Empire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Empire - full transcript

Cookie uncovers Anika's secret; Lucious must face his rival; the Lyon sons take drastic measures.

Previously on Empire..

Billy Beretti tried to ruin me.
He is my enemy.

Without me, you'd
still be selling CDs

out of the trunk of your car.

Are you here to threaten me?

Give it your best shot.

This is Ryan.

He's gonna be shooting
our Legacy doc.

I've been trying to
come out for months.

This is just who you are.

Do it for yourself.

He just came out.

You know why my family hates me?

Because I'm not talented.

I will have you committed

if you do not take
those damn pills.

I already know about
the little reunion

that you and Lucious had.

Did he tell you about the big
reunion we had last night?

After he promised he
would never do it again.

Anika Calhoun to
see Billy Beretti.

As soon as we've gotten word
that you've left the chapel,

the chateau's gamekeeper
will release the doves

just as the bridal party
makes their entrance.

George and Amal had doves.

Well, to hell with them.

We'll have more doves, more
champagne, more everything;

and with this funny bitch

racking up my bill.


- Hi, Grandma. - Hi, baby.

Where your grandfather?




She playin' you.

E-Excuse me, we are in the
middle of planning a wedding.

Excuse me! You in the middle
of getting your ass gone.

You, too, fake-ass Jackie O.

Kick rocks! It's
family business.

What are you doing?

She working with Beretti.

Yeah, while you up in
here planning weddings,

this bitch planning how to
steal everything you got--

which is everything I got--

and I'm not finna
let that happen.

Tell him, boo boo kitty.

I'm... She-she...

She-she. Oh, now you
can't speak English?

Yes, she did, Lucious.

- And she tried to take Porsha.
- She did.

You paid Porsha to spy on me?

And I spied right
back on your ass.

Lucious, this is not how I...

You know what?

You 'bout to break yourself.

Believe that.

Bye, Felicia!

Come on, let's go
grab this ho clothes,

help her move out.

What did you do?

What did you do?

What did you do?

Get this damn... these ugly-ass

debutante clothes out of here!
Get out of here!

Get me Malcolm now.


Not now, baby.

Malcolm, I need you
to lock down Empire.

Veronica. V, hey.
Okay, remember how

we couldn't get Kanye
on your next album?

Guess what. Empire couldn't,

but Creedmoor can.

I'm leaving.

Porsha! Phone check!

Beretti's coming to take me

straight to his
office-- meet me there.

- Phone check!
- But if anyone from Empire calls,

- don't take the call. Girl!
- Hey. Let me get that.

I am not...


Are you playing me with
all those wedding plans,

just trying to buy time?

You are accusing me of betrayal?

After all those women, all
those lies, and now her?

I told you, that's over.

- It's not over. - It's over.

- It's not... - It's over!

The only way for this to be
over is for me to leave,

because you just keep
stringing me along, Lucious,

and I... I'm tired.

- Baby, baby, baby, stop!
- With everything...

- Stop. - This is not even me!

I am not a treacherous
person, Lucious, but you...


you have twisted my love and
made it some awful thing.

I was wrong...

but I'm scared-- I'm dying.

And you have to understand,
when a man in my position

says "Please," it
means something.

Please, I need you to tell me

what you planned with Beretti,

- so I can fix it. - Oh, my God.

- You are sick!
- So I can fix this.

- Go away, Lucious!
- Let me fix it!

Don't let her take that car!

That's Empire's property!

- Anika! - Keep the keys!

- Keep the phone! - Hear me out!

Yeah, when a man like
you says "Please,"

it means something--
it means you're lying!

When a man like me says

"Hear me out," you hear me out,

cause your life
could depend on it.

Are you threatening me?

If you tell Beretti
about my ALS...

and my IPO goes down...

your father's gonna be
convicted of fraud.


You started it.

Now I'm gonna finish it.

It's really good.
It's really good.

Don't you have to be at
the studio with Delphine?

