Empire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Empire - full transcript

Cookie and Camilla face off over Hakeem; Jamal reveals news that surprises everyone.

- Previously on Empire...
- I have asked Anika

to be my lovely wife. Bam.

Put your heart and guts into this company.

Which makes me the most qualified

to run the company, dad.

You need to recalibrate your meds again.

Everything I did was for
you and your brothers.

What you want, a medal, bitch?

I can't get back the 17 years we lost.

- But I'm here now.
- Too late.

Come out, and you're on your own.

We heard you on the radio.

She wanted to meet her daddy.

I have ALS. It's fatal. There's no cure.

She has to go up to Chicago overnight.

I can't lose you again.

I'm very nervous about this.

Stop being nervous.

Here they come.

Andre, get up. Get up, get up.

All right, everyone.

The verdict is in.

If the verdict is guilty,

you will be cuffed and led out immediately.

This may be your last opportunity

to speak one-on-one with your family.

So I won't get to say
good-bye to my babies?

No, ma'am.

Okay, come here.

Come here.

I don't know what's gonna happen.

But whatever that judge says,

I want you to remember mommy loves you.

Never forget that, okay?


I'll never stop loving you.

God got us.

God got us.

He got us, okay?

Hakeem, my baby.

Oh, my God, my...

I love you.

I love you, I love you.

♪ You're so beautiful... ♪

"You got me watching you."

Take care of my babies, please.

You still got it, old head.

You know you still the only
man I've ever been with.

Well, I've been with a
whole lot of women, Cookie.

But I was always looking for you in them.

Well, then get rid of fake-ass Halle Berry.

As long as she's around,
I'm closed for business.

It's either me or her, Lucious.

But if you stick with me,

I'll give you something she can't.

I'm gonna make you immortal.

Here, come over here and help me.

Tell me about this immortal thing.

Gonna produce an album,

spanning your entire musical career.

We'll call it Lucious Lyon Legacy.

I'll produce a legacy concert
and a legacy documentary.

Then we'll do a remake.

A song with you, Hakeem and Jamal,

all singing together.


You don't know how crazy that is.

I mean, we're launching this
IPO as a family-run business.

It is the perfect opportunity
to release a family song.

Yes, you and the boys
singing with me producing.

It is so hot.

What song do we do?

"You're so beautiful."

♪ You're so ♪

♪ Beautiful... ♪

You want Cookie's nookie, ditch the bitch.

Okay, okay.

I'll do it. I'll ditch her.

Promise me.

I promise I'll do whatever.

Kiss me.

I know I don't come here very often,

and I know I made a lot
of mistakes in life,

but if you're listening,

please let dad live.

I know there's not no cure,

but can you please make one for him?

I don't want to let him go. Amen.

Hakeem, why are we meeting
at a Catholic church?

Man, Jesus is everywhere.

You gonna do the family song?

I don't know, man.
I haven't thought about it.

It's like, ain't this weird?

We should be spending time with him.

Instead, we're thinking
about cutting a tune

and making money before he dies.

All dad cares about is
making music and money.

Come on, you know that.

Which is exactly why we don't get along.

Look, Mal, I know you got issues with him,

but you got to deal with it,
'cause in 25 years,

you gonna be in therapy wishing
you done the right thing.

And what about us?

What you mean?

Last time we were on stage
together, it was a mess.

And that's why it can't happen again.

Look, we just got to do whatever
it is to make dad happy.

No, you're right.

I was thinking about not
coming out till he's gone.

It's the last thing he wants;
I could do that for him.

So you really want me on the song?


Come on, we'll kill it.

- Let's do it for dad.
- I'll do it for dad

if you do it for mom.

I'll do it for them both.

♪ You're so beautiful ♪

♪ shake it, shake it ♪

♪ Give the world a show ♪

♪ Move it, move it ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

- ♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪
- ♪ Shake it fast ♪

- ♪ Go 'head, go 'head ♪
- ♪ It's yours... ♪

You guys sound amazing!

Why don't y'all come sing a chorus?

- Come join in.
- Do you mind?

Heck no, I don't.


