Empire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Empire - full transcript

Lucious tries to steal a major artist from his rival, Jamal works on composing original music, and Hakeem faces complications in the lead up to an important performance.

Previously on Empire...

Well, the police think they
got a witness with Bunkie's murder.

I want to find out who it is.
Can you get on that?

- Yes, sir.
- Kidd Fo-Fo signed

with Billy Beretti.
He is my enemy.

Go after him.

You've got ALS.

There's no cure for that.

Just want to have sex
with me now 'cause

I'm a celebrity and all, huh?

I want to keep them together.

What am I to you?
My mama.

I don't understand you!

You don't have to understand me.

My obedience
is no longer for sale.

You sure you want
to give everything up?

I'm going after his empire.
I'm gonna take it.

I'm gonna ask you one more time:

what do you want?

I just told you.
We could shoot a music video,

pop some bottles, get
some pretty girls,

and then we can get some gigs.

You want to run Empire one day?

'Cause that's not gonna cut it.

At least I got songs.

Jamal doesn't have
any new songs.

He's so busy complaining

about how life sucks
living in Bushwick

'cause he cut himself off.

Look, I'm not talking
about Jamal.

I'm asking you,
what do you want?!

Lucious, let's just

think about pushing
back the release date

for the album, so...

No, no, we're not pushing

back the release date.

His album drops

the day that Empire goes public.

Why are you riding
everybody so hard?

Okay, let me explain to y'all

what I want.
I want...

Let me tell you what I want.

What I want

is a better office,

not a broom closet
on the 13th floor,

next to Accounting.

And I would also like to have

full benefits
for my trusty assistant here.

Sir, there's
nothing I can do.

Homegirl gave HR a dead person's
social security number.

Uh, sorry, but I don't do taxes.

Look, Cookie, I will work on

getting you a better office,

but right now I need
you to leave mine

so I can do my job.

Yeah, 'cause your
little Mally Mal,

he need all the help
he can get right now.

You know what?

You need to stop rapping
like you're from the streets

'cause you're not
'bout that life.

You want to know why

"No Apologies" was so good?

It was the best thing
you ever did

because it was about Bunkie,

and that was real for you.

You rapped from here.

Stay there.

Where's your office,
boo boo kitty?

You know what? You need to just
put me on in her office.

I know what Hakeem needs.

And it's not some

debutante with a bougie ear

who doesn't want
to disturb her pearls.

What I want

is for everyone

to be talking about Empire

until this IPO is launched.

What I want is everyone talking

about Hakeem.

What I want most of all

is for you to put
Donkey Kong in a barrel

and get the hell
out of my office.

You stole those from
down the hallway, didn't you?

I didn't steal a damn thing.

I produced this album.

I produced all those albums.

Well, you were good.


I'm the best producer
Lucious Lyon's ever had.

And I'm about to make him
remember how...


Hey, girl.

This is the office
they gave you?

Uh, it's temporary.

That's wrong.

What you want, Tiana?

I was wondering if you could
listen to my new demo.

If you're not busy...

Porsha, get her
something to drink.

Have a seat.
Okay. Thanks.

So, uh...

Uh... why do you want me
to hear your song?

Well, it needs something

and I just can't
figure out what it is.

Why didn't you ask Anika
what it needs?

She's a suit.

And that song you pulled
for Jamal was dope.

Is he, like, your only client,

or are you working
with other people, too?

Tiana, sweetheart,

I own half this company.

And I will be moving out of

this little hellhole soon.

Soon as

Lucious can remember
that I'm the one

who deserves to be across
that hall from him.

Let me hear this song.

Yeah. It's called
"Keep It Movin'."

The hook is good,

but it needs something.
You'll see.

? I'm so dangerous ?

? Listen to me, here we go ?

? I got a body like a weapon ?

? It goes bang, bang,
bang, bang... ?

I need you in the studio,

making new music.

All right, I'm on it.

No, right now.
Right now?

