Empire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Empire - full transcript

Lucious makes a reckless move that could jeopardize everything; Cookie plans a concert at the prison where she was incarcerated for 17 years.

Previously on Empire... PEPPER: Family day's next week.
Why don't you show up and do a little show at Wallace?
I'm-a have my own summer jam.
Cookie's Cookout.
All them dudes that kidnapped me had a brand on their back.
Like this?
I had no idea I was gonna fall in love with you. Mm-mm.
When I got the word I was in full remission, I said,
"I'm gonna have a lot of fun with the rest of my life!"
Is that the wifey or the girlfriend?
ANIKA: Hakeem, it's me. Give me a call back.
Babies are like kryptonite for Lucious. Really?
Wasn't that the song that you wrote for Camilla? Who?
You won't ever be a Lyon.
I am devoting the rest of my life to LGBT people.
And I'm gonna help you, Jamal.
Leverage whatever we have to. Just get me Swiftstream.
I am the O.G. Skye Summers fan.
If I sang my whole truth,
my fans would turn on me.
♪ ♪
(crowd cheering)
What up? What up?
I'm Jason Derulo, live in L.A.,
big city of dreams, where it's all going down today.
It's ASA nomination day.
All day long, you're gonna be hearing from
some of your favorite music artists
giving us the nominees
of some of the greatest music acts this year.
So the nominations will be live-streaming on the screens
all day long, and every Empire artist has been put on notice.
Everyone that gets a nomination and comes to town
will be doing press.
And then Skye does the Empire party.
How many nominations you expect for Empire, Pop?
I expect to lose count.
But getting the nominations ain't the thing.
I mean, I got 19 of them over the years and never won one.
This'll be the year you break the streak, boss.
Yeah, whatever. What I'm most interested in
is our Swiftstream announcement.
DERULO: It's my honor and pleasure to announce
the very first nomination of the day,
for Best R&B Song.
First up, we got Chalayne for "Last Breath,"
Gordon Treble for "Opus,"
Niles Porter for "Live and Direct,"
and, first time ever, my boy Jamal Lyon for "Heavy."
(squeals) It's happening! It's happening!
There's a lot of ASA parties going on,
performances, lot of crazy things happening.
So I would stick close to my Twitter notifications,
Instagram-- like, all of that.
QUESTLOVE: This is Questlove.
More nominations throughout the day,
every hour on the hour.
Don't miss out.
Listen, man, our permits are good for two months.
All right? No.
Look, we're bringing our new promoter in, okay?
All right, I'll call you back.
Everybody keeps saying we're a security risk.
I'm sorry, Hakeem.
It's not your fault, Ma.
Can't believe I let that bitch play me.
Do you know what today is?
ASA nomination day.
The day where I get my "Best Rapper" shout,
and that'll help us land a better venue for your Cookout.
Thank you, baby.
Oh, and thank you and Laura so much
for agreeing to perform at the family day show
at Wallace today.
Are you sure we got to do it today?
It's not good timing.
Walking back into that prison in this headspace
is the last thing I want to do, believe that,
but I owe Pepper 'cause she helped me find your Aunt Carol.
(chuckles) Ooh, plus,
there's somebody I want you to meet-- Jezzy.
She's this rapper.
Oh, my God, she's so amazing, Hakeem.
I'm gonna put her on that stage.
Wait until you hear her spit.
She's the real deal.
Congratulations on your nomination.
Hey! (laughs)
Hey. I'm so excited for you.
Thank you. I can't wait to celebrate.
You look so nice. Yeah. Thank you.
We should get to the, um, ASA party quick though, 'cause
we got a song to debut.
You know what I bet?
I bet you're gonna get Song of the Year, too. No, I'm not.
Yes. Watch. No, I promise I won't.
I'm telling you. I see it. You trippin', stop.
I'm telling you. Watch. Stop, you're gonna make me all nervous.
You're acting nervous. I am nervous.
(laughs) But, look,
it's gonna be even better next year.
Best Duet: Skye Summers, Jamal Lyon,
Yes! That's what I need.
That's got to be that. Hey, um...
we should probably, um,
talk about what hap...
