von Wyeth is
partnering with Empire.


- ♪... aces high ♪
- One of Cookie's

greatest achievements has
been aligning the company

with high profile cultural events,
such as this.

Are you bragging on me?

Yes, you know I am.

Mom, can you please

tell that fake A&R dude

- do not come in Studio B
- Mm-mm.

- Mm.
- When I'm rec...

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Mm, mm, mm.

Hey. Excusez moi.

How are you, Mrs. Dubois?

Oh, come here, Jamal.

I would like to introduce you all

to Helene Von Wyeth.

Oh, but hold on to your weave, honey.

The first time I met
her, I wore Givenchy,

she asked if I was a Kardashian.


Are you feeble-minded

or is my eight-year-old
daughter actually

smarter than you? How could one be

so mor...


- Hey...
- Darling, it's been too long.

- Oh...
- Mm.

So you know each other?

Diana and I have sat on
many boards together.

I missed you at the Barons Retreat.

I was in Tangiers with my father.

Speaking of which,
why haven't I received

my invitation for the
Captain's Ball yet?

Well, this year's ball's
gonna be a little different.

It's gonna be a fundraiser for Angelo.

In fact, Jamal...


What are you doing on the
seventh of next month?


that's a marvelous idea.

A crossover artist who also

speaks to your core constituency.

♪ If you goin' all in ♪

♪ Money where your mouth is ♪

Mother, please.
All right, you're crossing the line.

Cookie has too much

on her plate as it is.

Look, I understand that, uh,

it's important for us
to get Angelo elected

into office, I get that.
But why don't I give you,

um, other choices

- of Empire artists?
- That's a great idea.

That song that you sang for your mother

the other night at
dinner was everything.

Thank you.

I want you to write a
song for Angelo's campaign

- and I want you
- Mama...

to perform it at the Captain's Ball.

Before we settle on Jamal,

I would like to offer you a
list of other Empire artists...


Whoa, hold on, Mom.

I'd, I would be honored.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

It's time, Mom.

It's now or never.


She said it, Rhonda, not Andre.

She called me her family.

She asked me...

But does she know

who you really are?


Dre, it's just me.

Nessa, you can't sneak
up on me like that.

Are you okay, Dre?

You were...

talking in your sleep last night and...

I'm fine. I'm fine, okay?

I'm just...


there's something I
need you to think about.


My father and I just lined up

a new round of funding
for Empire XStream.

All right?

Now, when that money hits...

we need to have you positioned

to take advantage of it.

Let's, uh,
let's talk about what that's gonna mean.

I see you haven't been
taking care of your nails.

Well, that's 'cause you ain't been here

to take care of 'em for me.

I'm stuck in this house

with these crazy females,

messing up my sanctuary.

Where you been, anyway?

I'll take it from here, thanks.


Can you give us a minute, Tiffany?

You want to get your nails done?

Nah, I'm more of a rub and tug type.


so far, we got nothin'.

All right, no disrespect,

but your cornball half-brother

lives like a monk.

Okay, he doesn't gamble, no drugs,

doesn't really drink, I mean,

it's damn near insulting.

I thought we had somebody on the inside.

We do. I mean,
it took a little time and money,

but she's there.

It's just Agent Sweetwater

isn't in the inner circle.

She thinks Tariq is giving up on Shine

and coming at you on something new.

She just doesn't know what yet.

All right, then we need
to invade his crib.

Destabilize his ass.

Yeah, how?
I mean, the boy's not on the down low,

doesn't use hookers...
I mean, I can't find any vices.

Everybody's got a weakness.

Find it.

This show is going to be fabulous.

We are going to put a little bass in it,

some black girl magic on it.

I've seen Tiana with straight hair,

I'd like her to wear it
like that for our show.

We could.

It's not up for discussion. Her...

hair doesn't really go with the
aesthetic of the collection.

It's all about sleekness
and geometry. And,

I'm thinking about having her wear

the final gown in the show.

I think the others look
so gauche on her figure.

That's, uh, too tight

and it has a train.

That's not gonna work
with her choreography.

Well, I'm sure you can make it work.

I mean, that is depending

how important it is
for you to bring Empire

into the mainstream.

Isn't that what you're chasing

with the Dubois family?


Oh, no, sweetie,

you got it twisted.

I didn't do the chasing there.

