Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 1, Episode 6 - Dinotrux Supercharged - full transcript

While building a device to help predict the weather a storm arrives and blows revit click clack and Waldo to a forest far from the crater where they meet a new tool whose been living on her own for quite some time.

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Try over here, dude!


I was really hoping we'd find
some more of that green ore.

Just because it's not green, Ton-Ton,

doesn't mean it's not good.


Make it bounce again!

That's not just bouncing ore.

It's dancin' ore!

I gotta try that.

Y'all done playin' with your food?

'Cause I'd kinda like to eat it now.

- Dozer's right.
- Bouncy ore!

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bouncin'.

I really gotta learn to keep my trap shut.

At least dance your ore
away from me, will ya?

We didn't do it, dude.

The sky!

The sky did it!

What did we ever do to you, sky?

It is a hailstorm.

We must get to the--


Come on!

We'll go to through the forest for cover.


What if the trees turn on us too?

Just come on!

-Made it!


Jammed treads, busted panels.

You Trux are in worse shape

than a scaretrux after a scrap attack.

What happened out there?

And why did I miss it?

I must say, it was quite exciting.

I have not been caught in a hailstorm

since my old exploring days.

Oh, uh, just hearing
about your old exploring days

makes my bits twitch!

Did the storm not pass
through the Flatirons as well?

Nope, it's been my favorite
kinda skies ever since you left.


Until now!

Hmm, the weather has been
quite unpredictable lately.

If only there was some way to--

Control it, right?

Like install a giant switch in the sky

to make it snow or turn off the rain?

No. Make it more predictable.

That'd be cool too, I guess.

Minute fluctuations in air pressure
and wind direction

often signal changes in weather.

So if we could build something
to make them visible to the eye...

We'd know what kind of weather
was heading our way.

And then we'd know
when to turn the light tower on.

As you say... boom!

Don't say "boom."
It sounds like thunder.

Come on!

Let's Trux it up!

How's it going up there?

I think you mean up, up, up here!

Just a few more adjustments,

and we will be all finished!

Hate to disagree with you, Rev,

but I think we're gonna need

another spring hinge to secure this base.

And maybe a flying flange bolt or two.

Just a few more adjustments,

an additional spring hinge,

and a flying flange--

We get it! You're not done!

We're gonna head out
to finish our ore run.

See you when we get back!

I just did an inventory last week.

We're outta flange bolts.

And I'm not naming any names,

but someone broke our last spring hinge.

It was Click-Clack.

I was just so... springy!

Looks like the ravine it is.

Ace is on the case!

You went last time, Ace.

Waldo, Click-Clack, and I
will take this one.

Ace is not on the case!

Thanks, Rev.

I'm itchin' to see this ore dancin'

Ton-Ton's been talkin' about, anyway.

Wait! What's gotten into us?

Who needs flying flange bolts
or spring hinges...

When you have torque nuts and flux joints!

Come on!

Let's finish this up!

I think you mean up, up, up.

Click-Clack, there is nothing
to worry about up here.

Look! Your favorite kind of skies
are overhead.


Of course, that could change.

W-we gotta get off this thing!

Click-Clack, hang on!

I would really like to go down now.

Maybe if I could adjust
one of these wind fins,

I could turn us back.

Or maybe not!

Everyone just relax and hold on!

Eventually the wind will weaken,

and we will float gently back down
to the ground.

Unless scrapadactyls show up first!


Come on, get out of here,
you filthy scrapper!

Nice shot, Rev!

That's not good, is it?

Remember when I said I wanted to go down?

-I didn't mean like that!

Is everyone okay?

Let's see.

Flown through the sky
on a crazy makeshift flying machine,

attacked by a scrapadactyl,

crash-landed in unexplored forest.

Yep! All okay here.

Do not worry, Click-Clack.

Ace and the Trux will come looking for us.

No, they won't!

Don't you remember?

They all think we're at the ravine,
which means...

They won't know we're gone
until it's too late.

Come on, Click-Clack!

Pull yourself together!

This forest could be perfectly safe
for all we know.

In fact, it could be the safest forest

in the entire world.


