Deception (2018): Season 1, Episode 5 - Masking - full transcript

While nobody knew I had a twin
brother behind the scenes

until the night
he was framed for murder.

After the wreck,
I tried to save her.

She wasn't the woman
from the car.

This body was a different woman.

I knew it wasn't an accident.
I was set up.

Now I've teamed up with the FBI.

- You're Cameron Black.
- That's Agent Kay Daniels...

- I know a few tricks, too.
- And we have a deal.

She helps me prove
my brother's innocent,

I help her solve
the kind of crimes

only a master of deception
could crack.

I feel like we should be
chasing somebody.

Thankfully, I don't work alone.

For my team of illusionists,

there's no criminal
we can't trick,

no killer we can't track.

Like I always say,
"Nothing's impossible."

It's easy to get distracted
in life.

The world's so full of noise.

You try to focus
on what's important...

Your health, your family...

But it's masked
by money to be made,

power to be seized.

You can't help it.

Your eye is drawn away.

So you get lost...

and look harder, searching
everywhere for answers

without realizing
that sometimes,

the things
that matter the most...

are right in front of you.

It's Bishop!

Ladies and gentlemen,
your enthusiasm is undeniable.

This is ridiculous.
You've been six minutes.

You're gonna pass out.

Nah, it's fine. I got it.
I just...

You're pulling a Criss Angel.

Do not say that name!

Okay, bring him down now.

No, ignore it.

God, I'm just... I'm just
a little rusty.

I need practice.

If blood flow to his head
stays steady,

we'll have a total meltdown
of bodily function

in... 40, 39, 38...

Cameron, get down this instant.

Relax. I'm not gonna die
for like another 36 seconds.

Have you heard
from Jonathan lately?

Hey, Kay.
Kind of busy right now.

A prisoner named
Ethan Dollar escaped

from Rockland Prison's
medical center.

A hospital?
That's not an escape.

This is an esc...

Damn it. This is a...

Jonathan was in the same
room when it happened. What?

That doesn't mean
he was involved.

Well, you and your brother

do break out of places
for a living.

I thought I'd ask.

Hell yeah, we do.


Up top, Gunter.

Seven-minute escape.
Up top, my ass.


Did Jonathan
say anything to you?


He said he wasn't involved.

Do you believe him?

I know my brother.

Well, keep an eye on him.
Prison can change people.


Can I get an "attaboy"
from somebody?


upstaged by the Internet?

Just got a ping on my news feed.

Bishop's in town. He's at work
in the Financial District.

Wait, right now?

That's cool.

What's happening?

Well, it's Bishop.
He's a street artist.

These guys are obsessed
with him.

Imagine Gandhi, Banksy,
and Picasso all had a baby

who grew up to be like...

Like "Three Men and a Baby?"

No, it's not like that at all.

Bishop did the
"Money House Mural" at Occupy...

And "The Drowning Loudspeaker"
after Katrina.

He's like a people's hero.

I'm sensing
some deeper feelings here.

No, it's... Our boy Cameron's
got a chip on his shoulder.

I don't have a chip.
It's not a chip.

I don... Gunter,
would you not... that...

Confess to the chip.

He humiliated Cam in Vegas.

Hey! At the time,
you said it was cool.

At the time, I lied.

Alright, okay, fine.

He got me pretty good,

but here's the thing, right?

He painted this on the side
of a casino, alright?

Armed guards,
thousands of cameras,

every security feature

and he got away with it.

I mean, that I respect.

This guy...
he's not just an artist.

He's a master of deception.

That's St. Mary's Cathedral.

It's close. Who wants to go?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Gunter!
- Yep.

Hey, you didn't tell me
about the escape.

Don't lie to me, Cam.
Is Jonathan alright?

Well, my brother's not exactly
generous with his feelings

these days,
but, yeah, he's fine.

At least, he says he's fine.

He doesn't want you to worry.

That's not the same thing.

