Empire (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Empire - full transcript

When Empire is hacked, the leak creates feuds between the artists and among the Lyon family; Andre tries to prove his worth to the company; Lucious is determined to divide Cookie and Angelo; Jamal is caught in a love triangle.

Previously on Empire...

Wait till I launch Empire XStream.

Y'all gonna wish y'all made this deal.

- I want you to destroy Gram.
- Battle me.

I designed my own little streaming apps.

I'm-a have you bloody
and trending worldwide.

You don't want to be mixing
those with alcohol, man.

That song she did at Laviticus
is already getting crazy heat.

- And that song's not what she wants.
- I agree with him.

Did he tell you that he put
in a bid to run for mayor?

You think he's gonna do that
with a convicted felon on his arm?

Imagine what you could
do with your own imprint.

Man, you better go get your girl back.

All right, all right, hold your horses!

I'm coming.

So sorry I'm late.

- Tiana's having a little breakdown.
- Hey.

- I'm sorry.
- This is for you.

Thank you.

- Come here.
- Thinking of me on your big day?

Yes. You know some
traditions can't be disrupted.

- Move, I got to get dressed.
- Hey.

Let me help you get dressed. Come here.

No, I can do it.

Here, wait.

Wait, one sec, one sec, babe, one sec.

- It's okay.
- Wait.

No, that can wait.

What's under this?

- Yeah.
- No, no, no.

- All right, look.
- What's up?

I don't want our first time to be

when you're getting
ready to run for mayor.

You're distracted.

See? Saved by the bell.

Stay right there. I'll be back.

- Baby, I'm gonna have to go.
- Okay!

- You sent me an e-mail?
- I sure did.

- Open it up.
- A photo of...

- of all of you.
- Yes.

Just a little reminder that
you have my vote, Mr. Mayor.

Well, all right.

Go do mayor stuff. Bye-bye.


What? Stop it!

Shut up, Tiana!

Derek, I'm sorry. It's
still... it's too busy.

I don't know. We need to
strip that down or something.

Strip all of it away. It's too busy.

You buggin', man.

This is a banger.

Yeah, all right. Let's just wait for
some fresh ears till my mom gets here.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm just, I'm off my pain meds.


Philip freaked me out
about all the artists

that get addicted to
opiates. He's right.

Yeah, well, that Philip
dude is a little extra.

I don't know.

The hell?

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

You sound like a wounded
wildebeest in here.

- Man, whatever.
- She's a Lyon.

She knows when somebody's
singing off-key.

I got something she'll love.

How's that, Daddy's baby?

Yeah, whatever.

Are you coming in here to thank
me for helping your ass with Shine?

'Cause you know you still
owe me for that, right?


As soon as Shine gets back from Vegas,

he's gonna sit down with you,
for you to be the head of his A&R.

He's been told.




- What the hell is this?
- What?

Pop, Thirsty, this is Brian Piznarski.

Piz is one of the top
cyber-security experts in the city.

He's working with our
in-house I.T. guys.

So, is it Piz or Piss?

It's Piz, Pop.

Okay. What's happening?

All we know so far is someone's
hacked into Empire's e-mail server

and pushed an MP3 file into the
network's cell phones and tablets.

One of Tiana's demos.

So they must have gotten
into the music servers.

Well, they tried, but
the firewall's rock solid.

The song's been passed around as an
e-mail attachment, but only internally.

W-wait. So, Empire XStream,

the subscriber information,
that's all secure?

Andre said that was a top priority.

No, it's life or death.

If XStream subscriber data is comprised,

that means we've blown
through $50 million.

Put that down.

Okay, Mr. Cyber Expert,

who did this?

Well, that's gonna take some time, Pop.

We need to give him a
list of possible suspects.

The way I see it is,
there's Tariq, there's Shine,

and then there's everybody else.

Yeah, I mean, Shine
is a definite suspect,

but this is way too
complicated for his ass.

And I don't like to put
nothing past the FBI,

'cause they love to play dirty.

- Yeah.
- But this is too messy for Tariq.

So, who else?

What about your boy Vaughn?

He and Birdman tried to
buy our streaming services.

You turned him down.

Get Vaughn's ass in here.

On it.

Look, in the meantime,
I need you to figure out

what the problem is and fix it

so we can get back to using our e-mails.

My head is about to burn the hell off.

- Come on.
- Yes, sir.

We're good together, me and you, Nessa.

Yeah. For sure.

You know, me and you got something
you and Dre never gonna have.

We got music.