I got passes
to Titan's show in Brooklyn.

All the thots gonna be there.

It's good for promotion.

So you dig Titan, huh?

Love it.

Yeah, I think he's dope.

Well, at least let me
check out the passes,

make sure they're

Oh, they're good.

Got four.

You know?

You want to know why
Titan is so dope?


He's always recording
something new.

He's always on tour.

I mean,

I hear rumors that

the boy don't even sleep.

He's the baddest
rapper in the game,

and I wish he was at Empire.

Hey, Becky.

Yes, sir?

Ven aqu?, mi amor.


Happy birthday.

Dad, that's not cool.

My birthday's a month away...

Oh, my God!
Oh, yes!

I love Titan!

Oh, my God, thank you!

You'd better get going.

That's cold, Dad.

That's foul.

This race between you and Jamal?

It's yours to lose.

Prove to me

that you as bad as Titan.

That's all I want.

And now,

Creedmoor Entertainment presents

multiple Grammy Award winner,

Rapper of the Year, Titan!

Becky, there's your man!
I love you, Titan!

? Give me all that,
you be all right ?

? Better not talk back
'cause I work hard ?

? Just so I can play hard ?

? But if you work a lil harder ?

? You can play even harder ?

? So I be on my hustle... hard ?

? Hustle... hard ?

? Hustle...
hard ?

? Oh, my God, I work hard ?

Ladies, you need
to hold it right there.

All-access, boo boo.

Yes. All-access, coming through.

I cannot wait to meet him.

Excuse you.

Hold up, fool.

Man, get off me.

Do I know you?

You don't remember me?

Should I remember you?

Yeah. I'm the one
who lit it up.

What you gonna do, huh?

Back up. Everybody back...

Get down.

Get off me!

I can't believe Titan

is still locked up.

He's making headlines.
They're calling him

the savior of hip-hop.

And I hear his contract
renewal's stalled.

I think
your old partner--

that scumbag Beretti...
Damn it.

...is using
his arrest as leverage,

trying to undercut his deal.

You hear me talking to you?

What's up? What you doing?

I can't...

I can't make it stop.

What'd the doctor say?

Doctor said it's serious.




I have ALS.

They're not giving me much time.

They said I got, like,
three years at best.


There are gonna be
some changes around here.

In addition to me
managing Jamal...

Sorry I'm late.
Good morning.

What are you doing here?
This is a closed status meeting.

Yeah, and speaking of status,
I was just about to inform

the A&R department

that, as of this morning,
in addition to handling

and managing Jamal,
I'm also handling

this label's fiercest

young female artist.

Awesome news, right?
Are you

out of your mind?

I thought you'd be cool.
So from now on

I handle and approve
all things Tiana.

appearances, recordings--

everything down to her
nail gel color.

Y'all clear on that?
We'll discuss this later.

No, there's nothing
to discuss, sweetheart.

Why don't you go to the studio? I'll catch up.
All right.

With your fierce self. Y'all
wait to see what I do with her.

Are we gonna have some problems?


I don't have time
for this right now.

I have to run a meeting.
If you want to stay,

you stay. I don't
care what you do.

Okay, well, then I will stay.

Good morning, everyone.

Um, first order of business.

Kidd Fo-Fo-- we don't
have him anymore.

No, good riddance.

Did y'all a favor,
as far as I'm concerned.

As I said,
Kidd Fo-Fo--

he's not on our roster.

So: who do we have,
who can we get,

who's making noise, who's
filling up the hip-hop blogs?

Titan, basically.

Nobody else
exists. He's

making a fortune for Creedmoor.

Outselling every genre.

Yeah, but we don't have Titan,
so we need somebody else.

Y-Y'all don't understand the
difference between the real deal

and a poser. Get some
authenticity up in here.

We need somebody like Titan.

I don't want

someone like Titan.

The Empire wants Titan.

Bring him here.

Ms. Calhoun,
can I

see you for a second?

Don't worry about it.
I'll take it from here.