Come on, divas on her level,
they always show up last.


she said that the cover
of your dad's song,

she thought it was brilliant.

- Really? - Mm-hmm.

Why don't you come here
and let me show you

the other thing that
I'm brilliant at.

Jamal? Mally-Mal, where you...

Damn. We got all kind of
emergencies popping off,

and you ain't
answering your phone?

We at war. Quit touching
all on each other.

And put your chest up.

Wait, what do you mean, war?

Cookie needs you at Empire now!

Yo, I need everyone in
the conference room now.

Beretti already has
the jump on us.

I need to know how much
damage Anika has done.

I warned you about her,
Lucious, I tried to tell you.

Give it a rest, Cookie.

Now, you know she
gonna fight dirty.

This is personal for her.

Yeah, well, it's
personal for me, too.

How bad is it, Malcolm?

Don't worry, we're
on top of it, sir.

But we're sweeping hard drives,

checking cell phones.

Rest assured, I will be
defending your empire,

and I'm not gonna stop until
we neutralize this enemy.

Thank you, Malcolm.

Thank you, Malcolm.

As long as you are married

to that stinky white
bitch, you will

never run my company...


- Babe. - Yeah?

Hey, something's going
down at Empire.


Tiana didn't leave, she
stays on the Empire side.

And Lucious is
working his lawyers

to get Titan out of jail.

Elle, please.

She's doing this
to hurt Lucious.

It has nothing to do with
what's best for you,

which is me and Empire.

We need personal stuff--

artists' and managers'
home addresses,

what clubs they hit, who
they're sleeping with,

how they party, how they
get down, all right?

Elle stayed with us, she
said she'd rather go to jail

than anywhere with
your Halle Berry.

Dad, we got this. Chicken
scored some C-4.

We're gonna blow
Creedmoor to the ground.

- What?!
- Do you know how serious this is?

This isn't a video. You
want to learn something?

This is war. Tuck in and learn.

Listen up, everyone.

This morning,

Beretti tried to test our heart.

Now, where I'm from, someone
tries to test your heart,

you take their head off.

Now, the heart of
Empire is its family.

And like any family, we've
had our differences,

but when a family is in crisis,

they put the differences aside

and they come together.

So we have less than 24 hours
to assure these streets

that Empire is stronger now
than it's ever been before

and this family can take
whatever artists it wants

and can keep the artists it has.

You draw blood!

I'm gonna try to sign
Delphine today, and I talked

to Martina, Lowboy
and Coagulation.

They're all staying at Empire--

Lowboy wouldn't
even talk to Anika.

What are you doing
talking to Lowboy?

Why wouldn't I talk to Lowboy?

He's just worrisome
about artists tripping,

cause you came out of the
closet at that White Party.

It's for damn sure gonna
hurt us with Royale-T.

You don't contact Royale-T.

Why don't you relax?

I don't even roll
with dudes like that.

Whatever happens,

we don't lose Royale-T.

He's a top-tier artist.

Let me get at him, MC to MC.

No, no, no.

Right now it's about
who shows up, son--

he's way too hood,

and you got to be a real
monster to deal with him.

I got you. Where they at?

They're at Ghetto Ass
Studios right now.

Oh, I should have asked
before I volunteered.

That place is nasty.

Where the hell is Andre?

Here, let me call him for you.

Simple and beautiful.

Kanye's verse with
that is going to kill.

It's gonna be a monster hit, V.

The first of many.


I want you to book LaChapelle
for a fashion shoot.

I want the big push.

- Okay? - Yeah.

I'm going to do more
for you in a week

than Lucious did in a year.

And a year from now,

everyone's gonna know your name.

Thank you, Billy, so much.

You're welcome. You deserve it.

Thank you.

I spoke to the managers for
L'il Cherry, Black Mythology

and Industry, and they're all
gonna come with me to Creedmoor.

How about Tiana?

That's gonna be a little
bit more difficult.

She was the girlfriend
of Lucious's son.

That's why I want her.

I can get Travie Wild.

