Deception (2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

A disgraced magician puts his skills of deception and illusion to work at the FBI.

When people ask me, "What is magic?"

I tend to just make something up.

But here's the truth...

magic is deception.

Let's start with something simple.

Pick a card.

Point at it.

You know what?
Reach out and touch the screen.

Got it? Good.

Now, imagine your card in your mind

while I make it...





Your card is gone.

Like that?


'Cause we're just getting started.

You see, there are
two kinds of deception.

There's this...

...where I trick you.

And then there's the other kind

where you trick yourself.

I mean, we all do it.

"Today is going to be better
than yesterday."

Is it?

Or that argument
that you had with your friend,

it was... it was all their fault.

Was it?

And, of course, my...
my personal favorite...

"I don't need to go to the doctor.

I'm... I'm fine."

Go to the damn doctor.

You see, our minds deceive us every day.

They bend reality to make it
be whatever we want it to be,

whatever we need it to be...

...or simply to make it all
make sense...

...even when it doesn't.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Cameron Black.

We're coming to you live from Las Vegas!


This is...


ANNOUNCER: We're back live
in 60 seconds.

Ah, Dina. You could say it...

you're shocked
by how well this is going.

I'm a once-in-a-generation
kind of talent,

- national treasure, really.
- Hey, focus please, darling.

Cameron, you've still got
the Houdini escape.

Now, Jordan gave you
the new cues, right?

Because you did it wrong in rehearsal.

[SIGHS] You know,
a little positive reinforcement

from time to time would go a long way.

[CHUCKLES] With your ego?

- I don't think so.
- I like a pep talk.

Ah, Gunter!

- Cameron!
- You can say it...

you're shocked
by how well this is going.

I'm a phenomenal talent.

They cut my safety check short.

If just one of those blowtorches is off

by one centimeter,
you know what happens!

Wait. What?
What do you mean? What happens?

He could fall and die.

That's not gonna happen.

Don't worry. That's not gonna happen.

Don't worry? I'm the producer.

Why didn't you tell me?

I did. He wants the impossible.

Hey, nothing is impossible.

Come on. This happens every time.

I come up with a trick,
you yell, you scream,

you lock yourself in
your workshop for a few months,

and then, voilà, it's possible.

Hey, don't you "voilà" me,
you preening peacock.

Jordan, is he set?

Easy, Gunter. You're making a face.

What? Which one?

Deranged killer, evil prison guard.

It's a toss-up. He's set!

You got this, boss.

There we go. Thank you.

Uh, but... but if you do die,

can I have your original
"Buried Alive" poster?

Okay. Team meeting tomorrow

to discuss positive reinforcement.

Our pep talks suck.

ANNOUNCER: Live to air in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Tonight, I will attempt the same escape

performed by Harry Houdini
in New York City

100 years ago to this very day.

Which reminds me... hello, New York!


We're live from Las Vegas.

Now, with all due respect to Harry,

I'm gonna up the difficulty level.

I'll be blindfolded, obviously,

and we've also attached these
nifty blowtorches to the wires,

giving me exactly two minutes
to free myself.

'Cause if I don't get out
before those wires melt...


...well, that'll be one heck of a story

for the grandkids.











GUNTER: The blowtorch
is out of alignment!

Cameron, I'm gonna stop this.

Don't. I still got it!

Gunter, bring him down.

Gunter, we need to stop this now.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.





The wire's burning too fast.

It's gonna snap.








- Did he even... fall?
- Oh, man.


There's a word magicians
don't use anymore,

but I always wanted to try it.








CAMERON: Don't wait up for me, Vegas.



♪ Do you wanna, do you wanna ♪

♪ Do you wanna get into trouble? ♪

♪ Do you wanna, do you wanna ♪

- ♪ Do you wanna get into trouble? ♪

Tell me...

how'd you do it?

[CHUCKLES] It's magic.
I can't reveal my secret.

I know you want to.

♪ Is it always on time? ♪

Your eyes are...




- Do not disturb!

The sign says, "Do not disturb."

- [YAWNING] Come on. Respect the sign.

- Whoa!
- Get on the ground!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
What's going...

Ow! Ow! What is this?!

You smashed up your Jaguar
last night in New York.

Did you really think you could
run from the crime scene?

