Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 5, Episode 33 - Doctor Who - full transcript

With the Weed Creature poised to burst out of the pipeline and attack the base, an encounter with Oak and Quill gives the Doctor a vital clue about its weakness.

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DOCTOR: With the control rig gone,
we could draw only one conclusion.

The weed is trying to take over
all the rigs and form one vast colony.

With what objective?

The saturation of the British Islands
and perhaps in time the entire planet.

- Is such a thing possible?
- Oh, yes.

Unless we can find the nerve centre
and destroy it.

But how can we possibly do that?

It could be anywhere
out there in the North Sea.

DOCTOR: Yes, that is the difficulty.
JAMIE: Doctor!

- DOCTOR: What is it?
- Doctor, the pipeline, quick!


- What's happened?
- It's here.

JAMIE: It's come up!


What in the heaven's name is that?

The advanced guard.

MEGAN: I don't understand.

What's happening?

The first part of the invasion.

Doctor, don't go near!

It's begun.

The battle of the giants.

P RICE: Feed HQ calling rig F.
Feed HQ calling rig F.

Can you hear me?
Come in, please.

Oh, Mr Harris.

Mr Harris, I can't raise
any of the rigs, not one.

- This is unbelievable.
- I'll try again, sir.

Feed HQ calling rig B. Feed HQ calling
rig B. Can you hear me?

Well, keep trying, man.

DOCTOR: You're wasting your time,

I know all those rigs would have been
taken over by the weed colony.

I don't care about the rigs.
What's happened to the crews?

- The worst, I'm afraid.
- Then we got to destroy the rigs.

- No!
- DOCTOR: No, we daren't do that.

- Why not?
- Well, that would spread this menace

over a wide area
and make it impossible to attack it.

Well, what are we going to do?

Well, what is the weed going to do?

What can it do?

Well, let's think.

Now, I imagine that in the first place
the weed was drawn up

by one of the drilling rigs.

No, no, anything that comes up
through the bores

would be cleared by the engineers
at source,

otherwise it would block the pumps.

P recisely. And the engineers who cleared
it must have touched it, yes?

Yes. So they must have been
among the first to be controlled.

And since then this attack, and it is
an attack, has followed a set pattern.

How do you mean?

DOCTOR: Top priority people
have been attacked first.

If your theory is correct,

the weed now controls two people

who know the entire layout
and structure of this whole compound.

Yes, I'm very much afraid that is true.

Robson was here not long ago.

We must find him and prevent them

using him for his own sake
as well as ours.

- Yes, I agree. P rice?
- Sir.

Get security to search
the entire compound.

I want Mr Robson found
and put under armed guard in his cabin.

P RICE: Very good, sir.

Doctor, there's one thing
that doesn't fit in with your theory.

Oh, and what's that?

When Victoria was locked
in the oxygen room.

Now, she's nothing to do
with the personnel here.

Yes, that's something
that's been puzzling me, too.

But she disturbed somebody who was
interfering with the oxygen supplies.

Someone wearing a gas mask.

Now supposing that person was under
the control of the weed.

He was wearing a gas mask
for one reason only.

Because to him
pure oxygen would be toxic?

DOCTOR: Exactly, Mr Harris.

Well then, we can use the oxygen
as a weapon against the weed.

Well it's... It's only a theory
at the moment.

Well, as Mr Harris said before,
you've been right so far.

There's no reason
why you shouldn't be now.

Oh, how nice to be trusted.

But I only hope I am right.

P RICE: Good. See that he stays there.

- Mr Harris?
- Yes.

- They've found Mr Robson.
- Good. Where?

In his cabin,
lying on his bunk apparently.

- Well, that's a relief.
- There's a guard at the door, sir.

- Good.
- Mr Harris?

I want to see Mr Robson.

Robson? But he's ill,
he won't be able to put...

I want to see him.

But you've seen him already.
Surely you could see

he was in no fit state
to help us in any way.

I fully realise that, Mr Harris,

but we're old friends.
He might talk to me.

There's just a possibility he may
know something that could help us.

I see. All right.

But I'm coming with you.

Robson's in an unpredictable state
at the moment. He could be violent.

- All right. You come, too, P erkins.
- Yes, MissJones.

Oh, if anything happens, P rice,
anything at all,

I'll be with MissJones
in Mr Robson's cabin.

- Very good, sir.
- Chief?

Right, sir.

Why don't you get the Minister
to call up the National Defences?

What exactly do you suppose
the armed forces could do?

Well, attack this weed
or whatever it is.

How? If we attack the rigs
what about the men out there?

But we don't know they are there.