Dad. What's up?
Hey, Lucious.
We're on our way to the Charlamagne ASA event
to debut our new song we've been working on.
I can't wait for you to hear it.
I'm so excited. I'll meet you in the car, babe.
All right. All right.
Bye. Summer.
Dad, just...
chill on it, all right?
Are you hitting that?
Look, well, I'm still gay, all right?
So don't get weird.
She fixed you.
♪ ♪
No, Mimi, it was you that told me that if we're not
in music streaming, we're in the dust, right?
I never thought you'd go off and leverage
whole divisions of the company.
The board's going to want to review those kind of decisions.
No, the board don't like risk, Mimi.
That's their problem; they're not like us.
You got to trust me on this one, baby.
I trust you, Lucious.
But I have to answer to the board.
I told you before, to hell with that damn board.
I didn't ask the board's approval when I risked my life
to build the damn company, and I'll be damned
if I'm gonna ask a board of directors
how to move my pieces on my chessboard.
Oh, you're a grandmaster, Lucious.
Damn right.
And when this deal closes, I'm cleaning house.
Whoever stood against me is out.
So the question is:
is you is or is you ain't my Mimi?
Because I always thought we saw the world
the same way, darling.
I'm learning to see the world the way you see it, Lucious.
I'm learning something new every day.
My wife just flew in from Milan.
I'm going to have her join us at the announcement.
Can't wait for you to meet her.
Does that mean we won't have
any more of our private celebratory parties?
Oh, maybe another time. I have to go back
to Rancho Mirage for some follow-up treatments.
Is everything okay?
Staying positive.
Getting everything done that I need to get done.
I am so glad we closed this Swiftstream deal.
Big dog stuff.
ANGELA YEE: Good morning, y'all. What's up?
It's Angela Yee, and we're here live
at Charlamagne Tha God's ASA nomination jam!
Give it up for Tiana!
(crowd cheering)
♪ ♪
♪ Oh, I see it in your face, babe ♪
♪ You wanna know how it taste, babe ♪
♪ Watchin' me wining my waist, babe ♪
♪ You want a piece of this cake, cake, cake, cake ♪
♪ You like to watch, that's kinda nasty ♪
♪ But I ain't mad at ya, I ain't even mad at ya ♪
♪ Don't it look soft, I know you wanna touch me ♪
♪ And, daddy, I ain't even mad at cha ♪
♪ 'Cause you lookin' like you wanna know ♪
♪ What the hell you waiting for? ♪
♪ I'm-a poke it out so you can see it clear ♪
♪ Said you lookin' like you wanna know ♪
♪ What the hell you waiting for? ♪
♪ Own it like you want it and get over here ♪
♪ Come and do some with it, do some with it ♪
♪ Standing there staring at it, boy, come and get it ♪
♪ Come and do some with it ♪
♪ Do some with it, standing there ♪
♪ Staring at it, boy, come get and it ♪
♪ 'Cause you lookin' like you wanna know ♪
♪ What the hell you waiting for? ♪
♪ Own it like you want it and get over here... ♪
JAMAL: She's fire, Ma.
Lyon Dynasty's gonna get so many nominations.
We're going to Empire afterwards
to show the Pepsi commercial. You coming?
(sighs) I wish I could, baby,
but I got to go back to Wallace prison.
The girls-- they expect me to perf...
Ma. It's all right.
You're always there for me; go be there for them.
I love you. Are you sure?
I'm sure. Okay.
Thank you, baby. I love you.
I love you, too. Hey, Dad.
Hey, boy.
So Rico Suave's not cleaning your pool no more.
Shut up, Lucious.
I need Laviticus.
I lost the venue for my Cookout.
You mean the Cookout you was planning
with that dude that kidnapped my son?
I'm serious, Lucious. I need this.
You must be desperate.
No. No. The same way I needed you
to help me with Swiftstream.
Now, you know that's different.
Our legacy is not up for sale and it shouldn't be up for sale.
Well, I closed the deal anyway.
So I'm in a real good mood, so I'm-a tell you...
no. Of course.
