Deception (2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - Forced Perspective - full transcript

As Cameron continues to focus on helping his brother, he and Kay get to work on a case that has unknowing tourists participating in a reality show.

I'm Cameron Black.

I was the world's
greatest illusionist,

while nobody knew I had a twin
brother behind the scenes.

Until the night
he was framed for murder.

Jonathan: After the wreck,
I tried to save her.

She wasn't the woman
from the car.

This body was a different woman.

I know it wasn't an accident.
I was set up.

Now I have to catch the
mysterious woman behind it all.

Are you ready?

- And I need the FBI's help.
- You're Cameron Black.

With Agent Kay Daniels...

I know a few tricks, too.

...and my team of illusionists,

we might just have a chance.

Life is often
a matter of perspective.

From one, we see normalcy.

We're safe, content.
Nothing bad could happen.

Of course, that's a lie.

If we could shift
our perspective,

we might see the truth.


[ Indistinct conversations ]

We're actually in grave danger.


Or we're the butt
of some practical joke.

[ Laughs ] Got you.

Problem is,

we're forced to view life
from one perspective.

Is it a joke?
Are we in danger?

We can't know...

[ Breathing shallowly ]

[ High-pitched ringing ]

[ Breathing shallowly ]

[ High-pitched ringing ]

...until it's too late.

Which brings me to... deception.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's your transition?


Now I go into talking about
how my team of illusionists

can help the FBI,
and then we start to...

You don't like it?

Well, this pitch
is never gonna work.

Johnny, teaming up
with the FBI, with Kay,

that is our best shot of
getting you out of here.


"My twin brother
was framed for murder

by a mystery woman with
different-color eyes."

It happened to me, Cam,
and it sounds insane.

They know she exists.
They know she's dangerous.

It'll work.

Cam, let me be clear... I'm not
relying on the FBI for this.

I'm relying on you.

And I promise you
that we will figure out
who this mystery woman is,

we will prove
that you're innocent,

and we will get you
the hell out of this box.

Mm. That was
way too confident.

What is it?

Nothing. I'm fine.

You're nervous.

That's good.

You're better
when you're nervous.

[ Chuckles ]

Run it again.


[ Inhales deeply ]

Where was I?

Which brings me to...

An illusionist, like myself,

uses deception
to entertain, inspire.

Criminals, spies,

they use those same skills

to steal...

to cheat...

perhaps even...

to murder.

Now, the very best, well...

they'll make you think

that there was no crime.

At all.
[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Air hissing ]
Which is why I am here...

to show you something new, to...
[ People coughing ]

You all right?

Y-You need a bottle of water,
some lozenges?

Is the smoke getting
a little, uh...

[ Smoke detector beeping ]
...[Coughs] thick? Yeah.

[ All coughing ]

[ Smoke detector beeping ]

Damn smoke detector!

Sorry. Uh, short
commercial break.

God, we've played
stadiums, arenas.

You can't handle
a conference room?!

[ Beeping stops ]
Don't you dare,
you finicky fop!

I told him a thin mist,

not the "Towering
Freakin' Inferno."

Nice reference. Almost as old
as your smoke machine.

I told you we should've gone
with digital projection.

- Shut up, you heathen.
- O-Okay. Okay, boys.

Fresh air coming in.

Why am I watching
a magic show?

If Felix Ruiz used
a criminal illusionist

to escape from the FBI,
maybe this illusionist

is working for other
criminal organizations.

He's got a point.

Cameron did help us
catch Felix,

and, uh, the magic
is phenomenal.

This is about his brother,
isn't it? The twin.

Jonathan Black.

He was framed for murder by
that same criminal illusionist.

But you're the FBI.
You got tons of cases.

We could help.

My team's ready to go.
What do you say?

[ Cellphones ringing, chiming ]

- What is it?
- What's going on?

A case just hit.
We've got to go.


[ Sighs ]
What do you think?

Sounded like a no,
but soft.

- Yeah.
- You still got this.

Go get 'em. Go on.
Go, go. Go on, son.

- Kay, what about the pitch?
- We'll finish later.

Please. Come on. This is
my best shot to help Jonathan.

I get that, but Joseph Kline
was murdered this morning.

[ High-pitched ringing ]

Poisoned in front of a hundred
people in Astor Place.

Who's... Who's
Joseph Kline?

He was a defense attorney

for a number of
criminal organizations...

An expert in keeping mobsters
and drug lords out of jail.

