Dollhouse (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 10 - Dollhouse - full transcript

When Margaret Bashford, a wealthy friend of Adelle's dies, Adelle has Margaret's memories implanted in Echo to try to solve her own murder. Posing as Julia, a pen-pal of Margarets, Echo/Margaret tries to solve the case during what she sees as her "second chance". Boyd, now the new security director of Dollhouse, imprints Victor to help Echo out as a racehorse owner which may hold the key to the mysterious. Meanwhile, Topher signs Sierra out for an intensive "benchmark" imprint, which turns out to be that of a fellow gamer nerd and friend. Elsewhere, Ballard obtains Mellie/November's fingerprints and sneaks into the FBI headquarters to run them to ascertain her true identity. But the computer spews out a multitude of names and then goes blank.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
What's happening?

She made a mistake. Now she's sad.

Everyone thinks it's about the pain.

It's not about the pain.
It's about trust.

Handing yourself over fully and
completely to another human being.

There's nothing more beautiful
than letting go like that.

In my experience,
that kind of trust always leads to pain.

Then maybe you need a session
in my dungeon

so I can show you otherwise.

Thanks. I think I'll pass.

Don't be so vanilla. You can trust me.

I've already shown that I trust you.
I got in the van, didn't I?

You sure that was a wise decision?

I have a good feeling about you,
and I've got the whip.

If you reconsider,
I have an opening after my treatment.

Don't even start.

They've got him
on another Lonely Hearts engagement.

- What's that make, nine?
- Ten.

How pathetic is that old bag?

Ramirez pretends to be jaded,

but she's got a secret stash
of bodice-rippers in the van.

- I've seen it.
- Not true.

- She wants to be kidnapped by a pirate.
- I know a guy...

If I weren't madly in love with
Katherine, I'd shanghai you myself.

I'd take S&M Barbie over him any day.

Come on. Your geriatric princess awaits.


It's love. Show some respect.

Sometimes it is about the pain.

Hi, Echo. How are you?

- Did I fall asleep?
- For a little while.

- Shall I go now?
- Lf you like.


Lvy, babe, the post-imprint script
may seem inconsequential,

but it's the first thing an Active hears
after a memory wipe.

It's got to be pleasant. Not so...

- Out of the chair, Echo.
- That.

You're behind schedule.

- Somebody's a grumpeteer today.
- What's the holdup?

You remember how Saunders' little drill
ended with a bullet in my computer?

And guess what that does?

- It slows down the schedule.
- Fix it.

You need to get to your appointment
with Dr. Saunders.

Aside from Topher being Topher,
everything's under control.

And I'll expect you to keep it
that way while I'm gone.

Did Rossum tell you
why they're calling you in?

Considering our recent track record,
I'm sure they want to pat me on the head

and tell me I've been running
a crackerjack operation.

Maybe there'll be cake.

Ma'am, none of these incidents
were your fault.

On the contrary, Mr. Dominic.

Everything that happens under this roof
is my fault.

And for the next 48 hours, it's yours.

- Hello, November.
- Hello, Echo. How are you today?

- I'm going to Dr. Saunders.
- She's nice.

November, it's time for your treatment.

Take a deep breath for me, please.

- Any permanent damage?
- These exams are private.

Her last engagement seemed
unnecessarily rough.

She was a dominatrix.
I think that's the point.

I prefer engagements
that aren't about some...

Deep, dark sexual need?

You really think
it has anything to do with need?

Sometimes, yes.

Having a desire you're afraid
or ashamed of expressing

can be terribly debilitating.

Look how many same-sex engagements
we're called for, even today.

And sadomasochism isn't anything like...

I know. It's all about trust.
But what if the client has the whip?

We don't send
the Actives to be submissives.

Man, you got the pitch down.
You should fill in for DeWitt.

I believe the system is flawed,
maybe irreparably,

but maybe not
for the same reasons you do.

Echo, you're all done here.
You can go now.


In about two minutes,
I'm gonna make a call to DeWitt.

If you were to do something,
maybe get some air, maybe run,

I wouldn't know that you had done that.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

You don't?