Equally we don't know that they aren't.
They could be prisoners, anything.

Anyway, even if we blow the rigs
out of the sea

there's no guarantee
it will end this nightmare.

It might well spread the menace
as the Doctor suggested.

- This way, please, MissJones.
- Right.

And come along, P erkins. Don't look so
worried, man. You might as well go home.

Oh, I'm sorry. Come on.

If you please, Harris.

MissJones, I'd rather you let me
or P erkins come in with you.

No! Now don't fuss, Harris,
I'll be perfectly all right.





It's all right, John.
It's me, Megan, Megan Jones.


I want to try to help you.

Can't help.

No one can help.

John, can you tell us what happened?


John, listen to me.
We can't help you unless you help us.

Can't help. No one can help.

Yes, we can, John, if you let us.

Now, whatever it is that's
affecting you, you've got a fight it.

- Can't fight.
- You've got to fight it, John.

- Can't fight it.
- Now, come on, Robson.


Now listen to me.

I'm director of the board.

I put you in charge of this area
and I could just as easily send you back

to the rigs.
Do you understand me, Robson?

Now pull yourself together, man!

- Megan.
- P ull yourself together.

(WEAKLY) Megan, I... Megan.

Help me. Help... (P ANTING)

Help... Help me, Megan!

- John.
- Help!

- It's all right, John.
- MissJones!

John, can you hear me?

(LOUDLY) Can you hear me?

It's as if he was
in a trance, hypnotised.

- I thought for a minute he was rational.
- I think we'd better let him rest.

Harris, is there nothing
we can do to help him?

No, the Doctor couldn't help my...

my wife so I'm sure there is nothing...

No. No, of course not.

As far as I can see the only thing
to do is to destroy this weed.

Come on.

He does look worried this time.

It's beginning to give me the willies.

Yes. I wish we could go back
to the TARDIS.

Leave all this trouble behind.

We couldn't do that. You know the Doctor
would never leave these people.

- Not while there's...
- I know, I know!

Oh, Victoria not going to start again,
are you?

Look, the Doctor's got
enough trouble as it is.

So let him just sit and work it out.

Anyway, he says there's an obvious
answer to this seaweed stuff.

Answer? What do you mean?

A way of fighting it.

If it was that obvious
he'd have thought of it by now.


Well, Doctor, have you thought of a way
in which we can attack this weed?


(SIGHS) MissJones.

No, I am afraid I haven't.

Well, have you any idea
what it might do next?

Well, I think it has little alternative
but to attack us here.

Here? But why?

'Cause this is
the gas distribution centre.

It will want to gain control of it.

We must find a way of attacking
its nerve centre before it does.

But where is the nerve centre?

That's the trouble, we don't know.

And we're not sure yet
quite how to destroy it, are we?

No, but there is something
at the back of my mind.

What about the oxygen?

Yes, that is a possibility.

Then we must put
the oxygen supply room under guard.








The whole of the oxygen store?

Yes, sir, there are
no reserves left at all.

They seem to be one step
ahead of us all the time.

DOCTOR: Yes, I was right.

Someone amongst us here
is under the control of the weed.

You mean apart from Robson
and Van Lutyens.

DOCTOR: Yes, I'm afraid so.

MR HARRIS: How can we find out
who they are?

DOCTOR: I don't know,
that's the difficulty.

MR HARRIS: We must do a personnel check.

Now, there's a fingerprint file
in security.

MR HARRIS: Doctor,

- I shall need your help.
- DOCTOR: Yes.

Hey, you two, just a moment!


Come back!

You won't get away from me!

- Be careful!






That soon put paid to him, didn't it?

Didn't know what hit him, did he?

YesJamie, I'm...

I'm sure you're right.

There's a wee bit of power left
in the old McCrimmon punch yet.

I'm sorry to disillusion you,
Jamie, but...

I don't think it was a punch
that did it.

MR HARRIS: What is it?

I think you better come, sir. Quickly.

What's the trouble?

The pipeline room.

- But it's incredible.
- Why can't we do something?

We'll have to trust this strange doctor.

He's the only one who
seems to be able to anticipate events.

Don't you think
that in itself is suspect?

He's our only hope. Come on.


What's happened to it, Doctor?

It's beginning to expand,
like it did in the TARDIS.

Is there no way of stopping it?

No. I should have thought of this.

MEGAN: What, do you mean this horrible
stuff's growing all the time?

I'm very much afraid so.

P RICE: Mr Harris, sir. Mr Harris.
Mr Robson's broken out of his cabin.

He's attacked the guard!

JAMIE: Doctor, look at that!




