Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 27 - Doctor Who - full transcript

Now back on their proper time track, the Doctor and his friends must work to avoid the future they saw for themselves.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

They've gone!

Yes, my dear...and we've arrived!

Best I could do sir. She'll be good for another hundred years or so.

What was wrong with it?

Well, the clasps had broken, rotted.

Like everything on this planet, including us.

Well, I've got two more mimmians before I can go home.

Yes, I say it often enough, but it's still two thousand Xeron days...and it sounds more in days.

Yeah, I know, I volunteered, you were ordered.
If the truth were known, I was just as bored on Morok.

Still it was home, and youth never appreciates what it has.
Oh, I don't know what I'm going to do now.

Still...let's get on with it, shall we?

these reports. I don't know.

I'm the governor of this planet.
You're supposed to show some respect and knock.

I'm sorry sir. The matter's urgent.

Nothing's so urgent you can't knock on my door.

A ship has landed.

From home? There was no advance notification.

Not from the planet Morok - alien.

Alien? Well, this will indeed be a red letter day for the Xeros calendar.

Have the crew been detained?

No sir. They've left the ship.
We've found footprints but no trace of them.

We were unable to enter the craft but it
appears to be uninhabited at the moment.

Commander 'B' Division? We have uninvited visitors.
How many?

Unknown, but at least three.

Three or more. Organise a search
then detain them for questioning.

Visitors? Well, we won't be the only ones looking for them...

The rebels?

Rebels? This local rabble? They're children.

Hmm, the "children" as you call them are growing up.

When they pose a danger, we will destroy them.

Until then, the problem will keep. Nevertheless, they'll try and contact our visitors for help.

I must remember to notify the commanders to keep watch.

As for the aliens who have just landed,
we may even be able to add to the museum.

Tor is late. It's not like him.

I know. He did contact the group in the next sector?

Yes, but the Moroks are out checking.

If they found him missing, they could have pulled him in for questioning.

Oh no, he's just been detained, stop worrying about it.

Stop worrying? Look, we're just waiting to be rounded up.

I suppose Tor knows what he's doing.

Huh, does he? I'm beginning to wonder.

I know the Moroks have ray guns and
we're unarmed but our only chance is to strike!

Well, the longer we leave it the greater the risk.

But we'll only get one opportunity Dako, and when we attack we've got to win.

Tor, you're late.

I know, something happened; the Moroks have discovered a spaceship.

A spaceship? Landed here?

Where from?

Well, nobody knows yet. They'd already left it before the ship was found.

It doesn't make much difference, they'll contact the Moroks anyway.

No, I don't think they will.
They've had time to do that and they haven't.

Lobos is organising a search.

A search?


Tor, I don't understand.
Look, everybody knows what this planet's used for - a museum.

Well, if they came here knowing that, and they must have done,
it can only be to see the Moroks.

Huh! The universe is huge.
There must be millions of planets that have never heard of the Moroks.

They could have landed here by accident.

Well, either way, it's our chance. Well, don't you see?
They'll have weapons - weapons we can use.

If they agree to help us.

They will Sita, when they hear our story.

But the Moroks are searching.
You've already said that. They'll find them first.

No, I don't think they'll want to be discovered
when they find out about this place.

If they hide, they'll hide from us too.

I know, but we've got to try. Come on!

Ah, oh!


Hurry up, it's heavy! Oh!

All right.


Hey, I wonder if it works, hey?

Chesterton, this is no time to be playing Cowboys and Indians.

Doctor, I might have shot a hole right in the middle of you!

Is that so?

We have a very serious problem on our hands,
and what are you doing with this anyway? Put it back in there! Hmm!

No, Doctor. This might come in very useful.
We might be able to bluff our way out of here with this.

If we want to get out of here...


Oh, we can't stay here, Barbara, can we?

We must do whatever is necessary to keep us out of those cases.

I don't see that staying here would stop it.

We must break the chain of events that led up to it
and going out of here might be just what we're not supposed to do.

Yes, I think Barbara's quite right, my dear.

If we walk out of here, it could change the future.

Perhaps if we wait until we're taken out, that might change the future.

The point is, what are we going to do? Which is it to be?

But Doctor, if we find the TARDIS and leave here,
then we won't have to worry about being turned into dummies at all.

That's a good point, Doctor...

It isn't a good point at all, my dear boy.

The fact is the future - our future,
whether we leave here in the TARDIS or not. Hmm!

Yes...I's a difficult problem, isn't it?

DOCTOR: Yes, it is.

There's no answer. But, Doctor, we've got to decide on something...

Decide, my dear? Spinning a coin would be...just as appropriate.