- I found this in the chair.
- And?

This chip let someone access
the primary imprint protocol,

which means they could have
altered my imprints.

I make a cheerleader,

they make a cheerleader
that shoots people.

Or an assassin that does cheers.

Or any Active, any time,
with a parameter we don't know about.

- We have a spy?
- Inside the Dollhouse.

And you think it's me?
You think I'm the spy?

Not in a bad way.

If they find out that you talked to me

before you called DeWitt,
they'll fry you.

Yeah, I didn't really
think that through.

Thank you.

I'm boned anyway.

I call DeWitt,
she's gonna take it out on Dominic,

and who's Dominic gonna take it out on?

Now Echo's drawing attention to us.

Where do I know her from?

Maybe you should go to art class.

And maybe you should call DeWitt.

Echo, are you finished with your tree?

Put the entire house on lockdown.

No one comes or goes
without my authorization.

No land lines, no cell phones
or network connections.

Right. We'll notify them.

You. Come on. You're
getting a treatment.

That's not happy.
Is everything a joke to you?

You allowed a security breach
to develop on your turf.

You're supposed to make sure
everybody who works here is on our side.

Who has access to the lab?
The shortlist?

DeWitt, Boyd, Ramirez, Saunders, Ivy.

When I was at the Agency,

you know what I'd do to someone
who exposed us like that?

I'd kill him.

Everyone's unhappy today.

Somebody put
her tiny little thinking cap on.

He was mean to you.
Were you not your best?

If it hadn't been for me,
there'd still be a security breach.

You'd think the security head
would recognize that.

Typical middle-management hack.

He's mad at me for not discovering it
before it happened.

But I'm not a counterintelligence agent,
so I can't catch a spy.

And you have no idea
what I'm talking about.

I can help you.

- Why would you want to?
- Why wouldn't I?

Did I just lose an argument to a doll?

Okay, thanks, but you can't help.

You make people different.

You can make me help.

- Hello, Mellie. How do you feel?
- Jet-lagged.

That's the last time I take the redeye

and an emergency exit row
behind a crying baby.

- So, we good to go?
- Hang on.

Let me double-check the primary protocol
just to be sure it took.

I call DeWitt,
she's gonna take it out on Dominic,

and who's Dominic gonna take it out on?

Now Echo's drawing attention to us.

Where do I know her from?

Come on. The airport shuttle's waiting
to take you home.

Mellie? I heard something in...

In the hallway, where your neighbors
walk to their apartments?

I didn't know
you were coming back so soon.

- Surprise.
- It's not safe to talk out here.

Wow, I guess the neighborhood
went to crap while I was gone.

Not the neighborhood. My apartment.

The Dollhouse had it bugged,
video and audio.

Took a while for me
to figure it out, but

I found a transmitter
in the ventilation.

- I should search your apartment.
- I'm surprised you didn't.

Well, I was gonna let myself in, but...

No. No, it's okay.

You should check it out.

I'm just going to stay here
where I'm safe from the Dollhouse.

I guess you didn't miss me that much.

The Dollhouse is way bigger
than I ever thought it was.

Every time I look deeper,

I find more clients,
larger amounts of money

and a web of financial and political
connections all over the world,

to corporations, the government,
even inside the FBI.

I take it
you haven't gotten your badge back?

But that's just scratching the surface.
I discovered something else.

I think the Dollhouse is underground.

Didn't we know that?
Super-secret underground organization?

Not "underground" like it's a secret.

"Underground" like
it's somewhere beneath Los Angeles.

Yeah, you didn't come back
to listen to this.

- I came back to see you.
- I'm sorry. It's just...

You should go back to your mother's.

I can't.

And aside from the obvious reasons,
like she lives in lowa

and likes to set me up with losers
I dated in high school,

I realized that I was running away
from my life.

I'm giving you an out.
You can walk out that door.

- Pretty sure I can't even unlock it.
- Hey. I'm serious.

I can't sleep.

The only thing I think about
is finding this place,

and sometimes I don't even know
why I'm after it anymore.