We partied in Belize
a couple months ago,

and I think he in town talking
to labels or something.

Yeah, then he needs
to be talking to me.

- I'll hit him up. - Get him on
the phone, let me do the talking.

Where the hell have you been?

Delayed at the bank.

We'll need enticements for
artists and managers--

that's just a must--
and those auditors,

those damn auditors,
they can't know,

it's from a cash account.
They will never catch it.

I'm 100% sure of that.

Yo, we're buying loyalty
with hookers and blow?

That's not Empire.

Now, this is the music business,

and it may take hookers and blow

to try and reclaim
some of the artists

that took off after you
went prancing about

with your little freak flag.

You know what? You're
right about one thing.

Sexual proclivity is what
put us in this position.

Your proclivity,
and the fact that

you can't manage to simply
keep it in your pants.

And if the creeps and the bigots
want to be over at Creedmoor,

I don't give a damn, let them.
I don't want them

at my company, and
neither should you.

- Dad, Travie.
- Oh. Your company?

You better hold on there.


I miss him, too.

Even after all these years.

After my son died...

Lucious was the first
artist that I signed.

And when he took
the money and ran,

I didn't produce an album
for almost a year.

I had no idea you lost a son.


He was nine.

Tell me what I don't
know about Lucious

that will help us...

take him down.

Is he gambling again?

Doing drugs?

Lucious doesn't use.

Why are we even
talking about this?

I'm here for the music, Billy.

This isn't about the music...

and you know that.

Lucious hurts people
all the time,

and he gets away with it.

That stops now.

I think that...

we should keep this relationship
professional, Billy.

I wouldn't have
it any other way.

Tyree, you still working
that same bowl of cereal?

What's up, girl?

I need to see him.
That's my artist.

I'm going in. Let me in there.

Damn, dude, that hook was hot.

Yeah, you worked that.

Hey, Royale-T, friend
of mine, Cookie,

- wants to see you.
- Cookie Lyon,

as in Lucious Lyon,
as in Empire--

your label.

Cookie Lyon, Empire.

Are you really doing this,

hanging with these
roaches from Creedmoor?

You see, T, that's the problem
with these thots, man.

They don't know how to
let men drink in peace.

I only see one man in here...

and he's been happy and
prosperous at Empire.

Am I right?

I could be happy a lot
of places, Cookie.

Why don't you let G's
do what they do?

And then you come back when
it's time to clean up.

You ain't no G.

You's a mark.

I did 17 years in the feds.

I know a buster when I see one.

Oh, so you did time, huh?

- Yep. - Look at that.

Mixin' Pruno in my cell--

which is way more potent
than this little...

sissy purple drink
y'all sippin' on.

Cookie, you gonna
die half a sip in.

Oh, yeah? Well...

let's see who goes harder,


or Creedmoor...


Oh, my God, I love shooting you.

You just make my job so easy.

- Thank you.
- That was really, really strong.

Thank you.

Jamal's here.

Come on.

- Oh, no. - Hello!

I'm a big fan. Oh,

The feeling is so, so mutual.

I am so honored to meet the amazing Ms.

Thank you, thank you.
I mean, what you did,

coming out to the whole
world at the White Party,

singing your dad's song,
that was amazing.

Thank you. Nah, Lucious
must have loved it.

Uh... no.

But, I mean, yes and...

Are you ready to do this?

Get him some headphones.
We're gonna sing this song.

- We can do this. Come on.
- We gonna do this, then.

- We're gonna do this.
- Take off that coat! Come on!

Travie, there's not a
more artist-focused label

than the Empire.

No, no, no, no. It's
not about your label.

It's that you're a label at all.

I mean, the Internet killed
you; you know that, right?

You know I can't give you 30%

when I can release
my stuff online.

You're old.

You're dying.

Then why'd you take
this meeting, Travie?

Like I told Hakeem,
I respect your dad.

Back in the day, you
changed the game.

I just wanted to shake your hand.
But look, man,

I'm done sharecropping,
all right?