You can't use Laviticus.
♪ 'Cause you're lookin' like you wanna know ♪
♪ What the hell you waiting for? ♪
♪ Own it like you want it and get over here. ♪
(crowd cheering)
(music ends, cheering continues)
She's about to announce the next ASA awards.
Hakeem's category.
TIANA: Thank you, everybody,
and happy ASA nomination day.
(crowd cheering)
I'm so excited to be here and to announce the ASA nominees
for Rapper of the Year.
Are y'all ready?
(crowd cheers)
Okay. And the nominees are....
...Blu-On, Powda Yay, Scrills and...
Freda Gatz?
And, yes, Freda Gatz.
(crowd cheering)
YEE: All right, check your 'grams for
the Best Country Album nominees at noon, 11:00 Central.
Today is ASA nomination day...
That belonged to Hakeem.
If it was Hakeem's, he would've got it.
Hakeem may have won that little battle,
but Freda is clearly winning the war.
(TV clicks off)
YEE: Charlamagne Tha God and American Sound Awards
is proud to present four-time ASA winner Skye Summers
and first-time nominee Jamal Lyon.
(crowd cheering, piano playing "Powerful")
♪ People been talking about it ♪
♪ We won't just stand here in silence ♪
♪ Can't stop the fire from rising ♪
♪ Rising ♪
♪ Whoa, oh ♪
♪ People, don't you be afraid ♪
♪ So many innocent slain ♪
♪ This is an era for change ♪
♪ Change ♪
♪ Malcolm's probably turning in his grave ♪
♪ Every shade was beautifully made ♪
♪ And powerful ♪
♪ There's so much strength in you and me ♪
♪ Powerful ♪
♪ A breath away from victory ♪
♪ I matter ♪
♪ You matter ♪
♪ We matter, oh ♪
♪ I matter ♪
♪ You matter ♪
♪ We matter, oh... ♪
This is a great song, but I thought Jamal was gonna sing
the song that he was nominated for.
You know, Best R&B Song.
No, Best R&B Song is a category
they created to placate black people.
The only thing with any prestige is Song of the Year.
Isn't that the only one that you were never nominated for?
SKYE: ♪ I see a colorful future ♪
♪ Where skin don't define any human ♪
♪ And stars are the only thing shooting ♪
♪ Shooting, oh ♪ ♪ Oh ♪
♪ Mothers who bury their child ♪
♪ How can we sit there and hide? ♪
♪ Change comes when all take a stand now ♪
♪ Stand up ♪
♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. ♪
(music ends, crowd cheering)
CHARLAMAGNE: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
It's Charlamagne on ASA nomination day.
We got Skye Summers here,
four-time ASA winner, and Jamal Lyon.
Now, Jamal, you got nominated
for your first ever ASA this morning.
How you feel, brother?
Yes, sir. I feel amazing. Thank you. Thank you.
CHARLAMAGNE: The song you just performed, "Powerful,"
really pro-black song, really socially conscious song,
but, Skye, what up though?
You black now?
(crowd murmuring)
Really, Charlamagne? Really?
I'm just saying,
you don't usually identify as black.
What do you mean? It's no secret that I'm half black.
I'm biracial, and I identify as me.
CHARLAMAGNE: But isn't that just a nice way of saying,
you know, you don't want to be black?
(scoffs) What? Wait, wait, wait.
Ease up, man. Come on, now.
Why does Skye have to pick a side?
You know what I'm saying?
Everybody wants to put labels on people,
put us in boxes. It doesn't always have to be like that.
But she's up here singing about a race
that she never really claims.
So I'm just curious.
Y'all not curious?
(crowd murmuring)
I mean, Jamal, you gay, right?
(sighs) Yeah, man. They all know that.
So, if you identify as gay,
but then you started getting involved with a woman,
you know, people would be looking at you
kind of crazy. They'd be upset, like,
"Maybe he's just choosing whatever label he wants
based on a matter of convenience."
(crowd murmuring)
She wasn't even scheduled to be on Charlamagne's show.
Judith, it was my idea, all right?
Well, what were you thinking?
He was thinking big.
