Empire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Empire - full transcript

Tensions rise between Lucious and his sons; Lucious recreates a traumatic interaction with his mother for a new music video; Tiana and Laura fight to be spotlighted during the Mirage a Trois tour.

Previously on Empire:

I'm very excited to be the new

Chief Executive Officer
of Empire Enterprises.

Excuse me,

you never mentioned Lucious.

Who's Lucious?

See that? They bringing in Frank Gathers.

That's your little girl.

Yeah, that's my girl.

Who's playing the role of
Bolingbroke in the video?

Hey, Freda, say hi to Harper Scott.

You're acting paranoid right now.

- I'm taking care of
myself, honey. ‭- Are you?

I am. I'm taking my medication
every single day, I am.

Don't tell me he's putting her

- on my tour instead.
- ‭Who?

Mirage á Trois couldn't even

fill up a coffee house.

Jamal, are you saying Lucious

is inauthentic?

I'm saying Lucious Lyon
ain't even his real name.

Mimi is overprotective and jealous,

so I made a tape of me and Camilla

doing the nasty.

It'd be a whole lot easier

if you'd just take a swig

of whatever that was that you made

Mimi drink.

Rot in hell.

Well, that battle axe did know fur.


Empire has lost one of our

very own... Camilla
Marks Whiteman.

She was a beast in fashion that we...

that I was lucky to know.

See, nobody really knows
what happened to her.

What we do know

is that she shouldn't be
remembered the way she died,

because she was way more than that.

Antony and Cleopatra was
the last creative thing

she did on this earth.

And besides going out
like a carpet-munching

Romeo and Juliet.

We're gonna carry on

with these designs and models

you see here today in Camilla's honor,

with Rhonda Lyon as our
new Creative Director.

We will carry on with Camilla's legacy.

Come on, y'all, we gonna
take Empire's fashion

to a place where it's never been before.

That's right.
Make some noise for Antony

and Cleopatra.

I always hated that dumb name.

Come on, boy.

I'm sorry.


Accusing you of cheating.

Yeah... I wasn't myself, baby.

I know.

I know that that wasn't you,

and I really appreciate
you seeing the doctor.

This new medication is working.



You still want to move out of the house?

I know.

I know it was a...

incredibly generous gift, I just...

Let's just talk about it later, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Now ain't that cute.

Thinking you just back
on top like that, huh?

No, I was just keeping
your seat warm for you, son.

All right, you mind?

Actually, I wanted to commend you on...

getting rid of Camilla like that.

I didn't think you had it in you, son.

It wasn't supposed to go down like that.

Well, if you hadn't sent that sex tape,

we'd all still be under that

back-stabbing bitch's thumb today.

Thank God you killed her.

I didn't kill her! COOKIE: Hey, hey!

Enough of that dry snitching.

Now the State is calling it a murder

suicide; that's what it is.

Sure, Cookie.


you work on your video.

You, Jamal, are working on
your Black & White album.


You okay, baby?

Yeah, I'm good.

You're taking your meds, aren't you?

I'm fine, Mom.

I'm on the mend.


All right, no more fighting, okay?

To the world, there's nothing to see here.

No, I'm congratulating our son on...

actually earning this seat.

Just always got to find a
way to just jab at your kids.

As a matter of fact,

when are y'all gonna

stop being kids, anyway?

I'm starting to think

raising y'all around
all that money must have

stunted your growth.

Um, hello?

Does anybody remember what Sunday is?

It's your birthday.

It's not just my birthday.

It's the first birthday

in 17 years

that I get to breathe free air,

and I been praying for this day,

and all I want is some damn peace, okay?

Can y'all just

give me a nice happy birthday dinner,

no drama. Think you can do that?

♪ ♪

I gotta get
out to Philly more often.

For what?

If not for your insisting

on this location for your video,

we could be on a nice, warm set.

Oh! God...

Wow, this is absolutely crazy.

Out of all the houses on this block,

this is the only one
that ain't changed at all.

I mean, even the stairs are the same.

It's like it was saved just so

I could shoot this video here.

Why here?

Because it was right here,

in front of that lion,

that I slept the first
few nights when I ran away.

And it was right
there that Dwight Walker

became Lucious Lyon.

How did you end up here?

Where was your mother, Lucious?

Wherever she was, look,

this ain't got nothing
to do with my mother.