Who would...want to put us on show or display? I wonder, hmm?

The Doctor's curious - that means we stay.

You've lost a button.

Hmm? Oh, so I have.

Lost a button? Hmm, that's interesting.
Yes, that's very interesting. Hmm.

Doctor, why do you always show the greatest
interest in the least important things, eh?

The least important things sometimes, my dear boy,
lead to the greatest discoveries.

Like steam, for instance, coming out of a kettle.

Yes! I was with him at the time. Er, let's see now, er,
yes what was that fellows name? Erm, erm , erm...

James Watt.

Mmm? Yes, you know, losing a button could change the future.

Mmm. It's a pity, my dear boy, you didn't discover it was
missing in the cases when we were standing there st, er, staring at each other.

Doctor, I'd just come face to face with myself!
I wasn't counting the buttons on my jacket!

Yes, I quite understand that.

Well, I think we should leave the museum, try and find
the TARDIS and make sure that it doesn't end up in here.

Are you all agreeable.




Come along then, come along!

All right, my boy. You lead the way.


Well which way? Have you any, er, particular fancy?

The way we came in, of course!

And which way was that?

Your memory is like a sieve, dear boy!
We turned right and then left.

No, no, we turned right when we came in.

No, we turned left when we came in.

Well actually, all the doors and corridors are exactly alike.

I beg to differ, You see, you must turn right before you turn left.

Doctor, it depends which way you're
facing before you start turning at all!

We were facing from there, down here, therefore...

Doctor, why don't you admit it
you are just as lost as the rest of us?

Yes, I suppose I...must confess, I am.


Anyway, I suggest we take Vicki's advice.
We can always re-trace our steps.

So, we go this way and turn right, hmm? Right.

Well, I don't remember this.

I do.

Oh-oh! You're just saying that because we followed your advice!

Oh no, I'm not! I remember that thing being over there.

Yes, I think Vicki's quite correct.
Yes, I have a distinct impression, we've all been here before.

Hmm,, yes, of course!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, I know where we are now.

You do? Well, which way do we go?

Er, er, ergh, ergh...

Straight ahead...

Straight...straight ahead, dear boy! Straight ahead!
Yes, turn right.


Er, commander 'K' division; alien spaceship in hand sir.

What news of the aliens...repeat, what news of the aliens?

Footsteps were found near the museum. The search is proceeding.

Good. Find them.

It's like a maze.

Well, if we keep going, we must eventually come to an entrance.

No more talking please. I think we're nearly there.

And remember, we can be seen by now.

That must be them.

And they're armed!

Quick! Back here!

I'll see which way they go. Then we'll try and cut them off.

They had a ray gun. I saw it.

Well, that's no reason to sound downhearted.
We were hoping they would.

Well, that's all very well but how do we know they're friendly?
They might shoot us on sight.

Well, we'll have to try and make contact before we show ourselves.


Well, we'll catch either the old man or the girl.

W...we...we can explain and...and. then,
let then let them introduce us to the others.

Mmm, it's a good idea.

Look quick, they've gone to the right - let's get them!

All clear.


Mmm? Yes, yes, all right child.

You've killed him, Sita!

I couldn't have! I hardly touched him! He must have fainted.

Shut up, both of you. There's no time for arguments

Stay here and watch him, Dako, in case he recovers.

Me? Where are you going?

To try and find something to bring him around.
Well, don't worry - we won't be long. Come on Sita.

Well, he was following us.

I know that, but where did he stop?

Well, surely one or other of you saw or heard something?

Oh, come on Ian! You weren't that far in front!

Barbara, I am not blaming you!

Well, then stop getting irritable!

I am not irritable! I...oh, I'm sorry. Of course I'm irritable.

I just wish he'd stay with us for once, that's all.

Well, he was looking in one of the cases.
I suppose we could have left him behind.

I bet he's been captured.


By whom?

I don't know...those people we saw, I suppose.

Oh, Vicki! You're just letting your imagination run away with you.

There were four of us in those cases, not one.

Well, what do we do now? Which is the way into those cases?

Staying here, going back or still trying to find our way out?

Oh, Barbara, asking a lot of questions is not going to change our future.

Well, if we don't find a few answers, we won't have a future!

All right! All right! I agree - we've got to do something.
I say we go on.

All right.

Oh, good! That way I think.

Well, what happened, Dako?

I don't know. I turned my back for a second, the next thing I...

Well, was it the old man?

I don't know!

Did he go outside?

I keep telling you - I didn't see anything. Huh!

One minute was silence and the next minute a whirlwind hit me.

Well, he must have gone to join the others.