So, how do we go
about getting Titan?

Now you know why
I've been so hard on you.

And been pushing Hakeem so hard.

I need my successor positioned

and I need our company to be
stronger than it's ever been.

I need you to be stronger.

What does Titan have
to do with this?

You heard them
in the A&R meeting-- he's...

the most authentic artist
since Tupac.

They're not talking
about Empire.

They're talking about him.

I know what I'm saying, baby.

He's with Creedmoor.

Well, that's our added bonus.

Because if we poach
him from Creedmoor...

That's a bullet

to Beretti's head.

You're right.

That's brilliant.


I'll sign him.

No, no, no.
I told Vernon to handle this.

Um, he's involved
in some gang beef,

and it's just dangerous.

Lucious, stop treating me
like I'm some damn baby doll.

Nobody's treating you
like a baby. I'm treating you

like you're my...
Yo, what's this I hear about

you trying to steal an artist

from a competing label?

You watch your tone
in my office.

Everyone... steals artists.

Yeah, it's a part
of the game, baby.

Not right before a
public stock offering.

I'm obliged to caution against
unsavory business practices.

Mr. Menchel's right, Dad.
Poaching a jailed thug?

It just sends the wrong message.

I tried to tell you cats this
is a potentially great PR move.

Truth is we're not poaching him.

We are saving his life.

To me, it looks like payback
for Beretti stealing Kidd Fo-Fo.

He didn't steal Kidd Fo-Fo.

Lucious dropped him
'cause he's wack.

Because he was
too controversial.

No, because he wasn't
good enough.

Look, Titan's

narrative is real.
He needs to be here.

Beretti is gonna
come back at us... hard.

So? Let him.

It's about time we kicked

that fake-ass pimp to the curb.

And Beretti, the last thing

he's expecting us to do
is to hit back.

He thinks we're gonna play nice
since we're launching the IPO.

Vernon, when does Titan get out?

That boy ain't getting out.

He's on a no-bail hold.

Previous gun charge.
Lawyers ain't doing jack.

And his face is all over
magazines and Web sites.

And Beretti is
still making money.

I will go to BCC.

Andre, can you check

with your contact
at the mayor's office and see

if she can get me
a private meeting?

No, baby girl,
you ain't going nowhere.

These cats are real.

And you can't handle that.

This is the dumbest thing
I ever heard.

Lucious, you really gonna send
this bougie debutante

to the county jail?

Man, are you stupid?

Ain't nobody
gonna touch Titan when

he's in Brooklyn Correctional.

He shot Cashville's
top drug dealer.

These cats are fighting
over territory.

They want revenge.


I need you to set up a meeting

for Anika and Titan's manager

where she can slide him an offer
somewhere in their hood.

I'll go with her
to make sure she's safe.

And, Cookie, you're
gonna stay out of this.

You know I can handle
this, Lucious.

What you need to handle
is your client.

I hear he's having
a little trouble

since he's been waving
his little rainbow flag

around, telling everybody
he doesn't need my money.

I know y'all hungry.

I figured your gas hadn't
been turned on yet.

Hi, sweetheart.
Thank you, Cookie.

You're so sweet.

In the whole apartment
ain't enough plugs.

I have to get a power strip.

Well, here, buy some. Here.

And while you're at it,
get some things

and fix this place up.

I know how y'all divas
like to decorate.

Please get that out of my face.
That's Lucious' money.

Suit yourself.

All right, Jamal, you're hungry.
Come have some pizza.

Do you want a slice, Cookie?

You know, this place
ain't half as bad

as where we lived in Philly.

But me and your daddy still
made some number-one hits

in there, we sure did.

Shooting rats in
between takes and all.

So, what you got?

My songs ain't ready yet.

They ain't.
Mal, don't you play me.

Now, I'm trying
to build something for us.

I'm managing Tiana now,
and I'm going after

somebody else, baby,
somebody big.

Somebody who knows how to fight
for what they believe in.

