Empire (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Empire - full transcript

Hakeem's birthday - the big 21, didn't stay big as long as expected. Meanwhile, psychotic Dre is still trying his best for Nessa to breakthrough. Lucious, the father Lyon lessons his ...

Previously on Empire...

There is no us. You're still
in the closet, anyway.

Those suspicious-looking
people over there

- are looking for you.
- It's Tariq.

He thinks that you're
gonna flip on something.

- I don't know anything about Cookie.
- That's a subpoena.

When Lucious finds out, he'll
arrange for you to disappear.

So you can accept the
government's protection,

or you can take your chances.

Maybe I should go.

Maybe you should stay.

- You know who Rafael is?
- Very big hitter in Vegas.

I set up a meeting tomorrow night.
You interested?

I've been trying to get Empire
into the Vegas market for years.

Some reason Pop won't touch it.

Sorry we got off
to such a messy start,

but I'm still available to do
business if you're interested.

Wake up, man.

Was I dreaming last night
or did we fill the hot tub

up with syrup?

How we gonna top this tomorrow?

Tomorrow's about to be next level.

Hakeem the Dream turns 21.

Yeah, bro. So, is moms and pops

gon' hit you with this party or what?

They like to surprise me, so y'all
gonna have to wait and see.

But best and believe

tomorrow's gonna be

the biggest night of
my life, and y'alls.

Y'all gonna be telling y'all kids

about this legendary turn-up.

Well, I don't plan on having kids,

but I'll tell yours.

Hey, everybody wake up.

We got waffles!


We're gonna be doing this
social media thing, y'all.

I mean, I can't remember the
last time I was so nervous.

But I've been hiding, y'all.

I've been hiding

my entire life.

I'm about to lose somebody that I love

because they can't be with me
because they can't stand

me not being true to myself.

So, Jamal,

yo, I'm out here
in these streets, baby.

I'm coming up to see you.


- I'm here to see Jamal.
- Wake up. Get dressed.

- That's right. He suspect?
- Yes, sir.

I know some of you out there
won't be feeling this,

but if you can't accept
me for who I am,

that's you.

So now about to make it official

with the man that changed my life.

All right.

Hey, babe.

What the hell?

Are you kidding me?
You and soldier boy?

Derek, what the hell
are you doing right now?

And get up out of my house!

I did what you told me to do.

- What I told you to do?
- Yeah.

You said the only reason
we're not together

is because I'm not living my truth,

so I changed all that.

- What?
- I'm out of here.

No, wait, Philip. You don't have to.

Hey, you misunderstood me, all right?

Philip, you don't have to go.

Yeah, well, you need
to straighten this out.

I'll talk to you later.

What kind of game you
playing with me, man?

So how long you been
smashing this dude?

Ain't none of your
damn business, Derek.

Get the hell up out of my place.

- We need to talk.
- Like hell we do!


What's up?

All set for tomorrow, player.

What are you doing?

You know your pops gonna kill you

trying to get
in his business like that.

Nah, we do this every year.

He pretends I ain't snooping,

I pretend to be surprised
when he show me

what he got me for my birthday.

So it seems that she
got away from Marty

for a hot minute the other day,

and went to go visit your half-brother.

Now, why did you go see Tariq?

Dwight said if I helped him

with Fatima's bastard,

that that awful wife person

wouldn't live with us anymore.

But he broke his promise,

so I got Tariq to handle it.

So Tariq is still coming for me.

And now he's trying to flip Anika.

But she doesn't have anything
on me, does she, Lucious?

I never said anything...

to her outright, but who
knows what she overheard.

What's that?

You getting that ALS again?

I never had ALS.

I have myasthenia gravis.

What is that? Does it kill you?

I just get really exasperated

dealing with incompetent
people who can't do their job.

The surprise over!

Boy, what do you want?

I got to give it to y'all, y'all good.

I don't...

I mean, if y'all haven't decided on

getting me a present...

Bugatti Veyron.

I'm thinking about
the black and the red


Some gold rims on there, Dad.

Wait, you want another car?

I mean, I got an Olds 98 for sale.

Clean with a gangsta lean.
It might be too,

too much car for the young 'un, though.

Did I blow it?

Are y'all not planning
a surprise party, or what?

Look, boy, we know
it's your birthday, okay?

Happy birthday.
But we can't celebrate it

until some of this drama
dies down, okay?

Mom, this is my biggest birthday party.

I'm about to turn 21.