That's what he was doing.
I certainly didn't think that she was gonna
get dragged on Twitter like this.
I mean, these are our people, you know?
I just don't get it.
It's not like I was performing in blackface.
Like, why would they be...
Look at this. Some fool puts the...
Rachel what's-her-name afro wig on me.
She has a pop career.
Image is everything.
One crap move like this will take years to fix!
Will you relax, Judith? You need a martini or something?
Look, the song is hot.
It's fire, actually.
And the haters, they gonna burn over.
And by the end of the day,
Twitter's gonna be roasting somebody else, so it's cool.
Why didn't you defend me?
Why didn't you say anything?
'Cause he brought up you were gay or...
I specifically told that man... No, no, no, no, no, no.
Jamal ain't got nothing to do with it, sweetie.
(chuckles): You just picked the wrong day to be black.
Dad. How dare you?
I'm kidding. Look.
After we show Jamal's Pepsi jam,
I'm putting you onstage.
You're performing at my... Swiftstream announcement, right?
You're gonna be onstage in front of
a much friendlier audience.
Promise you,
everything's gonna be fine.
You're gonna remind everybody why
they love you so much.
We got a long day ahead of us, but it's okay, I promise.
(alarm wailing)
(alarm stops)
I know.
We got to get the security company to fix the alarm, babe.
I'm on it. I called this morning.
Thank you.
You know, I really appreciate you coming home
on your lunch break to help me with the nursery.
Thanks, babe. No problem, baby.
Thank you for carrying our boy.
(laughs) You're welcome.
(doorbell rings)
Who's at the gate?
Oh, that's Anika.
She's actually coming over to see the nursery.
Yeah. She's just...
I don't know. She's really lonely.
Yeah, I know. I feel bad for her.
My family really messed her over.
Mm-hmm. Maybe she'll come
to church with us one Sunday. Yeah, that's nice.
I can ask her.
MAN: Empire welcomes Jamieson Hinthrop
on ASA nomination day.
Hello, everyone. I'm Jamieson Hinthrop.
Minutes ago,
Katy Perry announced Best Male Pop Vocals.
And we just happen to have one of those nominees
right here. Jamal Lyon.
(crowd cheering) Come on up.
Thank you.
How many nominations have you racked up so far?
Uh, five.
Five. That's amazing.
Thank you so much.
Having lived through a time when an openly gay man
could not have stood here
so open, so out and so free,
I take a very personal pride in your accomplishments.
Thank you.
JAMIESON: But that's not all.
I believe that there's another milestone
that you're gonna share with us now, right?
I am sharing with all of you guys
for the first time the premiere of my Pepsi commercial.
(crowd cheering)
I have to take a second
and say thank you so much to my-my mom and dad.
Wasn't for y'all, I would not be here,
in more ways than one, so thank you so much.
And, uh, without further ado, it's my Pepsi commercial.
Jamieson, thank you so much.
(crowd cheering)
I hope you're not leaving right away.
You know, I've got my own little announcement I want to make.
Yeah, yeah, the Swiftstream. I heard.
Lucious, um...
...if Jamal gets a Song of the Year nomination,
(chuckles) I'm gonna mount a major campaign around it.
You should.
You realize that you set a very high bar?
Thank you.
He cleared it.
But you said it-- isn't that every parent's dream,
to have their children surpass them?
It's not my dream.
I'm just kidding. (laughs)
BECKY: It's starting!
("Ready to Go" playing)
The commercial's fantastic, Lucious.
The Times would like to do a profile on Jamal.
I told them it had to be a cover.
That's gonna be a little tricky, isn't it?
Why's that?
I mean, seeing Jamal's got a girlfriend and all.
I mean, not that that should determine
whether or not they do the story.
He didn't tell you?
Oops. (chuckles)
I got a big mouth.
(cell door buzzes)
(indistinct radio chatter)
(shuddering breath)
Please. Please.
I miss my son.
Just take this pain away. Take this pain away, God.
I can't take it anymore.
I can't do this. I got to go be with Hakeem.
He's upset about the ASAs. Cookie, wait.
Now, you said you was gonna come through for these ladies.
