Empire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 17 - Empire - full transcript

Hakeem struggles to find a place for his fiancé, Laura, in his career and family; Cookie reveals the truth about Freda's father to Jamal; Jamal makes a sacrifice for Lucious.

Previously on Empire...
You think that someone pushed you?
I really don't know.
Freda, did you say something about Frank Gathers?
Yeah, that's my father.
He got murdered in prison.
The Lyon family will be performing
at this year's ASA awards.
you know D-Major, musical director
- for the ASAs. - Of course.
I try to keep things professional, man.
And because you're not out.
You know I don't want to make you do anything
you don't feel comfortable with.
Tiana's doing a duet with you on a song
you yourself told me would go platinum.
The producers wanted her.
I bet you never even brought me up.
If it was me, I'd be jealous.
If my sister had everything and I had nothing.
You know, I'm about to get my 90-day chip.
- Carol. - Tariq?
So, what, you working for the NYPD?
No, I quit the force a long time ago.
Lucious, who is this lady?
This is Leah Walker, Lucious' mother.
She's just a little, old lady,
and there is nothing to fear.
I'm sorry I was too weak
to kill you when I had the chance.
Now, tomorrow's the ASAs, and this song
has to be the highlight of the show.
I want the entire world talking about it, okay?
Bring us in.
Stop, stop, stop, stop,
you're too tentative on the entrance.
You know what? Start again.
Stop. Remember
it's a lullaby. Look, we're gonna be here
all night until you get this right.
Okay, start one more time.
Two, three, four.
No, no.
I want the strings to come in just like that.
Let's try that again.
That chord, uh...
No, tired is not an option.
Get it together.
Bring me back in one more time.
Stop for a second. Just give me... g-give me
drums and give me bass.
That pace...
that's where we need to be at.
Stop. We're getting there.
We're getting there.
Bring me back in.
Make sure it's strong.
There's no room for error.
This is the ASAs.
I like that, keep going.
Take us there.
Bass, yeah, keep going.
I'm liking this a lot.
- Give me a couple minutes here. - Yes.
You guys sound amazing.
Band sounds great, Lucious.
Thanks, Cook.
They're getting there. What's up?
How's your mama?
She's still crazy.
She's still at your house, right?
- Mm-hmm. - What's up?
Um, Lucious, look, I need you to get some rest.
You've been at this all night.
Give the band a break.
I'll rest when I'm dead,
but right now we got the ASAs tomorrow,
and they got to be airtight.
You know that this ain't about the ASAs.
This is about you avoiding your mother.
Why you letting that woman
do this to you?
Look, stay in your lane, Cookie.
Hey, Lucious, come here.
you're working yourself
so hard so you can avoid.
You have to deal with this.
Look, you didn't go home last night.
The other night you stayed in your office.
I told you, the woman's dangerous,
and I don't trust her.
All right?
Can I get back to work, please?
All right, Lucious.
All right, count us back in, sweetheart.
We are one day away
from the 54th Annual American Sound Awards.
The big question everybody is asking:
which Lyon will come...
Tomorrow night on Fox, the 54th...
The rain is supposed to clear up for tomorrow, so it should be...
Ms. Walker.
Toast, ham, scrambled eggs, everything you like.
No. Seasoning.
Pardon me?
You don't season your food.
I'm not eating it.
Just give me coffee.
...covering the red carpet.
Forecast earlier...
It's an honor to be nominated...
I mean, a big honor...
and I'm really exci...
I thought I fired you.
Katy Perry, Taylor Swift.
Ah, well, I can't wait to see what Taylor Swift...
In the video for his nominated
hit song, "Boom Boom Boom Boom,"
Lucious Lyon shares
a heartbreaking story about his
bipolar mother who took her own life.
It's a rare look inside
one man's very personal journey
through pain and poverty.
Lucious Lyon's own journey this year
has been remarkable, having served
three months in prison for what many
consider a racially motivated prosecution,
and then losing
and regaining control
of his Empire Entertainment,
only to emerge with...
...one of the biggest hits of his career.
♪ Bang, bang, bang, bang ♪
♪ Boom, boom, boom, boom ♪
- ♪ Bang, bang, bang, bang ♪ - Boom.
He's always been a liar.
A bald-faced liar.
♪ Bang, bang, bang, bang. ♪
♪ ♪
- Thank you, William. - Okay.
Hey, Cook, look, Rhonda just fit me in this dress.
It's banging, right?
So what do you think
about me wearing it to the ASAs?