Paying for your fancy offices
and your private jets.

Well, you're right,
you're absolutely right.

And the main reason that we
are taking the Empire public

is to give the artist
an opportunity

to be back in control
of the music again,

and to participate in
the profits of it.

You won't be robbed by
streaming services, Travie,

because you're not going to
need streaming services.

The Empire catalogue is going to
be its own streaming service--

a joint venture
with our artists.

But that's just one
component of our model--

a new paradigm.

You see, music...

isn't the cargo anymore, my man.

It's the track, and
faster than ever.


Literally, the speed of light.

Every car on the train is another
exploitation of your brand--

concerts, endorsements-- and
you're an equity partner,

in everything.

Can't no other label
do this, man.

Not one. Why?

Because we...

are independent.

I'm not paying you 30%.

Brother, we can cut that in
half and both make more money.

A lot of money.

Yeah? You know what I'm saying?

- Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money...
- Thank you, Dre.

- Thank you, Dre. Thank you.
- Your brother's a smart guy.

Yeah, and he's gonna
make us a lot of money.

I like the sound
of that, Lucious.

Mm. My people will call you.

Good man. Thank you.

- Good man. - All right.

Yo, what up? This is Lucious.

Dad, Dad, I'm still up
here with Delphine.

Let's get her at Empire.

I'm telling you, we could do this.
Call me back.

You know the words?

I know the words.

- Don't mess up my song.
- I know your song.

- Okay. - You got it.


My cousin's heart stopped right
after what you put down.

I'm the last man standing.

But you ain't... you-you
ain't a man, though.

And you ain't standing, neither.


you ain't gonna
leave us, is you?

All right, look,
I-I'll tell you what,

I'll tell you what.

If you... if you could walk
after that next shot...

or round... then I'm
gonna stay at Empire,

and we gonna be a family.

All right, hit me. Come on.

Come on. I'll get it.

Stir this up a little bit.

Come on-on-on-on-on.


Just pour...

To the Empire.

Here's to Empire.

Well, mm-hmm.

See you at the Empire.

- I got it, I got it. - Yeah.

Why you go off on
Andre like that

and make me sit there
like your little pet dog?

Instead of treating me like

the man that's gonna run
Empire someday, huh?

Dad, I'm literally in the
studio right now with Delphine.

Her contract is up
after this album,

and I talked her into
meeting with you tonight.

So call me back,
'cause we can do this.

Why do you think I picked you

to be the one who watches
and learns firsthand?

I'm handing you the baton.

But I'm not doing that until I
know you can run like the wind

and can handle it.

What was I thinking, hey,

hanging out with these kids?

Now what, bitch?!

That's what happens when
you mess with Cookie!

You okay?

Oh, what you doing here?

You know, this is a
bad neighborhood.

Aw, you worried about me?

I'm fine.

- So are you. - Cookie, come on.

Yeah, that's my
name-- take a bite.

You know I got rules, right?

Oh, man, break the rules!

Rules are made to be broken.
Don't follow the rules.

Look, Lucious is my boss,

and he's still in love with you.

Lucious, Lucious,
Lucious, Lucious.

You okay?

Lucious don't care about
nobody but hisself.

Well, it's my job
to study people.

- Study me. - Watch yourself.

And the way he looks at you...

whatever that is,
that's too intense.

So you're off limits to me.

Aw, come on, take these cookies.

- Take 'em. I won't tell.
- Come on, Cookie.

Take these cookies!

All right. All right.

Lucious! Lucious!

Lucious, Travie Wild
is with Beretti.

He just sent him his private
jet to go to Heathrow.

- No, that's impossible.
- I have a source.

Look, I don't need you to follow
me around like a lost puppy.

You want to help me, find your
brother Andre! I need that cash.

Yeah, but how he gonna have
Travie Wild and then lose him?

You know, it's like, what
the hell's going on?

But where is Dre?

Dad is looking for him.

Did he even hear my voice
mail about Delphine?

