Empire (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Empire - full transcript

When Lucious announces his new project, Cookie vows to dethrone him, igniting an epic battle; Jamal befriends a fellow musician in rehab; Hakeem and Tiana fight Nessa for a spot in the music showcase.

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Previously on Empire...
We're Empire's
original power couple.
Not Andre and that bobblehead.
I'm gonna get back
at the both of 'em.
Xavier took credit for my idea.
I'll teach you a little
something about true payback.
You gonna get your ass
on that stage, clean and sober.
I just need my pills.
Just got to get to the show,
you know that.
I love you.
I love you, too.
And you're going to rehab, okay?
EDISON: Angelo
drunk-drove into a lake,
saving himself while leaving
a poor innocent girl to drown.
You respect the hierarchy.
I pull the strings here
until it's time.
Time for what?
Time to kill my father.
While Marley gave you In Control
and Dre gave you The Chronic,
I give you Inferno.
♪ ♪
♪ Burn it, burn it up now,
burn it up ♪
♪ Burn it,
burn it up now, burn it up ♪
♪ We gon' bring the fire,
yeah, yeah ♪
♪ We gon' bring
the fire, yeah, yeah ♪
♪ Blow torch, furnace,
matches, lighters ♪
♪ Candles, ovens,
electrical wires ♪
♪ Petroleum, lava,
charcoal, stars ♪
♪ They're all on fire
just like Remy Ma now ♪
♪ Hip-hop and R&B,
yeah, I be blazing that ♪
♪ A capella, instrumental ♪
♪ Either way, I'm flaming that ♪
♪ H-E-L-L, that's where
they made me at ♪
♪ An artist and arsonist ♪
♪ I'm a pyromaniac ♪
♪ Exploded on the scene,
then I heat it up... ♪
Damn, Lucious.
You said you was gonna
bring the heat, but damn!
Well, it's about time.
For the last year, I've been
attacked from all sides.
Gangsters, feds,
even family.
Yeah, speaking
of which...
♪ Taking over, that mean
we are taking everything ♪
♪ We gonna make it hot
like Inferno... ♪
Nice of you
to announce
your little project
while Jamal's still in rehab.
It must be because
you're still
threatened by him.
I forgot
he was even doing music.
You should have given me
the heads-up, Lucious.
we are co-CEO.
you weren't talking to me.
Well, I'm speaking
to you now.
♪ We gon' bring the fire,
yeah, yeah ♪
♪ Picture me without fireworks
for lungs ♪
♪ C-4 for brains,
nitroglycerine for a tongue ♪
♪ Temperature rising
as soon as I hit the room ♪
♪ It's electric, my biometric
belong in hell's tomb... ♪
You gonna tell your fans
that you are stepping down
to work on your project,
leaving me sole CEO
of Empire.
That's for dry snitching,
trying to destroy Angelo.
Yeah, you play with me
if you want to.
No, I don't play.
I war.
You want war, Cookie?
Fire a shot.
Get ready.
♪ Potholes are flame pits ♪
♪ Freddy Krueger your face,
ignite your grill ♪
♪ See, I'm a fire starter,
you a fire drill... ♪
Damn, Remy Ma hot.
I already talked
to Lucious
about Tiana
doing one of her tracks.
Before you talked to me?
♪ I'm sick, it's bad
and I'm a rapper... ♪
You're gonna get your own track
on the album, don't worry.
♪ He said,
"Rem, you got a fever" ♪
♪ You too hot,
ain't no one touching you ♪
♪ Should have
third-degree burns ♪
♪ And you highly combustible ♪
♪ Burn ♪
♪ We gon' burn it up
like Inferno, burn ♪
♪ We gon' make it hot
like Inferno, burn ♪
♪ We gon' bring the fire,
yeah, yeah ♪
♪ We gon' bring
the fire, yeah, yeah ♪
♪ We gon make it hot
like Inferno, burn ♪
♪ You gonna have to open up
a window, burn ♪
♪ We gon' bring the fire,
yeah, yeah ♪
♪ We gon' bring
the fire, yeah, yeah. ♪
(crowd cheering)
The incredible Remy Ma.