Maybe you're right, Waldo.

Look at me!

Always assuming the worst.

You never know.

We could be just one step away
from finding our way home.

Maybe two steps.

What is this thing?

It looks to be some kind of snare trap.

Hold on.

I should be able to cut us loose.

Of course, staying put

could be an effective strategy too.

Waldo, what was that you were saying

about this being the safest forest
in the whole world?

Just be quiet,
and maybe they won't--

I really gotta keep my mouth shut today.

We're doomed!


Yeah! Go! Go!


Whoo-hoo! We're saved!

We're still doomed!

I really don't know anymore.

Come and get me.

Now go before I get angry.


Hello. I am Revvit.

Glad I showed up when I did.

You always taunt scraptors?

Uh, we weren't tauntin' 'em.

We got snagged in some kinda snare.

Yeah, and now I gotta weave another.

Wait. You put that there?

You know another way
to sleep under the stars

without getting scrapped?

You sleep out here? Alone?

I'm not alone.

I got the trees and the clouds.

That's pretty much alone.

Uh, where's your ravine?

Not really the ravine type.

They're a little too protected.

That's the whole point of ravines!

What's with the shaky one?

That is Click-Clack.

He's always like that.

Well, there's a tool for every task.


They call me Xee.



Thank you for your help
with those scraptors, Xee.

How did you manage

to get free from the one that grabbed you?

Grabbed me?

No, I grabbed it.

You mean you were riding that thing
on purpose?

Not a bad way to travel

as long as you're going their way.

Uh, Revvit, why is she kissing that leaf?

I do not think she is kissing it,

but rather drinking the moisture

that has accumulated inside.

Here, try some.


Gotta say, that's not half bad!

Why did I have to get the one
with the prize inside?

I wish I had thought of this

back in my exploring days.

I must say,

sometimes I miss being out on my own.

Armed only with my wits,

the warm sun over my head--

Hundreds of scary creatures
nipping at your bits?

No, thanks, Revvit.

I'll take being in the crater with friends
to watch my back any day.

Do you know the way there, Xee?

Not much about this big world
I don't know.

I passed through your crater
on my travels.

You'll find it on the other side
of this forest.

Really? That's great news!

But unless you know how to tie
a scaptor's claws together

or take apart the beak of a scrapadactyl,

you'll never make it there alive.

Not liking that news so much.

Come on!

There's gotta be a safe way
through this forest.

The safest way out is the way you came in,

through the sky.

This flying machine, you built it?

We did, actually,

though it was not originally designed

to be a flying machine at all.

You can say that again.

Must've been something to carry you
all the way out here.

And I have a feeling those bits of yours

will come up with something
to carry you right back out.

Another build.

I like the way you think, Xee.

But without parts and supplies,

building out here will be quite difficult.

Unless we use our wits

as well as our bits.

Now you've got it.

A new challenge.


It may be possible to reassemble
these broken parts

into an actual flying machine.

But without wind,
we would need an alternate way

to carry it through the sky.

Somethin' like this?

That has helium gas inside.

Which is lighter than air.

Perfect to power a flying device.

But how will we get the helium out?

Huh, you'll see.

Then what are we waiting for?

Let's get to it!

As you said, a tool for every task.

Bad news! We're outta bolts.

She knows how to carve parts outta wood.

Um, you might not wanna be standing there.

Well, that hurt.

I'll fly with you
until the forest turns to valley.

After that, the skies are all yours.

Do you think we could
talk about this later?

I'd really like to see
the forest turn to valley

before we get turned to scrap.

Don't worry.

We have plenty of time
to release the helium.

Is there any way you could do that faster?

It's fast enough.

Waldo, get ready to take them on.

I'm really startin' to hate those things.

He won't have to.

We're not gonna make it!

Made it.

Higher. We gotta go higher!

Those things can still get us.

We can do higher.

But then we'll have to deal with them.


We gotta go lower!

Too low!

Can somebody else drive, please?

I must say,

this is an incredibly relaxing way
to travel,

and an amazingly innovative build.

You are quite the tool, Xee.

Thanks, Revvit.