Thanks. Sure, but not if you're going with me.
You need to tell Rhonda to get you something
a little more appropriate.
You look like a cheap
So what skank you think Lucious is taking?
Girl, I don't know, and I don't care.
All I care about is getting those boys up on that stage,
because come Sunday, all the headlines
are gonna be calling us "The First Family of Hip Hop,"
and that is all I care about.
Girl, guess who I ran into at the restaurant
on Great Jones Street.
Tariq Cousins, remember him?
Fine-ass Tariq?
- Tariq the Freak? - Yeah.
- The cop? - No, no...
he's not working for the Philly PD anymore.
He lives here in New York.
he just invited me to dinner at Laviticus.
Ooh, you know, I'm gonna ask Rhonda
if I could borrow this dress
just in case Tariq wants to freak!
Yes, Tariq!
♪ ♪
♪ Said I got to do, got to do my own thing ♪
♪ I do my own thing ♪
♪ Do my own thing ♪
♪ I got to do my own thing ♪
♪ Do my own thing ♪
♪ Yo ♪
♪ Whoop ♪
♪ Can't nobody tell me ♪
♪ Can't nobody tell me ♪
♪ What to do, tell me what to do ♪
♪ Can't nobody, ugh ♪
♪ Uh, everything I do ♪
♪ Is me, what you mean? ♪
♪ We gon' keep it 100 ♪
♪ A bean ♪
♪ No stranger to struggling ♪
♪ Making something out of nothing ♪
- ♪ Yeah ♪ - ♪ Uh, yeah, for nothin' ♪
- ♪ It's somethin', I do it ♪ - ♪ Oh, yeah ♪
♪ I want it, I get it ♪
♪ So I'm gettin' to it ♪
♪ Do my own thing ♪
♪ Came this far, it's all me ♪
♪ Doin' what I do ♪
- ♪ I got to do my own thing ♪ - ♪ Yeah ♪
- ♪ My way, my way ♪ - ♪ I got to do it my way ♪
♪ Doin' my own thing ♪
♪ Trippin' on ♪
♪ Nobody ♪
♪ Makin' my moves ♪
♪ I got to do my own thing ♪
♪ My way, my way, my way ♪
♪ Yeah, I got to do it my way. ♪
I mean, obviously, we ain't done yet,
but what do you think?
I, uh...
on the real...
...that's that brand-new right there.
You got something.
You do.
Yeah, it's fire.
Yo, seriously, though, he's a tougher critic
- than my mom. - I know, wow.
Thank you.
Oh, no, no, no, no,
the two of y'all did that.
For real, you got magic.
- Thank you. - Oh!
We can't lose it!
- That's magic. - That's what's up, right?
Right, look, I'm-a get back to the shop, cut some heads.
- Yeah. - D-Major, man,
I appreciate it; it's a pleasure.
All right.
I'll catch y'all later.
- All right, Freda. - All right.
J... it's time to let your mom go.
You ain't serious?
I'm dead-ass.
Hell no, Derek.
That's my mother,
and-and besides, I love working with her.
She's producing the whole damn Black and White album.
you're so much bigger than whatever
your moms and pops could do for your sound right now.
Plus they keep you twisted up.
It's time for you to be more
than a musical mama's boy.
You should level up.
Let me produce your next album.
You want to produce my next album?
Unless I ain't big enough for you.
Party with disguises.
Ten letters.
You tell me.
Masked ball.
So, you good, Grandma?
Are you eating right?
You taking your medication?
So many pills, make me choke.
Why can't they put it all in one?
But you feel better, right?
Do the staff take you out to get some fresh air?
So many maids and people working in this house,
it feels like Gone with the Wind.
But everybody treats you respectfully, right?
I don't like being left out.
Left out, how?
They talk about it on the TV,
and I know Dwight's gonna be in it.
You talking about the ASAs?
They said my whole family's performing,
but nobody invited me.
Do you know
I've never even seen him on a stage?
Lucious Lyon.
Look, I'd-I'd love to take you to the ASAs, Grandma.
I'd need to talk to Empire's PR department
to see if we can even get an extra ticket.
Tell Dwight to talk to them.
He can get me a ticket.
You'd need a new dress...
and I would have to
run it by Pop. It could be a tricky situation.
Because he wishes I was dead.
Grandma, he doesn't wish that you were...
That's what he told everybody
in that movie he made.
That was just a movie.
Okay, it was a story, make-believe.
Now, the problem...
I won't tell anybody he lied,
if that's what you're scared of.