Damn, girl, amazing.
And my man, Brikk!
Give it up for them.
(cheering continues)
Now, as y'all know,
I was forged in the fires
of Philadelphia streets.
And I took that energy
and I turned it
into one album, into
another platinum-selling album,
into another
platinum-selling album.
And now, with Inferno,
(crowd cheers)
I retake my rightful place
at the top of hip-hop,
at the top of my game.
Who is that?
At the top of the Empire!
(crowd murmuring)
MAN: What's going on?
Yo, man, check her out.
(crowd murmuring, shouting)
Hello, everybody!
(crowd cheers)
This is Lucious Lyon's
dear mama.
Leah Walker.
WOMAN: Leah Walker?
MAN: Didn't she die?
And she was so excited backstage
to watch her baby boy
out here,
talking about
all his fabulousness.
She just want to
come out here
and tell y'all hey.
Go ahead, mama.
(microphone feedback hums)
WOMAN: Didn't she commit suicide
in the "Boom Boom" video?
I'm Leah.
Yo, get out there, Cho!
I'm Dwight's...
Hey, everybody.
You guys have
your press packets.
Lucious is on his way
to the studio right now
to start work on Inferno.
In the meantime,
please check for updates
on Empire XStream. Thanks, guys.
You a liar!
(crowd clamoring)
I thought she was dead!
How was that for a shot?
Hit any vital organs?
♪ ♪
I mean, as co-CEO,
she knows she's sabotaging
her own company.
Well, maybe she's got
it out of her system.
Nah, not Cookie.
And if she want war,
I'm gonna give it to her.
All right,
I'll see you in a bit,
I'm gonna hit the head.
I got Nessa booked for
the XStream
Next Up Showcase.
It'll be her
first solo set.
I love it. Good stuff, X.
Thank you.
Good stuff?
That makes zero sense.
Both Hakeem
and Tiana
have albums dropping
before Nessa.
Yeah, but I'm
your boss.
Andre is mine,
so just do the math.
Here's some math.
I have as many voting shares
on the board as Andre.
ANDRE: Well, the board
is not involved
in the day to day
of the company, Hakeem.
Cookie wants Tiana,
so that's what she's gonna get.
vote on the table is whether
to feature Nessa or Tiana
at the showcase.
Yo, are you hardheaded
or stupid?
Mom already approved.
Your mom approved who?
Then it's settled.
It's Nessa
that gets the showcase.
Dad, wait, you can't
be doing this.
End of story.
We're done here.
Hey, Becky, listen.
You can save your sorrys,
Xavier, I don't want them.
No, you come at me in front
of the bosses like that again,
I will fire you.
How's that sorry for you?
All right, so I'm-a hit you
when I land in Boston.
You really have to go, huh?
I hope this Jayce plays ball.
I mean, they got
all the files, right?
Including the
citation from
when they pulled me
over for that DUI.
That alone doesn't place me
anywhere near that lake
where Carla drowned.
(scoffs) You know what?
I couldn't even
remember her name
till I saw it
in that file.
I mean, I just met the girl
at that party that night.
It was... (sighs)
She seemed like
she was nice.
And Jayce?
Jayce, I didn't know him
that well, either.
I mean, went to
grade school together.
He ended up doing six years
for involuntary manslaughter.
The arrest records
are sealed, but...
...nobody from school
ever heard from him,
so if I could
just get him
to make a
statement, then...
You know what,
don't worry about me.
You got a lot on your
plate with Jamal.
You see your boy
today, huh?
You excited
to see Jamal?
It's the first time
since I put him in rehab.
That's right.
I'm so scared, Angelo.
I just...
I want my baby back,
healthy, sober and strong.
I know.
You will.
Hey, just believe in him.
All right?
All right?
You look good.
Thank you. (chuckles)
Good afternoon.
I'm Dr. Katz.
I'm Jamal's therapist.
How's Jamal doing?
We'll wait for him to tell you.
Excuse me, do you have
a sound system in here?
I want my brother to hear some
new stuff I've been working on.
I'm afraid you'll have to wait
another three weeks until...
TORY: Sunny Day Recovery Center
doesn't believe in music.