Well, I'm happy for you.

And I hope you get
everything that you want.

Mal, you're the one who wanted

to make your own music, okay?

That's fine,
but we don't have time

for you to be having
some mental artsy...

block brain fart,
whatever you having!

I'm not.

I'm not!

Okay, well, listen.

I need you to get
to work, baby, okay?

I need you to make me
some music, okay?

Now, pull yourself together!

Man, you'd better get off my couch doing that.
Wow, come on.

You got a $2 million
apartment for that.

This is business.
In case you haven't noticed,

it ain't bad for business.

There's a gazillion
tribute pages.

We're known as TaKeem.
Well, TaKeem,

we need you guys to find

a duet to record together.

Because I just closed a deal
with the Teen Choice Awards.

They have agreed that they want to shoot

the Nomination Announcement
Concert at Laviticus.

As you can imagine,

the hottest talent
is gonna be there.

And we want the both of you
to be representing Empire.

That's genius.

I'm not watering my music down
for no tweens.

Can't be afraid

of mass appeal, son. You hook
these little white kids early,

you've got 'em loyal for life.
You really think

I'm afraid of something, Dad?
If you're not prolific,

Jamal's gonna catch up to you.

Jamal would never do
a teen show.

That's why he'll never
be as big as you.

Cookie's down,
so let's get crackin'.

Oh, you ran it by Cookie?

Of course I did.
She's my manager.

Dad, I tried
to talk her out of it,

but you know how...
Let me tell you something, TaKeem.

I have worked very hard
on my relationships

in order
to get this done for you.

And I am not gonna be having
Cookie messing this up.

She's not. She's stoked about it.
Okay. Well,

what exactly did Cookie promise
you when you signed with her?

To do the same thing
she's doing for Jamal--

protect the music
and make me a star.

The same thing

she did for you back in the day,


As-salaam alaikum, my sister.

Wa alaikum as-salaam.

Um, I need to speak
to Sister Fatima

regarding her son, Titan.

I know your story, Sister.
Very well.

I've followed you.

They rip our families apart,

and they lock up our strongest,
trying to keep us weak,

killing us at the root.

I missed my babies so much.
Thank you.

Some, uh, Nation sisters
led prayer in lockup.

Yeah, they helped me keep
my spirit intact.

You must be happy
to be back home.

I'm back, but I ain't home.

I fall asleep now just as
lonely as I was on that cot.

All those years,

the thought of me holding my own
again gave me so much peace.

But here I am.

My husband left me.

My oldest is too ashamed.

My youngest don't even remember.

I feel
your pain, Sister.

You gave up your best years
for them kids,

and now you have
to beg their forgiveness

for the sacrifice you made?
It's not fair.

But it's called being a mother,
ain't it?

Yes, indeedy.

Is Titan your only?

He's the provider. The youngest.

You know, I tell people

Allah saved the best for last.

my youngest is talented, too.


I fear for him.

My son protected himself.

That animal that he shot

burned down our community center
the night before.

Titan went there
every day after school.

He learned music at that center.

Kept him off the streets.

You-you raised
a good son.

But from seeing his videos,

he ain't following the
Nation anymore, is he?

Billy Beretti lured him.

If he had stayed
with the Nation,

he wouldn't be in jail.

Look, Sister,

Lucious Lyon's got an army
of lawyers and he wants to help.

- I didn't write this.
- Of course

you didn't write it. Legal wrote it.
We sound smart

- as wack.
- Lucious only has

five minutes. Okay?
I'm amazed by these.

Ah, Detective Walker.
Good to see you.

Thanks for squeezing me in, Mr. Lyon.
I understand

you found Bunkie's car.
Uh, yeah.

We found trace evidence
in the vehicle,

so I'm obliged
to ask you all some questions.

How often

did you travel in his car?
Well, as...

Maybe a couple times a week,
whenever we needed to talk.

We all rode in his car.
Yeah, that's what I figured, but, um,

we think Bunkie was shot
around 9:30 on the 12th.