♪ You're so beautiful ♪

♪ Shake it, shake it ♪

♪ Give the world a show ♪

♪ Move it, move it ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Shake it fast ♪

- ♪ Go 'head, go 'head ♪
- ♪ it's yours ♪

♪ How much you pay for it? ♪

- We should keep that.
- You should keep it.

Oh, my God, I'm the most
blessed man in this whole world.

I've got the most talented family.

Yes, and my handsome,
talented boys.

You got to understand,

audiences are staring at screens all day,

but if I can show a glimpse

into the soul of the artist,
of what it means

for a man like you and I to be an artist,

then I've taken the viewer to a place

that we don't normally see in a rock doc.

And that's what I want to
do with the Legacy doc.

You got the gig.

Ah, my man.

I also want you to shoot
the white party for me.

The white party.

You know, most people
would shoot that for free.

But I'm gonna charge you instead.

That's a man for you.
I like how you do business.

Hey, baby.

This right here is Ryan Morgan.

This is Anika.

He's gonna be shooting our Legacy doc.

And he's gonna shoot the
white party fund-raiser.

Nice to meet you, Ryan.

Lucious, do you have a moment?

I'll, uh, start shooting b-roll right away.


I like that cat.

Look, Anika, we-we got
to discuss something.

Yes, we do; And how about we start

with why you had my father commit fraud.

What are you talking about?

I just got off the phone with my mother,

and she said that he's signed
some clean bill of health

for a key man policy.

Look, I...

I did it for the IPO.

I did it... it was for us.

If my father goes down for this,

I will take everything down with him.

Well, I'm sorry.

I should have told you.

Should have said something to you.

Anything else you feel
like you should tell me?

Like maybe why you
screwed Cookie last night?

Damn it.


You know, I've been going
through a whole lot right now.

And she caught me at a real bad place.

That does not mean that you
get to hurt me in the process.

I'm sorry.

I wasn't trying to hurt you.

I really wasn't.

Prove it.

Marry me tomorrow.



Why tomorrow? I mean...

I mean, can't we make
it through this weekend

with the white party,

and then we-we get married next weekend?


But you have to make the
announcement at the white party,

and Cookie must be there.

I'll do it.

I promise I'll marry you next weekend

if you forgive me.

Didn't even cross their
minds to include me.

I feel like I don't even
exist in this family.

Don't sweat it, Dre.
I got an idea that can turn you

into the CEO of Empire a hell
of a lot sooner than we planned.

What are you talking about?

Every publicly traded company
has to have a fallback plan

just in case the CEO becomes
temporarily incapacitated.

An interim CEO.

And that's gonna be you, Dre.

We just need the board to vote on it,
and it's done.

You're gonna have my vote,
we'll have his, Cookie.

We'll need one more.

You got to get that last vote.

And if I'm the temporary CEO,
it shouldn't be too hard to go

from temporary to permanent, right.

- Do you feel me?
- I feel you.

Got you.

♪ I'll be shady if I want to ♪

♪ Everything that you've got ♪

♪ I'll be shady if I want to ♪
♪ I want... ♪

Who's that?

Ralph Anderson.

And will Mr. Anderson vote for you?

No, he hates me.

No, Janet Blakeley. That's the one.

Best shot at getting the last vote.

She's a former model.

Definitely former.

She's pretty, isn't she?

I'd say she's about a six.

Well, guess what she likes
even more than Mr. Blakeley.

- What?
- Girls.

Blondes in particular.


If only I knew someone who could

entice her to vote for me.


Know any hot blondes who
like to use sex for power?

Why don't I think about it for a minute.

♪ Hakeem got a thing for the ladies ♪

♪ The ladies got a
thing for the Hakeem ♪

♪ What I'm 'a do with you,
damn, you so beautiful ♪

♪ How do I get you on my team?
♪ Hakeem.


You're on top of the beat, baby.
You got to pull back.

Yo, like, who is she to tell me

what's right or wrong in my music?

This is not your music!

It's Lucious's song!

Then you sing it.

I'm sick of your little act, fool!

Hakeem, get-get your ass in here!