I mean, this is my story,

and my story will win me awards.

Now you know this ain't got

nothing to do with no awards, Lucious.

If you don't put your
whole truth into this video,

what is the damn point?

♪ Bottoms up, bottoms up ♪

♪ Go on, get your bottoms up ♪

♪ All these bubbles in my head ♪

♪ Having breakfast with Timothy ♪

♪ At least I think
that's what he said ♪

♪ Up all night have a sip with me ♪

♪ Bottoms up, bottoms up ♪

♪ Go on, get your bottoms up ♪

♪ Bottoms up, bottoms up ♪

♪ Go on, get your bottoms up ♪

♪ Bottoms up, bottoms up ♪

♪ Go on, get your bottoms up ♪

♪ We sippin' bottomless mimosa ♪

♪ Pour me another dose-a ♪

♪ It's 10:00 a.m., we partying... ♪

Now this is the third night in a row

she's gone over her time,

and she's cutting into my set.

We'll talk to her.

♪ ...I ain't even been to bed ♪

♪ Get to bed! ♪

♪ Bottoms up, bottoms up ♪

♪ Go on, get your bottoms up! ♪

Ready for Tiana!

Listen, I know this is your
first tour, little girl,

so let me explain to you.

I'm the headliner.

You're the help.

You pull this in DC,

I'm pulling the plug on your mic.

I was just trying to get them
fired up for you... listen.

You can't just change the set list,

and go over your time
whenever you feel like it.

That's not what an opening act does

to a headliner.

You and me need to talk, okay?

♪ Born in love with a bloodline punch ♪

♪ And a time release that
the capsule held so strange ♪

♪ Wore a target of a frontline
punch and a crime exceeding ♪

♪ Of absolute rage, rode the
train in a blood clot vein ♪

♪ Where the names of the young
were hung in our face... ♪

We are wasting our time.

Yeah, but we got to at least try.

I listened to her spit.

And she actually is the truth.

Yeah, but truth is,

getting at Freda's gonna tick Dad off.

Well, that's-that's the gravy then.

You might want to
tuck those chains, boys.

These fellas out here gonna
see that shine a mile away.

- Hey, yo, is that
Hakeem? - Hey, Hakeem!

Yo! Hey! Jamal Lyon.

How you doing? How you doing?

That ain't him. Yes, it is.

- Mama got his poster on
her wall. ‭- What would

Jamal Lyon be doing in this neighborhood?

I'm just looking for someone.

What's up, y'all?

- I knew it was him.
- It's Hakeem and Jamal!

- How y'all doing?
- ‭Hakeem!

Hakeem, please,

- can I get a selfie?
- How y'all doing?

Thanks! Y'all know where
I can find Freda Gatz?

Shoot, man, I rap better than her.

Yeah? Hit me with some bars then.

All right.

♪ Yo, I hope that I could be
one of those lucky children ♪

♪ That make it out of Tilden ♪

♪ So I'm-a dream from
my classroom until then ♪

♪ PS 41 is what we play around ♪

♪ Broken glass and crack
pipes on the playground ♪

♪ I see gangsters hiding
guns up in baby strollers ♪

♪ That could really be
me when I get older ♪

♪ A soldier, ready for the field ♪

♪ Brownsville,
never read, never will ♪

♪ Let me tell you something, yo ♪

♪ I'm tired of
practicing gunfights, yo ♪

♪ All day ♪

♪ I be praying for some sun ♪

♪ But I hear the 3 Train
West, then I hit books ♪

♪ A kid with a dream,
be gay to the fullest. ♪

Jamal! Do it, man!

All right, all right, hold up, hold up.

♪ Oh, Father, Father, can't you hear? ♪

♪ Can you hear your children crying? ♪

♪ Can you see their tears? ♪

♪ Mm, yeah ♪

♪ The sun will always shine ♪

♪ Sun will always shine ♪

♪ Sun will always ♪

♪ Shine on me! ♪


♪ So even if it's crime ♪

♪ Sun will always shine... ♪

♪ Sun will always shine ♪

♪ On me ♪

♪ Keem, hey ♪

♪ Uh, it's the greatest ♪

♪ All I rock is the latest ♪

♪ I may never find myself
saying hi to the haters ♪

♪ Staying busy, will
never be a hiatus ♪

♪ Turn your brains into home fries ♪

♪ When I peel your potatoes ♪

♪ Just 'cause I'm
light-skinned and curly-haired ♪

♪ You think that I'm sweet ♪

♪ Like I won't run in your mouth ♪

♪ And hag your missing teeth, uh! ♪

What's up, rich boy?