I just want to see my grandbabies up there
on that stage, that's all.
It would destroy his credibility
if anybody found out, Grandma.
It'd be bad for Empire, and it would be
really, really bad for Pop.
Honey, there's gonna be so many pretty girls there,
nobody's even gonna look sideways
at a little old lady.
Hey, Rhonda.
- Hey. - Oh, hey.
Sorry, do you have a minute?
Well, I'm on my way to a fitting for a bunch
of artists for the ASAs, uh, well...
- I'll meet you guys there, just go ahead without me. - Sure.
Hey, sorry.
Sorry, I barely have a minute.
- What's up? - Um...
You weren't at yoga the other day and, uh,
I thought I'd see you there, and I've been texting you,
and it's just not like you to not respond, so...
I've just been crazed
dressing all these artists, that's all.
Oh, okay.
Oh, my God, I'm starting to show,
and it's painful for you, I'm sorry, Rhonda.
- No. - I'm so stupid.
- No, no, Anika. - I should be more sensitive.
I'm fine, honestly.
I'm happy for you.
But I was gonna ask you a question, actually.
Do you remember when you came over
that day to see the nursery and...
you were wearing those really cute shoes?
They had red soles.
They were Louboutins, right?
Oh, God, I don't remember
what I was wearing.
Just because I feel like
they're good day-to-night shoes,
so I was wondering if you were wearing them that night.
Were you?
Did we see each other that night?
I don't know.
Did we?
Okay, so...
think a winter wonderland.
icicles, an all silver cake.
That's gonna be shiny.
All the mags are already scrambling
to get the first pictures of the bride and groom.
Look, I don't even know if I want paparazzi at our wedding.
But if we give Us Weekly an exclusive,
maybe they'll highlight
some of my music on their site.
It's just one magazine. I don't think that'll cheapen it.
- ♪ Do it ♪ - ♪ Tell mama you know I... ♪
Look, Laura, bae, I don't want you to blame yourself.
It's my fault.
- ♪ Say it ♪ - ♪ You gon' have to do less when you... ♪
But your career ain't gonna take off the way we wanted it to.
- ♪ Show it ♪ - ♪ See, you gon' need to do more than just ♪
- ♪ Prove it ♪ - ♪ Oh, baby ♪
You don't believe in me anymore.
♪ You know ♪
♪ Say it, baby ♪
♪ Do it, baby... ♪
Look, we worked hard, the both of us.
You did a couple dope songs.
You opened up for Tiana on tour...
but it just hasn't popped yet.
♪ Baby... ♪
But look...
we can still give Us Weekly that exclusive.
♪ See your body move in different ways... ♪
My dream is marrying you.
That's enough for me right now.
♪ You make me come through ♪
♪ I get so close to you. ♪
Carol's story panned out.
Tariq quit the force in 2010.
Don't know, files are sealed.
Some kind of police policy.
Even Thirst couldn't open it up,
which means...
Which means he's a Fed now.
- That's what it means. - Yeah, but
this is the problem, now, I mean, why would
the Feds want to rumble with me again,
especially after that little fiasco with Roxanne Ford?
Now your boy, Tariq, I mean,
I ain't never hung with him,
but he was always respectful
back when we was grinding,
but him and your sister, that's...
Exactly, why would he want to get mixed up with Carol?
Everybody know Carol's a crackhead...
and she got three illegitimate kids.
That don't make sense.
They not slick.
Thirsty might be done
investigating Tariq, but I'm not.
Speaking about crackheads,
why are you taking her to the ASAs?
Yeah, well, I heard you was gonna ask me
until you found out I had a date.
No, that's all right, I'm-a take a supermodel.
Oh, Lucious, don't nobody want your fat ass.
Yeah, I'm only fat where it counts.
In the mouth.
♪ Come and get it, come and get it ♪
♪ Come and get it, come and get it ♪
♪ You know we got it over here, be clear ♪
♪ Baby, I know that you're wit' it ♪
♪ Come and get it, uh ♪
♪ Ten bottles at the table ♪
♪ You know we got it over here, be clear, baby... ♪
- Well, well, well. - Cookie.
If it isn't Tariq Cousins.
You okay? Did I scare you?
No, no, good to see you.
Eh, don't lie.
Look like you seen a ghost.
I'm not as gullible as my sister.
Ooh, uh, FYI, she doesn't know I'm here.
- Uh-huh. - Carol, she always late.
I remember you bailing her out of a bunch of jams.
Yeah, family, that's what you do.