To be honest, though,
I thought you'd given up on him.

I mean,
you haven't visited once.

Jonathan broke my heart.
It doesn't mean I don't care.

I mean... does he ever ask
about me or...?

I think he's afraid to.

What he did...
can't take that back.



Speak of the devil.

you're not gonna believe this.

What, we finally have
some good news?

We're downtown and Bishop
painted this huge mural

that's like 12 stories high,

and it's a huge "screw you"
to Wall Street.

So your weekly
"Mystery Woman Update"

is you're having
a spectacular evening?

Well, no, I was just...
It's... you know, it's Bishop.

Y-You love Bishop,
so I was just...

Cam, I'm rotting in prison.

My exposure to art
is now limited

to abstract blood spatters
and misspelled gang tattoos.

One thought keeps me going...

You out there working
to get me free.

Look, I'm not saying
don't live your life,

just maybe just don't rub it
in my face, okay?

Do we have any real updates?

Not yet, but soon, I promise.

Enjoy your evening.

Stand back from the crime scene.

They still looking for Bishop?

No. Look at that.

Someone just stole
the stained glass window.

Reverend Marks, what can you
tell us about the stolen window?

How long have you got?

It's been the centerpiece
of the church since the 1900s.

Of course, the church dates back
to the 17th century.

Everything here
is a national landmark.

Alexander Hamilton's grave
is right over there.

Hip graveyard.

Well, my boys love
the soundtrack.

I'm... I'm so sorry.

I can't imagine
why someone would do this.

Since this is
a national monument,

the FBI will take the lead.

We understand
how important this is.

Thank you.

Well, either there's a giant
tunnel underneath this church,

or this was an inside job.

I mean, how else do you move
a window that big?

You use a giant,
industrial crane.

And not a single person saw?

Or a lot of people saw,

and our thieves made sure
no one cared.

Who cares what
some construction crane is doing

when the legendary Bishop
is across the street?

It's called masking.

It's one of the
fundamental principles of magic.

You hide something
in plain sight,

simply by creating...

a better show.

Got it.
The sparks were a distraction.

Not quite.
Can I borrow your handcuffs?

The trick was the distraction.

The thieves needed Bishop's show
to pull off the robbery.

They had to have known
where he planned to paint.

So you think
they're working together,

but that doesn't make sense

'cause Bishop's not a criminal.

He breaks into places,
defaces property...

He's been a criminal
for a while.

But not like that.

I mean, Bishop's morality,
his ideals,

are half the reason he's famous.

Well, let's talk to him,
find out what's changed.

That's gonna be difficult.

Nobody knows who he is,
let alone where to find him.

He's a public icon
who's worked for decades.

Somebody knows him.



It's kind of a long shot, but...

Bishop had a-a rival...

This graffiti artist,
King Switch.

Kind of a legend
in his own right.

Now, he used to be anonymous,

but nowadays,
he has a gallery in Soho.

Soho? It's pretty fancy.

Can't be good
for his street cred.

Yeah, these days, Switch isn't
so concerned with street cred.

Someone loves himself.


No, yeah,
it's kind of over the top.

See anything you like?

Kay Daniels, FBI.

Cameron Black, FBI... observer.

Well, my days of infamy are
long behind me, Agent Daniels.

But if you wanna slap
the cuffs on me,

I will gladly reconsider.

We're investigating a theft

that Bishop
may have been involved in.

We hoped
you might help us find him.

Well, there's a mood killer.

I don't mess with Bishop

You two were rivals for years.

Yeah, we dogged
each other's work.

I dissed him, he dissed me.


You already have one of these?

- No.
- No.

So what happened?

For me, it was fun, you know?

But for Bishop, it was,
you know, political.

Feed the poor, eat the rich,
blah, blah, blah.

It's like, "Dude,
spray your name."

Move on. Go."

Not your style?

Look, I'm not even
registered to vote.