Just one of the many stupid
rules at this dire refugee camp.
Tory, this is a private
family session.
Yo, Tory Ash.
Yo, Hakeem Lyon.
Oh, and Andre.
And the mama bear Lyon herself.
What's up, Cookie?
TORY: Relax, cornball.
I'm just saying hello.
From what Jamal's told me,
I'm surprised all your little
Lyon cubs aren't in rehab.
Don't try me, little girl,
not today.
Oh, Cookie, I could try you,
but I think I'd rather wait
and try Lucious instead.
Oh, yeah, you should do that,
'cause you'll stay alive.
I already told you
he's not coming.
I see y'all met
my crazy-ass friend, Tory.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Hey, Ma.
Jamal. (sighs)
You look good. (chuckles)
Thanks, Mom.
What's up, bro?
What's up, brother?
(Cookie chuckles)
What's up, Dre?
Damn. Tory Ash.
The whole world
is still wondering
what happened to her
ever since she stripped
butt naked
onstage at Fenway Park.
Show some respect, Hakeem.
The woman has an illness.
Yeah, you would know a lot
about that, wouldn't you?
COOKIE: Shut up, boy.
Yeah, she was a big star.
I mean, brilliant, too.
That heroin knocked her ass
right out the sky.
She had that meltdown
at Fenway.
Didn't they find her in a coma
at some dingy motel?
Mrs. Lyon, I have to ask you
not to indulge in gossip
about other the residents.
Now, should we wait
for Mr. Lyon, or...?
Uh, like Jamal said,
his father
ain't coming.
His father is what?
How's my boy?
Look at you,
all bright-eyed
and strong
and ready for the world.
How's my boy doing recovering
from those addictive drugs
his mama got
him hooked on?
Lucious, if you gonna be here,
can you be here for the family?
That's rich,
coming from you.
I'm sure Jamal is happy
that his whole family is here.
do you want to tell them
what's on your mind
at the halfway point?
(clears throat)
Um, well...
...first week was
absolute hell.
I don't ever want to go
through withdrawal again.
And we know you won't, bro.
Yeah, if you stay clean.
COOKIE: What do
you mean, "if"?
He is clean.
Right, Jamal?
Completely clean.
You know, that's...
that's why
I want to go home.
I need to go home.
I got this...
this melody that's in my head.
It's been pushing me the entire
time that I've been here,
and I need to get
to the studio
and I need to lay it down
before I lose it.
So, your body is
healed, I get that,
but you need to stay
and finish this program.
Okay, Ma,
I need to finish the program.
I also need to finish
the pills in the drain.
I'm sorry, Ma,
that was messed up.
That wasn't fair to you,
I'm sorry.
I gave you those pills because
I saw you were in pain, Jamal.
No, tell the truth.
You gave him those pills
because you needed him
to perform at that event.
You also was conflicted
because you had to choose
between the needs
of your boyfriend
or the needs of your son.
You don't know what
he did to Angelo.
What I did to Angelo...
Mr. and Mrs. Lyon...
Would you shut the hell up?
It's not half as bad as
what you did to Empire
and to Empire's name.
Jamal and I are sick and tired
of cleaning up the family name.
LUCIOUS: It's a name you're not
even supposed to have
in the first place.
Oh, right, cause you
built everything...
First or last name.
You built everything...
(Cookie and Lucious
continue arguing, voices fading)
♪ ♪
Hey, what's up, papa.
Let me get one of
them dirty dogs.
They're Kosher, right?
There you go.
Ain't nothing like
a good pimp steak.
Hand me a couple
napkins, will you?
Thank you.
And you're sure
it's about
Frank Gathers' murder?
I mean, so says
Agent Sweetwater.
And the way I figure it,
somebody scored
a "get out of jail free" card.
And Tariq got him lined up
to testify to a grand jury
that you're the one
who ordered the hit on Gathers.
I mean, so you
tell me, I mean,
d-does anybody come to mind?
Well, Guy, he's back at Lompoc.
And Mikey caught a
bullet up in Jersey,
that leaves
one man, Bobby King,
A.K.A. rat bastard.
