Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 5 - Dinotrux Supercharged - full transcript

The Trux build a mobile "part kart" for repairs out on the road, which comes in handy when Skya gets stranded with a Trux that needs help fast.

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Hey! You guys okay?

Doesn't look like it.

Lucky to run into you.

Can you fix us?

Happy to help. What happened?

D-Structs and D-Stroy happened.

Crater's not safe anymore.

Looks like the D-Brothers
didn't see you.

We're in the clear.

Thank you, Skya. Good work.

That's what I do.

Hey! Thanks for lookin' out.

You got it.

- Could somebody--
- Got it.


Uh, it's kind of--

N-not dark at all. Thanks!

Wow, Skya.

You're on top of everything today.

I bet you could even make
the repairs for us.

Nah. I'll let you Reptools have it.

She just doesn't like doin' stuff

she knows she's not gonna be good at.


Didn't have all the parts we needed,
but we did the best we could.

Stay out of trouble.

Good thing we ran
into those Trux out there.

Yes, although I feel bad
that we were not able

to fully make the repairs
those Trux needed.

Only way we're gonna be able
to fully repair a Trux

is bringin' them back to base.

And lead D-Structs
and D-Stroy right to it?

No, thanks.

Huh. What if, instead of bringing Trux
back to the base,

we bring the base to them?

So we could make full repairs
out in the field!

Yes! What if we put the base on wheels?

Fully stocked and loaded.

With everything we'd need.

And a foldout enclosure
to protect us while we work.

If we're striking at D-Stroy and D-Structs
and sneaking away,

we can do the same with our repairs.

A quick-acting, fully stocked
mobile repair unit.

Great, Rev.

But can we think of a better name?

Ton-Ton's Awesome Dude Wheels Thing!

No? Okay.

Well, then you name the part kart.

Part Kart! Works for me.

Let's Trux it up!

Let me guess.

D-Structs and D-Stroy.

We got three Ankylodumps! Heavy repairs.

Roll right in,
and we will get you fixed up!

Hmm, looks like his fan belt
needs to be replaced.

Uh, there's an engine leak too.
We need to patch that up.

You're done. Next!

-Done? Already?

Thanks! This is amazing.

Tell your friends.

Tell everybody.
Well, just not the D-Brothers.

Yep, nothin' like a full day of repairs
to keep you busy.

Is that the last of them?

Uh, it must be.

You guys have been fixin' Trux all day.

And D-Structs and D-Stroy
have been smashing trucks all day.

There have to be more of them out there
that need our help.

We should try to find them before dark.

Let's split up.

I'll take the volcano.

What? I like a challenge.

Going towards a volcano?

Humph. Not the choice I would have made.

Hey, I'm on top of everything today,

Sure you don't want to try
repairing before you go?

Ugh. This is probably a waste of time.

What kind of Trux in their right mind
would hang out here?

Hey! No, stop!

That's my exhaust panel!

I need that!

Okay, fine.

You obviously want it more than I do.

There's my answer.

Hey, don't do that.

My bolts are very sensitive.

Need any help?

Who? Me or them?

They seem to be doing fine
on their own. Ow!

Leave him alone!

Don't get angry at me.

This is all her.

I had nothing to do with this, Knock-Itt.

Back off!

Not worth it.

But we'll be back, Fryttz.

That's right. Run!

I don't want to see you
scrapping him again, got it?

That--that was amazing.

You saved my exhaust panel.

Well, mostly I saved you.

Oh, right. You did save me.

But I really thought
my exhaust panel was a goner.

Name's Skya, by the way.

Oh, uh, I'm Fryttz.

They really started tearing you apart,
didn't they?

"Started"? They never stop!

They come after me every day
and pull off something new.

They like to toy with me.

Come on.
You're gonna need a lot of repairs.

I have friends that can fix you.


Oh, those Scraptools
are just gonna take me apart again,

so what's the point?

You can't spend your whole life
letting Scraptools take you apart.