Rakon, play it from the bridge.

- Here it is.
- Come on.

- Hey, guys.
- What do you want?

I want to talk to you,
brother to brother.

Nessa, will you give
us a minute, please?

- Yeah.
- Ain't nothing to talk about.

You stole her out from under me.

Now she got to choose.


I had no idea you were
into Nessa, Hakeem.

- Neither did she.
- Listen. My big brother has a few issues

- I don't know if he told you about.
- Hakeem, listen.

Whatever this is has
nothing to do with me, okay?

Now, I'm going to get
Shine from the airport.

You drive safe, baby.

You better fall back, boy.

My God.


I got Mr. Vaughn Cooper for you.

What up, L?

What's going on, fellas?

What we doing?

Have a seat, bro.

What's this look on y'all
faces, man? I don't like it.

What's happening?

You know, where you and me come from,

if a man has an issue with another man,

he handles that man-to-man.

We don't hide behind a computer screen
like a bunch of bitches, you know?

First of all, who are you talking to?

And where you going with this?

We know you hacked Empire's e-mail.

Hacked their e-mail?

Do I look like I be hacking e-mails?

You believe that?

I invited you and Birdman
to my house as friends,

to offer you an opportunity
to be a part of Empire XStream.

Y'all tried to buy me out.

When I said no, maybe you
felt a certain kind of way.

Maybe you wanted to hit
me back or something.

I was working with Live Nation.

I saw Empire XStream was about
to hit the bottom of the sea;

you was about to catch a brick.

We tried to help you out.

You were working for Live Nation?

Yeah, I was working with
Live Nation. I got fired.

All right, all right, all right.

Hey, sorry to interrupt.

If you've gotten any
e-mails, don't open them.

What are you talking about?
Our e-mails are still down.

No, the servers just came back online.

Somebody's doing this remotely.

Hold on, I just got ten... 20...

I just got 50 new e-mails.

I'm-I'm getting flooded
with them, too, Pop.

They're releasing every e-mail
ever sent to or from Empire.

Delete them now!

No. It's got me locked out.

Now it's a message.

They want a million dollars

wired to an offshore account...

- What?
- ... every hour on the hour or we...

Pop, Pop, Pop!

Hey, hey!

Listen here, Opie Cunningham!

My son said you're the best person
in this business, so I hired you.

Now, you got to the end
of the day to fix this

or that's your ass.

- You got me?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Come on. Welcome to
the Empire. Let's go.

- Move your ass!
- Get.

All right, all right. All right.

The breach occurred at 2:48 a.m.

They got access to every e-mail

that was ever sent or received
to an Empire company device.

Well, how do we stop them?

There's nothing to stop.

They stole the data and now it's gone.

Yeah. And apparently they
can leak it out to the world

little by little or all at once. Right?

Unless we pay the ransom.

I'd rather blow my damn brains out

before I give some punk
living in his mama's basement

all my hard-earned money.

Look, keep him away from Empire XStream.

I mean, we lose that,
we lose everything.

Yeah. No, yeah.

Thank you.

Every leaked e-mail that
mentions you by name.

Color-coded, I might
add, by level of interest.

So now you can see who's loyal and
who's trying to stab you in the back.

Now, most of them still
revere you, of course,

but I think we start here.

We need to find that
needle in the haystack.


Thanks, Dre.

2:48 a.m. I mean, that's after hours.

From the day I was born,

at Mount Sinai Hospital...

y'all know, just three
blocks from here...

New York City has been my home.

I went to school at P.S. 180,
right here in Upper Manhattan.

Matter of fact, that's where I learned

what matters most in life...

to be of service to others.

Because I still believe
in the untapped potential

of this great city.

- I know that together,
- Hello?

we can make this city
an even better place

to raise our children.

- Phone call for you.
- Why? On your phone?

Would you mind stepping away
and keeping your voice down?

An issue that is very, very
important to me is violence...

Who is this?

Lucious, I am busy.

Look, whatever it is, it can wait.

Emergency board meeting? Now?


WOKE stands for

We Organize Knowledge Empowerment.

The board has reviewed the situation,

and we think we should
consider paying the ransom.

Y'all out of y'all mind.

Negotiate with terrorists?

Better start looking
for a new CEO, then.

Co-CEO. And she hasn't weighed in.

Look, I know this is
uncomfortable for you all,

but Lucious and I have
been up against much worse,

so we're not scared of
a few leaked e-mails.

What about leaked e-mails

that suggest that someone is
laundering corporate funds?

