Empire (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - Empire - full transcript

Cookie tries to move forward with Angelo while struggling with guilt over her run-in with Lucious; Leah looks for Tariq's help in taking down Anika; Jamal and Tory team up in the studio.

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Previously on Empire... LUCIOUS: Inferno is an album I'm producing,
and I'm hoping that my son, Jamal,
will bless me with a song.
This is Lucious Lyon's dear mama.
LUCIOUS: You know, this business about my mama and the press--
keep an eye on it.
I'll keep her in my sight.
HAKEEM: Yo, Tory Ash.
See y'all met my crazy-ass friend Tory.
Why did you leave rehab? This is my rehab.
TELLER: So Lucious Lyon wins again. He murdered Frank Gathers
and I can prove it. I just need more time.
You're off the case 'cause it's closed.
Your new head of A&R.
Mrs. Anika Lyon.
COOKIE: You built this company on my back,
and you just give it to that bitch?!
(Mozart's "Sequentia Lacrimos" from Requiem in D Minor plays)
What have I done?
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
Here you go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I don't know what happened.
I mean, we were fighting, bad.
Not bad enough.
You didn't kill him.
We were tussling...
there's that thin line
and we crossed it.
I don't know why I kissed him.
you're addicted to that man.
He was my first.
For over 20 years, the only.
That night Daddy kicked me out...
Come on, babe.
It's okay, it's okay. You and me now, okay?
(crying): No.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I got us.
Look, I... I know you've never
done this before, okay?
We don't have to, baby.
We can wait.
YOUNG COOKIE: No, no, I want to.
I need to... now.
Just because he was your first
doesn't mean he has to be your last.
Do you love Angelo?
I think so. Think?
I don't want to lose him,
and that's why I have to come clean about what happened.
No, no, no, no, no.
Nothing happened.
You just went...
Cookie crazy.
Doesn't mean anything.
Your future will not be ruined again
by the likes of that damn Lucifer Lyon.
(elevator dings)
Oh, my God.
What happened?
LUCIOUS: Look at what they did to my baby.
They're still going through the security footage.
Thirsty might know more about it.
ANIKA: Okay, I'm gonna go get caught up.
Hey, Thirsty. Nice to have you back.
This is Marty.
She's gonna be looking after Granny Groove from now on.
LEAH: Oh, really?
What are you? A boy?
Or a girl?
Mama, don't act like you fresh out of the plastic. Behave.
Look, um,
how are they doing on the scrubbing
of some of that footage?
Well, wax on, wax off, like it never happened.
LUCIOUS: Good, 'cause Cookie and Jamal are coming after me
with this little album of theirs. I can't have
any distractions from Inferno.
THIRSTY: Yeah, distractions are bad.
LUCIOUS: No, you can't.
I have to go to the bathroom.
THIRSTY: Don't let her out of your sight.
That means you got to go to the bathroom.
♪ ♪
♪ Baby, I, baby, I ♪
♪ Can't decide, can't decide ♪
♪ If you're just a memory ♪
♪ We were amazing ♪
♪ I was amazed that we didn't make it ♪
♪ We were amazing ♪
♪ So, you still chasin' and I can't take it ♪
♪ Can't take the heat and ♪
♪ I won't make it easy for you ♪
♪ You got to prove it to me... ♪
The one with the blonde hair, Becky, what you think?
I think it's your directorial debut, Hakeem,
so whatever you like. Then she's in.
♪ Show me why... ♪ We're done, right?
Yeah, we're done. There's only 50 more dancers
waiting to audition. We're not done.
Yeah, Keem, you can't rush the process.
This video is for my next single.
Baby, you're the baddest, okay?
What better way for the world to see you
than how I see you every day?
Come here.
♪ Show me why I should go all in... ♪
It's gonna be epic.
I promise.
After auditions, let's go to my dad's and hang out with Bella.
♪ Last time didn't pan out... ♪
Hakeem, I told you I'm not doing that.
Your baby already has a mother.
I just want you to get to know her.
♪ I got tricks up my sleeves in the lining in my cuff ♪
♪ I'm-a keep on trying till you budge ♪
♪ Leaving everything up to timing ain't enough. ♪
(music stops)
WOMAN: And five...
