Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 11 - Dinotrux Supercharged - full transcript

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Dude, I miss the garage.

And the Flatirons.

And eating different kinds of ore.

Back in the crater, we'd have green ore,
pop ore, meteorite ore.

I don't know what's more bored right now,
me or my mouth.

Wish they'd both stop complaining.

Huh, kind of weird,
but not that bad, actually.

Ton-Ton, what is it that you are eating?

Not really eating.
More like chewing forever.

It fell in my bed in the last ore run.

Interesting. Hmm.

Very interesting.

This geode seems to contain
some light-bending properties.

It is probably best
that you do not eat it, Ton-Ton.

But I got to eat something
more fun than this boring black ore.

Ooh! You know what would hit the spot
right about now?

Some purple ore.

Good luck finding any these days.

D-Structs and D-Stroy had Skrap-It
clear it all out for the Dreadtrux.

Haven't seen any around in a while.



What is it now?

-What do you mean?
-I know that face.

That's the face you make
when you've got a crazy idea.

No, it's not!

Then why are you leaving?

Who said I was leaving?

You do seem to be heading
toward the entrance.

Well, I'll be!

I guess I am near the door.

Ha! How about that?

Anyway, uh, I got to go check
on, uh, trees?

Trees, Ton-Ton?

Good idea!

An award? Me?

D-Structs, you want to give me an award?

Oh, I couldn't possibly accept this!

Got ya, scrap-dude.

- Well, I guess I don't want to be...
- ...ungrateful.

What's that?
Oh, sure, I suppose I could give a speech.

I'd also like to thank
my fellow Scraptools.

Without their constant sabotage
and betrayal,

I might have never made it this far.

Which is probably
why they did it, actually.


-I knew this would work.

Nothing. Huh.


Oh-ho-ho, yeah!

This is what I'm talking about!


Whoa! What was that?

Scraptors! Somebody's in trouble!


Is that what I think it is?

Baby Dreadtrux are huge!

Don't worry, dude! I got ya!

I got a belly full of purple ore,

and I am ready to go, dudes!

You see that? Perfect hit!


Don't worry, dude. I'll help ya.

There you go! No problem.


Oh, uh, you got to be
a little more gentle there, uh...

Aw, yeah, you're right!

Gentle's no fun.

All right. I got to get back.

Now, stay out of trouble
from now on, okay?

No, no, no. Seriously.

Dude. I got to go.


Dude! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Don't you think I want this, too?

Can't do it, dude. Sorry.


As much as it would be the most fun thing
in the whole entire world,

I got to go back to base.

Absolutely not.

You have to stay here.

Whoo! I told you this would be awesome!

Here you go, dude! Fetch!

No, no, no, no. Dude...

...you're supposed to bring it back here.


Whoa. Actually, you're right.

This is even better than fetch!


I thought you guys only ate purple ore!

But you don't seem to be that picky.

Yeah. You're pretty cool, too.

But now I really got to go.

Aww. I'm sorry. I can't!


No. No, no. No! I got to go.


Maybe I could bring you back to base.

I mean, how could they say no?

It'd be awesome having a Dreadtrux around.

Plus, once they get to know you,

aww, they'd be totally cool
with you hanging with us.

I can hear Revvit now.

"Ton-Ton, this here baby Dreadtrux
is super awesome, cool, cool.

Techno, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
The Dread-dude can stay."

Huh! Sounds like Revvit's okay with it.

It's settled. You're coming with me.


You need a name now.

Well, you're kind of big for a dude,
but you're little for a Dread.

Li'l Dread!

Come on, Li'l Dread! Follow me.

And, finally, I would like to thank--


Wait. Huh?

Uh, you better wait outside.

Hey, Ton-Ton, what gives?

Your bed's empty.

Yeah. I thought you were gonna bring back
some purple ore for us.

I brought back something even better.

Here we go again.

What's it gonna be this time?

Chunks of wood painted to look like ore?

Really hard dirt
that you started calling "chewy ore"?

Invisible ore you swear exists

and it just feels
like you're eating nothing?

Dudes, I didn't really do all of--

Okay, maybe I did that last thing.

Run! Run for your life!

It's outside the base,
and it's eating everything!

Ton-Ton, what exactly
did you bring back with you?

-Nothing! Maybe a baby Dreadtrux.
-A what?