Well, why don't you act like it?

How do you let Anika...

take off and leave the baby with you

without telling you where she's going?

What do you mean, "take off"?

She's not home?

Apparently not.

Is that your lady?

As a matter of fact, yes, it is.

Lucky girl.

Do you mind if I sit?

So what do you think about her

opening your club in Vegas?

My former little strip club

that doesn't even have
a cabaret license?

We can help with that.

So if I book Nessa
for my grand opening,

what is that gonna do for
my relationship with Empire?

Well, Nessa's got
a lot of heat right now.

Empire will but the full
power of our resources

behind her first solo show.

I wish I had someone like you around

when I was starting out.

Are you a singer?

I tried it for a minute,

but then I decided

talent has no power.

I want to be the boss.

Why don't you met me
here tomorrow night,

and we can talk about it?


Have a good evening.

No, I just thought that we had decided

that, that you were gonna let me

handle things like
this from here on out,

not, not Lucious.

I know, I... I didn't even know

what the meeting was about.

I thought it was a business thing.

Look, do you or don't you
have a connect to find out

where they've got Anika stashed?

I'm gonna have to dig.

But before I do my digging,

you got to tell me,
what are you hiding?

What does Anika have on you?

I'm not hiding anything.

I'm starting to think you
don't trust me here, Angelo.

What is this?


a gun?

Why do you have it?

Look, possession of a handgun

is illegal in New York.

All right, I'm running for mayor here.

I got primaries in ten days...

It was a gift, okay?

It was a gift. I've never used it,

- and I don't plan on using it.
- A gift?

It was a gift from Lucious?

Well, look, I need you
to get rid of it.

Okay, Cookie, whether
I become mayor or not,

I'm trying to build a life with you.

And that means you're
gonna have to put...

you're gonna have to put
things like this away.

Things that, they
don't belong in our world.

Okay, I'll get rid of it.

It's gone from our world.

Okay, I'll get rid of
this and everything

he's ever given to me.

Is that better?

For real?

You promise?

I promise.

You ever shoot anybody?

Lucious ain't here.

Who said I was here for Lucious?

Yo! You buggin'? Get out!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- Hey.
- Get out!

Chill out, schoolgirl.

Lucious don't like nobody
playing with his piece.

Like I said...

Lucious ain't here.

Come on, now, we both know
you're not gonna shoot no...

My knee!

My knee!



All right.

- Did you get the phone?
- Yeah. It's a prepaid.

Can't be traced.

I still don't think
this is a good idea.

Okay, you know what, Mom? If I had gone

with Tariq, then Lucious
would have found me

and I would have been dead by now.

All right? So let me just...

give him a call, I'll
tell him I have a plan.

Hopefully, he'll let me come home.

Because at this point,
this is the only way

that any of us are gonna
get a chance to see Bella.

So, check it, we're gonna be
club-hopping 21 hours straight.

All my fans' Empire XStream
subscription, that's your invite.

So stay logged in, 'cause I'm gonna be

dropping hints all night,
so y'all can figure out

what club we're hopping to next.


Damn. I wish

I was gonna be there.

I'm so sorry, babe.

We'll just have to celebrate
when I get back from this tour.

- Promise.
- I promise.

And there y'all have it.

That's how Takeem keep
that long-distance love

hot and heavy.

But you got to watch
all night to get the clues

and ride Hakeem's birthday train.


We out.

It's gonna be lit.

- Litty.
- It better be.

Just bummed
Tiana not gonna be there.


Where's your...
producer friend, Tory?

She's gone.

She, died of thirst.

Sit down.

Derek, what the hell were you thinking?

You said that we couldn't be together

because I was in the closet.

So I came out.

You don't come out for someone else.

You come out for yourself.

And you don't throw my
name into the situation,

especially when it's on social media.

Man, I am trying here.

It's not like there's some
playbook for this, you know?

I'm scared, man.

I got cats turning their back on me.

You know how this hip-hop game is.

Yeah, I know.

I'm sorry you got to deal with that.

I just wish that you would've
talked to me first, you know?

In person.

I done lost three gigs already, man.

I got these cats
clowning me on Twitter.

It's like I'm spiraling, man.

I-I'm like, I'm losing, I'm struggling.

Yeah, yeah.

What is he doing here, Jamal?

It's all right, Ma.

No, it's not all right.

He was your supplier.

You're not supposed to be
around people who enabled you.

What are you talking about?
I didn't enable...