- So, what are you getting at, lady?
- Okay, wait, wait, wait. Hold up.

Lucious, we haven't given
Andre an opportunity to explain.

Go ahead, baby.

Yes, ma'am.

Um, Vernon Turner,

my late uncle... may he rest in peace...

had a fondness for prostitutes.

When the company went public,

I discovered he sometimes used
company funds to entertain them.

I covered it up to protect the IPO.

Clearly, in light of this,

Andre will have to step down
and resign from the board.

Really? 'Cause according
to those leaked e-mails,

Vernon wasn't the only person
around here who paid for sex.


You mean Papa Bernstein?

That's exactly who I mean, Pop.

And I seen some e-mails that put
your freak flag on blast, too, Edna.

My father's attorney, Mr. Rawlings,

has corroborating stories.
Ain't that right, Thirsty?

Yeah, but everybody
ain't weighed in yet.

Good God, what is it now?

Yes, Tiana?

Well, in view of this,

do we have any other ideas on how to...

deal with this leaked e-mail situation?

Tiana, I'm off you.

You nothing to me.

You wack in bed, honestly.

I mean, I'm just keeping it
real. Honestly, you nothing.

Okay? Your singing is mediocre.

Matter of fact, you and
Empire can kiss my black ass.

You already did that though.

Take that, homie.

Y'all some dumb-asses!

He turned out to be a real busta?

He wishes he had half your fans.

Too bad I'm not on your team anymore.

This hack is exposing
all of my business,

and you have to do something about it.

Look, it's exposing everybody, baby.

What business of yours has it exposed?

Okay, look, girl, you
need to back down...

Lobby. Right now.

We got some problems.

Return all your old
cell phones on the right.

Receive your new phones on the left.

Watch your step,
people. Come on through.

Come on, keep it moving, people.

I can't believe Steve
Cho said that about me.

Y'all see this?

Look at this.

Everybody's e-mails.

Dad, we were just coming to get you.

Guess who's here.

What's up, T? You see
your boyfriend's Snaps?

Or should I say ex-boyfriend?

Read between the lines.


I should've known your
ass would be showing up.

Take cyberterrorism seriously.

Even when the victim is
a dangerous miscreant.

We're here to investigate.

Investigate what?

How y'all leaked my e-mails?

Feds don't leak
information, big brother;

we gather it and use it to
lock all you criminals away.


What is that?

What the hell is it now?




Now, what the hell y'all looking at?!

They perky.


I just got a call from
Angelo's campaign manager

asking if you leaked that picture of me

to mess with his announcement.

I don't give a damn
what you and Ray-J do

in the privacy of your home.

But since you're on the subject,

don't you think you're a little too old

to be sending naked
pictures of yourself?

Are you jealous, Lucious,

because you got to lift
your fat-ass stomach up

to find your...

What is she doing here?

I was just here for
my meeting with Shine

when all of this started blowing up.

She told me you think I'm
the one that hacked you.

I didn't do it, Lucious.

It's not my style. At all.

Why is she meeting with Shine?

She's interviewing to be his A&R.

What, you want the job, Cookie?

Child, please.

I guess it's true what they say.

The camera does add ten pounds.

Well, then what is
your excuse, fat-ass?

That's ambition.

Be ambitious enough

to put the phone down, bitch.

Look, Lucious, for what it's
worth, I believe Shine, all right?

All he's ever wanted is a
legit shot in the industry;

now he's got a stake
in Empire with Nessa.

Doesn't make any sense.

She's right.

I may stomp a hole through somebody,
but I ain't no Internet thug.

Plus, I have no desire

to see Cookie's cookies.

What is it?

It's the hackers.

They say, "Get ready.

"We have so much more."

Yo, every major music blog is trashing

the Tiana single that leaked, man.

You talking about the song that you
pressed for instead of "Starlight"?

- That's on you.
- All right, listen, okay?

Will you tell me what to do?

Boy, bye. I'm not even on her
team anymore, thanks to you.

And even if I was, all
I'd have to do is...

- Never mind.
- No, no, no, don't "never mind."

Listen to me. Hey, I'll
get you back on the team.

Yeah, I will. I'll make
sure that you get credit.

All you have to do is
you just got to help me.

- All right.
- Okay.

Angie Martinez has been
sweating me for an exclusive.

I could tell her that that
song was an unfinished demo

and offer up the world
premiere of "Starlight"

as the lead single for her next album.

It's that easy.

That's good.

That's good. All right,
would you do that for me?