I envy you.

Sometimes I feel staying in the crater

has made me a little rusty.

Feel normal to me.

You know, Revvit,

you're welcome to join me on my travels.

Your talents could come in quite handy.


well, sometimes the trees and clouds

can be a little quiet.

Rev, you're not actually
considering this, are you?

But what about Ty and the Trux?

Trux? In your ravine?

We actually do not live in a ravine

but with a group of Dinotrux.

Is this true?

I'm impressed.

What was that?

Nothing to worry about.

Just a tribe of Slamtools
trying to steal our ore.


If they want our ore,

let's just give 'em our ore.


Click-Clack, do not do that,

or you will make the basket lighter.

Got it, Rev!

Up, down,

no direction is safe today!


The hole's too big!

We're losing helium fast!

I'll patch the hole.

You tools handle those pests.

Handle them how?

Oh, right. I guess that's one way.

Xee, look out!

I'm out, Revvit!

Unfortunately, so am I.

Finished! May I?

There it is!

I suppose this is it.

It sure was great meetin' ya, Xee.

Thanks again for the help.

Don't thank me.

Thank nature for what it provided.

In this case...


Our journey doesn't have to
end here, Revvit.

With this machine,
there's no end to what we can explore.

I... well...

The answer is no, Revvit.


The crater is exciting enough
for any tool, isn't it?

No. I--I mean, yes.

I mean, I want to go back home.

Really, I do.

But I also want to explore.

Xee, you might not want
to be standing there.



If she hits the wall at that speed...

What goes up must come down!

We must find a way to get to her

before those things do.

But how, Revvit?

That balloon is moving too fast.

We can't catch it on foot.

Or run faster than those raptors.

No, we cannot.

But what we could do is...


Well, that settles it.

Revvit's gone crazy.

Yeah! Crazy smart!

We can't catch that balloon
on reptool feet,

but maybe we can on scraptor feet.

Click-Clack, come on!

Like I said,

the crater is pretty exciting too!

No need to panic, Xee.

You've been in tighter spots than this,
haven't you?

Is it working?

Please tell me it's working!

Yes! We are gaining on--

I was wondering
when you were going to do that.

Over here, Rev!

Dragonflopters never do this
when you ride 'em.


don't you want to turn around?


I prefer seeing where I've been,

not where I'm going.

Well, that is a shame,

because we are going right towards Xee.

Drop a line!

Hey! Give that back!


What? I've had enough today!



This would be a good time to run.

Huh, guess it's my turn to say thanks.

Don't mention it.

I told you it was nice
to have friends to watch your back.

Click-Clack is right.

I do miss being out on my own,

but I am not a lone explorer anymore.

I am part of an amazing group

of Trux and tools,

and I would not have it any other way.

I get it.

Have fun on the rest of your adventures.

You too, Revvit.

Did they say they were taking
the whole weather vane

with them to the ravine?

Nope, but they didn't say
they weren't, either.

You don't think anything
could've happened to them, do you?

What didn't happen to us?

There you tools are.

We were just starting to get worried.

Little late for that.

What Waldo means is,

we got a little sidetracked,

but we did meet the most amazing tool.

She about your size,

shears for a mouth,
and a super cool ratchet tail?

Yeah, how'd you know?

'Cause she's standing
right behind you, dude.

Xee, what are you doing here?

If the offer's still good,

I thought I might try this
"living with Dinotrux" thing for a while.

Ah, just admit it.

You missed us.

Maybe that too.

Xee, meet the gang.

Ty, Skya, Dozer,

Ton-Ton, and Ace.

-Great to meet ya!
-How's it going down there?

Wait'll you see her skills.

She's got more building tricks
than a ravine full of Ottos.

This one roar?

Huh... not bad.

Could use more bass.


I like her.

And then we rode scraptors, Ace.

Actually rode them like dragonflopters.

More fun I missed today?

The one time I skip a parts run!

Do not worry, Ace.

With Xee sticking around,

I have a feeling we may have
many more adventures like that one.

And with D-Structs
trying everything he can

to get hold of a supercharger,

we're gonna need all the help we can get.