Came back for a rematch?

There you go. Nah, we
came here on some business.

I ain't gonna take it easy
on you like I did last time.

I'm actually the one that
wanted to talk to you.

So, what you want?

I think you kind of dope.

I say that we should
record something together.

So, y'all got beef with Lucious, too?

And y'all came to try to

steal me away?

Not gonna happen.

Lucious been like a father
to me... you know that.

And you think that's a good thing?

Freda, you do know that he set that

whole thing up with you and
Hakeem for his amusement, right?

Just brace yourself for
when he abandons you, too.

Look, he only like you 'cause you got him

a ASA nomination. Come on.

Chill with all that.

If Lucious did y'all dirty,

that ain't got nothin' to do with me.

So, y'all have a safe trip

back to SoHo...

and try not to get jacked.

Okay, they got German chocolate,

vanilla butter cream,

and lemon meringue pie.

That's they specialty.

Okay, when in the hell have you ever heard

of a birthday pie, Porsha?

My grandma used to make us

a peach cobbler every
year for our birthday,

and it was good, too.

Just order the cake, okay?

Mm-hmm. Enough for five.

Thank you. Bye-bye.

Lucious, you coming, right?

Look, I think this is her, right here.


No, the face is wrong.

My mama's face was beautiful,

like her voice.

You never told me that.

♪ The itsy-bitsy spider ♪

♪ Went up the waterspout ♪

♪ Down came the rain ♪

Lucious! Lucious!

♪ And washed the spider out... ♪

Lucious, Lucious, look, look.



No, Cookie, why don't you just
pick somebody for me, all right?

Look, I'm...

I'm-a need a minute.

I pick her.

Yes, I think this...

♪ Oh, it's merciless, the grind ♪

♪ Sometimes we turn to crime ♪

♪ But the sun will always shine, yeah ♪

♪ It's merciless, the grind ♪

♪ Sometimes we turn to crime ♪

♪ But the sun will always shine ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh,
ooh-ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh,
ooh-ooh, ooh... ♪

Look, it's too repetitive
after the first hook.

Man, I get it.

It's just that that's where I was hoping

that Freda's verse would go.

Ship's sailed, bro, move on.

- A'ight.
- Yo.

I heard about your weekend, freak nasty.

That is none of your business, but this...

this is bad, okay?

This is Keyshia Cole vs. Black Twitter bad.

You see what your brother did?

You see? His ex, Tiana, is threatening

to leave the tour because of his new bae.

This is real bad for a CEO

who's only been in charge for five minutes.

And it's not good for a CEO to
be banging his artists, Hakeem.

Then what's the point
of being a mogul, then?

All right, then, I'm-a shoot down to DC

and work this out.

I got this.

♪ Murder on my... ♪

♪ Death on my block ♪

♪ Cops... ♪

♪ Be more criminal than cop... ♪

Okay, so, Jamal,

I think I got everything I need for Sunday.

I ordered eight pounds of shrimp.

I got my champagne.

- My peonies...
- Wait.

Peonies, I thought you
said... you mean pennies?

Porsha, why in the hell would
I need six dozen pennies?

My grandma used to put
nickels in a handkerchief,

fold them up in a rubber band...

buh-buh, buh!

Can you and your country-ass

traditions give us a minute, please?


did your father ever tell you anything

about your grandmother?

How she was when he was a little boy?

Why would he tell me that?

Well, I mean, you the
one knew his real name

before any of us, so I figured

you might know something about that.

You producing his video, huh?

Yes, because I'm the head of A&R.

It's my job.

I mean, I wish that he
would have, but he didn't.

Whatever it was,

it certainly wasn't happy stuff.

Are you mad because
I'm producing his video?

Come on, Jamal,

I know you're upset with your father,

but, I mean, you know,

: we all got
a job to do around here.

Mom, seriously,

I'm not upset with anybody, it's...

you're doing your job, like you said.

You coming to my party?

I mean...

Just tell me what I
need to do to make this work.

Tell your girl to fall back.

This ain't her show.

