Deception (2018): Season 1, Episode 6 - Black Art - full transcript

When Cameron's ex-girlfriend is robbed during Fashion Week, he insists on helping Kay with the investigation; the team find themselves in the middle of a high-speed chase.

While nobody knew I had a twin
brother behind the scenes.

Until the night
he was framed for murder.

The woman in the car with me
had different color eyes.

Now I've teamed up with the FBI.

You're Cameron Black.

That's Agent Kay Daniels...

- I know a few tricks, too.
- And we have a deal.

She helps me prove
my brother's innocent.

I help her solve
the kind of crimes

only a master of deception
could crack.

I feel like we should
be chasing somebody.

Thankfully, I don't work alone.

For my team of illusionists,

there's no criminal
we can't trick,

no killer we can't track.

Like I always say,
nothing's impossible.

Previously on "Deception"...

You're amazing.

I'm... I'm worried about you.

I'm just alone in here.

There are a dozen of these.

If each is another road map,
another plan...

That's a lot of
unfinished business.

And these are more
than just works of art.

These are coded messages.

I know who's behind it.

This is about something
far greater.

Everyone wants to learn
a magic trick,

but mastering even
the most basic illusion

can take months,
years, a lifetime.

Constant practice.

You might call it an obsession.

But if you're not careful,
an obsession

can take over your life.

You won't even know
what you're losing

until it's gone.

Did you know that high heels

were originally made for guys?

Not any of the guys
that I grew up with.

In the 1500s,

soldiers wore them to help
stand in a horse's stirrups

and shoot bow and arrows.

And they've been completely
useless ever since.

I wanted to make sure
you were going to bed.

I wish. Just a quick change.

I have that appearance
at One-Oak.

No, let's cancel.

Adi, I can't cancel.

Yeah, you can't, but I can.
It's fine.


Why are you being so weird?

Michael Kors is gonna be
at the club tonight.

After what he said about you
in Vienna, I just...

Give us a sec?

Can you run and grab
my white jacket?

It's on the chair.

Who's here?

Whoever's here,
you're gonna wish you weren't.


So, what do you think?

Pretty amazing, right?

FBI got Corrections to sign off.

This is now your own
private workspace.

What exactly am I working on?

We found Bishop's notebook.

It's filled with
new cryptograms.

Now, we think
the mystery woman's next move

is gonna be in there somewhere,
but it's written in a code

that the FBI's best
cryptographers can't crack.

Now, it's just a hunch, John,

but we figure out
what's in there,

we're one step closer
to getting you out of here.

Jordan, you've got to make this work.
Okay, damn it, Dina.

I know! Okay, don't snap at me.

I-I'm working as fast as I can.
I'm just saying...

Ay, yi, yi, yi.

What's the crisis.

This is serious. It's Lexi.

Yeah, I know. I saw.

It's not ideal Cam's

being plastered all over
a billboard outside his room,

but what are we gonna do?

Paint a big mustache
all over her face?

She was more than just an ex.

And it's not just a billboard.

Attempted robbery,
and with her fame,

it's trending... wide.

If Cameron finds out about this,

he'll use it as an excuse
to see Lexi.

He's a glutton for punishment. And
the last time Lexi popped up,

he grew a soul patch and started
getting into Bon Iver.

I've scrubbed her name
from all of his news feeds

and social networks. Nice, but he
can still pick up a newspaper.

Morning, guys.


Just came from prison,
so sorry I'm late.

Cam! Scramble you some eggs?

Yeah, I'm starving.

Johnny and I have been working
on the, Bishop's notebooks,

you know, trying to
figure that stuff out.

Did I, - Did I have
a newspaper when I walked in?

Did you No. I don't think so.

It's Kay!

- Hello, Kay.
- Morning.

Our linguistics department ran
a scan of Bishop's journal.

Might be something helpful
in there for Jonathan.

Crack you an egg, Kay?

No, I've got to run.
FBI Special Events Squad

helps oversee security for
Fashion Week and so I've...

- No!
- Wait, wait!

Got to interview Lexi Simone
about this break-in.

Lexi? You're... You're
interviewing Lexi.

You know her?

Yeah, we, we dated
a few years back.

Didn't work out.

I mean, technically,
she broke up with me,

but she had some, trust issues.

"Trust issues."

You know what?

Not a Deception Group case.

No, it's cool.
I'll, - I'll tag along.

I have a great relationship
with all my exes.

I can probably be of some help.

Thanks, guys.

See ya!


Miss Simone, thank you for
coming in to talk to us.