What's your grandmother doing here?
WOMAN: Now show me the floor routine.
(chuckles) Yes, let's all go up, go up.
This can be the dance floor.
Uh, hi, Ms. Walker. How you doing?
Hi. Hey, Grandma.
Hi, sweetie.
Who's the little ballerina in pink?
Come meet my granny.
Hi. What a sweetie.
Do you mind asking that big individual
over there to hold this for me?
And, Quintana,
I want you to drop it.
Then bend over to pick it up. Grandma...
To show Marty how limber you are.
This'll get me a feature in this video, right?
You make my granny happy, why not?
♪ ♪
LEAH: How's Tiana?
I want to talk to Bella's future stepmama.
Chill out, Grandma.
Maybe you could help me get her comfortable with Bella.
TORY: Who's that?
Girl, that's Mamie Smith, queen of the blues.
What's wrong with you?
Who's that?
La Calavera Catrina.
It's the death goddess.
It's just a good reminder
about, you know, mortality and sobriety.
I hear you. You ready?
Did you bring the cocaine?
I'm kidding. I hate you.
♪ You take it down ♪
♪ You take it down ♪
♪ But it feels so bad ♪ ♪ No, it hurts so bad ♪
BOTH: ♪ But it feels so good... ♪
ANDRE: Now, these are the two apartments
we're looking at this afternoon.
Nice. Okay.
Now, promise me you'll at least get past the front door
before you say no. (laughs)
I'm selective, sweetheart,
which means you need to be selective as well.
Okay. What's up, Andre?
What's up? Nessa.
Hey. What's up?
H-Hey, Shine. Yo.
(softly): Dain-Ja?
Yeah, Andre said he wanted
to meet all of our business associates.
They ain't all pretty. Shine.
♪ It's Ludacris, well, then get out my way... ♪
Andre. Dain-Ja?
My father built Empire from the streets.
Shine beat Lucious at his own game.
I'm gonna see how he rolls, Nessa.
♪ Man, I be water whipping like I'm going swimming ♪
♪ Then I chef it up, then hit the block ♪
♪ Told me we would make a bunch of money ♪
♪ Funny thing is we haven't seen no guap... ♪
What's Freda doing?
She's making a drop.
She used to work around her daddy.
She know her way around.
Let me introduce you to somebody.
Dain-Ja. This my man Dain-Ja.
He runs all the strip clubs from Georgia
to the Carolinas. Any hip-hop
we want in the Southeastern market,
this our guy.
All right.
♪ I don't really think you 'bout that life ♪
♪ All about that life... ♪
I ain't trying to meet new friends, you feel me?
Look, man, Andre's not a friend.
He's family.
So you got to chill.
Hmm. (snorts) (spits)
Hey, you gonna clean that up.
♪ I don't really think you 'bout that life ♪
♪ Just keep it real, you ain't about that life ♪
♪ You ain't about that life, no. ♪
(knocking at door)
Welcome home, Mr. Mayor.
Hey, hey.
It's over.
Yes. It's done.
Mwah. Mwah.
Oh, you feel so good.
Come here, I have to tell you something. All right,
so this is what's gonna happen. All right.
We're gonna be aggressive. All right?
And we're gonna take our gloves off.
Damn, you look gorgeous.
(laughs) Thanks.
All right. Guns blazing.
No holds barred, no prisoners.
We're gonna clap back. I'm gonna do everything...
What happened here?
Oh, just-just a bruise.
Baby, let me see.
I-I bumped it. I'm a klutz.
Let me look at it. It's okay.
Look, I really need to tell you something, Angelo.
Okay, but first
we're gonna focus on us right now.
Right here.
(laughs) Ooh.
Yes, together.
(laughs) You...
Oh, my goodness.
Ain't nobody gonna bother us.
Mm, you missed me that much, huh?
I missed you that much. (both laugh)
LUCIOUS: What? I'm in the bathroom.
Well, don't you think we need to talk about
what happened last...
I have rehearsal to get to, so...
just let me know if you need anything.
You need to want more out of life, honey.