Do you recall

where you were at that time?

I probably have to check
with Becky, but I'm...

sure I was home.

You were at home?



I have 15 maids.

Big place.

? The drama, the drama ?

? The babies, the mamas ?

? Maybe you promised ?
? But you were dishonest ?

? You got some trip
in your stride ?

? There's only one pimp
in this ride ?

? Hop out the car if that
is what you wanna do ?

? Drop the drama-thon ?
? Do what you gonna do ?

? I'm round that corner, when
through we can rendezvous ?

? Make Daddy proud of you ?
? Boo ?

? And so you walk ?

? And so you... ?

Daddy, what's going on?

Sit tight, Andre.

Just be cool.

I'll be right back.


My father wasn't alone.

Is there a problem?

We just need to
take a quick look around.

Is that your boy?
That's my son Andre.

How you doing, Andre?

Yeah, we were together
at his house watching the, uh,

Mayweather fight.

If you can call that
a fight.

I had one too many. I spent
the night in the guest room.

I was there.

You okay?


Are you?

All right.

I understand that you're more
than Titan's managers.

You're blood cousins?

We grew up with him.

Over in Marcy.

Your beats inspired us, man.


For real, bro.
Appreciate that.

Titan used to copy all your
rhymes when we was kids.

That's how he got started.

Which is exactly why
he should be with Empire.

Hey, look, um, yo, fellas,
want something to drink?

Um, two black and rums.

Can I get a Scotch?
You take care of this.

You know, in case
you were unaware,

I am the head of A&R
for this company.

Not his assistant.

My bad.

baby girl, bottom line--

Beretti got muscle
over at BC-squared.

We ain't talked to Titan since
the night he got locked up.

Oh, yeah, it's deep.

Our boy shot
a Cashville gangster.

Get down, they're clapping!

Stay down! Stay down!

I can't have you
around these people.

Baby, I got this, okay?

I'll find another way...

No, I will find another way.

You stay out of it.

Well, I went
to see Titan's mother.

Did you?

Yeah, she's serious, Lucious.

I mean, bean pie, prayer rug,

covered hair,
all of that, serious.

She raised Titan
in the Nation of Islam.

Titan is a part of the Fruit?

Yeah, that's what
I'm telling you.

Nothing but racist views.


So is America.

Every day, I worry
about my sons, don't you?

I know how bad you wanted Titan,

but they're gonna break
his ass in prison.

You lose your soul when you feel
like the world's forgotten you.

I never forgot about you.


I did some things
that I had to do

in order to make sure
that when you got out,

you would have
all of this stuff.

"This stuff," meaning
this material stuff?

You just stopped coming.

No calls, no letter,
no explanation,

just left me twisting
in the wind.

Remember our first Christmas?

It was cold.

We didn't have nothing,
we didn't need anything.

You wrote me a song.

You tried to get
me to steal a Christmas tree.

Yeah, and you punked out.

I made inroads.

I'm-a go back
and talk to Titan's mother.

I think I can get her
to see the light.

But getting in bed
with Titan means

inviting the Nation
back into your life.

Doesn't matter.

I mean, this is business,
it's not personal.

The Nation killed your father.

Just let me know if you want me
to go talk to his mother.

You know, I never
forgot about you.

Keep telling yourself
that, Lucious.

? Every time
I show her my maneuver ?

? She brag about the way
I give it to her ?

? Uh, I do it sort of
like a ruler ?

? That's a cutie ?

? E-Executor, oh! ?

Stop, stop.

You're doing it too hard.

It's a G-rated song.

I had to put
intense stuff on it.

Look, you have to be romantic.

You have to be seductive now.

Look, I don't care how you
feel about your mother.

She knows music.

So you're gonna rerecord this.

You're gonna go to her house,

Tiana will be waiting
for you there.

You'll listen to it together,

and when Cookie signs
off, we'll go to mix.

You got to be kidding me.

