Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 14 - Doctor Who - full transcript

The Doctor discovers the mysterious wall is an illusion. As he and the companions penetrate deeper into the house, they find the aliens. Tegan and Adric are stunned by an android but the Doctor escapes to get reinforcements. He has also discovered the power packs belong to prison shackles. Tegan and Adric are taken into the alien lab and questioned about their origins. The Doctor realizes the villagers encountered earlier are controlled by the aliens. Having discovered an escape pod, he sends Nyssa back to the TARDIS to work on a weapon to destroy the android while the Doctor and Mace return to the house. Meanwhile Adric escapes but the Doctor is capture and about to be beheaded as a plague carrier.

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Subtitles by subXpacio

Doctor Who Season 19
The visitation 2 of 4

Original Air Date: 1982/02/16



- Yes?
- Oh, thank heavens.

- What an incredible illusion.
- It is, isn't it?

- How do you do that?
- Very simple.

- I found the door.
- I don't see it.

It's there all the same.

I knew there was something peculiar
about this wall.

- Is it an energy barrier?
- Right, I picked the lock.

But, if the barrier's open,
why can't we see through it?

Camouflage. As you pass through it,
it opens around you.

Whit a trick like that you could make
a fortune around the fairgrounds.

I must speak to the people
who invented it.

- Any survivors?
- Not yet.

An amazing illusion.

I must learn how it's done.

- What's that smell?
- Soliton gas.

I thought I recognised it.

Who'd want this sort of atmosphere?
It's stifling.

Someone who needs it
to breathe properly.

Let's find them.

I said let's find them.

Should you find the wine cellar, sir.

A bottle of Sacaby
would be most appreciated.

That's stealing.

- I am a highwayman, madam.
- This isn't a highway.

It's locked.


this must be it.

- It's so gloomy.
- They're near.

- How do you know?
- The smell of soliton is much stronger.

Why do we lurk in this cellar
when there is a whole house to loot?

You said you wanted wine.
Help yourself.

I'm so impetuous.

looking to the hills
and missing the treasure at my feet.

- I wonder what those are for.
- Just don't disturb anything.

Do you recognise any characteristics?

The regulator isn't pulsing properly.

Doctor, look.

perhaps they're just for research.

I feel itchy just looking at 'em.

What does that stuff taste like?


- What does that taste like?
- You stup...

No, don't.

- Nyssa, get out of here.
- What about Tegan?

Just get out of here.

I can't find the gap.


Now, I don't know
if you can understand me,

but I'd like to point out how volatile
soliton is when...

mixed freely with oxygen.

If you fire that beam of yours,
you'll turn this house into an inferno.

Adric, can you move?


Adric, look after her.
I'll be back.

- We must wait for the Doctor.
- Your Doctor is a dead man.

You saw what was in the cellar,
The Great Reaper. Death.

- That's what you're supposed to think.
- What was it, then?

An android. A mechanical man.
A machine.


Your brain is addled, sir.
That was Death.

You saw the effect my pistols
had on him.

It takes more than a pair of flintlocks
to damage an android.

- Is Tegan dead?
- No,

but I don't know
how badly hurt she is.

- Where are you going?
- Away.

I came up here to get you.

I'd rather be sealed up
in a plague house than stay here.

Adric & Tegan are hurt.
I need your help to get them out.

You see this?
It is part of a control bracelet.

It's a device used on prison planets
to control difficult prisoners.

It isn't an ornament.

The thing you saw in the cellar comes
from the same place as the bracelet.

How can that control anyone?

Like this.

If this was on your wrist, you'd have
lost control over your mind by now.

Nonsense, sir.

That glow is a conjuring trick.
I am a man of the theatre.

I am not impressed by trickery,
however clever it is.

Well, this is a trick
you won't see done for many a day.

That's what happens
when you discharge a power pack.

How does this android, as you call him,
come from another world?

There are no other worlds.
Any fool knows that.

Why are Earth people so parochial?

Who is this man?

- Who said that?
- Answer my question.

- The Doctor.
- And where is this Doctor from?

He's never told us.

He likes to be mysterious,
although he talks a lot about Guildford.

- I think that's where he's from.
- You're being a very stupid woman.

- That isn't a very original observation.
- I know he is not of this planet or time.

What rubbish.

The Doctor has a sonic device which
he used to dismantle the energy barrier.

He also has an understanding
of the gas known as soliton.

- We don't know anything about that.
- You are wearing synthetic garments...

manufactured by technology
as yet unknown on this planet.

You'll have to ask my tailor
about that.

I'm asking you.

For the last time, where are you from?

You are asking too much of me, Doctor.

- Come on, Nyssa. Let's go.
- What about Adric and Tegan?

Well, there's nothing we can do now,
until we've dealt with the android.

But how?
We've no weapons.

No. We'll modify
the sonic booster in the Tardis.

If we connect it to
a frequency accelerator...

- Yes?
- Well,

we may just get a high
enough pitch to...

- ...vibrate the android to pieces.
- Really?

And how close do we have to get for it
to have an effect?

- Very.
- The android's armed.

If it wanted,
it could destroy us ten times over.

- Once would be enough.
- Doctor?

You cannot afford to improvise
against an armed android.

I have no intention of doing so. Now,
if you've quite finished lecturing me,

I suggest we go back to the Tardis
and get started.

That way's locked.
Good day.

tell me about your mode of transport.

The Tardis.
A sort of time-space machine.

And where is this Tardis now?

I don't know.
In the woods somewhere.

Only the Doctor knows exactly where.

And you are both
crew members of this ship?

That's right.

Vital members.

Kill us
and you'll never get to ride in it.

