Empire (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Empire - full transcript

Empire faces an expensive lawsuit after the attack at Hakeem's Birthday party. Luscious becomes ill and Andre reveals his plans for Empire's Vegas venture. Angelo and Cookie watch the election results.

Previously on Empire...

Happy birthday, Hakeem!


As of this minute, your
channel is shut down.

What's that?

You getting that ALS again?

I have myasthenia gravis.

You thinking about doing
some business in Vegas?

I hate Vegas,

but we get this anonymous tip.

You sure you don't
know nothing about this?


Cookie, I did not snitch on you.

But there's one thing Tariq
will take if you let him: me.

I've been trying to get to
Lucious Lyon a long time.

And you can't touch him, but I can.

There you go.

- Where is Lucious?
- Upstairs.

I've never seen him this bad, Doc.

Let's go.

Now, you let this go untreated

and it can be life-threatening, Lucious.

I'm not going to no ICU.

Lucious, please.

Please listen to what he's saying.

Whatever you got to do,

you're gonna do it right here.

That is crazy.

- In my house.
- Listen to me.

He doesn't want to leave the house.

He doesn't want to go to a hospital.

Okay, so... But we got all the equipment

to create an ICU
environment here, right?

So, medically speaking,

if you could do it, just do it.

Even with all the right
equipment, it's illegal.

Legalities? Doc, relax.

I'm an officer of the court.

I'll make sure you're
protected and well-compensated.

Just get it done.

Okay, let's get it done.

We're gonna have to put
a tube down your throat

so the machine can breathe for you,

and we're gonna give you your shot

to keep you as comfortable as possible.


All right, guys, put the vent over there

and set up portable suction.

Let's get set up to intubate.

- Get them out of here.
- Listen.

Let's give the doctors
some room, okay, Gran?

He's gonna be okay.

I need you to... watch my family.

Watch your family, got it.

There's snakes in my family.

Okay. I got you.

Just try and breathe
as normally as possible.

I promise you, I'm gonna
keep my eye on the family.

All right? No one's gonna
make any moves on you, Lucious.

I got your back.

A'ight, so this is "Dangerous,"

and it's gonna be the first track

on When Cookie Met Lucious.

The reason why we're on it together

is because the album is a narrative

from my parents' relationship

that started off beautiful

and it kind of ended up bad.

But the first video, Negin,

it needs to really give off the idea

of that "do anything,
crazy-ass love" situation.

See, no.

I've been there, done that,

and I got the credit score to prove it.

But you see what I'm saying, though?

Like, the fans need to feel that.

They need to feel the passion,
or else they won't understand

when the album unravels

and turns tragic.

And you guys know I'm down
for whatever you want to do.

I'm into it. And I'm
happy it's up-tempo.

Can I dance a bit in it?

Your ass just want to dance.
Just get it, get it, get it.

Our concept for the video
is idealized young love

with you and Delphine

as Lucious and Cookie,

showing us what that
crazy, mad love looks like.

Well, team, we have
a new production date.

♪ Break it down, break it down... ♪

We gonna shoot this baby tonight.

- Tonight?
- Tonight?

Cut the music.

Turns out your slimy father
caught some nasty virus

and he can't get out of bed.

It's probably the skeevies.

- Ma.
- Anyway, if we move fast,

we could release a teaser
this week on XStream

before he finds out and blocks it.

While that man is laid up in the bed.

That is unnecessarily shady, Mom.

Come on.

Did he pump the breaks on Inferno

when you were laid up in rehab,

trying to recover, after you took

a bullet for his dirty ass?


So now I am the sole healthy CEO,

and I have the power
to make this all happen.

All right, well, just a
teaser, okay? Just a teaser.

- You know, to get people hyped.
- Like "Formation" did

for Lemonade.

And like Frank did with the
woodworking loop on Endless.


You know you love it. Go ahead.

Look, boy, I bared my soul
for you to tell this story.

It better be good.

Do you hear me?

I got you, Ma.

Okay. Make me proud.


I love that Afro, girl.