And tell her ass to
stay out of my wardrobe.

Who does that?

Look, she was right
about the clothes, okay?

But girls be weird
about that type of stuff.

Fine, but she needs to stop
cutting off the fan lines

before I even make it
out of my dressing room.

And she needs to hustle
when the show is over,

and quit cutting into my set.

Look, nobody gave me special
treatment when we were dating.

We always kept it professional.

In smaller cities,
there's no harm in letting

her spread her wings a little.

Is there?

It don't take no shine off of you.

Look, that's one extra song a night,

but that's only in smaller cities.


What, you ain't think I got your back?

You gonna be a star, baby.

Look, you love her,

but you're just scared of her.

She's still your mother.

- What's all this, though? - And
that's the... that, it's...

Y'all hold on, hold on one
second. It's a dichotomy.

It's strange.

Hey, Lucious, what's all this mess?

Baby, this is my life, this mess.

So, what happened to all the
dungeons and dragons and stuff?

Hey, um, talk to him
for... give me a second.

Hey, buddy. Okay, so we're gonna...

I went in a whole different
direction with the video.

Okay, so, I guess I could

just leave on what I got on, then.

No, I mean, we...

we took your verse out of the song.

H-how would you cut
me out and I wrote half

of this song? ‭


I gotta go in a different direction.

I'm-a call you, we'll sit down

and have some lunch and
talk about it next week.


♪ Oh, Father, Father, can't you hear? ♪

♪ Can you hear your children crying? ♪

♪ Can you see their tears? ♪

♪ Mm, yeah ♪

♪ To feed the ones you hold so dear ♪

♪ Somebody dying ♪

♪ Ain't all that severe ♪

♪ Story of my life, right, hey ♪

♪ Look at me, really look at me ♪

♪ Heart of a champion ♪

♪ Eyes that h... ♪


Yo, even when you know

you dealing with the devil,

it still hurts.

Yeah, but, Pops was a
bastard, though, you feel me?

- Mm-hmm.
- ‭So, when I met Lucious,

it was like, you know,

I thought I had met a man I could count on.

My pop's got me running
towards his love one minute,

and running from the hate the next, so...

And mine's got, like, this hold on me,

even though he's dead,
and it's like these chains.

No matter how hard I
try to break free, like,

I cannot escape it.

What if we can, though, you know?

Hold up, hold up. Play it from, um,

where we left off, but in the speaker.

: ♪ Look
at me, really look at me ♪

Yeah... ♪ Heart of a champion ♪

♪ Eyes that have seen ♪

♪ Murder on my street,
death on my block ♪

♪ Cops that be more ♪

♪ Criminal than cop ♪

♪ Daddy, a kingpin ♪

♪ Mama, a hustler ♪

♪ What am I gon' be? ♪

♪ Who is it up to? ♪

♪ Me, and just me, doing it my way... ♪

I like that. It's dope.

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ Sun will always shine ♪

♪ Sun will always shine ♪

♪ Sun will always shine ♪

You tell me about these chains you got

and how we gonna break them.

What you got? Come on.

Give me some bars.

Keep it going.

♪ ♪

♪ I say one shot, two
shot, three shot, four ♪

♪ Daddy, I can't take no more ♪

♪ I'm sick of watching windows ♪

♪ 'Fore I walk out the door ♪

♪ I know that's not what I'm here for ♪

♪ It's a brighter day ♪

♪ The impact, I did that ♪

♪ I'm-a take this and sit back ♪

♪ And watch the chips
stack, you dig that? ♪

♪ We started from the bottom ♪

♪ You gotta know the
sun is always shining ♪

The sun will always shine ♪

♪ Shine ♪
♪ Sun will always shine ♪

♪ Shine... ♪
♪ Sun will always ♪

♪ Shine ♪

♪ On me ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Mm... so even if it's crime ♪

♪ Crime ♪
♪ I'm
taking care of mine ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪
♪ So
the sun will always ♪

♪ Shine... ♪

♪ On me ♪

♪ Shine on me! ♪

Okay, now I thought I asked
for green walls in that thing.

I don't know if any of y'all...

You changed the concept of your video

ten days before the ASA awards open.

You don't think that's a little risky?

No, not with my secret weapon.

Lucious, you ready, baby?

Hey, look, uh, Cookie, this is

- Harper Scott.
- Harper Scott.