Look, whatever happened,
I can deal with it.

Would you just ease up, man?!

What about her, the woman you killed?

You're under arrest.

What? No, it's... it's not...

It's not what?

That's you. Look.


Take him away.

It's not me.

The man in the photo... it's not me.

You're lying. That's you.



It's my brother.

My twin.

Jonathan Black.

CAMERON: It's everywhere.
Everyone knows.

We keep a secret 30 years,

and it falls apart in a night.

Why would you run?

Running from an accident
just makes it worse.

It wasn't an accident.

John, a woman's dead.

I know.

But it's the wrong woman.

The woman in the car with me
had different-color eyes.


After the wreck, I found her.
There was blood.

I-I tried to save her,

what you're supposed to do,
but she was already dead.

Cam, she wasn't the woman from the car.

This body was a different woman.

Her eyes, they were the same color.

That's why I ran.

I knew it wasn't an accident.
I was set up.

Who could do that?

We could.

Just a classic misdirection
into a body swap.

You're saying an illusionist set you up?

No, Cam.

Not me.

Nobody even knew I existed.

They were after you or...

I don't know.

Look at me.

You know me better than anyone.
Am I lying?

Help me, Cam. Please.


I'll get you out of here. I promise.

The secret is out. For decades,

Cameron and Jonathan Black
lived as one person.

The People vs. Jonathan Black
has quickly become world news.

- The details...
- People love magicians.

I mean, uh, we entertain them,

we... we trick them, we fool them,

but the one thing we never do
is lie to them.

Jonathan Black claims
the accident was a setup

- and is being framed for murder.
- Today, the jury disagreed

and convicted him
of involuntary manslaughter.

My brother, Jonathan, is innocent.

He told the truth.
Someone did this to him.

I don't know who, I don't know
why, but I will find them.








Don't you want to get to know me?

Okay, Felix.

Tell me this.

You're a cartel commander,
one of their best.

You don't make mistakes.

You don't get arrested.

Why are you really here?





How's our guest?

Talkative. Let's get him tucked in.

- Yeah.




Secure the plane!

- What's going on?!

- Fall back!

Watch the perimeter!


Everyone out!

Move it, move it! Fall back!


Cease fire!
The plane is loaded with fuel!

Who's firing?!





How'd they get the bar in my bedroom?

I give you Cameron Black,

greatest bar magician who ever lived.

Aw, Bob.

Is this your card?

4 of diamonds. Incredible.

I've never woken up in a bar before.

This is not a good sign.

Well, don't worry. Your friend called.

What, Dina?

You didn't tell her where I was,
did you?

What happened?

I would call it a magic bender.

That's 23 trips in 12 months.

This search for Jonathan's illusionist

is gonna ruin you.


You need to get back to work.

You need a show, okay?
You need a comeback.

Not while Johnny's in prison.

Look, I get it, okay?

I miss him, too.


After what he did?

What did I expect?

You fall for a magician,

you fall for all of his tricks.

I need to tell Gunter and Jordan

because they're getting other offers.

From who?

Criss Angel, Takayama.

Even David.

Copperfield? No, they can't...

they can't leave me for him,
not for David.

They need a magician with a show.

Well, tell them I'm coming up
with new ideas,

exciting stuff... no more distractions.

What is that?

A jet blew up out in Westchester...

some drug-dealer guy.

Why is there red smoke?

That's a Learjet 55.

Learjet 55, red smoke.

Look, they even killed
the lights. Ring any bells?

Our ABC special.

- You want to do another network special?
- Where's the volume?

Come on, Cameron. It's not a stage.

MAN: FBI sources tell us the flight crew

and the high-value prisoner were killed,

but there were no fatalities
on the ground.

Well, that's just wrong.
A-A plane that big explodes,

it would kill everyone in the hangar.

Whoever did this was an illusionist.

What are you saying?

He needed an audience.


No sign of the bodies yet.

Lab techs need a few hours.

I'm sorry, Kay.
I know this one meant a lot.

This is wrong...
the grenades, the red smoke.

Tell me about it.

Tactical guys are saying
nobody shot a round.

- I mean, it's almost...
- Unbelievable.

We all heard the gunfire.

Who is that?

Excuse me.

This is an active crime scene.