He recently approached us
in secret. He wanted out.

DOJ was negotiating the terms.

Mike, what'd you, uh...
What'd you think of the pitch?

- Oh, the magic was amazing.
- That's good, right?

Unh-unh. That's bad.

You're never gonna convince
Deakins with magic.

He's right. The Special Agent
in Charge doesn't need a show.

She needs proof your team
can help with other cases.

Okay. All right.
So how do we do that?

We've got to get to
the crime scene.

I'll call you later.


What'd they say?

What are you thinking?

We're gonna solve a murder.



Daniels. FBI.
This is Special Agent Alvarez.

- What have you got?
- One Joseph Kline.

He was killed with
a liquefied poison.

Clear, odorless.

May be a neurotoxin, but
our lab team says it's custom.

They've never seen
anything like this.

[ Police radio chatter ]

Whoever did this, they wanted
to make a statement.

It gets stranger.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]

We pulled these from
the bank's security camera.

- That's our killer.
- He used a squirt gun?

That's an
UltraSprayer 3000.

- What? I have two boys.
- I don't get it.

What killer wears an orange
hoodie or uses a blue gun?

It's like he wanted everyone
to see him do it.

- Beats the hell out of me.
- He's performing!

Cameron, what...
What are you doing?

Helping. Observing.

Whatever the...
technical term is.

I need to prove to Deakins my
team can help with other cases.

- Who the hell is this?
- That's Cameron Black.

I told you I'd call.

Don't worry.
I cleared my schedule.

Stop! This is an
active crime scene.

You cannot be here!

Cameron, the body's
still on the ground.

Yeah, can I see it?

No. You're going home.

Okay. All right.

But I'm right.

How did you...

See this guy?

He's performing.

The orange hoodie,
the... the blue gun,

even the way he's standing.

He's cheating out. He's like
an actor on the stage, right?

He's standing so he can be seen
better from a certain angle.

What angle?
W-Who's watching?

The audience.

Magic is angles.

If I get the angle right,
you see...


If I get the angle wrong...

you see that.

Oh, you ruined the trick.
Thanks, Cameron.

- Watch out. He ruins tricks.
- Not really.

I mean, ruining a trick
is kind of the worst thing

you can do to some...
Ohh, G... Oh, God.

Okay, you take the NYPD
and the coroner.

I'll handle him.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

The first body's
always the worst.

Poison did that?

Yeah, it's one of the
nastier ways to kill someone.

You all right?

Oh, yeah. It's just...

Oh, was your
first body like that?

No, it was an overdose.

Totally different.

Cameron, are you sure
you want to do this?

Yeah, yeah. I have to.
It's just, uh...

Unless you're
sending me home.

Not yet.

If you're right and the
killer was cheating out,

it means there was
somebody else watching.

Right. Exactly.

So, uh, if we look
at the way he's standing...

and he was there,

which means the audience

would've had to be...



It's gonna take hours
to canvass this.

I mean, of all the spots
in New York City,

there isn't a single
surveillance camera

aimed at this one.

Whoever was watching the murder
didn't want to be seen.

All right.
So, what's next?

We, uh, interrogate some people,
shake down some bad guys?

[ Car alarm chirps ]

I'll admit I'm basing most
of my procedural questions

on crime shows, but I feel like
we should be chasing somebody.

Okay, most investigative
work happens at a desk,
going through paperwork.

Clues aren't just
gonna fall in our laps.

Hey. I told you
a hundred times...

Stop throwing
those planes at my car.

You want me to call
the cops again? Do ya?

- What is happening?
- This frickin' kid spends

every morning throwing
paper kamikazes at
people on the street.

- Somebody's gonna lose an eye.
- Every morning?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Hi. We're with the FBI.

How in the world are paper
airplanes a federal case?

They're not. We'd like
to speak with your son.

He may have seen something
from his window this morning.

He's home sick.

Does he like magic?

[ Siren wails in distance ]

Okay, now, this is how you
make a real paper airplane.

All I'm gonna do

is just...

You made a paper
airplane out of thin air.

[ Chuckles ] Phew!

- And it works!
- Pretty good, huh?

Now, Max, this is
kind of important, okay?

Did you see anything
down in the street this
morning? Anything at all?

Well, there was
a movie crew.

What movie crew?

They were in a van.

The back doors were open,

and they had this guy
with a camera, filming.

Do you remember
anything else?

It was blue.

And what's the picture they put
on the van? The company's...?

What did it look like?