Boy, you know what I'm talking
about. You better back down.

Ma, he has never been my supplier.

Look, we'll, we'll...

deal with this another time, all right?

Figure something out together,
but right now,

- I need to talk to my mom.
- Yeah, he needs to talk to his mother.

Maybe you should go talk to yours.

- Mom, please.
- That makes sense.

You guys do the family thing, man.

Yeah, bye-bye.

All right, Queen B.

Keep your
dirty hands to yourself.

- Mom, please.
- What?

And what, what,
what are you, get... Bye!

- What are you doing, Jamal?
- I know.

I mean, but the fool came out for me.

And I know it was stupid or
whatever on social media,

but he feels really exposed right now.

You don't know what that feels like.

I don't give a damn about his feelings.

You better dump his ass
before you lose Philip.

Okay, Ma.

Well, how about you drop Dad,
before you lose Angelo?

Shut your stupid ass up,
didn't nobody come down here

- to talk about that.
- Tell you what,

you worry about your dirty laundry,

and I'll worry about mine.

- Sounds like a plan.
- Okay.

Look, I just came to see

if you're gonna show up
for your brother tonight.

Of course.

Dre and I are gonna go there,
um, when he hits Laviticus.

He has no idea.

- You coming?
- No.

Keem don't want to club with his mama.

Plus, me and Angelo have a dinner

with these bourgie black folk.

You know, they don't
even bother me anymore, Jamal.

Am I losing my street cred?


I mean, is that such a bad thing?

I don't know.

I'm gonna be myself,
I'll tell you that much.

Just a little more polished.


Boy, get up, I got to go get
my hair done for tonight.

Bye. Love you.

I love you too.
Stay away from that trash.

Stay away from my dirty daddy.

Shut up. By the way, me and your father

took care of your doorman.


- Ma?
- Shut up, boy.

Hakeem, I thought you were
supposed to get smarter as

- you got older, not dumber.
- Shut up, man.

I'm not letting you
stream your birthday mess

- live on Empire XStream, all right?
- What's your problem, man?

- What's your problem, man?!
- Hold on, hold on!

What's going on? Let him have his fun.

It's harmless.

I can think of a million
ways it could become

harmful for us, Pop.

The cost of security alone...

I'll pull in ten times
the cost of security

with all the cash I'll be
making on my club appearances.

Why do you keep raising
your voice in here?

'Cause he getting on my nerves.

Look, it's his birthday.
Let him have his fun.

By the way, I'm so sorry,
I'm not gonna make it.

Dad, it's bad enough my whole
family trying to bail on me now.

Now Andre's trying to wreck my party?

- I'm outta here.
- Nice job.

He looks pretty disappointed.

Yeah, he really thinks we're
just ignoring his big day.

Man, you guys, boy.

He's surprised when he don't
get that Bugatti from me.

- Aw, he wants that car.
- Yeah, he's out of his damn mind.

I ain't buying him that.

What's up with this, um, Vegas thing?

Tell me.

I don't know.

I tried to call the guy back. Nothing.



You thinking about doing
some business in Vegas?

I mean, I hate Vegas.

I think it's grimy, and there's
no upside for our business,

but we get this anonymous tip

saying that there's this huge

business opportunity for us in...

You sure you don't know
nothing about this?



- I'm gonna see you, Dre.
- Yep.

- All right, Dre.
- Bye, Pop.

Just... yeah, that's good.

Cookie, I'm running
a little behind, darling.

- That's all good.
- You just need to tell

- whoever that is they got to...
- I'm sorry, tell me what?

Tell you that you got to
get out of that chair

'cause it's time for my appointment.

Well, we'll be done shortly.

- Give me one second please, madam?
- Of course.

I'm sorry, Cookie.

She came in off the streets,
put down two stacks,

and her friends over there

were hella persuasive about it.

Who are they?

Lucious, what the hell do you want?

Cookie, Anika called.

Says she wants to come home.

Thought you might want to know.

I'm sorry about that.

It's fine.

Sometimes you just need
to empty the trash.

Happy birthday, Hakeem!

What up, y'all?
Y'all followed the breadcrumbs,

and y'all found us.

We at Club Surrender.

Big ups to Brooklyn,
top of the food chain.

21 hours goes on and on, baby.



Get over here! Hurry up!

You not gonna want to miss this.

What's this?


Baby, what's up?

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Hakeem!

Y'all see that, right?

My baby came through.

Sometimes you got to surrender to love.