And to think I spent
a bunch of money on
his daughter's leukemia bills,
and she still died.
I got the name.
I'll find out
where Bam-Bam's hiding.
Look, Thirst?
You know, this
business about my mama
and the press, you know...
keep an eye on it.
Yeah, it's not a problem.
I'll keep her in my sights.
SHINE: Looking good,
and they finally
spelled my name right.
ANDRE: Looks like somebody's
moving up in the world.
Congratulations, brother.
You hear about what
I hooked up for Nessa?
Yeah, the, uh,
Next Up Showcase.
It's good.
She deserves it.
Well, stepping
stones, my friend.
Phase one
of the plan.
Speaking of the plan,
you know...
Inferno 'bout
to be a monster.
Lucious is about to be
bigger than ever.
There's no way you're stealing
Empire from him right now.
I didn't say I was gonna
steal it from him.
I said I'm gonna kill him.
While Lucious is making
Inferno, we'll be making moves,
mounting an army.
An army?
That's right.
You mean my guys?
I'd like to think of them
as our guys, Shine.
Welcome to the Empire.
I've got a statement
you can read explaining
you were just protecting
the privacy of your mother.
When have you ever known me
not to come off the dome?
(reporters clamoring)
I'm sure you got
a bunch of questions,
so why don't we just
push to the punch?
You want to ask about
my mother, right?
Yes, we do.
Well, that's a very
private matter
and it's being
handled privately.
But what I do have
is a question for you.
Who are you
voting for
for mayor?
Because I know
I'm endorsing John Meeks.
(reporters murmur)
Don't you think it's time
that New York had a mayor that
had the leadership qualities
and the integrity of
someone like John Meeks?
You see, he's
not a criminal,
like Angelo Dubois.
He would never leave a woman
to drown in a car
because he was trying
to avoid a DUI.
In fact, in honor
of that young woman
who died
so many years ago,
I'm going to offer a
$300,000 cash reward
for anyone that has
any information
that can lead to the conviction
of Mr. "Dubious" Dubois.
(reporters clamoring)
JAMAL: ♪ Oh, this is
just a simple song ♪
♪ About everything I've lost ♪
♪ And everything
that I've found again ♪
♪ Mm ♪
♪ And why have I
been faking for ♪
(humming harmony)
♪ When it seems to be so hard ♪
♪ And broken ♪
(hums melody)
What are you working on?
Oh, something that
was in my head.
Yo, the acoustics here
are crazy, though.
I know. It's kind of
amazing, right?
Before I came in here,
man, just...
the music,
the passion, just...
nobody catch me.
And they couldn't
tell me nothing.
I know, right?
That fire, it's like
everything was high pressure.
I felt like I was flying.
(laughs) I felt like I could
propel myself off the Earth
if I wanted to.
Oh, God, I miss that so much.
It's the best high in the world.
I can't lie, I miss it, too.
Was always flying.
So why don't we go get it?
ANNOUNCER: Welcome to
the Next Up Showcase,
featuring Empire's
hot new artist, Nessa Parker!
♪ Getting right in here ♪
♪ Getting right
in here ♪
♪ Getting right in here,
getting right ♪
♪ Long as the DJ keeps playing ♪
♪ I'm dancing the whole night
away, aye ♪
♪ 'Cause I got your attention ♪
♪ And I'm keeping your eyes
on me, aye ♪
♪ When the beat keep knocking,
drinks get to flowing ♪
♪ You gon' like the way
my body going ♪
♪ There ain't one
in this place... ♪
Surprised to see you here.
What, you want to
collect on that reward?
You got some info for me
about Mr. Manslaughter?
You're such a fame whore.
You got to keep Angelo's name
on your mouth just
to stay relevant?
Yeah, that's why it's my face
still on the logo in this place.
♪ Get me right ♪
HAKEEM: ♪ You know
I'm-a get you right ♪
♪ Get me right ♪
♪ You know I'm-a get you right ♪
♪ Get me right ♪
♪ You know I'm-a
get you right ♪
♪ We got all these drinks ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
♪ And all these lights ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
♪ So I hope you can ♪
♪ Give this feeling... ♪
Get Nessa's mic back on now!