MIKE: Sir, you cannot be here.

You're Cameron Black.

He's Cameron Black.

Yeah, I got that.
What are you doing here?

Looking for the proscenium.

It's the perfect frame
in which to view an illusion.

Now, if I'm right, you were
standing right around...

Now, this is gonna sound crazy,

but your plane did not explode.

It disappeared.

That's great. Get him out of here.

He's Cameron Black.

Right. Sir, you are leaving.

- Steve.
- Wait.

- Get him out.
- Wait. No, wait. Wait.

Would you wait?!

I made a plane disappear on live TV.

I know how they did it.

He did. It was incredible.

I must've watched it 20 times
with my boys.

I still have no idea
how he pulled it off.

Show me.

Allow me to demonstrate.

What is that?

Well, it's magic.

You see, I learned this trick
when I was five.

Keep your eyes on the card.

Oh, it's different.

It's called a deck flip.

See, if my hand hadn't been in the way,

you'd have seen... this.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now you ruined it.

I mean, you gotta warn us
before you do that.

Last night, someone performed
a deck flip with your airplane.

The plane was the top card,

the smoke, the fire, all that,
that was my hand,

and the wreckage, all this,
that's the reveal.

So you're saying that somebody
swapped out a 7-ton airplane

with fake wreckage in, what, minutes?

Yep. They slid it.


It was all on a platform.

If you, uh, clear up
some of this retardant,

you'll find...

grooves in the floor.

We saw the plane explode.

That was just pyrotechnics, a gas bomb

to give you
that nice, big fireball effect.

The plane was already gone.

Now, Mr. Black, there is only one way

in or out of this hangar.

Last night, half of my agents
were blocking it.

Illusion is misdirection...

that is to say, forcing
the audience to look one way

while the real trick
is happening someplace else.

In this case...


...this was the real trick.


A secret door.


Excuse me.

I prematurely Ta-da'd.


That's how you make a plane disappear.

Get me Air Traffic Control, tower logs.

Alert local police.

Mike, tell FAA we've got
a missing plane.

- Yep.
- Listen up!

This is now a manhunt for Felix Ruiz.

Wait, wait, wait.
What about the red smoke,

- the Learjet 55?
- Thank you, Mr. Black.

- You've been very helpful.
- No, you don't understand.

- He's calling me out.
- Who?

The illusionist who did all this.

I'll bet everything I've got
the guy who made

your plane disappear
framed my brother for murder.

All that matters is you're
looking for a drug dealer,

I'm looking for the magician
who helped him get away.


Let me help you find your plane.

Let me get this straight...
We lost a plane, Felix Ruiz,

two DEA agents,

and we know this
because a magician told us?

Just stop me when I say something crazy.

They were waiting for us.
We walked into a trap.

Technically, flew into a trap.

Sorry. Cameron Black.

Kay, what are you doing?

Felix Ruiz has been off grid
for eight hours.

If Cameron Black can help me
find him, he's worth it.

Okay. You got him.

Be careful.

FAA think the perpetrators took off,

deactivated the transponder,
and stayed under radar.

Well, Felix Ruiz is
in Southern Mexico by now.

He's gone.

Kay, you're the Felix expert.
What do you think?

Why would he run?

Felix was on the wrong side
of the cartel power struggle.

They wanted him dead.

Going home wasn't an option.

What if getting arrested...
the plane, the hangar...

what if it was all part of his plan?

- To do what?
- Disappear.

Felix couldn't simply go on the run,

not with us and the cartel after him.

In order to get away clean...

Everyone has to think he's dead...

the cartel and the FBI.

- What else do we know?
- Felix needs money.

Three days ago, we intercepted
a call between him

and this man, Dominic Prince.

Dominic controls
Felix's offshore accounts.

He's his banker.

They planned to meet here in New York.

But that didn't happen.
Felix flew away on your plane.

What if he never took off?
What if he's still here?

You're grasping at straws, Daniels.

CAMERON: She's right.

[CLEARS THROAT] She's... right.

They, uh, drove it away.

What? Who the hell is this?

That's Cameron Black.

Have something to add, Mr. Black?

Yeah. See, the problem
with making a plane disappear

isn't the illusion...
it's where to hide it.

Planes are... big and loud

if they take off.