Well, it was like
a circle in a circle,

kind of this target with,
um, a man running by it.

[ Pen scratching ]

Kind of like...
Like this?

Yes! Exactly!


[ Engine revs ]

O-kay. Do you always
drive like this?

When do we get to do
that fun paperwork stuff?

I put out a BOLO
for the van Max saw.

One with that logo was just
spotted near Cooper Square.

Why did they film
Kline's murder?

I don't know yet.
[ Cellphone ringing ]


So, how'd it go?

[ Inhales deeply ]

Yeah. Oh, yeah.
The pitch went amazing.

Wait. Really?

Well, still working out
the details, but, uh...

yeah, we're gonna have
real help, Johnny.

You know, uh, experts,
professionals, all that.

[ Shakily ]
That's amazing.

Thank you.

You got it. I'll, uh...
I'll call with updates.

[ Tires screech ]


We just got here. No sign
of the van or the shooter.

No. Three o'clock.
Hey, I've got eyes on him.

He's headed to the woman
with the stroller.

Subject's armed!
Subject's armed!

Got you!

FBI! Stop!
Put that gun on the ground!

- Freeze!
- Wow. This is intense.

- Drop the gun now!
- Wait. Do I keep going?

- Put the weapon down.
- Put your gun down!

I don't... Does that
mean I lose? They didn't
tell me you were coming.

- FBI!
- What... Are we still shooting?

- I'll do it!
- Wait! Stop! Stop! Don't shoot!

No shooting!
Cameron, get down!
Are you insane?!

He doesn't know what's
going on. I know why
there was a film crew.

Cameron Black?!

Are you part of the show?
Does that mean I won?

He thinks
it's a TV show.

Yeah. You did it, bud!

Now you can lower your gun
and collect your prize.

- Okay. What'd I win?
- We...

[ Man grunts ]

Cameron: Geez.

What the hell was that?

That's entertainment.

I don't understand.
What did I do?

I-It was a game show.
I didn't really shoot anybody.

It was...
It was just water.

"'You're Dead!'...
A prank game show where

you shoot other contestants
before they shoot you.

After each hit, you win
money and prizes."

It was fun.
T-They told me where to go,

showed me pictures of the other
players like, uh, the jogger.


what happened to him?

He's dead.

Poisoned by the water
in your spray gun.

Wait. That...

That's from the, uh, wa...
That's from the water gun?

Noah Hawthorne, 19.

Recently moved here
from the Midwest.

Traffic and
personal information

match up with records
back in Wisconsin.

This story is insane.

If he is telling the truth,
that's not murder, right?

He's still here?

He helped us find Noah.

He pulled the trigger,
Mr. Black.

Unless we find the person who
tricked him and they confess,

Noah Hawthorne's
our killer.

Kay: Who chose you
to play the game?

Uh, the producer,

I, um... I don't... I don't
remember his last name.

What did he look like?

Um, he was a regular guy.
He talked really fast.

There were others, but... but
they all answer to Steven.

And where did he
recruit you?

At Times Square.
It was my first time there.

They promised me a fun time,
a chance to win money.

I mean,
I could use it, but...

Wait. I am...
I am not a killer. I...

I'm from Wisconsin.


Dina: Okay, I hope we've all
done our homework,

'cause we need to become
murder experts A.S.A.P.

I downloaded the NYPD
and FBI's crime stats,

cross-referenced them with
commonly reported motives,

then I created an...
Okay, no, no, no, no.

Jordan, no. Murder is more
than just numbers.

It's about
human psychology.

Didn't I tell you to read up
on Agatha Christie?

Yeah, I looked her
up on Twitter, but
I couldn't find her.

Maybe, uh,
I spelled it wrong.

I hope you got
further than that.

Cameron is relying on us
to help him solve this case.

I got three ideas...
Two messy, one clean.

Oh. Ideas about what?

Ohh! No. Gunter...

Well, you said
study up on murders.

With the purpose of solving
them, not committing them.


Got it.

I got to make
a couple changes.

Dina: Yeah.

I'm sorry, Ms. Olovsky.

Why would someone want
to kill you and Joseph?

We can only help
if you talk to us.

[ Russian accent ]
Joseph and I worked together.

I was a-a bookkeeper.
He was a lawyer for my boss.

We started seeing each other
two years ago.

We kept it secret,
of course.


things changed.

We decided we need to get out...
A new life for all of us.

But there's no getting away
from our employer.