Don't. Nessa's a pro.
She can handle it.
Man, get your hands off me.
♪ We getting right,
getting right ♪
♪ We getting
right, get me right ♪
♪ We getting right,
get me right ♪
♪ Shawty, you know
I'm-a get you right ♪
♪ Got the baddest by my side,
when we step out ♪
♪ It's a homicide,
killing 'em too easy, baby ♪
♪ Got it on lock like
Weezy, baby, yeah ♪
♪ We keep the situation
real live ♪
♪ Haters, they don't
make us mad, nah ♪
♪ Even if they still try,
we be on something ♪
♪ They don't know about,
tell 'em they ain't with us ♪
♪ We gon' throw em out,
touch your body ♪
♪ In the party
when we tipsy... ♪
Might want to start
making some plays
out of a new playbook.
All this is getting
very old and very boring.
Tiana is a bigger star
than Nessa, boo-boo.
You ought to be thanking me
for bringing more eyeballs
to your wack-ass concert.
What'd you say?
I got it lit in here.
Turn up your hearing aid.
♪ You know we got it right, ah ♪
♪ I can tell that you ♪
♪ Really want me ♪
♪ And I just need somebody ♪
♪ To come and ♪
♪ Get me right ♪
♪ We getting right ♪
♪ Get me right ♪
♪ We getting right,
get me right ♪
♪ We getting right... ♪
ANDRE: Her mic's back on.
Now watch this.
♪ Get me right ♪
♪ Yeah, I'm the one ♪
♪ Baby, I'm 'bout
to give you life ♪
♪ Long as you keeping me ♪
♪ Dancing in your spotlight ♪
♪ 'Cause they can't
do it like me ♪
♪ And they don't know why ♪
♪ Can't even come close ♪
♪ Even if they tried all night ♪
♪ They better get right. ♪
(music ends, crowd cheering)
Yeah, to the Empire!
(crowd cheering)
Yes, baby, yes!
Bitch, you tried it.
I'm a lady, so I'm not gonna
beat your ass this time.
(crowd cheering)
I should've beat your ass
for stealing that fashion show,
you old dusty skank.
(mic drops on stage)
Bitch, who do
you think you...
(Tiana grunts)
...talking to?!
Nah, back up! Let them fight!
That's what's up, yeah!
Look what you did.
Now you got that
girl's ass beat
in front of the whole world.
TIANA: You don't know me!
Stay in your place!
Cheap-ass ho!
What? What you gonna
do about it?
Drag that bitch, Nessa!
(phone ringing)
Break this up!
Shine! Hakeem!
Nah, nah! Let them fight!
Let them fight!
Wait, wait,
when did this happen?
Come on, man, get out the way!
Beat your ass!
Let me go!
Well, they did
a bed check
at the rehab.
Jamal's not in his bed.
Nessa! Nessa, calm down!
Stop! Stop!
That's what's up!
Let's go see D-Major
and his punk ass.
We got to find him, Lucious.
Yeah, man, you're a
genius, man. I want to add
a little bit more bass.
Hey, Lucious,
I'm glad you're here.
I need your ear on this one.
You know the thing--
What the hell?
Get off me.
Get... off...
Where's my son, D?
Your son is in rehab, Cookie.
No, he left rehab, and I know
you've been supplying him
with his drugs.
If my son ends up O.D.'ing,
your ass is dead.
What are you
talking about, Cookie?
How you helping him
by giving him drugs?
He's in pain, and you know that.
I couldn't just stand there
and watch him suffer like that.
So you give him drugs.
Man, I'm sick of this.
Lucious, I wouldn't
do nothing, man, I swear.
Cookie, I found
him! Look!
Somebody posted a video on
Snapchat of him and Tory Ash.
They over in some
dirty-ass neighborhood.
Or some crack house.
Shut your ass up!
I know where that is.
BECKY: Why is Mrs. Walker
in the backseat?
THIRSTY: Lucious wants me
to keep an eye on her
until I can find her
a babysitter.
So explain to me again how,
"Becky come on
this run with me,"
is gonna translate
into you helping me out
with that scumbag
LEAH: I know how
to handle scumbags.