Hey, come on, y'all.

Sheesh. All right.

My client, Kennedy Marshall, was
assaulted inside an Empire club

by a member of an Empire
artist's crew at an event

sponsored by Empire's
own streaming service.

This suited bitch is trippin'.

Clamp your lips, boy.

Turn it up, Porsha.
Let's see what they after.

This isn't about money.

It's about making sure
that no other woman

has to go through what I went through.

We are suing Empire
Enterprises for $50 million.

We are also demanding that Hakeem Lyon

cancel all upcoming club appearances

and issue a public apology to Kennedy

and to all women for
the culture of violence

and misogyny he and
his music encourages.

This is way out of control.

Does Dad know about this?

Well, he does now.

Bring your ass, boy.

I didn't do nothing.

Shut up.

Dre, I don't even think I have
enough songs for a full set.

And Giuliana wants me to
open in Vegas in two months.

I don't want you to
worry about this, Nessa.

Look, this is gonna be
Empire's top priority.

You got me working for you,
you got Shine working for you.

And you're sure Giuliana
wants me to headline the show?

I'll handle Giuliana, okay?

- All right.
- It's a big deal for her

to be in business with Empire,
but she doesn't suffer fools.


all fools have their place.

May I?

- Please.
- Giuliana.

Would you mind getting me a drink?

I'm parched.

Single malt, right?

See? Not a fool in sight.

Oh, that is one fine man you have there.

Thank you.

We're, uh... we're
actually moving in together.

Oh. Well, that's cute.

So how does that work,
with your hookups?

Do you bring them home together now?

Wh-What do you mean, hookups?

Well, Dre told me
about your arrangement.

And, at first, I was a little surprised,

but now I'm actually intrigued.

You know, I was wondering maybe...

I could come and hang
out with the two of you.

I don't know. But only if
you're comfortable with that.

I'm sorry, Giuliana, I
don't... I don't follow.

You know, I remember
when I met my husband.

Ugh, I was so in love with him.

I could never imagine sharing
him with another woman.


I guess times have changed.

Here you go.


Single malt.

Yes, it is.

To new beginnings.


Yes, honey, you are taking
me back with that hair.

- Girl, you did that.
- Thanks, Cookie.

Um, I need to know how you fell in love.

I mean, how do you fall in
love with someone like Lucious?

Tell her how you fell in love
with that gorgeous scoundrel.

Oh, stop it, boy.

Swing around, guys.
We'll get this. Film her.

Well, the song isn't just
about love at first sight.

It's about... a
lifetime, about the risks

two people take when their lives

and their destinies cross.

It was always about the music.

Lucious's music was the
very air that I breathed.

It was the blood

pumping through my veins.

And when music can do that to you,

whew, that's when you know.

Damn. I'm late for a drop.

I got to roll.

♪ Ow

♪ Uh

♪ I love the way you talk to me ♪

♪ I love the way I'm feeling ♪

♪ When you get close to me

♪ I'm feeling like I'm winning ♪

♪ So new for my eyes to see ♪

♪ So good make it hard to speak ♪

♪ When you look at me, boy

♪ Oh, my goodness

♪ It's brand-new ♪

♪ It feels so good

♪ I can't get my head around ♪

♪ I just lose my cool

♪ Sometimes

♪ A new love

♪ It's a new love ♪

♪ I just can't get
you up off my mind... ♪

Uh-uh, look, I'll do it.

Keep going. Look, you're
onto something real.

Nah, baby girl, you're not
getting mixed up in my business.

Look, I'm not your baby
girl, I'm your partner.

And I'm already mixed
up in your business.

♪ It's brand-new ♪

♪ It feels so good

♪ I can't get my head around ♪

♪ I just lose my cool sometimes ♪

♪ A new love

♪ It's a new love ♪

♪ I just can't get you up off my mind ♪

♪ I said, I said ooh...

This music is gonna be our future.

It's gonna be her future.

Give it to me.

- Ooh.
- Ma? Ma?

What'd you think?

- Hey, hey.
- That feeling...