Hakeem, I can't make
you love your mother,

but you will respect her.

Because she's lived
through a hell

that you have to understand

if your music is
ever gonna elevate

to the place of poetry

where it resonates in the
hearts of its listeners.

Like your boy, Titan?

Yeah, like Titan.

Hey, Mal, heard you found
a rat hole to live in.

Yeah, it's disgusting.

It's noisy as hell.

Finding it hard to
work there, huh?


Well, you know nothing's
changed for me, man.

You could have your old
place back, my support back,

whatever you need; I still
believe in your talent.

No, I don't need
your charity, so here.

I didn't expect to get paid

for helping out Hakeem
at Laviticus.

He needed me,

so I helped him.

No charge, no strings.

You're on the roster.

You get paid like
everybody else.

I'm no one's sideman.

It's worth more than you got.

I'm not gonna get paid
for something

I didn't create myself.

You're disobeying the very
first rule of music, son.

Always take the money.

You know, nothing's
changed for me,


I believe in my talent.
It's mine.

It's worth much more
than you got.

Just heard from my boy
over at BCC.


Titan's in solitary.

Can't nobody touch him.

It's good for him. He
needs to be protected.

But I changed my mind.
I ain't going after him.

Why? 'Cause of the drive-by?

No. Hell, no.

Uh, Cookie said that she was
talking to his mama, and

he's heavily involved
with the Fruit of Islam.

The Nation?

Baby, you like fruit?

Look, son, all I'm saying is,
stay on Hakeem.

He's got the goods.

He can compete

with any of these clowns
out here, including Titan.

He ain't ready.

you definitely don't need

to be messing with Beretti.

I'm messing with this right now.

It's bad timing.

Speaking of the devil...

Is that Beretti?

Hey, no, no, no.

Jay, let him in. Let him in.

Him and his girlfriend.

Is that you plus one?

It's been a long time.

So, your big mama helped raise you?

Big Mama was real strict.

It explains
the good head on your shoulders.

I always wanted
to raise a daughter.

Hakeem's really lucky
to have you back.

I was about your age
when I met Lucious.



He was freestyling down
on the corner of 23rd.

I started doing the Wop.

You don't even
know what that is.

He tried to outdance me, girl.

Next thing I know,
we got three sons.

Where is Hakeem?

He's always been late.

Let's eat these dumplings
before they turn.


I have tried to find it
in my heart to forgive you.

To forgive me?

You were the one
that broke the trust between us.

That's why I left you. That's the whole story.
No, the whole story

is without me, you'd still be
selling CDs out of the trunk

of your car. The whole
story is, without me,

you don't have the maid
to look after your sons.

You don't get into the studio.

You don't have me
shape the album.

Did you write

one lyric on that album?

No. Or play a single note?
Was it you

that performed it all around
this planet and made it famous?

No, but you saw fit
to put your name on my words

without even consulting me.

You know how I found out?

I was looking at the cover
of my CD and read the credits.

You're not an artist, Bill.

I don't care how many

artists you steal from

by putting your name
on their credits.

You will never be an artist.

Let me ask you something.

Being a designer...

When you're out there
doing your thing,

do people try to
put you in a box?

Especially when you're bringing
your new game.

People are threatened.

The more talent you have,

the more they're gonna
keep you in a box.

That's exactly what
they're trying to do.

Everybody want me to be
what they want me to be.

It's not gonna happen.

There's a book
I'm gonna give to you.


I read it
when the industry tried

to savage
my 2009 spring collection,

and it changed
everything for me.

It's called 48 Laws of Power.


You're such a douche bag.

Your mother went through a lot
trying to make us dinner.

I can't believe
you gave that little girl

the keys
to your apartment, Hakeem.

Amateur mistake.

I'll make you a deal, Bill.

If you promise
not to exploit Titan,

I won't steal him from you.

You're a powerful man, Bill.

You can use your power
to help him get out of prison

instead of letting him
twist in the wind

while you capitalize
off of his, um...