What are you doing here?

Hello, Vince. Lexi.

I work with the FBI now,
using my skills of

intuition, mastery of deception.

Some card stuff.

Ever since everything that
happened with Jon...

Do I...

Who's Jonathan?

Wait, do you not know?

Please don't ask that.

The secret twin brother
you never told me about?

The one I learned about
on the news

along with the rest
of the world?

That Jonathan?

Yeah, I should've told you
about him,

but, um, to be fair,
you were always

accusing me of
seeing someone else.

I told you
there was no other woman.

There was another brother.

Cameron, you still lied to me.

I'm sorry. She thought
you were cheating on her,

but in reality, you were hiding
your twin brother?

Yeah, thank you.
See, it doesn't sound

that bad when you
say it out loud.

Yeah, it does.

All right, well...

can we get back to work, maybe?

Kay, do you want to...


My God. My God.

She's dating Rafe Willems? Yeah.


You're impressed by that?

You okay? Yes.

I'm okay. Are you sure?

Of course. He's like the prince
of Silicon Valley.

His company
is changing the world.

Yeah, yeah. Are you all right?

You sure? I'm fine.

I'm not even sure there was
someone in the room, honestly.

I-I know I got knocked out,

but all I could see
was, like, a shadow.

And do you always do
a sweep of the room

before Lexi goes to bed?

No, I was just grabbing

Adi wanted Lexi
to get some rest,

but we were heading back out.

Thanks for talking to us.

NYPD will be wrapping up
this investigation.

Wrapping up?

This feels like a botched
robbery, not an FBI case.

We don't have a suspect,
a motive, or an eyewitness.

We have a magic flying lamp
and a shadow.

Those are things. Cam...

I know you've got this
unresolved stuff with Lexi,

but... Whoa, this
isn't about me.

We're the FBI, Agent Daniels.

We have a job to do, all right?

And a lot of things about this
are not adding up for me.

I still have some questions.

Thank you.

So, Vince.

What do we think
about this Rafe guy?


We're done here. Thank you.

What 'Cause it's never the boyfriend?

Mr. Black, I find it
hard to believe

that this is the best use
of our resources.

"Mr. Black"?

Come on, you've been calling me
"Cameron" for weeks.

This is video surveillance
footage of Lexi's hotel.

I'm just trying to be thorough.
We're almost done.

I'm handing this over
to the NYPD.


No. Look, I get it.

I just...
Want to be Lexi's hero?


Things are different now,

and I don't have
anything to hide,

and I just want her
to know that I can...

Well, I'm not a bad guy.

I can help.

There's nothing left to do.

No matter how hard you try.

And what is he doing here?

Deakins is getting pissed.

Jordan? He's working.

He's doing, like,
computer stuff.

Jordan, find anything?


I've gone through all
of Lexi's social media,

and there's a ton...
She's always on.

She's Instagramming live
from a photo shoot.

Social media?
How come I never see her on...

Dina and I blocked her from
your phone and computer.


Yeah, that's fair.

I did find one odd deviation.

Last night, Lexi told the cops
she was on her way to One-Oak,

but this was the last
tweet she sent.

"Off to sleep."

She didn't technically post it.
That's the weird part.

It was sent from her
publicist Adi's phone.

Well, is that unusual?

Wouldn't a publicist
have access?

Adi's tweeted as Lexi before,
but always promotional stuff,

branding content.
That's why this stuck out.

And Vince told us that Adi was
pressuring Lexi to stay in.

Adi could be the inside man.

Delivering Lexi to the shadow.

This is a lead.
We should talk to Lexi.


Don't you mean Adi,
the inside man?

Right, that's...
That's what I meant.

I mean, they're probably
together, so...


Where's the photo shoot?

The Palace Theater.

Thank you.

Right there. Good, good.

Great. Go up one more.

Next stop. Good.

Well, that's exactly my point.

That's great. Next stop. Good.

- She's up there.
- Good one.

Adi, we need to talk.



That doesn't feel right.



Wait a minute.

Where's Lexi?

What the hell just happened?

Lexi disappeared.

There must be some kind of
trap door in this platform.

How else did they
disappear like that?

I checked the building records.

The ground is solid.

There's no way
they took her out that way.

Counter Terrorism is checking
the subway line

under the building,
but it's a long shot.

What do you think happened?
Because it looked like she...

She just disappeared
into thin air?

If you wanted to do this in
your act, how would you?

Black Art?

Makes sense.

What's Black Art?

Would you?