Who were you
working for?

I never met him.
Only associates.

They would whisper his name.


Deakins: We're after
Sasha Sokolov, people,

head of the Russian Syndicate.

Bridget Olovsky worked for him.
Joseph Kline was his lawyer.

They wanted out,

which means Sasha ordered
their deaths personally.

The killer was this man,
Noah Hawthorne.

Sorry. Question.
Uh, who is Sasha?

There's no... no picture
for the board?

He's Russian mafia. Nobody's
ever been able to identify him.

He's a ghost. Sasha's outfit
is the toughest in New York.

He's notorious for
having his own people
killed when they fail him.

We connect Noah to Sasha,
and we've got our ghost.

- Find him.
- Uh, yeah. W-What about Noah?

I mean,
he's a victim, too, right?

We don't know that, Mr. Black.
All we know is that he shot

Joseph Kline in the face
with poison this morning.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, sure, I-I get
that his story's extraordinary,

but, still, it's the
only thing that makes sense.

You... you get that.
They forced his perspective.

They made him think
he was on a game show,

just like Johnny was made to
think he was in a car crash.

Easy, Cameron.

Yeah, no, I get it,
but he's innocent, right?

I mean, I know that,
you know that.

I see the personal
connection, Mr. Black,

but the FBI is not about
personal missions.

We solve cases based on
evidence, not emotion.

- Well, sure...
- He gets it.

We'll run down
Noah's story.

If there's any truth to it,
we'll find out.

Let's start
in Times Square.


So nothing
out of the ordinary?

Really? Nothing?

Okay. Thank you.

So you didn't notice
anything at all?

Even though you've been
standing here all day?

So, the shooter is described
as a 19-year-old male.

Orange hoodie.
Did either of you...?

Last description I have
was of a blue squirt gun.

Hmm. No.
Haven't seen him.

All right, so, the dance team
and the creepy Statue of Liberty

didn't see anything.

We spoke to most
of the regulars.

And everyone else, they're
just... they're tourists.

Like Noah.
Wanted to see the lights.

All right.
I get Sasha's plan.

The less your killer knows,
the better. It's smart.

But why a TV show?

Because there's a camera.

You want to control someone?
Put 'em on TV.

They'll say things
they don't mean,

do things
they would never do.

That's why they had to film.

Noah had to know
he was on camera.

'Cause nothing bad can happen;
he's... he's on TV.

You don't watch the news,
do you?

No. It's too depressing.
Let me demonstrate.

Ah. Excuse me.

May I? Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Cameron Black.

And as part of a new
television spectacular,

I am here demonstrating
my newest trick...

Woman: Ooh!

..."The Decapitator."

Now, who wants
to lose their head?

We do!
I do!
Oh, I want to!

All right, now,
this may be dangerous.

I like danger!

You might get hurt.

- Oh, me!
- Please!

- This is a real sword.
- All right. Point taken.

What now?

Well, now I have to
decapitate someone.

Magically, of course.

- Hey! Give me Excalibur!
- Sorry. [ Laughs ]

You Hollywood types come
around here and think
you can just take over?

I've been in this spot
for five years.

Now everybody trying
to push me out...

Morning shows, cooking shows,
hack magicians.

- Okay.
- Reality prank shows.

Wait, wait, wait.
What reality prank show?

What did you see?

They came through the other day
looking for volunteers.

The man in charge, uh, the
producer, was his name Steven?

Yeah, but his guys
didn't call him that.

They called him Kos. I think
these guys was Russian.

[ Telephone rings ]

Is that him?

That's the guy.

Are we upgrading from magicians
to medieval knights?

[ Laughs loudly ]

Sorry. I didn't think
anyone was gonna laugh.

I was just trying to...
Great joke, boss.

Willy Shoemaker,
a.k.a. Lancelot,

saw the reality crew in
Times Square Noah described.

Steven, the producer,

is actually Mikhail
Stefanovich Koslov.

Mikhail's a captain
in Sasha's syndicate.

Noah was telling the truth.
We need to be certain.

Get Noah to corroborate the
I.D., and we'll get the warrant.

[ Exhales deeply ]

Not bad for the Deception
Group's first day, huh?

Noah, I need you to
tell me if this is...

Damn it. I need a medic!

So Noah was tricked
into being the real killer

by this Russian man
and his fake prank show.

Stefanovich Koslov.

Right, but we can't prove
that he's the real baddie,

because Noah is poisoned
and in hospital.