Oh, I see.


nonetheless, I expect to be able

to run a fine-tooth
comb through her hair

by show time.

I'll run a fine-tooth comb

up yo' ass, how 'bout that?

All right, think about what you want,

and we'll talk to Cookie directly.

Exclusive club dates,

features with some of
Empire's top artists?

How are we gonna follow your

spectacular debut at the
Empire XStream launch, okay?

♪ Money where my mouth is ♪

♪ I'm-a throw my aces high ♪

♪ I'm-a let you pay
that price tonight ♪

♪ I'm-a throw my aces high ♪

♪ If you goin' all in ♪

♪ Money where your mouth is ♪

♪ If you goin' all in ♪

♪ Money where your mouth is ♪

♪ If you goin' all in ♪

♪ Money where your mouth is ♪

What do I want?

♪ Winning's all I know ♪

I want this.

♪ No cameras ♪

♪ Please I'm in my zone. ♪

You're still mad at me.

Well, I was counting on you, Andre.

Only son I have

got something in common

with Angelo's bougie-ass mama.

But it's all good.

No, it's not all good.

Mama, it's not all good. Okay?

I'm sorry.

I should've been there for you, okay?

If it makes a difference,

I was doing the same
thing you were doing.

What were you doing, Dre?

I was meeting Nessa's family.

It was the last thing
I ever expected, Ma.

Oh, you really like her, huh, Dre?

I-I didn't,
I didn't think that it was possible.

I'm starting to imagine
myself actually starting over.

Is-is that wrong?

No, baby, no.

I want that for you more
than I want it for myself.

Whatever you need.

You know what would be great?

- What?
- Can Nessa

shadow Tiana for this HVW Fashion Show?


She's new to all this, Mom.

She could really learn a lot from Tiana.


- Mom...
- You have Nessa

come to Tiana's fitting, but she better

come correct, 'cause that daggone Tiana,

she is nervous about this performance.

You won't even know she's there, Ma.

I love you.

I love you.

Oh, good. You can hang
that right up there.

How does Helene expect me

to perform in that? And she wants me to

straighten my hair, too. Like, for what?


you just do what they ask
you to do and get them...

Why would I do it?
I'm Empire's biggest digital star, Ma.

You know that. But you're not a
bigger crossover star than Tiana,

and y'all fans love when
y'all perform together.

Don't be like that, boy.

What's going on?

- Well...
- Hakeem is going to

rerecord all of Gram's
tracks on your album.

End of story.

That's a good idea,
you want to know why?

'Cause Black Twitter,
they gonna freak out,

just like how they do

when Rihanna and Drake in the same city.

No. Hell no. You guys

are not gonna try to use
me to resurrect his ass

after he got dumped live
on his own channel, by her.

Okay, excuse me, Nessa,

can you give us a minute, please?
Yeah, yeah.

Thank you.

Tiana, Porsha is right for a change.

Once y'all get together
and do your magic,

everybody's gonna forget that nonsense

he said about you, girl.

You were slumming with
that clown, anyway.

As opposed to you

and all your little side pieces?

Is there any B-list singer

left in the game that
you haven't smashed?

Maybe one of the "who"
models you been lezzing out with.

You know, catching off-brand
rappers for fame, baby...

Come on, y'all,

cut it out!

Well, I'm going to leave you to this

while I go and do something
equally unpleasant.

I've got to have tea over at Archibald's

with Leah and Anika.

Well, I hope the butter knife is dull.

Dwight, where's my crusts?

Make him bring my crusts back.

Can you go in the kitchen
and see if somebody

can get this woman some crusts?

Right away. Thank you.


Now let's discuss how we're
all gonna live together

under the same roof

without killing each other.

Well, I was supposed to
be Shine's head of A&R,

so maybe that would have
gotten me out of the house

and made all of this just a
little bit more tolerable.

Well, that's not happening now that

Andre and Nessa are together, so...

So just keep her far away from me, okay?

And I do mean far away, which means that

you stay out of the nursery,

stay out of my bathroom,

and stay out of my dressing room, okay?

Because I see you putting
on my ruby lipstick.

What did I tell you
was gonna happen to you

if you keep disrespecting
her boundaries?

I'm not going back in that awful room

that you locked me and Andre in!

That dungeon where you starved me!

Keep your voice down!

You're hurting me. Let go!
I'm not gonna tell you...