But the frontage road behind the hangar,

it's got enough clearance.

You see? Right there.


They drove it away.

This warehouse district
could give them cover.

It's worth a look.

Run it down.
I want reports on the half-hour.

If we can find the plane,
we can find Felix.

Grab your cape.

That was a joke, right?

I mean, you know
I don't actually wear capes

or top hats or whatever.

- You've seen my specials.
- Nope.

Seriously? None of them?

Our focus is Felix Ruiz, Mr. Black.

Well, yeah, I-I get that,

but we should get to know
each other, right?

I mean, for example,
you're the expert on Felix Ruiz.

- How'd that happen?
- It's my job.

Why are you the magic expert?

I was born into it.

My dad was the Great Sebastian Black.

Me and Johnny were his grand finale,

"The Disappearing Boy."

Traveled the world with it,
living on the road.

Magic was our life.

How'd this become yours?

Nobody knew there was two of you?

It was our secret.

That sounds lonely.

No, it wasn't. It was fun.

I had Johnny.


All right. So, you're obviously
not gonna tell me

anything about yourself,
so here's a question.

Have you really never seen my show?

It's not you. I don't like magic.

[SCOFFS] Okay.

That's two convenience stores,
a gentlemen's club,

and a Mr. Softee warehouse.

No one saw our jet.

These guys
were out at the crack of dawn.

The plane came this way,
one of them saw it.

Excuse me.

Was anyone here this morning
around 4:00?

Anyone see anything strange?

Maybe a big truck roll through?

Gentlemen, we're with the FBI.


- That was a mistake, huh?
- Yeah.

They're not gonna tell us anything.

All right. Got a plan.

No, trust me. These guys, they
don't want to see card tricks.

[CHUCKLES] You are so wrong.

There is nothing
like really good magic...

except maybe great sex.

We are not talking about this.

What, sex? No, what I'm saying

- is magic is intimate.

When I'm performing, I can tell
you what every member

of my audience is thinking...

who's happy, who's sad, who's scared.

They let down their guard,

and their faces reveal everything.

Let me do a trick for them.
It'll tell us something.

Okay. Prove it.

[LAUGHS] Whoa!


Oh! Man!

All right. Now, uh, Sunny,
what was your card again?


[LAUGHS] Whoa!

6 of clubs! He got it!


- Whoa!
- All right.

Now, I'm gonna shuffle
some of these 6 of clubs

back into the deck,
but, in the meantime,

I'm gonna need a knife.

Does anyone have a knife?

All right. Just gonna need the one.

Now, Sunny, throw these cards
up in the air

- on the count of three.
- Can I ask you a few questions?

- CAMERON: Ready? 1...
- Uh, sure.




ALL: Whoa!


Do it again.

- You okay?
- Yeah, man!


You saw the plane, didn't you?

- 1...
- Look, you can talk to me.

- ...2...
- You're not in any trouble.

- ...3.
- Stop!


Come on. Nobody leaves my show early.

Start talking.

Where's the plane?


The witness led us to a factory nearby.

There's an armed man outside.

We'll wait for backup.

Those men have guns.

That's Andrei Stanislav,
Felix's right hand.

Felix must be here. They're moving him.


If you're going in, I'm coming, too.

No, you're staying here.

No, the illusionist could be in there.

You could need help. I have to go.

Kay, my brother's been stuck
in jail for a year.

Fine. Grab the radio.


I know a few tricks, too.



They're stooges.

What the hell are you doing?

DEA agents from the plane, right?

They'd have to be in on the trick.

How did you get in here?

Handcuffs? Really?

I'm an accomplished escape artist.

Also, I found something.


That's how you make a plane disappear.

Let's go. We need backup.





Get to the car.




Go, go, go, go, go!



Okay! Okay! Just wait.

Wait, wait, wait.
Uh, wait a second. Wait.

Wait till I'm ready.

What? Who are you?

I'm a magician.

Spent a month in Budapest
learning how to catch a bullet,

so just prepare to be amazed.

Now, take your time.

I prefer a head shot if at all possible.







- You can't catch a bullet.
- Of course I can't.

Do you know how many magicians
have died trying to catch bullets?

Lots. That was just crowd work.

I knew he'd hesitate.