On one condition.

When I tell Cookie and
Tiana that it was my idea,

you need to back me up.

Of course. Done and done.

I got you. Okay.

"Leviticus 20:13 tells me

"to kill your gay ass
on sight, Jamal Lyon.

"Hope you burn in hell."

You never knew about these?

It seems Empire got a grip
of them when I came out.

My mom didn't want my dad to
show it to me, but, you know,

Internet is forever, so...

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm not gonna fall off the wagon,
if that's what you're thinking.

Interesting, you know, 'cause...

what's so interesting
about this hack is that

it feels real personal, you know?

These are things that they're
putting out there about me and my mom,

my dad, my brothers, my dead uncles.

It's like, pick off
a Lyon one at a time.



- Ready to get started?
- Yeah.

I'm out.

- Jamal. See you later.
- Yeah.

Now that he's out the way.

- Should listen to what I did.
- All right.

Wait, wait... what's...?

Derek, what are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?

I'm not doing anything.

What is happening?
Tracks are being erased.

No. No.

- What the hell?
- Wait, wait. Wait, wait.

Move. Wait. Hold on. Stop. Wait.

What is this?!

Okay, none of the
sequences are updating.

Let's see if we can
go back to the main...

see if I can get to a C prompt and maybe

we can start over from there.

No, no. Come on.

Okay, what just happened?

This isn't just an e-mail hack
anymore. They're in the system.

- You got to be kidding me.
- They're in my system?

They got access to everything, Lucious.

All of Empire's assets.

Payroll records, masters,
anything of proprietary value.

Wait. XStream's subscribers database?

That's a question for Poindexter.

I... I don't know.

That's not the answer we
want. Come on, Nintendo.

Get to typing. Let's go. Fix it.

- Let's go.
- We'll just reboot.

Hey. Ooh.

- You look good.
- Thanks.

I heard you stopped by
the office. What's up?

Um, your campaign manager

wouldn't let me see
you, because he said...

the picture that got leaked

ruined your campaign announcement,

- so...
- For real?


I just fired his ass.

- Angelo, you can't just do...
- Yes, I can.

And I just did.

And anybody else that disrespects you

is gonna find their ass on
the unemployment line as well.

I can't let you do this.

Come on, now, this'll blow over

Look, when I first met you,

I thought you were some
bougie, stuck-up guy

doing your little community service
because you didn't have to work.

But I believe in you, Angelo, and I...

think you can do some
amazing things for this city.

Well, thank you for believing, Cookie.


if you stay with me, you're
gonna lose, because...

there's some things about
my past, or about me, period,

that your opponent
can use, and will use.

Trust me,

- you don't know the half.
- Look, look...

I can handle...

- whatever anybody they got...
- I can't, though.

I can't. I wouldn't be able to handle

if you lost this election because of me.

I'm so glad we didn't
go to the next level.

What do you mean?

I think you should go.

Whoa. Wait, Cookie.


I don't want to cry in front of you.


That's it, man. I tried everything.

All the tracks are gone,
and we're locked out.

This happened for a reason, all right?

I wasn't even feeling the tracks.

So we just...

you know, we just got
to trust that, you know?

You need to get back on your pills,
man, 'cause you losing your mind.

Hey. Hey.

Your hands are shaking, man.

Well, um... we're gonna
start from scratch.

All right, go analog.

Scare up some old-school
stuff or something.

I don't know. Figure it out, D.

All right?

Come on, Pop. You want me
to fire all these people?

Each and every one of them.

For disrespecting you
in their private e-mails?

Loyalty is everything to me, son.

I want a clean house.

Andre, on your orders, the security team

did a high-level search
of the entire building.

They found this in studio six.

- What is it?
- It's a keylogger.

Tiana, we need to talk.

How do y'all expect
us to work like this?

How long have you been working in here?

A couple of weeks. Why?

Has anybody else been in here with you?

Just me and the engineers and my team,

my girls, Gram.

That jerk was supposed to be
on my album until last week.

Gram wasn't on the list, Pop.

Wait. Y'all think Gram hacked Empire?

Do you think he has the capability
to pull something like this off?


he broke into my phone once.

He didn't even have the
passcode or anything.

He said passcodes are for amateurs.

And he does all his own recording.

And he hates on all the
labels, especially Empire.

And he called you, like, a
dinosaur of a Philistine era,

or something like that.

Bitch, you think that's funny?

He was furious when you
sent him to challenge Hakeem,

and he didn't get to battle.