You're hurting me!

Let go!

Let go.

I'm goin' in.

Sir, sir.

You're gonna blow our
whole surveillance detail.

I've gotta get her out of that house,

They hate each other.
It's an abusive situation.

Well, if they hate each other so much,

maybe there's a way to use that.

Yeah. Turn her.

I've thought about that.

I don't know.

She's an old woman.

A mentally ill old woman.

But hey...

it'd serve Lucious right

to turn his own mother against him.

Like, seriously,
I can't do anything in this.

I mean, it-it's long,
but I think it's cute.

What you think? It's cute, right?

- Mm-mm.
- No, you drunk. You don't know.

You know what? I'm gonna
get the seamstress.

I'll be right back. Hold on.

Nessa, can you help me get out of this,

- Yeah. sure.
- Hey,

can somebody get me
a seamstress, please?

- I swear...
- I'm on it.

Thank you.

Okay, she on her way,
so don't even worry about it.

You know what?
After we leave here, we gonna turn up.

We gonna get you a little something,

'cause you're a little uptight.

But you don't understand
that this performance is big.

Like, it needs to be perfect.
I hear you, but that's why

I'm here.
You know, whatever you need help with,

I got you, just chill.
Hold on, hold on, is something burning?

Oh, Nessa!

Oh, Nessa, what did you do?

Oh, my God.


- I'm s...
- Really?

- Oh, my...
- What did you do?

It was an accident, Tiana.

- I'm sorry, I'll get you another one.
- How?!

This is couture. There isn't another!

Well, just tell me what I need to do.

What is wrong with you? Are you stupid?

Are you stupid?

Helene Von Wyeth will
destroy me for this!

That bitch didn't even
want me in her stupid

whitewashed show to begin with.

The only reason she
teamed up with Empire

is because she got dragged out for doing

some wack-ass Out of Africa collection

with no black people in it.

Then homegirl tries to
shove me in this damn dress

meant for some anorexic white chick.

That skinny,
racist bitch can't handle my realness!

And now she's gonna say I burned

that raggedy-ass rag on purpose.

- What is wrong with you?
- Okay, okay, Tiana, you know what?

We gonna take care of this, a'ight?

- You know what, Nessa, fix it, now!
- Yeah, yeah.

I'm sorry.

Yes, sign right here and right here.

It's okay, it's okay.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm not gonna hurt you.

- Where's my doctor?
- Miss, Leah, I'm not here to hurt you.

I'm not here to hurt you.
Miss Leah, I'm her to help you.

Miss Leah, look, I know Lucious was...

Dwight was trying to hurt you,

and lock you away in a dungeon
and treat you like a prisoner.

How do you know that?

I have eyes and ears in a lot of places.

I'm a lawman, remember?
I'm one of the good guys.

Now, come on. Sit back down.

I'm not gonna let
Dwight hurt you anymore.

And I'm gonna make sure
you get out that house

so you and Anika don't fight so much.

That light bright wife
of his, she's evil.

Dwight hates her.

I know.

And if you can help me prove it,

we can make her go away.

How in the hell did this
get on the Internet already?

Are you stupid?

Helene Von Wyeth will
destroy me for this!

That bitch didn't even
want me in her stupid

whitewashed show to begin with.

The only reason she
teamed up with Empire

is because she got dragged out for doing

some wack-ass Out of Africa collection

with no black people in it.

Then homegirl...

How could you let this happen?

Wh... It was people walking in and out.

I don't know who recorded this.

And it ain't like she
said nothin' wrong.

Nessa feels terrible, Mom, truly.

Oh, well, that makes everything better.

Don't nobody give a damn
about how Nessa feels!

I gotta get ahold of Helene.
She's not answering my calls.

I can't take this anymore, Cookie.

First Gram, and now this.
They're calling me a diva.

Look, Tiana, we will take care of this.

HVW needs Empire just as much as
we need them, don't you worry.

And it ain't no worse than
Kanye West going off on SNL,

or that girl with the ponytail lickin'
on the doughnut.

- I'm gonna need you to shut up.
- This is my fault, Mom.

I should be the one to talk to Helene.

I know how to give her cover
on the racial allegations.

And I can make a really strong
case for working this out.

Hell, I'll even sweeten
the streaming deal

and throw in two more of Empire's points

for broadcast rights.

How about that?

I like the way your
Wharton brain thinks.