(sighs) Disgusting.
After what you did last night?
You left me high and dry and bleeding, remember that?
Why do you care what happens between me and her?
You're right. I don't care. At all.
Just don't say nothing.
Don't say nothing to who? Angelo?
Oh, you didn't want him to know
about you turning into the Tasmanian Devil last night?
Look, I don't know what got into us.
Wait, how do you not know...
It's simple, you-you love me,
you always will love me, but you're not ready
to deal with that kind of truth.
You know what? That's why I'm gonna move on with my life.
Okay? Sounds like a plan.
Good, w-what's going on? Where's Jamal?
He still in the studio recording that wack-ass album,
When Cookie Met Lucious?
Like your wack ass was the first one
to come up with the title Inferno.
(scoffs) It's corny.
Look, just don't say nothing.
It ain't none of my business.
Yeah, keep it that way.
(indistinct chatter)
Turn around.
Hey, Becky.
(sighs) Hi.
Listen, I wanted to see if maybe we could set aside some time
to sit down, review the artists and projects.
All right, Smokes Adams' album is done.
Freaky Lyle's on tour.
Hakeem is directing Tiana's next video
that will be on her album that is released next week.
You're all caught up.
Look, Becky, I know that you wanted the job.
But not too long ago, you were Lucious' assistant,
and so you might not be exactly ready
to run a department.
But listen, I am so excited to work with you.
I feel like you have fantastic people skills.
You always keep your ear to the street.
I'm going to lean on you. A lot.
I bet in a year or two, you will have my job.
TIANA: Hey, um, Anika,
I was wondering if you can watch the rest of the rehearsals.
Becky's in charge.
She will be your point person,
and she has my full and total support.
I'm so glad you're back.
♪ I'm on my knees ♪
♪ Begging you to stay ♪
♪ Yeah, you know if I could ♪
♪ I'd take more, I would ♪
Don't you think...
♪ But it feels so good... ♪ Can you turn it down?
(music fades) I-I feel like we should just take everything out
except the horns. It's too messy.
Look, I get that you want perfection, but just because
you cleaned yourself up doesn't mean
you need to do the same thing to your music.
Oh, my Lord. Please, Tory.
TORY: Oh, come on. Being dirty can be fun.
Okay, first of all, it ain't that deep.
Second of all,
I damn near lost everything from being too dirty,
and so did you.
Yeah, you know, you're right, I did.
That's where we are right now.
So we just got to deal with it, okay?
Whatever. Just shut your mouth
and just listen to this, okay?
Check it out.
(plays guitar riff)
Check what out?
Oh, come on. That is like musical heroin.
So you still like drugs, crackhead?
Well, there's the door.
JAMAL: Ma, it's a joke. Calm down.
Yeah, well, I don't find it funny.
Now, I was listening
to what y'all are doing and...
it's-it's hot.
You onto something, but something's missing.
So y'all got to mess it up some more. Mess it up.
Did you hear what your mama said?
Mess it up.
(plays guitar riff)
That's kind of hot. What is that?
It's a flattened fifth. It's the devil's chord.
All right, well she knows what she's talking about.
Well, look, it's a little too dark, but check this out.
Try this.
COOKIE: Yes, yes,
Jamal, you... you keep doing what you're doing,
and, Tory, this time, play like you...
like you're trying to talk to him,
but he won't let you get a word in.
You just... Chase him. That's what I mean.
That's what I want to... hear.
Mm-hmm. That's it. That's it.
That's everything. You got it. Look,
your father's not to hear anything we are creating here,
you got that? Mm-hmm.
You erase these drives every night, Jamal.
Hear me? Got you.
Okay. Yeah, that's in the pocket.
Y'all keep creating.
Play that funky music, white girl. (chuckles)
Dwight broke his promise.
Ms. Leah, what are you doing here? All I have is
an hour before that he-she knows I'm gone.
Dwight said he was getting rid of that wife,
but instead he gave her a job.
'Cause she gave him one.
A nasty one.
You have to do something.
Boo Boo Kitty knows things.
Boo Boo Kitty?
That's what his other wife calls her.
Cookie hates her
as much as I hate her.