It seems that your companions
have abandoned you.

Perhaps you over-rate
your importance.

Where will you go?

As far away from that house
as possible.

You wouldn't reconsider helping us?

it shames me to tell you that...

I will not go back inside that house.

We're wasting time, Nyssa.

If you see anyone wearing a bracelet
like this, stay away from them.

Yes, I will, sir.

Come on.


What is that?

Activate the poacher and his friends.
I want them to bring me the Doctor.

Then get a group of villagers
to search for the Tardis.

- No one here.
- The place has been stripped.

Most of the hardware's up
at the house, I should think.

What is this structure?

An escape pod.
A sort of lifeboat,

only from a ship that flies.

- Flies?
- That's right.


how are the dimensions greater within?

Because it buried itself on impact.

And how is it lit?

Vintaric crystals.

Quite a common form of lighting.

I don't understand any of this.

This is all that's left of the craft
that brought the android to Earth.

The lights you saw in the sky
a few weeks ago...

were the main part of the ship
burning up in the atmosphere.

I can't believe any of the things
you are telling me.

- It's true.
- The presence of the pod confirms it.

How do you know all these things?

That would be
rather difficult to explain.

But you can trust us.

Which is more than you can say
for the owners of this ship.

- Bleak, isn't it?
- I'm a fool.

I should never have told them
about the Tardis.

Don't let it get you down.

If you hadn't told him,
I would have.

I don't think he wasn't joking
about torturing us.

- We've got to get out of here.
- Sure, but how?

I wonder how many Terileptils
could this pod carry?

- And androids.
- Yes.

build those things too well.

Are you still sure the sonic booster
can deal with it?

It has to. The androids
are programmed to protect.

The only way around them is to
destroy them before they destroy you.

Oh, dear.

- But, it didn't kill Tegan.
- Well, it obviously wanted prisoners.

We can't rely on it being so benign.

Then, we'd better hurry up
with that booster.

Yes. A refresher course in android
design might help as well.

- How can you possibly get that?
- I too have a ship of sorts.

It isn't the most reliable
of machines, but...

it's aged memory banks
might contain something of use.

may I accompany you?

Are you beginning to believe
that I'm telling the truth?

It seems I have little choice.

Let's see if the coast is clear.

It's solid.

We'd never break it down.
We'd make too much noise.

Any way through the bars
on that window?

- Not without a cutting device.
- The key's still in the lock.

Can you think of a way
to get it in here?


Can you?

- He has a bracelet.
- I see it.

They won't do any good.

You forget, sir. I am an actor
as well as a highwayman.

The bracelet overrides fear.

Unless you're prepared to use them,
they're useless.

They're useless anyway.
I didn't have time to reload them.

Go back to the pod.

- You are the Doctor?
- I am indeed. How do you do?

- What's going on out there?
- Controlled villagers.

It didn't take them long to find us.

The poacher can smell you on the wind.

- You will come with us.
- Another time, perhaps.



we are ready to engage them.

There are three at the moment.
Fire those,

we could have a dozen to contend with.

What is that?

- Our friendly neighbourhood axeman.
- He'll never cut through that.

He might get lucky. Hit an opening
mechanism on the other side.

Hang on.

There must be some sort of trigger
for the escape hatch.



I just hope this part of the pod
isn't buried. Are you ready?

- What are you trying to do?
- Get down.

Let's go.

There's a fanlight above the door.

What's that for?

It's a window to give natural light
onto the passage.

Steady the stool for me.

I think I can move them.

- Let me try. I'm stronger.
- But not as determined.

- What's wrong?
- The android.


Concentrate on your thoughts.

Found... the Doctor...

at your craft,
but... escaped.

We are... tracking him.


Change of order.

Follow but do not apprehend.

Report when he reaches his Tardis.

I'm dead.

I'm afraid my frame was never designed
for rapid acceleration.

Well, you can't rest yet.

I'm not moving from this spot
unless supported by a horse.

A horse?

Yes, the miller has one.
You could steal it.

The miller. Of course.
Why didn't I think of that?

you can't steal the poor man's horse.

It's him I'm interested in,
not his horse.

He comes and goes
from the house as he pleases.

Maybe he can help us.

Why don't you go back to the Tardis...

and start work on the booster
while we look for him?

- Alone?
- Well, you're more than capable.

- Well, I...
- We may not be able to find the miller.

- We can't afford to waste any time.
- Very well.

And I'll be back as quickly as I can.

Even sooner if at all possible.

- Now, then, which way to the mill?
- I am not moving.

Just direct me, then. You can wait here
for the poacher and his friend.

Sir, you have a very mean way
of exposing a man's cowardice.

The object of my desire.



Thievery is a matter of stealth,
not hearty greetings.

We're here to see the miller.

You are without pity, sir.

- What are you doing?
- What do you think?

I was going to unlock the door for you.

Now she tells me.

There is someone in the house.

Destroy them.


Good day. I'm the Doctor.
You must be the miller.

I'd like a word with you.
We'll only keep you a moment.

- You heard what the gentleman said.
- No, let him go.

Walk on.

- Hurry.
- It's stiff.

You were boasting of your strength
a few minutes ago.

Get on with it.


- And what about you?
- Get out of here.

I hope you realise this means
I've surrendered.

Are you capable
of carrying a tired thespianer?

Nothing in there.

Let's get back to the Tardis,
help Nyssa.

- Now?
- At once.

Plague carriers.

You jest, sir.
I am without plague.

- The mark of the plague is on you.
- You are mistaken, sir.

We haven't got the plague.
I can help you. Wait. Listen.

Execute them.

Not again.

Subtitled by a
Anonymous Whovians Committee.