If you can make this go away for Tiana,

I will forgive you
for missing my dinner.

I promise.

The performance is important,
and I gotta get through it.

- What is all this?
- I'm glad you asked.

Virtual reality is
the next new tech toy.

And it's gaining its credence

as a PTSD therapy treatment.

So we're gonna use it to expose you

to all the sights and sounds
that you were hit with

leading up to the moments
before you were shot.

I'll build up a tolerance, and...

I'll be able to get back onstage, right?

Exactly. That's the plan.

Have you used VR glasses before?

Hakeem had, like, the
very first headset.

I used to kick those monsters' asses.


Well, these are gonna put you onstage

in front of an audience.

So nice and slow, little by little,

I'm gonna introduce your triggers,

increasing the amount of people,

the lights, and the sound,

while I'm tracking
your physical responses

to make sure I'm not
pushing you too fast.

No, no, this is amazing.


Start to play.

Jamal! Jamal! Jamal!


So damn real.

- Do you want to stop?
- No, no, no.

Um... let's keep going.

- Come on.
- Okay.

- You're doing great. Just stay in it.
- All right.


I'm gonna introduce the next stimulus.

What in the hell you
got my son hooked up to?


what in the hell are y'all doin' here?

What, you got electricity

running through your nipples now?

What is this about?

What you doin' here?

I hear you helping Angelo now?

You're gonna do the
Dubois Captain's Ball?

Is that right?

That's a mighty big event, son.

You sure you're ready
for something like that?

Let me guess.

You came all this way to make
sure that I couldn't do it.

Wait a minute, I'm not the one

trying to exploit you

for my boyfriend's political gain.

That's your mama. I'm in your corner.

I've been telling you
you need to get your ass

back on that stage.

But that song you played

the other day at your mama's house

about me and her and all of that.

I don't ever want to hear that again.

And if you know what's right for you,

you're gonna make sure you're 100%

before you hop on that stage in front of

all them hoity-toity people.

'Cause if you fail again,

that's one, two, three strikes,

you're out.

No more Empire.

You're an independent artist.

How's that for motivation?

Write a song about that.

Come on.

Your vitals jumped through the roof

the minute he walked in the door.

Philip, I don't even know what
that means. Come on, let's just go.

It means I've been throwing
everything at you...

Lights, crowds, gunfire.

I even threw images of
Freda Gatz in there.

And you were handling all of that

until he stepped in,
and you heard his voice.

Lucious is your PTSD trigger.

Man, Lucious is everybody's
damn PTSD trigger.

You trippin'.

Look, as long as he's not there,

I'm gonna be fine. Let's go.

No. You jumped in front of
a bullet to save the life

of a man that's got you
all twisted up inside.

He's my father.

But everybody wants to talk about it.
All right, come on.

You're gonna have to work
through this with him.

Otherwise, you're never
gonna get back on that stage.

It was one, stressed-out,
immature artist.

We shouldn't let this
drive a wedge between

our two companies, Helene.

Do you know how many
black people I've employed

during my lifetime?

If I were...

If I were a racist, would I let her play

with Michael Strahan's girls?

They've been swimming in my pool,
for God sakes.

I'm telling you, the best way to
do damage control for your image

would be to not break ties with Empire,
especially this late

- in the game.
- Do you have any idea

how mortifying this has been for me?

All the girls in her
class idolize Tiana.

♪ I got a body like a weapon ♪

♪ It goes ba-ba-bang-bang ♪

- Uh, yes.
- ♪ Bang, bang. ♪

Charming. Enough of that.

I don't blame you for
refusing to work with Tiana.

I get it, okay?

What about another Empire artist?

Who? Tiana's a crossover artist.

What if you were to choose
someone more definitively urban?

Say, an up-and-coming soul singer.
Now, that...

would make a very strong statement.

An unknown? Who's more culturally aware.

Come on, who's more black. Right?

Veronica might be a little too old.

Maybe somebody like, uh...

Nessa Parker.


But no.

I think we're gonna see if Ellie
Goulding is still available.

No, she has the right look.

You mean the white look.

A preference

is not a prejudice.

You people expect change
to happen overnight.

The HVW Fashion Show

has always been associated

with a certain level of class.

That's all.

I hear you.

Loud and clear.

You know,

your daughter has such beautiful hair.

I see why you love it.