Come on inside for some tea.
♪ I need that release ♪
♪ It's taking me over ♪
♪ Whatever you want, whatever you say ♪
♪ Just give me another ♪
♪ And I'll be there for you ♪
♪ Give it all to you ♪
♪ You know I feen for you ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
TORY: ♪ And I'll never leave ♪
♪ Everything that you say ♪
♪ Is what I've been needing to hear ♪
♪ For all the rest of my days ♪
♪ I don't need the truth ♪
♪ Tell me what to do ♪
♪ I believe in you ♪
♪ And I know ♪
♪ I don't really need it ♪
♪ But I don't care ♪
♪ I just wanna feel it ♪
♪ 'Cause it's all in my mind ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ Oh, it's all in my mind ♪
BOTH: ♪ What I believe ♪
♪ Is what you say ♪
♪ Hey, I'm on my knees ♪
♪ Begging you to stay ♪
♪ Yeah, you know if I could ♪
♪ I'd take more, I would ♪
♪ Yeah, it hurts so bad ♪
♪ But it feels so good ♪
♪ I'm a feen ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
♪ I'm a feen ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
♪ I'm a feen ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
♪ No, it hurts so bad ♪
♪ But it feels so good. ♪
TORY: Tell you what,
I have not been this turned on since I had Molly
off a Jamaican soccer player's back in Miami.
Don't ever tell me nothing like that again.
Man, don't wipe the hard drive clean,
'cause I might come back and tweak it a little bit.
All right? Mm-hmm.
It's time for you to start talking to me.
You know what, Tariq, if that were possible,
it would have happened a long time ago. What do you want?
True, I can't get you to confess against Lucious,
but you're not married to Cookie, as far as I know.
I didn't want to do this, but I'm doing it now.
I don't know anything about Cookie.
Maybe you can tell me if these names ring a bell.
Frank Gathers.
Of course I know who Frank Gathers was,
but I never met him.
Jermel Stubbs.
Bam-Bam King.
Teddy McNally.
Oh... Taxi!
Tell me about Teddy McNally. Get off me, man.
Yeah, he got bodied back in Philly
about a year and a half ago.
Do you know who made the hit? No.
You're lying. I'm gonna put you in WITSEC
so you'll feel free to talk.
Witness Protection? Uh-huh.
(laughs) You got jokes.
That's a subpoena.
What? Mm-hmm.
See, when Lucious finds out,
he'll arrange for you to disappear.
So you can accept the government's protection,
or you can take your chances.
Don't do this to me, Tariq.
Please do not do this to me.
Everything is just starting to get together for me, man.
What about my daughter?
Go home.
Act like nothing's wrong.
Tomorrow I'll pick you both up at 2:45
on the southeast side of Union Square.
All right? Whoa.
I'd hate to see this pretty face wash up
on the banks of the Hudson, mami.
Be there, all right?
Let's see what these idiots are up to.
♪ ♪
♪ I need that release ♪
♪ It's taking... ♪ (music stops)
♪ Me over ♪
♪ Whatever you want, whatever you say ♪
♪ Just give me another, and I'll be there for you ♪
♪ Give it all to you ♪
♪ You know I feen for you ♪
♪ Yeah. ♪
(music stops)
(piano playing)
♪ ♪
JAMAL: Mom, just wait and listen to what me and Tory did last night.
(music playing in distance)
Who the hell is in here?
We got this studio booked for three months.
LUCIOUS: No, it's got to have the fire,
or I can't hear it.
This album has to be pure flame,
everything on it. Dad, what is this?
You hear me, Ness?
You hear me, V? Pure love. Got you.
JAMAL: Please tell these people to get out of the studio,
because I booked the time. It's my time.
COOKIE: He don't even hear you.
I know that look in his eyes.
(train passing)
♪ Wave ya hands high in the sky ♪
♪ I got a hot girl and my gear is fly ♪
♪ Truth or dare, never tell you a lie ♪
♪ Everybody want to be a gangsta ♪ Lucious.
♪ But nobody really want to die. ♪
What's up?
I'm pregnant.
(train passes in distance)
♪ ♪
Whenever he gets like that, all he can hear is the music.
