Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 2 - Dinotrux Supercharged - full transcript

When Flapjaw the Pteracopter's landing gear is damaged by Dyscrapadons, the Trux have to come up with a plan to repair him in midair.

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Took all day to find that ore. What now?

Special delivery!

Get it while it's crunchy.

Really warms my engine
to help out those Craneosaur dudes!

Know what you mean, good buddy.

No problem.

A little warning would have been nice.

Hello, Xee. Looks like you have
really gotten yourself into a bind.

Those wind jockeys are lucky
I like a good challenge.

We are working on a big project
with the Pteracopters

and can really use your expertise.


No thanks.

What do you mean?

Can't work with Pteracopters, that's all.

Great job with the ore drops, everybody.

Time for phase two...

Camouflaged ore stations.

We can help the Trux in the crater
build them

to keep their ore hidden away
from D-Structs and D-Stroy.

Each Pteracopter
will be copiloted by a Reptool

who will oversee the construction project.

And I'm providing the building materials.

you and Ace will fly to this spot,

adjacent to the endless desert.

Waldo and I will take
the southeastern quadrant.

Great. Xee and Washout, you can take
the area by the Dark Fore...

Wait, where's Xee?

Uh, she was busy with something else.

Click-Clack, you can go with Washout.

Huh. Well, works for me.
Let's get these bricks in the air.

Garby, how's that fourth load
of bricks coming?

Working on it.

This hematite is really blocking up
my pipes.

We will just have to take you with us.

What? Fly?

Just give it more time.

Do it for the Trux in the crater, Garby.

You know I get gassy when I'm nervous.
But I'll do it.

Flapjaw, you think you can handle
a fully loaded load of Garby?

An extra ton or four makes it
a little tricky to balance.

but I'll give 'er a go, do what I can,

take a swing at it, go for broke,
and give--

Great. Thanks, Flapjaw.

Go get 'em!

Brick it to 'em.

Perfect day for flying.

Not too windy, nice weather,
plenty of sunshine.

Just so long as we stay balanced.

Do you always fly this high?

I prefer to have my treads
closer to the ground!

Do not look down, Garby,
and you will be fine!

Don't look down, don't look down,
don't look down.

I looked down!

Cool your jet, Garby.

Even a small air blip
can turn into a big problem,

cause us to lose our balance, dip a wing,

nosedive, eat dirt, start to--

Sorry, but you know how it...


Garby, you must hold it in.


Oh, guys, I'm really sorry.

For what?

-Pull up.
-Pull away!

I'm pulling as hard as I can!

That's better.
Almost entered the void on that one.

Uh, is there something on me?

If there is, is that bad?

Don't tell me. Fan shaped wings, right?


Razor sharp claws and saw teeth?

Yes! Is it dangerous?

It's a Dyscrapadon.

But this one feels small.
Maybe it's a baby.

I think the three of us will be able
to handle it if we keep calm,

keep our heads cool, keep--

What about a lot of babies?

Get 'em off me. Get 'em off me!

No, no, no.

Flapjaw, they are cutting the cables!

You need to come in for a landing!

But I can't convert to landing mode.

My mechanisms are messed up.

If I can't land, I can't land!

First things first,
Garby and I need to jump clear!

Copy that, but where?

See that incline
covered in bushes over there?

Take us over that!

Flapjaw, fly back to base!
We will meet you there!

Let's save some for the Pteracopters.
They'll be hungry after flying all day.

They're not back yet? Works for me.


I'm done with this.

Flapjaw, what's wrong?
Where are Rev and Garby?

I had to drop 'em!

These baby Dyscrapadons were hungry
for my hooks and now I can't land!

Someone has to get up there
and repair Flapjaw's landing gear.

And get these screw scrappers off me,
before they alert their mother.

Flapjaw, fly lower so Skya can send Revvit
up to you with her hook.

We're ready for ya, Flapjaw.

Here I come.

Sorry, Revvit!

Huh? Ugh.

Don't tell me. Pteracopter problems?

Yes. Very serious ones.

And actually, you are just the tool
we need to help us get airborne.

You once built a flying machine
out of rocks and leaves.

Getting past those propellers
should not be a problem.

Me? Not interested.

I do not understand.

What is your problem with Pteracopters?

Nothing good comes from the sky.

Scrapadactyls, Dyscrapadons, meteors.
Think about it.

But the Pteracopters are our friends.

They have towed our tails
out of trouble many times.

Not my tail.

All they do is fly around
like they own the whole world.

If you will not help a Pteracopter,
at least help me.

For you.

Now, place the log right there.

That's it.

Revvit, wait.

You'll need this,
if the catapult doesn't work.

Um, what do you mean, not work?

Ready for the thunder, Rev?

I am ready!

Is he gonna make it?

He's gonna make it!

He's gonna make it!


Not gonna make it.

I'll get you, Rev!

Ready for plan B, dude?

Uh, have we done plan A?

Ton-Ton, when you get close enough,
launch Rev with everything you got.


Supercharged glidin'.
This is gonna be cool.

Let's just hope it will be cool enough.

Ready for blastoff.


Stay on target. Stay on target...

Up. Up, Ton-Ton. Up!


