Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 22 - Doctor Who - full transcript

The Cybermen are now in control of the ship and they have eliminated their human accomplice. The Doctor, Adric and several members of the crew are now their prisoners. Tegan finds herself separated from Lt.Scott and she too is soon taken prisoner and is reunited with the Doctor who realizes just what the Cybermen are going to do: use the spaceship as a flying bomb. Scott and the other troopers make a rescue attempt. Adric tries desperately desperately to stop the ship from crashing into Earth.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

My army awakes, Doctor!

- This is piracy!
- (LEADER) It is war.

We're in warp drive.

Disrupt the navigational system
and we'll disintegrate!

Your technology is primitive.
Mistakes will not be made.

What was that?

I don't know. A robot.

They're huge!

Where's Tegan?

- What are they doing?
- I don't know.

They've incorporated their own machine.

I suspect the ship is
on a locked off, fixed co-ordinate.

- Are we still going to Earth?
- Yes.

- Why lock off the co-ordinates?
- They're turning us into a flying bomb.

- Your Tardis has been found.
- I didn't know it was lost.

Security won't allow you to crash
into Earth. They'll shoot the ship down.

There will not be time.
You have security clearance for Earth.

Why do it? The impact will destroy everything.
The planet will be useless.

A conference is taking place on Earth.

The reason for the red alert!

Yes. The heads of many powerful planets
will be present.

So you destroy a few presidents
in a needlessly destructive way!

It is more than that. The purpose
of the conference is to sign a pact

uniting their military forces
in a war against the Cyber race.

Of course. A war you couldn't possibly win.

Their combined forces would be too great.

Destroy the conference
and you destroy the unity.

It will be a great psychological victory.

The might of the Cyber race will be confirmed.

- So the freighter replaces the bomb?
- Yes, Doctor.

In spite of your interference,
we will still triumph.

- Scott to Tardis. Come in.
- This is Nyssa.

We're coming back to the Tardis.
The hold is crawling with robots.

- Any of you hurt?
- No...

..but we've got separated from Tegan.

If the freighter crashes into Earth
with you on board,

how will you carry out your task?
You'll be very crumpled.

- I shall not be on board.
- You don't surprise me.

My function was to eliminate
those who survived the bomb.

Now your transport has replaced the bomb.

I shall join a secondary force
to complete my task.

Are they all so dedicated?

Compared to some,
this one is positively flippant.



- They're safe!
- And those two robots have gone.


(SCOTT) Wait till it's near,
then concentrate your fire.


There's another one!

Nyssa, get back!


It's no use.

She's dead.

- Doctor! Adric!
- Where did you come from?

- That thing caught me.
- Where's Nyssa?

- In the Tardis.
- Who is this?

- An Earthling of no consequence.
- Thanks a lot!

- One of your crew?
- In a manner of speaking.

- I see that Time Lords have emotions.
- Of sorts.

Surely a great weakness in one so powerful?

Emotions have their uses.

They restrict the intellect and logic of the mind.

They enhance life.

When did you last enjoy a sunset
or a well-prepared meal?

These things are irrelevant.

For some people, small beautiful
events is what life is all about.

- You have affection for this woman?
- She's a friend.

- You do not find friendship a weakness?
- I do not.

Kill her.


Such a reaction is not a disadvantage?


You are mistaken.
I now have control over you, Doctor.

All I need do is threaten
the woman's death for you to obey me.

Having two of their weapons
might make them easier to kill.

- You're going out again?
- I haven't much choice.

The Doctor won't thank you
for throwing away your life!

- I return your ship to you, Captain.
- Really?

Continue your journey.
The ship will function normally.

We're to stay on board?

Yes, although your presence isn't needed.

The control of your ship
is now totally automatic.

- This isn't necessary. Let them go.
- And deny them the feeling of fear,

the ultimate in emotional response?

You've already proved your point
quite adequately.

A final demonstration
might convince any doubters.

- We have finished, Leader.
- Excellent.

Instruct all regenerated Cybermen
to evacuate the ship.

You will return to Cyber control
and inform main fleet of our intention.

At once.

(SCOTT) They're leaving.

You two will remain on the bridge.

Anyone who touches the navigational
equipment must be restrained.

Why not kill us now?

I want my guards to observe your reactions.

- That's sadistic!
- No, scientific.

If we are to fight Earthlings,
we need to understand their weaknesses.

We leave for your Tardis.
The Earth woman as well.

The name is Tegan!

- I want Adric, too.
- The boy stays here.

- No!
- He helps me fly the Tardis.

It requires one person to pilot the Tardis.

- I'm not going without him.
- The boy will stay here.

Otherwise, I shall
have the Earth woman destroyed.

- We can't leave without him!
- Take Tegan with you.

I'll find my own way. Please.

The boy's right. There's a chance. Leave now.

- Please.
- There is no chance.

Just leave!

Good luck, Adric.

Goodbye, Doctor.

- Good luck to you all!
- Goodbye, Tegan. I'll see you soon.