He said he was gonna
humiliate all of y'all.

Wait. He said he was gonna do what?

Humiliate you.

Well, what's this?

How the hell y'all get in my house, man?

I suppose the same way
you got into our servers.

What you talking about?

You hacked Empire.

Wait. I did what?

I know what this is. I'm getting punk'd.

Ashton. Where Ashton Kutcher at?

Y'all are serious.

I see what this is.

Since y'all look like a
bunch of exposed clowns,

now you're trying to save
the day by blaming me.

You know what, son?

When we first got here,

I thought this was one of them big
old Jamaican Cheech and Chong joints.

And then I realized you a whole
different class of brother.

I wouldn't have thought
you were smart enough

to pull something like
this off, but I'll admit it.

I was wrong about you.

You're right. I could
have pulled it off...

if I wanted to.

We found everything on
your computer... brother.

And you used this...

to get our passcodes,
but you got sloppy.

We found it in a studio where
you were recording with Tiana.

Okay, big shoulders, you
are way up here, okay?

I'm gonna need you to
bring it down a notch.


I could easily take y'all down,

but I'm not sloppy.

And I damn sure wouldn't
have left that behind.

I mean, not to brag or boast.
I wouldn't even need it.

But let me ask you a question.

Why the hell would I go through
the trouble of hacking you?

What did he call me, son?

He said I was a dinosaur
from the Philistine era,

going around dropping these
gargantuan turds all over the Earth

in a desperate attempt
to remain relevant.

That's what I heard, Pop.

Okay. You know, since
y'all so convinced...

what are you gonna do?

Call the cops?

That's what white folks do.

We got something better in mind.

Hey, where you going?

The party just started.

$80,000 chair, bro.

Oops. I hope they don't hurt him.

Nice work, son.

Yes, sir.

Shine, my man.


I'll bring you a souvenir.

Please do.



To the Empire!

Now, although we faced
a hell of a crisis today,

we not only survived as a
result of you and your loyalty,

we thrived!

Now, before we get to celebratin',

I would like Mr. Leonard Bernstein,
our chairman of the board,

to come and make a few announcements.

He's a white cat, but
he's an all right cat.

Thank you, Lucious.

It takes true leadership

to turn a debitating crisis
into an opportunity for growth.

But that's exactly what Andre Lyon did.

And that's why the board has named
him president of Empire XStream.

Congratulations, Andre.


Thank you, Leonard.

Now I'd like to invite
to the stage my co-CEO.

She is the mother of my children,

the most beautiful and talented...

Thank you.

Cookie Lyon!

As you all know, we were
all victims of this hack,

but, one of our artists

came under attack the most,

and that artist is Tiana.

- We love you, Tiana!
- But lucky for her,

our new head of A&R, Xavier Rosen,

stayed two steps ahead of
the game and shut it down.

That's right.

- Thanks to Xavier...
- Stop clapping.

Tiana's new single,
"Starlight," is a hit,

and already streaming to huge numbers.

So let's give the baddest
white boy in the game some love.

And now without further ado,

I want to welcome to the stage,

as a special treat for
you loyal employees,

it is a duet by two of
Empire's greatest artists,

Nessa and Hakeem Lyon!

Girl, you look like you're about
to give somebody the business.

- No.
- Relax. Relax.

Xavier took credit for my idea
and a song that I produced.

- He promised Cookie that he was gonna...
- Becky, Becky... come on. Not here.

That's not how you handle
the situation, Becky.

What, I'm supposed to let
him get away with that?

Who says he's getting away with it?

The one thing I know how
to do is handle a scumbag.

And it's not by going
at him from the front.

Okay? Rock with me.

I'll teach you a little
something about true payback.

Okay? Come on, trust me.

- Play along, play along.
- Stop... stop clapping.

- This is Philip.
- Please leave a me...

Hey. It's D-Major. Leave it.

Yo, Derek. Um...

You know, I'm not doing so well. I...

I think you were right...

I'm just gonna take one of
these pills, 'cause it's not...

Anyway, just call me
when you can, all right?

J-just come over.


That's hot.

Dang, I've been racking my brains

about what the concept
of this album will be,

and I swear, it hit me...

like-like... like a bolt of
lightning. You understand?

You understand?

Like a bolt of lightning. It's...

it's about my family.

The secrets, the dirty little secrets,

the dirty little secrets.

I'm not just talking
about the-the-the bad ones.

Know what I'm saying? Because
everybody expects to hear that.

You know what I'm saying? I'm
talking about the good ones, too.