That's why you need someone
to help you stay grounded.

How are you gonna do that?

Let's start with
getting you into the shower.

Too much? Too fast?

Do I smell that bad?

I have a message for you
from inside the Dollhouse.

- That's not funny.
- My name is November.

Mellie. Your name is Mellie.

We knew
this would be hard for you to hear.

If you're pissed because
I'm still investigating the Dollhouse...

This body belongs to a doll.
...just tell me. Don't do this.

I'm sorry we had to deliver the news
to you like this, in this body,

but the Dollhouse has likely discovered

that we've been placing messages
in their imprints,

and this is the only way
we could get the message to you.

They did this to you.

They did this long before you met me.

They've been using this body
to spy on you for months.

The only reason Mellie exists
is because of you.

Aren't I special?

Now that
you've removed their surveillance,

they're going to rely on her more.

Don't tell her anything
about the investigation.

It will get back to the Dollhouse.

That's why you... She came back.

Now you understand
how dangerous their technology is.

I slept with her. I should have known.

You can't tell Mellie about this.

If the Dollhouse knows you know,
they will kill you.

And they'll make Mellie do it.

- Mellie couldn't.
- She's not a regular doll.

She's a sleeper.

With the flip of a switch, the
Dollhouse can turn her into a killer.

Lf our person inside
has been captured...


...this is the last time you'll
hear from us through a doll.

You can't tear apart my life
and not give me anything.

- Where's the Dollhouse located?
- You need to investigate why it exists.

Is it underground? Am
I on the right track?

The Dollhouse deals in fantasy,
but that is not their purpose.

Investigate their purpose.
We will find other ways to contact you.

Who? Who sent you?

I'm not imprinted with information
you're not supposed to have.

- Tell me who!
- Remember, you can't tell her.

- You must maintain the illusion.
- Wait!

Paul, what's wrong?


Then why aren't you kissing me?

My men have been trying to reach DeWitt.
She's still not picking up.

Is she gonna be able to pull it off?

I threw my best secret agent parts
into the build.

The GPS on DeWitt's cell transmitter
isn't registering, either.

- Lf anything happened to DeWitt...
- Hey, think happy thoughts.

- That's not happy.
- Is everything a joke to you?

- Notice I'm not laughing.
- You need me to take care of this?

You allowed a security breach
to develop on your turf.

Not my department, Mr. Head of Security.

You leave these doors wide open,
computers on, chair running.

It's your job to make sure everybody
that works here is on our side.

- Who has access to the lab?
- The shortlist?

DeWitt, Boyd, Ramirez, Saunders, Ivy,
any number of handlers or attendants

and the occasional doll wanders up here,
then there's that janitorial staff.

What's gonna happen
when the boss lady comes back?

Her wrath is gonna rain down on me.
And then I'm coming after you. Let's go.

When I worked at the Agency,

you know what I'd do to someone
who exposed us like that?

I'd kill him.

- Who's our target?
- We found NSA tech in our equipment.

DeWitt's known they've been sniffing
around the Dollhouse for years.

Getting access to their files
is our best shot at finding the spy.

Tall order.

Lf you don't think
you can pull it off...

I didn't say that.

I just want you to appreciate
how awesome I'm gonna be when I deliver.

Topher broke their RSA encryption
but only for the internal network.

Which means you need me
to get inside their building.


Where can a girl get
changed around here?

Excuse me. Can I borrow a pen?

Never mind.

Found one.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Don't worry. It's taken care of.

Enter your private key.
You know the drill.

Twenty minutes.
Nothing goes in, nothing comes out.

Your card will unlock the files
you're cleared to see.

Excuse me, ma'am.

I'm gonna have to ask you
to step over here.

- Did I leave something in there?
- Hold out your arms.

Mossad doesn't even double-tag.

Security alert. Code J.

All employees are to return
to designated SCIF areas

for level one security sweep.

Security alert. Code J.

All employees are to return
to designated SCIF areas

for level one security sweep.

Sorry, Miss Sato.