- How long we been here?
- 15 minutes.

All right, so let's get paid.
Baby, Kennedy, stay right here.

I'll be right back, okay?

Hey, happy birthday, young buck.

The house is packed.

Think you should hang out a minute.

The party don't stop for no man,
you know that.

All right, well, in that case...

What's this?

Your bill. You thought all
that champagne was free?

That gets charged against
your appearance fee.

Okay, that's not what we talked about.

Look, if your family showed up,

Jamal, or your O.G. daddy...

That wasn't the deal, man.

Don't listen to him because
I'm here and so is Tiana.

Maybe if you freestyle rap

a couple verses, I
could dig up five grand.

Hakeem the Dream don't rap
for free, everybody know that.

The deal was 50, man. Where's my money?

And who's gonna back you?

Your girl and the ho squad?

Okay, first of all, who the
hell you calling a ho?

Pay the man.


Come on, man,

I was messing...

Let's get the money out.


My money. Yeah.

Hey, I could use another watch, man.

East Coast, West Coast.

Run it, Shaq!

Give him the watch.

- That's yours, man.
- Hey.


Perfect. That's great.

And I want to give you
a little something.

There's your little money

for your little tips for the champagne.


Hey, man, I don't know who y'all are,

but y'all can roll with us.

Hey, thanks!

- It's good, let's go.
- Yeah.

Hey, we got your back, y'all.


Come on, let's go.

Hey, yo.

What's your name, bae?

That's Kennedy, man.

The party just started.

Turn it up!

To the next club!

Miss Anika.

- Hey, Juanita.
- Hello.

Is, Lucious home?

He'll be home soon, Miss Anika.

Right now, it's just me and Bella.

I can't wait to see her.

Thank you.

Mama's here, baby.

Mama is a dead bitch walking.

- Where's my daughter?
- Don't worry about Bella, she's safe,

which is more than I can
say for you right now.

Cookie, I did not snitch on you.

Tariq tried to talk to me, and I ran.

He doesn't even know I'm here.

Look, I know you've been really
nice and helpful with me,

but you've become a huge problem.

And I don't see a
reason why we shouldn't

just kill you right now.


Let me do it, Dwight.

Mama, please,

will you leave? Please.


You've got 30 seconds to convince us

why we should let you live.

Look, I didn't need
to be here right now.

I could've gone to Witness Protection

and taken Bella with me.

Well, why didn't you?

Because I needed time

to formulate a plan.

And now I have one.

I'm listening.

We all know that Tariq
is jealous of you.

We know that he wants what you have.

But he's only doing
this because he thinks

that you stole his father.

Dr. Freud, we figured
this out a long time ago.

- And what I've got, he will never have.
- Yes,

but there's one thing that
he will take if you let him.


If we can prove that
Tariq and your wife

have been... involved,

they will be forced to
drop the case for good.

She got to wear a wire.

That's fine.
Just let me get his trust first.

She's a lyin' snake.

Tariq's too smart

to fall for her.

Let your mama do it.

Okay, Mama,

give me the gun.

Give it to me.


My God...

Where'd you get this?

It was in her purse.

Look, you gave it to me, remember?

It's none of your business.

You're right. None of my business.

You got one week to figure out
a way to make your plan work,

or I'm gonna be forced to let

my mama do what she's been dying to do.

I just feel like he turned
his whole life upside down,

so the least I can do is, I don't know,

show him a little kindness.

What does that mean?

You're gonna do something out of pity?

No, of course not.

It's kind of hard to explain.
You wouldn't understand.

It's just... coming out in the
music business, it's like...

It's a lot harder than it
would be in the military, right?

I'm sure.

Okay, you're right.
Maybe you do know something.

Look, what I do know is that...

what you and I have could
actually be really special.

I'm not interested
in D-Major. I just...

I just think that we could
show him a little compassion

for what he's going through.

I think you're right.

I think we should.

Thank you.

I'm gonna go have the car
pull around front

so we can surprise your baby brother.

Sounds good.

All right.

I'm sorry. Look,
I got scared and I ran.

No, it's cool.

You didn't tell Lucious, right?

Hell no, I didn't tell Lucious.

I just told him that my mom was sick

and I left the baby with Hakeem.

- I can't tell Lucious. He'll kill me.
- Yeah, see,

that's what I'm talking about, Anika.

We need to do this
before anybody else gets killed.

Look, Tariq,

all I know is I don't want Bella
to be in the hands of strangers,

you know? And I don't want
to look over my shoulder

for the rest of my life.