Felix got away.

I told you to wait in the car.

All right, mistakes were made, but...

What happens if you make
a mistake onstage?

- That doesn't happen.
- Well, out here, when you screw up,

a killer like Felix gets away.

Whoa, Kay. We'll get him.
I mean, nothing's impo...

Nothing's impossible?

I have spent years trying to get Felix.

I know more about his cartel

than some people know
about their own family.

This is my life.

We lost him, Cameron.

Show's over.


Jordan. Jordan, you won't believe it.

I found the... Whoa.

What is this? What's going on?

JORDAN: Do I need to spell it out?

Like, my bags are literally packed.

- What?
- Yeah, you solved that mystery.

DINA: Gunter, please just listen.

GUNTER: Don't you dare lecture me, Dina.

It's done. It's over.
My mind is made up.

Our minds!

Our minds are made up.

- What the hell is this?
- They're signing with Criss Angel.

What?! You're leaving me
for the "Mindfreak"?

His offer is generous

and the benefits package exemplary.

And the Mindfreak has a show.

We do have a new show.

Cameron, go and tell them
about the new show.

No, no, no, this is better.

Look, I found the illusionist
who framed Jonathan.

He helped Felix Ruiz
escape from the FBI.

This is real. You can ask the FBI.

I am an official observer.

- Oh, Cameron.
- What?

Of all the things.
Running around with the FBI.

Are you a child?

And here comes the yelling.

No magician
has ever treated me like this.

Doug Henning, Siegfried & Roy...

they all respected the talent.

- Me!
- Us.

And, uh, FYI, you're sounding
super old right now.

Whatever. I'm pissed.

You're an illusionist.

The FBI doesn't need you.

We need you!

Look, we need you, Cameron.

- We need a show.
- What about Jonathan?

Dude, we all wish Jonathan
was here... he's family...

- but you sound legit crazy.

Look, Criss Angel is texting me now.

Has his own emoji. Let's go.

No. No, no, no, no. Just... Just...

- Okay, just...

just give me one more day.

One last illusion.

Okay, I get it. I'm sorry.

I haven't...
I haven't been there for you,

and I can be difficult

and maybe just
a little bit narcissistic,

but this could help Jonathan.

And you're right...
the FBI doesn't need me.

They need us.

Jonathan needs us.


MIKE: You're Felix's right-hand man.

We know you paid off
the DEA agents, Andrei.

You know the deal.
Talk to us, and you're safe.

Felix wanted to disappear,
but he needs money.

That's why he's still here...
to see Dominic Prince.

Where is he?

Okay. If you don't know
where Felix is, give me Dominic.

Dominic? My friend?

You think I'd give him up?


I will find him, Andrei.

Where is Dominic Prince?


Dominic Prince is here.

My relationship with Felix Ruiz

has recently deteriorated.

I'd like to offer you my services

to help you find him.

In exchange for what, Dominic?

Full immunity and protection.

You're the cartel's banker.

Are you really telling us
you can't afford protection?

Do you want my help or not?

All right. We're interested.

Mr. Prince,
how long have you known Felix?

15 years, give or take.

You attended
his sister's wedding last year.

Where was that?

Guadalajara. Anything else?

- What are you doing?
- One last question.

Where'd you get that suit?

Tell me how is this relevant.

It's the wrong suit.

That's Brooks Brothers.

Cartel bankers don't dress
like real bankers.

Who are you?



- You're good, Kay.
- Cameron?

Wait. Who the hell is this?

It's Cameron Black!

What are you doing here?

Proof of concept.

Felix hired a master illusionist
to help him escape.

I propose you use your own
master of illusion to catch him.

That would be me. I'm talking about me.

Was that not clear?

Get him out of here.

None of this leaves the room.

- Bu...
- Kay, with me.


Maybe this wasn't the best idea.


Still, great disguise.

He made us look like fools.

Really thought I could help her.

Oh, it's not you.

Well, it's not only you.

Kay knows what Felix
and these guys can do.

For her, it's personal.


- Can I touch it?
- Yeah.


You made the right choice.
We can protect you.


Don't say anything, Mr. Prince.

Get him down to WITSEC.

- Let's go.
- Dominic, what are you doing?

Wh... Dominic!