Of course, you stole a bunch of her boyfriends, too,
and didn't she even hook up
with, uh, Lucious before y'all hooked up?
See, that's not quite how that happened,
Tariq the Freak.
The Freak.
Look, I know you a Fed,
so you better not be planning
on putting the squeeze on my sister
to try to come for me or my family.
You got something to hide?
It's an innocent date.
I ran into her and wanted to hang, you know.
- Hmm. - New York
is colder than a pimp's heart
on $65K a year.
- Mm. - I miss Philly.
Yeah, we always said you was one of the good ones.
you never forgot the "G" code.
Nah, never that.
I grew up on those streets, Cookie.
That code means more
to me than any badge I wear,
any oath of office I take...
which is why I'm surprised you still
rocking with Lucious when he's the one who
violated it.
Yeah, he killed your cousin, Bunkie.
You enjoy
your dinner
at my and Lucious' club.
Oh, and watch out.
My sister has herpes.
Hope it's not too late.
The countdown to the ASAs is on.
What will your favorite star be wearing?
Who will be best dressed,
worst, and most importantly,
who will they be posing with?
Stay tuned.
Tonight's gonna be a madhouse.
Okay, so you handle Jamal 'cause he's got to get
the most press out of this, uh...
Steve, can y'all excuse me for a second?
So, did you have fun with Tariq last night?
As a matter of fact, I did,
and he told me you came to say hey.
Why don't you just back off, Cookie?
Tariq's interested in me, not you.
What did you tell him?
What do you think, I'm stupid?
He's not investigating anybody.
Oh, he's not?
- No. - Okay.
No, we just talked.
All we did was talk.
Oh, well, what did y'all talk about?
He told me that Raheem had to get his leg
cut off from the knee down.
Raheem, really?
He is working you, stupid.
No, he is not!
You know, it is possible
for a good man to like me, Cookie,
and this time, you're not gonna steal him
or try to poison him in my head.
Come here.
Come here. Come over here and talk to me.
Sit down, you're all the way over there.
You're all tense.
You had a drink last night with Tariq, didn't you?
Man, I told you, if you fall off again,
that your ass was out, and I meant that!
You know you always stealing my boyfriends, right?
You stole Sean,
then Kyle, yeah... Lucious.
right, 'cause...
if I'd never showed up,
Lucious would have ended up with you.
Yeah, well, he met me first,
then here you come.
Here come Cookie.
Every time you fall off the wagon,
I get the blame.
I'm sick of it, Carol.
You really believe
that you deserve my life.
Your sick ass really believe that.
- Candace was right about you. - Candace.
Yeah, she was so right
about you.
You don't give a damn
about me.
All you care about is making
yourself feel better.
That's why you keep me around.
You ain't got nothing of your own,
just what Lucious is letting you have.
That's how you feel?
Yeah, that's how it is.
well, then bounce, Carol.
Bounce your ass
out of my company.
That's how you feel?
I don't care about you?!
Then get your raggedy stuff out of my apartment!
That's what you can do since I don't care about you,
and you know what, forget about the ASAs!
'Cause I'm not taking no washed up crackhead
to no ASAs!
'Cause you ain't gonna embarrass me.
Get out!
I don't care about you.
I said get out!
Get out!
I don't care about you.
♪ Gonna tell a story of ♪
♪ A fella who fell in love ♪
♪ I said that I had before ♪
♪ But now I'm even mesure, phonetically in my ♪
♪ Heart ♪
♪ I thought that I would get the less ♪
♪ But now I see I get the best ♪
♪ No more time wasted, not trying to make a statement ♪
♪ The words are coming out my head ♪
♪ At night ♪
♪ In the moonlight ♪
♪ I see your smiling eyes... ♪
Hey, man, I love that.
You know what I really love about it?
It's your voice, man.
It resonates.
♪ You are my butterfly ♪
I still say the tempo is too slow.
♪ You knew I'd be your man ♪
You need to work on that.
Yeah, I could do that.
♪ You needed me ♪
Hey, Jamal.
♪ And now just like... ♪
- Promise me something. - Mm-hmm.
When you see me tonight,
on the carpet with Chanel,
don't let that mean anything to you.
♪ I wanna say ♪
♪ I know I... ♪
You know how many rappers
and producers are gonna be
on the carpet with supermodels as their beard?
No, it's wack.
Listen, man, relax.
It's just one night.
Yo, get off me, man!
Bro, don't you ever come at me like that again, bro.
- What? - You heard me, what?