Fool, Dad looking for you.

- What are you talking about?
- What's this?

Picking up the new car, brother.


Have to wine and dine our
artists in style, right?

That's my job. You do
know that's my job,

to wine and dine the
artist in style?

That's what I do-- I
take care of everybody.

You bought a new car?

With the slush fund money?

Dad want that money, and
he looking for you.

You gonna be in big trouble.

Oh, don't you worry about
Andre, baby brother.

- Andre is good.
- Yo! Stop, man!

Come on with that
gay stuff, man.

What the hell's wrong with you!

Why would you do that, man?

What the hell's wrong with you!

Why would you do that?
Hey, get off me, man.

Get off! Dre! Dre!

Get off him!

- What's that? What's that?
- Get off him!

Hold on, what's that?

We're stuck. Hold up.

- Hang on, hang on.
- No service, man!


I-I... we-we could
just give it away.

Come on.

I can explain the car.
It-it has value.

if we give it to somebody,

then... then they'll take it.

Then that's what we'll do.

They'll take it if we
give it to some...

and Dad doesn't have to know.

Dad doesn't have to know.

- Well, Dre, we get it, man.
- No, Andre got this.

We'll-we'll-we'll give
it away, It's all right.

Andre'll give it away.

He can take over
anything, he's sharp.


we cool, all right?

Too late, Lucious.

So you bought yourself
another punk-ass rock star,

but you'll never
have any talent.

I'll produce all the hits,

but the artists
will be the stars.

That's what you hate about
us, and that's your tragedy.

Your tragedy talks in her sleep.

She mumbles your name.

I got what I needed from
her, and I got rid of her.

Oops, I think I did
that to you, too.

This doesn't happen here.

You know, I used to pity you...

when you first lost your son.

You're beyond pity.

You and that punk Travie
Wild deserve each other.

The elevator's not
a malfunction.

We're being hacked
from the 18th floor.

Elevators, phone, Internet.

Reprogram Delta. I'm on my way.

No, no, he'll never see me,

not like he sees you.

No matter what I do, he'll
never see me, man. God!

Andre, just chill, man. Please.

Oh, you got no idea!

Dre. You weren't even there
when it was really hard!

When we were kids

and that struggle
was pitch black,

it was only me!

Me! Me!

You were babies!

Dre, we were babies.

I worked harder than
anybody up in here.

I made Empire!

8:00 to 10:00!

8:00 to 10:00! 8:00 to 10:00!

Every day!

I'd go home and work!

Dre, 'cause we just... yeah,
'cause we were babies.

Remember-remember when we were
kids and there'd be shots outside,

or Aunt Carol acting crazy,
all high or whatever,

and we'd freak out and
you'd calm us down?

You and Mom, you'd
always sing a song

to calm us down. Dre.

You remember it? I don't
even remember it.

You got to remember it.

That's your part, fool.

Come on, Dre.

They're beating us!

We can't afford to
lose more artists.

Y'all got stuck in an elevator?

Hey, did you get my voice
mail about Delphine?

I know how we get Travie back.

Give him the
Lamborghini I bought.

What are y'all doing
sitting on your asses?

Tiana's on her way
to meet Anika.

If we lose Tiana...

it's open season.

- That's your girlfriend! - No.

Look, Lucious, Tiana's
my responsibility.

I shouldn't have been
so smug about her.

No, she's mine now.

Where are they meeting at?

Uh, Sidney's in Chelsea.

- Okay.
- Got it. I'll get the car.

Wait, no, no, no. Dad, Dad.

Delphine is gonna
meet me at Laviticus.

I can sign her.

I just need for you
to be there with me.

- Did you not hear what's going on?
- Yeah, but...


Delphine is bigger than Tiana.

Three platinum albums,
a sold-out tour.

Don't be stupid.

- I don't need her. - But...

she's bigger than Travie Wild.

You know what? Lucious, why
don't y'all deal with Delphine.

I'll get Tiana back, baby.
Believe that.