- Always walking away like a little girl.
- What the hell is wrong with...?

Yo, yo, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan!
Eighty-six the camera, man.

You sure? 'Cause this is great stuff.

No, this is my family private stuff.

Give me a minute, man.

Eric, make yourself gone.

Yes, sir.

What is wrong with y'all?

He started it.

Nuh-uh, she started it
with all them dumb notes.

That's her job! She's the producer!

Y'all gonna fix this,
'cause this is not working.

Hakeem, tell your mama
why you're so mad at her.

- Oh, my...
- I'm not doing this.

Look, cut the Dr. Phil crap

and tell the boy to get back to work,

Wait, no, no, I... Y'all don't get it!

I'm about to be dead soon!

And y'all gonna have to

work together after I'm gone.

And y'all can't work together

if y'all ain't talking to each other.

Now, Hakeem,

tell your mama why you're
always so damn mad at her.

She always bossing me around,

walking into rooms when
she ain't supposed to,

and then acting like she running the show.

Well, you don't run the show, dad does.

He's 100% right.

And don't act like you ain't

forget about me when you was away.

But you ain't forget about Jamal, did you?

You love Jamal more than me,
and you know it.

But it's cool though.

Thank you for your honesty.

That was honest.

Baby, I don't love Jamal
more than I love you.

I just... I just know him better.

That's all.


do you think it's possible that you can...

Get to know your mama better?


- Y'all ready to work now?
- Yes.

And you pull back off
that beat like I said.

I love you.

You have to realize that

my mom was gone,
and my dad was this huge superstar,

so he was more like a...
Like a TV personality

rather than someone that I actually knew.

But that's why we're doing the song,
you know?

So we can get to know each
other before it's too late.

Think we got it. That was beautiful.

Thank you. Thank you, man. Appreciate it.




Do you want to get a drink this Saturday?


Yeah, I do.

- Good.
- Cool.

Look, man, um...

You know, honestly,
if you really want to keep your job,

you should not let my dad know how you are.

Thanks, but your dad is lucky to have me

doing his silly little Vanity doc,

so if he's got a problem with me, he, uh...

He can kiss my ass.

I will see you on Saturday.


- ♪ shake it fast ♪
- ♪ Go ahead, go ahead ♪

- ♪ It's yours ♪
- ♪ How much you pay for it? ♪

♪ Said it's the type of song
to make a woman love a man... ♪

That lyric don't really suit him.

Stop it.

I'm just playing.

He sounds great.


Uh, did you get rid of fake-ass Lena Horne?

Come on.

No. Well,
then no nookie from Cookie till you do so.

Get out of here.

Are you okay?

Did I do that? I'm sorry.

- Should I call somebody?
- Just hold that... No, no, no.

Just hold that part right there,
right there, right there.

- Right there?
- Right there.


I just want you to hold me.

Oh, I'm holding you.

That's for leaving me twisting
in the wind for 17 years.

Do it again.

What if we get caught?

Who cares? I own the place.

♪ Said it's the type of song ♪

♪ To make a woman love a man,
a woman love a man... ♪

so a slight change in strategy.

Yeah. Mr. Blakeley saw a picture of you,

and I was told that he was, quote, "taken."

Oh, okay.
So perhaps I can keep Mr. Blakeley occupied

while you do the same for Mrs. Blakeley.

Are you as turned on as I am right now?


- So nice to see you.
- Nice to see you, Janet.

- Come on in, yeah.
- Oh, thank you.

And you must be Rhonda.

- Yes.
- Lovely to meet you.

Harold, they're here.


You're more beautiful than Janet described.

Come on in. You want a drink?

Yes. Scotch.

- A double.
- ♪ If you act right ♪

♪ I can hit you back right ♪

♪ Make me wanna kill the
kitty like your cat died ♪

♪ You're so beautiful ♪

♪ Shake it, shake it ♪

♪ Give the world a show ♪

♪ Move it, move it ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down... ♪

So they put Jamal last?

We fought on dad's showcase.

I told Mal,
"you can go last to make it cool with us."

But mother thinks you sound better.

Didn't I say we could
stop all that mama stuff?