I swear, if you ever touch me like that ag...
Yo, Lucious, this your son?
Yo, you need to talk to him.
'Cause this ain't cool.
I see D-Major's still on the DL.
Must've got to you.
You knew?
A real dog can always tell a fake bitch.
Dad, can you stop with all the stupid riddles.
How did you know?
I've been in this business so long, you think I don't
know a little bit about everybody in this industry?
And even though D-Major's a talented producer,
his secret life is not so secretive.
And everybody knows how he likes to turn
rich boys into his little bitch.
How do you know I ain't turning him into my little bitch?
He came on to me. I didn't come on to him.
I bet you he's on top.
- You're disgusting, Dad. - No.
What's disgusting is what you're doing in my studio.
Anybody could've walked in here and saw you,
and I taught you better than that.
You don't crap where you eat.
Yeah, Dad, you're right. You're enjoying this.
Enjoying what?
You think I enjoy watching
my son become some closet
phony's little bitch?
Look, man, I've tried to be sensitive to your way of life.
There it is. S-Sensitive to-to my way of life.
I've listened to you.
I've tried to tolerate something
that is intolerable to my nature.
I tried to understand
and be respectful of your choices,
but you don't respect me.
You just keep throwing this unnatural way
of life into my face.
I've tried to talk to you as a man,
but all you do is turn into some little girl,
mad about something I did to you
- 20 years ago. - 20 years ago.
You're crying like a little bitch about your mother
throwing you in some water 40 years ago,
so what does that say about you?
Can't even look the woman in the eyes without crying.
I'm not crying.
Always telling me,
"Jamal, don't be a little sissy bitch.
Put it into music."
Well, Lucious, don't be a sissy bitch. Put it into mu...
You ain't nothing to me
but a disappointment.
And the day you die from AIDS...
...I'm gonna celebrate.
Right when you think that Lucious can't stoop any lower,
- he does, every single time. - Okay, what did he do?
So I'm in the studio with D-Major,
'cause he wants to produce me and Freda.
- And then Lucious... - Wh-Wh-What did you just say?
Mom, I told him no, okay?
But at this point, I should work with more producers.
Okay, so you're back working with Freda?
Why is that important? That's not even the issue.
- Jamal, come on. - Lucious comes into the studio...
No, no, no, no, you need to let Freda go, Jamal.
- No, Ma. Mom, no. - You got to let her go.
This is not about Freda. This is about Lucious.
This is about me.
And the things that we said that you can't come back from.
Hey, hey, hey.
You remember that prosecutor
who was so hell-bent on trying to bring your father down?
Yeah, um, Tits McGee.
Yeah, that bitch.
Well, the Feds are still coming for us.
So we need to lay low, all right?
Be easy. Be careful. All of us.
We need to lay low? All of us?
Nah, they're coming for Lucious.
And tell me why I should care about that.
I got to worry about what's wrong with him and my music.
What would be my incentive to let go of my music for him?
You ever wonder how I got out early on good behavior?
Honestly, I-I assumed you informed on somebody, but I...
His name...
His name...
Did you see who shot him?
Can you name that shooter?
Frank Gathers.
Ma, you snitched on Freda's dad?
Yeah, I snitched.
So what? I snitched.
I snitched.
That was the only damn time I ever snitched.
And he ends up on... in lock-up with our father.
Ma, did Lucious have something to do with his murder?
That was a very dangerous man, okay?
He would've killed all of us,
without batting an eye.
And Freda?
You know that apple didn't fall far from the tree.
So I need you to let her go, Jamal.
It's dangerous.
For all of us, okay?
- Hey, ready to go? - We're going to the show.
Yes, ma'am, but we have to leave right now,
before my father comes home to get dressed.
All right, Rhonda picked out a beautiful gown for you.
You can get dressed backstage in the greenroom, okay?
Let's go.
Dwight doesn't want me there?
Oh, n-n-n-no, he's just...
He's very nervous, that's all.
It's a big night for him.
Going somewhere?
I'm gonna need your phone.
A woman that beautiful shouldn't walk the red carpet alone.
You want my arm to fall off?
Shut up, Billy Dee.
I heard somebody needed a date for the ASAs.
Yeah, well, you know, Carol's back drinking again, so...
Well, Carol's more of a plus one.
Not a date.
- Baby? - Hmm?
I got you something.
What is that?
A joke?
Open it.
Is this a trick?
Open it.
Oh, my...
Ooh-hoo-hoo! Ooh.
Let me put it on you.