He said, "Graffiti should be
told, not sold,"

and I'm like, "I don't know."

You wanna buy my work
on a t-shirt,

"go ahead, mazel tov."

You should also check out
my, cookbook...

"Switch in the Kitch."

Bishop's work, it...

It made money, though, right?
It sold.

Yeah, that's 'cause people
stole them off the wall

and sold them for millions.

And he didn't like that.

Yeah, that's when he got angry.

That's when he became
an anarchist.

Lashed out, he even trashed
some of my pieces,

torched the whole building.

Even threatened my life.

Think he could
actually hurt you?

Hell yeah.

When Bishop went cuckoo,

this guy EPOK from Chicago,

he paints this big-ass mural

that says,
"Bishop's reign is over."

What happened to EPOK?

That's just it.

Nobody one knows.

Totally disappeared.

New profile of Bishop
fits the bill.

He's making people disappear,
robbery's no big deal.

Yeah, I just...

Whoa, Kay.

"King Snitch."

Somebody just did this.

That's Bishop's work.

We have to warn him.

Forensics is still
picking through the scene,

but I wouldn't hold your breath
for any leads.

Find Switch's body? Nothing yet.

An explosion that good
doesn't leave much behind.

Bishop's a genius,

and he used to use that genius
to fight for change,

and now he's using it
to commit murder.

That's... confusing.

Sometimes people
only need a nudge to change

for better or worse.

Bishop must've found another
reason for what he's doing.

One worth killing for.

The question is... what?

This is every mural Bishop's
done in the last three years.

He pops into a city,
paints three pieces,

and then moves on
to his next location.

But the last three cities
he's visited

have coincided with robberies

that used the same M.O.
as the job at St. Mary's.

Bishop paints a masterpiece

while a crew pulls off a heist

He's smart.
Taggers share a lot of skills

high-end thieves use.

But the thefts so far
have been low profile...

A book from a museum,

an old violin
from a private collection.

That explains why no one saw
the connection.

But now that Bishop's
stealing national monuments

and killing people,
we've noticed.

Well, we tied him
to a guard murdered in Prague

and to a curator
killed in Dublin.

Switch wasn't his first.

He follows his pattern,

he'll pull two more jobs
before he leaves New York.

We've got NYPD on the case,

but I want agents on the ground.

Let's dig
into the street art scene here

and see what we turn up.

What are you doing?


Yeah, I was right.

See, look at the dates.

The Mystery Woman was
in Paris and Berlin

the exact same time as Bishop.

I think they're connected.

Cameron, those are
possible "MW" sightings.

We've had hundreds of them
all across Europe

since we put out
the Interpol Red Notice.

It's not enough to go on.
I disagree.

But I do like "MW"
for Mystery Woman.

It's very professional.

Is it possible
you're seeing a connection

because you want there
to be one?

Look, you got to let me
run with this.

We've done it your way
this whole time,

and we have made zero progress
on Mystery Woman.

This is an actual lead.

That's the way
investigations work.

They take time.

Please don't get your hopes up,
or Jonathan's.

This is something.

Can I show him?

Thank you.


Bishop's tags coincide perfectly

with the Mystery Woman

I figure we catch him,
maybe he leads us to her.

This is at least as cool

as when I figured out
the Hoover Dam illusion.

Jordan figured that out.

It was teamwork.

This is a real lead, Johnny.

It's a hunch, Cam.

Come on, it's... it shows
we're on the right track.

We can actually solve
this thing.

Alright, you do that.

I'll work on solving
what was in the "root dish"

they served last night.

We think yams

and sawdust.

Wait, "we".

Not the "let's get matching
neck tattoos" kind of friends,

but, yeah, I'm trying to fit in.

try not to fit in too much.

You know,
especially if that involves

breaking one of your new friends
out of prison.

I already told you,
that wasn't me.

And yet it so obviously was.

If you get caught,

everything we're doing
to help you is for nothing.

