Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 2, Episode 3 - Dinotrux Supercharged - full transcript

Waldo's new fancy gadget gets noticed by a truck who is obsessed with gold and only in it for himself.

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Nice shot, Dozer.

Ton-Ton, you're up.

Okay, Ton-Ton, line it up.

Be the rock.

Be the rock.

Hit the ball!


Sweet shot!

You crushed it, Ton-Ton.

It's all in the haunches, dude.

All right, stand back,
'cause here comes the thunder.

Don't give it your full...



you just rocked out that rock.

Nice work, Shelley.

I'm so proud of her.

Great form, Ty.

It's delicious.

Just the right amount of crust.

Hey, that's my Patunk ball.

Why are you playing this game anyway?

Because it sharpens
our eye-tail coordination.

You can't hit a Scraptor
if you've got bad aim.

Garby, when was the last time
you had a bath?

What's a bath?

Ew. Lucky for us,
it is going to rain soon.

Let's get to the part where I win
before this storm hits.

Don't count your Tortools
before they hatch, Ty.

All right, Patunkers, it's time
for the avalanche shootout round.

On my count.

Ready. Set.


-Let's go!
-Go faster!


Patunk slam!

Patunk bam!

Now you're asking for it. Full throttle!

-Aw, Yeah!

Whoa, how'd you get up there?

This ain't my first Dinotrux rodeo.

Hurry, knock Ty's ball away
before he sinks it.

-Ty, wait!
-Oh, right. Easy on the thunder.

Just tap it in.

Tap it in.

Not enough tap.

Not enough tap.

Quick! Hit it again before...

that happens.

Oh, yeah!

Number one and done!


Relax, Ty. Take it easy. Keep calm.

Calm? Did you say calm? I am calm.

I'm the picture of calm.

No one's more calm than me.

I hate this game!

What? I told you I've never played
Patunk with others before.

Garby! What did you eat this time?


For once, it's not me.

Hmm... I think it's coming from down here.


Better plug up this geyser
before someone gets hurt.

Let me try.


Not working.

Best shot I made all day.

It's sandstone, Ty.
A temporary solution at best.

We'll need to find something heavier.

I've got ya, Rev. I've got ya.

Dude, that rocked.

It's all in the haunches.


Come on! Come on!

I'll take it from here, Ace.
That's a Dinotrux-sized boulder

if I've ever seen one.

I can handle it.

I've always thought of myself
as a Dinotrux in a Reptool body.

That's a good one, Ace.

It wasn't a joke.

-I'd say it's about a 50 yard--



Hole in one!


Aw, Skya, you just missed my shot.

- Don't worry, I'll do it again.
- No!

What are you guys still doing here?
There's a huge storm coming!

It's just a little rain.

It's a sandstorm.

Everyone get back to the garage!

Uh, Ty, what about the gigantic
entrance to the garage?

We need to find something gigantic
to block it with.

I know a rock nearby
that is the perfect size.

On it.

Get inside!

-Move it!

Go faster. Go faster.

All done.

Uh-huh. All done screwing
my tail to the wall.

Sorry, I get screwy when I'm nervous.

Dozer Junior, get back here.
This isn't a game.

I hope Ty and Revvit
find something to seal the entrance.

I just hope they make it back.

Thanks, Rev. Now jump on,
we gotta get truckin'.

You're up.

That was a close call, huh, Rev?



Where's Revvit?

I've gotta go and find Revvit.

But it's too dangerous.

I can't leave him out there.

We'll go with you, dude.

-We will?
-No. I'll go.

I'm the one who lost him,
I'm the one who's gonna find him.

Ty, wait.

Be careful, dude.



They've been gone too long.
I can't wait in here any longer.

Come on, what's a little sand
gonna do to a big T-Trux like Ty?

I'm afraid to ask.

You should be.

I've seen what a sandstorm
can do to a Dinotrux.

I used to run with a pack
of rough riders.

Called ourselves The Reckless Wrenchtools.

-That actually explains a lot.

One day, I was hanging from the
fender of one wild Trux named Grinder,

when a sandstorm came upon us.

The flying sand flew into Grinder's gears
and jammed them up.

He couldn't move at all. And then--

I don't want to know!

Scraptors started closing in.


Luckily, three friends found him

and dragged him to a waterfall
in the nick of time.

He survived, but he never hit
his top speed again.

If Ty's out there and can't move,
he and Revvit could be in real trouble.

So we rescue them, right?

Like you have to ask.