Down the hatch.
Multiple hatches, actually.

You sure about this, Rev?

All for the cause.

-Good luck.
-This is the last time.

The last time. I mean it!

I got a feeling about this one.

Is it a good feeling?

I'll let you know in a minute.

Flapjaw, hold that course.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.



Well, looked cool.

Well, it wasn't.

How's the planning coming, guys?

I don't know how much more
I got left in me.

My engine's stalling!

This isn't good.
This is the opposite of good.

It's very not good!


That was a close one.

Good save!

Do not worry, we will figure out a plan!

Come on, guys, think quick.
What about a tower?

Building a tower that high
will take months.

Let me try flying again.

Maybe it'll work if we put
two superchargers in me.

Or three. Or four. Or--

Wait. Remember the explosive ore
from the Doom Run?

Do I ever!

What's spinning your bits, Rev?

If exploding ore made Ton-Ton
go faster horizontally, why not...

Use it to go vertically. Yes.

We could build propulsive boosters
and attach them to my back.

Xee, what do you think?

I think you're wasting your time for Trux
who wouldn't give you a second thought.

Xee, I know you do not like Pteracopters,

but have you ever even tried
talking to them?

That is what I thought.

Do you not think it is time
to at least give them a chance?

Look, I'll finish what I started
and help you with the explosive ore.

As long as I don't have to get close
to any Pteracopter.

-"Have a nice day"?

Yeah, dude,
you don't want to make it angry.

Ton-Ton, stop!


Thanks. I almost blew a chunk there.

We'll need to gather ore small enough
to fit in a tube the size of a tailpipe.


But all the small chunks are surrounded
by lots and lots of big chunks.

I have an idea.


Okay, we have collected enough ore.

Let's go.

I don't know how long I can fly in circles
and not come down.

But I can't come down
without bash, boom, crash...

no more Flapjaw!

Dig deep, Flapjaw.
We'll get you out of this soon.

Is there anything sooner than soon?

Oh, no.

Looks like the mama Dyscrapadon
finally found us.

Ah, I don't have words to describe
the trouble I'm in!

A Dyscrapadon is hard enough
to defend against on a normal day.

But now I'm as helpless as
a hornless Dozeratops in a Scraptor nest.

Seemed like plenty of words to me.

Doze me up some rocks and logs, quick.

We'll keep her clear of you, Flapjaw.

Skya, Ton-Ton, help me
keep this Dyscrapadon off Flapjaw.

Revvit, Xee, you work on the jet pack.

Let's Trux it up, double time!

We're coming for you, Flap-dude!

Lean to steer.

Spin your bit when you need more power.

Use your tail
to try to control your direction.

And, Revvit, be careful.

It's now or never, Rev.


He'll get the hang of it.

I'm not so sure.

I've got you.

Nice block, Flapjaw.

Did you see that? That was awesome.

Revvit would have been a goner
if it weren't for him.

Look. I think the Dyscrapadon
is giving up.

Couldn't keep up with ol' Flapjaw.
Battle of endurance, I tell you.

She must've tuckered out.

She's not tuckered out.
She's turned out with her whole flock.

I think the mama's training her young.

Yes, and Flapjaw is their target.

There are too many of them.

If you don't get up here soon,
ol' Flapjaw's gonna be a goner!

Divert all your power
to your second engine, Flapjaw!

Hey, Skya, help me out over here.

Tilt me up so I can aim a little higher.

I'll try anything at this point.

Thanks, my friend.

Here's some more.


I'm flying!

Not sure that's considered flying.

Ooh, they're going for my propellers!


We got to get Rev back up there.

But how, Ty?
The explosive ore did not work.

I am all out of ideas.

I'm not.

We can harness Garby's gas
as fuel for the jet pack.

Yes. If compressed, it could propel me...

Propel me, Revvit.

Really, Xee?

Look, Flapjaw saved you.
I'll return the favor.

After all, I am the better flier.

Here it comes.

Almost out of time here!

Almost there, Xee.

Push on through.

All right, flyboy,
it's just me and you now.

Am I glad to see you. Welcome aboard.

Let's get to work.

Use your cables to whip these
winged wheel eaters while I repair you.

You want some?

You want a piece of us?

What about you?

Flapjaw, behind you!

She's got ol' Flapjaw's flap.

She's trying to stall your engine!

I can't break free!

Nice move, Flapjaw.

Your landing gear is fixed.

Time to get out of the clouds.

Love the sound of that.
Preparing for landing.

Those words have never sounded so good.

Flapjaw, level off.
We're coming in too fast!

I can't without both my engines.

I got an idea.

To fix my engine?

Not exactly.

Just a little closer.

I'm not gonna make it!

You are now.

The internal digestion engine.



-Nice landing, Flapjaw!
-Nice landing!

That was some air show.

Whew! Thank you, Xee.
You really rescued my rotors up there.

Preserved my propellers.
Saved my undercarriage.

Salvaged my wing.

Don't mention it, Flapjaw.
We expert fliers got to stick together.

I think I, for one,
will take a break from flying for a while.

Though I must admit, it has been a blast.

Garby, that is not
the kind of blast I meant.