Black Art is one of the oldest
forms of stage magic.

Essentially it exploits the fact

that you can't see black
against black.

So for example...

Gunter had just painted the
backside of that black.


This could be why they
killed the lights...

To cover her in a black screen
and take her out the stage door.


Also makes sense for
what Vince said...

How he only saw a shadow.

Yeah, except for the fact
that I was watching.

And if that was Black Art,

that is the best I've ever seen.


I got an e-mail a few days ago

from the office of
a major publicist.

And they offered you $50,000 to
sabotage Lexi's appearance?

This kind of thing happens
all the time in my business.

They were opening another club.

They just... They didn't
want the competition.

It's harmless.

It's kidnapping.

I swear I had nothing
to do with what happened.

I love Lexi.

Okay. I don't know about her.

Adi's story checks out.

That woman is a genius at PR.

I'm not surprised she can spin
a story in her favor.

Well, the e-mail she got was
sent from a bogus account,

but on Adi's phone,
it looked legit.

It's untraceable, and the funds
were wired to her yesterday.

Maybe. Keep her feet to the fire

and see if her story
stays the same.

This case still isn't
making sense.

No word from the kidnappers
or a ransom demand.

What's this?

It's a diorama for
the Palace Theater.

Gunter and Jordan made it to see

what we'd need to
make Lexi disappear.

Dina also found
something very cool.

This is an inventor by
the name of Walt Whipply.

Now, he created a paint

that is literally the blackest
substance in the world.

That's the exactly the kind
of thing that I would need

to make Lexi here disappear.

You and Mike should go talk to.


It's all right.
I already got my guys on it.

They're running it down.

Your guys?

There it is.

A brilliant inventor lives here?

Come on, son.
Don't judge a book by its cover.

Be cool.

He did sound a bit dodgy
on the phone, though.

Walt, it's me. Gunter?

How you doing?
Thanks for coming.

Excited you're here.

Is this guy a cop?

Who, him?

No, he's with the FBI.

No, you go first.


Hey, Dina.

What's up?

I need a book,

from the archive to
help break Bishop's code.

It's a leather-bound thing,
big metal faceplate.

Sure. I'll grab it, and, um,

I'll give it to Cam and he can
get it to you A.S.A.P.


If... If you got time?

I... It'd be good
to see you again.

Thanks for meeting
with us, Dr. Whipply.

Just Walt.

Dr. Whipply was my dog's name.

So, you're interested
in my work?

Yeah, yeah.
Your, um, special paint.

It's fascinating stuff.

You're familiar with
carbon tube nano rays?

Sure. Allotropes of carbon

with a cylindrical

Very good.

Here. Look.

This is a normal ball, but the
back half has been coated.

Light is hitting the ball,

but it's not bouncing
back to your eyes.

'Cause it's trapped in
a nano-tube forest.


Has anybody tried to buy some
paint off you recently?

I created it, but I don't
have the patent.

Research and development,
it bankrupted me.

So I took on a partner.

Angel investor.

Once I was finished,
he became a lot less angelic.

But that's business.

I might still have
a billion-dollar idea in me.

Like my autonomous car.

The funny thing is,

the company that has
the patent for my paint

hasn't licensed it to anyone.

Far as I can tell,
it's sitting on a shelf

somewhere at I.R. Tech.

Isn't that Rafe Willems'

So, according to Jordan,
I.R. Tech

has the exclusive rights
to Walt's paint.

Did I not say that Rafe
was behind this?

It's interesting. I agree.

It's Rafe, Kay! It's Rafe. 100%.

I still don't see a motive.

With his wealth and influence,

it's more likely
he's the target somehow.

You know who does have a motive?


Rafe stole his tech, so he
steals Rafe's girlfriend.

Either for money or revenge.

Shall we? Yeah.

I still pinch myself
that I get to work here.

I actually wrote my dissertation

on Rafe's early work on
planetary colonization.

The I.R. Bracelet,
Rafe's newest masterpiece.

It uses a diamagnetic
levitation system

to summon objects
right to your hand.

We're still in beta.

The team has never
worked so hard.

That's Izzy Fortnette.

I.R. Tech's Chief Design
Officer, right?

He's much more than that.

Whatever Rafe imagines,
Izzy designs.

Are you looking for your
boyfriend's book, love?

I'm trying to help Jonathan for
the same reasons we all are.

He's family.

There's nothing going on
between us anymore.

Good. I was just worried
that you were leading on

my friend, Special Agent
Mike Alvarez.