Hey, Cookie.

Oh, yes, I remember Miss Thing.

She was throwing shade at the conference.

What you doing here?

I'll be shadowing Lucious
for the next few weeks.

Oh, I didn't know vampires

had shadows.

Uh-huh, you be careful, Cookie.

So, you like it?

Huh? ‭Ooh.

Dwight, baby, did you really
think I'd forget your birthday?

But my birthday's
not till next month.

We're gonna celebrate it now.

Look at all this stuff.

Uh, Lucious?


Something's wrong about this scene.

No, it's real... the
only thing is I asked for

project green paint!

No, no, no, it should be outside.

It's like... ‭Lucious...

please don't do this to me.

Okay, we're here to tell your truth.

No, that's what I'm talking
about... my truth is not this.

I mean, I made it this far
without having a damn ASA award...

All right, you know
what, everybody take ten!

We'll be right back!

All right, everybody! - Don't
you write that; I'll beat your ass.

Okay, nothing to see here,
people, we'll be right back!

- You know what I'm saying?- COOKIE:
Yeah, no, I do understand...

This way, Mom.

Baby! We are so proud of you.

Thank you for believing in our
little girl as much as we do.

Tom, that's not a problem.

She sings like an angel.

Well, she got it from her father.

What? You got pace Mr. Calleros?

Back in the day, I did my thing a little...

- A little?
- some-some.

"Unda'ground Lunatics" was famous.

Not famous like Laura's going to be.

And there's nothing better for a father

than when his child shines brighter

than he ever did.


Are you okay?

Just my family ain't like that.

It's nice, though.

I'm sure your father feels that way.

He probably just doesn't
know how to say it.

You told me she
dunked you in the water.

What else did she do to you?

Tell me, Lucious.

Get in that tub!

Get in that water!

Mommy! Mommy, please! No!

She said we needed to be cleansed.

That's why she held me
under the water so long.

But by the time she snapped out of it,

and realized what she was doing,

she was horrified, so...

Later that day, she...

Dwight, do you know what
mommy did with her books?

got her gun and...

put it to her head...

Pulled the trigger.

Right in front of you?

You saw it?

Who took care of you?

This neighbor lady next-door,

named Miss Pat.

They said that Social Services was coming,

and I didn't know who the hell they were,

but I knew I didn't want to
be with them, so I absconded.

Slept in the streets,
in abandoned buildings.

I used to call them "bandominums."

Ate out of trash cans for about six months,

and then, one day, I bumped into this dude.

He was like 16.

He gave me my first bag to sell.

Name was Frank Gathers.

Lucious, Frank Gathers
turned you on to hustling?

Saved my life.

We did what we had to do.

You're damn right.

'Cause he would've killed you twice.

Forget about him.

: Look...


you gotta tell the truth.

You gotta tell your whole story.

Yeah, you do.

You need to show what
happened to your mother,

what she did to
herself... yes...

And what she did to you.


Because I did 17 years

for a man whose real
name I didn't even know.

All right...

it's gonna feel like, um...

like she's trying to hurt you,

but she's not.

She's, uh...

She doesn't know what she's doing.

Just-just do it the way we practiced it.

All right, places, everybody.

Turn on the water, y'all.

And... playback.

♪ Boom boom boom boom ♪

♪ Bang bang bang bang ♪

♪ Boom boom boom boom ♪

♪ Bang bang bang bang ♪

♪ Boom boom boom boom ♪

♪ Bang bang bang bang ♪

Uh, uh, stop the water.

Okay, um, you know what?

If you don't have to be in here right now,

can you take a walk, please?

Uh, excuse me.

Purple Passion...

You, too. Bye-bye.

Hi, let me talk to you for a second.

Now... you know we just
playing pretend, right?

So, when we're all finished here,

you can dry off,

and you can go on about your day.

You're being so brave

and you're going to be a
hero for a lot of people.

You like that, don't
you? Look at that smile.

Big boy.

Get in that water.

Okay, come on.

Okay, let's do this!

Come on!

Start playback.

And set and playback.