You, come with me.

You want me to come?

I need you to come with me.

Come on.

- Why would you not want her?
- 'Cause I don't want her.

Because if I bring a big star

that was at the White Party and
doesn't care that I'm gay,

then all of a sudden I
have more leverage, huh?

You don't want it looking
like your gay son

is taking over the Empire.

Don't act like you know me.

Dad... Dad... Dad!

This is a heart check
right now, okay?

They are coming for us.

You can sit and you can stew
over some embarrassment

about some party that doesn't
even matter anymore,

or you could step up and you
could take some heads off.

Now, Delphine idolizes
you, all right?

But she wants to work
with me, the gay one.

You said that families put
aside their differences.

So put aside your
played-out homophobia

unless it's more important
to you than Empire.

Call Andre's wife.
Get her down here.

- Don't let him leave.
- Yes, sir.

Do not let Andre out
of the building.

Andre better find Travie Wild.

That's what Andre's got to do.

- He's got to find Travie...
- Oh, excuse me. Andre.

- Excuse me.
- Get your hands off me.

- I'm...
- Whose business is this? Come on.

- Andre.
- Get out of the way, man.

- I need you to stay here.
- You know you're fired, right?

- Go home, baby. - Andre.

Just joking, man. Your
dad just asked...

It's all good.

- Yeah, my dad knows where I'm going.
- Yeah, I know.

Hey. Get your hands off me!

Okay. Okay, okay.

- Get off of me!
- It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Anika, wait!


Why are you doing this? Huh?

Look, Keem, you wouldn't
understand, okay?

- Just leave it alone.
- My dad hurt you.

He hurts us all
sometimes, you know that.

But we forgive him.

Yeah, I forgave him, too,

and look what happened, Keem.

See? That's the problem
with your family.

You're my family, too.

You've been there
through everything.

And it's not gonna be
right without you.

You belong with us.

Look, I tried.

Okay? But nothing was what
I was promised, Keem.

Yes, I love your father, but
I can't do this anymore.

I'd come back if I could,

but I have to make
the best of this.

All right.

You little bastard.

Look, I know Dad ain't
do right by you,

but I got to do right by him.


Keem... Keem, Hakeem...

Can't let you do that.

Empire was ready to dump me

as soon as I wasn't
Hakeem's girl anymore.

Anika told me that that
was Lucious's orders.

Oh, hold up, now.
Now, that's not true.

She said that to
lure you from us.

Lucious cares more
about business

than he does about
Hakeem's hurt feelings.

It's sad but true.

You will never find somebody

who's gonna work harder
for you than Cookie.

Mm, that's not what you
said about her before.

I wish I didn't say that.

And I'm hoping
she'll forgive me.

Oh, you know my love for
you is unconditional, boy.

Well... I want to be at Empire,

but I want it to be how it was.

You mean...

You and me.

Look, if she can
forgive you, then...

maybe you can forgive me

and we can be together again.

I do...

but I can't be with
you like that again.

I'm still in love with Camilla.

I know we're supposed to do
whatever it is to get Tiana back...

I'm not gonna lie to you.

Look, no matter what,
Tiana, you're family to us,

and Empire was built on family.

And now we're
building your career.

Trust me, Beretti
don't care about you.

This is about a war he started
with Lucious a long time ago,

and now he's just trying
to settle the score.

So I trust that you will
make the right decision

for your career.

Your son blew me away.

I mean, you must be so incredibly
proud of him. I mean...

Jamal is... a beast.

He is.

You know, I brought Delphine
to Empire six years ago,

before she blew up.

Your A-and-R girl
wouldn't sign her.

Yeah, well, that A-and-R
girl is no longer with us.

And I will be handling
you personally.

Oh, my God! I mean, I told Jamal
how much of a fan I was of you.

Like, ever since I
heard Lucious Lyon

booming out of boom
boxes in West London,

it was, like, aah! And
I thought, you know,

I'm gonna do a song with him, the
crowd's gonna go wild... crazy.