There is nothing going on
between me and Mike.

Is it really that obvious?

Really I'm just
a good detective.

I've seen the looks between you.

Why haven't you told him about
your past with Jonathan?

Because it's embarrassing
and painful.

And it's over.


Are you sure?

They're never gonna let me take
this into a jail, are they?

I don't know, but I do
have a friend in the FBI

who would love to
help you out with this.

Fine, yes. Yes.


That was the governor.

Donated a few million.

You'd think he'd be able
to get us a lead.

We have a lead.

We know what tech was used
to take Lexi.

You do? Yeah, yeah,

and you are the sole owner.

What are you talking about?

Walt Whipply's paint.

That paint was stolen.

I-I was gonna use it to
coat our microprocessors,

and I-it turned up missing
a few months ago

when we ran inventory.

That's convenient.

It's the truth.

Lexi's missing. You're afraid.

I understand that.

But you're also nervous.

Why are you nervous?

What aren't you telling us?

Do you know where Lexi is?

All right!

The kidnappers contacted me
a few hours ago.

They sent this.


I'm safe
and haven't been hurt...


Bring a working prototype
of the I.R. Bracelet

to 125th and Broadway tonight,

and they'll let me go.

Don't tell the police.

Don't be a hero.

Rafe, please lis...

The file is encrypted,

but it proves she's still alive
and what they're really after.

Your I.R. Bracelet?

A flying key chain?

It's much more than that.

It's a whole new tech sector
worth billions.

They want a working prototype.

I can't give them one.

Why 'Cause your empire is
more important than saving Lexi?

Her life is on the line.

I know. I...

I would do anything
to save Lexi.

I can't give to them

because the tech's never
actually worked.

But we saw the video.

It's some special effects.

They... They want me
to give them something

that does not exist.

What if we made it work?

What do you mean?

We give them a working

they give us Lexi, right?




This case is finally
starting to make sense.

Five hours to deliver
a working I.R. Bracelet

in exchange for Lexi.

I just hate the way he walks.

That gait. I mean,
I just don't trust him.

Unfortunately, your only
chance of getting Lexi back

is if you get his tech to work.

Man, that walk is super

Get to work on the deception.

I'll get the prototype.

After 17 years of carrying you,

I thought that maybe you were
about to do your job.

But no, you just decided
to embarrass me yet again.


Here's the I.R. Bracelet.
It's a prototype.

Rafe. I'm so sorry.

Japan needs an answer.

Excuse me.

Hey, can I ask you
a few questions?

Sure. Um...

Yeah, but, um, n-not...
Not here.

Thank you so much for driving,

but you really don't
have to come in.

It's nothing.

I've never met Jonathan.

Right. Sure.

But... But you don't have to
come all the way in.

It's fine.

Please, I would love
to meet him.


So, I did not know you were
such a good singer.

What are you talking about?


Did you Google me?

I did.

That was 15 years ago.

I can tell.

The hair.

Listen, we do not have to talk
about that ever again.

Do you understand?

Scout's honor.

Ms. Clark,
what's the relationship

between you and the prisoner?

Um, just friends.

Um, just work and stuff.

Not like... you know...
Just friends.

Just friends. Yeah.

Yeah, friends.

Rafe's brilliant,
but he's demanding.

He created this reality
distortion field.

In his world,
anything is possible,

and if we can't figure it out,
that's our fault.

That's our shortcoming.

Well, that's got to be hard.

Yeah. It's brutal.

There's this new creation
of his, this I.R. Bracelet.

I mean, I've been telling him
for years

that it's not possible,
but he doesn't listen.

He never...

Rafe distorts the world to fit
into his version of reality.

And he always
gets what he wants.

Until now.



I love what you've done
with the place.

That's funny.

Mike Alvarez. FBI.

Jonathan Black. Prisoner.

Right, so, um, catch us up.

Have you figured out
the Mystery Woman's next move?

I got nothing.

Bishop's code is impenetrable.

Made some progress
with The Vigener Square

but then a keyword changed...

Any chance the Playfair System
would work?

A literal diagram substitution?

Mike's really good at codes
and... stuff like that.

Is he?

Yeah, a block cypher's
not a bad idea.

Which is why I already tried it.

Got nowhere.

But... then it dawned on me,

the law of the cryptography
being used

is similar to stuff being
used in Houdini's journal.

Which is why I needed that.

A book on Houdini's Journal?


This is Houdini's Journal.

Our grandfather built it.


You and Cameron have
a flair for the dramatic.

I love it!