You don't want me to
be your mother anymore?

It's not that.

You know,
I'm just off the whole mama thing.

Well, good.

Because I'm way too hot and way too young

to be playing those games with you, anyway.

I got you something.

What's this?

Open it.

It's for the white party.

When puff daddy used to wear suits,

he told the whole world
he was gonna be a CEO,

and if you want people
to take you seriously,

you have to start dressing the part.

You like it?

I love it.

You know what?

I'm gonna buy you

a fancy white dress to go with this suit.


Because I'm taking you to the white party.

Me to the white party?

It's time for everybody
to meet my new queen.

You are making a mistake
by letting Jamal go last.

No, I'm not.

The best always goes last.

You want to slow down, honey?


Did either of you see that
movie about Stephen Hawking?

Mm, I don't like to see movies
about kids on the short bus.

She's kidding.

Stephen Hawking suffers from ALS.

That's a very,

uh, serious disease.

I'm sorry, did you say

Stephen Hawking has ALS?

That's right.

Really? How has he lived

for so long?

He has a very rare form

that, uh, you can survive with.

So he's totally paralyzed,
but it doesn't affect his mind?

He's still sharp as they come.

What was so interesting

in the movie was that, even with ALS,

he can still get an erection.

There are some men that,
uh, can't be held back,

even by a wheelchair.


No, they cannot.

Beef Stroganoff?


Carl, you are the man.

Thank you so much.

You're the last vote I
need to close this up.

I will not let you down, sir.

All right, see you tomorrow at the meeting.


How you feeling?

Never better, Andre.

Well, no harm, no foul.

I just got Carl Johnson.


Are you sure you don't
need me to sleep with him?

Or his brother or cousin or mom, dad?

I thought you liked our games.

Tonight just...

Made me sick.


So maybe you could just be a man,

and get this done on your own,

and not turn your wife
into a geriatric whore.

'Cause I am so over it.

♪ Empire ♪

♪ This my, my, my ♪

♪ It's the fire inside me ♪

♪ That built this Empire ♪

♪ No longer down, I'm moving up higher... ♪

You look good, Keem.

Mature and so handsome.

You know, you got to switch up

your style sometime,
you know what I'm saying?

Yes, I do.

I got to talk to you about something.

- Okay.
- I need to go last

on that family song instead of Jamal.

I thought you didn't mind he went last.

You favor Jamal over me all the time.

For once, it'll make me feel good

if you put me on a pedestal.


All right, let me, um...

Let me talk to Jamal and Lucious

and see how everybody feels about it.

God, I don't want your brother mad at me.

I think you would be great last, too.

Thanks, ma.

- ♪ This my, my, my ♪
- ♪ it's the fire ♪

♪ Inside me, that built this Empire... ♪

You aren't joking?
You seriously have a daughter?

Here you go.

- I didn't know until, like, a week ago.
- Enjoy.

I slept with her mother once.

It was this whole marriage sham,
for my career.

For my dad.

What about you?
You, uh... you ever date girls?

Girls, guys...
I mean, I tried it all, but...

I always knew.

Your father as crazy about it as mine?

He loves that his son's a sissy.
What can I say?

Of course he does. The joys of

being the son of a black man.

Yes, sir.

You just...
you don't really seem bothered by it though.

I just don't see why I should be ashamed

or embarrassed about who I am.

This is the way God made me.

I've been trying to come out for months.

And... and I don't.

This is just who you are.

Do it for yourself.

Do it for your daughter.

It's supposed to go around.

That-that's good.

You want to try?


You want to play

with this doll and this dude right here?

- No?
- No.

Well, what do you want to do?

I mean,
I'm down to do whatever you want to do.

I want mommy. Is she coming back?

Yeah, she coming back.

But for now, I'm gonna protect you.

Even from the monsters?

Yeah, especially from the monsters.

Hey, come here; Look at me.

Whenever you get scared,

just curl your mouth like
that and you just go, "roar!"

- Roar!
- Come on, girl, show me what you got.

- Roar!
- Roar!

'Cause you're a Lyon.

Lyons are never afraid to
let the world hear them roar.