That poisoned water got on him
when he sprayed Joseph.

Just a drop on his hand.
Noah boy's gonna die slow.

That almost sounded sympathetic.
What about an antidote?

The poison's custom,
so only Mikhail would know it,

and we can't arrest him until
we have Noah's positive I.D.

I mean, it's...
İt's unbelievable.

We know who did it,
but we can't arrest him,

'cause the FBI
has all these... rules.

Uh, they call
those rules "laws."

Yeah, are you allowed to just
walk around with these files?

This one says "confidential."

And that Mikhail, he don't
look like a killer to me.

Well, it says here that
he's part owner of Molotov,

that super-hip nightclub.

And it's Friday night.
He might be there.

That's good. That's good.
We go to the club.

We see if we can
find Mikhail

or something that
connects him to Noah.

That's the
hottest club in town.

And I'm Cameron Black.

And I'm sure you're
not famous anymore.

I think we'll be fine.

[ Dance music plays ]

- Excuse me. Sorry.
- Who are you?

Hello! Hello! Hi.

So, um, Lonnie told Jen and Mike
that we'd be here in 30

for drinks with
Rodger on the balcony,
but Rodger's being Rodger,

so excuse me if I sound
a bit frazzled.

Oh, my word. Your eyes are
the dreamiest shade of blue.

Um, I think we're under
Arthur Mandrake.

Dina: Thank you.
Gunter, tip him.


Thanks, man.
Appreciate it.

[ Dance music playing ]

I haven't been in a club
since Jonathan.

Oh, yeah? Was that club filled
with professional killers?

You win. You're the
more exciting brother.

- And a better dancer.
- [ Laughs ]

Keep an eye out
for Mikhail.

These gangsters have got nothing
on me and my mates in the war.

Remind me.
What war was that?

I don't want
to talk about it.

[ Monitor beeping ]
[ Coughs ]

- [ Breathing shallowly ]
- Noah?

Noah, can you hear me?

Is this the producer?

Is this the man
who recruited you?

Thank you.

[ Telephone ringing ]
Deakins: Deakins.

We've got a positive I.D.
on Mikhail.

[ Dance music plays ]

Looks like the VIP room's
the place to be.

If Mikhail's here,
he's down there.

Launching your comeback's

gonna be very difficult
if you're dead.

I got to do something.

Noah's gonna die from
that poison or rot
in jail for 20 years.

Is this about Noah
or your brother?

Bit of both.

Gonna help?

Never could say no to you.
Or Jonathan.

So, what's it gonna be...
Lucille Ball or Marilyn Monroe?

- Love your Lucy.
- [ Chuckles ]

- [ Shrieks loudly ] Ohh! Ah!
- [ Speaks Russian ]

Dina: [ Chuckling ]
I'm sorry. Oh, gosh. Oh!

[ Dance music continues
playing faintly ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Hey. How ya doing?

[ Russian accent ] This members'
area. You can't be here.

I... Right, yeah.

I'm... I'm supposed to meet a
Mikhail here. Do you know him?

This Russian club.
Lots of Mikhails here.

[ Chuckling ] Right. Of course.
He also goes by Kos.

Does that ring a bell?


But can I give you
a bit of advice?

You don't want to meet him.

Go dance with the children.

[ Man speaking Russian
in distance ]

[ Door opens ]


[ Man speaking Russian ]




[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Whispering ] Kay.
Kay: Cameron, good news.

We've got a warrant
for Mikhail's arrest.

Mike and I are heading to
his club to pick him up.

I'm already here.

At the club.
Well, in the garage.

I found a door in the back room.
Led to the garage.

Anyway, Kay,
the blue van is here.

[ Door opens ]

- So is Mikhail.
- Man: Hey!

- Gotta go.
- Cameron, what's happening?

[ Grunts ] Okay.
Easy on the jacket.
[ Click ]

Cameron: Okay.
[ Chuckles nervously ]

[ Grunts ]

Who are you?

I'm Cameron Black.

The magician? Cameron Black?
I had a show. It was...

It was pretty big.

Nicholas, pick him up.

All right.

That's nice.

Look, I just was in the club,
got turned around.

Wanted to make a phone call.
This seemed like a good place.

Yeah, you're wrong
about that.

I can prove it to you.

[ Guns cock ]
Oh. Okay. All right.

Just cards.
Just cards.

I just wanted to show you a card
trick, prove I'm a magician.

That... That's it.

[ Thud ]

I hate card tricks.