All right, take it easy,
Granny Gru. We know you do.
Thirsty, what are we doing?
We're just doing a favor for
a friend of Lucious. Sit tight.
She coming in here?
Becky, please, be nice.
Is that your friend?
I don't know her.
Here you go, man.
Good looking out.
Thank you, sir.
How you doing, Miss Gretchen?
Oh, I can hardly wait
to see my Bam-Bam.
He's such a good son.
He's moving me
to a nursing home in Arizona.
That's good.
Oh, he's a good boy.
All right.
My Dwight had me locked up
in one of those homes
for over a hundred years.
Those places are evil.
Okay, okay...
BECKY: I know damn
well you ain't got me
out here helping you kidnap
these old ladies.
I am not doing a bid for this.
No, she just kidding,
Gran. Just relax.
Do I look like a
kidnapper to you?
I'm a lawyer, thank you
very much. All right?
And I'm trying
to instruct you on the virtues
of the perfectly-timed
For that, you need patience,
THIRSTY: All right,
buckle up, golden girls.
You good back there?
You need the heat on?
Watch the road!
♪ ♪
♪ Oh, this is just
a simple song ♪
♪ About everything I've lost ♪
♪ And everything
that I've found again ♪
♪ Mm, uh... ♪
Where's Jamal, Tyree?
Jamal? I ain't seen him.
Look, you don't want
no trouble with me tonight.
I will tear
this raggedy-ass studio down.
(Lucious sighs)
And whatever
she doesn't destroy, I will.
What's up, Lucious?
What's up?! Answer
the question!
Hey, hey, hey!
Yeah, this ain't a joke.
He's upstairs, studio one.
♪ And why ♪
♪ Have I been faking for ♪
♪ When's hard enough to be ♪
♪ In this world ♪
♪ Who we truly are ♪
♪ Truly are ♪
♪ I was so used
to living wrong ♪
♪ But now I know
we need nothing ♪
♪ Except a simple song ♪
♪ Mm ♪
♪ See, I ♪
♪ Done hid for years, y'all ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ But I'm so done hiding ♪
♪ Now ♪
♪ And if I were you ♪
♪ I would find the time
to find myself ♪
♪ 'Cause you don't know
what life will do ♪
♪ What life will do ♪
♪ Oh, but this is still
a simple song ♪
♪ Of how hard
this life could be ♪
♪ When you have nothing ♪
♪ That you're living for ♪
♪ Living for ♪
♪ You can sing... ♪
(music stops)
What you doing, Jamal?
LUCIOUS: Your mother
almost had a heart attack
looking for you.
What y'all think?
I'm recording a song.
Look, I'm-a have Webb
run through this whole place.
We find one speck of drugs...
COOKIE: That's right.
Oh, my God.
Dad, I said
that I am sober and clean,
and I am.
Then why did you
leave rehab?
Listen, what needs
to happen right now
is we need to
finish this song,
so y'all need to just...
What you need to do is shut up.
Oh, Lord...
You know what-- Ma, Ma!
What you need
is your ass beat!
Mom, please.
You don't want none of this.
Please, please. No.
She don't.
She really don't.
Why do have to go to DEFCON...
Please, stop. Ma, Dad!
Mom, stop.
Where I'm supposed to be
and doing what I'm supposed
to be doing is right here.
This is my rehab.
Come on.
Okay, finish your song.
Thank you, Dad.
I'm sorry. Come on.
You can trust me, Ma. Come on.
Come on, Cook.
I'll be out here to take you
home when you're done.
Sorry, y'all.
♪ ♪
Order up.
(bell dings)
♪ Cruisin'... ♪
Hey, Bam,
don't leave just yet.
♪ Baby, let's cruise... ♪
L, man, let me explain.
No, you don't speak.
I speak.
♪ Don't be confused ♪
♪ The way ♪
♪ Is clear ♪
♪ And if you want it,
you got it forever... ♪
You see, I understand
how things happen, Bam.
Me and the Feds both know that
every man has his weakness.
And in your case,
it's that sweet,
loving woman out
there that raised you
and then raised your little
girl when you got locked up.