This must have been as much
as a sports car, huh?
A little more than a Ferrari
but less than a Lamborghini.
Oh, my.
Look at that.
Yeah, the way I see it, tonight is our night, Cook.
I mean, this is what we dreamed about way back
when we were selling CDs out of the back
of that old hooptie in Philly.
Among other things we were selling.
I knew we'd get here, I just didn't know
it was gonna take us this long.
See, you hear that?
Yeah, I kind of like the little riff, but the, um...
- ...lyrics suck. - Lucious.
The song is about a man who's in love with a woman
who don't love him back.
I swear, I couldn't imagine going with anyone but you.
this album... is gonna be big.
I can feel it.
Remember we used to have
to duct-tape the driver's side of the door
so you wouldn't fall out?
- Oh, we was so raggedy back then. - Yeah, and you'd talk
about what you wanted to wear and what you were gonna say.
And you told me I couldn't say nothing on the red carpet
'cause I would just sound stupid,
so you was going to do the talking.
You was always saying stupid stuff back then.
Ain't nothing changed, really.
So, is that why you're taking me?
That and... I really miss that booty of yours.
Mm-hmm, I know you do.
I know you're looking at it while I'm walking away.
I'm trying not to.
You're such a flirt.
Get off me.
What the hell are you doing?
Just following the boss man's orders.
No disrespect, Andre.
You, too, Granny.
Come on. Get 'em in there.
Hey, at least you got a TV in there.
Daddy wanted you to be able to watch the ASAs.
For 54 years,
- the American Sound Awards - Enjoy the show.
have defined excellence in music...
Every year the world's favorite musicians and artists
come together to shine and be a part of
New York City's most anticipated night of the year.
Welcome to the ASAs.
♪ ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Okay, okay, okay ♪
♪ You're stupid funky ♪
♪ I'm stupid fly ♪
♪ Don't make no sense ♪
♪ But that's all right ♪
♪ Don't need no money ♪
♪ Boy, I'm a dime ♪
♪ You call me lady ♪
♪ I'll call you guy ♪
♪ Ooh, babe, you got a good thing coming ♪
♪ Ooh, babe, you got a good thing coming ♪
♪ Ooh, babe, you got a good thing coming ♪
♪ F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, I'm fabulous ♪
♪ I know I'm fabulous, I know, I know I'm fabulous ♪
Hakeem, here!
♪ I know I'm fabulous ♪
♪ I know, I know I'm fabulous ♪
♪ I know, I know I'm fabulous ♪
♪ F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S ♪
♪ I'm fabulous ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Freda, right here!
Freda, right here, you look great! Freda!
The big story tonight is the Lyons performing
their brand-new Family Anthem.
Can it live up to the relentless hype?
What you will see on that stage tonight
is a real family.
Yeah, see, we're not the Brady Bunch,
we're not the Partridges.
Hell, we ain't even the Jacksons.
We are the Lyons.
♪ I'm fabulous ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Can we get you alone, Hakeem?
Just a few more steps back. Thank you.
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Go tell your mama ♪
♪ Go tell your friends ♪
♪ Get you some follows on Instagram ♪
Yeah, Lucious may drive us all
a little crazy every now and again,
but he's our king.
And he's a genius.
And he's the reason why we are the first family of music.
Thank you.
♪ Ooh, babe, you got a good thing coming ♪
♪ Ooh, babe, you got a good thing coming ♪
♪ F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S ♪
- ♪ I'm fabulous ♪ - REPORTER: We're here
with Jamal Lyon, who is the most
nominated artist at the ASAs.
- Congratulations. - Thank you very much.
So, Jamal, do you have a special someone with you tonight?
Over here, man! D-Major!
Nah, not at all.
I'm here all by myself and proud of it.
Well, I hear that you're working
on the Black and White album.
Care to share any updates on that?
Yes, I'm shelving it.
The whole thing?
Oh, it sounds like there's trouble in the Lyon family.
No, no. Come on, no.
But I need to make an album that's for me,
not for my parents, so...
y'all enjoy tonight's performance.
It's the last time you'll see me onstage with my family.
You heard it here first.
What are you doing?
♪ Ooh, babe, you got a good thing coming ♪
♪ Ooh, babe, you got a good thing coming ♪
♪ F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S ♪
♪ I'm fabulous ♪
Hey, yo, Mal.
Yo, this is crazy.
Everybody's shouting my name like I'm a star or something.
- Well, you are a star, Freda. - Mmm.