They're out of order. What?

These murals,
they're in the wrong order.

How do you know?

I'm super smart.

There's a pattern.

Each one of these contains
the image of a flower.

But... they progress.

What order
were those painted in?

The exact order
you just put them.

There's a whole bunch

of repeated elements
in these pictures.

You got shapes, colors, numbers.

And these are more
than just works of art,

these are coded messages.

This is how Bishop
talks to his team.

That's great, Johnny.

I mean,
th-there's definitely more,

I just don't know what it is.

You decode those,
you'll know his plan.

And stop his next job.

Of course, it won't be easy.

I mean, this is masterful stuff.

You'll need the whole team.


Gotta go.


I hope you're right.

Me, too.

An autopen? That's like trying
to crack a code with an abacus.

You want to stop playing Myspace

and try and help us solve
this case?

This program is like
having 5,000 code crackers

working at the same time.

It's slop, that's all that is.


What's going on in here?

Well, Gunter's using
an antique autopen

to recreate
the mural shading patterns

while Jordan's analyzing it
using the crypto software

that the FBI gave us.

Where did you get this thing,
Doug Henning's fan club?

Don't you dare use Doug's name
in vain.

- Don't go in there.
- No.

Put your balls in here, son,
I'll crush them for you.

How's Jonathan?

Good. Yeah, he's fine.

You're lying to me.
Don't do that.

I'm worried he might be
caught up in something.

May I?

Last time we spoke,

I offered you employment

and you turned me down.

I meant no disrespect.

I'm glad.

I decided to let you
reconsider my offer.

A permanent place on my team.

I don't want any trouble.


We all good.

It's them
you got to worry about.

So far, we know the log's
your calendar

and the bat and moon
are a clock,

15 tonight.

So now we just have to narrow in
on a specific address.

Yes! Yes! I got a match!

There's hidden patterns
in the shading.

We need to align them together.

That's my theory.

I was doing the shading.

Yeah, try a computer next time.

There's shading patterns
all over the place.

How do you put them together?

We've been looking at it wrong.

The answer
isn't inside the image,

it is the image.

If we align these correctly,
it'll give us a model.

Drop the arts and crafts, man.

I-I got this one.

Look. The pattern in the mural
creates a 3-D image.

The statue
at Rockefeller Center.

Kay, It's Rockefeller Center,
that's the next target.

Spread out! Bishop is medium
build, 6 feet tall. Let's go.

Be ready! He may be armed.

He was just here.


They just robbed a penthouse
on 6th.

NYPD's there.

Thieves are gone.

Are we too late?

- What's happening?
- It's Bishop.

No, there!

FBI! Stop!

Don't move.

You're under arrest, Bishop.

Kay, did you find him.

How old is Bishop?

Late 30s, 40s,
he's been tagging 15 years.

Sorry, Cameron, we got some kid.

So, what do we call you?

Ben Evans of Bushwick

or Mekka,
the elusive street artist?

Ben has two arrests...

A B&E and one
for defacing city property.

While Mekka has
100,000 followers on Instagram.

Let's go with Mekka.

I like him more.

We know you did
the Rockefeller mural.

The paint on your shirt matches
that on the wall exactly.

It was an ugly wall.

So why does the FBI care?

Because a man's dead.

The street artist, Switch?

He was murdered by Bishop.

The stencil
you used at Rockefeller?

That was Bishop's design.

You're working for him.

That makes you
an accessory to murder.

I got no idea
what you're talking about.

While you were painting,

Bishop's thieves stole
an antique German watch

from a nearby penthouse.

All original parts,
valued at $2,000.

Why did he want that?

Come on, talk to us, Mekka.

The antique watch,
the stained glass window,

what are they for?

Or you can tell us
where Bishop is.

We can ask him instead.

I already said I don't know
what you're talking about.

Remember, no passing objects
between one another.

My brother knows the drill.

It's not your brother.


