Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 2, Episode 1 - Dinotrux Supercharged - full transcript

D-Struct's quest to find the location of the supercharger leaves him in a tight situation.

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What's taking so long?


You can't rush genius.

But I can rush you. Finish it!

Finishing it!

Just one last bolt and--

Voila! All done.

So, does the mighty D-Structs approve?

I must say,
it feels better than I thought.

Has a good weight to it,
and the chain is just the right length.

I do good work for a friend in need.

I-- I mean, a partner.

I-- I mean, a T-Trux I kinda sorta know.
A little bit.

So, what do you say-- Eh?

You wanna try one of those
tail bumps for good luck?

Guess we could have
used that luck after all, huh?

Enough of this! I don't need
a wrecking ball to do my wrecking.

I'm a T-Trux!

Well, that raises an interesting question.

Does the tail make the Trux?
Or is it the other way around?

You're right. You're scary without it.

Wait, wait! Where are you going?

To take apart the first Dinotrux I see.

Oh, oh, oh--

Oh, I can't wait to see
who this unlucky Dinotrux is going to be!


Of course I'm ready.

But I'm going to have to do this
very carefully.

Or not carefully at all.

Let's see someone smash
more rocks than that.

Can do, dude!

Impressive. For an Ankylodump.

But not for a Dozeratops!

Looks like Dozer takes the lead, for now.

- Nice try, Skya.
- Wait for it.

I'll say it for ya, "Boom! Did it!"

You know what we are supposed
to be doing here, correct?

'Course we do, Rev.

We're gathering different rocks,
like we talked about.

Yes, but I suggested putting together this
"rock depot" to make future builds easier,

not as an opportunity to play a game.

It's not a game.

Yeah! And now it's time for round two:
who can stack all these rocks the highest?


Okay, maybe it is a little bit of a game.
But you know something?

If the two of us worked together,
I bet we could win this thing.

Come on, Rev, let's show 'em
how it's done. You know you want to.

Okay, okay. I'll do it.

And here is just the plan we need to win.

Now, that's more like it.

Hey! No tool tips, that's cheating!

It is not. Rev and I are always a team.
Go get your own toolmate.

Hey, Reptool dudes, you wouldn't want to--

-Too scary.
-Not now. Gotta check in with Garby.


How about you, Ace? Wait...

-Sweet! Thanks, Ace!
-No problem, Ton-Ton.

How we doin' out here?

Well, I don't like to mix
sedimentary and igneous

but I missed breakfast, so,
a Trux gotta do what a Trux gotta do.

Hope I don't regret it later.

It went-- It went in my mouth!

Or sooner.

What I meant was, how are we doing
with the rock depot?

Looks like the gang's got quartz,
marble, granite and sandstone.

Which means, all that's left to quarry
is some pseudotachylite!

-No, no, no. It's a type of rock.

Super soft, it'll work great
for the trickier builds.

And I know where to find
a whole valley full of it!

Come on, let's find this super soft rock
already so we can keep playing!

You that eager to lose?

You know, Skya,
you sure talk a big game.

What do you expect? I've got a big neck.

Don't worry,
Garby said the pseudotaca-taca...


Should be right over...


The show is starting.
I'm gonna go get a good seat.

Well, this day
just got a little more exciting.

Skya, that dude's not gonna
take all of us on at once.

Yeah, especially not
without his ol' ball and chain.

I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Wrecking ball or not,
D-Structs is still trouble.

Come on! Who wants a piece of me?

I think we already took
a piece of you, dude!


And I can see
you're really bummed about that!


Thanks, Skya. Sweet save!

Listen, D-Structs--

Ty! Look out!

Hey, no tool tips. That's cheating!

Let's do this, T-Trux.

I don't need a wrecking ball
to take you down.

Look, I don't want to fight you.

Too bad, because I want to fight you.

Ty, look out!

The rock in this valley, it's very soft.

D-Structs, you really
don't want to be standing there.

Oh, come on!

Do you really think
he's going to fall for that?


Looks like they did "fall" for something.

Yeah, I know D-Structs
wanted to take us "down,"

but I don't think he meant like that.

I do not think
he is getting out of there.

Or, away from them.

Just try and scrap me!

We gotta do something.

Yeah, leave him there
and let him get what he deserves.

I believe Ty is thinking
more along the lines of saving him.

Him? But he's the bad guy!

He's still a Dinotrux.

Yeah, but he's the bad Dinotrux.

It's not safe to tow him up from here
with all this soft rock under our treads.

Skya, not you, too!

Maybe we can get
to the other side of the cliff

and build something to get him up.

Ton-Ton? He just flipped you over!

I know, dude, but you know,
two boguses don't make a gnarly.

I have no idea what you just said,
but you're wrong.

Dozer, we're not gonna change
the kind of Trux we are

just because of the kind of Trux
D-Structs is.

So, you in? Or not?

Fine! But I'm not gonna like it.

Stop it! Go away. Go scrap someone else.