Leah Walker?

The doctor will see you now.

It's a gynecologist.

I did just like you said.

I told Dwight I was having a procedure.

Some kind of woman's thing.
He didn't ask no questions.

We'll go out back.

Dwight won't let me go anywhere

without Frick and Frack
watching my every move.

Yeah. They'll be
expecting you back soon.

So, do you think you
can get into his office?

Sodom and Gomorrah.

They do dirty, nasty sex.

You mean, uh,
Lucious and Anika are sleeping together.

I don't know no husband and
wife that go at it like that.

Certainly not my Joe.

Maybe he did that with your mama,
'cause she was

nasty like Anika.

You remind me of him, you know.

What was he like?

My father?

Joe Walker.

I spent my whole life
wishing I'd known him.

No... No!


What? What? What is going on?

No! What...? God.

Oh, my God!

No! Stop! Oh, my God!

So, you planned this whole thing,

right from the jump.

Is that right?

Except you wasn't as smart
as you thought you was.

See, there was a camera right where
Tiana said Nessa was standing.

That skinny,
racist bitch can't handle my realness!

And now she's gonna say I burned

this raggedy-ass rag on purpose!

What is wrong with you?
Congratulations, Nancy Drew.

- So you admit it?
- What am I admitting?

It's all right there on TMI.

Tiana ran her pretty little mouth off,

and screwed herself out
of a great opportunity.

Ain't got nothing to do with me.

Well, I hope you know I'm not promoting

none of those records I did with Nessa.

Oh, you bet your ass you will.
It's in the contract.

You're not gonna get away with it, bro.

Why you trying to fight me over Tiana?

You feeling her again?

After Nessa rejected you?
Your feelings hurt?

Hurting, what?

Get off!

- Get off!
- I might get Tiana.

Yeah, careful, baby brother,

or I might have to get at Tiana, too.


You gonna learn.

Just wait, Dre.

Been waitin', baby.

Have a good day.

I get it... about Tiana.

It's a shame, but I get it.

Now I have to find
someone else to put up

on that stage that's a
seasoned performer, though.

I'm thinking Veronica, or maybe, um...

I think we should go with Nessa Parker.

How do you even know Nessa? Oh,

Nessa has a fresh face,

and she's an authentic soul singer.

And I think it sends the right message.

Especially after Tiana's
offensive tirade.

So, you don't want to...

straighten her hair?

Absolutely not.

No. I think we go with...

Now, how did you put it, um...?

Drop some bass tonight.

And have, uh, black girl magic on it.

♪ People talk about the way I am ♪

♪ Natural hair and
my chocolatey skin ♪

♪ Walk is crazy, see it in my hips ♪

♪ Ain't nothing like a woman
with some nice, full lips ♪

♪ I'm proud to say I'm
from the motherland ♪

- That's a good look right there.
- ♪ Nappy hair, yes, it ain't so bad ♪

♪ 'Cause now they all want the
braids and the dreadlocks ♪

♪ Paying money just to get
the curves that I got ♪

♪ That's why I keep
my head up high ♪

♪ Elevated ♪

♪ Rock your curls,
them waves, you so fly ♪

♪ Celebrate it ♪

♪ We gonna stand up strong,
all my girls ♪

♪ Wear it proud, run this world ♪

♪ You feeling that, oh,
yeah, you feel it? ♪

♪ I feel it, girl, hey ♪

♪ So, if you're with
me, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ Dance right on with me,
hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ 'Cause there ain't
nothing like it ♪

♪ That black girl magic ♪

♪ Cast my spell right on you ♪

♪ I know you're with
me, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ He wanna come and get me,
hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ 'Cause there ain't nothing like it,
that black girl magic ♪

♪ Watch me now, what I do ♪

♪ Black girl magic ♪

♪ Black girl magic ♪

♪ Queen so divine
from the holy land ♪

♪ Darker than the berry,
that's that melanin ♪

♪ Like a goddess with a history ♪

♪ Of beauty and strength,
yeah, that's all me ♪

♪ Grow a nation from
all my roots, ah ♪

♪ Supplement it with the
sweetest fruits, ah ♪

♪ Royal blood runnin'
through my veins ♪

♪ So,
don't you forget I was made this way ♪

♪ That's why I keep
my head up high ♪

♪ Elevated ♪

♪ Rock your curls,
them waves, you so fly ♪

♪ Celebrate it ♪

♪ We gonna stand up strong,
all my girls ♪

♪ Wear it proud, run this world ♪

What'd I tell you?
It turned out great, didn't it?