But when you and I
were locked up,
I made a promise
to take care of them.
And I did everything I could
to help your little girl,
but now that she's gone...
...I still kept my word
and took care your mama.
The same way you're gonna
remember your P's and Q's
when you get in front
of that grand jury.
All right.
Here you go.
We got Bam-Bam's mother home
safe and sound.
Granny Gru has gone
night-night, thank God.
And I just dropped off
the care package at WZVX.
Check, check and check.
What, am I
forgetting something?
You forgetting me.
Are you ser...
You got me driving
all over Jersey
on these dumbass errands.
When are we gonna talk
about my problems though?
All right, you know what?
Explain it to me, Hot Pocket.
Why are you still stressing out
over that cornball Xavier?
Yo, you don't get it.
Ever since he got to Empire,
he's been all up in my face
and doing shady stuff,
talking about,
(mocking): "Oh, oh, it's just
business, it's just business."
But acting like
it's personal with me.
There you go. Lesson one.
It's business, of course.
But no matter what anybody
tells you, it's always personal.
Okay, so what I do?
You know what,
what more can you do?
All right, relax, mama.
That's not for you.
Just let the universe
work its magic.
It's got you.
Type of Shaolin monk bull...
You know what?
You have wasted my entire day.
(Thirsty humming koto music)
Waste of time.
Shaolin Wu-Tang.
So Lucious Lyon wins again.
You built this case up
on one star witness,
Bam-Bam King, who suddenly
refuses to testify.
Yeah, Lyon must've
got to him somehow.
He murdered Frank Gathers,
and I can prove it.
I just need more time.
Agent, your time is up;
as of right now,
you're off the case,
'cause it's closed.
But I have more leads, sir.
Any evidence
against the target is tainted
due to your omission of the fact
that he is your
I'm putting you on paid leave.
REPORTER: Mr. Dubois' campaign
got a much needed
breath of life when Jayce Jones
came forward to confirm that
he served time
for the manslaughter death
of Carla Mills,
who drowned in a lake
over 20 years ago.
And most important,
that Angelo Dubois
was nowhere near the scene
when it happened.
(mutes TV)
Dad went so low.
Are you surprised?
Always and never.
I'm gonna keep this short...
and real.
Are you a dope fiend?
Look, I got caught up, Ma.
I ain't even trying
to run away from that.
But I swear on my music
and everything else
that I've been fighting back for
since I came back
from the bullet, I...
I'm done with the pills.
I'm so focused.
I'm not even trying to have
any kind of substance
mess with that.
I'm happy to hear that, baby.
Finally feels like
everything's gonna be all right.
You're okay.
Angelo's situation
is settled.
He's back on
his campaign, so...
Yeah, he's good, right?
We'll see.
I mean, it's politics;
all they got to do is say it,
it sticks to you like stink.
Lucious did all of
that just for you.
That is a twisted
kind of love, man.
I know he's planning
his next move.
♪ ♪
Now, before we get started,
let's take care
of a short order of business.
You're fired.
All right, let's go.
Whoa, come on, man!
What the hell?
Let this serve as an example
for each and every one of you.
If I catch anybody
getting kickbacks,
trust me, the next time
you'll get much more
than fired.
Mr. Lyon, Mr. Lyon,
I would never
do that to you, man.
I swear to God,
I'm innocent on this!
Tell that
to the program director
over at WZVX.
You run a sloppy
business, man, sloppy.
Come on, now,
that's a lie! Becky!
Becky, you know me.
All right? You know me.
You need to vouch for me.
Come on.
I don't know you, man.
It's just business.
"Just business"?
Yo, I'm innocent, man!
Yo, I didn't do this!
Get off me!
Go on out of here.
Now that the fireworks are over,
I'm sure you've all
heard my announcement
about Inferno, even though it
may have been muffled a bit by
certain people
in this room.
Uh, Lucious, look,
everyone in this room
is very busy,
so if you could go ahead,
and finish what
you have to say, thank you.
I'm getting there.
We are Lyons;
therefore, we roar.
So from this point forward,
each and every employee
of this company,
their number one priority
is to make sure that
Inferno is what it should be.