Dominic knows what happens
when you let Felix down.

If you want the same deal he got,

I suggest you start talking now.

Where's Felix?


- Yo, Houdini.
- What happened?

Andrei gave us everything.
Felix is still in New York.

He's meeting with Dominic Prince

Well, that's great. My disguise worked.
You can catch him.

The problem is, Felix stays mobile,

with a small army of mercenaries
protecting him.

It'll be a bloodbath.

Not necessarily.

My magic team has been working on a plan

to trap Felix
using the Dominic disguise.

You have a magic team?

Yeah, of course.

Now, I believe that, with your intel

and just a modicum
of support and resources,

we can catch Felix
without a shot being fired.


Wait. You haven't even heard the...

This is the FBI, Mr. Black.

I have to trust everyone
who works for me.

Based on what I've seen, I don't.


He may be the "Master of Deception,"

but he honestly wants to help.

I think we should hear him out.

If we were to do this,

what would you need?

All right. I would need
some police officers,

some cars, some controlled explosives,

money... lots of that.

In fact, my producer, Dina,
attached a budget.

And there's one more thing.

I'm gonna need some help rounding out

some of the edges of the plan.

There's a-a guy.

What guy?


Another master of deception.





CAMERON: The plan is for me
to pose as Dominic Prince

to trap Felix Ruiz.

It's an "Auto-Slydini"
into a "Pepper's Ghost,"

but I'm missing something.

This could help get you out.

I already have a plan for that,

but you keep saying no.

I'm not breaking you out, man.

They come after us,
our lives would be over.

- The show...
- I'm in here because of your show.

Don't do this, Johnny. Would you just...

Will you tell me
what's wrong with the plan?

You never were good with guilt, Cam.

[LAUGHS] Okay. This isn't even about me.

No, you're right.

Dad was the original monster,
forcing us to be one person.

You were only too happy
to play his part.

And when I wanted out,
you begged me to stay.

"One more tour. One more special."

I was trapped in your life,

and you wouldn't let me go.

That's why I was in New York.

That's why I'm here now.

There's only one guilty man
in this room, Cam,

and it's not me.

That was great. That was a great speech.

- You been working on it?
- Yeah, about six months.

What'd you think of the
"trapped in your life" part?

- I just kind of added that in.
- Improvisation?

Wow, you really
don't need me at all, huh?


What do you want me to say, Johnny?

I'm no good without you?

John, every trick, every escape,

every great thing we've ever done,

we designed them together as one person.

I could look at you,
and I'd know it'd work.

I need you.

Let me help you.


This will help you with your swap.


Show this to Gunter.

Thank you.

And, voilà, they rendezvous right there.

Stop sweating.

You're gonna ruin it.

Aww, a Dina pep talk. I knew I
was feeling too good about this.

Okay, look. Cameron,
you've got this, all right?

You're just pissed
you didn't come up with it.

No, I'm just disappointed in myself

that I didn't realize
what a moron you were!

I can't work with this guy.

Makes two of us!

KAY: Okay, guys, listen.

Dominic Prince
is scheduled to meet Felix Ruiz.

We need to be ready to make the swap.


Okay, that's him. We have eyes
on the real Dominic.



Oh! Excusez-moi.


Maybe you'll take picture for... for me?

- Get out of my way.
- It's for my profile.

Uh, the beautiful lighting

and maybe get the building
from the north?




Target getting into vehicle.
Follow at safe distance.




I'm in position.

All right. Target vehicle
has reached destination.

Stand down until we have eyes on Felix.




Hello, Dominic.


Kay, look.

We've got three target vehicles.

There should only be one.

Who do we follow?

Follow 'em all.

Repeat. Follow them all.

Felix must be in one of them.


You look ill, Dominic.

[DEEP VOICE] It's a cold.
Can't shake it.

Brought the funds you requested.

What did you tell the FBI?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't lie to me, Dominic.


[GRUNTS] No, no. No.

You're going to tell me everything,

or I'm going to hurt you until you do.

[NORMAL VOICE] I'm not Dominic!

Who the hell are you?

[SIGHS] I'm a magician.






Get out the car! I'll shoot!


That sounded bad.





- You're gonna kill us!
- Really?

Think I'm doing pretty great.


My bad.

I'll shoot you!