♪ So, if you're with me ♪

I'm glad we found common ground.

♪ With me, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ 'Cause there ain't nothing like it,
that black girl magic ♪


I knew that bitch was shady.

I should've never let her shadow me.

♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

No worries. It ain't over.

All right?

- Here.
- Thanks.

I mean, look at that.
I could've done that.

♪ Black girl magic ♪

♪ Whoo, no,
they can't keep their eyes off you ♪

Come on, let's watch
something else, yeah?

♪ Magic when you enter the room ♪

♪ No, no, no, no. ♪

Yo, play Creed.

Playing Creed.

Listen, T.

We're Empire's original power couple.

Not Andre and that bobblehead.

We'll get back at the both of them.

I promise.

Uh, what are you doing?

I got a daughter now.

I got to practice.

You and Jamal bring energy like
that to the Captain's Ball,

they'll be calling me
His Honor in no time.

Yeah. Well, Jamal is geeked

'cause he has something
really big planned.

- That was amazing.
- Like that?

Good to see you. Good
to see you, darling.

Helene. This show gets
better every year.

And this Empire collaboration

is a stroke of genius.

Get away from them while you can.

Helene, you're shaking.

The music, the violent lyrics.

It's not just for show, Diana.

The Lyons are actual gangsters.

You cannot have Angelo
associate with them.

Excuse me.

Yes, darling. I see you. Yes...

- 'Sup, Dre?
- Drink up?


I got to give it to you. Thank you.

You didn't leave anything on
that stage tonight, young lady.

Thank you. This was just the beginning.

Yeah. I'm starting to get that feeling.

Can you excuse us for a second?

I need to talk to your manager.

Yes. We need to talk

about your next steps.

Of course. Yes.

Be proud.

Andre, I am all for you
getting on with your life.

But what you did to Tiana ain't cool.

What does it matter?

- I saved the day for Empire...
- It matters

that you lied to me.

And it matters

that you're changing some way

- that I'm not sure I got a handle on.
- Hey.

I am up, okay?

I'm awake. I'm blessed.

That's all. Okay?

What do you think you're doing?


I mean,
isn't that what the good housewives do?

You know, the ones who don't have jobs?

I'm not in the mood for this right now!

You keep breaking stuff, I'm-a whup...

That cost me $200,000

at auction.

- Put it back.
- Okay.


Next thing you break,

I'm-a clean up this floor with your ass.

You knew that I wanted
that job, Lucious.

Okay, I will talk to Shine, okay?

- Why should I trust you?
- Ah...

All right, that's your ass.

Will you talk to Shine, Lucious?

Because I am so tired

of saving your ass.

When are you going to
save mine, Lucious?


that is a Jack Kennedy decanter.

Put it down, please.

Please don't break it.

Just place it back on the table.


Okay. Okay, that-that's
a gift from a diva.

Put it down.

What are you gonna give me, Lucious?

Look, I'll give you whatever you want.


Whatever I want?


Will you promise you'll
get me what I want?


I want it in writing.

Okay, whatever. Whatever you need.

In... writing.



I like you like this.

Whatever you want.

Oh, you want to be in charge.

Mm-hmm. I remember this.


I like that.

I like sliding down

nice and soft.

I know what you like, doll.



Stop it!

Sodom and Gomorrah!

Stop it right now!

Y'all humpin' on the
table like yard dogs!

That's where I eat!

I was just about to have a snack.

Don't you go nowhere.


I want to talk to you

about this doctor place you been at.

Come on.

Meet me in the study.

I did just like you told me to, Dwight.

And I got Tariq

to buy me three ice cream cones.


That little performance of
yours over at Archibald?

That was genius.

Lola Falana in Lady Cocoa

ain't got nothing on me.

So tell me, Mama,

did he ask any questions about me?

Of course he did.

But I just told him what we planned.

And I got him talking

about the old days instead.

- That was really, really smart, Ma.
- Mm.

Did he tell you why he...

hates me so much?

It's all 'cause of Joe.

My father?

It was his father, too, you know.

And he didn't never get

a chance to meet him but once.

And Fatima,
she didn't give him any keepsakes.

Who in the hell is Fatima?