...that's a feeling that you
chase and you never let go of.

Never imagined I'd ever
experience that feeling

until I met Lucious.

All right.

Reset. Back to one, everybody.

It's good. Mm-hmm.


He can't talk.

Is it that serious?

And why's he intubated?
What's wrong with him?

Listen, Lucious called
you all here because

he has nothing to hide.

This is just a small myasthenic crisis.

We're-we're business as usual.

There's nothing small about a crisis.

Does he have ALS again?

That's not how ALS works, Hakeem.

Excuse me, Cookie.

Look, I need you guys to focus.

Okay? The reason why we're
having this family meeting

is because the boss

wants to shut down this lawsuit

as quick as possible.

First off, let's talk PR damage control.

Now, I spoke to, uh, the Empire PR team,

and we're hoping that,

since tomorrow is the,
uh, Democratic primary,

maybe you could talk to Angelo,

you know, to make a statement
in support of Empire.

After you sabotage his campaign
and endorse his opponent?

Yeah, good luck with that.
Y'all are something else.

Forget PR, okay? The
longer this goes on,

the more damage it
does to all our brands.

Including Empire XStream.

I say we make a settlement offer.

Muscleman would just
turn back on my channel,

I could tell my fans I'm sorry.

Like that lawyer asked for,

so we could just shut this down.

Hakeem, an apology would just
open Empire for liability.

And, Andre, I mean,

let's not talk about
settling anything yet.

I've handled hundreds of
cases like this before.

What we're gonna do is dig up
all the dirt we can on that girl

- and depose her.
- Are you kidding me?

First of all, that's
called victim blaming.

Aside from being despicable,
most of his fans are females.

What are they gonna say?

Okay, Jamal, calm down.

I don't get it. I would never
put my hands on a female.

I have a daughter.

All right. Uh, Lucious, is this it?

Because if you done
saving the day, some of us

have real work to do.


Okay, the meeting is adjourned.

You guys can go for now.

Hey, Dad.

Listen, Hakeem,

maybe you can show up at the deposition.

Face the girl. Intimidation is key.

You look like hell, man.

How come you're not in the hospital?

You know, we tried that,

but he's just too paranoid,

thinking someone's gonna
make a move behind his back.

Well, you stay locked up
in here like the mad king.

See how far that gets your dumb ass.


Oh, that's right.

Oh, yeah.

We'd like to know when you're gonna find

the time to wear this wire.

Get Tariq

to fess up to all his illegal tactics

so we can get these Feds off our back.

I am working on it; I just need

a little time to get his trust first.

I can't rush this, Lucious.

If he finds out, then
he's gonna kill me.


So, let's be clear.

If you don't get this done...

you could still be killed,

and Tariq framed for the whole thing.

Is he behind this?

Just one of my thoughts.

Boss, I got to prepare for the
deposition. You cool for now?

Well, Lucious,

looks like it's, uh...

just you and me.

And since you're all sedated,

this might be the perfect time to...

take advantage of you.


Don't die, Lucious. Please don't die.

Because if you die,

I'll get everything.

'Cause, you know,

we didn't sign that prenup.

Are you okay?

Lucious, are you...?

Do you want me to...

maybe just keep holding on to this?

Lucious, you tell Thirsty
that I'm not here for him.

You tell him to hang back.

I am not his bitch.

♪ I get those goose
bumps every time... ♪

Cabaret license is easier
to get than a gaming license,

but it can still take up to six months.

And what did your friend want

in exchange for speeding up the process?

Well, I'm not really sure, but
we'll have to see, won't we?

This ain't Lucious Lyon.

You promised me Lucious Lyon, Giuliana.

Relax, Gino. This is Andre Lyon,

Lucious's son.

He runs Empire.

His father's just a figurehead.

Andre, this is

Gino Marcone.

So you're the brains, huh?

That's what they say.

♪ I'm pulling up right beside ya ♪

♪ Pop star, love Mariah
when I text a cute game... ♪

Okay, brains.

Tell me why I should help Empire
get a casino license in Vegas.