Want to sit?

Um, I'm sorry
to just show up like this.

I know it's been a while.

No, I-I-I didn't think
you were ever gonna...

I'm sorry about...

I-I didn't come here
for an apology.

I'm... I'm worried about you.

I heard a rumor
that you may have help

a prisoner escape last week.

Cam telling stories?


I know you did it.

What I don't know is why.

We're doing everything
that we can

to get you out of here.

I mean, what happened?

Why would you jeopardize that?

Our ultimate Frisbee season
was wrapping up.

Also, I just kind of needed
to fill the time.

You don't have to lie to me.

I'm not Cameron.

I know that he sees the world
optimistically and...


Cameron Black wears
rose-colored glasses,

dipped in honey
and plated with gold.

Look, what's going on?

Let me help you.

I'm just...

I'm just alone in here.

I know.

No, you don't.

You have a choice.

You can either do as your told
or you can fight like hell.

Risk it all and hope
that you come out on top.

And I don't want to. I don't...

I don't want to risk it all.

I want to get
the hell out of here

and I want a chance to...

to make things right.

I'm trying.

I promise.

I know.

Just hold on, okay?

Wait, I don't get it.
So Deakins just let Mekka go?

Why didn't you call me?

Could've tortured a confession
out of him.

Using illusions, obviously.

We didn't have
any actual evidence

tying him to the crime.

Well, did he at least tell you
why Bishop's stealing

all these random antiques?

I don't think he knows.

What about Mystery Woman...

And how she's involved?

She's not.

I had the Bureau
run a deeper check

on her sightings
in Berlin and Paris.

The ones that corresponded
to Bishop's heists.

Don't tell me. False alarms.

I'm sorry.

What am I doing, Kay?

You're trying
to solve a mystery.

It's not easy.

I ignored you... again.

Told Johnny. Got his hopes up.

Now he thinks
we're close to getting her.

This is gonna crush him.

We're never gonna get her,
are we?

Hey, Cameron.

The day will come that we get
a lead on Mystery Woman

and bring her ass to prison.

It's just not today.

I'm sorry about Jonathan.

But we've still got a killer
on the loose

and we need your help
to stop him.

The instructions for Bishop's
next heist must be in here.

Yeah, it's just a simple image,

so I don't...
Nothing's jumping out at me.

Is your face on that pen?


You always have swag on you?

Used to sell it at shows.

Now I just hand it out to kids

when they want to see a trick.

A lighter?

Kids love it.


It's not the coolest design,

You know what, maybe I should
have Mekka do it.

Don't think he'd talk to you.

He's too scared
after what happened to Switch.

He's worried he's next.

What if he is?

I didn't know who else to call.

He must've seen you
get picked up.

But it was a misunderstanding.

You know, maybe I could just
get word to him...

No, he definitely wants
to kill you no matter what.

Cameron painted that?

Photoshop. They
did a large format printout.

Looks good.

Okay, so what the hell
am I gonna do?

Well, if you talk to us,
we can help you.

But we need to know
what we're up against.

How did Bishop find you?

A few weeks ago,
a graffiti writer stopped me

in Brooklyn
and said that he was Bishop.

The Bishop.

How'd you know it was him?

I watched him. He was amazing.

He had the maddest skills
I've ever seen.

He asked if I would help him
with his New York residency.

So it was, like,
a dream come true, you know.

And how did it work?

He gave me this.

Told me to show up there,
do the piece,

and leave, so I did.

Then I saw those guys
busting the window

out of the church.

And that's when I realized
that Bishop was just using me.

There was some larger plan.

Yeah, yeah. The next day,
I get this under my door.

The mural
from the Rockefeller Center.

So I showed up again.
But this time,

I was actually watching
for the theft.

The guy had a whole system.

There were four taggers.

Mekka painted murals,

spelling out the instruction
for the next job

without even knowing it.

While the other three
used the instructions

to pull the heists.