We'll have to see if we can find him.
Don't forget they're still armed.

Oh, we'll have to take our chances this time.

Otherwise the Moroks will get them first. Come on.

I fooled them all! I am the master!

It's no good Ian, I...I can't go on.

Well, we passed this thing ages ago.
We're just going round and round in circles.

How long have we been in here?

Oh, it doesn't matter how long. There's only one thing that's certain.
We're getting nearer and nearer to those cases.

The Minotaur!

The Minotaur!

Ian, what are you doing?

Well, don't you two remember your mythology?

When Theseus went into the labyrinth, he took with him a
ball of thread so that he could use it to retrace his steps.

Yes, but Ian, we haven't just arrived. We've been here for hours.

That doesn't matter.
From now on we won't go round and round in circles.

Here Vicki - hold it. Come on.

Well, you might ask! I mean, that's a good cardigan!

Oh, er, sorry, well, er, may we?

Yes...yes, I suppose so!

We'll leave a trail of thread, you see? But Ian! Ian!


If anyone sees it, they'll be able to follow it and catch us.

Oh, we'll get caught anyway if we don't get out of here soon.

Don't worry about that. Let's get this...

How do you undo this?

Oh, give it to me! Do you have a penknife?

Oh, penknife? Yes, there we are.

Ah, yes...

What's this?

They're leaving a trail.


Well, they must have missed the old man.

Yes - this was put here for him to follow them!

No, I don't think so. They'd have come back and looked for him.

Well, whatever the reason, it's a trail.
Now trails are meant to be followed - this way.

Welcome to Xeros - a planet in the Morok empire.
What is your name?

Very well. Mine is Lobos. I am the governor of this planet.

"Curator of a museum" is a better title, hmm?

Ah, so now you choose to speak, good. Yes, Xeros is a museum.

A lasting memorial to the achievements of the Morok civilisation.


Well, from my observation it, er, seems to, er, arouse, er, very little interest.

People tire of their heritage.

Three hundred mimmians ago, sightseers filled
this planet, marvelling at what they saw.

Today, the occasional spaceship from Morok calls.

Perhaps if you reduced the price of admission! Hmm?

You have a sense of humour too!
Unfortunately, that is not the reason.

Our civilisation rests on its laurels.
Galactic conquests are a thing of the past.

Life, it is now said, is purely a thing to enjoy.

"Decline and fall of the Roman empire" - oh yes,

it's happened before, yes.
In many galaxies far beyond your reach.

Why do you come here?


Ah! Then you are a scientist like myself?

It makes a change to have someone intelligent and enquiring to talk to.

I'm charmed!

Where have you come from?


You don't want to answer?
Very well, I'll try another. Where are your companions?

We can get all the information we require
without the need to resort to brute force.

Of course, your co-operation would have
made things easier, but it isn't essential.

I will repeat the question; Where are your companions?

Commander 'B' division?

'B' Division commander here sir.

Proceed immediately to corridor 417.

Detain three humans - one man, one woman and a young girl.

Message received and understood.
It will be dealt with immediately.

A simple matter of thought selection.
By asking a question, I plant an image in your mind.

No matter what you say, as long as you're seated in
that chair, I will see your mental pictures reflected.

You see, it is quite useless for you to lie to me.
Now shall we return to the questioning? How did you get here?

The end, I'm afraid.

It didn't work, did it?

Oh, I don't know. We...we didn't go
round and round in circles, we didn't back-track.

If only they had exit signs like they do in ordinary museums.

Well, I suppose we'll be stuck here until...

Well, may be the Doctor's wrong and you can't change the future.

Oh, don't say that, Barbara.
I can't bear to think of such an awful thing happening.

Well, I can't bear to think of it either, but we can't...

It didn't work, eh? You come with me!

The TARDIS! They've got the TARDIS!

Well? No more questions? Hmm?

Where have you come from?!

If you take a look into your screen,
perhaps you will find that out, hmm?

What are these creatures?

Just some old friends of mine!


But these are amphibious creatures!
You are not an amphibian!

Oh! I'm not, am I?! Hmm?


Commander 'B' division - no fugitive aliens in corridor 417.

You fools! You let them escape! All available divisions - priority search.

These aliens must be found at once - maximum security!

Don't blame your men. I think my friends most probably
left the area long before you put questions to me.

I imagined them still there, of course,
because that was the last place I saw them.

So you see, your little toy...isn't...infallible, is it? Hmm?

So you see fit to joke with me, eh?
Well, let us give you something to joke about, shall we?

You are of no further use to me and would
make a perfect specimen for our museums.

Yes Doctor, I see you take my meaning.


Take him to the preparation room.