Yo, after all this is done, um,
we should talk about you leaving Empire.
I'll set you up with a new label, new management.
Everything. Ev-Every label in the world's
going to want you after this, you know?
Well, I'm good at Empire.
What about our album?
We good, all right?
Trust me.
Get away from Empire.
♪ F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S ♪
♪ I'm fabulous ♪
♪ I know I'm fabulous ♪
♪ I know, I know I'm fabulous ♪
♪ I know I'm fabulous ♪
♪ I know, I know I'm fabulous ♪
♪ I know I'm fabulous ♪
♪ I know, I know I'm fabulous ♪
♪ F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S ♪
♪ I'm fabulous. ♪
I'm so glad that my life story is inspiring others.
And if the pain and despair that I suffered
after losing my mother to mental illness...
if it helps one young boy feel less alone in this world,
then it's all worth it.
Does he look fat?
The TV adds ten pounds, plus he broke his diet.
Why does he have a room like this?
To lock people up?
It's a panic room, Grandma.
Security company installed it.
Music gave me the strength to keep going
after my mother passed away, and I believe...
He promised he wouldn't lock me up again.
They should all know he's a liar
and a promise-breaker.
Listen to him tell his lies out there.
And so I'm dedicating tonight to my mother.
Thank you.
♪ I might not make it, I might not make it... ♪
Okay, let me get this straight.
First, you two run Empire together,
and now you two are on the red carpet tonight.
So, does this mean Cookie and Lucious Lyon are...?
Hey, Cookie!
Hey, Cook! Hi Cookie!
Excuse me, girl.
A CEO's job is never done.
I'll be right back.
Hey, y'all know Empire
started in my garage, right?
Excuse me one sec.
- Loretha! - Hey, girl!
Hey, good to see you.
Come here. Hey.
Carol, walk away.
Okay? Walk away
before I drag your drunk ass
by your nappy weave.
You smell good.
- Thank you. - You look pretty.
- You, too. Go home. Get home safely. - Okay.
Make sure she leaves.
- Hi, hi. - Let's go, get her out.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Freda, Freda!
Oh, Freda!
Oh, my gosh. Hi, Freda.
- I always thought you were so cute and talented. - Thank you, Miss Carol.
- You all right? - Um, yeah, yeah.
You need me to call you a Uber?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
but you know what I need for you to do?
I need for you to escort me up in this place
so I can get Lucious' people off my tail.
- I got more press to do. - You got press to do?
- What you talking about, you got more press to do? - Yeah, I got more press.
- You think you're better than me or something, huh? - Come on.
You know what? You wouldn't even be here
if Lucious didn't feel guilty
about what he did to your daddy.
This way, please.
- Come on, let's go. - Yeah, hood rat.
Your daddy.
Get your hands off me.
♪ Boom, boom, boom, boom ♪
♪ Bang, bang, bang, bang ♪
♪ Boom, boom, boom, boom... ♪
♪ They askin', "Why you do that, baby?" ♪
♪ I'm wildin' on the block, like, "Why you do that, baby?" ♪
♪ They wonder... ♪
♪ I like the way you rhyme and how you grew that daisy. ♪
That's your little girl?
Yeah, that's my girl.
- Your daddy. - Name was Frank Gathers.
Lucious Lyon!
You and me, we cut from the same tree.
Lucious Lyon!
Okay, uh, where's Andre?
Um, I think he's in there with Rhonda.
I saw her go in. She was looking for him,
- but she couldn't find him. - No.
Okay, well, n-n-n-no,
no family picture until we get...
Come on.
Your father didn't want this for you. Let me help you.
He loved you so much
that if you cut off his right arm,
he'd reach over and hug you with his left one.
You wouldn't even be here if Lucious
didn't feel guilty about what he did to your daddy.
What the hell your daddy do to you?
Lucious has been like a father to me, you know that.
And you think that's a good thing.
Just brace yourself for when he abandons you, too.
Get away from Empire.
Stay away from that man.
No, no, no. Stop, Freda, no!
Get the gun!
Lucious? Are you hit?
I'm okay. She missed.
Mom! Mom!
Call... boy, why you standing there?
Jamal, Jamal. Look at me.
You gonna be all right, okay?
No, no, no!
Say something.
Let's go.
Jamal, you're gonna make it.
Oh, God, no, please!
Wake up, boy. Say something.
Say something...
No, no, no, no, no, no...
Hey, Thirsty!
Open the damn door, man. Let me out of here. It's my brother!