Uh, uh, he's cool, though!


I haven't seen a Trux eat like that
since, well, Garby.

Li'l Dread just needs some ore,
that's all.

He's hungry after all that riding we did.

"Li'l"? Ton-Ton, there is nothing "li'l"
about this guy.

Yeah. He's bigger than you.

No, he's not.

Whoa. These dudes grow fast.

Hey, I guess that's why they eat so much.

Ton-Ton, we cannot keep
a baby Dreadtrux here.

Before long, it will be
bigger than any of us.

Aww, come on, guys!

He's friendly.

We can keep him here, no problem!

Wait. Where'd he go?

Now he's eating everything
inside the base!

Somebody stop that thing!

Oh! Come on, dude!

We might need that tire someday.

Starting to hurt
a little bit there, dude.

What? Now he's drinking all of our tar!

I was saving that for a rainy day!

Don't drink that, dude.

You're gonna get your mouth stuck shut!
Trust me.

Oh, actually, it looks like
you're surprisingly okay.

Wow! Tar. Really?

Ton-Ton, you got to take him back
where you found him.

He's gonna eat the entire base!

Dreadtrux are not meant to be confined.

You cannot keep something so wild
as a pet.

He's not a pet. He's a friend!

It'll be okay. You'll see.

Come on, dude!
That doesn't even taste good!

All right, dudes. You're right.

I'll take him back. Come on, Li'l Dread.

All right, dude.

You got to go back out on your own.

It's for the best.

You need to be free.

You have a whole world to eat out there!

I know. It's a bummer.

But I'm sorry.

I-I can't keep you.

That's okay. He can stay with us.


So is this one from our big Dread's egg
or what?

We about to have a family reunion?

No. Different markings. Different egg.

It's a willful one. I like it.

I did good, didn't I? Didn't I?

Does he always need a "good job"
and a pat on the head?

Yes. Yes, he does.

I did such a good job,
I deserve an award, don't I?

Okay, okay, I'll give a speech...

Your reward is that you must keep
that Dreadtrux fed and subdued.

That Dreadtrux?

I'll see what I can do.

Hey, there, big fella!

Well, don't you look friendly?

Nice to meet you, too!

C-c-can I just--

Once Ty knows
we have the Dreadtrux,

he will risk coming here.

Of course he will. And we will be ready.

I have a plan.

Dude, dude, dude!

Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no!

It's Li'l Dread!

He's not back, is he?

Didn't I say he'd come back with him?

No! I was taking him back
when D-Structs and D-Stroy got him!

-It's like they were waiting for me!

How'd they know you were gonna be there?

Oh, I don't know, dudes.

-With Little Dread--
-Dude. It's Li'l.

That is what I said. Little.

-Yes. Exactly.

Little. Little Dread.

Ugh! You got to be kidding me, dude.

However you pronounce it,

they will have two Dreadtrux
under their command.

Which will make them unstoppable.

And it's Li'l Dread, Rev-dude! Li'l.

I think you may be focusing
on the wrong thing, Ton-Ton.

Right. We got to help him!

There's no telling what those D-dudes
are gonna do to him!

It is most probable that they
will be keeping him back at the Flatirons.

Then we've got our work cut out for us.

We can't exactly sneak in there
with a Dreadtrux on patrol.

Plus, they've pretty much blocked
all the crater paths.

Except the tar pits.

Ugh, and those are full of tar.

Our best chance is to sneak in
through the pass

after the Dreadtrux has made its rounds.

Sneak past a big Dreadtrux
to save a little Dreadtrux?

My kind of night.

Dreadtrux is close.

Quick, let's move,
before it comes back this way.

They got to be keeping him in there.

Yep, he's in there.

I bet he's scared of the dark,
just like me.

- Ton-Ton, shh!
- Sorry, dudes.

Pretty emotional right now.

The coast looks clear. Come on.


Explosive ore?

They are using it as an alarm system.

If you had gone any farther,
you would have started a chain reaction.

We will not be able to make it
to Little Dread.

Rev, dude, it's Li'l.
You really can't say it, can you?

Of course I can say it!

-I can say anything.
-Then say it!

Guys! Focus!

Hmm. It's too dark
to chart a path through.

And if we keep our head lamps on,
somebody's bound to see us.


Ton-Ton discovered a light-bending geode.

