Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 33 - Doctor Who - full transcript

The TARDIS lands in a haunted house where the Doctor and his friends are confronted by Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster...and then the Daleks appear.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
But surely we've got our
12-minute lead still?

I'm afraid not. It's down to eight.

It will be reduced even further
after our next landing.

We must face the facts;

the Daleks are closing in on us.

I'm not wild about this place.

I don't know... ideal place to fight Daleks

you know... good stout walls...

an upper storey, stairs...

Daleks don't like stairs.

Probably vampires, if you ask me.

Oh, charming!

Oh, rubbish my child.

Vampire bats are only to be found in
South America.

Maybe that's where we are?

No, I don't think so.

Judging by the, er, architecture, I should
say, er, Central Europe

Well, I'm with Barbara.

I don't like it here, I think we should go.

Yes, in the normal, er... progress of time,
m... my dear

I would say, er, ye...
I would agree with you

but, erm, unfortunately we've got
to face the Daleks.

And I think it's essential we take
a look around.

Let's try upstairs, hmm.

Well, you go if you want to,
but I'm staying near the TARDIS.

Me too.

Oh, very well, stay where you are.

We shan't be long.

Shan't be long.

Well, Vicki, there's...
there's really nothing to be scared of.

This is... just an old house, it...

We mustn't let our imaginations run
away with us.

No, you're quite right.

We... we mustn't behave like children.

No, we mustn't, now...
come on, let's, erm...

Let's help the Doctor and look
around down here, erm...

How about the fireplace?

Look at that.

What do you suppose is inside it?


What was that?

Oh, it's just thunder, dear boy.

No, no, no, the noise before that.

Oh, rubbish, there was no noise
before that! Come along, come along.

What have you found now?

Well, it looks... it looks like a
laboratory to me.

Look at all that equipment down there, hmm?

Doctor, I think we'd better check
on Barbara and Vicki.

Oh nonsense, we've only just left them,
dear boy, hmm?

Now, I must see what's on that table.

Must you? I'd really rather not know.

You don't mean that, do you?

Where's your spirit of adventure, mm?

It died a slow and painful death when
those bats came out of the rafters.

Very well then, stay where you are! Mmm?
Stay where you are!

I say, I think we'd better check where
Vicki and Barbara is!

And what's that in aid of?

And therefore never send to know, for
whom the bell tolls.

It tolls for thee!

I feel as though my hair's turned white!

It has as a matter of fact.


It's all right though. It quite suits you.

Oh Vicki!

Good evening.

Good... evening!

Who are you?

I am Count Dracula!

But... you can't be, I mean,
not... not really!

He's gone. Thank goodness for that anyway.

Vicki... do you...

Do you think there's something strange
going on around here?

Oh no!

T... What... Why did he go away so quickly?

Well, I can't seem to open it
from this side.

Vicki, do you supp...

Vicki? Vicki, where are you?

Oh, there's one thing about this
place, Doctor;

it certainly stimulates the phagocytes.

Hmm. Hmm?

The phago...?

You know, it's... it's uncanny, strange
and weird, but... is familiar!

Yes, that's the word, dear boy, familiar!

You know when I was coming down
those stairs

I knew that thing was going to move, hmm?

I knew it!

Oh, did you?

I didn't notice you standing around to
check your premonition.

I never stay where I'm not wanted.
Come along.

Huh! Pre-conditioned - that's it!

What are you talking about?

This house is exactly what you would
expect in a nightmare!

Yes, we're in a world of dreams

creaking doors, thunder and lightning,
monsters and all the things

that go bumpety bumpety in the night! Hmm?

With one vital difference, Doctor.

This house is real. It exists.

Yes... yes, it exists - in the dark
recesses of the human minds.

Millions of people secretly believing!

Think of the immense power of all
these people

combined together, makes this place
become a reality, hmm?

Then we're safe!

Safe? What on earth do you mean, dear boy?

But the Daleks can't touch us here?
Not in the human mind?

You know, I believe you're right.

Yes! The Daleks can never land here! Ha ha!

The girls have gone.



Perhaps they followed us upstairs, hmm?

The enemy time machine is here.

We have caught them.

Which planet are we on.


They only changed their geographical and
time location.

This time they will not elude us.

Already the search force is disembarking.


I shall remain here in case they return.

Where are those girls, Doctor?

Well, we would have seen them if they
were upstairs.

Hadn't we better take another look
down there?

Had we?

Afraid so.

Well, er, after you, dear boy! Mmm.

No, after you!

Wait for me.

Shh! Someone's coming.

Well, take cover!

Where are the time travelers?

The time travellers? They're...

Do not move!

The TARDIS! Quick!

Do not move! I am a Dalek!

We are invincible!

Stop! Stop!

Oh, there you are!

Well, where have you both been, eh?

We climbed through a secret tunnel
straight down...

There's no time to tell us now.
The Daleks are here.


Look out!

Halt! You will be exterminated!

Good evening!