Right, Jamie, back.
Back, everyone back. Come along.

MissJones, I think it's time
you went. Come along.

- JAMIE: Victoria? Come on.
- Well, she was here.

- Where's Victoria?
- She was standing alongside you.

- I thought she was with you!
- No!

She must have gone through there.

The doors! Hey!

The doors!
They won't open!

Open these doors!

Try here, Jamie!

They're closed, too.

Not this room, come along!

- Doctor!
- Jamie, come along!

Jamie! The doors, they're heavy!

DOCTOR: I can't hold them!

Jamie, hurry!


DOCTOR: Jamie! Jamie, come on!

Come on! Come on! Here!

Come on! Hurry up!
I can't hold them!

Now what do we do?

We must look for Victoria.
You go that way, I'll go this.

All right.




Seal off the pipeline room completely!

Close the pipelines in and out!

Well, come on, man,
don't just stand there!


You must find Mr Robson.

Search everywhere.


- Mr Harris.
- What is it?

Mr Robson has just taken off.

JAMIE: Hey, have you seen Victoria?

No, I haven't.

- Doctor, haven't you found her yet?
- No, I was hoping you had.

- But she was standing right beside us.
- No, no, no.

It's Robson. He's trying to get away
in one of the company helicopters.

JAMIE: What?

I'm afraid he's got your
young girl with him.

DOCTOR: Oh, no. Oh, no.

- Can I speak to him from here?
- MR HARRIS: Yes. P rice, switch to RT.

DOCTOR: This one?
P RICE: Yes, sir.

Robson? Robson?

Robson, listen to me.
Can you hear me?


Come back, man, Come back.

Robson, don't you realise
what they're trying to do to you?

They're trying to control you!

- Now listen to me. Listen!
- Robson.

I have the girl. She's my prisoner.

She is my hostage. Do you understand?

Ifyou want her to live,
come over to us.

- Come over to us.
- Robson.

- Robson!
- P RICE: He switched off, sir.

What did he mean, "Come over to us"?

Well, he meant exactly what he said!

You mean they want you?

Yes, they must think
I'm a serious menace.

- But you won't go, surely?
- But of course.

But we need you here,
you're our only hope.

Doctor, we can't let him take Victoria!
We've got to do something to stop him!

You can't go with that man,
you can see he's not responsible.

Jamie's right,
we've got to go after him.

- You can use the company helicopter.
- Harris!

If we let this man go now,
what hope have we got?

MissJones, I have a feeling
that Mr Robson is going to lead us

to the nerve centre of the colony.

P rice, tell the helicopter crew
to stand by. Doctor, come with me.

I'll get you some transport. Quickly.

Good! Thank you, P rice.
Tell them not to lose touch.

Oh, and P rice, the Doctor and the boy,
are they airborne yet?

No, sir, they're just approaching
the airfield.


Mr Harris, sir. Mr Harris,
the Doctor's airborne.


Doctor, can you see Robson?

No, we can't see anything here.

All right, listen carefully. We managed
to track him on the radar scope.

He just landed
on the control rig complex.

DOCTOR: The control rig complex.

What? Say again.

DOCTOR: We are proceeding there now.

- What chance have they got?
- Your guess is as good as mine.

What do we do now?

- We sit and wait.
- But we can't...

If the Doctor hasn't done
something within an hour,

- I'm evacuating the compound.
- No, it's...

And that's final, MissJones!

Jamie, there's the control rig complex.

Hey, Doctor, one of those towers
is all covered in white.

DOCTOR: Yes, it's foam.

That's the nerve centre.

Robson's helicopter.

- Yes.
- We can't land there.

Oh, yes we can, Jamie.

Come on in, the water's lovely.

Come on, Jamie.


DOCTOR: Goodbye.

Now, down the hatch.


So far so good, Jamie.

But the driver, will he wait for us?

Oh yes, he said he'd hang around.

Where do we go from here?

Well, I think we'll go along down here.

- It's like walking into the lion's den.
- Jamie,

we're already in the lion's den.

What we've got to concentrate on
is keeping our heads out of his mouth.

Now, come on.

It's very quiet.

Do you think
Victoria really is down here?

There's nowhere else she can be.

I suppose you're right.

- Victoria.
- No, Jamie! Jamie!

Now there's no element of surprise!

Jamie! Doctor!

- See, I was right.
- No, Jamie!

What's the matter?

If you were hunting, what would you do?

Well, I'd set a...
Oh, I see. You think it might be a trap.

Might be. Let's be cautious
just in case, eh?



Here we go.

It's Robson!

(SOFTLY) Come in, Doctor.

We've been waiting for you.