Well, what is your
favorite song?

"You're So Beautiful," of course.
I mean...

Well, we can make that
a reality right now.

Oh, God. And Jamal, too?

Yeah. Yeah.

- Let's do it! - Come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

Y'all like to talk.
Y'all like to...

Come on, Lucious!

Yeah, Lucious! You
know you're the man!

Ladies and gentlemen,

this beautiful, talented young
woman was just telling me

how much she likes
my earlier stuff,

so I thought, let's give
her something, all right?

Ladies and gentlemen,
please give it up

for Empire artist Tiana,
my baby brother Hakeem

and the queen of Empire, Ms.
Cookie Lyon! Come on!

Yeah, Cookie!


He's right. I can't.

I can't get it right,
I can't get it right.

Andre, baby, you
got to calm down.

Don't tell me to calm down.

Don't you ever tell me to
calm down, you hear me?


You taking his side now?

You taking his side?!

I'm on your side, baby.


You never been on my side!

What you doing to me, man?

I'm trying to help you, son.

Oh, son?

Oh, so you acknowledge
I exist now?

I'm your progeny, huh?

Yes, you exist. Yes, you are
my son, and I love you.

Oh, you love me, too?
He loves me, too.

You choosing me to take over
Empire, since you love me?

You know I haven't decided
which one of my sons...

Piece of business advice
from that Wharton education

you paid so handsomely for.

You pick the one who
knows you're a murderer.

You scared?! You scared? Huh?

- Son, son, son.
- Yeah, son. Son what?

- Calm down. - Don't like it
when Andre talking the truth?!

- No, Andre, Andre, calm down?
- The real truth! What?

Andre don't have to relax.

- Andre doesn't have to relax.
- You need to relax.

- Andre is carefree, baby.
- You need to relax.

- You need to relax.
- Andre is carefree, baby.

- Calm down, bro.
- Touch me, I'll kill you.

- Touch me, I'll kill you!
- Andre.

- Hey, relax.
- Get your hands off me.

Touch me, I'll kill you.

Get your hands off me!

Stop fighting! Stop fighting!

Andre, calm down.

Hold him down. Relax.

Take it easy, sir.


Calm down, sir.

Okay, we're good.

Need you to sign this, sir,

for a 48-hour hold, next of kin.

Let's get him out of here.

That's his wife.