Can't trace it back to Bishop.

So, what's the next job?

There isn't one.

This is what Mekka
was supposed to paint next.

It's too simple to be a
coded message or a distraction.


It's Mekka's personal throw-up.

It's like a graffiti signature.

Every tagger has one.

Why does Bishop want Mekka
to paint his own tag?

It works like an ID, right?

Proves you are
who you say you are.

So you can get
into some place secure.

That's it. Bishop wants to meet,

but he has to make certain
it's really Mekka.

We've got a time and a place.
Bishop will be there.

Not when Mekka doesn't show.

Well, what if Mekka does show?

You think you can
impersonate Mekka?

Match a signature that only
he can paint, that's...

Kay, don't say impossible.

Now, listen.
I'll print Mekka's tag

on the north-most wall.

It's covered in graphite dust.

Used the compressed air
in this can...

Blow off the dust
and reveal Mekka's tag.

I got it.

Still don't get why I couldn't
paint the tag myself.

Remember that smiley face?

It's not my best work.

you're a great magician, boss,

but a crap street artist.

Remember, mask it
with your body,

and they won't know
the difference.

This butane's flammable.

So stay away
from them power lines.

Push nozzle. Make air.
Blow dust.

I got it.

Okay, so earwig is set.
We've got a tracker on you.

Tactical team is ready to go.

Copy that. We're close by.

As soon as you see Bishop,
say the word, we're there.

Which word.

Just kidding.

Hey, look, I'm sorry I hit
a rough spot yesterday...

No. You did good.

Kept your head in the game.

Bounced back.

Guess you're rubbing off on me.

What was that about just needing
a nudge to change?


Hurry up
before the dust blows off.

I think that's your cue.

This is some
of the best climbing I've done.

You seeing this?

Cameron, try not to talk.

Bishop may recognize
Mekka's voice.

No chit-chat.

Copy that.

Any sign of Bishop?
No, he's not here yet.

- Well, what do you see?
- Water tower.

Cooling unit.
Some real-estate opportunities.

Surprisingly fit naked old man

Check that. It's not exercising.

You Mekka?

Yeah, hi.

Okay, let's see that mark.

Alright, remember,
northern wall.

Right hand trace,
left hand fill.

Use your body to mask it.

Nothing's going to happen,
Cameron. Good luck.

- God...
- What?

You can't say that.

What are you waiting for?

Just finding my groove.


Let's hope this works.

Cam, it's working.

Of course it is. I designed it.

they're moving in too close.

Use your body to mask it.

- Should we pull him out?
- No, no, no. He's not done.

He's not done.

Hang on. What is this?

Hey, back off, man.

Give him a better show.

Easy, man.
You already got the job.

Everyone get ready to move in.

They're about to bring in Bishop
for the meet.

Alright, Bishop's waiting
for us.

Keep up or you're out.

- Whoo!
- Guys...

- Whoo!
- They're flying away.

Bishop's not coming here.
They're going to him.

You got this. Just like 2012.
"Leap of Death."

Yeah, when he spent a month
in the hospital.

Not helpful, guys.

We need to work
on our radio etiquette.

Drive! We have to keep up.

All agents, keep eyes
on Cameron. Do not lose him.

Don't worry.

I'm keeping up remarkably well.

Keep up!


They're moving like this
so we can't follow them.

Yeah, I've noticed.

we've lost sight of you.

Tell us where you're headed.

Toward a brick building.

They're all brick.

Be specific.

Turn left.



Let's go!



I can't make that.

You're a bit rusty.
Don't be ashamed

if you have to call it a day.

I'm not rusty. I just...

You gave us a whole speech
about how you're rusty.

Cameron, you listen to me.

Don't do anything crazy,
you understand?

Yeah, never do.


Might've done something crazy.

- Cameron?
- Alright, guys,

for the next 30 seconds,
I'm gonna need total silence.

He's gonna fall.