We're moving everyone from
SCIF offices down to the central lobby.

- Just give me a second.
- All right.

Security alert. Code J.

All employees are to return
to designated SCIF areas

for level one security sweep.

I need a roof extraction,
north end of the building.

There! There! Get her.

This way.

Correction. Extraction on the south end.

Surrender yourself!


The chopper's coming to you.

Hurry. I have the name,
but they're closing in.

- Good morning.
- Welcome back, Roger.

Katherine is looking
forward to seeing you.

- May we go now?
- Of course.

Hey, have you been futzing around
with the equipment?

It's been running S-L-O-W.

I just got here.

It's probably all the wires you crossed
to get things working again.

Be nice. I think she likes you.

Your lady awaits.

Don't even start.

They've got him
on another Lonely Hearts engagement.

- What's that make, nine?
- Ten.

How pathetic is that old bag?

Well, thank you for the ride.
See you at the end of the weekend.

Have fun, Roger.

- And stay out of trouble.
- I promise nothing.

Thank you.

Did I tell you these are my favorites?

They're so hard to find
this time of year.

Just for you, my dear.


Is this your work?

"Topher." Is that a name?

They think I'm at headquarters.

It could be very urgent,

or it could be Topher calling
to tell me that his sweater's itchy.

Well, I could give it
back or I could drop

it and let the sharks talk to their own.

It's up to you.

It is a very slippery phone.
I have complained about that a lot.

Oh, really? I hadn't...

That was probably a very bad thing
that just happened.

Accidents, what can be done?

You're trying so hard to relax,

which makes me wonder
why you're trying so hard to relax.

- Am I that transparent?
- No, but I have X-ray eyes.

- It's been very rocky at work.
- The Dollhouse.

It's hard for me to even
wrap my mind around it. Bizarre.

I used to head a division

that grew replacement organs
out of stem cells.

I could tell people
what I did for a living.

And now?

You've told me what you do.
Isn't it just helping lonely people?

Pathetic, self-deluding souls.

Now, Katherine,
shall we take this elsewhere?


Not bad.

- You almost had me there.
- Not good either.

One more point and you win.

Is that all?


This is what you wanted
or you wouldn't have cut me.

You have had a rough day at work.

You are perfection.

If I could make a woman, I'd make you.


Yes. In fact, if I were
one of your clients,

I would order one of you with a spare
for when you're in the shop.

What, Katherine?

You're not seriously considering
what I said?

No. I'm not suggesting
you become a client.

I think the universe might collapse
under that one.

Good, because I don't want an
ersatz you. I want the real you.

And I want the real you.

It's ironic. Sometimes I think you're
the most real person I've ever met.

That's not irony. No
one gets that right.

Everyone has their first date.

And the object is to hide your flaws.

And then you're in a relationship,

and it's all about
hiding your disappointment.

Then once you're married,
it's about hiding your sins.

mistress of the dark observation.

But with you,
there's no reason to hide anything real.

Let's run away together.

Cash in everything we own,
and buy a bar on the beach in Rarotonga.

And buy extra phones
just to drop them in the water.

And we'd never own clocks or computers
or sexy businesswoman shoes.

I'm keeping my sexy businesswoman shoes.

And there'd be no clocks in the bar,
only cool local beers

and dogs that wander in
from playing on the beach.

It could be the weekend all the time.


Just forget it. It can't happen.

Why not? What's wrong?

Something about you? Something about me?

- You aren't...
- I'm not who you need?

Oh, no. You're exactly who I need.

We just can't have that.

You have to trust me.

I do.

I trust you completely.

Darling, why are you dressed?

Did I hear someone in the house?

What happened?

I need copies of personnel records,

security logs for the past three months
and access to your mainframe.

Anything else?

Yeah, some clothes.
I can't catch a spy in my pajamas.

I need to interrogate
all the people on this list now.

Who the hell are you?

I made her a spy hunter to, you know,
hunt the spy.

It's being handled as
we speak by Sierra.

I know, but Echo came in
and she thought...

I thought she could help.