This is a Rotor Cypher
our grandfather built.

Could help unlock Bishop's code.

That's amazing.

Right, well,
I think we should go now.

I think we, um, got a lot on.

So, but good luck
with that and...

come on!

Let's just get out of here.

Okay, guys, we've got
to make these keys

float to the bracelet.

I'm thinking
Blackstone's Handkerchief.

One pound test line
should do it.

It works.

Thought Rafe was supposed
to be the new Steve Jobs.

Not some fraud.

He may be a fraud.
He may be a genius.

I don't really care.
All that matters

is getting this stuff to work
so I can get Lexi back.


By which I mean
get her back safe.

That's cute.

She just... get your minds
out of the gutter.

Bring a working prototype
of the I.R. Bracelet

to 125th and Broadway tonight.

Don't worry. It'll work.

We're the best at this.

Whatever "this" is.

I know.

I've flown to Vegas
to see your shows.

I always wanted to do magic.

But I was never any good at it.

So, I tried to make
magic real instead.

Made this.

I used to think this tech
was what I needed

to dedicate my life to,
but it's just a toy.

My relationship with Lexi

is the most important
thing I'll ever create.

I need to get her back.

We will.

Black. Phone.

What's going on, Cam?

Do you think
I have intimacy issues?


Aren't you meeting the
kidnappers, like, any minute?

I thought this was an emergency.

It is.

I just realized that I never
actually felt love from Dad.

You know, whatever
I thought was love

was really just his approval.

Are you kidding me?

I'm in here fighting for my life

and you're asking
for Freudian analysis?

So, you do think I have issues.

Why didn't I tell Lexi
about you, man?

We hid so much of ourselves.

We had a show to perform.

Yeah, and I just knew

it was the most
important thing in my life.

But what if it wasn't?

What if I let the most
important thing just walk away?

Yeah, I was thinking
the same thing.

Saw Dina today.

Mike seems like a nice guy.


Yeah, he really is.

Dad totally messed us up?

Yeah. Big time.

Eyes up. Remember,

a woman's life
is on the line here.

Everyone is in place.

Where is she?

We're where the kidnappers
said to meet.

We have the I.R. Bracelet.
I'm fully in character.

Everything's going
according to plan.

That's not the plan.

I've seen this car before.

At Whipply's lab.


Get in. Where is Lexi?

Get in or the girl dies.

There's no one driving that car.

Driverless car technology
is not magic, Cam.

Let's hope not.

They're on the move.

Don't lose them. Go.

Friends of yours?

Six men. Five armed.

I count two G3 Long Barrel
rifles, three MPKs.

These guys are totally legit.

Maybe spec warfare?

Those are military-grade

Have the tactical team stand by.

The magic team is ready, ma'am.

Nice place you've got here.
It's lovely.


Copy that. Going in.

We're here to see your
demonstration, Mr. Willems.


Just give us a second to set up.

I can't do this.
Look at these guys.

What are you talking about?
You're being dramatic.

I've played for way tougher
crowds than this.

Plus, you said you'd do
anything for Lexi, right?

This is what that looks like.

Hey, Jordan. Random question.-

Was there ever anything
between Dina and Jonathan?

Yeah. True love.

They're the real thing.

Gave me hope I'd find a partner
I love that much.


Okay, thanks.

There's something else.
No, really, I got it.

No, that transponder.

That's a radio transponder.

I don't think this car
is fully autonomous.

They're being controlled
by someone in the area.

Let's move.

Was that an all-of-us
"let's move"?

Okay, let's go.

What if everything in your world

could be summoned
on your command?

If everything was
in your control?

Lost your keys?

Just call for them.


Alright, I think
it's right there.

We have developed a diamagnetic
levitation system

that allows us to counteract

the effects of gravitational

Tough crowd.

Our competitors thought
it couldn't be done.

They thought it was impossible.

It's not.

It's the future.

It's your future.


We have a deal.

The funds are ready to transfer.

Passcode... 4952841.

Okay, where's Lexi?

Who's Lexi?

I was invited
to buy your product.

No, that's not the deal!

Where is Lexi?

We're leaving.

What the hell.

What the hell?!


I'm impressed.

I gave you everything
you asked for!

You sold a worthless magic
trick for $200 million, Rafe.

That's not what I wanted.

I know that voice.

It's not Walt's.

Your tricks were impressive,
Mr. Black.

But you failed, Rafe.

Open the car.

Open the car now.

The girl dies, Rafe.

That was always my plan.
She dies.

Don't move.