This is all your fault.

My fault? You're the one
who stomped the ground out from under us.

But I wouldn't be here in the first place
if you made me a new tail that worked.

I-- I thought you said you didn't need
a wrecking ball to do your wrecking.

Which, considering our
predicament, is technically true but...

Okay, I'll take the blame,
it's all my fault!

But, what are we going to do?

Don't worry!
We're getting you guys out of there.

Go away. We don't need your help!

Uh, hi, he doesn't speak for me.

I'll take your help.

I'm too young to be scrapped!

It seems that all we need to do is find
some way to bridge the gap between

the edge of this cliff and the ledge
on which D-Structs is stranded.

What about a bridge?

But it would need to be slanted
to account for the difference in height,

almost like a ramp.

What about a ramp?

And it would also need to have
very long support struts

to reach all the way down to the ground.

What about a ramp bridge?

A ramp bridge. My ideas are awesome.

Come on. If we start now,
we should be able to finish it

before the Scraptors can finish them.

Scrapadactyls too?

Man, those dudes
are having a really bad day.

Come on, gang. Looks like we're gonna
have to do this one double time.

As long as that means
we don't have to build it twice.

What are they doing?

It looks like they're building something
to save us.

I hate building.

You know,
I really admire your consistency.

I'm getting the feeling
this guy doesn't want to be saved.

Well, too bad.

Why me? No! Stop!


Come on, one more should get us there.

Already on it, dude!


You know, I've always been
a big fan of you Trux.

You coming or not?

Last chance.

Ah! Hey!


Dude, you're gonna have to pull
harder than that.

Wait for it.

You're welcome.

So, how've you all been?

Sorry, couldn't resist.
Can't stand that tool.

You believe that T-Trux?
Not even a "thank you."

We still did the right thing, Dozer.

Yeah, well, I sure hope
we don't end up regretting it.

Who knows? Maybe our good deed will end up

having a positive effect
on the dirty dude.

Yeah, Dozer. Like what happened with you

after we pulled you
out of the tar, remember?

You turned out to be a real sweetheart.

Ugh... Don't remind me.

Dudes, can we please
get back to the game now, huh?

It is not a game.
Even though we are technically winning.

Well-- Looks like I'm back on my own.

Yeah! On my own.

Alone. Again.

All by myself, without that T-Trux
I kinda sorta used to know.

- Finally, the crater is mine.
- The dawn of a new era.

But the pit? Well, the pit is all yours.

And look, it's a picture of you.


We won! Ha!

Eh, you won!

This is the best day of my life!

Stop talking.

The best...
Best, best, best day of my life!

Guess the tail makes the Trux after all.

And I wonder what I could make with that.

Saved by Ty and his Trux.
By something they built!

What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be off building
with your new rescue buddies?


They're no friends of mine, D-Structs.

And besides,
if I didn't get off that cliff,

I never would have found this.

Or this.

Ooh, and look at this.

Is this going somewhere?

Oh, yes, yes.

Somewhere I think
you're really going to like.

Somewhere you'll never have to be
saved by those Trux ever again.

So, does the mighty D-Structs approve?

You know, Skrap-It...

you actually did something right
for a change.

I was hoping you were going to say that!

Now, get to work.

Is it done yet?

Almost, almost, almost!

Almost isn't good enough.
I want to try it now.


Wait, I just need to make
a few last adjustments.

I'm sure it'll be fine.

Ooh, hee-hee.

I bet I know just where
he's gonna try it out, too!



That is the safest spot
to add another piece

if you do not want the tower to...


You can't always win by being safe, Rev.

Hah! That should be your motto.

All right, everybody.
Stack 'em if you got 'em!

I dig this game.

Give up now, Dozer.
No way a mounder can beat a flinger.

You Trux done playing around
or what?

Don't you know? You never invite
a Craneosaur to a stacking party.

-Looks like she's got us beat here, Rev.
-Does it?

Oh, and... Reptool for the win!

What's that?

Uh. Kinda sounds like a saw.

Heads up!

Whoa! Huh?

Hold on, Rev!

Who threw that tree at us?

Who or what? Look!

I just remembered, I never offered
my appreciation to you Trux for saving me.

Or taking my old tail.

So allow me to say it now.

Thank you!

-He's coming for us!
-Revvit, look out!

Let's do this!

Swing and a miss!

Gotcha, Ty!

Back at ya, Dozer!

He's comin' back around!


-Got it!

Look out!

- He's goin' after Rev, dude!
- Hang on, Rev!

Uh oh.


Enough of this!

Are we done?

Wait. I can put it back on.

Just-- Just give me another chance!

Well, we finally got that "thank you"
he owed us.

Yes, and since he did not
knock down our tower,

everyone can see that we won.

Uh, not so fast. I've still got
one more move to make.

Wait, Ton-Ton!

Make that Ton-Ton for the win!



Just for the record,
I did say it was "almost finished."

I still really enjoy working with you!