If you let me speak
to the people on this list,

I'll uncover the spy
before your field agent returns.

What are her parameters?

She reads body language,
knows advanced interrogation techniques

and she's rocking a
little Sherlock Holmes.

Give me the list.

I wanna start with him.

I'm not the spy.
I discovered the spy, remember?

The spy was operating under my nose.

Which means you're either
dangerously incompetent

or you're trying to throw
us off your trail.

I'm sorry I ever doubted
your programming skills.

Why are you at the Dollhouse?

Kind of a no-brainer.

I'm in neuroplastic heaven.

I'm doing work my grad school professors
haven't even dreamed of yet.

I mean, I don't wanna brag...

Okay, I wanna brag.

I'm kind of a genius.

Do you really think I'm incompetent,

or are you just saying that
to appease big bad Laurence?

So it matters what other people
think about you?

Yeah. I spent eight years studying
the intricacies of the human brain

and what do I get to do when I graduate?

Get snacks for Topher?

Or get yelled at
when I try to do something more?

My talents go beyond asking whether
he wants chocolate chip or oatmeal,

which I do very well, thank you,

but I probably know enough
about the imprint equipment

to rip it down and reassemble it
without Topher ever knowing.

Well, that didn't sound good, did it?

I'm not trying to incriminate you.

I'm just trying to nail down
your feelings about the Dollhouse.

We're pimps and killers,
but in a philanthropic way.

Can I go now?

I don't know why I trust you, but I do.

I must have one of those faces.

I'm looking at the security logs
since the Alpha incident.

When was the last time
you left the Dollhouse?

I feel like I can better serve
the Actives if I'm here.


Engagements run around the clock.

You never know
when there's gonna be an emergency.

I don't doubt your intentions,

but such intense focus on your work
can leave other parts of your life empty

and open to exploitation.

Do you have friends
outside the Dollhouse?

Mmm-hmm. Yeah.

You lose.

Sierra's been safely extracted,
barely, and she has the mole's identity.

No, wait. Wait, no.
You don't understand.

I didn't do anything.
Why would I spy on the...

I don't care why.

We'll get that from you
when DeWitt has me torture you.

And you'll tell us everything.

And then DeWitt
will send you to the Attic.

Do you know what happens in the Attic?

It's a mental suck.

You know that feeling you get when a
name is on the tip of your tongue,

but you can't say it? It's like that,
but with every thought you never have.

I am not the spy. You believe me, right?

You can take her to the holding room.

How long?

Until DeWitt gets back.

How long do you think
you can keep this up?

Excuse me?

You work for the NSA.

You have a file that says she's the one.


What, is her body language
telling you she's innocent?

No, her language language
is telling you she's innocent.

Your body language
is telling me something.


When you got word that Sierra had been
extracted with the spy's identity,

everyone in this room got tense.

"Who? Who betrayed us? Who's the spy?"

But you, you got loose.

Your body breathed
a big, subconscious sigh of relief.

Why? Because you already knew
that file would implicate Ivy.

You expect anyone
to buy this pseudo-science?

They don't have to.

There was a phone call made
to the National Security Agency

after the lockdown.

You warned the NSA Sierra was coming

so that they could plant this file
for her to find.

You wanted us to blame Ivy
so that you could continue to operate.

I couldn't have made the call.
The phones were shut off.

In the Dollhouse, not in this office.

Okay, I think it's time
for her treatment.

Proof is in the logs.

Yeah, and anyone
could have snuck in here.

You're right.

That's why I've let this conversation
continue as long as it has.

I needed one more sign
to confirm my suspicion.

And what sign would that be?

Twenty seconds ago,
you unsnapped your holster.

This is the Dollhouse.
You know how far they reach.

There's no way
you're getting away with this.

You haven't figured it out?
Use your deductive skills.

You're a doll.

A broken Doll
who's gone off mission before,

and when DeWitt asks me
to explain myself...

You'll tell her I
went off mission again.

And I had no choice but to kill you.

- And Topher and Ivy?
- Collateral damage.

I'd say I'm covered.

Shouldn't we help?