You know what else Lyons do?

We sing.

You want me to sing you a song
my dad used to sing to me?


♪ In the jungle ♪

♪ The mighty jungle ♪

♪ The lion sleeps tonight ♪

♪ In the jungle, the mighty jungle ♪

♪ The lion sleeps tonight ♪

Then you go... ♪ wimoweh, wimoweh ♪

♪ Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh ♪

♪ Wimoweh, wimoweh ♪

♪ Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh ♪

- Keep going.
- ♪ Wimoweh, wimoweh ♪

- ♪ In the village, the peaceful village ♪
- ♪ wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh ♪

- ♪ The lion sleeps tonight ♪
- ♪ Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh ♪

- ♪ Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh ♪
- ♪ Near the village ♪

- ♪ The quiet village ♪
- ♪ Wimoweh, wimoweh ♪

- ♪ The lion sleeps tonight. ♪
- ♪ Wimoweh... ♪

Ladies and gentlemen, as the acting CFO,

I think I would be the most qualified

to be the interim head of the company

if for any reason Lucious Lyon

would be temporarily incapacitated.

I would keep the business afloat

until Mr. Lyon returned to his post,

and would handle its affairs
with his exact wishes.

Now we will vote by each
individual board member.

I vote yea.

- Janet Blakeley?
- Nay.

Marcus Mitchell?


- Ralph Anderson?
- Nay.

It's cold up in here.

Carl Johnson?


Cookie Lyon?


Lucious Lyon?



The answer's no.

Dad, wait a minute.

♪ I love it all, I love it all ♪

♪ I love it all, I love it all ♪

♪ I love it all, I love it all ♪

♪ Just me and my dawgs,
we came in here to ball... ♪

You want to do the line?

God no.

- Jamal?
- Mm-hmm?

We need to talk about the song.

Um, Hakeem wants his verse to go last,

and I'm inclined to give it to him

unless you have a problem with it.

Well, I do.

I mean, you're my manager, not his.

- I know.
- Is this dad?

No! No, it's all me.

Mal, you know Hakeem and I

are starting to have a relationship,

and I just really don't want
this to come in between it.

Yeah, ma, I get that, but Hakeem told me

that he wouldn't act a
fool if I did the song.

And, of course, he lied.

That's messed up.

Jamal, stop.

You know what?

Your father should go last.

Yeah, I'll call Hakeem,
and I'll tell him that Lucious goes last.

Nobody else.

Y'all messing around again?

Mm, why would you say that?

Oh, my God, y'all are.

You two hitting?

Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Mom, I'm telling you right now,

just be careful.

- You do not want to love that man.
- Why not?

Because he's incapable of
loving anybody but himself.

And you can tell Hakeem first,
second, last, I don't care.

- I'm off the song.
- Oh, Jamal!

Lucious! Lucious!

be sure to stay until the very end.

We have a very special
announcement to make.

What is this announcement
that she has to make?

And why is she even here?

Look, I wanted to tell you...

Tell me what?

It's not gonna happen.

I'm not calling it off.

So you're gonna marry her?

That's the announcement.

We're moving up the wedding.


Next week.

Go to hell, Lucious.

How you doing?

Hey, girl, can I see you for a second?

Excuse me, fellas.


I just wanted to congratulate you

on your upcoming wedding.

Oh, Cookie, if you came here

to tell me about the little reunion

that you and Lucious had,
well, save your breath, honey.

I already know.


But did he tell you about the big reunion

we had last night in the
studio on the soundboard?


No. Hmm.

Of course not.

Must have been after he promised
he would never do it again.

Girl, men.


You look pretty.

Your meds aren't gonna
work if you drink that.

Oh, okay.

What you know about that?

Are you sure about this?

Yeah, I'm sure.

You're my lady,
and it's time for everybody to know.

Who's your friend?

Ma, this is my girl, Camilla.

Pleasure to meet you, Cookie.

Wish I could say the same for you.

- Come on, Cookie, don't be like that.
- Hakeem,

it is obvious you're
seeing old Camilla here

because I wasn't around,

but I'm here now, baby.
You need to be dating

- girls your own age.
- No.