♪ ♪
♪ And the world cannot deny ♪
♪ What was once laid to rest ♪
♪ Has come back ♪
That's fire, right?
♪ I feel it in my soul... ♪
I am...
the sun.
Just because you yellow don't mean you the sun.
♪ Rule my world ♪
♪ The only thing... ♪
The song is dope, Dad.
The king don't have to prove who he is, though.
♪ But now, but now ♪
BOTH: ♪ We bow down at his feet ♪
♪ The crown is his alone ♪
♪ I'm looking at my king ♪
♪ Take back his throne ♪
♪ And he's returned for you and me ♪
♪ We won't ever be alone... ♪
Um, sweetie.
I really liked your stuff.
♪ Take back his throne ♪
♪ Whoa ♪
♪ Take back his throne ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Take back his throne. ♪
♪ ♪
Give me five.
(music stops)
(door opens)
(door shuts) So tell me more about this meet Dain-Ja's hooking up.
You ever heard of Rafael Green?
Bought up a bunch of strip clubs.
Major player in Vegas.
That's the guy.
He got a spot on the Strip now.
He's looking to book some legit talent.
I want in.
Nessa told me about the pills you take.
Did she?
She tells me everything, so get used to it.
But I tell you what,
if you ever think about laying a hand on her...
I'd never put my hands on her, okay?
I take mood stabilizers. That's it.
Mood stabili... And I'm supposed to trust you with my business.
And let me remind you, you don't have a choice.
Now, I've been trying
to get Lucious interested in Vegas for years.
The only reason that Rafael agreed to meet with me
is 'cause I said I could introduce him to Lucious.
Okay, well, then tell him that nobody meets Lucious
until they pass muster with me.
Vegas is big business for Empire.
If I put a deal together, then the board'll back me
when I make my move to take over the company.
So to answer your question... I didn't ask you
any questions.
To answer your question,
I need Lucious alive long enough to put a deal together.
It's simple.
I look forward to meeting Rafael.
(sighs) Bella.
Bella, baby, Mommy loves you.
Mommy loves you so much.
I got to do this for me and you.
Mommy loves you.
(brakes squeak)
Anika, what the hell?
I was on my way to dress rehearsal.
I'm sorry, look, I know. I-I need you
to take Bella for me, please. I have to go somewhere.
So call Juanita. Juanita is not her father,
Hakeem, you are.
Look, you are responsible for keeping her safe.
I need you to help me, please.
Thank you.
So you're just gonna put this on me?
Hakeem, for once in your life, I need you to step up.
Thank you.
What time you picking her up? I'll call you.
U.S. Probation Office, ma'am.
We'd like to see Cookie Lyon.
Can you have her come down, please?
(whispering): Cookie.
Those suspicious-looking people over there
are looking for you.
Angelo? I need you to come get me.
Right now.
(brakes squeak)
I'm here. I don't see you.
(tires screech)
All right, so I spoke to my boy Gus, and you were right.
They are violating your parole.
For what?
Associating with a known felon.
Ugh, come on. (scoffs)
I have a hip-hop label.
Do you know how many of our artists
got criminal records? That's petty.
I got the violation rescinded.
They're gonna give me a heads-up if this happens again.
We got to figure out why they're coming after you now.
All right. You know what? That's it.
Take me to Lucious Lyon's crib.
Uh, Angelo, I don't think... Cookie.
...that's a good idea. Uh-uh.
All right, look. We can drop you off or you can come with.
But I'm done. This has got to stop.
Lucious Lyon has to know when to fall back.
Corny-ass hairdo.
(elevator bell dings)
Look, Derek, I asked you to
come over here 'cause I wanted to tell you in person.
Um, I'm working with a new producer on my album.
Tory Ash. You know her-- she's dope.
We've been vibing hard, and my mom likes her,
so that's good.
Tory Ash?
Come on, Tory Ash?
The "no-Tory-ous" one-album wonder?
Yes. (scoffs)
Hmm. Hey, man, I'm willing to take the hits.
So what's up with us, huh?
Come on, Derek, man, there's-- there is no us.