Yeah, I helped when I imprinted her
with kung fu skills, but be my guest.

You're dangerous.

You should have been in the ground
a long time ago.

You tried to kill me before.

You're another Alpha waiting to happen.

I'm not broken.

I trusted you with a gift, Mr. Dominic.

The Dollhouse is not a gift.

I think the countless people who
we've helped would disagree with you.

How about
the countless people you've hurt?

- Name one.
- Her.

Funny, coming from the man
who tried to kill her twice.

Why did you want
to bring down the Dollhouse?

What can the NSA do with it
that we can't?

I wasn't sent to bring you down.

I was sent to make sure
you didn't bring yourself down.

If it weren't for me, Paul Ballard
would have found you already.

I never lied to you about
my methods or my priorities.

You lied about your intentions.

Do you know what the world will be like

when Rossum lets the Dollhouse
slip from its grasp?

The technology needs to be reined in
and controlled.

By a clandestine organization
with little government oversight?

It's embarrassing how naive you are.

You believe in the Dollhouse
and its mission?

Just like you believed in me
and look how that played out.

You were wrong.

Get what you can out of him
about the NSA,

and have Topher prep him for the Attic.

That's it, Miss DeWitt?

You're signing my death warrant
like it was a business transaction?

It is.

The Agency will figure it out
and they'll come looking for me.

And when they do,
you'll tell them everything's fine,

and then we'll put you back in your box.


Did you think I'd show you mercy?

Or rage?

Three years by my side,

I think you'd know me better than that.

You are a piece of work.

So they tell me.


What's in store for you,
you don't have much to smile about.

After you beat me to a pulp,
they're gonna erase me.

- But first, they're gonna erase you.
- I can take care of myself.

I know. That's why I'm smiling,
'cause one day you'll be erasing them.

And even after all this,
they still won't see it coming.

Sooner or later, everybody gets theirs.

Stop him.

It's a graze. Get on with it.

- Neuromods set for chemical saturation.
- Neuromuscular debilitators in place.

LTP de-potentiated.

Transmag primed.

We're ready.

Do it.

The unabridged Laurence Dominic.

Lose it in the archives. I trust his
body is on the way to the Attic.

Bleeding. Blood. Coagulating.
You should see Dr. Saunders.

How did I not see this coming?

- No one did.
- Yes.

You saw enough to imprint
Echo as an investigator.

Yeah, about that.

Unless you're about to give me
a better parking space,

I can't take all the credit for that.

- Ivy?
- Echo.

She came to me
and asked me to imprint her.

Dominic had her
in his crosshairs for months.

She took out her biggest threat.

She's still evolving.

Saunders' wish-fulfillment exercise
didn't fulfill anything.

She's protecting herself.

- Do you want me to wipe her again?
- No.

She just saved the Dollhouse.
Keep an eye on her.

Echo might be useful to us
in ways we haven't yet realized.

I almost forgot. Shelve
the Roger imprint.

Miss Lonely Hearts phoned and said
she no longer requires his services.

Some hunky octogenarian
sweep her off her walker?

Nothing so dramatic.

She finally realized
the indiscretion was unwise.

This would have been easier
if you'd taken an anesthetic.

- It's nothing.
- No, just a gunshot wound.

I know you were close to Mr. Dominic.

He was an employee
with whom I worked closely.

There's a difference.

It's okay to feel something.

That would imply I'd lost something.

Didn't you?

Nothing I can't live without.

Ms. DeWitt?

I ran a full security sweep.

New background checks
on all employees are in the works,

but right now it looks like
this didn't go any further than Dominic.

- Congratulations, Mr. Langton.
- For what?

For becoming our new Head of Security.

I appreciate the offer,
but I'd prefer to stay with Echo.

I need to take care of her.

Apparently, you don't.

It seems she's the one
taking care of us.

Echo, I'd like you to meet
your new handler.

His name is Travis. Go ahead.

Everything's gonna be all right.

Now that you're here.

Do you trust me?

Do you trust me?

With my life.

Corrected & Synced by Bakugan