These beautiful, beautiful secrets
that we hide, and if they...

if they keep hidden...

they're just gonna curl up
and they're gonna die inside.

But nah. I'm gonna put
it all in the music.

I'm gonna set us all free. All of us.

And that's the light. That's the light.

That's the new direction?

That's the new direction.


You feelin' it?

Yeah, I'm diggin' it.

Yeah? Really?

And I'm feeling it.


I'm feeling you.


Whoever hacked them gave us
a hell of a Christmas present.

But, damn, I'm a little
cross-eyed over here.

I hear you.

Let's call it a night.

I got to give it to him.

Half his employees hate his guts,

the other half think he's a god,

and half his artists
are completely insane,

but Lucious Lyon runs
a pretty tight ship.

So did Stalin, my man.

Wait. This is interesting.

What is it?

This is dated two days after the day

Frank Gathers was found
murdered in prison.



Seems And BK must have done
something for Lucious and got paid.

Question is, who is And BK,

and what exactly did they do?


You hungry?

I'm starving.


Hey, what's wrong?

Hey, stop playing, man.


Hey, Jamal, wake up!


Wake up!

Hey, Jamal, wake up.

Stop playing. That's not funny.

This is Philip. Please leave a message.

I need you to get over here right now.

I think Jamal O.D.'d.

Come on, baby.

No, no, no, no, you're
not going out like this.

Come on. Come on, baby.

Come on, baby.


Did you call an ambulance?

Man, I didn't want it
to get on the blogs.

He's breathing.

Why couldn't I get a pulse?

'Cause it's faint. But it's there.

He didn't overdose; he blacked out.

What you doing with him?

Are you insane? What is this!

Sir, is it true you're romantically
involved with Cookie Lyon?

I'm not answering questions.

Are you denying Cookie Lyon
sent you that photograph?

- That's none of your damn business.
- That's none of your business.

You tell 'em, Angelo!

Cookie's cookies are being
leaked all over the world.

Why is it that you're entitled to a
right to privacy when Ms. Lyon isn't?

- Yeah, why is that Mr. Mayor?
- First off,

everyone is entitled
to the right to privacy.

All right, y'all want to know the deal?

I'm gonna tell you the deal.


I was trying to date Ms. Lyon.

She kept me at arm's length,

and just as I was about
to get somewhere with her,

you guys messed that up.

To be honest, she just
broke up with me today.

So are we good now?

Now, can we start dealing
with the real issues

that New York City's
people have to deal with?

You don't think the invasion of
a woman's privacy is important?

- Are you gonna answer?
- You know what, you're right.


this is but one of many examples

of women being disrespected
in today's society.

You all know that women's equality is...

high up on my priority list,


I'm gonna put myself out there,

in solidarity,

alongside Ms. Lyon and women everywhere.

Is this enough for y'all?

Or do you need me to
take off my pants, too?

Yes! Yes! You go!

Take it all off!

I love you, Angelo.

What is this place, Dre?

Chateau Andre.

Come on.

Come here.

You wait here.

- Don't make a sound.
- Dre...

I'm gonna show you how much I trust you.

Well, well, well,

- look who's here.
- Vaughn, my man.

Everything went more or
less exactly as planned,

except for that part where you
leaked a nude selfie of my mama.

Man, I apologize about that.

I thought it added a little layer
of plausible deniability, you know?

- Yeah.
- Nothing personal.

Didn't jeopardize the company, brother.

If anything, it got
us more notice, so...

I'll let it pass.

But in the future, everything
goes through me, right?

I heard you were president now.

- Big man on campus.
- Yeah.

Soon as the service is worth billions,

I'll cut it loose, you
get your next installment.

Mind if I double-check? All
right? Nothing personal, right?

Can't trust nobody nowadays.

Well, you can always trust a Lyon, baby.

This is why I am here.

Now, you stay black, my brother.

Stay strong.

I created a void that only I could fill.

I knew my father would put
me in a position of power.

So, what do you plan
to do with your power?

No matter how much I try
and play by the rules...

the world's always gonna see
me as a well-dressed thug.

The son of a gangster.

So if that's the way
the world sees me...

Rhonda always said the
only thing that was...

standing in the way of
me taking over Empire

was I'm the son that's not musical.

But you...

you, you're...

you're the embodiment of music, Nessa.

I think that Rhonda would approve.

Of you becoming a gangster?

Of us...

combining our strengths,

and becoming powerful together.

- Powerful.
- Yeah.