♪ Look, but don't touch, don't touch ♪

♪ Don't touch, don't touch ♪

♪ LBDT ♪

♪ Look, but don't touch, don't touch ♪

♪ Don't touch... ♪
♪ I
just came in here to dance ♪

♪ Ah... ♪

♪ I'm not looking for a man ♪

♪ Ah... ♪

♪ Me and my best friend going in ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Boy, you better watch your hands ♪

♪ Ha-ha...
ha-ha-hands ♪

♪ Keep your hands to yourself ♪

♪ If you know what's good ♪

♪ 'Bout to get summertime
fine for the bad boys ♪

♪ Damn it I, damn it
I, damn it I look good ♪

♪ Ow! ♪

♪ Don't know why these
bitches be hatin' on me for ♪

♪ Damn it I, damn it
I, damn it I look good ♪

♪ Look at my body, look at my body ♪

♪ Look at my body, look at my body ♪

♪ Don't I look sexy?
Don't I look sexy? ♪

♪ Don't I look sexy? Don't I look sexy ♪

♪ Look at my body, look at my body ♪

♪ Look at my body, look at my body ♪

♪ Don't I look sexy?
Don't I look sexy? ♪

♪ Don't I look sexy?
Don't I look sexy? ♪

What up, what up, what up?

Look, I just want to say
thank y'all for supporting

Tiana and Laura, but I
got one question for y'all.


Y'all ready for some new work?

♪ Bust that ass, let me see you move ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Bust that ass, let me see you move ♪

♪ Pull up to the club
with the doors up ♪

♪ We don't wait in line,
you know who we are ♪

♪ Poppin' all the
bottles, yes, all nite ♪

♪ I'm-a do this dance
for you all nite ♪

♪ I'm-a do this dance
for you all nite ♪

♪ I'm-a do this dance
for you all nite ♪

♪ I'm-a to do this
dance for you all nite ♪

♪ All nite, all nite ♪

♪ Shorty got that ass,
yeah, hella fat, yeah ♪

♪ I'm-a throw a stack,
yeah, on yo' back, yeah ♪

♪ She gon' throw it back,
yeah, fo' a rack, yeah ♪

♪ What? They doing this?
Man, I did last year ♪

♪ Hit the charts number one ♪

♪ And that was just the first year ♪

♪ All they really want to know ♪

♪ Is what I'm worth, yeah ♪

♪ I'm-a, I'm-a need a hundred
thou for a verse, yeah ♪

♪ She prepared, shorty keep
protection in her purse, yeah ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm-a make her scream
it, feel good, go to work ♪

♪ I'm-a do it so good
till it feel like it hurt ♪

♪ Throwing money in the club,
might leave a will there ♪

♪ All my people in the
building, everybody real here ♪

♪ Pull up to the club
with the doors up, oh! ♪

♪ We don't wait in line,
you know who we are ♪

♪ Poppin' all the
bottles, yes, all night ♪

♪ All nite ♪
♪ She gon'
do the dance for me all night ♪

♪ I'm-a do the dance for you ♪

♪ She gon' do the
dance for me all nite ♪

♪ I'm-a do the dance for you, baby ♪

♪ She gon' do a dance for me all nite ♪

♪ She-she-she gon' do a
dance for me all nite ♪

♪ All nite ♪
♪ All nite,
she gon' do a dance for me ♪

♪ All nite... ♪

♪ ♪

You're gonna have a rough
for me by 5:00 today, right?

Come on, please?

I'm not getting anything else I want.

- It's my birthday.
- Hey, Mom.


Happy birthday.

Thanks. Beautiful.

- Sit down.
- So, look,

I was thinking tomorrow,
I'm-a take you shopping.

We gonna go to the movies.

I'm going to take you to
that rib spot on 125th Street.

Yeah, and you doing all this

because you not coming tonight?

Look, Jamal, I know you
can't stand the man...

but maybe after you see this video,

you'll understand him a little better.

Remember how loyal I was to him?

Even if it meant having beef with you.

I know.

And then he sabotages me and... for what?

An award. So I'm good.

Both of y'all are my
family and I just think

that it is really unfair
that I'm being forced

to choose who to work with.

I'm not forcing you to choose anything.

You gotta do this right now, I get it.

So, I'm-a work with Hakeem right now

on the Black & White album and...

Okay, so now you're
firing me as your producer.


And you're not coming to my birthday party.

Fine, I'll just have a
quiet dinner with Lucious.


Ugh, what?

You're falling for him, again.

Boy, you don't understand.