Yeah, his misfortune.

I'm not here to negotiate.

What the hell are you here for?

Give me my music back?

Only when I stop
making money from 'em.

Good for you.

I'm here to tell you
not to go public.

I'm here to tell you:

cancel your IPO.

Or what?

If you go through with it,

I will dig up the dirt
of your past

and bury your Empire
and everyone in it.

And I think I'm gonna
change the name of this place.

I'm gonna call it Cookie's.

Get your ass
out of here, Beretti.

Bye, Bill.

I've changed my mind.

I'm gonna go visit Titan
in the prison tomorrow.

I'm about to decimate
Beretti's ass.

Get it.

Tiana gonna go ape
when she see me.

I ain't even gonna make it
through sound check.

Yeah, but you got to go
to sound check, Hakeem.

You've got to be professional.

If Tiana pops off

and acts crazy and messes
things up, then that's

her problem with her dumb ass.

Dad can't blame you for nothing.

I guess.

What's that?
Just the stupid

bad pipes.

Man, I swear,
when they take a shower,

it sounds even worse.

Bet you want to move back now, huh?
Hell, no.

Hey, uh, listen.

- You hear that? -I know they're not doing
what I think they're doing.

I can't tell whether he's
fighting her or banging her.

Man, you stupid.

Yo, you should make
a song out of that.

? Uh, uh, uh ?

? Hey... ?

Get to sound check, fool.

And don't embarrass yourself.

All right, I'm-a holler at you.

Ha... There he is.

I got this.

Yeah, you get him,
'cause I'll kill him.

You're late.

Look, I'm here, ain't I?

We can talk about Camilla later.
Come here.

Don't you dare blow this--
I worked too hard, Hakeem.

Look, I'm sorry about Camilla.

Sometimes I can get
a little wild. You know that.

It don't mean nothing.
Whatever. I'm cool with that.

What I'm not cool with is
you dissing your mother,

then showing up to our sound check late.
So you're saying...

it's cool if I see that girl?
I'm saying

let's get it really tight
and bring this house down.

Yo, give me my money.

Give me my money!

You can keep your money!

? You can keep your money... ?

Give me my money. Yo, you owe me.
Pay up.

You owe me five dollars.

? Dollar... ?

? Dollar, dollar bill,
y'all... ?

? Dollar, dollar bill,
y'all... ?

? Da, da, da-da-da-da-da-da ?

? Da-da-da-da-da ?

? It's time ?

? To be a man now ?

? You can keep ya money ?

? Everybody lookin'
for somethin' ?

? You can keep ya money... ?

From Club Laviticus
in New York City,

the Teen Choice Awards
Nominations Concert Live!

? Hakeem ?

? I'm so dangerous ?

? Tiana ?

? Empire ?

? Listen to me ?

? Here we go ?

? I got a body like a weapon ?

? It goes bang, bang, bang,
bang, bang ?

? And every time
that we're together ?

? What's up, baby? ?
? I drive you insane ?

? Insane, got me in ya hand ?

? Whatcha gonna do wit' it?
Know I need a man ?

? That can aim, let's get it ?

? Get a lil trigga-happy,
Daddy ?

? Get a lil trigga-happy, Daddy ?
? Yeah ?

? Every time I show her my maneuver ?

? She brag about the way
I give it to her ?

? Oh ?
? I do it ?

? Sorta like a Ruger ?

? That's a cutie e-executor ?

? And I don't even got
a license ?

? But it don't matter
'cause we keep it private ?

? Ah... ?
? Every time I ?

? Ez'ee wide it,
she can light it ?

? She's excited,
and I'm excited ?

? But I don't
got time for love ?

? Don't got time for love ?
Rock, Tiana!

? Keep it movin',
keep it movin' ?

? Keep it movin',
keep it movin', 'cause I ?

? Don't got time for love ?

? I don't got time for love ?

? I got no time ?
? Keep it movin', keep it movin' ?