I'm in. I mean, what's a little wind
to a guy like me?

Garby, maybe it's better
if you stay here with the Reptools.

'Cause if we get stuck,
who will rescue us?

Hold on.

So you don't get separated.

Okay, let's find them.

Good luck.



Over here! But I don't know for how long!




Let's get back to the garage before you...

...seize up.

Too late.

This is one gnarly guster!

Skya, we lost the vine. Stay close!

I think I see something red
over there. Look!


Over here!

We're comin' for ya'!


Ty. Are you okay?

Could be better.

You've taken in too much sand.

I think we've all taken in too much sand.

We gotta find Rev.

He's in here.

We know you've got sand in your gears,
but we have to find Revvit.

He said, I'm in here.

I'm sure that's not what he said.

We've got to tow you in.

Hey, I'm seized up.
Looks like left turn only.

I know what'll fix this, a wheelie!

Always does the trick.

Hey, get off me!

Dudes, look how I'm stuck.

Wait, am I gonna be stuck
like this forever?

On my way, Ton-Ton!

Skya, stop!

I'd like to but my brakes are locked up.

Dozer, back up.

Would if I could.

Now I'm really...

Really, what?
Don't leave me hangin', dude.

I'm guessing he was gonna say "stuck".

Now what we do?

I should be able to blow this sand out
of everyone, but it'll take quite a while.

Is that Garby?

I never thought I'd say this,
but, come closer!

He's not getting any closer, is he?


Hey, it turned out to be
a pretty nice day.

Whew, you could really use a cleaning.

What are you all doing out here?

I couldn't stay in the garage any longer.

I could.

Kept thinking of what happened to Grinder.

Thought this would be a safe
to travel to help.

Well, this is quite the jam
you've gotten yourselves into.

We have to un-jam them.

Click-Clack, tail spray.

Better do it fast if we wanna
get out of here in one piece.

Ah... What a relief.

I can talk again.

How much longer will this take, Revvit?

It'd go a lot faster

if we could spray
in more than one direction at once.


It's hammerin' time!

Thought hammerin' time would be longer.

Hey, scrap-head!

Set me up again, Waldo.

Avalanche shootout time!


- Garby, nab that Scraptor!
- Got it.

Make sure it can't call
to its pack when it wakes up.

Sorry I threw a wrench in your plans.

Pretty cool for a tool.

- Is it over?
- Not yet.

We have to spray faster.

It's only a matter of time
before a pack of Scraptors finds us.

We need to find a waterfall. That saved
Grinder from the sandstorm.

Hmm, there is not a waterfall near here.

No, but there is a water-up. The geyser!

We need water to blast
in more than one direction, right?

What if we built rock walls
around the geyser, and add a roof?

The geyser will spray the roof.

The roof will bounce
the water off the walls.

The walls deflect water side to side.

And fix us.

Oh, yeah!

We could use those big needle-y trees
for scrubbin'. I love scrubbin'.

Good thinking, Ton-Ton.

Huh, I know, right? All my good ideas
must be flowing to my head.

Come on, Reptools,
let's build this Trux wash!

Yeah, let's Trux it up!

Guys, better step on it.



Ty, get in there!

We have got to get the others!
The Scraptors are coming.


Yeah! Now that's what I call
a power wash.

The roof's gonna blow!

Whoo. Oh, yeah.

Feels great. Like I could plow a mountain.


Oh, no.

How about plowing the Trux through
the wash, while I deal with those guys?

Think you can handle them all on your own?

Watch me.

-On your left, Ty!
-Thanks! You tools stand back!

I'm getting Skya.

Hang on, Ty, we're almost there!

You really want to mess with this?

Toss one of those dudes my way!


Why is he so heavy?

Because he eats rocks!

Hurry, get him through!


Hello, there.

Hey, now! Hey! That's my tail!

Sounds like somebody woke up
from their Patunk nap.

You want a piece of this?

That's what I thought.

-Ow. Get off me, get off me!
-Garby, Patunk that Scraptor!

What's that?

Oh, I've never actually played Patunk.

I'm more of an expert spectator.

I'll coach you through it.
Toss it in the air. Straight up, no angle.

Now, swing!

Nice shot, Garby!

Wow, Ace. That's twice today you saved us.


She's as brave as any Dinotrux
five hundred times her size.

Like I said, I have always
thought of myself

as a Dinotrux in a Wrenchtool body.

Now that's what I would call "true grit".

Speaking of grit,
I could use another wash.

Race you!

Too slow!

Come on, everybody!