As we reported at the top of the program,
this year's ASA ceremony was canceled...
...for the first time ever in...
Open the door, Thirsty! Come on, man!
Superstar Jamal Lyon
was tragically shot on the red carpet.
According to eyewitness testimony from the carpet,
the horrific shooting was committed
by another Empire artist,
upstart rapper Freda Gathers,
who goes by the stage name Freda Gatz.
Freda was plucked from obscurity
by Empire CEO Lucious Lyon earlier this year,
and was quickly labeled his prodigy
and the face of Empire's
revived Gutter Life imprint.
Oh, my God.
Sources indicate that in recent weeks,
Freda had grown closer to her victim,
even collaborating on new tracks with him.
26 year-old black male,
gunshot wound to the stomach.
- No exit wound, might be internal bleeding. - Prep OR 2.
Mom, I'm okay, Mom. I'm all right.
Keep... Jamal, keep your eyes open. Look at me!
Don't you take your eyes off me, boy.
Open your eyes.
- What happened? Where's Dad? - I'm here. I'm fine.
- He's fine. He's fine. - You take care of my boy.
We need more A-positive stat.
Jamal, you're going to be fine.
Doctors... they're just gonna patch you back up.
We don't have time to wait.
- Get him for surgery. - Let's move, people!
- Now! Now! - No, no, no, Jamal!
I'm sorry, this is as far as you can go.
I got to go...
Take them to Surgical Waiting.
- Cookie, it's gonna be... - Get your hands off of me.
This is your fault, you son of a...
Hey! Put them damn cameras down!
Put them down!
Hasn't he given you enough already?
Don't you touch me.
Get out of the way, Lucious.
Freda's since been taken into police custody.
Let's get to your family.
So far no motive has been revealed.
According to reports, Jamal Lyon is undergoing.
Let's go.
emergency surgery and remains in critical condition.
Superstar Jamal Lyon was tragically shot
on the red carpet.
If you're just tuning into the program,
we are saddened to report that beloved musician
Jamal Lyon has been shot...
Excuse me.
Do you have any news yet?
No, ma'am.
- They'll let you know. - You said that 30 minutes ago.
I'm sorry.
- Ma. - What?
That's my baby.
That evil bitch shot my baby.
She shot at Lucious.
And Jamal just stepped in front of the bullet.
Come on, Mom.
How is he?
- How is he? - There you are.
- How's Jamal? - Sit down.
He's still in surgery,
and they're not telling us anything.
Dre, they're not telling us anything.
Where were you?
I was looking everywhere for you.
Look, not now, okay, babe?
I can't believe they're giving an ASA update.
ASA for Rapper of the Year
goes to... Skrills.
Finally we come to the big prize,
the ASA for Best Song of the Year.
Please, come on. We need a reason to smile.
Jamal, come on.
The ASA for Best Song of the Year goes to...
"Dreaming" by P.O.C.
Thank you.
They split the votes.
All that fighting, you and Jamal.
For what? Nothing?
Carol Hardaway's a wreck. She won't be
- a reliable witness. - We should still press her.
I don't want to do that to her,
and besides, I don't need her.
What happened tonight at the ASAs, that wasn't random.
It touches right on the nerve of what I've been building on.
Bodies were dropping under Lucious Lyon 20 years ago.
Bunkie Campbell told someone he murdered four drug dealers.
Are you gonna bring me something big?
Always, but you know how I like to work.
I like to put things together carefully.
Lucious Lyon's ex-fiancé, pregnant by his son, Hakeem.
And she's willing to talk?
Not yet, but I'm planning to persuade her.
Anybody want coffee?
I'll take one.
I'll go with you.
I guess we're on snack patrol now.
You mind if I sit down?
Damn, Cookie.
If you heard the things I said to Jamal.
Maybe it would've been better if my mama had drowned me.
You were born into a living hell.
That you can't help.
But I know, deep down,
you want to do what's right for your family.
I know it.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyon?
Some are saying tonight's incident is more proof
that hip-hop culture breeds violence.
But now, could Jamal Lyon end up paying for it with his life?
...citing privacy concerns, but we'll remain on the scene...
...by Freda Gathers, seems to be a message...
Look! Someone just came outside.
- Who is she? - Excuse me.
Excuse me. Excuse me, ma'am.
Is there any news about Jamal?
Are you part of the family, ma'am?
Do you have any news about Jamal Lyon's condition?
Yes, I am part of the family.
Ma'am, what is your name?
Do you have any new information?
What is your relationship to Lucious Lyon?