♪This ain't just some♪

♪Crazy sexy love song♪

♪And this ain't for♪

♪Just to get you in my bed♪

♪Said this ain't so♪

♪I can taste all of your body♪

♪And this ain't for us♪

♪To just be tainting heads♪

♪It's for all of the above...♪

♪Now we're here making love...♪

♪It's for all of the above...♪

♪What are we fighting for♪

♪Ah, ah♪

♪What are we fighting for♪

♪Ah, ah♪

♪Why can't we make love♪

♪Not war♪

♪Ya beat my heart until you♪

♪Made it black♪

♪And blue♪


♪And blue♪

♪Made it black♪

♪And blue♪


♪And blue♪

♪Ooh... ah.♪

♪She can be a thot,
be a dime turnin'♪

♪-Up for the night, get
it down, down low -Down low♪

♪-Get it down, get it down,
down low, get it down -Down low♪

♪-Get it down,
down low -Down low♪

♪-Get it down,
get it down, down low♪

♪Down low * * Get it down♪

♪Get it down, down low♪

♪West side♪

♪West side, they
wonder why I say west side♪

♪I ride, till I die♪

♪R.I.P. To the
girl Left Eye... ♪

♪Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, huh♪

♪Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh♪

♪I am a conqueror♪

♪Oh, oh♪

♪Life is like a
big merry-go-round♪

♪You're up and then down♪

♪Going in circles♪

♪Trying to get to where you are♪

been counting you out♪

♪But where are they now♪♪

♪Sitting in the same old place♪

♪Just faces in the crowd♪

♪Well, we all make mistakes♪

♪You might fall on your face♪

♪But you gotta get up♪

♪I'd rather stand tall♪

♪Than live on my knees
* * Than live on my knees♪

♪'Cause I am a conqueror♪

♪And I won't accept defeat♪

♪Try telling me no♪

♪One thing about me♪

♪One thing about me♪

♪Is I am a conqueror♪

♪I am a conqueror♪

♪Whoa, oh, oh...♪

♪Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh♪

♪Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh♪

♪Oh, oh, oh♪

♪I am a conqueror♪

♪We all make mistakes♪

♪You might fall♪

♪On your face♪

♪But you gotta get up♪


♪We all make mistakes♪

♪You might fall♪

♪On your face♪

♪Don't ever give up...♪

♪I'd rather stand tall♪

♪Whoo, ooh, ooh * *
Than live on my knees♪

♪Than live on my knees♪

♪'Cause I am a conqueror♪

♪I am a conqueror♪

♪And I won't accept defeat♪

♪-And I won't accept
defeat -Try telling me no♪

♪Try telling me no♪

♪One thing about me♪

♪One thing about me♪

♪Is I am a conqueror♪

♪I am a conqueror♪

♪I am a conqueror♪


♪Oh * * Oh, oh♪

♪Oh, oh, oh, oh♪

♪Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh♪

♪Oh, oh, whoa♪

♪Ooh, ooh, ooh♪

♪I am a conqueror♪

♪Oh, oh.♪



♪If we are wise♪

♪We know that there's♪

♪Always tomorrow♪

♪Lean on me♪

♪When you're not strong♪

♪I'll be your friend♪

♪I'll help you♪

♪Carry on♪


♪It won't be long♪

♪Till I'm gonna need♪

♪Somebody to lean on♪

♪You just call on me, brother♪

♪When you need a hand♪

♪We all need somebody♪

♪To lean on♪

♪I just might have a problem♪

♪That you understand♪

♪ # We all need somebody♪

♪To lean on.♪

♪Bum, bum, bum, bum♪


♪Bum, bum, bum, bum♪


♪You're beautiful♪

♪Sometimes you feel insecure♪

♪Trust me, babe, I understand♪

♪Even with no manicure♪

♪Just know that I'll
still hold your hand♪

♪Yeah, listen, you look
so good when you're walking by♪

♪Sexy comes in every size♪

♪Keep wearing that, baby♪

♪You ain't playin'♪

♪You got yourself a new man♪

♪Don't need no workout plan♪

♪I call that baby fat♪

♪Baby fat♪

♪You sure look
good to me and I think♪

♪You're so beautiful♪

♪Shake it, shake
it♪♪ So one, two, three♪

♪Let's go♪♪ Move it, move it♪

♪Go up down, up down,
up down♪♪ Up and down♪

♪Go up down, up down, up
down, shake it fast♪♪ Up and down♪

♪Come on♪

♪It's yours♪

♪It's yours♪

♪ You're so pretty♪

♪Wit'cho fine ass♪

♪Beautiful curves
looking like a wine glass♪

♪You can go first, I can
get you high class, baby♪

♪I love girls, girls,
girls, girls, girls♪

♪I do adore♪

♪I take 'em all around
the world, world, world♪

♪Yeah♪♪ Damn, you're so perfect♪

♪Underneath the
surface and you got a♪

♪Smile like the sunshine♪

♪You keep it sexy♪

♪Your shoes are
Giuseppe and hot damn it♪

♪You got my tongue tied, baby♪

♪Good girl with a bad side♪

♪I'm a dog, we can
get into a cat fight♪

♪If you act right, I
can hit you back right♪

♪Make me wanna kill the
kitty like your cat died♪

♪You're so beautiful♪

♪Shake it, shake it♪

♪Give the world a show♪

♪Hands up, hands up♪

♪Move it, move it♪

♪Go up down, up
down, up and down♪

♪Go up down, up
down, up and down♪

♪Shake it fast♪

♪We the Lyons♪

♪You're so beautiful.♪