Yes, I can,
because that is how I spend my whole life.

You're a Hydrodon.

You have that water cannon.

You can take on those tiny Scraptools,
no problem.

Be brave.

Ugh. So sick of hearing "brave Hydrodon."

Such a harmful stereotype.

Way too much to live up to.

Anyway, thanks for saving me.

I'll be on my way.

That's bad timing.

If you stick with me,
at least I can defend you.

All right.

But don't expect me to help you
fight any of those Scraptools off.

I don't want to make them mad.

I'll handle it.

Uh, you just... That was...
I would... Wow!

How about you try it
on that one over there?

Oh, boy.

I can do this. I can do this.

I can do this!

You can do this.

I can do this! I'm a Hydrodon!


I can't do this.

Well, that was our way back.

Aw, I told you I can't be like you.

This always happens.

One time, I tried to help some Reptools
but wound up flooding their ravine.

Calm down, Fryttz.

We'll just have to take
the other way around.

What other way around?

Around the back of the volcano.

Oh, you mean through the Scraplands?

You know what kind of stuff lives there?

Scraptors, Scrapadactyls,
and more of those Scraptools!

Sorry. I got a nervous valve.

You got a better idea?

I really wish I did.

I told you, you're with me.

Nothing to worry about.

How can there be nothing to worry about
if everything in the world still exists?

See, this is what I'm talking about.

- Come on.
- Fine.

But if any trouble happens,
you stand in front.

We're clear. Roll out.

What are we worried about?

Skya can handle herself.

Nothin' or nobody's gonna get in her way.

Yeah, dude! Totally.

Uh, if we're being honest,
she kind of scares me sometimes.

She really should've been back by now.

It's gonna be dark soon,
and we need to head back to the base.

Yes, and we know that D-Structs
and D-Stroy have been patrolling.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Okay, okay.

But I'm sure we're gonna bump into her

and she's gonna be totally--uh...

There was a bridge here,
wasn't there?


Look at that!

A Trux was attacked over there.

If Skya's hurt, we gotta help her.

Good thing we've got this Part Kart.

Where is the Part Kart? Ton-Ton?

It was right there a second ago.

You know, doing this kind of stuff...

...it's really not that big a deal.

You're a Dinotrux.

You're built to do this kind of thing.

It's inside of you already.

I-I think it might be
slightly less inside of me

and slightly more inside of you.

Come on!
You can do anything you set your mind to.

You mean like be afraid?

Fryttz, you've got everything you need
to survive out here attached to you.

Oh, wow. You really think so?

Guess we're gonna find out.


Little help here, Fryttz?

I... I...

Fryttz, come on!

What do I do?

- Your water cannon!
- What about it?

-Is there something wrong with it?
-Use it!


Spray it harder!

Uh, that's as hard as it goes!

Oh, come on.
I thought you were a Hydrodon.

Yes... I am a Hydrodon!

Fryttz! You did it!

I did it.

I can't believe I did it--whoa!

What do I do now?

Swing your body, hard.

Now your cannon!

There's still one more!

I got him!

That's the last of 'em.

Oh... that was incredible.

I've never felt so alive... so Hydrodon-y!

That was in you the whole time.

All I did was give you a push.

Normally I hate being pushed,
but this wasn't so bad.

Come on. We gotta keep going.

More Scrapadactyls are bound to show up...

or worse.

That last one hurt.

Well, we gotta hurry, then.

We need to get you to my friends
to get you repaired.

I'm pretty banged up.

Can't you just repair me right here?

Sorry, I don't do repairs.

But I thought you could do anything.

I can. Except repairs. Come on.

We're practically in the clear.

Yeah, Knock-Itt.

They were heading right through
the Scraplands.

What? He knows this is my territory.

I even made him repeat it to me
while I knocked the scrap off of him.

Everybody knows
we make an example out of Fryttz

to keep all the other Trux in line.

Sounds like we're gonna have to teach
Fryttz and this Craneosaur a lesson.