If we shape it in just the right way,
it may allow us to see in the dark.

Let's get shaping.

Shadow Ty just got an upgrade.

You sure love calling yourself that.

-Wouldn't you?

It is pretty cool.

All right. I'll roll in, grab Li'l Dread,
and then we'll come right back out.

You guys wait here and keep watch.

Be careful with him, Ty.

He's just a little dude.

Uh, a big little dude, but still.

Don't worry, Ton-Ton. I got this.

Great job, Ty! Keep it up!

That's some smooth riding.

Nice move.

He's almost there.

Psst. Li'l Dread.

Come with me.

Hey! Come on, we got to go.

No, no, no, no, no, it's okay.
I'm Ton-Ton's friend.

I know I look really cool right now,
but we don't have much time.

Skya, what is going on?

Why is Ty not heading back already?

Li'l Dread won't come out.

Here we go. Maybe he doesn't recognize Ty.

No. Dudes.

He'll probably only come out for me!

I need to go up there myself.

Ton-Ton, we do not have enough time
to carve you lenses or paint you black!

No need, dude.

I can go in cold.
I-I'll just take the path Ty took.

But you can't see a thing out here.
How are you gonna avoid the explosive ore?

Don't worry. I got every single one
of Ty's moves memorized.

I have a ride-ographic memory.


He's actually doing it.

He does take riding very seriously.

I'm coming, Li'l Dread!

Ton-Ton? How did you--

Don't worry. I got this, Ty.

Hey, Li'l Dread! Come on! We got to go!

Shh. Dude. A little quieter.

We got to go. Oh, no.

Here we go.


We got to move, guys!

- You're not taking my Dreadtrux, Ty!
- He's not yours!

He belongs to the world, dude!

There's no way out for any of you!

He's got a point, Ty. Can't use the pass.

The big Dread's gonna know
we're coming this time.

Skya! Incoming!

The bridge will take too long to lower.
The slide is blocked!

We are low on options, Ty!

We'll have to go another way. Follow me!

Keep them here, brother.
I will fetch our Dreadtrux.

-This was your idea?

We skipped the tar pits
for a reason the first time, Ty!

We built a bridge across it once.

Let's finish what we started.

We're gonna need a new plan, guys,
and quickly.

First things first.

- Ah!
- I'm getting sick of him.

I do not believe
we have enough time

to build something to cross this tar pit.

Aw, dude, this is all my fault!

I got us into this!

Okay, think.

I got us into it, I can get us out.


I know what we got to do!

Here we go again.

You got to go with me on this one.

It's crazy! But it's gonna work.

What is it, Ton-Ton?

Okay. Guys, what we need is a giant straw.

-We're goners.
-No, come on, guys!

Didn't you see how much
Li'l Dread can drink?

Maybe he can drink enough tar
for us to roll through!

Ton-Ton! How many times
have you pitched that?

The giant straw is never gonna work!

Actually, as we saw back at the base,

Little Dread does have incredible
vacuum suction capacity.

That's not his name, but, yes, he does.

And if we could apply that to the end
of some sort of tube,

it actually might be enough
to drain a section of the tar pits

and allow us to pass through.

You're kidding, right?

If Revvit says we should do a giant straw,
we should do a giant straw.

Actually, it is
a vacuum-aided suction tube.

At least it doesn't sound crazy
that way.

Never thought I'd be saying this,
but let's giant-straw it up!

Come on, Li'l Dread! Drink up.

All right, guys, get ready to run.

Running's about all I can do
at this point!

The pit has been drained enough! Come on!

Enough drinking!
Time to go, dude!

- Almost there!
- We're out!


Your plan failed... again.

Does it always got to be that close?

We pulled it off, though.

Always do.

Ton-Ton, do you have something to say
to Li'l Dread?

Was that so hard?

It actually was.

Dude, we've been through a lot together,

but it really has to be good-bye
this time.

Rev-dude was right.
I-I can't keep a wild thing like you.

You have to go run free!

Aww. I'm gonna miss you, too.

But welcome to the hidden forest.

D-Structs and D-Stroy
will never find you out here.

I'm really gonna miss that li'l dude.

Li'l Dread was actually really sweet.

Yes. And thanks to him,
we were finally able to make

Ton-Ton's giant-straw idea a reality.

I knew you guys
would come around eventually.