What are you gonna do for me?

Well, we'll cover the costs, obviously.

Pay an expediting fee on top.

Long as it's reasonable.

What, are you gonna leave me
a tip? We're not your waiters.

25% off the top, monthly,

for as long as you're in business.

That's ridiculous.

My board will never approve it.

I don't see any board here.

Just you and me and, uh, my friends.

You're not the only one
that's got friends here, Gino.

Yeah. There you go.

What'd I miss? Am I late?

No, you're right on time, brother.

How's five percent sounding?


My man.

♪ I need the Heimlich... ♪


♪ I get those goose
bumps every time... ♪

Nice work.

♪ When you're not around ♪

♪ When you throw that to the side ♪

♪ I get those goose
bumps every time... ♪

I knew I liked you.

What is it?

May I come in?

What do you want?

Look, this isn't about me or you.

This is about Bella.

Come on.

You know that Lucious
is wanting me to, uh,

wear a wire with Tariq.

Yeah, well, if you're
looking for a way out, honey,

you need to keep looking.

No, I just wanted to say that...

if something happens to me,

if I go to jail...

...or if I die,

I want you to promise me

that you're gonna
look after my daughter.

Of course I will. We
all will. She's safe.

No. You.


I need Bella to live with you.

You are the only one
that I trust with her.

So you want someone you hate
to take care of your daughter?

Bella is a Lyon.

And I know how dangerous that can be.

Because I've seen firsthand
what you're willing to do

to protect your own blood.

Bella needs that.


You have my word.

Bella will always have a home with me.

Thank you.

Okay, that's all I wanted.

All right.

Look, Cookie, I know I've said
and done a lot of wild things

for the man that we both love, but...

Uh, there's only one man I love,

and his name ain't Lucious, honey.

You can say that, but
it's not the truth.

I bet I just cast the deciding vote.


Meeks and I are tied at the polls, so...

it's out of my hands.

Oh, please, you got this.

Look, can you promise me that, uh,

Lucious isn't gonna crash this party?

'Cause I can have it
at the community center.

You know that, right? Hey, now.

Can we get a shot, Councilman?

Look, tonight is not about him.

This is your night.

Cookie, over here.

There you go.

- I hope you're right.
- Can we get a shot?

Yes, take a picture of the winner baby.

- We got a new mayor in town.
- Thank you very much.

Baby, Lucious is surrounded
by a slew of nurses, okay?

He can't move.

Laviticus is all ours
tonight, I promise.

All right, all right.

Oh, my God, I can't believe it's you!

- Hey, ladies.
- Cookie Lyon!


Girl, we saw the teaser,
When Cookie Met Lucious.

It's lit.

Lucious's music

was the very air that I breathed.

It was the blood
pumping through my veins.

Never imagined I'd ever
experience that feeling

until I met Lucious.

Uh, that's great. I'm glad you liked it.

We got to go.

We can't wait for the album to drop.

Low-key, we pulling for
you and Lucious to get

- back together now.
- Ah, no, that's not gonna happen.

- I'm with Angelo now...
- Team Coocious, all day.

All day, every day. Mm-hmm.

- No, come, come, you get in it.
- No, it's o...

Okay, that's enough. Bye-bye.

- Thank you! Bye!
- Take care now.

Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Uh, ladies?

Vote for Angelo Dubois!

Okay, everybody, all y'all!
Vote for Angelo Dubois!

Cookie, that's against
the law. Come over here.

- Yes, a black man, baby.
- Cookie.

See? Don't you feel good, about tonight?


What the hell was that about?

Jamal dropped his teaser from his album.

That's all, but it means nothing.

Wait, and it's about you and Lucious?

Isn't that sweet.

And it came out today?

On the day of the primary?

Angelo, it means nothing, okay?


Look, more importantly,

whatever happens tonight, I'm with you.

Are you sure about that?

'Cause right about now, you seem to be

all about Team Coocious.

Are you serious?

All day, every day, huh?


That man has always been

a terrible influence on you.


