Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 12, Episode 16 - Doctor Who - full transcript

Gharman tries to convince the Kaleds to vote against the Dalek project but Davros has a trick up his sleeve, while the Doctor works to destroy the tape recording of Dalek victory and the Thals plan an intervention of their own.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

What's taking him so long?

It's a very difficult operation, Sarah.
Still, he should have finished by now.


Doctor, are you all right?


Get it off!

Get it off!

Got it.


What are you waiting for?

Just touch these two strands together

and the Daleks are finished.

Have I that right?

To destroy the Daleks? You can't doubt it.

Well, I do.

You see, some things could be better
with the Daleks.

Many future worlds will become allies
just because of their fear of the Daleks.

But it isn't like that.

But the final responsibility is mine,
and mine alone.

Listen, if someone who knew the future

pointed out a child to you
and told you that that child

would grow up totally evil,

to be a ruthless dictator
who would destroy millions of lives,

could you then kill that child?

We're talking about the Daleks.
The most evil creatures ever invented.

You must destroy them. You must complete
your mission for the Time Lords.

Do I have the right?

Simply touch one wire against the other
and that's it.

The Daleks cease to exist.

Hundreds of millions of people,

thousands of generations
can live without fear, in peace,

and never even know the word ''Dalek''.

Then why wait?

If it was a disease or some sort of bacteria
you were destroying, you wouldn't hesitate.

But if I kill, wipe out a whole intelligent life form,

then I become like them.

I'd be no better than the Daleks.

SARAH: Think of all the suffering
there'll be if you don't do it.

GHARMAN: Doctor!

Doctor, I've been looking everywhere for you.

Davros has agreed to our terms.

-He submitted?
-He did. But he asked only one thing.

That he might be allowed to address
a meeting of all the Elite, scientific and military.

He's going to put a case?

Yes, but a vote will be taken.
It's a foregone conclusion.

There will be a complete landslide
against any further development of the Daleks.

We've won.

I'm grateful to you, Gharman.

More grateful than I can tell you.

-The meeting is about to begin. Will you come?

Everybody is here, Davros.

The issues are simple and clear cut.

I have given my life's work
to the survival of our race.

The travel machine I designed,

the Dalek, will give the creature
into which we will mutate

its only possibility of continued existence.

But you have deviated from that intention.

You have introduced genetic changes
that will alter the mutation

into a creature without morals and without ethics.

I have introduced aggression,

without which no race can survive.

But aggression without a conscience.

History will show that cooperation
between different species is impossible.

One race must survive all others.
And to do this, it must dominate.


Now I intend that
when all the bickering and battling is over,

the supreme victor shall be our race,

the Daleks.

At this very moment,

the production lines stand ready,
totally automated, fully programmed.

The Daleks are no longer dependent on us.

The machinery is ready.
They are a power in their own right.

If any one of you would destroy
everything that we have ever achieved,

then here...

is a destruct button.

Press it and you will destroy this bunker
and everything in it.

Only this room will remain.

Press it and you will wipe out our entire race,
destroy the Daleks forever.

Which of you will do it?

You are men without courage.

You have lost your right to survive.

-The time ring isn't here, Doctor.

The time ring, it's not here.


We have achieved the delay we needed.

Wait a few minutes,
then check that everything is ready.

You have heard Davros' case.

What he has not made clear
is that there is another way.

There is no other way.

Production of the Dalek can continue.

We can destroy
the genetically conditioned creatures

and allow the mutation to follow its own course.

Our race will survive if it deserves to survive.

But let it have all the strengths
and weaknesses that we have,

compassion and hate.

Let it do good things and evil.

But we cannot let it become
an unfeeling, heartless machine.

That is our choice. Now...

we must decide.

-We've got to find that time ring.
-SARAH: Doctor.

Good girl, Sarah.

Now all we need is the tape recorder.
So keep an eye on Nyder.

You've heard our cases.

I will give you two minutes to decide.

Then you must answer not only to me,
but to the future.



Right, bring out the explosives.

Now, lay the charges
on each of these main carriers.

One charge for each beam should be enough.

Are you quite sure
this is the only way into the bunker?

Well, the only other way was from the Kaled dome

and your war rocket caved that in.
It can never be cleared.

If we do the same here, we'll entomb
the Daleks and those who created them.

But Sarah and the Doctor are inside.
You'll give them a chance to get clear, won't you?

I must blow the roof
as soon as the charges are laid. I can't delay.

If the Daleks find out
what we are doing and attack,

I don't have enough men or arms
to stand them off.

-How long?
-Thirty minutes, perhaps less.

-Then I must get inside and try and warn them.
-That's up to you.

But you must understand,
if you're not back, I must go on.

-You'll die in there with them.
-I understand.

I'll give you what time I can.


You've had ample time to decide.

Those who would remain loyal to me
and to the future of our race,

move forward and stand at my side.

No more?

Kravos, will you betray me?

Now, I wonder where Nyder is going
at such a crucial moment.

-I think we ought to find out.
-So do I.

Let's go.

Kravos, I saved your life once.

In your chest is a tiny instrument
which I designed.