Quick! Into the TARDIS while we've
still got a chance!

Look out, he'll kill you! You'll be killed!

I... am... Count... Dracula.

Eradicate her!


I... am... Count... Dracula.

Don't go. Don't go. Don't go.

Don't go. Don't go.

Don't go.

Don't go. Don't go.

Don't go.

Embark at once!

At once!

Yes! Embark!

Embark! At once!

Embark! Embark! Embark! Embark!

This game of hide and seek through time is
wearing a little thin now.


What an extraordinary place, eh?

More spooks in a square mile than the
Tower of London.


You know that theory of yours...

Theory, my dear boy? Facts.

I am convinced that that
house was neither

time nor space.

We were lodged for a period...
in an area of human thought.

And were the Daleks lodging too?

Oh, I don't want to enter into it...

Oh, no, no, no!

A discussion with him! Oh!

Have it your own way.

I think there's a much simpler explanation.

Well, how's this box of
tricks coming along, Doctor?

Oh, necessarily crude, dear boy.

I haven't time to perf... to perfect

Oh, when's it going to be operational, eh?

You know just as much about that as I do.

Oh Doctor, we can't
go on like this, can we?

We've given them the slip once or twice
but sooner or later

we're going to have to settle with them.

Oh, I quite agree with you.

Running away won't solve our problem.

But as soon as we've reached the
final decision

to stand and fight, they'll be no
turning back.

It'll either be them... or us. Hmm?

Here we are.

Oh, my dear, very welcome.

Woah, thanks.

Where's Vicki?

But I thought she was with you?

We are locked in pursuit course.

Calculate destination
of enemy time machine.


The enemy is approaching the
planet Mechanus.

Contact Skaro.

Report our destination
to the Dalek Supreme.

I obey.

Is the reproducer repaired?

We await your orders.

Manufacture will commence at once.

Which of the four humans is to
be re-produced?

Their leader - the one they call Doctor..

Is the re-producer programmed?

All is in readiness.

Photo images and relevant data
are in the computer.

The humanoid will be completed by the time
we arrive at our destination.


Commence operations, then assemble at
cell renovator chamber.

We obey!

Of course.


Come in please. Over.

Hello, TARDIS. Doctor?

Somebody, please help me.

Get me out of this. TARDIS! TARDIS!

It's my fault. All my own stupid fault.

I shouldn't have moved the TARDIS.

I have should have checked up first to
make sure that everybody was inside.

I shall never forgive myself!

Oh, no Doctor, don't blame yourself.

We're all equally to blame.

I was convinced she was on-board.

Isn't there anything we can do?

Is there no way of going back for Vicki?

You don't think I'd be standing here doing
nothing do you, if there were, hmm?

We're helpless... and you of all
people should

know that the TARDIS can't land in the same
time and place twice!

Doctor, shut up!

We've never stayed long enough in any
one place to repair the

time mechanism of the TARDIS.

If we did, is there a chance of
going back for Vicki?

Yes, of course, it's possible but it might
take months, even years.

But Doctor, if we all
worked together, if...

if Ian and I helped you, surely
it's worth a try?

Yes, my dear, I know it's worth a try
but you don't think the Daleks

are going to sit back and allow us to
tinker do you?

They're right on our tracks.

Their one aim is to destroy.

The Dalek time machine! Of course!

Doctor, I've got it.

We can't go back for Vicki in the TARDIS

but we can in the Daleks own time machine.

Do you mean... capture their machine?

Why not?

Well, that would take some doing.

It's the only chance we've got.

Otherwise we'll never see Vicki again.

If we can only pull it off.

Doctor, we have nothing to lose...

And now we have even more reason to
stop and fight.

What do you say, Doctor?

I say yes, yes, yes!

Our next landing will be our battle
ground and we shall fight.

We shall fight to the death!


Somebody hear me.


Report position of enemy machine.

It's movement through time is ending.

It is approaching the planet Mechanus.

How long before we reach them?

Er, er, in Earth time, er, four minutes.

There is much to do.

Is the humanoid robot complete?

The computer is feeding its memory
cells with data.

Physical characteristics are completed.

Energy cells fully charged.

Micro-units containing personality and
vocal mannerisms are charged.

Prepare to activate.

Activate the robot.

Ah, looks swampy.

Yes, all to the good, my boy.

This sort of terrain is going to make
it very difficult for the Daleks.


Well, we won't have long to explore, Doctor

before the Daleks
arrive so lets get moving.

Yes, you are perfectly correct,
perfectly correct.

However, it doesn't matter about the

It's quite safe to go outside.


Just look at that vegetation.

Yes. Just as though it were alive.

Alive! Yes!


Paramount success!

It is impossible to distinguish
from the original.

We have landed on the planet Mechanus.

Operate ramp control.

Activate robot power source.

Your orders are understood?

You will infiltrate and kill.

Infiltrate and kill!


Of course I understand, my dear fellow.

Don't fuss so!

I am to infiltrate and kill.

Infiltrate and kill!