So, you already here. You might as well get it out the way.
WOMAN: Hell no! You ain't getting out of here that easy.
Girl, come here!
(laughs) Look at you!
Look at you!
Damn. I can't believe you here.
We thought you forgot all about us.
Come on, man. I never forget y'all ugly asses.
Hey, why'd they shut down our old cell block?
It flooded back in Sandy.
This the first time we allowed
back in here. We been ten bitches
in a bunk meant for two.
This wifey?
Damn! Who me? No.
Uh-uh. I don't get down like that.
I only do hot dogs, sausages and Polishes.
So calm down. I don't do women. Shut up.
Don't you know how to take a compliment?
I'm just sayin'.
This is my assistant, Porsha.
You really gonna do a concert?
I'm-a do a little somethin'.
You know, they only letting me bring in two of my artists.
I'm-a do a little show.
Well, you bringing Veronica, right?
Her fine, bald ass.
Uh-uh. I want to see Hakeem. He sexy as hell!
♪ Drip, drop, drip, drippity drop... ♪
All right, now, that's my baby
you talking 'bout.
WOMAN: See that?
They follow your every move, Cookie.
Warden Meyers.
I see you got a lot of equipment out there.
I'm letting you bring in one camera.
You got security clearance
for two artists and your assistant.
It's nice what you're doing.
Thank you.
Well, since you only let me have two artists,
I need to figure out which one of these ladies
I'm-a put up on that stage.
Hey, where's Jezzy?
I don't think she wants to talk to you.
Now, see, that's where you're wrong.
'Cause I always promised her
that when she got out,
I was gonna make her a star.
So, can I talk to her?
Jezzy won't be getting out.
SPIDER: Jezzy caught a life bid
taking out her bunkmate over toothpaste.
Damn, Jezzy.
RHONDA: You did not have to do this.
ANIKA: Oh, I know. It's just...
Oh, my goodness!
They're so precious.
I love them. Thank you so much.
You're so welcome. I... Aw.
...just wanted to give you something to match
this gorgeous house
that Lucious gave you guys. Aw.
I know. I am telling you, he is just obsessed
with this grandchild.
Oh, did I tell you
that he actually refers to him as "the heir"?
He is such the drama king.
God, he would be furious if he knew I was here, actually.
(phone ringing)
I'm gonna go grab that.
We haven't installed a line
in here yet. Sorry, I'll be right back.
It's fine.
MAN: Give a big Empire welcome to multiple ASA winner,
Skye Summers! (crowd cheering)
♪ ♪
♪ If I was a poet, I would ♪
♪ Write you a story filled with ♪
♪ Impossible glory and pass it along... ♪
LUCIOUS: I see what you see in her.
♪ But I'm just a voice who has ♪
♪ Words that are simple, with ♪
♪ No time for riddles, this is my song ♪
♪ For you, baby ♪
♪ Uh-huh. ♪
Hey, y'all. I know it's ASA day,
but it's also a very special day for Empire.
I'm so proud to announce that, as of today,
Empire has acquired Swiftstream,
the fastest and largest music streaming service
in the universe.
(crowd cheering)
We are making music history here at Empire.
Tweet that.
It brings me great pleasure
to invite to the stage Miss Mimi Whiteman.
She's going to tell y'all what's next
and help y'all understand how Empire is going to be positioned
in this brave new world.
Mimi Whiteman, y'all, my business partner-in-crime!
(crowd cheering)
Thank you. Thank you, Lucious.
"Business partner-in-crime."
Hmm. I don't know that I've ever been
quite characterized that way before.
But before I get to what's next,
I do want to recognize a number of my fellow board members
who are here today.
(crowd cheering)
Most of all,
I want to bring to the stage someone that is...
very important to me.
As many of you know, I've been surviving breast cancer.
And I truly believe that I would not be alive today
if it were not for this woman.
She is my reason to live.
She has seen me through my darkest hours.
Oh! She is my be-all and my end-all.
She's my lovely wife,
Mrs. Camilla Marks Whiteman.
(crowd cheering)
Remember me, Lucious?