One that they're not gonna forget.

Skrugg! I got a job for you!

Come on, boys.

We're comin', dudes!

We gotta get that thing soon, guys!

Soon? Why soon?

Because you're headin' right for a cliff!


That wasn't so bad.

"Stopped" is good, right?

"Stopped" is very good, Click-Clack.

So, uh, we can come out now, right?

Might want to stay in there
a little bit longer, Click-Clack.

What? Why?

It's Scraptors, isn't it?

It's always Scraptors.

Look! My friends!


Once I'm all fixed up,
there's gonna be no stopping me.

I'll be a whole new Trux.

I mean that literally.

Most of my parts will need to be replaced.

Heh, if you think I look bad
on the outside,

just take a look at my insides.

-I'll leave that to the Reptools, thanks.

Just you watch.

That'll be a Scraptool next time.


Oh, no. I was right all along.

I'm gonna be scrapped.

It's okay.
You knew this was gonna happen.

You just didn't know when.

Fryttz, what is it?


Well, here's your shot. Blast him!

Fryttz, you just did it
to those Scrapadactyls.

They're way scarier than some Scraptools.

Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

I'm not gonna let you scrap me anymore!

Got it?

Who else wants to try me?

I guess you do.

Fryttz, come on!

Get ahold of yourself!

Blast him!


Where is he?

I want to see him.

Of course this day could get worse.

I thought we said
no fighting back, Fryttz.

We did, Knock-Itt, we did,

but you have been going
a little too far lately.

If you're gonna start fighting back,

we're gonna have to start
scrapping the rest of you.

What's a Hydrodon with no cannon, Fryttz?

Well, uh, if you wouldn't mind
throwing that...

...back here.

Scrap 'em, boys!

You're not scrapping anyone today!

Guys! A little help down here?


Hey, we're a little busy up here,
but we'll do what we can.

Skya's down there?

Yeah, and she's with a... Hydrodon?

He needs repairs!

His cannon only dribbles!

Oh, sure! Tell everybody!


It sounds like the cannon valve
was removed.

Revvit, can you come down here and fix him
before this lava gets us?

We have the part, but I am afraid
I cannot reach you, Skya!

You must make the repair yourself.


You can do it.

You just have to be patient.

Do not worry. I will guide you.

We'll try to cover you, dudes!


What are we gonna do?

You heard him.

You have to make the repair.

I don't do repairs.

It's not my thing.

I'm not a Reptool. I'm a Craneosaur.

I'm huge!

Skya, I used to think
I couldn't do anything,

but you convinced me
I can do anything I set my mind to.

And you can too.

Well... here goes nothin'.

We could use some air support!

Got you covered, dude!


Time to make that repair!

The valve needs to be inserted
directly underneath the cannon.

Do you see the open slot?

It is small, so you will need
to be supremely accurate.

And you must not touch the sides.

Huh? Why not?

Those interior systems are very delicate.

Any false move could short out
his system...

...and cause irreparable damage.

Not so fast, Craneosaur!

Ah, this hook looks nice.

You can do it, Skya.

You can do anything.


She did it!

Huh. Guess she is good at repairs.


Fryttz, now!

All right. Let's take care
of the rest of these Scraptools!

Great job, guys!

Wait one second, Fryttz.

No, you wait one second, Knock-Itt.


Awesome work, dude!

That cannon of yours sure came in handy.

It was all Skya.

She's the one who showed me how.

I can say the same for you, Fryttz.

- Thanks.
- Either way,

we owe you one, Fryttz.

Ha, well, now that you mention it...

It's a wonder
you were still holding together.

How does a Trux even get this much damage?

By letting Scraptools
pick you apart nonstop?

Yep, that'll do it.

Oh. Oh, wow!

I feel good as new.

If those Scraptools
start messing with you,

you let us know.

Heh. I think I can handle myself
from now on.


At least I don't have to travel far
to get repairs this time, right?

Come on.

Let's get to work.