- Nice to see where we're going.
- We know where we're going.

Nice to see when we arrive.

- The freighter has been evacuated.
- (LEADER) Excellent.

A ship is being dispatched
from the main fleet to collect you.

(LEADER) The fleet is too far away.

I will use the Doctor's Tardis
to observe the impact.

- Leader.
- You will meet me there.

(TEGAN) You won't like Earth.

(LEADER) Like or dislike does not come into it.

(TEGAN) It will when you start going rusty!

- This is Scott.
- What's happening out there?

I don't know. Those robot things
seem to have left the ship.

- Is there any sign of the Doctor?
- No, not yet.

Be careful. That magnetic field
is functioning again.

- How much time is there?
- Not long. The ship's on maximum drive.

Could we undo what the Cybermen have done?

Given time, I'm sure.

If we could divert the ship a degree
or two, at least we'd miss Earth.

We have to cope with those things first.

Leader, the main fleet
has acknowledged your intentions.

- Do they agree?
- Yes, Leader.

As soon as the freighter impacts,

a small force will follow through
and subdue survivors.


Marshall, stay here and cover us.
Brooks, come with me.

Doctor! Where's Adric?

- He's safe.
- For the time being (!)

Lieutenant Scott, Captain.


Have you logged on
to the freighter's co-ordinates?

- Yes.
- Follow the freighter to Earth.

I wish to witness the planet's destruction.

You'll ruin your plan doing that.
The radar on Earth will pick up the Tardis.

It is too small. Its image will be swamped
by that of the freighter.

- Everything has been considered.
- Search this ship.

The override on the navigational control
countermands my instructions.

- This thing's causing it.
- Can't you disconnect it?

- It's probably booby-trapped.
- Maybe, but it can be disconnected.

- How?
- Solve the three logic codes.

- That could take for ever!
- Then I suggest we start at once.

Seems we have very little time, Captain.

- The time draws near!
- It isn't necessary to taunt her.

It is simply a fact, Doctor.

Can't you do something?

- Not at the moment.
- Do not mislead the Earthling.

This time we will not fail.

- Is that right?
- It has to be.

It's the only logical answer.

- I don't have to watch this!
- She doesn't have to be here.

- Gently, Tegan.
- Gently?!

This is my planet they're about to destroy!


Do things like that and we'll all end up dead!

That's it. The first one solved.

The troopers can't hold
the Cybermen much longer.

We're working as hard as we can.
It's very complex.

It worked! See if it's released anything.

The power in these is running out.

Stand by.

- (TEGAN) What's happening?
- They jumped time warps.

- You will follow.
- Where?

Follow them!

- (BERGER) We're going back in time.
- That's not possible!

It is when an alien machine
overrides your computer.

- You will board the freighter.
- I can't.

- You will do as I say!
- It's physically impossible!

The freighter's co-ordinates
are constantly changing.

That's why it keeps fading.
I've got nothing to lock on to.

Rest there a minute.

- Some bump!
- It's bigger than you think.

If we crack the other circuits,
we can do something about it.

At least the Earth is safe now.


Don't tell me it isn't!

The freighter's locked on
to the same spatial co-ordinates.


This is excellent news, Doctor!

Earth will be destroyed. It will
never exist as you have known it!

Is that true?


That's it! The second logic code!

We've come out of warp drive!

(DOCTOR) Earth.
(LEADER) Excellent.

Hold this position. We shall observe from here.


- Come on. We've done all we can do.
- This is your planet!

Yes, and I realise the consequences
of this freighter crashing into it!

I've time to crack the last code.

Come on! In a few minutes,
we enter Earth's gravitational pull.

- You've done all you can.
- I CAN crack this code!

Come on, Lieutenant. And you.

- Adric!
- You board.

(BRIGGS) Come on, lad!

That is an order, Adric!

Of course! That's it!

- (NYSSA) An escape pod.
- My guards evacuating the ship.

We've travelled backwards in time
some 65 million years.

- Big deal.
- Think about it.

- Do you recall the dinosaur fossils?
- What?

And why it's believed they died out?

- Earth collided with a meteorite.
- Or something.

The freighter!

The antimatter vessel will split on impact,
creating a tremendous explosion.

- The freighter was the meteorite?
- Your inevitable history.

- You lie, Doctor.
- Not at all! You've lost.

The Earth is safe.

I can do it!

I must do it!

- Scott to TardisI Come in.
- This is the Tardis.

We have Cybermen on board!

(SCOTT) We've managed to escape
from the freighter but Adric's still on board.

Scott to Tardis.

You've failed, Leader.

But you will not enjoy the victory.

I shall now kill you, Doctor!


(DOCTOR) Get down!


There's something missing.
There's something I've forgotten.

Hurry, Doctor. We must get
Adric off the freighter!

- The console's damaged.
- There's so little time!

Of course! That's it!


Now I'll never know if I was right.

- Look out!
- I must save Adric!