Uh, I got a good one
with a cellphone

if I could borrow
your cellphone.


I dunno. He's been back
there a really long time.

He's fine. Boy walks
through life with a
halo around his head.

Nothing bad ever happens.

- This better be good.
- Thank you. Okay.

So, I have this, uh... I have
this whole bit about cellphones,

how they're, you know,
driving us crazy, right?

And then... [Clears throat]
It's just...

Unh! Unh!
[ Snapping sounds ]

- [ Speaking Russian ]
- Eh?

Pretty great, right?

Why would you do that
to my phone, Mr. Black?

I don't understand.

Ah. Well, because it, um...
[ Chuckles ]

You see, it makes this part
really great. You watching?

Cameron: Huh?

How did you do that?

Very impressive,
Mr. Black.

Thank you. All right.
Well, this... this has been fun.

[ Clears throat ] May I?
Thank you so much.

And, uh, see you guys
on the dance floor.


Still doesn't explain
why you're here.

[ Dance music plays ]

- Where's Cameron?
- He went back that way.

There were guards...
Scary ones with guns.

If they start shooting,
lot of people gonna get hurt.

Don't worry.
I'll get rid of 'em.

Tell you what.
I have a trick for you guys.

This... You're gonna love this.
If I just take this...

This is a classic.
So, all I do is just...

Find him!

[ Dance music playing ]

[ Electricity crackles,
music stops ]

[ Clubgoers gasping ]

Never leave home
without Georgie.

There was a man. He didn't
belong here. Where did he go?


[ Door closes ]

- FBI!
- Get down on the ground!

- Get down!
- Cover me.


Kay: Mike! The exit!

[ Tires screech ]
I'm on it!


[ Tires screech ]

[ Grunts ] Yeah. Hi.

I could almost
shoot you right now.

Yeah, well...
you're not the only one.

I got his phone.

You can't go on a search without
a warrant, without telling us.

- What were you thinking?
- Noah's dying from that poison.

- Mikhail has the antidote.
- He did find his cell.

Maybe computer forensic
finds something.

Mikhail's gone. Sasha knows we
connected him to Kline's murder.

He also knows Mikhail can
prove he ordered the hit.

That means he'll have
Mikhail killed, too,

probably by his own men.
Well, then we need
to find him first.

No, you're not
finding anybody.

This, whatever this is,
was a mistake.

Whoa. Kay, wait. Please.

Why didn't you tell me
what you were doing?

You're an FBI agent.
I didn't think you'd say yes.

I would've figured out
the right way to do it.

Deakins is right.

You took this case

Well, I'm new at this.
That was my first body.

When you found your first,
the overdose victim, didn't
you take it personally?

I wasn't an FBI agent.

I don't have time for this.

What do I tell Johnny?

Try the truth.

The part I don't get, Cam,

is why you thought the FBI was
gonna help in the first place.

They don't care about us.

Kay's different.

[ Buzzer sounds ]
She's a cop, Cam.

They put people in here.
They don't get them out.

What happened there?


Someone tried to
steal Dad's coin.

Couldn't be having that.

[ Chuckles ]

So you're still thinking
about this Noah kid, huh?

- You know he's a killer?
- Yeah, but he's not, Johnny.

He's just some innocent kid
they made into a murderer.

I had to help him.
I just... Uh...

[ Sighs ]

I guess I went too far.

That is kind of
your specialty.


So, what now?

I got nothin'.

[ Chuckles softly ]

You know, Cam, I see that
look in here all the time...

Guys just giving up.

It's not a good look on us.

It's kind of like the time
you made us try guy-liner.

Okay, I am not giving up,

and a lot of guys
use eyeliner onstage.

And off? For a year?

It was our
Ziggy Stardust phase.

Forget it.

All right.
So we're not giving up.

So, what's the plan?

[ Chuckles ] A plan. Johnny, I'm
not breaking you out of here.

We'll come back to that.
Right now I'm talking
about this Noah kid.

I know how your
brain works, Cam.

And right now I kind of have
a soft spot for framed killers,

so... show me the plan.

All right.

To save Noah, we need Mikhail
to confess to the Kline murder

and give us the antidote
to the poison.

Now, it feels like a classic
room switch to me, right?

Yeah, if the switch is good,
but you need a different out.

You gonna do
a Detroit Houdini?

Nice pep talk, by the way.

I have my moments.