Barry, hey.

Haven't seen you around school.

I heard about your dad. I'm so sorry.

Thanks, thanks. We're good.

Are you sure? If you need
help with anything, just ask.

It's not too late to apply
for that scholarship...

Look, I said I'm good.

What are you doing, anyway?

What's Lucious got you into?


Lucious ain't got me into nothing.

I make my own decisions.

Look, Barry, don't you have
some books to study or something?

Hey, Shine.

So this is where Angelo's

big party's gonna be tonight.


What if he loses?

We still got to have something

for the volunteers and everybody.

Just, hopefully, we won't
be drowning our sorrows.

Look, um, I'd like
to sit and chit-chat,

but, um, I need to set some
things straight with you.

No pun intended, huh?


Look, I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you

for coming out and
everything, I really am.

But, Derek, you know
that's not the only reason

why we're not together.

Okay, I get it.

You spent a half an hour in rehab,

and now you're better than everybody.

That's not what I mean,
but if that's the way

that you gonna take
it, I don't even care.

Is Philip putting all
this garbage in your head?

Philip? Oh, my goodness,
are you serious?


Babe, he is jealous.

He is jealous of our life.

He's jealous because his life

is nowhere near as exciting as ours.

Yeah, well, Philip left me
because there's a difference

between exciting and messy.


Babe, was it messy

when I helped you create some
of the best music in your career?

Look, man, I'm-a always
remember what we created, okay?

But that was a dark time for me.

I don't want to go back there.

And if you really care about
me, then you need to back off.


Back off.

And how many alcoholic beverages

had you already consumed by the
time you arrived at Laviticus?

I don't know. Two?

Uh, two glasses or two bottles?

Maybe three glasses.

Uh-huh. And was this an open bar

or did you pay for those yourself?

No. She mooched off

the bottle service like
the rest of the chicks.

May I remind your client, please...

Yeah, apologies, apologies.

Hakeem, please let Miss Marshall...

Can I call you Kennedy?

Let Kennedy answer the questions.

You know what?

Let's shelf the liquor talk.
I mean, who keeps count when

you're having a good
time? Speaking of which,

this is a photograph
from your friend April's,

uh, Instagram account.
Do you recognize it?

Yes, but...

No, but your friend posts
a photo of you embracing

the alleged assailant.

And you acknowledge that
it's, uh, time stamped

one hour before the alleged attack?

I guess so, yeah.

Yeah. You do make a cute couple.

Let me ask you another question.

Is it true that you were
once kicked out of a place

called Club Surrender?

I don't see

what this has to do with anything.

I-I know you don't. It's all right.

But, uh, why were you kicked out?

- I got into an argument.
- An argument?

A little confused.
The police report said,

"A violent altercation with an employee

with whom you once had a
prior sexual encounter."

Is that right?

- Is that a booty call, huh?
- He hit me.

Hakeem, you saw it. You know he did.

- Kennedy....
- Hakeem, you know what happened!

I'm confused here.

Is my client now a character witness?

The fact of the matter is

you have a history of this.

You sleep with men, and then later on

claim it's assault. Is that safe to say?

Do not answer that question,
Kennedy. You are putting words

into my client's mouth, Mr. Rawlings.

Please, then let her
answer the question.

How about it, Kennedy? Don't
let me put 'em in your mouth.

In your own words, how about
it? What's going on here?

- Ease up, Thirsty.
- Hakeem, we're doing fine.

I don't need your help. Now, please,

instruct your client
to answer the question.

Serious allegations, little
girl. What's going on, Kennedy?

You need a hug?

This money's not gonna
come easy. Maybe you do.

It was the worst timing, Jamal.

I mean, the day of
the primary elections?

What'd they call you? Coocious?

- Shut up, boy.
- Ma, it's gonna be okay.

Not funny, and it's not gonna be fine.

I had Porsha check all the blogs.

And there it was, everywhere!


Sounds like a damn STD.

And now Angelo is butt-hurt.

Yeah, well, I mean,
they all get butt-hurt.