His mama. That whore that tried

to steal your father from me.

Poor Tariq.

He's jealous of everything you've got.

Especially your memories of your daddy.

Did I ever tell you

how much I love your crazy ass, Mama?

Lucious is gonna be here any minute.

I thought you had something
you wanted to say to him.

I do, but I want y'all
to hear this first.

I realized what my album is gonna be, so

this is a song for Dad.

♪ Look at all the hurt and pain ♪

♪ That you caused ♪

♪ You chose to divide our family ♪

♪ For the fame at any cost ♪

♪ Be a man and accept ♪

♪ That this is all your fault ♪

♪ Yes, it is, I know it is ♪

♪ You made the good ♪

♪ Turn into bad ♪

♪ You failed us so much that ♪

♪ It's hard to call you Dad ♪

♪ You're something like
the worst nightmare ♪

♪ I've ever had ♪

♪ Tell me how could ♪

♪ You be so heartless ♪

♪ Heartless ♪

♪ And selfish ♪

♪ Selfish ♪

♪ Own up to your responsibility ♪

♪ Or if not just let us free ♪

♪ It hurts like hell
that you can't see ♪

♪ That you're a cold, cold man ♪

He's so, so cold.

You left the love of your life

locked down in a cell, all because

you wasn't man enough to say you did it.


See, I don't even understand how
you could live with yourself.

But it's all right, though.

♪ Your judgment's coming ♪

♪ It's long past due ♪

♪ If you live by the sword ♪

♪ You die by it, too ♪

♪ You lied on your mother ♪

♪ About being alive ♪

♪ Just so your fame ♪

♪ And street cred won't die ♪

♪ Tell me how could ♪

♪ You be so heartless ♪

♪ Heartless ♪

♪ And selfish ♪

♪ Selfish ♪

♪ Own up to your responsibility ♪

♪ Or if not just let us free ♪

♪ It hurts like hell
that you can't see ♪

♪ You're a cold, cold man. ♪

Is this your idea of a sick joke?

Nah, I mean...

you seemed kind of jealous
of the song I wrote for Mom,

so I wrote one for you.

Did you know about this?

You can't release that song, Jamal.

Not releasing anything
until my album is complete.

It's gonna be called
When Cookie Met Lucious.

Everything about the family:

the good, the bad and all
the damage done in between.

How... you met Mom,

you... took her away from
her sisters and her father...

Basically killed him.

What are you talking about?

Stop it, Jamal, please.

Nah, Mom.

He deserves to know.

It's-it's not that simple.

It's not

black and white.

My father had

a heart attack.

And your Aunt Carol and Candace

blames Lucious.

Mom, I'm sorry,

but your father,
our grandfather, died because

- he was protecting his...
- I did that.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

I broke my daddy's heart.

And I never got a
chance to say good-bye.

I had nothing to do

with her father dying.

He died because of stress.


if he was still alive

when I got locked up,

that would've killed him for sure.

What's the point of all this, Jamal?

What good is this gonna do now?

Truth and reconciliation, brother.

Why don't you look at your mother?

I know I can't be the only
one that wants to heal,

and our father, he owes that to us.

Owe you?

I gave you life.

Everything that y'all have,

it's because of me.

Including this big-ass bullet in my gut.

Well, I can't change the past.

You could change the future, Dad.

If you really wanted to, you could.

Look, you know, we-we do.

We bitch and complain all the time.

And we should absolutely be grateful

for everything that you've done for us.

You're damn right you should be.

Well, I am. I swear.

But we're drowning here, man.

And if you ain't gonna lead
us to some other place,

other than heartache, then we're
gonna have to leave you behind.

Jamal, Jamal, that's enough, okay?

- That's enough.
- "We"?

Are y'all all in cahoots with him?

Oh, and now y'all ain't
got nothing to say?


You are some piece of work, man.

You standing there

breathing because I'm
willing to do the dirty work

necessary to keep this family safe.

- When your mama called in a hit...
- Lucious.

- To clean up a mess...
- Lucious!

- She had made...
- Mom, what is he talking about?

- With Freda's father...
- Shut up.

Who do you think answered that call?

No, that's not true.
Ma, that's not true.



I'll tell you one thing

your mama's right about:

everything ain't black and white.

And we ain't all

good and bad.

But I will be damned

if I will ever apologize for loving you.