Of course he is.

There's no way he makes this.

Guys! You never use a radio

Okay, no more headsets
for you two. Take them off. Now.


Not dead.

Heading into the building now.


FBI caught wind of us.

Bishop's shutting down the team.

Our cash will be
in the usual places.

This will be the last time
we meet.

Let's take off our masks
and finish this face to face.

You heard what I said?

Yeah, yeah, I know.

I just...

This knot is super tight.

I'm great at tying knots,
you know.

Too great.

Hey. Don't I know you
from somewhere?

Nope. No. Definitely not.

Got one of those faces.

It's Cameron Black.

Wait, Switch.

You're Bishop?

I-I-I don't understand.

Doing a little something
for the FBI.

And it's cute.

Too bad it's not gonna work out.

What are you waiting for?

Take him to the roof
and throw his ass off.

The man is a magician.

You obviously don't
know what that means, guys.

You see, my brother and I,

we grew up the road,

performing on my father's show.

Strange city after strange city.

A lot of sketchy promoters.

Always paid in cash,

so we were easy targets
for thieves.

Winslow sends his regards.

Our dad, he, - he taught us
more than just magic.

Look, man...

He taught us to survive.

- We're here.
- Cameron, we're coming.

Stay here.
Tell us if you see anything.

A gun?

What happened, man?

You used to be Bishop.

I still am Bishop.

Switch paid the bills.

Guess you don't need him anymore

now that Bishop's
become a murdering thief.

You think this is about money?

When I spoke truth to power,
nobody listened.

Everyone pretends
they want to save the world.

Really, they just want
a piece of it

to put on their mantle.

Alright, so your fans
let you down.

This is, what, revenge?

No, they're not revenge.

I gave up
all that societal crap.

I've been shown the light.

And we are building
something new.


What are you building?
I don't get it.

Why would you steal
a stained glass window

and some old watch?

I'm not.

We're returning them.

Watch out. He's got a gun.

Who's got a gun?

A Master of Deception.

There are a dozen of these.

If each is another road map,
another plan...

That's a lot
of unfinished business.

You think Cameron's team
can help us out?

Is he okay?

I'll talk to him.

Go through Dina. She knows
how to handle her team.

My pleasure.

Sometimes they get away.

But we're the FBI.

we always get our man...

or window.

Guess what was stashed
between the walls upstairs?

National landmark returned
safe and sound... ish.

Where's the other half?

We don't know. But we recovered
the other panels.

And the watch?

Still looking.

But I bet Bishop's taggers
are spilling their guts

to Deakins as we speak.

Apparently, they had the fear
of God struck into them

by this magician

who also happens to be
a world-class fighter.

Not exactly your victory face.

What's on your mind?

Bishop said
he was "shown the light."

What do you think that means?

Criminals justify their crimes
for all kinds of reasons.

Right, but he...

He stole a watch worth two grand

and a window worth $2 million.

And then he says
he's returning them.

That doesn't make any sense.

We're missing something, Kay.

Not to encourage you,

but the Bureau's doing
some digging.

The watch was made in 1913.

Same year
the window was installed.

Another puzzle.

It's like he's laughing at us.

I mean, we still don't know
why he changed.

What he's after.
Who he's working for.


we busted a criminal ring.

Recovered a national monument.

We got the notebook of
our suspect who we've now ID'd.

Take the win.

What is it?

Do I even want to know
what happened?

Do I want to know?

Let's say it on three...

One, two...

So, the reason I came...

I know why.

You do?

This is the part
where you tell me

your hunch about
the Mystery Woman was wrong

and you shouldn't have gotten
my hopes up.

It's alright.

You don't have to apologize,

I know you're doing the best
you can.


you can't just make clues appear
out of thin air, alright?

That is true.

Everything that's happened
in this case...

I know who's behind it.

But this isn't just about us,

All this...

this is about something
far greater.

Greg, move your head.