We-we done hooked up a bunch of times,
and-- but most of those times I was high.
I'm clear and sober now.
Come on, you're still in the closet, anyway.
Main part of my recovery is truth and honesty,
and that's... that's definitely not you.
'Sup, Becky?
What's going on? Why aren't they ready to block?
Actually, your director-slash-boo
has yet to arrive, so we're waiting.
Are you serious?
He knows how important this is. HAKEEM: I'm here, I'm here, sorry.
BECKY (laughing): You brought the baby.
(gasping): Aw.
Hakeem, why is the baby here?
You can't be seriously trying to force this on me right now.
T, I had no choice.
Anika took off. I don't know where she went.
Baby, you got to trust me. I'm the father.
I got you, I got us, but I also got Bella, too.
And you gotta understand that.
It's my responsibility.
You got to be cool with that.
Cool with her.
She's so pretty.
HAKEEM: Thank you.
BECKY: Here you go.
She's really pretty.
Her head smells so good.
Yeah, baby heads.
Hold her.
Yeah, hold her closer.
Dance with her.
Yeah, just like that.
Let her feel your heartbeat.
(chuckles softly)
I don't need your little drink. This ain't a social call.
I'm here to tell you: step back. All right?
I have her.
You've lost. I... Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You don't come in my house making demands
like you got some kind of authority here, man.
I'm not one of your constituents.
Why was her parole violated, Lucious?
LUCIOUS: Is he serious? Yes.
I don't have nothing to do with that.
You expect me to believe that? You... (laughs)
You put a bounty on my head.
If I want to mess with somebody,
I know how to mess with somebody I'm interested in.
That's not what I do.
But I will find out who did do this.
No, we don't need your help, man.
Put your little phone... Wait, wait, wait.
Hey, don't put your hands on me, baby.
Okay, hold up, hold up, all right, all right, all right.
(phone ringing) Your phone is ringing. Answer your phone.
Go ahead.
Campaign manager. Mm-hmm.
You know who this is, it's Tariq.
Maybe if he puts you in a lockdown situation,
you're gonna roll or something like that.
Oh, so I'm supposed to do time again to protect you? Uh-uh.
Wait, wait, what, protect me?
You know, I like
the way you blame me for the stuff that you did.
You know, I didn't kick this thing off.
You're the one that ordered everything on the damn menu.
Can you shut up?
I just had to pay for it.
And I cleaned up after you-- that's what I do.
I clean up after all of y'all.
Yeah, you better have.
All right, I'll see you in a bit.
Everything okay?
I hope so.
It's the last couple of polls.
What, you trying to scratch your way
back into the damn race?
(chuckles) See, you had to scratch your way to power.
See, I was born with mine.
Oh, and Mr. Lyon...
...if I do decide to come for you,
you're going to experience a kind of pain
that you've never experienced.
Believe that.
(chuckles) (scoffs) Come on, baby.
♪ ♪
So, what is this, you... you putting on a show for me?
Who told you?
No, I'm just mad that you get so freakin' upset at me
about that little stuff with the studio.
How do you get that mad at me, man?
Look, anyway, what I realized is that
the confines of that little bitty studio is
too small to contain a movement.
Welcome to the true studio.
I mean, where every note will melt you to the core,
but at the same time, it refreshes you.
You know, no multitracking, no Auto-Tunes--
all those crutches that these kids are using these days.
But after all of this, there was still one thing
that was missing.
You gave it to me.
♪ Has come back... ♪
What, now you're shaking in your boots?
Uh-huh, shiver on, man.
(both laugh) (guitar playing)
♪ I know I'm ready for it ♪
♪ And now he's stronger than before ♪
That chord.
♪ Ready to rule my world ♪
It's the devil's chord.
Yeah, she told me you didn't want to use it.
I was like, are you crazy?
Do you hear this?
♪ But now, but now ♪
♪ We bow down at his feet ♪ Jamal.
♪ The crown is his alone... ♪
It's just music, man.
♪ Take back his throne... ♪
You just keep playing with me, man.
No-- it's like I don't know what to do with you anymore, man.
All right, all right, all right, I get you.
TORY: Jamal.