What me and your father got is very deep,

and you just don't throw all of that away

just because of a few misunderstandings.

It's more than a few.

- But I get it, Mom, just be
careful, okay? ‭- Mm-hmm.

- I love you.
- Right.

- Happy birthday.
- Yeah.

Stupid flowers.


I was going to open the door for you.

Happy birthday to me.

I see somebody had fun building a bear.

Well, is that suit
supposed to be a distraction

to the fact that this is one

sad, sorry birthday dinner for two?

No, the teddy bear is.

All I wanted was a happy
birthday dinner with my family.

Can't do that because you
‭managed to piss off all my sons.

Thank you, Lucious.

Let's just sit down, eat this
food and get some work done.

Hit it!

So you want me to think that
that's Stevie Wonder over there.

- No.
- Huh?

♪ Happy birthday to ya ♪

♪ Happy birthday to ya ♪

♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ Happy birthday to ya ♪

♪ Happy birthday to ya ♪

♪ Happy birthday... ♪

How did you manage to pull this off?

Well, apparently, they love you
more than they hate me, so...


Thank you.

Happy birthday, Cookie Monster.

Thank you.

I am so glad you changed
your mind and came.

I didn't change my mind.

All the birthdays I missed,

you think I'm going to miss this one, too?

Even if you are sprung on that man.

What? Ain't nobod...

Ain't nobody sprung out.

Would you shut up?

Okay, y'all, I have
something I want to show you,

so come on in here.

Have been working on his music video.

Uh, I spent all day

trying to put together a rough cut.

- It's not perfect.
- No, no, no, no, no.

Cookie, it's not ready yet.

Yeah, it is. Lucious, sit down.

♪ Boom boom boom boom ♪

♪ Bang bang bang bang ♪

♪ From the bottom I got up ♪

♪ To the top of the pros ♪

♪ From the gutter to the shutter ♪

♪ Trimmed out in gold ♪

♪ Life bless my soul ♪

♪ God bless my mo ♪

♪ Nothing less than the best ♪

♪ So the rest is old ♪

♪ Don't wanna play chess ♪

♪ Wanna lock and load ♪

♪ Wanna tag some toes ♪

♪ Wanna send ya home ♪

♪ It ain't about the pain ♪

♪ Tell 'em what's my name ♪

♪ Boom boom boom boom ♪

♪ Bang bang bang bang ♪

♪ And you don't wanna...

♪ Boom Boom Boom Boom ♪

♪ Bang bang bang bang ♪

♪ I told the new jack to
set, kid, watch and learn ♪

♪ No, wait, not yet,
baby, now's your turn ♪

♪ In the center there's a vet
that's committed to murder ♪

♪ Ain't concerned 'cause
he's already burned ♪

♪ Round the corner, round the
back, mad skills were sealed ♪

♪ Round the way, matter of
fact, he tried to steal ♪

♪ Don't lay on your back,
'cause it turns me on ♪

♪ Ground control to Major Tom ♪

♪ He was over there
talking all kinds of tough ♪

♪ While you're sipping on
your little bitty pick-me-up ♪

♪ Well, you say you like to
play a little fisticuffs ♪

♪ But when the whistle puffs ♪

♪ I'm going to call your bluff ♪

♪ Boom boom boom boom ♪

♪ Bang bang bang bang ♪

♪ Hey, check on... ♪

Uh, Andre?

What are you doing?

Was my grandmother bipolar?

I don't know; I ain't no doctor.

Yeah, but everything on this video...

It really happened?

She really shot herself?

Answer me.

Look, um, back then, we
didn't have a name for it.

But I guess, yeah, you
can say she was bipolar.

- What?
- Wow. Dad, really?

You knew.

This whole time you-you knew.


You made me feel like I was some...

some freak you didn't even
recognize my whole life.

I don't know how knowing that
my mother put a gun to her head,

how that would've helped you.

No, it wouldn't have helped you,

but it damn sure would've helped me, pop.

It would have helped me!

No, it would have weakened you.

I wanted to make you strong, son.

Get the hell off me.

- You're a damn liar.
- ‭I'm a liar?

A damn liar!

Okay, you want to know the truth?

The truth is you got mental issues.

The truth is I sent you
to all them damn schools

thinking that maybe that was
going to help you some way.

- Truth is, I-I let you marry
Rhonda. - You let me marry her.