It's an album
I'm producing.
I'm going to have the
top artists from Empire on it,
and I'm hoping
that my son, Jamal,
will bless me
with a song.
Now, seeing that the position
of head of A&R
has recently just opened,
I decided to fill it
with someone that I feel is
worthy of such a position.
And as a result of being
in this position,
she's come to be under
a great deal of anguish and fire
from me because she's been
my biggest critic,
which in turn turned her
into my greatest ally,
and she's very loyal.
And I was so hesitant
to appoint her in this position
because I didn't want
to take her away
from her first
and that's the job
of being a mother.
But she will serve me
as she has for years,
as my muse who has lit
an inferno inside of me.
She is the DNA
of this company,
my wife, Mrs. Anika Lyon.
Your new head of A&R.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Come on.
Take your seat.
Ha! Nice and warm for you.
("Inferno" playing)
("Inferno" continues
over speakers)
(door opens, slams)
Mm, mm-mm, that
is fire, Lucious.
Yeah, "Inferno." (chuckles)
The name fits.
What, you want
some trouble, Cookie?
No, no, I-I don't want
no trouble, Lucious.
I just have
some questions, is all.
Like, this-this
album right here.
This was your first
album to go gold.
Now, I remember working
on that six months
before I went to prison.
So, whose DNA is in that,
Lucious? Huh?
DNA. Boy, please.
Ain't nothing but a hood rat.
(glass shatters)
(glass shatters)
All right.
Let's play.
Did I tell you,
I watched you on TV
in that dirty-ass rec room
in Danbury when Empire's
first album was inducted
into the Music Hall of Fame.
(glass shatters)
Who was your muse for that?
You done, bitch?
Huh, Lucious?
Don't you come any closer.
Put it down.
Who was your muse
on that, huh?!
Who was your muse, Lucious?
Oh, do you remember this one?
Because I do.
Yeah, I sent tapes
from the inside
back and forth with you while
you worked on them out here.
Oh! And this one.
This is when you stopped
coming to visit me.
It was weak.
All the critics said so.
Yeah, get up.
None of this would've
existed without me!
Not those gold records!
Not those plaques!
Not this studio!
None of it!
So you tell me, Lucious.
Tell me whose DNA is running
all through it, huh?
Who's the mother with
the important job, Lucious?!
You tell me.
I gave you three sons,
bitch, three sons!
I had a miscarriage.
I went to jail for 17 years
so you could build this!
So you could build this Empire!
Yeah, follow me!
I'll show you whose DNA
is in here.
Okay, now you die!
You said Lyons roar?
Well, let me hear you roar.
Yeah, I came here
to make a lot of noise.
Now you die!
Go home.
I'm just getting started.
(elevator bell dings)
(piano keys pounding)
Trying to erase me, Lucious?
After all
I done for you.
I did 17 years for this family.
You built this company
on my back.
And you just gonna give it
to that bitch.
Is that your plan, Lucious?
Let go of me!
(teapot whistling)
(whistling stops)
(playing "Simple Song")
♪ ♪
I said I was done with you.
I meant that.
♪ ♪
ANNOUNCER: You've just
watched Empire.
Now here are a few more shows
to check out from Fox.
Shots Fired is
a murder mystery.
An African-American officer
kills an unarmed white guy.
I asked him
to step out of the vehicle,
but as he steps out,
he reaches for my gun,
and it was either him or me.
-And I shot him.
-Four times.
WOMAN: Preston and Ashe are
a prosecutor and an investigator
come down to investigate.
They uncover a second teenager
that was killed-- a black teen.
Suddenly, there's these two
racially charged shootings
they're investigating.
I play Ashe Akino.
She has lots of layers.
She is not perfect.
Sometimes she will do
whatever it takes
to get what she wants
in a case.
Preston's a graduate
from Harvard, working for
the Department of Justice.
As the series progresses,
his idealism will be tested.
All I care about is the truth,
and my truth has no color.
A tragedy has come
to Gate Station,
and when there are questions,
I want answers.
Our mantra for the show
is get the audience
at the edge of their seat,
and when they're
leaning forward,
hit 'em with the truth.