? Uh-uh ?
? Keep it movin', keep it movin' ?

? Whoa... ?

? Keep it movin', here we go ?

? Keep it movin', here we go ?

? I got a body like a weapon ?

? It goes bang, bang, bang,
bang, bang ?

? And every time
that we're together ?

? Yeah ?
? I make ya say my name ?

? Got me in your hand,
whatcha gonna do wit' it ?

? Know I need a man
that can aim, let's get it ?

? Let's get it ?
? Get a little trigga-happy, Daddy ?

? Hakeem ?
? Get a little trigga-happy, Daddy ?

? I just want to hit
the bull's-eye once ?

? You just want to make me
wait around for months ?

? You can go first, I can go
second, but I ain't sweating ?

? For the record, bang, bang,
bang, bang, bang, bang ?

? Yeah ?
? One more time, bang, bang, bang, bang. ?

Prison's closed.

Nobody getting in here tonight.

I'm here to see Titan.


Hey, y-you're my idol, man.

Hey, um...

uh, hold up, hold up.

Dude, you are not gonna believe

who just rocked up here,
man-- Lucious

freakin' Lyon.
You can call me Lucious, Officer.

Yes, sir.
Mr. Lucious, sir, I, uh...

I can escort you in, but, uh...

only you, sir.

It's cool.

This way.

Officer. Officer.

My mom always told me the music
business wasn't nothing but the devil.

Beretti was the devil.

I see the devil in you.

You lost your soul a long time ago.


Maybe I lost my soul.

But... I've lived through
some hard times, man.

You've seen a man die?

You kill him?

If you stay with Beretti
long enough...

...you'll sell your soul to him.


he's robbed you
and broken you...

like he tried to do to me.

He stole from you, too?

Robbed me of millions.

So you want to use me
to get back at him, right?

I heard that beef you had
with Cashville backstage

was about him

burning down your
community center.

I made some
of my first demos there.

That's what your mama said.

One point seven.


One point...

seven million, right?

That was the amount it'll cost
to rebuild the center.

I cut a check for that and your
signing bonus this morning.

So you want to help the Nation?
No. Never.

But it's your money-- you
do with it as you choose.

But if I was you, I would...

rebuild the center
and put a studio in there,

naming it after myself...

so I could protect my legacy.

Start recording for
Empire on this phone.


Look, you were right

about the song, okay?

I said it so you won't have to.

Now, could I go take a leak?

I gave you that advice
because I care.

Look, I can't force a
relationship between us,

but... I think you do know
I love you, don't you?

Let me think.

I don't.

Uh... Hakeem.


I can't get back the
17 years we lost...

but I'm here now.

Too late.

? Every time
I show her my maneuver ?

? She brag about the way
I give it to her ?

? Oh ?
? I do it sorta like a Ruger ?

? That's a cutie e-executor ?
Look at him go.

? And I don't even got
a license ?

Titan-- he's got lyrics.
Man, I told you he's a beast.

I knew if you slipped him that cell
phone that he would sign with us.

It wasn't that easy.

But it was worth it, right?

Yeah. Good job.

Well... since it was

my idea...

how about you let me
shadow you with him?

Learn from the best.

I don't see why not.


Did good.

? Keep it movin',
here we go ?

? Keep it movin', here we go ?

Look at him.
I lined up Titan for you,

and I whipped Hakeem and Tiana's duet
into shape, and now all the blogs

- are talking about how your son
is taking off like a rocket. - No, that is

your son, too.

Oh, go!

Even though
he acts like I'm not.

? I just want to hit
the bull's-eye once... ?

I like his picture of you.

? You can go first,
I can go second... ?

But the headline should read:
"The Cookie Strikes Back."

You know something?

You and I

always made a real good team.

You're damn right we did.

I make you better.

Don't forget that.

? Don't got time for love... ?

Thank you, baby.


You might want to clear
that with Anika.

Okay, the baby mama.
Ha! Still crazy, Lucious.