That's not a great idea at this speed.

Tell me what to do... left or right.

Left or right?!

- Left.





- Right!
- You're doing great!

Left! Left turn!


- Hey, hey, hey!
- Watch out!

- Watch out doesn't help me.
- No!






All right, all right, okay, all right.


You hired someone
to make the plane disappear.

Who was it?


Was it a magician? An illusionist?

How'd you find him?

Just give me a name!


We call it the "Illusion of Choice."

The garage...

the SUV...

left, right, left.

Think you got all these choices,
but, really...

[RUMBLING] don't.

'Cause they all lead to the same place

and a single choice...

give up.

Or do that.

Felix, come on.

Just tell me who helped you escape.

Give me a name. Come on,
if you're gonna kill me,

you might as well tell me.

Come on. Felix, give me a name.

La hechicera. Con Los ojos mágicos.

Wait. What is... Oh!

- Move in!
- Go, go, go!

- Felix, put the gun down!
- Drop the gun!

- Freeze!
- Move in! Cover him!

AGENT: Let's go! Move!
Go, go, go! Freeze!

- You're surrounded!
- Drop the gun!

AGENT: Drop it!


You're too late.



Didn't you know?

Every magician can catch a bullet.

Felix Ruiz, you are under arrest.

You have the right to remain silent.

Let's go, cholo.

Did he tell you anything?

La hechicera. Con Los ojos mágicos.

The sorceress with the magic eyes.


The woman in the car with Jonathan.

She was the illusionist all along.

Congratulations. You found her.

Well, I couldn't have done it
without my beautiful assistant.

Don't ever say that again.

Yeah, nah, sounded weird coming out.


♪ Oh, I-I-I ♪

- ♪ I wanna get lost in the night no ♪

♪ Hold me in the dark,
turn the lights down ♪

- ♪ And give me your electric touch ♪

You are the real magic trick, darling.


What is this?

Well, it's a wrap party.

Don't you have one
if you catch somebody?

MIKE: No, but we should. [LAUGHS]

Hey, I didn't want
to say anything before,

but... I'm a big fan.

Well, my boys are.

- Right.

I got to ask... that bullet catch,

how'd you do it?

I didn't.

That wasn't real?


We don't do real. We do illusion.

- Don't worry. Don't worry.

It's fake, totally fake.

I went through your Felix files.

This is his gun of choice...

a silver-plated Colt Super.

So we printed a 3-D replica.

All Cameron had to do was switch this...

...with the real gun in Felix's SUV.

Well, how did he get it in the SUV?

Ah. Enter the briefcase.

Beautiful Saffiano leather,
silver-tone hardware,

and an elegant secret compartment.

But if you really want impressive,

ask me about how we did
the blindfolded drive

or the hidden wall in the alleyway.

That was genius.

O-Okay, okay, okay. Stop, stop, stop.

You're just ruining magic.


♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh ♪

♪ And give me your electric touch ♪

♪ Oh-oh ♪



What's next?

You go after the mystery woman
who framed Jonathan?

I still have to prove she did it.

What about your show, your team?

When we were kids,

I was the performer,

the onstage persona,

but Johnny...

Johnny was "The Disappearing Boy"...

hidden under the stage,
behind the curtain,

but he was always there for me.

I have to get him out, Kay.

I did notice something.

Jonathan's illusionist
copied every detail

from your disappearing-jet trick
except one.

You watched my special?


I saw it.

It was fantastic.



After you made your jet disappear,

you left something behind.

Deck of playing cards.

We should go back to the hangar

and make sure she didn't...


You already went.

This is where I say "Ta-da," right?

Yeah. May I?





WOMAN: Hello, Cameron.

Who are you?

Always asking the wrong questions.

Why are you doing this?

You don't remember?

Don't worry. I don't blame you for that.

But I've thought about you
and Jonathan for years.

The show's about to begin... my show.

Are you ready?


You're in the Frankfurt
International terminal.

Spent the last 12 months
flying around the world,

and airport acoustics
are pretty distinctive.

Plus, Frankfurt pumps Muzak Beethoven

like they're afraid someone
might forget he's German.

Tell me... did you look over
your shoulder?


Goodbye, Cameron.

Get used to looking.
We're coming for you.


Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx