Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 24, Episode 11 - Doctor Who - full transcript

The Doctor's party rallies to the house of an elderly beekeeper where the young Chimeron princess hits another growth spurt that reveals the reason why the Bannermen want the Chimeron wiped out. Meanwhile, Gavrok sets a deadly booby-trap right outside the Doctor's TARDIS, and Billy makes a heedless and irrevocable decision.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Give me Delta
and I will give you your life.

What do you know about life, Gavrock?

You deal in death. Lies, treachery,
and murder are your currency.

You promise life, but, in the end,
it will be life which defeats you.

You have said enough.

I've traversed time and space
to find the Chimeron queen.

-I will not be defeated.
-As you will.

I came here under a white flag and
I will leave under that same white flag.

And woe betide any man
who breaches its integrity.

Now step aside! Release those prisoners!

Gavrock, it's over! You're finished!
And we're leaving.

Actually, I think I may have gone
a little too far.

-Up, up!

What's happening now, Weismuller?

I don't know,
but whatever it is, it's...

It's better than just
sitting around. Hey!

Holy mackerel!

Boy. Listen,
let's try sitting down again, huh?

-All right. One, two, three.

I thought they'd never go. Can you move?

Sure, if I leave my neck behind.

Oh. Gee.

It's no use, lady,
they got a special kind of a wrench.

It's sort of like a dinky Allen key.

-Is this dinky enough?
-It's looking good, sister.

I'll have you out in a minute,
then follow me in your car.

Who is she?

We did it, Doctor! Free!

Yes, there's more to this
than we can fry, Mel.


-Did they get you, Doctor?

-And I don't think they intended to.
-You could've fooled me!

This is the queen's hive.

-What's that white stuff?
-Oh, royal jelly.

It's a superfood created
by the bees themselves.

It has the ability to change an ordinary
worker bee's larvae into a queen.

And that's all there is to it,
a better diet?

Never underestimate
the powers of nature, Billy.


I want to show you something.

Now, look at all those jars.

Wales's finest honey.

All created by my little friends.

How long did it take for them
to make all this lot?

Oh, I don't know.

We've been working together
so long,

I've completely lost track of all time.

But I remember this one especially well.

1932, a hot summer

and abundant cherry blossom.

A classic honey.

She's due to change.
The singing time is near.

-What's the singing time?
-The next stage in her growth.

This food will help boost her energy
for the change.

Will she grow up to be a princess, too?

Yes, her hair and her eyes
are already changing.

I've fed her this
since she was born.

Sometimes that sounds good,
other times it's horrible.

One frequency is an attack warning
and the other is musical.

Soon she'll be able to
control both.

Ah, Ray's back with
those two lovely American gentlemen.


Tracker dart in place, sir,
but the prisoners have escaped.

Idiot. Pursue at once,
I will follow the signal.

Return to the fighter.

Sonic cone.


Why are we stopping, Doctor?

In order to lengthen our odds,
may I borrow a length of your ribbon?

All I know is they're not Americans.

But we've already explained
who they are.

They're like hit men from Mars.

You too, Weismuller?
Whoever they are, I plan to get even.


-You rescued them, Doctor.
-Ah, we're not in the clear yet.

Ray tells me you've got
some honey stored, Goronwy.

Only about 10,000 jars, Doctor.

Excellent. Billy, Ray, you come with me
and Goronwy.

I've got one final thing to do!

Signal has stabilised,
prepare to blast off.

But it's our patriotic duty
to call Washington, Hawk.

Yeah, well, you go ahead, Weismuller,
I ain't licked yet.

She saved Delta's life
with a warning cry.

She's now into the singing time.

Do you think there are any more of them?

Certainly. We'd better get back
to the TARDIS.

So we'll get ready to leave immediately.

Prepare to land!

Now, I need something of Delta's.

Thank you.

Are you ready, my cariad?

[Ray responds in Welsh]

Head 'em up!

Roll 'em out!

What is this?


I found their hideout, sir.

They're still there.
Stand by to storm it.

Stay back. The TARDIS has been

Ain't nothing but a telephone booth.

See up there next to the light?
There's a small beam weapon.

It emits a cone of sensitivity
all around the TARDIS.

Anything entering that cone
detonates an explosion.

But can't you somehow get around it?

Oh, I don't know,
it's a very sophisticated system.

I reckon this is all so much eyewash.
I'm gonna call the chief.

I did warn you.

If you'd stepped into that beam,
you would've been atomised.

Open fire!

-Mr. Burton?

-Take everyone back to the camp.

Let me stay here and try and work out
how to diffuse that booby trap.

Because if it explodes
with its full force,

it can take us all with it.


Where are they? Scum!


What's that you're hiding, Billy?

-You haven't been eating that, have you?
-I had to, Delta.

I'm not a Chimeron
but, if I'm to come with you,

then I have to become one.

But it's never been tried
on humans before, it might kill you.

It'll be all right, I think.

Look at my skin and my hair,
they're already changing.

Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we're
ready for you at the office now, Billy.

Sure thing, Mr. Burton.

Oh, what're you doing, Doctor?

Well, I was marking out
where the sonic cone meets the ground.

-Well, you see,

the beam casts a shadow
at the base of the TARDIS.

Now, if we could tunnel under the cone
and come up in that shadow

-then perhaps I could disarm it.
-Ah, Doctor.

Yes, I know it's time consuming.
It's our only choice.

Well, look.

Apart from plan B. Run!

They're here!

Ray! Everyone else stay here
till it's safe to come out.

Goronwy, have you got the beeswax?
Thank you.

Delta and your daughter, come with me.

Barricade the door!

Oh, I haven't used it in over 40 years,
it'll still put the wind up a Bannerman.

Almost finished with these connections,
Mr. Burton.

Through shot and shell.
We'll teach these blighters a lesson.

Excellent effort, Mr. Burton.

But the weapon we are using
will be a bit more sophisticated.

-Are you ready, Billy?
-Ready to rock and roll.

Let's roll.

They're coming.

All haste and no speed
makes Jill a dull girl.

Pass the side cutters.

Once inside, you will kill everyone
except the young princess.

I will deal with her personally.


A moment's impatience would mean
our certain annihilation.

Snipers, forward!

Kill them, on the roof.

They spotted us, Billy. Run!



Secure them with these.

Oh, thanks, Doctor.

You know, when I was an Eagle scout, knots was my best thing.

Okay, pal, here's my speciality.

A running noose combined with a dog shank!

How about that?

It's over!

Well done, Princess, that was wonderful!

It's over, Mr. Burton.

Mr. Burton, it's over! It's over!

Oh! Aye.

-It's over, we won!
-Oh, lovely, lovely.

Now, come and see your new spaceship, Delta, Princess.

Boy, you're the sorriest looking bunch of Bannermen I've ever seen.

Thank you for your help and courage. All of you.

Are Billy and the Doctor all right?

Yes, Billy's just changing.

I know without a male
the race will be wiped out.

But I haven't seen many examples
of species crossing.

There could be
the most dreadful mutation.

It's our only chance, Doctor.

I can't condone this foolishness.

But then, love has never been known
for its rationality.

And then you see,
the new young queen comes along,

and the whole colony swarms
all around her,

and off they go to find a new hive.

A new hive and a new life.

-That's amazing.
-Let's go and see what's happening.

Well, that should hold them
all the way back to Mars.

-Or wherever you're going.
-Considerably further than that.


-Everything ship-shape?

I'll just stow all my gear.

What are you thinking, Doctor?

I was just speculating
what this vehicle would be like

with more sophisticated braking
and suspension systems.

Are you kidding?
This is the best there is.

I don't know how I can ever thank you
for what you've done.

You've saved my planet and my people.
You will always be welcome.

Goodbye, everyone. I'll always think
of you here at Shangri-La, Ray.

Goodbye, Billy.
I won't forget you either.

Oh, I almost forgot,
will you look after the Vincent for me?

Remember to feather the clutch.


Let's make this baby fly.

-No, don't worry.

Gavrok absorbed so much energy
that the device has lost all its power.

Ah, Mr Burton.

-Thank you for saving Mel's life.
-Oh, thank you, Doctor.

I have not had such a shindig
since I went buffalo hunting in Africa.

Oh, it's a ferocious brute, you know,
the buffalo.

1928, hibiscus blossom.

Oh, what a sweet gesture.

Oh, you're more than a collector,
Goronwy, you're a man of taste.

Oh, good heavens!
The Skegness Glee Club.

And I haven't got any staff.
Oh, I'll have to go.

-Goodbye, my dear.

Ah, welcome, campers.

Now, I am your camp leader
while you are at Shangri-La.

My name is Burton.

I believe this is your satellite,

We did it.
We actually did it, Hawk!

-It's wonderful, it's wonderful.
-Thanks, Doctor!