MIMI: The board deserves to know
how Lucious Lyon conducts his affairs.
He seems to think he can get away with anything.
Extortion, violence, murder.
Empire is a public company.
It's not his plaything anymore.
Belongs to the shareholders.
And by acquiring Swiftstream,
Empire is now the most powerful music company in the world.
It's even more reason to check this man's power.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold up.
Last time I checked, Mimi, you and I were tandem on everything.
That's right.
So now all of you can see what I saw and heard.
LUCIOUS: No, to hell with the damn board.
I didn't need the board's approval when I risked
my life to build the company, did I?
And I'll be damned if I'm gonna ask the board of directors
for permission to move my pieces on my chessboard.
As a matter of fact,
as soon as this deal closes, I'm cleaning house.
Whoever stood in opposition against me, it's a wrap.
They're out.
MIMI: Ladies and gentlemen of the board,
I propose a vote to remove Lucious Lyon as CEO
and chairman of Empire.
Let's convene
for an emergency vote tonight at 9:00 p.m.
Please all be sure to be there.
I didn't see it coming.
Lyon family controls just under
half the company, Pop.
Now, even if every one of us voted,
it's not guaranteed we're gonna win.
We're gonna have to lobby board members,
get at least one more person on our side.
We need
to reach these board members.
Get everybody, every last body here.
MAN: We're halfway through nomination day.
And here's Jason Derulo, back to announce our next category.
DERULO: Hey, y'all, I'm so turnt right now 'cause I'm about to
announce the ASA Video of the Year nominees.
Pyramid P for "Elemental,"
Flighthouse for "Cold Dead Hands,"
Jamal and Hakeem Lyon for "Ain't About the Money,"
and-and Jamal Lyon for "Heavy."
Wow! That's dope.
Two in one.
Cheers. Cheers. (laughs) Cheers. Cheers.
MAN: Stay tuned to the ASA live-stream...
That's great. It's so great.
...for upcoming announcements every hour on the hour.
I saw you talking to that guy at the bar.
Who is he?
I don't know.
I didn't even get his name.
You know I adore you, right?
But you're into men. I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
We only hooked up one time.
It's not like I thought we were all boo'd up, you know.
Seriously? (laughs)
But don't get me wrong.
Don't get me wrong.
It was so beautiful.
But I don't want to change you.
And I know that you wouldn't feel about a woman
the way that you felt about, um...
Tell me his name again.
No... I wouldn't.
I know.
Aren't you going to invite me in?
What are you doing here?
I guess you haven't heard yet.
Heard what?
You just disappeared.
I ain't think I ever was gonna see you again.
Well, you could have tried a little bit harder, Hakeem.
Why didn't you?
Because you left.
You took my father's money, and you bounced.
I did not take Lucious's dirty bribe.
Yeah? He's a filthy liar.
I don't believe you.
Ask your mother.
Why? She wouldn't lie to me.
Maybe you don't know her as well as you think you do.
But... if you've given up on us, it doesn't matter.
I ain't given up on anything.
I don't even know what you talking about.
Antony and Cleopatra, Hakeem.
I still believe in you.
You married?
It's not what it looks like.
Everything I did, I did for you.
For us. You have to trust and believe me.
I can take you to the next level, Hakeem.
If you're ready to go there.
Where is he?
I called, I texted.
I haven't seen him since he found out
he didn't get that ASA nomination.
(Cookie sighs)
(inmates murmuring)
Oh, my God. That's really something.
So... so, Mom, we really gonna perform here?
I spent 17 years of my life in here.
It's a part of who I am.
Now, come on, we're gonna do a show for these ladies.
(crowd cheering)
Maybe most of the world is watching the ASA nominations,
but here at Wallace prison, we are streaming live, y'all.
(crowd cheering) Yes!
We had tweet after tweet,
you guys, of people who are not judging you
for the choices that landed you in here.
They're not looking at you as failures.
(crowd murmuring agreement)
They're looking at you as the mothers
and sisters and lovers and dreamers that we all are.
(crowd cheering)
Today, um...
started off... kind of low for me.
I, um...
I lost this huge festival called...