PHILIP: Is this what you and Tory was working on?
Yeah, this stupid-ass song.
Trusted her wack ass.
Trusted her at rehab.
We were like partners at rehab. I can't even lie.
Ah, she was dope. That music was so good.
It was so good.
I can't stand my father.
Oh, that's a laughing matter.
Somebody say they can't stand their father.
I didn't mean to...
If you see what I see, you'd be laughing, too.
I'm so sure.
I mean, look at you.
Last time I saw you, I was barely able
to recognize you because of that addiction.
I just really wanted to make sure you're doing good.
I see you, you're doing good.
♪ Ain't no shame, back it up on me ♪
Maybe I should go.
♪ On up ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Back that ... up ♪
Maybe you should stay.
♪ On up ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
♪ Back that ... up ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪
♪ Back it up ♪ ♪ Door's open... ♪
So, as mayor...
are you planning on living at Gracie Mansion?
(laughs) 'Cause, you know, if so, Cookie can't stay there.
Yes, this is true; it's an archaic rule.
Cookie cannot spend the night unless we're married.
Now, that's what I'm talking about, no?
All right, Candace.
And it's about time my baby sister
had herself a proper wedding.
(train passing)
♪ Me and Romeo ♪
♪ Ain't never been friends ♪
(indistinct chatter)
♪ Can't you see how much ♪
♪ I really love ya? ♪
♪ Gonna sing it to ya ♪
♪ Time and time again ♪
♪ Oh, Casanova... ♪
We got Miss Bertha's potluck chicken.
My boys ready with the music.
You in this pretty dress.
Me in... (laughs) whatever the hell this is.
You, me and our baby...
that's all I need.
All I'm ever gonna need.
Feel me?
I'm so sorry for this hag bitch.
(laughing): Oh.
And I swear to you, this was not a setup.
That's okay, baby.
Let's see if I become mayor first.
Then we can talk.
Rafael's such a big player,
why are we meeting him in a warehouse?
This is my deal, Shine.
Why do we need him?
RAFAEL: You know, I got the same question.
This is my party.
And it's invitation only.
Who's this clown you brought to my party?
This is Andre Lyon.
He's my partner.
He's solid.
Andre Lyon?
That's right.
Wait, who's that?
RAFAEL: That is my wife.
Giusi, get over here. (sniffs)
Bitch... come here, come here, come here.
Don't start with me, Rafael. Come here, get over here.
Don't start with me. Get over here.
You don't need to put your hands on me, Rafi. Shut up!
Shut up.
Did you know this is
Lucious Lyon's son?
Hmm? Yes.
But I didn't know he was coming here.
(gasps) RAFAEL: Did you set me up?
No. Did you?
GIULIANA: No, I didn't set you up!
I told you I didn't know anybody was coming here.
If you're lying to me, I will kill you, you know that, right?
You know that, right? Come here. (Giuliana crying)
Come here, come here, come here.
Do you know this bitch?
No? You're hurting my neck!
Shut up!
That don't mean I'm cool with you hitting on her, though.
Let her go.
Yeah, I'll let her go.
Let me go... please.
Why don't you go fix your face?
Go, go on. I didn't do anything!
You fix your face. Get over there.
You're a mess.
You make me sick.
(Giuliana crying) I can't believe you set me up.
I didn't set you up.
RAFAEL: Shut up. Enough.
SHINE: Hey, we gonna get down to business, or what?
RAFAEL: Uh-huh.
I'll deal with you later.
(screams) (grunts)
What's wrong with you, bitch?
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry we got off to such a messy start...
...but I'm still available to do business if you're interested.
How long has he been doing this to you?
It doesn't matter.
You still have Vegas?
Then we're still interested in doing business.
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I asked him to step out of the vehicle, but as he steps out,
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-And I shot him. -Four times.
WOMAN: Preston and Ashe are a prosecutor and an investigator
come down to investigate.
They uncover a second teenager that was killed-- a black teen.
Suddenly, there's these two racially charged shootings they're investigating.
I play Ashe Akino. She has lots of layers.
She is not perfect.
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Preston's a graduate from Harvard, working for the Department of Justice.
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