I want some grandbabies.

Excuse me. You're older than I am.

Oh, I don't think so, auntie Camilla.

Plus, I don't date boys half my age.

You need to stay your
tired ass away from my son.

Chill out, mom.

This what I was talking
about you being bossy.

Look, I'm gonna date who I want.

If you ain't with that, you ain't with me.

He's so tired of being stifled by you.

If you don't put him last on that song,

you're not gonna use his track.

Oh, I get it.

So Yoko Ono here

wants to play on the song, too.

Well, what can you do, Yoko?

Can you play the tambourine?

Don't mess with me, Cookie.

I'm not one of your jailbird mates, okay?

Mm, I wish you were.

You probably would've
made a good bitch for me.

You look like you got a long tongue.

I'll tell you what.

You enjoy your little playtime with my son,

but my baby is a superstar,

and he ain't settling for no cougar bitch

who's clearly taking
advantage of his mommy issues.

Have your little fun, boo-boo.

At least I got the junior, bitch.

You're off that song.

What the hell happened?

He thinks that we're trying
to plot behind his back.

You told me he was okay with this.

Look, I never spoke to him about it,

but I never thought for one second

he's not gonna vote for you.

Don't worry about it.

I'll take care of it.

It's what I do.


That Yoko bitch is
screwing up my whole album.

It's her fault.

Why don't you just drop the song?

Don't nobody even want to do it anymore.

Mal, I am not dropping the song.

Can I just use your verse?

Nah. It's not a family song

unless the family sings on it, Jamal.

She's right, Mal.

It's not family unless you're on it.

Oh, now you want to talk about family.

Cookie, you put me in...

Shut up, Lucious!

What do you want to do, man?

What do you want to do?
You want me to do it for you.

No, don't do it for me.
Don't do it for your mama.

Don't do it for your brothers.

You do it for the sake of the music.

You got to remember, that's why God

put us on this planet, Mal.

Regardless of how we fight
or we feel about each other

or try to hurt each other,

the music, man.

Music, that's forever.

They'll dance to it forever.
They'll sing to it forever.

They'll be inspired by it forever.

Put the bad blood behind us.

Tell your truth in the music.

No, you're right, dad.

Why don't you do a song for these mugs?

They'll love you for it.

I-I did do my own arrangement of
"You're so beautiful."

Oh, did you?

I did.

I'm serious; I have the accompaniment.

Well, impress me.

Do it for them.

Thank you, thank you.

Uh, the most brilliant man that I know

told me that music is the truth.

I'm honored tonight to be able to use

his music to explain to
you all some of my truths.

♪ Ooh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Sometimes you feel insecure ♪

♪ Trust me, babe, I understand ♪

♪ Even with no manicure ♪

♪ Just know that I'll
still hold your hand ♪

♪ You look so good when
you're walking by ♪

♪ And sexy comes in every size ♪

♪ Keep wearing that ♪

♪ You got yourself a new man ♪

♪ Kanye's workout plan ♪

♪ I call that baby fat, baby fat ♪

♪ 'Cause you sure look good to me,
I think ♪

- ♪ You're so beautiful ♪
- ♪ shake it, shake it ♪

- ♪ Give the world a show ♪
- ♪ Move it, move it ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Shake it fast, it's yours ♪

♪ Say it's the kind of song ♪

♪ That makes a man love a man ♪

♪ A man love a man, a man love a man ♪

♪ Say it's the kind of song
that makes a man love a man ♪

♪ A man love a man, a man love a man... ♪

Are you out of your damn mind?

Walking in here looking
like a little bitch?

- He just came out.
- ♪ It's the kind of song ♪

- ♪ That makes a man love a man ♪
- Please, daddy! No, daddy, please!

- Go, Mal!
- Lucious, no! Lucious!

- ♪ You're so beautiful ♪
- ♪ Shake it, shake it ♪

- ♪ I don't care who knows ♪
- ♪ move it, move it ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Go up down, up down, up down ♪

♪ Shake it fast ♪

♪ Go 'head, go 'head. ♪

I love you.

Lucious Lyon's
son publicly came out yesterday

in an audacious performance...