Thinking that maybe that would
give you some sense of identity.

But the real truth is
my mother was a nut-job.

I was embarrassed by her.

The same way I'm embarrassed by you.

Now, does that help you with that truth?

Okay, babe, let's go.

Rhonda, stop.


You stay here.

To hell with you, Lucious.

- To hell with me?
- Hell with you!

To hell with yo' ass!

Hold on. Hold on.

What are you doing here?

I thought you were at your mom's birthday.

Yeah, I was, but it made me
want to come be here with you.

I was bored.

But, um, I had fun with you

and your family the other night.

But, like, my family,

everybody's at each other's throats.

I don't want to be like that.

I want to build my own
family as beautiful as yours.

Got something for you.

Will you marry me?



Thank you so much for driving all this way.

Yes, of course.

What... what... what happened?

Oh, my God. I don't even know.

Lucious and Andre got
in this massive fight,

and then Andre just stormed off and...

Girl, Lucious...
No, please.

You do not need to go into more detail.

I know all about that dysfunctional family.

: I just can't take it any more.

You know, I feel like I've spent the last

ten years of my life looking out for him,

and I don't know... I
just... I really just need

a day or two to look out for myself.

But I can't go back into that house.

And honestly, I don't
want to go back to my own.

Listen... you don't have to.

You can stay with me, okay?

For as long as you need.

Okay, I will. Thank you.

It'll be nice to be around
someone sane for a change, too.

♪ Shine on me... ♪

♪ Sunshine, sunshine ♪
♪ Yeah ♪

♪ The sun will always shine on me! ♪

Hey, yo, that's hot, brother.

Yes, that's hot!

Y'all, let's take a five.

Yes, let's take five.

That is hot.

Amazing, honey.

Hey, Mom.

Okay? Oh, that was so good.

Come on, man, give me some love.

Okay, all right.

All right.

I'm sorry your birthday got ruined.

Yeah, well, at least we were
all together for a little bit.

Until everything went to hell.

Mom, you know Hakeem is killing it,

but if you still want
to produce on my album...

Oh, no.

Hakeem is doing just fine on his own.

He's producing you on his own.

He got engaged on his own.

Oh, you heard about that?

Oh, the whole damn Internet
heard about it, boy.

Look, Mom, I love her.

Ready to lay my verse.

Oh, you got a verse on this?

How you doing, Ms. Cookie?

I thought you'd be working with Lucious.

She was, till he iced her out of the video.

Now, you know that was
a very personal video.

Mom, I know, and it's not even
like that any more, I swear.

It's about the music.

Listen to this, come on.

Take it from the second hook.

Let's go.

♪ Me,
just me, doing it my way ♪

♪ Till I see sun rays, hey ♪

♪ Whoo! ♪
♪ The
sun will always shine ♪

♪ Shine ♪
♪ Sun will always shine ♪

♪ Shine ♪
♪ Sun will always shine ♪

♪ On me ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh,
ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Mm ♪

♪ So even if it's crime ♪

♪ Crime ♪
♪ I'm
taking care of mine ♪

♪ So the sun will always shine ♪

♪ On me ♪

♪ Shine on me ♪

♪ I say one shot, two shot ♪

♪ Three shot, four ♪

♪ Daddy, I can't take no more ♪

♪ I'm sick of watching windows
'fore I walk out the door ♪

♪ I know that's not what I'm here for ♪

♪ It's a brighter day ♪

♪ These bars sit with the
Lord, He know my story ♪

♪ I'm-a to tell it
all and live large ♪

♪ Before I'm 40, Frank Gathers ♪

♪ This should do it
and e'rybody know it ♪

♪ I could light this here spliff ♪

♪ Bet e'rybody blow
it... ♪ Stop the train.

♪ The impact I did that...
♪ Mama, what are you doing?

Just a moment... uh...


did you say something about Frank Gathers?

Yeah, that's my father.

I mean, was my father.

He got murdered in prison.

Damn, I knew he was dead.
I didn't know he was murdered.

Yeah, man, they still
ain't caught who did it.

I mean, they acting like they don't care.

I mean, I care.

- I ain't going to never
stop caring. - Yeah.

You know my father, too, Ms. Cookie?

Yeah, mm-hmm, he and me...

Look, y'all sound amazing.

Keep working, all right? I'll be back.