Ma, he gonna be all right.


The people are getting
the wrong message, boy.

They think everything
was coming up roses

between me and Lucious,

and that's a lie, so I think

we should release another teaser

showing how much of
a snake your daddy is.

- Oh, my goodness.
- Tell 'em the truth.

No, Ma.

That's the point of a teaser is to,

is to tease.

Look, if you and Angelo
are really strong,

he shouldn't be worried about

Lucious or Coocious
or Tom, Dick or Harry.

- Boy.
- It's fine.

You done with that. You done moved on.

That's the point of all this, right?

Me and Angelo are just fine.

And he knows that I am just

with him now, so...

Good, and he better act right, too.

- 'Cause I voted for him.
- Mm.

Ma, I told Thirsty

to fall back, and he wouldn't.

Now, I think Kennedy
gonna wig out on us.

- Calm down. What's wrong?
- Why are your panties in a bunch?

Didn't she drop the case?

No, 'cause Thirsty went
hard at her, and she kind of

fell apart. You know what?

I got to do what's right.

What do you mean by victim blaming?

What's that?

It's what you do.

You remember your
song "Can't Truss 'Em"?

Or-or "The Clap Back,"
where you dragged Tiana

for filth?

You were consistently making music

where you make it seem like-like

it's the woman's fault; and your fans,

they treat the women that way
because they look up to you.

It's not my fault how other people act.

No, that's bull.

I'm serious.

You remember that little homophobic rant

that you threw against me
right in my own damn house?

You-you know how many
threats I got after that?

Bro, I didn't know.

See, Hakeem, you think just because

you're a father now of a
daughter that you can't be

a misogynistic pig.

Music is very powerful,
son. Very powerful.

Look, man,

you on your way to
being woke, all right?

You also have an opportunity
to change the message,

make some music that means something.

I can't. Andre shut
down my XStream channel.

Jamal has more followers

on his channel.

After he released his damn teaser

from his album. So...

But you ain't heard it from me.

You're special.

And I just want you to know.

♪ Slow down, baby, slow down, baby ♪

♪ It's all love, I got
enough to go around, baby ♪

♪ And I'll be there for
you if it go down, baby ♪

♪ I'll be your lifesaver,
you'll never drown, baby, yo ♪

♪ This for my queens around the globe ♪

♪ How many girls gone bad

♪ You'll never know, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ This for my queens around the globe ♪

♪ How many girls gone
bad, you'll never know ♪

♪ Hate to be the one to admit it ♪

♪ But I'm the one that
live without flaws ♪

♪ Disrespecting women, trying
to get 'em out of they draws ♪

♪ Instead of bringing them down ♪

♪ We should be bringing them up ♪

♪ I hold my fist to the sky

♪ And pray we keep building up

♪ This the one that
could touch the mothers ♪

♪ Sisters and daughters

♪ I got one of my own

♪ So I got to keep her in order ♪

♪ I got to put on for Bella
until I'm resting in memory ♪

♪ Be a better father to my daughter ♪

♪ Know she depend on me

♪ This for my queens around the globe ♪

♪ How many girls gone bad

♪ You'll never know, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ This for my queens around the globe ♪

♪ How many girls gone
bad, you'll never know ♪

♪ Get well, Kennedy

♪ I take full responsibility

♪ For you getting hurt,
it wasn't supposed to be ♪

♪ Yeah, it would hurt if it was
someone that was close to me ♪

♪ Sometimes I let my
feelings get the most of me ♪

♪ Sometimes it be them
demons that's approaching me ♪

♪ That made me have
them reckless ways ♪

♪ Went through my
trials and tribulations ♪

♪ I got out the maze

♪ Hope for power for our women

♪ Bow our heads and pray

♪ All them times when I
called and I need you ♪

♪ Never turned me
down when I need you ♪

♪ Always around when I need you ♪

♪ That's why I love you ♪

♪ Woman

♪ We all came from a woman

♪ So be as strong as you can be ♪

♪ Be as strong as you
can be, yeah, yeah. ♪

Hey, right there goes to Kennedy,

who didn't deserve what she got.