♪ Turn it up! ♪


♪ Somebody save your soul ♪

♪ 'Cause you been sinnin'
in the city I know ♪

♪ Too many troubles, all these
lovers got you losin' control ♪

♪ You're like a drug to me,
a luxury, my sugar, and gold ♪

♪ I want your sex
and your affection ♪

♪ When they're
holding you close ♪

♪ 'Cause you don't even know ♪

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

♪ I can make your hands clap ♪


Man on radio:
Special Agent Daniels,

we've got eyes on
Mikhail's girlfriend.

Deakins wants you
back at the restaurant.

[ Radio chatter ]


Just once, I'd like

for a stakeout restaurant
to serve decent soup.

We tracked Mikhail's
girlfriend to the
apartment across the street.

The neighbor said
she's getting ready for a
last-minute trip to Europe.

No mention of Mikhail,
but she texted his phone

with flight times,
all leaving today.

He's coming for her.

[ Radio beeps ]
Anything yet?

Back door is clear.
No sign of Mikhail.

Good work.
When he shows, move in.

Delicious, right?

- Cameron!
- What are you doing here?

- How did you find us?
- And what's this soup?

First of all, I know
you have absolutely no reason

to hear me out, but, please,
I have come up with a plan

to get the antidote
out of Mikhail.

As far as how I knew
where you were,

well, let's just
call that magic.
Mike told you.

He did, and he also told me

you like the matzo ball from
Katz's, so I switched it out.

It's pretty good, huh?

This is the plan
for the deception.

Budget's on the back,
but don't worry...

We already paid using
the extra Felix Ruiz money.

I'm sorry I screwed up, Kay.

You were right.
I took the case personally.

And I just don't want Noah
to die from my screw-up.

Man: Agent Daniels?

It's Mikhail.
I'm sorry, Cameron.

We've got to move
before we lose him.

Cameron: Kay, if he lawyers up,
we'll never get that antidote.

Please. My team is
ready to move now.

You've already set all this up?
It'll work?


What do you think, Kay?

[ Radio beeps ]

Kay, Mikhail's on the move.
We got to go now.

Please don't arrest him.

Kay: Mikhail Koslov,
put your hands on your head.

You are under arrest. You have
the right to remain silent.

Take him.
[ Handcuffs click ]

Make sure he's got...

[ Police radio chatter ]


[ Car door closes,
engine starts ]


[ Tires screech ]


Mikhail: Nicholas!

get me out of here!

- What are you doing?
- Kay!

Sasha says goodbye.

[ Screaming ]

Kay! Kay, no!


[ Mikhail screaming ]

Cameron: No!
Don't touch me!

It was Sasha.
We need an ambulance!

Man down! Man down!
Damn it!

Woman: What's your
name please, sir?
[ High-pitched ringing ]

M-Mikhail. I-I hear
ringing in my ears.
Mikhail? Okay.

I need you to stay calm and
listen to the sound of my voice.

You're hearing a ringing?
We're gonna take care of you.

Woman: Lights, please.

Concentrate on the
sound of my voice.

- Doctor, he's crashing!
- Unhh!

Woman: Try not to panic, okay?
Get me 150 joules now.

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Thank you. 150.

[ Paddles whine ]

Woman #2: Clear!
[ Thump ]

[ Mikhail whimpers ]
175 joules now.

- Set!
- Clear!

[ Thump ]
[ Flat line ]

Give me 200 joules now.

- 200! Set!
- Clear!

[ Flat line ]

Man: Clear it out!

[ Flat line ]

Woman: He's gone.
I'm calling it.

Woman #3:
Time of death... 2:43 p.m.


[ Breathing heavily ]

No more masks, Cameron.
Too itchy.

Oh, yeah? Want to have
this crap on your face?

You should keep it.
It's a good look for you.


Cameron: All right.

All right.
It's going great.

Uh, tighten the straps
on the gurney a tick more

so it's hard to breathe.

[ Mikhail grunting ]

Raise the heat lamp
and cue Dina.

[ Radio beeps ]
Okay, Dina.

[ Monitor beeping ]

- Dina: That does not look good.
- Jordan: Here. Look at me, sir.

No, no, no,
don't look that way.

Oh, and it's spreading.

[ Mikhail screaming ]

- What are you doing to him?
- Nothing. Technically.

We, uh, tighten the straps
through the control panel.

[ Mikhail grunts ]

Got heat lamps in the light.

Dina: He's burning up.

And Jordan put these little
speakers in the headrest.