It keeps your heart beating.

Would you now turn that heart against me?

Now, where are you going in such a hurry?

Davros is lost. I am getting away while I can.


Somehow that just doesn't ring true.

Why didn't you just join the other side?

Now, that's a good question.
Do you have a good answer?

Evidently not.

Well, then let's try something else.
That tape recorder you took. Where is it?

It's put away in a safe in Davros' office.

-Shall we go and see?
-Down here.

Now, be reasonable and open it for us.

Only Davros knows the combination.

Come on, Nyder, you can do better than that.

-Perhaps he is telling the truth.
-No, no, no. On the contrary.

Now, Davros can't rise in his chair, correct?

-And he has the use of only one hand. This hand.

And Davros never goes anywhere
without you, Nyder.

So you must open the safe for him.

Open it for us.

Thank you.

Now, let's destroy it.

-How about this?
-How very apt.

A Dalek gun.


He's not important.

We've got the time ring, we've destroyed the tape
and Davros' power is broken.

What about the Daleks
that are already operational?

Oh, I think we can leave Gharman to destroy them.

-That means we can leave, then.
-Yes, all we've got to do is touch the time ring...

I must have dropped it
in the struggle in the corridor.

Well, now we've got to get out of here.

-How many more charges to go?
-Only four more.

Won't take long. It doesn't give them much time.
All right, carry on.


Even the sonic screwdriver won't open this door.


-Why is it going on so long?
-Who knows?

It's out of character for Davros
to submit quite so easily.

This is your last chance. Move to join me now.

Or suffer the consequences.

Why don't you just accept the fact
that you have lost? It's over for you, Davros.

Do you believe that I would let a lifetime's work

be ended by the will of spineless fools like you?

You have won nothing.

I allowed this charade to be played out
for one reason only.

To find those men who were truly loyal to me

and to discover those who would betray me!


I will go on!

You are insane, Davros.




Stop them, Davros. You must stop them.


I haven't got much time.

The Thals have set the explosives at the entrance.

-They will detonate as soon as they are ready.

Give me a moment to find the time ring.


Back, back!


We're not far from the main entrance.

If we can get through the next section,
we'll be safe.

Sarah, take this.

Sevrin, lead them to the main entrance.
Get them out of here.

-What are you going to do?

Going back to the incubator room.
This time I'm going to blow it up.

-Let us come with you.
-No. Get of here. Hurry. Go on.

Dispose of the traitor's bodies.

The Daleks will assume all military duties
necessary for the security of the bunker.

As for us, work will commence as soon as possible

on the improvement
of every aspect of Dalek design.

Davros, the prisoners I locked away
in your office have escaped.

They must be found.

Seek out the prisoners and exterminate!

We obey.

-That's the last one in position.
-Right. Prepare to detonate.

Oh, I'd given up hope. Now, quickly, move away.
We're about to detonate.

-No, you can't! The Doctor's still inside.
-You must wait.

-A few minutes, please.


All right, a few minutes.

But if there's the least indication
of the Daleks moving up that corridor,

then I detonate.

We're getting a picture on one of these scanners.

Send a patrol of Daleks to the main entrance.

This will remain an area of maximum security.

I obey.

That's it. I can't wait any longer.

Some of you get those doors closed.
The rest of you move away.

-One more minute, please.
-I'm sorry.

The automated Dalek production line
has been started.

I gave no such order. Who did?

DALEK: I gave the command.

You will perform no function
unless ordered by me.

You will obey only my commands.

The production line is to be halted immediately.

You heard my order. Obey!


-Yes, Davros.

Production will continue.


SARAH: No, wait! He's coming! He's coming!



You must obey me.

I created you! I am the master, not you!

I. I. I!

DALEK: Our programming does not permit us

to acknowledge that any creature
is superior to the Daleks.

You cannot exist without me.

You cannot progress.

We are programmed to survive.

We have the ability
to develop in any way necessary

to ensure that survival.

Main exit blocked by explosion

for a length of at least 1,000 yards.

The incubator room, were you able to do anything?

Yes, with a little help from a Dalek.

But I'm afraid I have only delayed them
for a short time.

-Perhaps a 1 ,000 years.

-In the total time scale, no more than that.

All inferior creatures

are to be considered the enemy of the Daleks
and destroyed.

No, wait!
Those men are scientists. They can help you.

Let them live.

Have pity!

Pity. I have no understanding of the word.

It is not registered in my vocabulary bank.


For the last time, I am your creator!

You must, you will obey me!

We obey no one.

We are the superior beings.



We are entombed, but we live on.

This is only the beginning.

We will prepare. We will grow stronger.

When the time is right, we will emerge

and take our rightful place

as the supreme power

of the universe!

-Goodbye, Bettan.
-Goodbye, Harry.

-Thank you, Sevrin.
-Goodbye. Thank you.

Hands on the time ring.

You don't seem too disappointed.

We've failed. Haven't we?

Failed? No, not really.

DOCTOR: You see, I know

that although the Daleks will create
havoc and destruction for millions of years,

I know also that out of their evil

must come something good.