I don't know what to do.

I'll protect you.

Trust me.

All right.

But, look, only you.

All right? 'Cause I-I...

I don't want to do this on my own.

Tell you what,

this is what we'll do.

We'll give it a week to let it
get back to normal, all right?

Then we'll try again.

And forget Witness Protection.

You'll be under my protection.

I won't leave your side.

Thank you.


Good to see you, man.

Come on.


Why is this not working?

It's... It says D-Major on there.

Is there some kind of mistake?

You see it says D-Major? That's me.

Do me a favor and call Jamal.

Hey, man, come on.
You don't want to be doing this.

Why don't you just go home?

You don't know what I want to be doing.

Yeah, I do. We both do.

We know exactly what
you're going through, man.

We know where you're coming from.

You keep saying "we."

Like you and Jamal got something real.

I just want you to understand
what's going on, man,

it'd make this a lot easier.

All right?

I understand what's going on.

The thing is, Philip,
no matter how hard you try,

you won't never, ever be able
to give it to him the way I do.

- Okay, shorty?
- Get off of me, man.

Yo, Philip. Come on,
what's your problem?

Still had that one coming, man.

Hey, Jamal...

I said drip!


- Drip!
- Drop!

Hey, look, y'all already know the spot

on the next tour.

It's Laviticus.

Ain't no place like home, right?


- Happy birthday!
- Get that money!

You know what I'm saying?
Throw that money up.

Yeah. Money for everybody.

What's this?

Happy birthday, baby!

We're official.

You think we gonna
forget our baby brother?

Hey, what's up, bro?

- Happy birthday, Hakeem.
- Where's my gift?

It's in the mail.

- It's in the mail?
- You know I'm good for it.

Hey, it's your night. All right?

All right.

Hey, I'm 'bout to go holler
at this shorty. Watch me.

I seen you all night, girl.
I know you seen me, too.

Just you give me a little smile.

What part of "no" don't you understand?

Look, let go of her!

Push off, bro. You too strong.

Hey, yo. Leave her alone, man.

Get your hands off her.

Who do you think you're talking to?


Ratchet-ass bitch.

Get off!


Stop it!

Marcel, go get Andre now!


Dance for Hakeem!

- Yeah!
- Keem, now just stay back!

Hey, hey, hey!

Let me go! Let me go!

Let him go now!

Yo! What's up?

Y'all some bitches!

This is crazy.

You all right?

I just talked to the men I sent
to ride shotgun on your ass.

They said you cut them loose.

I thought they were Shine's boys,

and you sent them to mess my b-day up.

Why would I do that, Hakeem?

Let me think.
'Cause you always do that.

Whatever. Listen, first of all,

it wasn't done on purpose.

It's never on purpose with him.
He's never been held

to the same standard as you and me,

- 'cause he's the baby, right?
- Stop that.

It's his birthday right now,
so we'll deal with it tomorrow.

No, did you know that he hired

two random dudes
to act like his security?

- God. I didn't hire nobody.
- They said he gave them cash,

champagne, watches, in
exchange for their services.

Now, in the eyes of the
law, that makes them

de facto employees of Empire, Jamal.

Well, stop talking about me
like I'm not standing here.

I made a mistake.

What was I supposed to do?

In an Empire venue.

On company property.

Do you have any idea, the liability?

- Ain't you supposed to be a father?
- Calm down,

people watching.

You just mad 'cause Dad
had my back on this.

See, he understands me.

Him and me got something
you will never have,

- and that's music.
- Shut up, Hakeem,

just shut up.

You know I don't know
nothing about liability.

That's because you are the liability,

- Hakeem!
- Dre, chill.

For this family and for this company.

Stop spitting in my face.

You know what?

You are 21 years old now.


- You a man.
- I'm a man.

You gonna learn
to take responsibilities

for your actions like a man.

- Like a man.
- So, as of this minute,

your channel is shut down.

You are off of Empire XStream for good.

Happy birthday.

Yo, Dre, stop playing with me.

Give me my camera, man.

- What's his problem, man?
- Dre always bugging.

- Why don't you calm your ass down?
- Yeah, okay, man.

And it is mostly your
fault, Hakeem, it is.


Come here, baby.

Look, it was all so
dope at first, right?

And then my party just got ruined.


Seriously. My night just got ruined.

What about my friend's night, Hakeem?

You haven't even asked about Kennedy.