And for my baby, Tiana,

who deserves a dude who knows
what's happening in this world.

And for my baby, Bella,

who ain't never gonna go through
what Kennedy had to go through.

For the ladies in the world...

I mean, women.



- baby, that was amazing.
- Was it?

I am so proud of you.

Kennedy's gonna appreciate
it so much. Thank you.

- That's for you, baby.
- What the hell

you think you're doing?

I shut your channel down.

He's on my channel, not his.

Beside the point.

I didn't shut you down to be a jerk.

I did it to protect Empire.

You just undid that

by making a public admission of guilt.

And for my baby, Tiana...

I had to call a board meeting tomorrow

to discuss how we're gonna respond.

You didn't have to do that.

Anyway, Dad's sick, man.

Well, we'll just have to
go ahead without him now.

Won't we?

Juanita, what's going on?

Is my dad okay?

They're all up there already.

- They all?
- Yes.

All of them.


I heard you wanted to have

a meeting, so I...

invited everyone.

I was just taking care of
business so you wouldn't

have to get involved with
this in your condition,

Pop, that's all.

You were never any good at lying, son.

Well, since we're all
here, unexpectedly,

I... I do have something I'd like

to discuss, something that
would require board approval.

That is, if you're up to it, Pop.

I'm all ears.

I've been working on

an investment deal for Empire artists

to do a series of
residencies in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas, really?

I have some preliminary numbers here

that demonstrate profitability.

I think I made my position
very clear with you

regarding Vegas.

But you never explained why, Pop.

I'm not gonna lie, it seems whimsical.

Now that we're a public
company, we can't afford

to be dictated by your whims.

I'm sorry.

These projections are outstanding.

Can they hold up across
multiple quarters?

Absolutely. That's the
beauty of Las Vegas, Leonard.

It's an evergreen proposition.

Yeah, but, Andre,

what business do we have at Vegas?

We're a hip-hop label.

Well, Vegas isn't just Liberace
and Wayne Newton anymore, Ma.

It's JLo.

Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, you name it.

And it should be Empire.

It must be Empire.


I guess it's all settled, then.

You're fired.

Okay, everybody slow down.

Let's just table this

- until you're feeling better.
- Jamal.

I'm an officer of the company, Pop.

And this is a board meeting.

You're gonna need a second
for your motion to fire me.

All righty.

Do I hear a second?

I said, do I have a second?


Why are you firing him, Lucious?

Have you even looked at this?


Dad, you just need to
get some rest, okay?


XStream finally making money, L.

Andre's killing it.

And this Vegas thing, it sounds smart.

He is my son.

And I will fire him

if I want to.

We stand behind Andre.

Investors crave stability, Lucious.

The company can't afford
any more shakeups right now.

Thank you, Leonard.

Let's get a press
release out, immediately.

I look forward to working with
you all to expanding Empire

into this lucrative new market.

Get out

of my house.

Every one of you.

Get out.

Well done.

You really need to
look at this, Lucious.

The boy is onto something.

♪ I feel it coming, I
feel it coming, babe ♪

♪ I feel it coming

♪ I feel it coming, babe...

The polls are about to close for

the New York City
mayoral primary election.

It's a tight race

between Councilman Angelo
DuBois and John Meeks.

- We will bring you the results...
- Mom?

- Hey, you.
- Hey.

I wanted to thank you,

for backing me up on that Vegas deal.

It's good for Empire.

I hope it is good for you.

You're smart.

Oh, come on.

The way you capitalized on the fact

that your father was laid up.

Oh. Kind of like you and Jamal?

Dropping that teaser
while he was laid up?

Well, I haven't heard a
peep about Inferno, have you?

DuBois' momentum crashed
to a halt, however,

when it surfaced that he was
previously arrested for a DUI,

a charge that his upper
crust family attempted to...

It's gonna be a close one.

Yeah, my toes and my
fingers are crossed.

Yeah, mine, too.

- I'm gonna go track down Nessa.
- Mm. Okay.