Cookie's Cookout.
And I also... lost a...
Let it out, Cookie!
Speak on it!
(crowd cheering)
A broken heart...
does not compare...
to the struggles of a life in here.
I was locked away from my babies, y'all.
Spider, you know what I'm talking about.
Not able to see them grow up,
praying every night to be with them.
Y'all are my real sisters, for life.
(crowd murmuring agreement)
And I am so proud
to introduce to you one of my babies.
Actually, the baby of the babies. (laughs)
Hakeem Lyon!
(crowd cheering)
(laughs): Hey!
(shouting, cheering)
Look, y'all, I want to admit that, you know,
I was a little nervous coming here today,
just thinking about my mom being in here.
And I can't understand
why my father not once brought me here to see her.
(crowd murmuring)
Now, that's messed up, right?
(crowd murmuring agreement)
I said that's messed up, right?!
CROWD: Yeah!
Yeah, you know, I had my mom back in my life for about
a year now, and creating Lyon Dynasty
has been one of the greatest moments of my life.
(crowd cheering) Come on, let's get it.
("Miracles" playing) I love you!
♪ It's the dynasty ♪
♪ You perform miracles ♪
♪ Miracles ♪
♪ So you wanna rule the world ♪
♪ Rule the world ♪
♪ Walk across the ocean ♪
♪ Miracles ♪
♪ You can do it if you want ♪
♪ If you want ♪
♪ 'Cause you perform miracles ♪
♪ Hey ♪
♪ Hey ♪
♪ Hey... ♪
Can I count on you to attend the board vote tonight, Tricky?
♪ Hey ♪
♪ Do you believe in miracles? ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪
♪ When we're together, it's miracles ♪
(laughs) Oh. You all right?
We got your vote, Edna?
Honey, it was good, but wasn't ten-million-dollars good.
♪ Until my casket drop, we'll remain unstoppable ♪
♪ Like Mark Antony heading across the Mediterranean ♪
♪ To see his ebony Cleopatra, embrace and taste her kiss ♪
♪ Hey ♪
♪ Do you believe in miracles? ♪
♪ Yeah, when we're together, its miracles ♪
♪ Hey ♪
♪ You should let me show you that ♪ ♪ Show you that ♪
♪ No, you should let me show you that ♪
♪ You perform miracles ♪
♪ Miracles ♪
♪ You can do it if you want ♪
♪ If you want ♪ ♪ 'Cause you perform miracles ♪
♪ Miracles. ♪ (crowd cheering)
I can't believe what you're telling me, Andre.
Come on, let's go in here.
So, she's having a board vote to kick Lucious out tonight?
At 9:00.
what's going on?
What's Dre doing here?
Boy, did you know that Camilla and Mimi got hitched?
That's who she married?
Damn, Hakeem.
She said she didn't take Lucious's money.
She said you knew.
She still bounced!
And now she's trying to bogart our company
right from up under us.
Thought you said Lyon Dynasty was our company, Ma.
Listen, we don't have time for this, okay?
Now, bottom line, we need you both there
to vote, or we lose Empire tonight.
Hell, we might lose it anyway.
COOKIE: Tonight? No, no, no.
Dre, not tonight. I can't leave here
until I see Jezzy.
Look, this is important to me.
Is there something else I can do?
You can give us your proxy.
That means Hakeem or me
can vote for you.
I had the paperwork drawn up.
Step outside. Let me talk to him for a second.
Boy, sit your ass down.
Lyon Dynasty is our company...
but Empire is our legacy.
And anybody that tries to steal that from us
is our enemy.
Do you understand that?
I know, Ma.
You better.
Well, well, well.
It's the great Cookie Lyon.
She used to be my family.
Now she back for charity.
I'm still your family, Jezz, you know that.
I asked the warden to let me come see you.
You didn't come to my show.
And what does it matter to you?
Can you give us a second?
How the hell you get life
over some damn toothpaste?
I'm innocent, Cookie.
Just like you.
Jezz, look...
I'm sorry I didn't write, okay?
It's... I-I was... setting some stuff up, okay?
It doesn't mean I don't care.