Okay, I was about to ask you.
Is she okay?

She's in the hospital,

and that's where I'm going right now.

All right, we coming with you.

Nah, don't bother.

Just keep making it about you, Hakeem.

It's what you do best.


Now her, too?

Brah, this has been the worst
birthday party of my life, man.

You know why it's your fault?

Because of lyrics like this.

Can you hear 'em?

This is you.

Time to become a man, brother.

I am a man.

There's a car waiting for you

by the side entrance to take you home.

I'm not going home.
I'm going to get my girl.

Let's go.

Did you just moan?

Did you just like it?

Well, I'm not complaining.

Bourbon, rocks.

You ready to talk business?

I took the liberty
of drafting a contract.

I think we should get
to know each other first.

Okay. You want to get
to know me here or...

you want to get to
know me somewhere else?

I want to finish my drink.

- Yeah.
- Okay, okay.

So, what do you want to know about me?

Are you close to your father?


Then how come you haven't
brought him to see me?

I want to negotiate our deal first.

And then

I'll make him

an offer he can't refuse.

Why don't we go back to your hotel?

Does your lady know you're here?

She knows I'm trying
to close a very big deal...

with all kinds of...

opportunities for her.

That's not good enough, Andre.

You see, I don't ever touch
another woman's man.

At least, not without her permission.

This is how I do business, Giuliana.

It's how I've always done business.

Nessa's fine with it.

So, you have an agreement?

We do.

Well, I like it.

So, I'm gonna have my people

look at the terms of the contract,

and if I like what I read,
then you and I can do business.

Sounds fair.


Now, if you'll excuse me.

Are you gonna let me out?

Or should I climb over you?

You had them high-society folks
eating out of your hand.

Even your mother.

Yeah, well, especially my mother.

All right.

I need you to do me a favor.

Ooh. That depends.

I was gonna turn this in myself,

but then I realized just
having this in my possession

is a major violation.


Well, I'll take care of it for you.


- Come on.
- Yes, ma'am.


What's taking so long, Giuliana?

I told you I needed a little
time to work my magic.

I'm tired of your crap.

Where's Rafael?

Rafael was skimming from you, Gino.

I got rid of the problem.

Every dollar my husband skimmed.

A gift from me to you.

Another one of your magic tricks?

Trying to get Rafi off the hook?

Maybe you're the problem

I need to get rid of.

Well, if you do that,

you'll never be in business
with Lucious Lyon.

Paid in Cash was the first
CD I ever boosted...

and my mother beat my ass,

but, I must've listened
to that thing a thousand times.

I've been trying to get

to Lucious Lyon a long time.

I know, and you can't touch him,
but I can.

Do your thing.

Make me believe in magic.

You know I have tricks.

Who the hell is knocking
on my damn door this late?

Are you out of your damn mind
banging on my door at this hour?

I'm here for my girl.

It's time to go, baby.


Where do you think you're taking
the baby this hour of the night?

It's still my birthday,

so I'm spending what's
left of it with Bella.

Why don't you, um,
have a seat for a minute

- and let me talk to you?
- Why?

So you can tell me I can't?

No, so I could tell you

that I've waited 21 years

to hear you say what you just said.

Come on. It'll just take a minute.

Scoot over, man, give me some room.

You know, the night you were born,

the heavens were in an uproar...

raining cats and dogs.

Your mama just started
having contractions,

but seeing this wasn't
our first go-around,

you know, we didn't
rush to the hospital

or nothing like that.

Your mama actually was hungry
for some Chinese food,

so I break down to the little
corner Chinese spot

while your mom called Aunt Carol

so that she could watch your brothers.

Anyway, I don't know whether it was

the Kung Pao or the lightning,

but your mama's water broke.

We never made it to the
hospital that night.

I was born at home?

I delivered you

with your Aunt Carol as a midwife.

But the point I'm making is,

you were in such a rush
to come into this world,

and you've been in a
mad hurry ever since.

You're my youngest...

so I suppose I've indulged you
a bit more than I should have,

probably to your detriment.

Nature never rushes,

and yet she accomplishes
the entire universe.

You've said something tonight, though,

that let me know that you
have your priorities right.

You're a man now...

but on top of that... you're a Lyon.

Hello, princess.

A Lyon always looks
after his responsibility

above anything else.

You got to protect this angel

with your very life.

Go to your daddy.

Go to your daddy with
that crazy old jacket on.

I will.

Hey, son.

Happy birthday.