Hip-hop icon Lucious Lyon's son, Jamal,

confirmed he was gay after
changing the lyric to one of

his father's most famous songs.

...Changing the lyric

to one of his father's most famous songs.

Have you heard from your brother?


It's getting worldwide coverage now.

He should have warned
us he was gonna do it.

It was irresponsible of him.

What was irresponsible

was you two campaigning behind my back.

Can't believe you didn't
think that Andre would be

the most obvious choice
to take over the company.

Never crossed my mind.

You know, a lot of things

haven't been crossing your mind lately.

I'm starting to wonder where
your loyalty lies, Vernon.

Are you seriously gonna
sit here and look me

in the eye and tell me that?

If you'll excuse me,
I need a moment with my son.

And you...

I voted against you because...

I can't trust you.

Why don't you trust me, dad?

The moment you brought that
white woman into my house,

I knew then I couldn't trust you.

I knew then that you didn't want

to be a part of my family.

She has nothing to do with this,
and you know it.

You know why my family hates me?

I know why.

Because I'm not talented.

Not the way you want, right?

Because I studied in
school and got good grades

and went to college.

You hate me because I want to be accepted?

And they will never accept you!

They will accept your money, Dre,

but they will never accept your black ass.

And I don't give a damn how
many white women you marry.

They will never accept you!

This is a family business,

and I swear before God,

I'm gonna leave it to somebody
who cares about my family,

not someone who's trying to tear it apart.

I hear you.

Loud and clear.

Open up.

You famous, huh?

And you stupid.

It's crazy, huh?

You want something to eat?

Nah, I'm good.

Look, my bad on asking
Cookie to make me go last.

Yeah, fool.

I thought you wasn't gonna
fight with me no more.

I know, but Camilla got me all hype.

But I'll still do the song

if you want to.

Look, I don't care who go last no more.

Then why don't we both
do a chorus together?

Yeah, that'd be crazy.

But truth be told,

I ain't come here to talk about that...

the song or Empire, none of that.

I came, brother to brother,

to tell you how proud I am of you.

You don't think it was a mistake?

Not at all.

It's the bravest thing I seen in my life.

♪ Oh, yes ♪

♪ I'm the great pretender ♪

♪ Pretending that I'm doing well ♪

♪ My need is such ♪

♪ I pretend too much... ♪

♪ I'm lonely, but no one can tell ♪

♪ Oh, yes, I'm the great pretender ♪

♪ Adrift in a world... ♪

♪ Girls ain't nothing but trouble ♪

♪ Can't live with 'em, can't love 'em ♪

♪ Can't live without 'em,
can't trust 'em ♪

♪ It's a world of rollers,
man, cuff 'em ♪

Anika Calhoun to see Billy Beretti.

Is he expecting you?


But he'll be happy I'm here.

♪ Can't live with 'em, can't love 'em ♪

♪ Can't live without 'em,
can't trust 'em ♪

♪ It's a world of
rollers, man, 'cuff 'em. ♪

What do you want?

Did you say something to Anika?


Are you lying to me?



Anika was supposed to meet
me at the wedding planner's.

Well, poor girl probably realized

you was never gonna stop lying to her.

Look, Cookie, what happened between us

was a momentary weakness,

and it will never happen again.

I'm not leaving Anika for you.

That is fine by me, Lucious.

Nothing good can come from loving you.

Except for my three babies.

Now I'm gonna focus on
someone who really loves me.

Splendid boy.

He came out to the world,
and nothing changed, Lucious.

You're still you.

He's still Jamal.

The whole world knows.

No one cares.

The world is still spinning, Lucious.

No one cares that he's gay.

But I do.

I care so much...

the Legacy album's dead.

Lucious... don't do this.

Isn't this what you built Empire on...

your family legacy?

This is your family legacy, Lucious.

This is not a family.

This is a disgrace.

Legacy album's dead.

I'm done.

♪ You're so beautiful ♪

♪ I'll still wait for you ♪

♪ You're so beautiful ♪

♪ I'll still wait for you ♪

♪ You're so beautiful. ♪