'Cause a whole year went by,
and nobody heard
nothing from no Cookie Lyon.
Except on TV,
when you jumped around in a monkey suit.
Free Lucious?
Black male incarceration?
What about all us women on lockdown, Cookie?
The ones you ate with and lived with?
Okay, all right.
Well, I'm here now. Okay?
And you could be the voice for that, Jezz.
I could help you with that.
Rhyming? I'm done with that.
Go on, get back to your empire, Cookie.
You can't do nothing for me.
So, how we do?
Where's Hakeem?
HAKEEM: Hey, y'all, what's good? I'm here.
Good. ANDRE: Pop, you know Thirsty and I
both stuck out. I'm sorry.
We still need one board member to vote with us, or we lose it.
I'm good with Jago.
Got it covered.
Yes, sir. Thank God you got Jago.
SPOKESPERSON: Shall we begin?
This emergency vote of the board of trustees
of Empire Enterprises has been called by Mimi Whiteman.
Ms. Whiteman, you have the floor.
I've already said everything I have to say.
Mr. Lyon?
Let's vote.
Ladies and gentlemen of the board,
as to the motion to remove Lucious Lyon, how say you?
Aye or nay?
Anthony Trichter?
Edna Piasecki?
Jago Locke?
Nay. Ralph Anderson?
Aye. Lucious Lyon?
Andre Lyon? Nay.
Jamal Lyon? Nay.
Hakeem Lyon?
♪ ♪
Hakeem, no!
SPOKESPERSON: Lucious Lyon, the board of trustees has voted
to removed you as chairman and CEO
of Empire Enterprises.
Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Uh...
MIMI: Now that the vote has been cast,
I have another announcement to make.
As the new chairman of this board,
I am turning over my proxy to my wife,
Camilla Marks Whiteman.
She'll be in charge of the day-to-day
while I'm at Rancho Mirage undergoing chemo and radiation.
QUESTLOVE: Once again, this is Questlove,
and we are almost at the end of nomination day.
But don't go anywhere, because the big one is coming up,
Song of the Year.
JAMAL: Ma, you want a drink?
Sure? Feel like we all could use one.
(gunshots) (gasps)
Stay right here. Don't move!
put down the gun, Lucious.
All those years,
selling CDs out the back of a car...
...selling keys,
moving bodies,
the enormity of damage I've done to my soul...
for what?!
To give those lousy, ungrateful
sons of bitches a better life?!
For what?!
I know.
17 years?
You sacrificed 17 years
for what?!
Look, Lucious,
it's not over for us, okay?
We still own majority shares.
Jamal is still on the label.
You're still on the label.
They're about to announce Song of the Year.
The last ASA of the day.
Your favorite.
(whispers): Give me the gun.
you got two sons downstairs, okay?
And they need you to be strong
right now.
Give me the gun.
(inhales sharply)
Now, get your ass together.
Come on, pull it together.
You a Lyon. Come on.
(sobs): I want him dead.
No, you don't mean that.
You don't mean that.
(alarm wailing)
(alarm continues wailing)
Oh, my God, this damn alarm.
I can't take this.
(alarm stops)
(scoffs) My God.
What keeps setting this thing off?
(Rhonda gasps)
(dramatic choral music playing)
JOEL MADDEN: Hey, what's up, everybody? I'm Joel Madden.
NICOLE RICHIE: And I'm Nicole Richie.
MADDEN: And now for the ASA nominees for Song of the Year.
"Dreaming" by P.O.C.
"Into You" by Sophia Savage.
"Heavy" by Jamal Lyon.
MADDEN: And... Yes.
"Boom Boom Boom Boom" by Lucious Lyon.
(crowd cheering)
RICHIE: This has to be the first time
in the history of the American Sound Awards
that a father and son are going toe-to-toe.
(Jamal chuckles)
Congratulations, gentlemen.
I'll call Rhonda, give her the good news.
COOKIE: Yeah. Okay, babe. See you later.
MADDEN: Battle of the Lyons.
Stay tuned, everybody.
Ain't that a bitch?
(line ringing)
(phone vibrating)
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