[ High-pitched ringing ]
I hear ringing.

Mostly, it's theatrics.

- [ Gasps ]
- Sir. Sir?

You've been exposed
to an unknown toxin.

Without treatment,
you could die.

Anything that you know,
you've got to tell me.

Your life depends
on it, okay?

I... I know an antidote.

She's very good.

Dina's the best.

go for the antidote.

Gunter, loosen the straps.
Let him talk.

[ Whirring ]

[ Groans ]

There's two poisons.


[ Whispers indistinctly ]



Hi. It's Cameron Black.
Yeah, the poison's a combo.

It's a nerve agent
and a neurotoxin.

You're gonna need to use...

[ Noah breathing shallowly ]

Get me atropine and trivalent.
Prep for synchronous injections.

[ Monitor beeping ]



[ Chuckles ]
We did it.

[ Chuckles ]
Where's Mikhail?


[ Door bursts open ]
Dina: Cameron!

We have a problem, darling.
[ Grunts ]

- What'd you do to me?!
- Nothing. Nothing.

- You're fine.
- What the hell is going on?!

- Let her go, Mikhail.
- Did you poison me?

You can't do that.
You're the FBI.

You were never sick.
There is no hospital.

It's all fake.

That's impossible.
I saw it.

Uh, no, it's... it's called
a forced perspective.

You see, you were on a gurney,

so all we needed was
the ceiling and the hallway,

and the lights in the E.R.
were blinding enough

that you... you couldn't
make out the walls.

So, uh, you kind of saw
whatever we wanted you to see.

Oh, yeah?

See this?

- Nice catch.
- Thanks.

This is never gonna
hold up in court.

Doesn't have to.
Tell me where he is.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Handcuffs click ]

Joseph and Bridget were fools
to think they could leave.

They belonged to Sasha.
Even their kid. We all do.

So you can arrest me.
You can throw me in jail.

I'm not gonna say nothing.

Mikhail, I have
bad news for you.

I'm not gonna arrest you.
I'm letting you go.

I'm betting Sasha's men
find you pretty fast.

If you're lucky, they'll
kill you quickly. If not...

Tell me.
Where's Sasha now?


[ Police radio chatter ]

Did you forget something?

Yeah. You.

Yeah. Smart cover.

In public, you're the bartender
where all the mobsters drink.

But in reality...

You're Sasha.

And you're under arrest.


Dina: I am 1,000% sure

that that was a set-dec problem
and not a talent issue.

- Oh, boy.
- Hold on a minute.

Are you blaming me?

That set was magnificent.

I could've flipped it over
and sailed the Channel.

- [ Laughs ]
- Like back in the war?

I wasn't in the navy,
and you know that.

You know, actually,
we know very little.

Yeah, and that's the way
I'm gonna keep it.

I'm mysterious.
That's my advantage.

[ Cellphone chimes ]
[ Laughter ]

Hey, any word on Noah?

He's good. He's resting.

Doctors say he's
gonna pull through.

And I talked
to the prosecutor.

Mikhail's confession will get
him off the hook for murder.

Oh, and what about Sasha,
the man behind the man?

Well, he's currently a guest
of the federal government

and hopefully
for a long time.

Oh, cheers to that.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

- Cheers to that!
- Yes!


[ Glasses clinking ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

You know, this is what it
used to be like, with Johnny.

He does it all the time.

It's, like, a...

Thanks for giving me
another chance.

It was worth the risk.

The FBI wants to
make it official...

Deception Team is a go.


You know, they didn't
even hear my whole pitch.

I mentioned Sasha's arrest.
And we got Felix.

Johnny thinks I'm naive.

And I gotta say I'm having a
hard time disagreeing with him.

I mean, why would the FBI
make my brother a priority?

They're not gonna take it
emotionally like I do.

They can't.

I can.

You asked about the first body
I saw, the overdose victim.

Right. You said it wasn't
a case. You weren't FBI.

She was my sister.

She had gotten addicted to
cocaine and then other things.

When I found her, she'd only
been dead a few hours.

She was still beautiful.

I know what it's like to lose
the person closest to you,

and I will help you get your
brother out of jail, Cameron.

I promise.
We will find her.


When do we start?



You did all this?

This is everything we have
on the Mystery Woman.

I've included
your information,

plus added feeds from Interpol,
MI5, and other agencies.

Oh, of course yours looks
better. You used a laminator.

What do you say?
You want to find her with me?


It's a deal.


[ Siren wailing ]