Too late.

Hey, Cameron. It's Izzy.

He kidnapped Lexi.
This is about revenge.

No, it's about karma.
He deserves this.

Dina, I'm tapping you
into Izzy's feed.

Cameron, watch out.
It looks like he

programmed the car
to do something.

Cam, move!

What the hell is going on?

It appears that
Cameron is riding

on the hood of a driverless car.

Go on, Cam!

Hey, I'm sorry I lied.

About Jonathan.

I'm a liar. I'm sorry.

Forget it, forget it.
I'm saving you.

Izzy, stop the car now!

Impossible. I locked us out.

Stop the damn car!

Cam, it's up to you.

We're good.

Okay, Cam, we can't stop
the car from here.

You need to disable it
from inside.

There's a control cluster
on the roof. A white box.

There's a switch in here.

Throw it!


I'm in.

You alright?

Cameron, it was Izzy.

We know.

I'm sorry I lied about Jonathan.
I promise... no more lies.

Thanks. Do you have any idea
what you're doing?

Yeah, absolutely.

Sorry, no, but I have a whole
team of people working on this.

Guys, what do I do now?

I can't control
anything in here.

Go out the sunroof.
Use the airbag as a parachute.

No, that's insane.

Cam, you can override
Izzy's algorithm,

but you need to get
under the dash.

Alright, I'm in. Now what?

Okay, um...

they're running out of road.

Look for the back panel

There should be, like,
four ports with plug-ins.

Okay, got 'em.

Okay, pull one of them out.

Care to be more specific?

Pull one of them out...


Cameron, pull them all.

Cameron, the truck!

Go, we got to go. Climb out.
What about you?

I don't care about me,
I care about you. Go!

Come on, there's no time. Go!

Go! Move! Go!

My God.

You're gonna learn to like me.

You did it.

I did?

Thank you, Cameron.

You saved me.


Cameron, Rafe did it.
He saved you.

I-I-It was nothing, really.

I-I just overrode Izzy's lockout

and reprogrammed
the drive parameters.

Not your best work, Iz.

Go to hell, Rafe.

Did you hear that?

Yeah, yeah. The...

jumping on the moving car,

riding on the hood

and sun roof, that was...

What is it?

It was Rafe.

Rafe saved you. Us.

He reprogrammed the car,
and that was what...

It was him. Your...
Your boyfriend.

Cameron, it's Rafe.
Please, can you just

tell Lexi how much I love her.

Sure, man.

Rafe wants you to know
that he loves you.

I love him, too.

Yeah. You got that?

She... She loves you, too.

Thank you, Cameron.


Izzy was a multi-billionaire.
Why do this?

Rafe was a relentless boss.
He demanded the impossible.

Izzy wanted to punish him

by creating
his own impossible task.

He knew their tech didn't work.
That was the point.

And Izzy was using
Whipply's tech

the whole time to frame him.


And also very stupid.

I heard you had quite
an interesting talk with Jordan.

To say the least.

Why didn't you
tell me the truth?

Because I didn't want to
screw up what's happening now.

I didn't want to...

screw up what's
happening between us.

What's happening now?

So, when you finally get this
I.R. Bracelet thing working...

It's never gonna work.

It's... It's...
It's too ambitious.

It's... too impossible.

You know, I had a mantra
in my show,

"Nothing's impossible".

We proved it every single show.

"Nothing's impossible"?

That's good. That...
That's a campaign slogan.

That's "Think Different".

Well, yeah, yeah, but it's mine.

I wasn't... can't just...

Yeah, no, yeah... Take it...

I gotta... Sorry. Hi.

Yeah, no, it's... just as long
as you just don't...

Wait, listen. I just got this
great idea, yeah.

Upon further review,

I did save Rafe's life earlier.

So, when he saved your life,

it was kind of like
me saving you.

Just want to make sure
I made up for past mistakes.


It's partly my fault, too.

Dating a magician,
I should've known.

You always had something
hidden up your sleeve.

I have a new trick.

And, um, I think you're
gonna love this one.

I disappear at the end.

Goodbye, Cameron.

Hey, man. Time for another
therapy session?

I got a lot to analyze.

Cam, I broke
the Mystery Woman's code.

That's great, Johnny.
Can we talk about it later?

I'm kind of... kind of tired.

Figured out what
the next target is.

Cam, you listening?

Cam, the target...

It's you!

Johnny, there's something wrong.
There's all these people.

They're filming me.
Cam, you have to run.


Cameron! Cameron!!

Greg, move your head.