- My man.
- Hey.

Thanks for being here. All right.

- Hey, watch your back.
- Hey, pretty lady.

How are you?

...nothing is out of the realm
of possibility in this arena.

Everything okay with you and Dre?

Everything is great with me
and Dre. Don't worry about me.

- Okay.
- You need to be worried about Sunset Park.

Oh, I ain't worried
about no Sunset Park.

It's a bunch of white people
who can't afford Park Slope.


I got it on lock.

- Hey, thank you.
- Yeah. You got me on lock, too.

- Do I?
- Yes.

Mm. And, look, about that Coocious,

it's something you put on a T-shirt.

What we have is very real.

All right.


Let's get used to this.


Did they announce?


Hey, Lucious Lyon!

- What? Did they say Lucious?
- What's going on?

I thought you said he wasn't...

Mr. Lyon.

What brings you from your coffin?

I decided it was in my
best interest to chance it.

Make sure nobody else
was making moves on me.

This is a nice little party
you decided to throw here.

What, you do it

to make up for that, um...

What are they calling us now?


- Coocious. Yeah.
- Uh, mm-hmm.

Coocious. It's cute.

I have to admit, that
teaser was a bit inspired.

Listen, Mr. Lyon,

thank you so much for
letting us use this space.

Very, very generous of you.

Appreciate it.

Yeah, I'm nothing if I'm not generous.

Actually generous enough
that when you lose tonight,

which he's gonna do,

I'm gonna buy you a drink.

This guy. That's a bet.

Eh. Might be contagious.

You're not gonna believe
the money we're gonna make

on this Vegas deal.

We'll be able to get that
penthouse I told you about.

Mm. So there will be room
for me, you and Giuliana?


Oh, you're confused?

You told that woman
we have an arrangement

that we didn't discuss.

Did we have to?

This is how I do business, Nessa.

It's how you and Rhonda did
business, and I am not Rhonda.

So, if you want me
signing anything with you,

a Vegas contract, an apartment
lease, I don't care what it is,

I do not do "arrangements."

I hope we're clear.

Okay, here we go. All right, y'all.

Well, the wait is finally over.

With more than 75% of
precincts reporting,

we are prepared to call the
Democratic mayoral primary...

...for New York City
Councilman Angelo DuBois.


You told me.

- Come on, get up there.
- Thank y'all.

- You have a speech to give.
- Okay. All right.

Yes, thank you.

All right, we did it.

We coming! We coming!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I realize we have a
long road ahead of us,

before we get to that general election,

but we made it this far, right?


Thank you for the staying up
late and making that coffee...

Let's give it up to the next

mayor of New York
City, Mr. Angelo DuBois.

Thank you, Mr. Lyon.

Ain't that a bitch.

You know, sometimes,

you're forced to eat a little crow.

We need to... Hey.

As many of you know, I actually endorsed

his opponent,

John Meeks.

That's why I'm gonna
take a little credit

for his win tonight.

I believe the challenge
that I set before this man

made him a much better candidate.

And as a result, allowed us to focus

on his incredible message.

And Empire is proud to be
friends with the future mayor

of New York City, Angelo DuBois.

- And again, thank you, Mr. Lyon.
- All right, thank you.

Thank you.

And in honor of this great victory...

Look at this guy.

...I would like to
play a song for y'all.

This is a song that I wrote

for that beautiful woman
standing next to him,

many, many years ago.

♪ You're so beautiful ♪

May I have this dance?

♪ You're so beautiful ♪

♪ You got me watching
you, like a camera do ♪

♪ I still wait for you ♪

♪ You got me... ♪

You're always did it for me.

♪ You got me watching you... ♪

You never stopped doing it for me.

♪ I still wait for you. ♪

Why don't you play the song
you wrote for me, Lucious?

You got a hell of a lot
of nerve coming here.

Oh, come on, baby. Play
that song you wrote for me.

You tell me why I shouldn't kill
you right where you're standing.

You don't want to do that.

I'm about to make all
our dreams come true.